Making a RAILGUN and then TESTING it!

Making a RAILGUN and then TESTING it!

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Hey. Guys in case you didn't know the US Navy has been developing, an electromagnetic, railgun for, the past decade, and it's, absolutely incredible. It's. A highly futuristic, weapon that seems straight out of science fiction, using, only electricity, it can accelerate a projectile, to, speeds of Mach 6, that's, over 7,400. Km/h. Plus. It, has a range of over, a hundred and sixty kilometers, if you guys want more information, on that railgun check out the link in the description below anyway. World, of warships approached, us and offered, to sponsor a project, based on their game, naturally. We suggested, building a small-scale, version of, the, Navy's railgun world. Of warships is the perfect balance between action, and strategic, gameplay plus. If you use my link in the description below and are one of the first 300, viewers to use it you'll get an awesome bonus which will give you a huge head start in the game but, more, on that later in the meantime let's. Start building a real gun. Alright, so before we build a real gun let's talk about how a railgun actually, works you. See a railgun converts, electrical, power into, kinetic energy by creating a magnetic field that can accelerate a projectile. Here's. The diagram showing, how that works now the factor that determines how powerful, a railgun is is how much current you can push through those rails for. More detailed explanation, on how rail, guns work I'd recommend checking out electrical, booms video right, here so, the question is how do we build a power supply that, can provide enough current to make a powerful railgun. Most. Of the time we use lithium, polymer batteries, for our projects, and that's because they have some of the highest energy, densities available. In battery, form the, problem is they can't actually put out that much current for, that you need a capacitor, which can discharge huge, amounts of current in a really short amount of time in, fact we've. Already had a lot of fun with these capacitors, with Thor's hammer how to place a capacitor, inside. Of Thor's hammer. And if it's pretty good. That's. Loud, as, you. Can see it packs quite a punch. Now. One. Capacitor, isn't enough we're. Going to use 16. That's. Big, balls. That's. Hella heavy. This. Noah. Guy, is. After a half. See. You distract you, yes. That. Spacely. All, right, you one up me over the flamethrower. No. I. Had. To start you have to turn the pressure on low, there. Was probably downstairs. Now crack it. Okay. First this is charting Starkid. Just. Now. See my fuse blows. Rich. Shoes. She's, doing their bug, so. We are going to test. How long it's gonna take for this charger to charge up our battery, bank. Capacitor. Bank. Safety. Glasses. Cuz. We're not to discharge this thing after. So. They should be able to charge the power bank we're gonna see how long's gonna take everywhere. Double check that the step-down works as well to make sure we can actually measure the voltage on the bank without blowing up every single money meter we have. Including. This one. Okay. Do you want a welding mask, you. Sure. Okay. You ready. Great. Oh yeah, we shorted it. Now. That's a tenth of the voltage so, that's actually forty. Volts right now fifty volts. Sixty. Volts 7d. Right. Why are you wearing that drone fair shirt again, cuz. It's black it matches the Hackman it's not black that is great it's. A lot better than blue. 330. Volts. Big. Hair pulls me back I. Stopped. Being the host and just be the camera guy I. Stopped being the host and just become this camera guy so. Much fun. Okay. It. Does need to be charging a little. Boy. Ah. Geez. I missed. We, need a wood stick. That's. Fine oh. Sweet. It's probably, it's. Still a to 12 volts. Mmm. We're, getting our timers. Atomized. Aluminum, great, for the brain about. Two minutes charge. Big. Spark. Success. Thanks. Jerry. Now, I'm not a machinist, by any means and this is my first time using a CNC lathe so, let's just hit go and see what happens. All. Right so you might be wondering why we have a paintball, gun attached to the railgun and that's because you do actually need to initially accelerate, the projectile, because if you just put this in between the rails and turn the capacitor mekka on it would literally weld itself shut it needs to have a little speed at the beginning as it's entering the rails so we've taken this uh 0.5.

Caliber Paintball gun and we've. Turned the pressure down a little bit as you can see it's not very powerful. It. Is fast enough to make sure this projectile, doesn't well itself in place. Three. Four, hey. Nice. Da. For. Now. You sunk my battleship. You'll, pay. Safe. G5. Miss. What. I'd. Like to thank our sponsor at world of warships as, you can imagine this is a rather expensive build and we had to outsource quite, a few components which cost quite a bit of money so. I'd like to talk a little bit about the game, world. Of warships is a huge multiplayer, game with over seven million players you can command a massive, naval fleet featuring some of history's most iconic, war vessels including the, USS Indianapolis, Plus, unlock, new ships as you prepare to dominate the oceans in world of warships the. Game, is highly detailed including, changing, weather effects which make each battle unique and the, tactics you use with, constant updates every week this game is ever-evolving, and quite honestly really, amazing, apparently. It takes the developers around six months to introduce a new vessel into the game they, take tons of resources like the blueprints, and photographs actually, design, the model from scratch if, you guys want to check out the game and support our channel in doing so use my links in the description below plus, if you're one of the first 300 years to sign up you'll get an awesome bonus of two hundred fifty two balloons 1, million credits the HMS campbellton, and so. Much more, now, let's test out our very own railgun. Ooh this. 4748. All. Right what, are we going up to. 150. And then we put that switch. That's gardeners. O-152. Unbelievable. Come on dance get some actors. Behind, your ballistic, shields that don't exist. Well. That was cool it's, not loaded right yeah hit me cool. Point. Whoever. That was incinerated. But. It look cool and it broke the plate so. The, navy's, railgun actually, has a. A. Disposable. Casing, around the shell so, it's actually got on artillery shell and then, a casing, which would get all this damage to it that actually flies off of it and it propels the, projectile. Forwards. No. Fine, fine. Yeah all right yeah, before it blows up. Mmm. Toasty. It. Doesn't work. Fire. Power. This. Needs to be researched Davis, language. Next, victim. You, know I'd like, to use technically, I are serious right. That. Can't be good, 30, actually huh. Like. It works, pretty well last shot. That. There's a second shot, higher booster, shot, yes yeah. So it. Is better with. Higher. Voltage it's right. It's. Doing the railgun thing, it's. Actually the air out of it, yeah. Try for depressing, the pimp yeah. That's look, yeah. Well. It landed directly in the middle of the plate, Bon, Appetit. Sir. Do you wanna. Watch. This gonna it's gonna do this happy thing it, can. Oh wow. You're. Not gonna expect it turns. On. Sex day 180. What, are we going up to Your Honor it pretty. Mean what do we don't, know you know when to stop. What. You're. 40 kiss this time sensitive, date. Okay. Ready. Stopping. At two 261. Shit. Come on cameras ready that really looks. To. Be. Where. Is it oh there it is. Have. An awesome shot nice. Shot James. There. You go thank you. King. Henry the eighth's first, boy. All. Right so I just realized we haven't really explained, what. Everything does on the railgun so let's go through the system first we have the main power switch down here on and, off and then we have a three position power switch up here, plus, we have a little voltmeter which tells us the charge of the capacitor bank so, when, the switch is in the middle position is neutral, it's not doing anything and it's ready to be fired to, charge it simply push the switch forwards and as, you can see the, voltmeter starts, adding. Up. Alright, so just for example. We're. Going to stop it right there at about, a hundred and thirty volts now. The, reverse position, actually engages. The series of resistors, on top and this is to discharge, the capacitor bank in case you don't want to fire it because, it's actually very dangerous, considering. It can go up to 400 volts and we'll, put out thousands. And thousands of amps we just certainly enough to kill you so. If, you've decided not to fire the gun simply, pull the switch back and as you can see the voltage drops off almost immediately as all, the current is drained, through these resistors, so.

With. That being said let's. Charge it up to the full 400, volts and see what happens. To. 2230. Whoo. Here. What. Matt. And. That. Anyone. See where that arced I always. Wear PPE. Unlike. Us. Well. We hope you guys enjoyed the video this has been a project that lot of you guys have been asking for for a long time, so it's awesome to check it off that long bucket list of projects we wanted to complete now, you might be wondering it. Didn't seem that powerful, and to, be honest that's because we did actually have to constrain, the. Design to, limit. The firepower, of the railgun to make sure it fell into the classification, of an air gun and not an actual firearm and that's because in Canada we have strict gun control which. Means we didn't want to make an illegal firearm because, making a video isn't worth going to jail over. Or. Is, it. No. No it's not but, if you guys want to see us take on more big projects like this make sure you support our sponsors, like this video sponsor, world of warships check, out the link in the description below for some awesome bonuses, plus. If you guys want to own a part of this project we're actually gonna be auctioning off a few of the. Bullets. We're gonna be offering a few of these projectiles, on eBay, check out the link in the description below bids, start at just one dollar thanks. For watching.

2018-03-06 17:15

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Looks nice. But pretty lame., when can I get one for my car? :D ;)

subscribed :)

That sux.

looks so lame beying so much work and resources in it, and still cant shoot even as powerfull as the paintball gun.

what was the use of resistors ??

You guys know the clarification for a firearm is something that discharges a projectile through a barrel of a gun using a powdered charge creating a fire. Hence the name Firearm

When you have Wargaming updater running in the background and watching this...

I'm pretty sure the paintball gun turned all the way up would be more impressive... that thing doesn't look like it even reached 600fps

take all my caps!

this is pretty shitty

waiting for electroboom to comment

"Metal Gear"

There has to be some permit or location that would remove or lessen such restrictions. This "railgun" is more like an overly complicated airsoft gun... With the possibility of death by electrocution.

This channel is basically the tech part of mythbusters, but instead of "is it possible" y'all just say, "yeah, today we're making a functional railgun/lightsaber/nuclear bomb from some used tech and batteries.

Kind of underwhelming result. I was hoping it'd at least penetrate the plastic..

Like the Gauss Rifle from Fallout


holy headshot

You have anything that you need.. awesome

did the 400 volt shot take you over the threshold, and that's why it was cut?

Should try a video with the SlowMoGuys

well....that was underwhelming... It couldn't even break the glass...


An air rifle.22 would have done better.

its called a sabot (pronounced "saybow") the casing around the shell in the navy version

That flamethrower you may or may not have built looks suspiciously similar to Elon Musks Boring flamethrower. Cool railgun though!

So like a maglev

The round tumbles as it flies, you should have added some fins to stabilize it, APDS rounds had the same problem it was solved with APDSFS which greatly increased penetrarion power and accuracy

Pretty awesome build! Too bad we can’t see it’s full power! Keep up the great work! ☺️

I can hit the projectile with a baseball bat...... totally weak.... go faster making steam with the stored power than with this design.... get some fps for hell sake.

Watch the end

Now do 50 capacitors.

Perfect for my rowboat

come to America make a more powerful railgun when finished donate it to me lol problem solved

...Metal Gear....

Ok so really cool idea and exoctution but it's not shooting it harder then you can throw it seems

Hmmm, screw the capacitors let's gets some Flux capacitors on that bad boy and get some time travel action on those projectiles. Also they seem to be coming out spinning end on end.

Nice beard!

After so many years, still no one can top the Full auto Gauss Gun

Not a proper rail gun The projectile should be moving at close to the speed of light moving so fast that airfriction converts the projectile into plasma The competition wave fom fireing should knock him on his arse


That thing is weak as hell

"We're gonna need a capacitor." Me: Thinks its one of those small capacitors found in handheld electronics **Is bigger than the battery itself** Me: wot **later...** "We will need 16 of these" Me: dies

GD DShifter This is getting top comment

too bad it didn't work

yeah, I know you can't break the law but I'm still disappointed.

Did you watch to the end? public use...not even for you even though you made it.

Using all those capacitors you could make a powerful EMP device. Might be fun as a side project.

Doesn’t a railgun shoot tracer shots?

the future is now. we now need mech suits.

Already have several mech suits. Fun fact is that the actual BAE railgun tested by US ONR has already been discontinued. Looks nice on paper. Not so much in the real world. Yes saying it 'can' shoot a 100 miles certainly sounds impressive. Real world tests didn't get past 7 miles.

haha I have an air gun more powerfull ... like the tech tho

Well that was disappointing.

it needs to be a longer projectile.


Could you make a thermite charge

That capacitor bank is something i would run from... wow. Imaging smacking you hand down on that thing with max charge. Poof. hand gone...

A slingshot is more powerful than that clown rig.

For legality reasons, like we explain in the video...

actually they have been working on it for a hell of a lot longer then a decade

Weak Sauce, the slingshot channel makes more power with just rubber. Could probably just throw the projectile harder.

Well aware of Joerg, good YouTube friend of mine. The laws here are very specific. Regardless of effectivity it was a cool project to work on.

yeah, but ya still could have got to at least the power of a sling shot. When it bounces off ceramic its not worth all that work. I don't know Canadian law, but don't see how it could be classified as a firearm. Germany has some strict gun laws too , but that slingshot guy found some ways around them. If you haven't checked out his stuff, I'd defiantly would recommend it. It might give you some ideas for work arounds.

Did you watch the explanation?

Target: Annoying neighbors dog.

I'm curious, if the round was made of a heavier more durable metal/alloy would there be greater impact/reusability of the rounds? I'm mostly referring to materials similar to tungsten.

Is it legal?


Nice! But why don't made that gun with coil acceleration so less friction more faster


If you really want to take this ti the next level, you should use a rifle barrel to get twist on the projectile and make a sabot to put around your projectile and engage the rifling. Your projectile was tumbling in the slo-mo.

We don't though, like we explain in the video there's kinda the issue of legality xD

yo i ain't criticizing, but why didn't it at least break the game?

Yo I ain't criticizing, but why didn't you watch the whole video where we explain that? XD

And I just subscribed and I am Canadian

And hit the bell

all those power banks and then that?

Dude I love you beard and you vids


We made sure it was. That's why it's not very powerful

ive know about this for sooo long and i hope he did too because it only came out know


check out war thunder its on pc and ps4

It's cool, but bounced off the plate and the lightbulb

what material is the projectile made of? is it even conductive? would it have worked better if it was iron/ ferrous?

actually, i need to investigate further since I feel that only material with iron would interact with the electromagnetic fields in the rail gun. the reason I am thinking this way is the same reason induction cooktops need pots and pans with iron cores? maybe you can expand and help? also whenever you think of junkyard and they have the cranes that pull metal with the electromagnets, their goal is to separate aluminum from steel isn't it? I feel aluminum would conduct electricity but would not be propelled by the magnetic fields? or at least not as effectively as compared ot Steel with high iron contant.

ahh, learning new things. So Aluminum responds differently to electromagnetic fields than normal magnetic fields like say from a neodymium magnet? is this what is happening?

Wouldn't do anything if it wasn't conductive! We used steel and aluminum projectiles

Soundtrack Unreal game?

The reference to king Henry the 8ths first wife was funny because she was be-headed but she looks more like King Louis wife during the French Revolution, which would make more sense because she was be-headed by the National razor and it looks more like her.

"... or is it" a direct quote from The King of Random

I don't think 3 words counts as a quote...

Henry didn't behead his first wife, only his second and fifth

drill out the back of the projectile -it flys more stabile when the center of mass is in the front -loke an airgun bullet also try make a alluminium or graphite sabot for the projectile get the speed cranked up, you should be able to shoot clean through a car motor or 3cm steel with Re of more than 450N/mm^2 and 80J at the Charpy impact test US navy makesnow changes to the projectile because it overpenetrates without doing enough damage their rail gun fires through more than 65cm of armour-steel

How does a change in mass affect the force and velocity of the bullet?

DAMN thats some huge capacitors :O

7,4kmh hmmm not very fast xD

this thing is weak

Well now i now why is it called a railgun lol

Wait isn a rail gun a proton cannon? Wall the video is still good

failgun more like it

you guy should make the phone from watch dogs next

ᴇʟᴇᴄᴛʀᴏʙᴏᴏᴍ *

ᴇʟᴇᴄᴛʀᴏɴɪᴄ ɪs ᴛʜᴇ ғᴜɴɴɪᴇsᴛ ɢᴜʏ ᴏɴ ʏᴏᴜᴛᴜʙᴇ

You crazy, I'm scared watching this...

Haha electro go boom nanana its electro boom get ur facts strait

Strict gun laws I know a country that needs some of that

Juan J Dume P Are you asking to get into an argument?

you cloud have that as an attachment when you play paint ball

a real railgun is using magnetic fields wich are pulling the projectile along through the barrel

Are you thinking of a coil gun? Technically this is utilizing magnetic fields as well but not the same as a coil gun

Zombie Pain And that's what this is doing...

the flame thrower was elon musk's flamethrower

Which we made.

Fucker looks like Chris Evans from Infinity War with that beard.

... is that Mechanism 8 I'm hearing? Sweet jesus that's a throwback.

Yeah thats very cool but for my german teammates its very hard to make those gun in germany besause we only got 230 Volts out and not like in America and a second tim is jusing a special type of cable its called UL Cabel and is up to 600 Volts save and not like normal cabels hier at germany to 500 Volts

At the end they say, that they couldnt make it more powerfull than a bb gun. Im a bit dissapointed.


Bro you need to make a taser net from Thor Ragnarok!!! XD


the guy with the flamethrower looks very irresponsible to be holding it

can it go into space

seems pretty weak

One of each please


hmmm first 300 people supports him I'M IN wait one million views come on and i also get no bonus dang it

This is great and all but could you throw up some specs? Projectile velocity would be nice :-)

Mech 8 from UT?

Hey lithium polymer batteries have high discharge I'm a drone racer so I use high discharge lipo's for my drone

oh boy we live in times where people start showing how to build weapons to everyone. god may help us all. ;)

love me some Mechanism Eight

Emma Gonzales and David Hogg will come for this.

Seemed like a lot of effort for a gun that doesn't even go through a plastic board game. It's actually less effective than just dropping something on the floor.

Me: Holy hell that's a big capacitor *We're going to use 16 of them* Me: Ooooh, this gon be gooood.

Cool rail gun, but I honestly think you could have done more damage with just the bullets and the paintball gun. It really didn't seem to do much more than the paintball by itself would do. I'm not sure that your rail gun actually works the way the military one does.

Your going to kill your selfs

The archer reference

that looks exactly like Musks flamethrower he is selling....

Since it is not rated G guess I can't watch with the kids. There is just no need for foul language.

Would have liked to see a comparison of the low pressure paintball pre-firing mechanism vs the rail part of the gun... I don't think your design actually functions..

Come to America! Then you can make a really awesome video of a rail gun that could split a car!

Dog crap, the full video

A lot weaker than I expected

Unfortunately, for your statement, Henry VIII's first wife was the only one he really "loved", and was not one of the two that were beheaded.

So you've created a weapon that can't be controlled by gun control, can easily be turned into a fully automatic video and is almost completely silent. Good luck world.

the Hacksmith I was talking about when people take that idea and build on it and don't use your weaker gun. Plus I'm in the US where every state has it's own laws. I mean no offense by it. I was just intrigued by your idea. Good job.

Did you miss the part where it takes 2.5 minutes to charge up? And we purposefully made it much weaker because it CAN be controlled by law.


It didn't even make a bullet go through the plastic battleships game XD

Liked and subbed for using Kilometres instead of miles

mechanism eight!

kinda cat breaks cups all the time.

Think its possible to make the needler from the Halo series?

Well this video was "Last Minute" kill me

why didn't you guys rifle the barrel

Hacksmith great work your videos are amazing and so are the builds keep it up

That some how look alike District 9 movie Alien weapon lol

What would be cool is to modify this with a super-strong induction coil to melt the round before firing it.

i thought you need coils to induce a usable electromagnetic field , this looks like you just added sparks to an airgun with no usable effect. am i totally wrong on this? its the same with the "starting" of the projectile , if you just have a coil at the end of the muzzle , electricly magnetized it would pull the projectile without you needing to put an airgun behind it. i smell a lot of BS in here , but that might just be me , so no offense

oh , yeah , sorry , could´ve done some research first , again , im sorry .... but still , if we dont take rails , but copper coils around a ferro stick , on both sides , and use the same technical design of a "standart" railgun , wouldn´t you get more performance out of it? aaand , at least in germany its not considered a firearm as long as it doesn´t have a barren , if you make a literal rail for the projectile , would that make it a non firearm (like a crossbow) in canada as well?

You're talking about a coil gun, this is a rail gun

Make a coil gun not a rail gun

charges it *sparks* "oh yeah... we shorted it" cracked me up

Henry VIII 2nd and 5th wives.

Come make a big one in the US!


And this is why I love this channel

Can it pierce the heart of my enemies?

These videos are why I stay in school (so awesome)

It loves to decapitate things but just why thou.

"electrogoBooms".. ah

Why don’t u use the paintball gun, it’s brobrably as powerfull


Idk if this would be legal but you should try to make somewhat of a pipe pistol/weapon from fallout 4

toaru kagaku no railgun?

Enough energy in those caps to kill someone. Be careful kids.

Since the railgun is too heavy to lift and move! Attach it to a swerving chair like you did nerf a while back!

Would this be the US Navy rail gun actually developed by British Aerospace Engineering Systems then......

Meeeeeeh... I was expecting more

I wonder if it would be posible to do a railgun with 4 poles, like 2 rails one above the other one but with inverted polarity.

It’s like a really weak gas rifle from fallout four

I build a railgun like this for my final year in school ! (College)

but we used some big (giant) charpenter nails, we reshaped them into a squared (more efficient) shape and add two plexiglas "sliders" around it (top and bottom) to increase isolation between two rails A railgun is all about optimization ! It took us a year to perfect it !

He has lol

No the ad kinda broke my attention span. But re-watching it out of interest now, I cannot find where you explain it. I can see the projectile tumbling so its no good and its has those burn marks so I am guessing it either almost still welded its self to the barrel, had too much friction inside there or you really needed the discarding element.

Did you watch the explanation on why that is?

Watch the explanation

You could watch the video on it...

Improvements can be made in projectile size and rail conductor material. Otherwise, this has been the most entertaining vid I've seen all year. Well done hack Smith team.

Damn!!!love your vids

Styropyro uses compacitors for his lasers. Sry if it's written wrong

Lame yal sok

groves on the barrel of the gun will increase accuracy

Oh, look, video ruined by stupid laws.

that looks like fun

680K ohms Jesus Christ someone's going to die

You should really work together with the Slowmo Guys

Looks like the gauess rifle in fallout 4

Interesting vid, I noticed your rounds would go into a tumble so some rifling probably wouldn't have been a bad idea. that said with no changes you actually would have been better off to shoot steel bearings as it doesn't matter if they tumble.

I have this thing called a Glock 19 that does this, but it's way smaller and the projectile goes a lot faster too.

Well there's 20 minutes I won't be getting back just to see a paintball gun with a useless attachment.

So basically it’s like a gauss rifle off of fallout 4

FALLOUT4 Gauss Rifle D:.. good weapon right there btw

why doesnt the military just hire him

This video is incorrect with it's opening statements. The railgun was originally a french design concept back in the early 1900's. In modern day, USA gets them from the EU. If they really were "developing" them, they wouldn't just be shooting one off in a bloody warehouse, they'd actually be doing real r&d and making significant design progress. Plus everyone gives different specs for them everywhere you look; some say mach 7, some say mach 5, and now i'm hearing a mach 6? Sounds like a lot of nobody knows anything about them.

today we're making a rail gun (phone vibrates and checks phone) dad: why is the FBI here?

Its a gauss rifle

Lame... Canada must be awesome maybe the government will let you go to the potty like a big boy some day

That is it? Slingshot will make more damage

I was very surprised how weak the finished thing is. I was expecting it to punch through the wall or vaporise the pellet

I've been loving railguns since the 90s. I've made my own, a 10th of the size of the one you had. I used a 1/2" slug, but there wasn't enough force to do much damage. A 1/4" slug, I was able to punch through a soda can. I want to make another model that can pierce a steel can at least. I would like to use a 1/2" slug, but I would have to take it out to a range, or use someone's field to fire it, cause it would be way too loud and could go through a wall.

No battleships were harmed in the making of this video

so thats not the BORING company flamethrower?

i came here from Vsauce about if bad words were really bad...

Electroboom! That's awesome

Growing out that beard I see

Way ahead of China here

That thing didn't work. All you were doing was shooting it out with the Paintball gun and the projectile was arcing on the way out creating sparks. You should make the projectile smaller and wrap it in a plastic Sabot. Also, can you make something small to spin it up about 20,000 rpm instead of rifling the barrel?

its more like stalker railgun but fallout 4

Is it even legal to own and/or make a railgun not that I care I came to watch you shoot stuff

Why did you have to use that railgun on a game of Battleship?

Isn’t the flamethrower a modified Nerf Rapidstrike?

Watch the video and see =)

Electro city

Kind of thought it would be more powerful but yeah I get why it's not there is a limit before it's an actual gun. Edit: limut to limit and ya to yeah

I want one now


I love solidworks

This is from fallout lol

Un railgun c'est pas sensé envoyer un projectile a plusieurs km/s ? J'ai loupé un truc ou quoi ? la je vois un pauvre résultat meme pas à la hauteur d'une carabine à air comprimé. Montrez nous un résultat à la hauteur de l'emballage.. décevant ...

When geeks like me have funding and a workshop haha

could you make the barrel a vacuum chamber? If you remove atmospheric friction from the projectile you should get far more bang for your electromagnetic buck. Just a tube with a Mylar diaphragm seal at both ends can move a ping pong ball at tremendous speed when the diaphragm at the ball end is broken after the tube is emptied of atmospheric pressure.

That lathe is crap, my dad uses one easily 3 times the size as that thing

Size means nothing...

Oh so that’s why the barrel didn’t have any rifling

thats weak

I love how the schematic uses the same component symbols I'm used to but when the device is being assembled the resistors look NOTHING like the 1/8 watt electronics kit versions. Like, at least the electrolytics look like huge scaled up versions of their counterparts. Are those wire-wound? .... wait am I impressed by overly-large resistors? Jeez.

Might of been a typo, they are at least 18W resistors xD

that's a hell of a capacitor bank.

that was cruel that was a nice figurine

*"Only my railgun" starts playing*

So take it over the border to your closest tim hortons and make it more powerful

can tell how much is the budget to build the " rail gun, just in case iwant to build mine. thanks


Hed hsod.

i skipped the ad's

Henry VIII's first wife was divorced not beheaded.

That was so weak as hell! Yeah, blame the law.. you guys just don't know how to calibrate a thing like that. Replace the 'rails' with an array of electrodes with a calibratable time delay between them, then tweak them to have a larger time delay at the beginning of barrel, then shorter towards the end, get the sweet spot an that thing would chew through walls. It's crazy old tech though, mag guns and plasma cannons are way more efficient an effective.

A simple trip to Wikipedia will help. A rail gun is what we made, it's very simple. Coil guns are different

The way I see it anything that relies upon pulling a projectile forward using an arc of electricity from one node to the projectile to another node.. is a rail gun, I was simply suggesting replacing the solid metal rails with giant metal/nylon sandwich.. as the most important part of making a working rail gun or mag-gun is the application of the pull force at the perfect ark for the projectile as it's acceleration increases. An array of nodes with twiddly time dilation or an array of light triggered sensors tracking the projectile and flipping the right node in time for it. Do coil guns fire magnet's then?

You're not describing a rail gun at that point... I think your thinking of a coil gun which while has some similarities, is quite different.

for world of warships?

In the description

wheres the Ꮭ Ꭵ N Κ?

Chemical firearms can be rated by their muzzle velocity, which is measured by an electronic device that times the passage of the projectile between 2 wire loops of known spacing. Since you're creating a powerful discharge with your gun, maybe nearby electronics won't work. I dunno; you guys might. Anyway, if more electronics will work, you could measure the muzzle velocity of your projectiles. 1/2 * mass(projectile) * velocity^2 = kinetic energy generated at the exit of the gun. Now, capacitors store energy, too. The energy stored by a capacitor = 1/2 * capacitance * volts(capacitor)^2 in units of Joules. Leading one to ask, 'How efficient is my railgun in converting the electric energy stored in my capacitor bank into the kinetic energy of the projectile?" Homework due tomorrow.

иᎥСᎧ, nice

Cucked by gun control laws.

Beer... RIP ;(((

Im concerned that you are firing the gun with co2.

Did you watch the whole video

the Hacksmith oh okay in drone racing we don't cross more than 120 amps

They do, but not nearly high enough. We're talking thousands of amps

Seems like a lot of effort to type out a comment without watching the whole video that explains your question xD

Yes I did.. and they still could have done a comparison to she it actually work..

There's no way to make it fast. You can't charge capacitors that fast.

That flamethrower looks a lot like Elon musks


Bae systems built the first successful prototype just saying...


In 150 years I’ll own a rail gun

Why only fragile objects like glass and porcelain as targets though

Anyone notice hacksmith looks like captain America infinite war.

Also I think the CO2 tank did most of the work, most expensive un useable paintball gun in the world... FAIL

knew right away those projectiles would fly like shit

They literally just took military technology and made it like 50 times smaller...

So how much did these capacitors cost? Lol

that was awesome that now means the railgun from halo is plausible thank you!

When I used to to live with brother and intercom would say plug your ears on the count of five and it fired and the ground shooke

I hoped to see them piercing trough steel plate with that

cross the US border do it right, then just sell it or give it away if you come back to i mean Canada.

Misaka mikoto?

That’s not a railgun it’s a modified paintball gun

Nice flamethrower from the boring company

A lot of electricity to make a spark while the paintball gun provides propulsion..weak.

I just found my favorite YouTube channel

This project was like getting laid for the first time. So much thought time and effort put in to it for very little pay off a huge anticlimax.

Ahh, Mach 6, AKA "The ISS is still going faster"

Flamethrower sure looks a hell of a lot like the Telsa flamethrower from Elon Musks mind... hmmmm

Where can i get those blue strippers

That was awesome!

You had me up until you said WoWS... C'ya


Watch my channell im doge doge out

That MAC gun can put a round clean through a Covenant capital ship

I can't decide what's funnier Dumb people with bad humor and horrible content or smart people with Terrific humor Outstanding content

Go to internet and find how apcr or apsdfs ammo looks like, try and replicate/make it with that metal grinder and the shoot it on a metal plate out of that rail gun at 100% charge. i guarantee you will be amazed by the sheer kinetick force and penetration capabilities...

also, in order for the projectile to mobe straight or percise you need to make either a rifled barrel or actual railings inside the barrel

Should focus some energy on a projectile that flies without tumbling.

It looks like it is straight from fallout

the face at the beginning says it all

You forgot to put the big rail gin video link into the description

They shouldn't be doing that...

now use it on ballistic gel

The projectile was starting to tumble almost immediately after leaving the barrel, you might have been better off using the metal ball bearings

Glass and china... I was kind of hoping to see it go through a foot of concrete or something.

Watch the explanation at the end?

Fun stuff!

Should've called it the gauss rifle

How much to get one

Is it me or do I think he’s like the real Batman with like the gadgets

Meep....meep...meep... Lol

Have fun cleaning up that game of battleship

You could just say you shot this in usa, nobody can prove different.

That's kind of an awesome capacitor bank

It's more of a small mounted Canon rather than a handheld rifle.

what if you make a black pather movie suit

It looks like the gauss rifle from fallout 4

That beer wasn’t empty!!!!! You should advice for sensitive content.

What if you used 100 of the capacitors and also used a bigger projectile

Either the projectile you fired was different from the ones that guy showed in his hand on the CNC, or that solid piece of aluminum mushroomed on impact with the battleship gameboard. I want whatever that's made out of.

I don’t feel it’s strong enough.

Watch the explanation then

Cool but can it run Fortnite


Oh no I watched that. I was thinking purely based on the size of the capacitors, I figured they would discharge so much more energy. Still quite impressive! I suppose making it much more powerful would be expensive and even less safe

Watch the video... We made it when we heard about the boring companies. No one has a boring flamethrower yet

you guys are genius

railgun is the strongest gun? i think yes

Lol how to charge your phone in 1 second.

so is a "firearm" classified by fps in canada?

Metro 2033 volt driver or hell breath

If you added a sabbo to the round it would insulate the round from discharging the capacitors. also the US Navy one uses several coils that are activated in sequence to pull the round forward. These two mods would eliminate the need for the paint ball gun. Or you could just use an insulated barrel.

really cool build ! You really should wear ear protection when using something that can potentially do very loud bang or work in an environment with constant high lvl of db, take it as is and run with it buy yourself a cool looking one, your earing sense will definitly thank you for that someday in the future.

This is my first time in this channel, but you've already got my respect for the UT99 soundtrack in the background.

Gun control ruins everything; I want to see this at it's full potential.

so much building and taking apart and rebuilding... with no explanation on what's going on. :-/

fancy slingshot

You look exactly like the man who would make that railgun

if you wana know how a rail pistol looks like it is a tazer get it it shoots lazer threatds with looking like pistol

so if you put a charge of 200-200+ and then had a higher air PSI this thing could be devastating persay

Lol, seeing the word "force" After watching starwars videos

I have one question are you on the FBI watchlist already

Unturned railgun

make a gun with rails its a rail gun

Could I please borrow it for my expo science

You guys should rifle the barrel

Halo in real life.

These doors are dangerous af

Try making a sabot for the rail gun so that tge projectiles will be stable. Also just use steel ball not the lathe rounds.

good vid. also your sponser is good too, i played world of warships, its really good if you like arcade games. good graphics and good action!

Need some spin stabilization.

That's what you call a head shot

try an ivin head

battery go boom boom, then you launch missle, then building go boom boom

Yours is more powerful than India's.

You are amazing, greetings from México

This is so cool that It can't be legal.

Its beautiful

What if it wasen't charged. I don't even know if it attributed to anything?


No coils?'s a rail gun not a coil gun

you should make it fire pellet gun ammo so it will fly farther and faster

Have you guys ever tried making an electrolaser? It's like a hybrid between a laser and taser

Seems slow for a railgun. Not much faster than the airgun. Wouldn't there be a lot of loss from arcing with those curved electrodes? Still, it looks like it works. So, cool.

explanation at the end explains it

this was crazy

I thought it would go fast asf

itl shoot more accurate and the bullet wont tumble if you rifle the barrel

Make the Gauss rifle from fallout four

Bruh my co2 bb gun does more damage

Where do you get some of those electrical capacitors and such

dam spud gun is more fun than this and cost way less..

bs video...

I was thinking it was gonna be like a rail gun from halo

All this work and you penetrated a plate???

Actually Henry's second wife and just about every subsequent one after her ;p

can you try "rotating barrel flamethrower " ?

this shit doesn't work at all

Make a flux capacitor!


Gunnery Chief: This, recruits, is a 20-kilo ferrous slug. Feel the weight! Every five seconds, the main gun of an Everest-class dreadnought accelerates one to 1.3 percent of light speed. It impacts with the force of a 38-kiloton bomb. That is three times the yield of the city buster dropped on Hiroshima back on Earth. That means Sir Isaac Newton is the deadliest son-of-a-bitch in space. Now! Serviceman Burnside! What is Newton's First Law?

Y u people dislike

That's a lot of money for a not so strong railgun :/ But fuck yeah rechargeable is a perk But I remember seeing people firing their 9V battery railgun which is a lot more stronk?

Ahhh my bad I stopped right at the ad because I'm already playing Will resume it

Watch the explanation at the end

Scientifically fortified nerdiness... perfect... future nerd!!!

It didn't seem to have good enough riffling in the barrel to induce a spin on the projectile, that's why it tumbled and lost huge amounts of kinetic force on the way out of the gun. Though this could also be caused by the bullet being too small for the barrel. Both of these could also be fixed with how the military does it, using a break away casing. The arching issue could be salved with a simple case for the main body of the gun, something form fitting leaving little air for the electricity to arc through, it would also make it safer to handle and move even wile charged. All in all an impractical weapon for anything other then a battleship or tank considering the amount of time it takes to reload, if you could charge it faster and made a few modifications it would be one hell of a weapon though. (Though I could imagine it very powerful and quiet sniper weapon could be made this way)

So thats what ElectroBOOM got wrong?? an initial velocity was needed?? No wonder those lead pellet got wielded into the rails... But why does it need that initial push?

Poor statuette!

Perfect for your emo superhero stranded on an oil platform needs, or if you just want to kill cow robots.

Sorry to say, it was dissapointing.

If you want to see real geek high-energy projects without the embedded adds, go look up 'project thumper' from 'the geek group' it makes this look like a party popper!

We have a video on that on our Vlog channel xD

No... We made it, watch the video.

Yeah...maybe if you watched the video you'd see why that is ;)

Please make atack on titan 3D manuveor gear that shots like in the anime

How about testing the railgun in ballistic gelatin?  In the U.S., railguns are not firearms so we can go all the way.

Killed a blood bug and got the two shot legendary version of this in fallout 4

are all your videos this disappointing?

top 100 men on the FBI watchlist

Does anyone else think he looks like pewsiepie in the thumbnail

You need to rifle the barrel

You could’ve drank the beer first. R.I.P.

Could you possibly come to the USA and build one with a lot more power? Think that would be a cool vid

Soooo....did you just not want to turn it up all the way or is it actually too weak to go thru a plate and some wood?

You were charging to 400v, then cut. Bummer.

World of tanks is better

This was the first video of yours that I have seen, not sure I will watch another. A whole lot of squeeze, yet very little juice. Cool science that is outperformed by rubber bands...

SOOO..... You made a gun?

a shame you didnt mesure de velocity.

(disappointed stare) (scene changes) Welp

Railguns are the leading cause of diabetes.


Dude you should get like, a job with the Military, designing new weapons.

here’s a couple thousand bottle caps I don’t know *how* I keep that much in my pocket but I can

Run that on 400 volts

amazing video

Where is the ballistic gel?

I think your projectiles would have had MORE force in this case if you actually reduced their mass.

Test this on an Ivan or Sammie head from ZombieGoBoom!!

The projectiles need to be a tad longer and fired from the rail gun at a higher speed. The projectiles are tumbling through the air. Making the projectiles smaller and putting a sabot on them would also be a good idea as well.

man these guys are *SO* mature

People have way too much time and money lol....

if the us navy might actually use this design for it

what every you do dont do what grant did

Why this guy be lookin' like Boris the Animal in the intro?

Coils are very pathetic... Tesla would've told you not to play with his inventions if you mean no breakthrough :P ... Just kidding (though, not enough acceleration could be achieved with that little coils). Also, tempering with that capacitors could've fried your equipment, not to mention your host .... Thumbs up for engenering and Phd. who built it ..

how to make a $150 paintball gun immoveable and hit like a $300 gun for several thousand.

О боже.......это дерьмо и здесь рекламируют......

Sir, did the ATF approve of this ? Just kidding

Please make a sharp projectile and buy some meat

Oh. Ok. So it is by fps as i mentioned.

technically a "firearm" to Canada is a barreled weapon capable of discharging a projectile with enough force to cause "serious bodily injury or death" so basically any significant penetration with a 50+cal would immediately put it in that category.

Nff so. Not no. You meant to say "yes sir"

randallracer no a air rifle over 500fps is classified as a firearm though

ceaselesscat 12 your bb gun dont shoot 300+ grain 50+cal rounds either.

Blan_K because unless its moving it just basically wastes all its energy heating the projectile and not moving it

Cinderellas head pretty tough projectile didn't even shatter it. Oh and my daughter wants to shoot you with that thing now!

You can repurpose that gigantic cap bank as an automobile battery replacement. It is much more effective than a lead acid battery in some ways, and is very kool. Please look into it, you'll be glad you did! whats the point of a "rail gun" if it is the co2 in the tank on the paint ball gun that is pushing the projectile?!? The electromagnets would fire that slug far harder and faster than this is just for show...

This is an incredible build! I kinda wish you guys gave more commentary though.

it not a fire arm if theres no fire. electric fire, maybe, but no gunpowder. laws loopholed!

Down here in 'Freedum Land' they let us play with real guns

Looks like it barely hit 300 fps velocity. Kind of a let down. :)

Almost reminded me of the gauss rifle from fallout 4

If you could bore out the barrel a little more, you could then, make a sabot-styled casing for the projectile, so it would arc inside the barrel. Because clearly, some of the rounds were starting to weld themselves to the inside.

wow, you made a shit version of a rail gun. Congratulations. Maybe you should figure out how to make a wheel next.

Call of duty ww3

Try not zapping the same tablethat the capacitors are are setting on.

now make a portable one like in halo 4

Do you know the velocity of the projectiles you shot?

Not strong enough


Pfffft !! Way too much build for wayyy too little performance

deez people is over creating circuts and shizzz but i camt draw a circle IM SLEEEPPP

Buy an old black powder rifle and jerry rig it to the rail gun. Use a small amount of black powder to get the projectile to start moving. That would be a loophole, right?

One more thing i noticed when firing the railgun and perhaps wise (if possible) to do next time making firearms. Make a twist in the loop, so that the bullit twists as it comes out of the gun, That way it flies in to a more beautiful even straight path instead of so weirdly

I would have LOVED to see the caps all discharge at once just to see how big the arc was. How much resistance is that and how do you keep them cool?

What is the surge voltage going through the firing mechanism (which I assume to be an inductor of some sort). Mostly interested in what the accaleration could be on the projectile.

Can you do a vid with it fully charged or 75% charged. If that correlates with the amount of current to make the projectiles fly faster

How much would it cost to have you build one for me?

thats not the boring company's thrower is it???? It looks identical

I have bought five things

why it does a gachi sound when it powers up

When hou get to level 5 on gun nut in fallout 4

so he's the american colinfurze with a higher budget but not entertaining in the slightest

Archer haha

Did the capacitor blow cos he was putting live ends on the table??

very very week, gun powder still rules , yet!

Can U do Doom ray? DOES fire laser and grande lucher

Not sure about Canadian laws (as I live in Europe), but can't you obtain a permit for making more powerful version (just curious about Canada's laws - as I assume it's simply not worth the headache going through bureaucratic process)?

looks pretty whack

It's like gauss rifle from Stalker! who knows, maybe it was developed and tested in chernobyl first?

You should so do a collab with the slow mo guys on somethin like this

D.T. Canadian gun control laws basically meant they had to turn down the power so the projectile wouldn't go fast enough to be counted as a firearm under the laws.

deadly wealthy context digital victory both amazing speech suddenly.

This weapon also appears in games, usually in a handheld form. Quake 2 for example.

"disposable casing" It's called a discarding sabot.



Thats not a railgun

They couldn't make a good one because of Canada's gun laws There, saved you 22 minutes


Glad to know getting a FO4 gauss rifle could maybe be a reality. I want one

Is this something well need if aliens exist and we go to war with em?

Where did you get that cool google?

Aluminium not aluminum

sabot! there so cool! taofledermaus 101


Where did you guys get those capacitors??

I will buy it from you for 1 billion !

call zombie go boom

Looks like the projectiles are tumbling as soon as they leave the barrel. Maybe rifling would've been a good idea.

loving the new viewing techniques. almost like I could make it myself

Not gonna lie, this was very underwhelming. You could have dialed up the speed quite a bit, even with Canada's laws you were well below any limit. You really should have set up a chronograph and gotten an actual speed because just looking at it from years of paint balling experience you were well below even max paintball speed, hell you could have gone faster with a wrist rocket

Not a rail gun

The funny thing is that the hacksmith lives like 5 min from my house so I can visit them every once in a while

My nearest city is Campbellton New Brunswick Canada

Henry vii devorced his first wife

podrían haber echo uno con menos capacitores y mucho mas potente. tambien mas liviano con 6 bobinas de cobre de 5 mm o de 3mm y capacitores de 12v y 1kmhz. es una pena que trataran de convertir por un golpe de potencia un conductor ferrozo al mismo tiempo ponian el campo de atraccion y repulsion. lo que tienen que hacer es convertir el impulso de varias secciones. podrian haber echo varias secciones alimentadas por 2 capacitores y en vez de frenar el projectil lo hubieran lanzado 20 veces mas rapido con esos capacitores. sin bobinas claro esta. si quieren crear un golpe de campo magnetico en un metal ferroso usen un metal no ferroso como aislamiento entre las secciones. de todas formas ese cañon es una idea simple de como crearlo y la mayor potencia se la da el aire comprimido. para realizar dicha idea podrian haber echo que el mismo projectil fuera el activador de las secciones. eso hubiera vuelto al projectil todavia mas veloz... es comico verlos crear algo que usea un golpe de 300v y no es capaz de romper una placa de plastico. con 12v se a logrado romper hasta metal.

do a thanos gauntlet

My mam said if you cant say anything nice dont say anything at all .

Man the military would pay alot for that

The words you were searching for @ 15.07 are Discarding Sabot, in this application the sabot protects the projectile from arc damage.

Hi! I noticed that your electromagnets where in serie insted of being in parallel. If you put the in parallel with an activation delay you would have a much more powerfull and precise gun. The other thing is that the barrel would need to be grooved. If you look at the projectile once its fired. You can see that it just flops around, it doesnt actually go straigth. I Know that you cant make more powerfull beacuse of gun regulations, but you can make it more precise! Nice Work tho.

This is not a coil gun.

Wow, how horribly anticlimactic.

Headshot! Unreal Tournament voice I didn’t approve the alcohol abuse of the beer.

Not very impressive. I would have expected more muzzle velocity

10kg capaciptors, 10min charging and finally... power similar to small slingshot xd

That is a lot of material, weigh and mony for so few firepower....It cannot even pierce go to a plate....those are more than 10kg of weapon with less power than and air hunting weapon...not to say a regular pistol.....

Helps to watch the explanation following the test :)

man stalker is becoming real

Did you realize that your tight shirt was exposing your biceps? I thought you would want to know.

Would it be Machinist or Mechanist.

I used to knock those out in the bike shed years ago in 1/2 the time.

A head decapacitator, without using a Guillotine?

To gain speed, it needs a lighter projectile. This way it causes more damage, due to mass*speed. Your projectiles are too heavy, you should go to a scale of milimeters to achieve higher speed.

i live 30 minutes from where they've been testing the railgun its fantastic lol

Every design I've seen uses a magnetized cradle to accelerate the projectile, so it's more of a slingshot than a gun.


Poke it with a stick ;)

Technically it doesn't have any powder combustion so is it really considered a firearm in Canada?

As effective as throwing a rock



What about Daud's wristbow?

Can I borrow it for show and tell?


Is he rich

well disliked cause we didnt hit 400

i believe the word you're looking for is sabot

Your creepy ass smile tho

Hacksmith, I'm wondering if the shavings or melted bits of aluminum gathering in the barrel could have caused the arc you saw when you tried testing higher voltages. Do you have any way of clearing the residue between firing?

Nice demonstration ! The experimental uses a "pusher" that is "V" shaped to about 45 deg. which puts the mag field closer to the opposing field. The biggest problems with them is that each shot degrades the rails severely. But, it seems that they can put way more energy into a 30-40 mm rail projectile than a 155mm Howitzer.....impressive.

Fallout plasma rifle :)

build winston gun and shot it to a tesla thing

Can you do some fallout 4 builds?

Too weak, needs more power maybe add 50 more if those capacitors and you’ll be good.

The word you were looking for in place of "casing" is: sabot. Pronounced: say-beau or suh-beau.

What is the velocity

This woman offered to have sex with me if I advertised her cleaning product she was promoting. But I said no way. My will power was super strong, just like Sparkleen, the extra strength multipurpose surface cleaner sold for $9.95 Thats pretty much what I thought of when they advertised the world of warships game.

this is the first vid I've seen from you guys, i think its pretty cool that you all get together and do projects like these and have a good time doing so,you all are pretty lucky to have meet one another and to progress in to doing stuff like this. any ways cool vid, i love the idea of a rail gun thats pretty bad @$$, oh and props to the guy that thought about that archer cut seen. XD good S%$t.

You should try to use a copper armature since its electrical conductivity is better than aluminum.

Nice touch with the unreal tournament tune!

I came here just to say 'REALgun'. Thank you

Oh and for the next thing make a portal gun.

Energy storage really is the main limiter of modern technology.

why tf does the US always tell the world about their new inventions everytime they do that the world gets ready for said weapon before it gets released XD

Question: it looks like the gauges of the wires that you used were kinda small. What was the reason why you chose to use smaller wires instead of bigger ones?

Which wires? The ones from the battery? The charge is very slow, so they do not need to be big wires =) The discharge circuit also has a very high resistance so it reduces the current greatly =)

was rather cool and all also im not expert or anything but if there was rifling for the projectile it might have had straighter trajectory but thats just my guess :) and the point of this was prob not to shoot a hole in a wall anyways

u should test metal sheets penetration using this... :)

Скажите этим дебилам что это нифига не RAILGUN

why don't you use coils to accelerate the projectile ?

because that's a coil gun, not a rail gun =P

It takes the militaire years to build one of these but you

Where can I buy those capacitors?

You take stuff to the level after next

I do appreciate the work done but it looks a little to weak and it does not pack a lot of punch... this makes me ask a question: Do You unload all the energy from the capacitors before the bullet reaches half of the barrel length? Otherwise it would be slowed in the barrel wouldn't it? Just asking.

sabot ....

Too low power

you should make the barrel like a rifle barrel to make it better to get more spin on the bullet

hacksmith try to turn a glue gun into a web gun use pressurized air to shoot the glue

I was expecting it to penetrate steel with those huge-S capacitors

The future is here boys the future is here soon if the navy finished developing it I think it will be a battleships main gun

so its a paintball gun slightly assisted by railgun. you didn't show us clearly what is the power of the paintball gun and i think it would be just as powerfull alone

try making an arc reactor


BattleTech anyone?

sorry, that was marie antoinette, wife of Louis XVI ("let them eat cake.")

Why did it arc and discharge by itself when he was trying for 400v? Was it because of the too much potential?


I feel like playing quake 3 arena now.

damn I though that .ca means California, not Canada goddammit!

You shoud upgrade it into Fallout 4 looking style of railgun!

You guys are going to do well in the apocalypse

You should put a corn in the aluminum foil

Has there been 300 already? Your link still has your promo code, but I didn't get the bonuses.

Check out Ziggy Zee You Tube site. There's works way better.

Why do you clown around so much? This video would go a lot better if you stick to the subject at hand. I don't believe it will work at all. Great capacitors come from microwave ovens. I believe they are 1 f (One Ferret) Which will pack a better punch. Higher voltage would be the other issue. You broke a plate, and a lit glass tube. I'm betting a round won't go through five wall like the Navy video shows.

stupid rules... i want to see its full potential, lol

hint hint, a steel ball isn't a good projectile for a railgun, use something like a bolt. the us military isn't using sabots for fun. sincerely the german :/

Unfortunately, I think combustion is still our best bet at launching projectiles. Plus, nothing beats the sound of some good burning nitrocellulose in the morning.

why does that flamethrower look awefully similar to The Boring Co's flamethrower?

That Unreal Tournament soundtrack thou.. Gotta love it

Hire an engineer.

I saw the thumbnail and thought it was Messi

"Ok. Let's build a railgun." 2 seconds later "Ok. Before we build a railgun..." Closed video.

Engie with hair and no hat I love it

what is more powerfull gasus gun or rail gun

(haksmith goes to a paintball arena)hacksmith:hi owner:hi hacksmith:we have a "litle" paint ball gun attachment can we use it on the feild? owner:shure

Gravity gun

He should be in the military

Make something Pacific rim plz for the Pacific rim movie coming soon

You should make a working hidden blade from Asasins Creed

Tempest gun basically.

You just gonna blue ball ne like that i want to see what it can do at its full potential im thinking of building one myself but with a few modifications to make it look better it will probably be smaller too so not as powerful but still a railgun

Make the rifle that's mounted on DeadShot's arm in the movie Suicide Squad

They took years to build it, and a youtuber does it in a week or a day

I think the shell called APCR SHELL

That's it?

Gunlance please


That is one very cool construction project. Impressive.

That's an interesting beard. It's like so close to adulthood, but still can't handle it's beer.

Yeah, science!

Looks like a nice idea an all. But how do we know if your just shooting the paintball gun? Looks just shoot metal ball out of paintball make to look like rail gun

Similar build to the FO4 gauss rifle.

According to Size and Look that's not as Powerful as it should be....

that dude gave another dude head


Make it's small enough to carry then we can talk lol but this was really amazing.

why this guy look like poods?

All i see is fallout 4 rail gun

should've rifled the barrel, put spin on it like a football. Look at the slow mo



you crazy . LMFAO imma use 16

Is this the gauss rifle from Fallout 4?

Oh so its like those things from fallout 3 when you were in a simulation and you had to shut them off and then nearly destroyed my tv and broke my disk and controller. Ok now i got it

Nice UT99 tunes you got going there LOL!

If one of you got a PAL there would be no problem with making a non-restricted firearm, and you would be supporting the shooting community. that also looked to be way below the 500fps for airguns.

Blue balls!!!

Spaceships should be launched like this

The test is inaccurate you must test it against human flesh

"Top 10 Legal Paintball Gun Mods they DONT Want You to Know About"

The whole idea of a railgun is the high muzzle velocity of the projectile , nothing else ! You did not achieve this and if I was paying for this I would be tremendously disappointed. Hell a good slingshot would have more power than your railgun . Just think a rubber band can exceed the power of all that beautiful kit you put together. I have a slingshot that can put a 6mm steel ball thru 15mm of pine . In short you did not build a railgun , you nearly did . Perhaps you could make the appropriate alterations , low weight projectile (aluminum ) and much higher velocity of the projectile entering the rails (at least a 1000fps) and take it down south to a USA gun range to test.



it's not actually a RAILGUN but an COILGUN. coils are used not rails.

I've seen the actual rail gun in person, I was stationed on the base where it's beeing developed for a bit and got the opportunity to tour the facility. I don't know how much I can say about it, or where that base is, but just know that the concussion from it being fired is emmense! It felt like it moved my house, and I lived on the other side of the base!

I am an American, so what is that distance in English? Don't insult US by using European measurements.

disappointing lol

Are you aloud to make bullets

I was hoping to see what happens when it's at 400 volts

You have a capacitor bank? That's so cool dude!!!

Also, make a longer, rifled barrel. You need it.

Well... one EMP and that Railgun is out.

the Hacksmith I thought they destroy electronics? Hm okay but I have an idea! What about you drill a hole in the end of the bullet so you have a heavy front? (will fly a bit straighter I thing)

That's not how EMPs work...

the railgun failed miserably because this technology is bad for circular iron projectiles. the force acting on the projectile is proportional to the magnetic flux created by the rails. wide projetile with wide rails would get much better results and i would close up and direct the magnetic field lines using some iron materials that would act as iron core in conventional inductor-it would give you much higher inductance=much higher magnetic flux=higher propulsion force

at the end you explained how you sandbagged the system, but still there was no clear comparison between the sandbagged paintball gun vs the sandbagged painball gun with the rails attached

Dustin Perreira The US probably has more advanced weapons we don’t know about

railguns confirmed for moskva. ^^

so the compressed air is making the projectile move,gotcxha

Could u come to bensdale.

And who at Hack smith thought this would be a good no GREAT idea if not just a little dangerous.

make the fallout 4 Rail gun

Прикольно )))))))))

One day, You're house will be burnt...

Bad design my dudes, if you frilled the copper lines and insulated the metal sheets it would be much safer and wouldn't discharge so easily.

Looks like, and bassicaly is, a guass rifle

This is literally the lest effective way to kill someone with these batteries

Or rather this much voltage

Really was hoping to see a fully charged shot. Any chance of bringing it back and doing that in another video? Aside from that, awesome video guys

The newest Lego set "The Kill Your Neighbors Railgun" ages 5 and up

Is a railgun the same as a gauss rifle?

why is the back blinking

Dude this guy could work for the government and help us aid in the army jk

I think all the energy is from the air gun... if it truly used the capacitors it would have excellerated the projectile through the head of the statue.

You guys should make a grenade launcher!

When your grandma sees her dolly ,and swan are gone too nerd heaven your in trouble. Plus you drink beer not shoot it

That was underwhelming. I feel it should have at least gone through a thin piece of plastic

woah a portable railgun how many caps do you want for it i can offer 200,000 this is how many caps you have when you no life fallout 4

Anyone down for making a functional Fallout 4 gauss rifle?

loved the archer reference. Mawp... Mawp... Mawp

Kind of looks like the gauss rifle from fallout 4 in some way(I'm referring to the thumbnail)

I suggest to make rifling on the bore to make the bullet fly more accurately and tumble less, as seen in the slow replays.

Up Next: How to get off the NSA watchlist

With that much power that tjink should be going through the wall.... You built this incorrectly

Just fyi, use an electromagnet to start the projectile

did electroboom pay u

Work on the bullet !

aw man I got the game be for i saw this vid

is this legal??

Thing is pretty weak though. 9mm would have went right through.

Reminiscent of the Gauss Rifle from Fallout 4.

Why did they spend a decade on a rail gun while they can ask you???

They would pay alot if you ask me

Fallout 4


Where is the chronograph to validate that the projectile is actually being accelerated in addition to the air gun?

Of with her head

So a modefied BB gun

Very weak for a “railgun” kinda puts the name to shame.

And you used a crap load of them!!

That freakin’ capacitor is huge!!

magnatrons are good at charging very large capacitor plates. try it but be-careful. how about a capacitor plate 4 feet by 8 feet aluminum. 1 cm thick maybe. you could use a layer of super fine cloth linen between the 2 plates. you can build a dome with these, lol

You guys should be the new advertisement for Conestoga

save your money and drama , and buy a wrist rocket and use steel bearings . For about 20 bucks you can duplicate all that with caveman engineering. lmao


I was secretly hoping all those capacitors would blow up and create an explosion. Domestic terrorists.

yeah that capacitor bank is the most terrifying thing i’ve seen on your channel.

Too bad they still have not solved the heat damage and component fusing issue with the production version. Hopefully when graphine production picks up and is commercialised this problem can be solved.

People are so ungrateful, they don’t understand the work put into this.

Electric BB gun joy , pointless build

Unreal Tournament

I may be wrong but can you rifle it?

Henry the VIII's wife wasn't decapitated, she had shot in the head with a railgun prototype.

He: We use 16 Me: Crazy Motherfucker

Didnt the navy stop the railgun program last year?

I'm not much into weaponry and such. But this is a futuristic type piece of equipment that has been made in our time. I normally don't watch these kinds of videos, but this one I liked and shared

clank shoom HALOOOOOOMLH!

lol hearing electricoboom made me die cause ive seen his videos before so i know the name

All that and and such a lame outcome


Stuff that you make it is great, but in my opinion you can't make a real railgun that we knows (like in games and films) 'cause it's GUN. I don't think that in country you live you have licence for that and it's sad (or no? It's weapon after all, not the jokes) Anyway you're doing great job, keep it up.


Nice paintball gun loser.

Since the real gun uses of electromagnetics you shouldn't make Winston's gun from OverWatch

What a beautiful workshop

Make lvl 2 or lvl 3 rail gun

Ok I'm gonna say it; this railgun isn't very powerful. I'm can see that projectile drop from 10ft away the same amount a bullet from a rifle drops at 100 yards.

hey dude, answer me ... BMG is from unreal tournament 99?

Year- 2047 remember when we used bullets in war pssshhhh lame

paintball gone wrong...

Wow first world of warships, GTA V and now this!?!? WWIII INCOMING EVERYBODY GET IN YOUR BUNKERS!

not too impressed

porquería de cañón de 70 libras, he visto niños tirar piedras con mas fuerza que esto

now try to make gauss gun :D

Works on high capacity capacitor bank...wearing jewellery. :-/

Can you build the Tesla gun from call of duty WWII zombies

Just out of curiosity if they made that in the us would they still have to limit its design?

Hey guys. I'm an Engineering Major here in Toronto and wanted to say you guys have been a huge inspiration. I'm actually commenting on this video in particular because I'm making a coil gun for my final project. Different mechanics but I figure it was similar enough to drop a thanks for all your inspirations.

The projectile is not aerodynamic

16 giant capacitors. Takes forever to charge. Only just enough to break glass. Yeah, I can see why we don't see those railguns used much.

at around 14 min in, i swear to god that sounds like a track from unreal tournament lol

Oh and also, 240 volts can stun you. not kill you at all.

Im one of the first 300k viewers, i swear, but I dont play de game D:

Please shave

Us it for airsoft

Can it destroy a tank

Reminds me of the gauss gun from fallout 4

Nice project, but I can hardly say, It´s efective weapon

Anyone with a clear understanding of how railguns work can see the flaws in this design, saying it underperforms due to legal issues seems disingenuous when they Clearly pushed it as far as it could go. The concave profile of the rails act like a magnetic (and electric as seen in the video) short circuit at their edges and these, combined with a round projectile, are all wrong in terms of the magnetic fields needed; a railgun should have flat rails and a flat sabot/projectile as seen in the Navys version and many others on YouTube.

this thing is a dud

Award for "Worlds Wimpiest Wailgun"

"railgun" ... more like failgun. :|

loks like the guy from mcjuggernuggets

Need to make one with some actual power.. that's surprisingly weak..

Flat head screws are cancer, this is 2018 Edit: Get a chronograph, it would be interesting to see how fast it's flying

it looked like a lot of energy was lost because there was no rifling, i guess that comes under the gun law too

@ the hacksmith where do get those capacitors at those are huge?

you guys are a cross between an evil myth busters and mcGyver

uhhhm your getting arrested for this jesus christ

not bad......for a generation 1 railgun. now........let's see you build and test a gen-4!!!, (loads like a bb gun, shoots like a 30-06, hits like a BMG.50 [barret]).

power is bad too bad its nicely done

Now we just need to mount it on a giant bipedal robot. We will make Kojima proud. War will change.

What if the two metal plates touch each other

Well that was dead

the ammo's just tumbling get something round or somthing

You are awesome

Its one thing to think some shit up , but the people that can build it and make it work are the truly smart ones! This is really cool to watch too!!

It would be awesome to see that with 100


MGS nostalgia every time i see railguns

soundtrack from unreal tournament 99 :o

It looks like the guass rifle from fo4

Cool build, but it doesn't seem like a very powerful projectile. I wonder why is that? Too small voltage?

Now I finally know... they made the special effects for Power Rangers...

You should use a ballistic dummy next time you guys decide to shoot the rail gun.


you should make a gauss rifle next and then make a video comparing the two and explaining the differences between them

Legit just made an overly extra slingshot

Too bad this is going to be taken down...

Donate it to the army

what happened to the pubg pan?

*that hit nowhere near g5*

The bullets are bad

Narrative hole offer medical guard center image prominent.

Sooo you made a paintball gun. congrats

I would suggest rifling for the barrel to get better aerodynamics for the projectile.

This is pretty cool I think you guys should build a coil gun

I expected much more power out of this gun. Isnt it supposed to go through walls?

The Navy has worked on a rail gun projects since WW 2. Cannons and boats go together like peanut butter and jelly.

I want one

So this is what Connor McGreggor is up to.

Сделай пожалуйста субтитры на русском языке

If someone breaks into your place they're dead

Take it to America, then run it at full power

electrico boom?

Very cool. You guys are hard workers to be sure.

Now that mech suits and railguns are coming , I shall wait for the indestructible steel for swords and the bulletproof , full body armour all I need you to make is a Pile Bunker and my life is complete..I've been mulling over how to make a real one in my head for a while now the only problem is I have no knowledge of how to use the tools needed...nor the tools I would need..I got the GENERAL idea down though.

Wouldn't that thing generate a EMP.

Is it Sabot rounds being pushed through it?

My pellet gun is more powerful .

Well, now we know how to break extremely fragile things.. but how does it fare against harder targets?.. Maybe try a ballistics gel test?

Unexpected dilemma route sanction suspicion enterprise arrest popularity demonstrate key thank.

*cough cough* world of warships *cough cough* sellout

Ever heard of rifling ... or fins or whatever ;) ?

You're gonna need some overcharged capacitors to take down a behemoth


Who else thinks it looks like a gauss rifle from fo4

Shouldn't it be called a Gauss rifle or since there's no rifling a guass cannon or something? Since Ya know, The mesurement of magnetic induction is measured in Guaess

So what is that in english?

I should've waited 'til the end; your cutdown resistors are a good idea. I used to burn in caps in s/p configs like yours. Having loads of fun with loads of potential!

Make sure you keep your cap bank shorted when it's not in use. If not, it will remind you if you get across it.

Kinda cheating using compressed air to push the projectile.

Helps if you watch the explanation, rail guns require an input velocity

Monetization for a badass reason

Does the barrel have rifling? Would that prevent the projectile from going sideways?

Oh, UT soundtrack

"How to build a gun BANNED" -youtube

This dude just acknowledged ElectroBoom, the funniest guy in tech ever!


Yep, they are on the FBI's watch list.

Only power it has is from the co2 canister you put on it

A fart are a lot better than this hahah..

I’m in one of your discord’s! Hello! My name is Partayyy

Why not just raise the speed of entry into the barrel to avoid damage to the projectile? I don't know anything about electronics or the like so it's just something I'm wondering about.

My dream came true now i can build rail gun like in fallout 4 :D

This is like a try not to get satisfied video

everytime i hear railgun, i think of Quake.

Dude you just created the gause rifel

Very interesting project! Thumbs up! It seems the only part you guys missed during the project was a ballistic expert to design a bullet for this specific project. From the slow motion video, the projectile apparently was not stabilized after leaving the barrel (rail), that's why military rail gun has the "fins" on the testing projectile to make the projectile rotate in the air (simulate the rifling), and you guys might need consider to use a light weight (maybe 40 gr) lead projectile in your future experiment, to get a better result and to avoid potential ricochet hazard as well. BTW, if you could make a comparison between the initial muzzle velocity from the paintball gun and the muzzle velocity of the rail gun, that will give your audience a more persuasive data. Anyway, it's a very cool demonstration for the rail gun.

Is it just me? Or does this guy look like Captain America?

Dude, come to America. If it doesn't use an explosive to propel a projectile or projectiles, it isn't a firearm. You could make a full auto rail gun and sell it on the friggin' internet here. HINT. People would pay $10,000 easily. HINT!


>implying that 16 capacitors connected together in this manner isn't one capacitor

You look like captain America.

No, a gauss rifle is different! Check out Wikipedia =)

The idea is good, but lack power. One tip: use lighter ammunition and a cannon that offers less resistance. (for exemple, making the hollow ammunition so that it weighs less and has more speed, and reducing the contact surface of the projectile against the barrel so that it has less friction losses)

You still need to make the projectiles stable in flight with spin stabilization.

He's all set for the zombie apocolypse.

Some people may talk you down for putting these ads in your videos but man you better know that the true fans know that one day your ads will be on other channels and this is just the beginning! keep up the amazing content hacksmiths!

just like you get to be in Fallout

Now bloow up the neighborhoo k good

Move to the US and make a real weapon!

Not very fast

Would a welder be a feasible power supply? Also, under Canadian law you can classify something as a firearm even if it doesn't use a chemical propellant?

What's all this "kilometres" bull? What's up with good old MPH?

War is for psychopaths and greed   envy  and FEAR...The war mongers will find out in the Spirit world ...

*developed. It's already being ship tested

What if you use a longer round?

1 piece of wood and a rubberband could do actually more Damage... set the Railgun from stun to kill or you cant ?

Can you please get the necessary licence and make a version that can be taken seriously?

Do pip-boy pls

Very interesting build. With a bit of work on the materials used to deliver the charge, a bit of work on he projectiles and maybe consider rifling the acceleration tube who knows what kind of mayhem you could create ;)

I've been hearing it got dropped. Though China announced a ship being christened with one, but I'm skeptical that it actually works

awesome fuckin project! much respect for the effort you put in it

Watching before YouTube takes it down :,(

I know that plasma can be controlled by magnetic field. Is it possible to shut with stuff similar to coil gun with plasma? Is it possible to make fazers from Star - Trek with similar way?

You have a legitimate wood elf working your lathe?

Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle

Nice build. You guys did a good job for a one-off project. Canada could use a railgun in its arsenal.

Build A Beyblade That is Real And works like on the Cartoon

Wait Sir, I just a student :3 You mean you put a capacitor to increase its current?

Make a gravity gun

Very Fallout 4!

Now you gotta make the exosuit from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

I did that two years ago lol

if you rifel the barrel it will make your shots more accurate, as i can see that the bullet that you have made started to tumble almost as soon as it left the barrel.

Excuse me I'm gonna go play Fallout 4

The entire US army versus this guy

Love the classic Unreal Tournament soundtrack you've got going! Botpack Nine, one of my favorite tracks! :D Cool gun too, lol

G5! ......... miss....

US Navy itself didn't develop the rail gun, General Atomics did. They're also using the same tech / concept in the US Navy's carriers launch and catch pad system, stepping away from the current steam based system.

Next up make it portable

Super cool video!

Why just make a quick visit to the states. Then you could’ve made it much better.

They didn't rifle the bullet

looking back the projectiles have to have some sort of spring mechanism for a solid connect. maybe just a copper jacket or somesuch. . they'd seat better and ride better.

There is electronic spray on insulator available or coating which would still let the projectile travel down your barrel. How many Farid was the entire cap Series together. I have a 10 farid cap I think might be useful.

what do you estimate the speed of that projectile?

where did you get the capacitors for it?

another thing would be to reduce the size of your bullet to about a tenth then use your CNC machine to make a 2 piece steel sabot to cover the bullet while its in the barrel

Woot Dave!

you should have your barrel riffled so the bullet will stop tumbling

that was kinda not that strong of a rail gun

Stupid Американцы, you gun - shit. Я думал получится что то нормальное, с учётом размеров и стоимости данной установки, но вы меня разочаровали, впрочем как и всех своих подписчиков... P.s. Tobi pizda

Lick that circuit of capacitors

that was really disappointing, i was hoping it would at least go through the game

Misaka Is Coming Railgun

*U.S. NAVY : We need you here sir! Can you come now?* *Missed Call : 565 Times*

the rail gun in gta is based off a shot gun with out sides but instead the extended part of the gun is used to generate electricity back and forth as the magnetic bullet shoots off between the two electric generators the bullet collects the electricity as it shoots off

a rail gun should be made like gta its easy just make the electricity go back and fourth as it charges you shoot a magnetic bullet threw the electricity and it should create a rail gun just put a normal gun with magnetic bullets and a top and bottom electric generator in the way of the bullets direction

horas de preparación para esta mierda

come to america and make a more powerful railgun



now thermite have a railgun

Collab with slow mo guys

try to make the hellbreath from metro 2033

Tbh i was expecting it to be far more powerful, but cool nevertheless. Looks like a railgun from Fallout 4.

You should disclose how many rubles the socialist republik of Canadan, Trudeau and his Kultural minister give you.

*insert Fallout 4 reference here*

Make sure to have some kinda plastic so it doesn't back fire and you die from electric shock

He should make corvo’s sword from dishonored

Now all someone needs to invent is that food materializer from Star trek and we will officially be living in a sci fi utopia. (Obviously, I'm joking)

Legend has it, it could kill an I fire zombie hoard with a single shot

now make one that does 20,000 fps

Thx fir showing hiw to make it now i can shoot my neighbours when they are anoying

Try different capacitors. The ones you are using won't do it. Your power and speed blow... sorry you coulda done better boys

Helps to watch the explanation after the test!

so its a very pricey slingshot.... weak :/

My dude if there was a zonbie apcolypse I'd want u on my squad

Soo it's a pew pew gun

omg.. crossbow will be more dangerous than this piece of electrical scrap and metal fragmets.

He’ve gone crazy

Pickpocket at 10+ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

Lmao....didn't even break the plastic....real scary weapon

Now I see why they were only issued to Spartans

Aluminum is fine, is in everything

La energia de una bobina se calcula mediante W= (1/2 V)(I^2) la corriente en una capacitor es muy poca, por lo que la velocidad del proyectil será muy baja

Can’t you just do that with the paintball gun

Doesn’t the navy rail gun go to like 500 k volts ?

What did the brush/barrel look like after use? Would they hold a rifling for any decent use? Just wondering if you would need a sabot to get a spin on the round or not. As if not you may have got better stability using a "hop" system like in airsoft/paintball guns.

Now make it look like the gauss rifle in fallout 4

It doesn't seem plausible to me to use a "Spherical" item as the ammo shot, Pehaps , If the ammo's shape was retangular- Would you be able to harness the magnetic properties to its fullest.? For example, Add magnets in the rails already so that you don't need to use a "propellent" to start. Also Madd magnetic properties to the piece of ammo, It may prove to be Quite staggering.

Dude all these heavy weapons like the crossbow from HL, if you use the exo suit your all good with heavy items

It's actually Mach 7

Boom headshot

Why is Jeb bush in the video

Yeah kinda weak....guess it's still kinda cool tho

Every time they say kilograms or kilometers im just like how much in American

It's not just the US navy... It's BAE systems (a British defence company) and the us navy. Only reason Americans have a bloody Railgun is the British goverment and the European Union worked together to ruin our defence companies and armed forces so the only place BAE can get funding for projects like rail guns and Lazers is the ludicrously over funded US Millitary. Sadly the only British funded BAE project that has any promice is the taranis stealth drone that might be scrapped if we don't leave the eu

Where did they get those large capacitors?Could anyone tell me the website or wherever they got them from?

Can I get it online tho??????

no thanks c&c tibiruim wars mammoth tank is good

What you call is disposable casing is actually called a sabot.

You shouldn’t have used a conductive material for the inner bore, it generates too many eddy currents that show down the projectile a lot, just like how if you drop a magnet down a copper pipe it goes down very slowly. It can even be seen that your projectiles have a noticeable arc and drop in height over what looks like the ~15 foot length between the target and gun, meaning that it doesn’t go nearly fast enough to do significant damage.

*bounces off glass* -_-

When the trail of freedom goes carbon free

Even though it’s rudimentary, militaries everywhere could use these guys as designers.

These people could give the best birthday presents

Bro science needs you

I thought you were gunna crank it up to 400 volts?

Took u 7 days wat toke the military 10 years and 600 billion dollars wow u should work at nasa

How have you not blown yourself up yet? And who put a non-machinist in charge of a CNC lathe?

He has gas CO2 bottle!

Guys don’t break into Hacksmith’s house

For people who are having their projects from CAD getting stuck on the surface you printed it on, you can spray some hairspray on the surface and it won't get stuck!

Could you make the biggest powerbank?

Fallout grass rifle anyone?

Trump wil like to use it for his wall

The US navy has been working on a rail gun for the past 10 years... Makes a rail gun in a week

You guys are seriously impressive-you make it look easy even though it isn't (while having fun at the same time). Who doesn't love railguns? Now we just need them in very small, compact forms and you're ready to start your own war.

It didn't even fire.

lol that cant be leagle

me + math/scince = wat

Make a ice gun/freeze gun

Dude, you need to show some of these things to the slowmo guys

This rail gun is shit.

what about 160,000kv that aught to make a hole in steel plate.

I think this build is a failure considering how much money was spent on it and how weak it is. The paintball gun on full power and on its own could deal more damage than this thing...

I think you should watch the explanation at the end of the video if you're going to comment :)

It should have been a high current, low voltage configuration, rather than high voltage, low current. Current is what makes the magnetic field, not voltage. Probably would have worked 10X better.

So if you need impulse you could use the triger of a flare gun with a 12g shotgun slug and a custom barrel (bcs if you leave it in the barrel of the flare gun it will explode). And maybe a bobine with a metal barrel betwen? Idk if it could work, just something that came to my mind.



make a tank if you can

So it can break glass

Cheater weapon

You should have used an actual gun instead of a paintball gun

You should get ElectroBOOM to help he made an electric guitar

very slow I was expecting a lot more force from the gun

How about miles?

Imagine an army of these,

The navy spent one decade making a rail gun and this guy is just sitting making tutorials on how to make them! This is really cool

"knocking" FBI OPEN UP! "shooting"

So could you call it a coilgun as well?

No that's different :)

so if you wanna build something cooler than a big heavy paintball gun, come to America where manufacturing a gun for personal use is totes legit.

Everyone is saying how bad it is What did you expect it's hardly even legal

All the power of half a slingshot in a... Oh wait.

I would rather throw a pebble to break those glasses and other stuff....

What size was each capacitor? I know that each had a voltage of 400 volts because they were in parallel and that the total bank was 36F.

so he meant a mini railgun

This is so unsatisfying

That thing is pretty amazing, but let's be honest, we all want to see those rounds go trhough the wall!!

*Attaches it to the Batman suit*

RailGuns donot exist, because electromagnetism doesnot exist, they using telekinesis and trying to manipulate themselves to think is such lie, magnetic energy and electricity can not scientifically be combine, fuse, merge nor work together, there is no magnetic field created by electricity, is all lies by the cells of the system. Magnets will have an effect with electricity known as Sound, which is not electromagnetism because obviously doesnot exist. Easy to prove a lie, TV's, headphones, microphones all work on electricity, and for electromagnetism to exist means it wouldn't be possible for such devices to exist, because they wouldn't respond with sound, as magnetic energy and electricity are not scientifically capable of being combine in any physical way, nothing. Metal is not capable of producing magnetism with electricity, that is another lie created by the men cells of the system, that is why the system has to exterminate all the male cells, because they think is fun to lie and to try to manipulate others with fakery, either for money, or just because they think is fun to troll others with their lies, they think as themselves as intelligent for being abusive and dishonest.

is this even legal

fallout 4 anyone

Hacksmith: It was quite the expensive build Me: cool I gotch u Bro *if fact I watched all those adverts for ya*

Where can I find the blueprint for this combo weapon?

How much do each of these capacitors cost, and where can I buy them?

Not sure new, I've always found them at surplus stores. I think new they're like $100 each or something haha

Would be amazing to see this one the slow mo show by the slow mo guys.

It’s not a rail gun it shoots a bullet


Doesn't seem that powerful. A potato gun is cheaper and way more satisfying.

All that work to break a plate ????? A BB gun is much cheaper & Much easier to make. Great workmanship through,,


The removed Zapotron from fortnite

Can I work here?

Wats the name of them goggles

How Much Farrad do this Capacitors have

Maybe you guys should move to America.

Head Shot!!!:D

This video was brought you by Arduino

You should try to make the railgun from halo 5

This boi looks like Ewan McGregor in Star Wars 3.

Make the capacitors discharge in groups not all at the same time, so you can fire multiple projectiles!!

Are you thinking of a coil gun? Rail guns discharge all at once!

Wait, why does a rail gun need an air tank?

If you watch the whoooole video you'll also hear an explanation on that ;-)

the Hacksmith I think a wrist rocket can achieve higher velocities. How much did this project cost?

Well if you watch the video you'd know that =p

번역하신분 누규?

Can you make a video on the charging circuit from this video

do a shrink like antman vid

Tippman CO2 tank on a Spyder. Shame

Do you realize that he does the math but most of the time has other workers/slaves to the building?

It's called running a business... And I still end up working twice as long as any of my guys. Video production alone takes longer than most projects.

Heres a suggestion. Use a transformer from an arc welder to crank the voltage and current up. Capacitors are okay but they only have limited storage and ampage. Arc welders can be 50A+

Capacitors have a set capacity, using a welder will just fry the array :)

Quit waving the camera around.

Wow that sucked

This is the things I do alone. Not building weapons that is but making random shit. This would be dream job.

Very nice! What can you cut your beard

Dude you built a miniature railgun from scratch in just a few days and it took the army decades, how have they not recruited you yet? I get the gun doesn't shoot that fast but still it's pretty cool along with the other creations you have built

There's an explanation in the video ;-)

What kind of eye protection glasses are you using??

Please reply back.

Build bazoka

You mean a Gauss Rifle?

do a 2.0 pls

It would work much better if you made a plastic casing for the bullet so that it wouldn't weld itself in place

It's explained in the beginning of the video :) there's a diagram and a link to another video for more info!

the Hacksmith I guess I'm misunderstanding the concept, because I know you can levitate metal objects with a magnetic field. So I didn't think that the object actually had the touch the electomagnet. Guess that blows my idea for using an electromagnet to heat up a piece of metal to near molten and then fire through a rail gun.

It wouldn't work at all then... Electricity needs to flow through the projectile :)

Well that was underwhelming

Hacksmith: one capacitor isn't enough, we're going to use sixteen. Me: Yep you're dead.

It might work better if the projectile tracked straight...


This is really cool. Just one thing: This "flamethrower" is not really a flamethrower, because a flamethrower shoots out a burniing liquid, which will remain burning even if it touches the floor. But it is cool.

Make a so

the things he make could kill people any time he could just destroy people

Make a powerful minibus

You guys are awesome and I admire how much time you put in these creations of yours. Continue the good work.

Sorry. I misunderstood.

It's a genius. It's the rifling. It's unstable.


I think I would need it. How much is it?

Make a build in a remote area and or get a permit (if possible) and go 10,000 volts. Aimed at a row of cinder blocks.

if it was full-sized,(battle ship style) put on full voltage, and was aimed strait up, could the projectile make it into space?

That flame thrower was basically a torch fitting I use every day at work laying Vinyl. Not really a proper THROWER of flame

any way you could add riffling?

The unnamed Marine from Quake 2 would be proud.

are this is electric gun??

Make a tank

YOU HACK...smith >_>

well that was anticlimactic might as well use a bb gun

the Hacksmith what is the difference because I thought that the gauss rifle sent objects flying at incredible speeds because of a electro magnetic pulse. So what is the difference

No that's a different technology

I swear you look like Captain America from avengers Infinity War

I was thinking of subscribing just on the basis of your project and the mention of WoWS, which I've been playing for over a year. Then it turns out you are fellow Canadians...that capped it...Subscribed. Now I have to go back and catch up. Good thing I'm retired. Dis gonna be fun.

well this was dissapointing

i think you not ganna do this can you do16 car battries to the railgun

can you collab with electroboom aka the sometimes fails at electricity

This was researched back in the sixties. Using a gun to shoot ships into space. Seriously, look it up xD

Fallout 4 anyone ?


Can you make a phase gun?

I love all your videos, but..... that was really anticlimactic and to be honest pretty lame. it didnt even have enough power to break a plastic battleship board. Also your projectiles were awful. they were totally unweighted and didnt fly close to straight. you should really revisit this to improve.

Indian is my state uss Indianapolis

Gta 5

Use an aluminum slug and it won't weld itself to the copper barrel

okay, this is going to sound wierd, but just when the railgun was shot, a lightning bolt hit my house and I thought it was a reeeeally loud sound effect...

How long does or did it take to fully charge it?

Reminds me of the hellbreath from metro

wait can you use magnet to rail gun

call of duty comfirmed


square rounds are better than round.....

Should have made it in America.

The casing around the projectile in the us navy railgun is called a sabot btw.

now do it outside and with explosions

the Hacksmith I watched the whole thing... Yes Im aware of canadas gun laws. - say that before you hype up your rail gun.

Helps if you watch the whole video before commenting. There's an explanation at the end you missed.

Drive down to alabama and build a bigger one then.

Please do mention total amount spent on project so we can build one

try using a round bullet

you have basically made the first somewhat handheld/carryable rail gun you should sell it the military to make up for the money you spent and maybe even thensome


Revive me dude I got a rail gun!!!!

its actually BAE SYSTEMS who are developing it who are a British company

How many farads are one of those capacitors?

I'd love to see another video on this testing it's full capability and improving the projectiles and firing chamber

Is this legal

it arked out under switch area..cover wires or metal with liquid electrical tape good for nearly 1000 volts UL listed too even colored red black..great video just wanted to give you my 2 cents worth lol

U guys are awesome, i am your fan from INDIA and i really want to work with u guys.

Wait... RailGun Use Laser Right? Why do this One use Bullet?

Nope! Rail guns shoot a projectile

Just imagine someone robbing hacksmith and seeing him standkng there aiming at you with this

Better to throw the projectiles with hand to break the glass useless shit

The smith: Bring out the doomfist! Zombies be like: oh fook

In a zombie apocalypse hacksmith would be doing good

I should mak the fat man or the big boi from fallout but like dont like get thrown in jail fur lik exosive usage ir sum

Tbh if i jad this ring id aim it at someone and scare them after showing them what it can do to metal

Can i charge my nokia with it?

The slugs are spinning so some form of casing, rifling, or both would make it more accurate.

u guys crazy

*FBI Wants to know your location*

The military uses a "Sabot" casing...

You should test how fast that will "charge" your phone

Make a halo 4/5 railgun!!!

How about 4000 caps?

Wheres the army link?

has anyone ever told you how insane you are

Could you mill a penetrator round with fins? It would dramatically increase the penetration and accuracy.

I would love to learn more about what goes into the design of a railgun (how to make the projectile fly straight, how to make sure the rails don’t destroy themselves over time, etc.)

Make it 3 times more powerful then make a tank cannon from it

Why don't you guys blow the head of trump with this gun....

Rifle the barrel

A lot of f***ing editing I bet

Cool instructional video. Awesome to know how these things operate. But as many said, its surprising that the velocity of the bullet didn't go all the way through the wall behind all of that. That's a lot of charge for it to be bouncing off glass and ceramic objects! But still a great and educational video!

Isn't this from fallout?

The fact that it didn't even go through that thin plastic is just sad

Cool printer

Who knew that fallout already was immnet

Ian is a real life elf

Can you make it weaker please, i dont think i saw it tumble enough in the air!

Hey where’s your black market for weapons?

Muito fraco...

rifle the barrel of it, use a tungsten core projectile with an aluminum casing with some work i think this could go very far - great video and effort in this , fantastic

Hmm WoWs is a Russian company..

Ut theme is a nice touch


How many shots I can do with it? And how much can I make with the navy rail gun?

a reminder that the US Navy is still attempting to make a Metal Gear Rex...


All the screwing parts are satisfying

Even when you put in in slow motion and I put it on .25% speed, you can still barely see it.

Well, given new YT policy I sense a ban incoming :)

So you made an overpriced Gun that’s less powerful than a BB gun that shoots paintball sized bullets? It can’t even go through plastic.

It helps to watch the whole video :)

WEAK , thanks a lot Canada

use a lighter projectile: less mass to accelerate = higher velocity

Move to America, where you CAN make your own Guns at home.

So it's like a TNT cannon in Minecraft?

Tidak berguna

What's up with the Thor hammer?

Watch the video on it?


Charge your phone with these capacitors

my sling shot is more powerfull

So crazy

I wish people would stop using Kilometers. What does that mean?

US is one of the only countries who doesn't use kilometers ;-) 1 mile = 1.6km

straight out of fallout 4

shoulda built it in the US


yeah real smart firing off ball bearings in a confined space with glass and mirrors everywhere without any shields really goes to show that any group of morons can learn circuits

Between this, zarya’s partical cannon and your lightsaber you might be able to start a business selling weapons to the military PS: you would get access to many more military grade parts

Things got dark when the shot the figurine's head clean off and were just amazed

what no shot at 400V? you were scared because of artifact disharge?

Like a car

When you hit 3000000subs then you should do something with all of your weapons and destroy stuff

make a drone with flametrower

Make Surtur’s sword from Thor ragnarok!

Why have they not taken you to a proper lab with super good equipment? Im sure you would make a full functioning and flying super suit!

Dont ask me

who is they?

more power more power

I wonder what would win... That railgun or captain america’s expendable shield

looks like a weapon from doom!

Not that powerful dude



working there is literally my dream job

It's good idea I love it and I love you

This is a little terrifying

Imagine shoting somwone with that

Is this even legal?

The reason it has a case is that it has fletching which make it fly straight, as you can see in the shot where they shot the lady’s head off, the slug was sideways, if you made case then you could add fletching as it flew out the barrel and it would have more aeirodinamics which would lead to more speed which would lead to more power.

Y’all are showing the enemy how to build are weapon smart

16 times more powerful than Mjö

Divorced Beheaded Died Divorce Beheaded Survived...

seems weak for the amount of power being used

Thats roughly 4.2kJ of energy into a 500ft/s projectile that couldnt weigh more than 5g? Hey, at 1% efficiency, at least you designed a nice space heater! Hahahaha. It would have been much more impressive to see a design propel a slug at same speed using significantly smaller capacitance but upping the efficiency through better permeability materials and low ESR caps.

I seen some with 1/4 the amount of capacitors and went though walls your shits week and they didn't need there ammo moving first

Watch the whole video

Railgun from GTA

if an apocalyples you the king

The Indianapolis is a premium ship though...

you should have shot a prince Ruperts drop

What a piece of shit. My sons pellet gun is stronger. Stop wasting money.

Try watching the explanation before commenting

Nice glasses

Love you guys, you rock


Don't make "guns" in Canada if you don't even have the proper licensing to make something that can shoot faster than a measly 450fps.

Couldn't help but think of Marie Antoinette

Us army give up on this.

When I saw the thumbnail I swear I thought it was Messi.

Thats roughly 4.2kJ of energy into a 500ft/s projectile that couldnt weigh more than 5g(58J)? Hey, at 1% efficiency, at least you designed a nice space heater! Hahahaha. It would have been much more impressive to see a design propel a slug at same speed using significantly smaller capacitance but upping the efficiency through better permeability materials and low ESR caps.

Yeah strangely you get more velocity with lighter weight but actually better efficiency with a larger heavily slug.

1) flechettes/fletchings, or induce a spin. 2) Use a conductive lubricant like graphite.

so isnt this linear induction?

Weak AF


Can you guys use this on an Ivan head?

“Making a video isn’t worth going to jail” @the king of random

The only person I really care about seeing in these videos is the hacksmith. The interns are just awkward and trying too hard.

Maybe this is the only channel that I like with ads

So it wouldnt have been worth driving across the border and getting a campsite for a day or two to complete the project as desired? It could be a $ maker if the video impressed the right person.

If you had just 2 caps and no restrictions it would work probably slightly better than this one. With so much energy stored in those caps if you did not restrict output energy projectile would probably go straight through the wall. Nicely done anyway :)

Aluminum have brain now dont drop ;) XD Can I uhh...put that on my head >:D

The Rail ShotGun!

projectile is gettin deflected.....not strong enough.....

Try to do a vid rail gun vs oobleck I thick the oobleck can stop it since the projectile has a big surface area and has lots of velocity to make the oobleck much more dense pls do it

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