Making Money Online in 2018 [What You DON'T Know]

Making Money Online in 2018 [What You DON'T Know]

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Alright, guys welcome back to another QA, voiceover. Where you, watch you play Madden essentially, and just roll the computer with my franchise team, and, I answer your questions, and just kind of scroll down my YouTube questions I think this is a great way and a lot of people responded well to the last one so, I think I'm gonna do another one here basically, what I'm gonna do is people have been saying that I haven't been getting to a lot of the questions so some, of the questions I'm going to scroll down and answer them here on this video I think it's mutually beneficial because obviously if. I didn't respond to that person you can hear that now and a, lot of the questions that these people have will be in reference to another. Potential, you know business model that you might be familiar with so if you watch this channel for private. Labeling there's probably a private label question coming if you watch is for arbitrage there might be an arbitrage question coming and so on and so forth so that's the way that we're gonna do this and. We'll, really just jump right into it. All. These are entrepreneur, and e-commerce related and marketing. Stuff too so they can help you if you're into that stuff let's. See if we can find a good one. Started. So far down I'm still seeing, mystery box videos it it amazes, me how many people actually responded, to that mystery box video so well like people were so into it and it kind of scares me but, at the same time it also gives, me hope because it scares me human, race to be perfectly honest that people are that naive to think that people would actually buy from the dark web and put that on YouTube but, at the same time as somebody who sells you know teaching. Making. Money online there's. Clearly a lot of people that need to be taught but that's just my take on it all right. Jason. Longwood, or Jason logwood sorry sorry, if I butcher the name skies Jason.

Logwood Asks, how do we keep our emails out of spam can I make a video about that well. Typically. He's. Referring to basically, my spam tactic, where I don't really do this anymore number one and I honestly would steer you away from doing this if you're doing this now so, it still works but it but Google and Gmail have been cracking down on this like crazy this past year it used to work a lot better and now if your account warms up is warmed up it still works however, if you're starting, a brand new account and can take a while to warm up so, specifically. My answer is you. Really you don't keep your emails out of spam when you're doing that it's, theirs it's, just part of the game man the, powers and the numbers if you're pulling about a hundred, thousand emails even. If you're only getting a hundred that convert it's, not that great but at the same time if you remember that maybe you're getting paid 250, you, know 2 dollars and 50 cents per conversion, well. You're doing all that work for 250, bucks so it's not terrible, but, like I said it's hard to scale now because Google and Gmail have cracked down so the answer to that question specifically, is you don't you don't keep them out of spam you know if you send a hundred thousand emails randomly, and twenty thousand go to spam it's, not the end of the world all right powers, and the numbers. Sorry. I'm laughing at some of these comments there's so many meme once. Ok. So Jane, Morningstar, says for method number two how do you and this is on my top three ways to, make. Money as a burrow kid or $100, $100. A day fast as a broke kid something like that I forget what it's titled and, she's basically referring to method number two in this which is eBay, dropshipping now I just released, a brand new course on this not, trying to sell you guys on that I'm just referring to the topic because a lot of people actually been asking me similar questions because, I just actually started promoting this through, you nummies so she. Basically asks, for that specific, method how, do you make, sure that the customer doesn't receive the invoice from Aliexpress, this basically what you're doing is your job shipping from Aliexpress to eBay it's. A little bit more complicated than that but that's it in a nutshell if, you guys want to check that video out I'll drop that as a card above my head right now I'll also link in the description if you want to check it out it's the the, middle one it's not the first one it's the middle one so it's method number two she, basically says how do you keep the person from understanding. That the invoice is from, Aliexpress, stating that not only is it from Aliexpress, but, that it's a different price. It's, pretty simple you just in, Aliexpress when you're checking out you at just ask them to blindly dropship, it they know what that means, so say you know would you mind blindly drop shipping this to my customer, and what, that will basically do is that will take the manufacturers. Name off of it and the price so then won't the the customer will then be none the wiser of the price of the item and, who is actually shipping it to them.

I'll. Find, another one that was a good one all. Right guys back here now now I skipped ahead a little bit and kind of cut that out because I was literally just scrolling and scrolling and, scrolling and, it was all mystery box comments, I was scrolling for just pages and pages and pages so what I basically did is I went back to my original you. Know just all the most popular videos that weren't mystery boxes on my channel open them up and I'm just gonna read comments and questions from them I think that this is a better way to go it'll be a lot better you, know a lot less lag, in between each questions so Gary, Edwards snow, asks, not, every YouTube video has email addresses in the comments, how would you find some that do is this just a trying, to figure it out thing this, is in reference to my video of how to build a free, targeted email list where I basically scrolled, with an, email exporter, on a YouTube video that was asking for. What's. It called. Emails. Don't wanna throw on a blank there and. Basically, it, was a really really great way that I was able to make money in a short period of time because I they were all targeted around Amazon, and I sent them an Amazon offer now. You, it's gonna be hard for you to basically there's no pop there's no it's, impossible to know which YouTube videos unless you stumble upon them have, emails, in the comments like that so. I would just suggest if if you're going that route just do manual, crawling, on on. Google, or Facebook it works really really well I'll drop a card, to a video where I've done that in the past and, that basically shows you how to do that and you can just pull pull, targeted. Emails from search engines like Google and Facebook it's, a great great way to do it and I suggest doing that rather, than just scouring, YouTube because you'll be wasting a lot of your time. Albert. Zork er says great video but email exporter, doesn't work doesn't, export emails. Anymore only phone numbers how do you solve this, well, email exporter. Email. Exporter, does exporting, emails I don't know what you're talking about it definitely does maybe you just I don't know maybe you're you have to update your version or something but, it works fine for me I don't use it that much anymore but it still works for me. Pratik. I. Think that's pratik pratik says hi do, sending cold emails violate, gdpr, laws in privacy that's a good question what's, my take on it well, like I in the last video I'm not a law expert, you know consult a lawyer if you really want to know the specific. Answer to these things but it's my understanding that is not illegal I read, up on that when I was first introducing, that course and you're. Allowed to send emails to cold people soliciting, stuff that's a fact you're allowed to it's the law yes, it's legal and to, my understanding there's. A gray area there but, you are allowed to email, somebody random with an offer or a CPA offer or spamming. Them so to speak however, it does become illegal and it does become a gray area when you continuously, do it when, they ask you to remove them so that's the gray area to my understanding if you send somebody a cold email it's, not illegal, if you send somebody a cold email and then they ask you to remove you to remove them from the list and you continually, send them emails even though they've asked you that, becomes illegal so that's the only to, my knowledge the only thing that makes it illegal if, somebody asks you to take them off the list obviously we're using G, mass and G sweet there won't be an unsubscribe button, um you, can put one in there but I'd suggest, just, keeping now, then. Just obviously, remove them from your list it's pretty self-explanatory. Let's. Find another one. Okay. Era. Teeny says you're good you're really good reviewer, on Amazon, who is deeply loved by your fans I love your style and I wonder if we can be a sponsor no Jesus, no I, don't know, I don't, accept sponsorships, on this channel, the.

Only Time to really ever accept, the sponsorship, is maybe when I got a little bit bigger and it was something that I already believed in I'm not gonna sell out you. Know cause I already sell my own products and stuff I don't really need a sponsorship. Mary. Oh Ted, Vic says, hey Brian if I sell 20 products and get 20 reviews do you think that's a problem. Or potential. For Amazon to ban your account, he, asks this four months ago and this is on my Amazon, how to basically get unlimited Amer Amazon, reviews in, 2018. With new algorithm. My, answer, to that normally. Would be well. It doesn't it's not normally, if you yeah if you sell 20 if you only sell 20 products and you're getting 20 reviews that's gonna be a huge red flag even. If you don't get caught away caught right away they're probably, going to catch you eventually I would, space, it out a little bit more I would sell them organically, and then kind of mix in a bunch you know here and there you don't really need that many reviews to be perfectly honest the difference between you know five reviews and 50. Reviews is really. Not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things I always recommend getting ten at least and then kind of just chilling and you, know then you can kind of work organically. And with PPC from there but, once you get 10 reviews you, know sell 100 things you get 10 reviews and you'll be fine a. Couple. More questions on the Amazon. Let's. Go my. Question is if I get my friends and neighbors to go purchase the item is it against Terms of Service so he's basically saying if if his, friends and neighbors, review. His product, private-label. Wise is it against Terms of Service yes. And no there's a gray area there as well so it is against terms of service if you solicit, that that. Positive review. So if you give them a product and basically say it's in exchange, for a positive, review that's a violation, of the Terms of Service stumbling. With my words here Jesus but, if you give them the product and basically say you'd appreciate a review, and you don't specify whether that's positive, or negative it is not against Terms of Service so you just can't simply solicit. You. Know you can't give your product for, free or for discount with, the expectation. Of a, positive review, it's, that it's there's. A gray area there but it depends. Amanda. Smith says can you make a video on how to buy such connect G suite with GMS accounts. Because. I well Amanda I actually did this was 7 months ago and now I'm reading this but I actually did I'll drop that video above my head right now as a card I'll also drop that in the description below a. Couple. More from this one then we'll move on, hi. Brian if I buy one G suite and one G Mass today how, many emails can I send today well. If you buy a G Bassem G suite today that means they're brand new so especially, with Google and Gmail cracking, down I would say no more than a hundred right, now once. You scale it up fully it can be up to 8 K a day. You. Know right now brand-new, account, 2018. They're cracking down i wouldn't go over a hundred a day it's, a slow, scale, process, alright. That's the last one from that let's move on to the Instagram video. Actually. Let's skip this one I don't really not. Too into, Instagram anymore, I just want to outsource my social media and get rid of it because I just it. Doesn't it's the same thing with the CPA question, from the last video and the social media marketing questions I just don't I don't enjoy it it's not something that really, jazzes me up. See. What you want says you talk a lot of a necessary. And it gives me a headache thanks. Man this is only make money online with atomic email hunter video it's the same same as, that last one kind of. Hey. Man nice JD, says hey. Man nice video really interesting, I know it's a difficult question but how many how, much do you think I can make a day using your system I'm not gonna continue reading this question it's long but, I get these questions all the time it doesn't matter what you know business model what's on whether that's you know email marketing, whether that's a, private. Labeling retail arbitrage people, always want to ask hey man before I get started how much do you think I can make I can't. Answer that question because I don't know you at all depends on you and you and your ability to take action on the information there's a lot of you know I'm not teaching it because you yeah, the reason I'm teaching is because you can make money doing it and I've made money doing it in the past it all, depends on the person how much you take the information and how receptive, you are to it how you know willing to take action you are on that particular information and, then learn from the mistakes that you make and reimplemented.

Sir. It, depends, on you. One. More from this video then we'll move on to a couple other ones I got an automation video and then I got a mass, email video and then we'll do the, dropshipping becker video couple. More real fast. A, seem, says, nice. Video I also checked out your udemy videos you have some great valuable lessons for us I'm definitely, thinking of joining your email marketing course just wondering is it possible to scrape emails and phone numbers from Facebook using this tool, is. This the witch is this this, is atomic emo hunter um. Not. Really you. Can there are ways around it but I would say no he's referring to atomic email hunter so you can't scrape Facebook, or. Any other place necessarily. With atomic email hunter so well but, what you can do is you can manually, crawl them and that works very very well in, a lot of ways and like I said I believe, I dropped the manual crawl video already it should be in the description. That's. Basically a way to get targeted emails around any niche, prominent. This is a question this is the number one question that I get across all my courses prominent. Singles international, dating, agency, says. I'm having, trouble finding the correct link to atomic email hunter where is it in your course I. Need. To build, a frequently. Asked questions page because I spend, probably, about, a good five, minutes a day on average answering, this question across platforms, which adds up to a lot of my life and the answer is it's attached to a Google, it's attached to a word document at the beginning of lecture for an email, and atomic, sorry, email, and affiliate marketing mastermind, in that course it's attached as a word document at the beginning of lecture four and it is the Google Drive link, that, will give you the free cracked version of atomic email honor. Andrae. Gumar says how do you protect your IP address VPN. Proxy what do you recommend. What, about gmass do you feel the need to protect the IP address, somehow, Audrey, there, like, I said internal. IP is an external or at what whoa I don't know what that was internal, XP is an external.

X, Internal. IP addresses. Oh my god an external, IP addresses, are a little bit beyond the scope I could talk about them for a day or two but. Typically. I don't really worry about them if you scale slowly it won't be a problem, I always. Scale slowly it's always my number one one, more from here this. A eh atomic, Iman err fortune Braun says this is atomic email hunter hunt for private Gmail addresses or business. Chima well huh it hunts for both a lot of them will be business but there's nothing wrong with business emails people always say well I get a bunch, of you, know business-related, emails, in my personal, emails when I scan, with atomic email hunter and to be honest there what's wrong with that I don't, find anything wrong with that in my experience there's. People behind those emails, just the same and they're, clearly interested, in that topic it doesn't matter if they're sitting at work a lot of people scan the internet when they're at work, all. Right couple from send mass email how to send mass email in 2018, for free I'll drop that as a card above my head right now that's the video I'm referring to right now about 20,000, views. Alex. Mack says how many emails do you use to send say. 10,000. Emails he's referring to how many G suite accounts, do I use to sent to 10,000, emails well, since my are scaled I can. Send a bit more than you because you're probably just starting out like. I said just end a hundred when you're first starting out and then scale very very slowly but. Right now I'd used 2 G suites with, G mass to send 10,000, emails that's all you need and I'm, referring I'm assuming that you're referring to per, day. Watch. Social, system, we use one G mass account with multiple, G Suites um. No. No. You need multiple G masses per G Suites so you can't you're, gonna need every time, you have a G suite account you're, gonna need a G mass on that so it's it's one of each and they pair. One. More from this this video, because we've been talking about these these, email. Anatomic stuff a lot and, I don't really do this that much anymore. Esther. Laius says our g-spot Esther louse I don't remember I can't pronounce that name our, G Suites account our G Suites accounts, oh my, god our G sweet accounts free no. Tests are there I think there are 8 bucks a piece, to my knowledge. Alright. Moving on to Instagram Automation about, 21, thousand, views drop that as a card above my head also in the description. Thomas. Sector. Setter says, the extension, of full. The. Extension, is full of malware, how can I recommend this pile of crap well the extension is not full of malware I don't know what talking what you're talking about specifically, but if I linked to follow, licker that's not full of malware. Josh. Ceases so you sit there and physically follow 60, people an hour no. Josh um when. I use follow like her follows for me you can do that if you want to do that but it's a lot of time. Wasted and. Eheh. Lili says is the app still, there in 2018. I can't find it he's basically referring to I'm assuming, auto install, which is a Google Chrome app that was free and it's now expensive, or not not at now expensive now cost money I believe it's like five bucks per month, I think, it's there I think they brought it down when they were changing it from the free version to the paid version, but it should be there just search for auto and stuff. Top-shelf. Edit says Jesus. Is this the follow like her ad yes. Top shelf they paid me to put this out here. Diego. Says if my pool is around 5k but I only follow 300 follows per day is my account at risk because my pool is at 5k no Diego he's, talking about how many people you keep in your pool for auto and stuff no, your pool doesn't matter it's about how many people you follow, Instagram. Can't see how many people are in your pool they just see how, many people you actually follow all right let's do like a couple from Becker's video because that's my other most popular video. Outside. Of the mystery boxes and then we'll end this here obviously. Let me know if you guys like this video if you stayed this long I appreciate it I love, answering your questions if, you have a specific question just wrap it in the comments down below I love to answer it for you in the next one and I will check this video first to answer those questions on. Top of that please give it a like I appreciate, that it really really helps channel grow and it lets me know that you guys like this kind of content so I can make more of it. Dragonslayer, says, how is this any different than. The course that you offer at the end of this video and he's referring to the fact that I'm basically bashing, Becker for selling his course in the ad, first. And foremost I don't I made. This video a long time ago when I didn't, know who alex Becker was I just knew that he gave me annoying.

Ads And they, annoyed me so I didn't know anything about him back then but. It isn't any different suppose, the, fact that I have sell my course for ten dollars and he sells this course for I think a thousand dollars I'd. Never taken his course I have since I have, since enrolled in his Academy, to check it out and I've purchase his book to check it out and I've watched a bunch of his YouTube videos to check them out I have nothing but great things to say about the guy I've never taken his drop. To me course but I'm sure it's great he, obviously knows a lot about marketing and he obviously knows a lot about e-commerce. And, just being an entrepreneur in general and succeeding, so, you. Know take, his course if you really want to but my courses ten bucks so that's the difference. Cato, this isn't a question but Kano says drop shipping has been dead since 2014. Not, sure about that necessarily, there's a million different ways to dropship but if. You're talking about Shopify, drop shipping it definitely, is a little bit more competitive now that's for sure. Hmm. It's fun another good one real fast it's not a couple more and then we'll end this video guys. Did. Everyone get a Shopify, ad played, before this video Jeremy, Ferguson, says probably. Cuz I'm sure Becker put ads on top of this video because he targets well. Ghost. Dog says the song name from the beginning of this I don't remember what that song was that was a long I was a intro. From a while back. Same. Thing with JDC song name I don't remember what was called guys I'm sorry. One. More question and then we'll finish this up. Alright. Carrie I'm only know what this says but carol victaulic. Chin. Ski or whatever says. Dude you don't know anything about him and he didn't even watch his vids and you're, bashing him what have you, built and okay, I see where this is going well, first. And foremost I, just praised him about a minute, ago if you're listening to this video I doubt that you are but, I. Didn't. Know what his stuff was back then and even if he rewatched, this video I'll drop it as a card right above my head right now also in the description it's basically called what, alex becker doesn't want you know about shop on drop shipping i don't bash him at all in fact i just talked about the ad he, sells really well in the ad he does exactly what he's supposed to do now that i know a little bit more about selling and you, know salesmanship, he's, doing a great job in the ad i just break it down and out and talk, about how it's misleading i don't take any personal shots at him at all in fact i just say how the ad can be misleading to people that are just getting into it because it can in reality, so that's you, know basically where i stand with that but. Like i said i don't really know that much about him, but.

From What i do know i have nothing but, great things to say about the guy so hope, you guys like this video give. It a thumbs up i really really appreciate it drop a comment down below I'd love to hear from you.

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