Make Thrift Try #4 | VOTE NOW! | Denim Challenge

Make Thrift Try #4 | VOTE NOW! | Denim Challenge

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Sewing. On everyone welcome to make thrift try, so if you haven't watched the first three, videos of this series the make thrift try challenge. Is every, two months I make a video where I upload. A couple of options that you then vote on and then, DIY. Yourself, it's like a community challenge where you, the community gets, to try out some DIYs, and then, you have the chance to be featured in these, videos, if, you still don't get it you'll get it pretty soon so last month's theme was, upcycle. Jeans and, I've really been enjoying seeing. What people have been making, there's, been some amazing creativity going on here from denim dresses, to backpacks, to pouches, to purses, stuffed, toys plushies, berries. Hats. I've loved, loved. Seeing what you're all creating, but as this video can't go on forever I'm just on, this piece of hair is driving me crazy but as this video can't go on forever I'm just going to pick my favorite 20. Upcycle. Jean projects, and show. Them to you all these ones that were uploaded to the mate thrift try3, tag, this month and I have to limit it to 20 because otherwise this video would go on forever because I just I just want to talk about everyone's, projects, there oh my god they're amazing so, if I don't talk about your project I still, love it and thank you so much for entering I hope you have so much fun now I have to choose 20, to, actually talk about today and it is gonna be tough, but let's give it a go okay first off I need. To talk about this dress, space ghost made an upside-down, pair, of jeans into, a dress, now I have. Seen this kind of thing from, really. Fancy. Fashion, designers. I think you've all seen me ranting, about the weird ways, that designers, try to. Upcycle. Jeans, and then sell them for like. Literally. $8,000, this one is actually, up cycled, which makes it fantastic, I really, like, this it actually looks. Really cool, it looks like they put who. Is it a zip or, fleece. Or something. In, inside the Culinaire or is. It just the Ted outfit, the, fabric I'm not sure but I really like that you used a light, denim, color because, it actually looks like quite a cool dress when, you pair it with a, black.

Top And pants underneath I think this is extremely inventive and it makes me rethink my, hatred of upcycle, jeans in high fashion no, I still hate them because they are selling them for $8,000 a pop but I love this this, person, here made, an up cycled, Christmas, tree out of, denim, fabric for, the Christmas that just passed and then made a little beaded. Bowl for. A star on the top I think this is fantastic and, I also want to know if you put presents, on to this tree and if, you made any upcycle, baubles, for it is it like the end of a couple of pairs of jeans just wrapped around in a spiral or is it several different sizes of cuffs kind of stacked up on top of each other it's fantastic, either way I really. Love this idea from Lulu, what they've done it looks like is get a pocket, from, a pair of jeans and turn it into a coin purse and then embroider, a little flower on the edge of it as well I think using a pocket of a pair of jeans to create a coin purse is really good because it's like kind of the perfect size for a little coin, purse wallet oh my gosh I didn't notice this before but they've done a little embroidered. Or. Crochet, a little. Kind, of flower, 3d, bauble, on the end to attach to the zip to make this it bit easier to open that, is, such an amazing touch okay, the next one I want to show you all is this person here made, their, in jacket, out of recycled jeans and actually a few people have done this so. If I don't get to all of you I'm, really sorry this person, did upload this fast it's so cool seeing how many of you were inspired to make a project like this so. This denim jacket, was made from a few different pairs of jeans and that's how you've ended up with the different colors and patches, here and I think it looks freaking. Awesome I love how you've managed to line up the seams, of the jeans along the back there like that that's oh my god I'm getting a seam right down the middle you are very good at sewing I don't, think I could create something like that that's awesome, oh this is literally low again Seoul earlier. Look. At this look. At this I'm freaking, out they create it okay, this denim handbag. But wait but. Wait. Then. They. Painted. A picture of my face, on it. What. What. My face is on a bag this is amazing, oh my gosh and then they put a chain as a strap okay, number one you, are an amazing, Sohus, -. You're an amazing artist number, three, oh my, god my face is on a bag do you wear this around - people ask who it is and then you like Oh some girl from, YouTube that's weird, I'm. On the internet I'm not in real life this is real life what I, love. It oh my gosh I really, really really love, this nefi bag / handbag, but it's good size for nappies, and putting, on the back of the pram that Ali France, an artist created, here they made it out of different, scraps, of, jeans. Of. All different colors how many jeans, was this made out if that's what I went in there this is absolutely, fantastic. And. Wow. It clips on, to. The handlebars of the pram using a different strap and then it can also go over the shoulder as well as a handbag, this is fantastic it's, really functional, and it is so cool, this person, here has made a busty, atok which is. Worn. Here over this white blouse out. Of, upcycle, jeans. And. They've written in the, caption. Rumor has it if you manage to say make through try three three, times really fast in front of a mirror little pining will teleport to where of you up it's true I tried, it the other day and duplicated. Myself. When. I travelled, from an opposite, dimension, guys it's 36 degrees outside I don't make sense anymore anyway this looks absolutely fantastic, I, can't imagine that, doing, a bias, binding or is it a hem using. Denim is, your bias binding using denim, I can't imagine that was easy but. The effect is really freaking cool good, work this is absolutely, gorgeous. And you made it out of a pair of jeans your brother had destroyed so very. Good upcycling, this. Is gorgeous. This person, has made a little vest I think, it's a vest no, it's a ruffle, ah it's. A little romper and that's the legs, this. Person has made a little romper with little press, stud, buttons, for their nephew, who. I am guessing is a. Child and it is also aligned with polka. Dot blue polka dot fabric they, made it for this. Sister, oh they. Made it for their nephew out of their sister's old jeans so I'm guessing, it's your sister's child this. Is so sweet oh. This. Has warmed, my heart they also made a dinosaur version. As well this isn't made out of jeans but it's the same pattern it's, adorable.

Okay, So a few people actually, did, a similar upcycle, to this again, I am showing, Island. Jensen's one because it's the first one that was uploaded, but a lot of people tried it you should all go and check out the make through try3 tag because it's amazing, anyway, Island Jensen turned an old pair of jeans into. An overall dress seriously. Wow it looks fantastic Thor. Liked it seriously, just looks like you bought an overall, dress this is amazing. And the pocket, on the middle did you just pull a pocket, off the old jeans and attach, it to the middle that is such a good idea this is sorg. Here a from Island where are you from no, your name is Island where. Is it snowing where you're from it's very pretty when you're posing in front of and because it's 36, degrees right now I want. To be where you are that's 36 degrees Celsius by the way which is 100. Degrees Fahrenheit, I'm, melting, anyway. This is very cute Island, Jensen good, work the writing flowers, has, up cycled, a pair, of jeans the, embroidery. Is beautiful. These kind of flowers, if you know how to embroider, they. Look so effective, but they are actually relatively, not, trying, to demean your project I'm just saying if anyone wants to try this they're relatively easy to stitch and. It but it looks so delicate and like, you spent so much time on it which I'm sure you have because I know embroidery, I know from experience that embroidery takes a long time I really. Really particularly love these. What are they cold, dandelions. I really, really particularly love these dandelions, that you've embroidered, here I really, want to go in and braided dandelions. Now I've never thought of doing that before this has definitely, inspired me, this is such a gorgeous pair of jeans do you wear them all the time because I would oh my gosh okay so they've done another pair of jeans I'm not counting this as an extra one because I have so many to talk about but. Threading flowers has done a second, pair of jeans here and this time they have used flowers, to cover up holes in their jeans you can see the little bit of donning that they've done there but, then they've just put cute, little flowers, all around it so you can tell that there's a hole that this looks so cool it almost looks like a constellation, made, out of flowers, I love, it it's beautiful this. Must. Have taken such. A long time and the dedication to denim in this outfit is amazing, this. Person is wearing a denim, headband, a denim, jacket isn't. This dress, Wow okay so they'll trying to make a denim jacket and itself felt turned into and, somehow, turned. Into a wearable denim dress and a. Shoulder bag you have blonde Britney, and Justin right, out of the water this denim dress though is it and. Thank, you very much, for including a photo of your dog at the end there you, know that that's the way to my heart I am wondering, how heavy. Is the, denim dress like, it must be a little bit heavy right I mean it would be warm that would be a great thing about it how many pairs, of jeans did, you use that. Is, what I want, to know Wow. Okay, so in the bag that they made they, use the pockets from a pair of jeans as, pockets. On the back of the back which is ingenious and. The. Fly on the front is still functional, or it's another pocket that's really, cool you have made me one proud, mate through try mom this person here has done something really interesting which, was attach some, denim sleeves on to a hoodie, and the denim has kind of like rips in the, in the, shoulders. That is not shoulders, that's not anatomy. Elbows. The, denim has holes in the elbows, so, what do they say about it two. Years ago I bought the jeggings. From Zara and from, the beginning it started to rip several times okay. So you bought jeggings, from, Zara that became the sleeves of this and. You, know what the rips, you place them perfectly, at the elbows to give it that distressed, look and it's a really freakin cool jacket, and here's the original jeggings. The. Offenders, and the finished jacket, I love, this I love when people put in progress photos like this it really just like tells a little story this is such a cool upcycle. Well done for making use of pair, of clothes that fell apart, this is Oswald. The plushie, and. Oswald. Is so cute, Oswald. Is wearing a, bright. Purple jacket, and has super cute little Emer hair going on and I, love, it I love Oswald, who's Ostwald Cobblepot, oh this, is a thing, this is somebody, I, literally. Had no idea who I was world club per Oswald. Cobblepot, this. Is a Batman villain is, this the penguin is, this the dude to place the penguin hit I know. Nothing, about, superheroes. I'm sorry, if. You want to see me know even less about superheroes. You should go and listen I'm, gonna show you a little plug to. Mine in like she's podcast. Episode. Watch read listen you should listen to, episode 18, it's, an, episode where I knew nothing about superheroes, so you can all laugh me even master, little.

Promotion, Okay. Let's, move on to the next one this person, has made a absolutely. Gorgeous. Wrap, dress out, of, these. Parts old denim pieces this dress is absolutely gorgeous, I actually, have a patent, for a similar, dress that you have inspired me to now do to, turn because, it looks so cute, with two different torrents. The light denim. And a dark one I love how you've done this this is awesome. And I, want, one where, do I put in my order this person here has made a backpack, and actually quite a few of you had made backpacks, so I'm gonna count this as one entry, I'm gonna go through all of the backpacks, so this one is from. Dub dub and I actually think that they put, a tutorial. Up on their YouTube channel so if you want to go find the real dub dub Instagram, and, find their video if. You want to know how to make this because it looks so, good this, is such a cute backpack, so. Many of you made backpack so this made me really want to try to make, one myself I've never made a backpack football because I thought it looked really difficult, but because so many of you have tried it I'm like I want to try this out now maybe, even out of denim scraps this, person, here has made a very cute little backpack. And this person here and they lined it with gingham, which looks awesome ah progress, photos love, it another backpack, from, animals. And suits I love that username you made it from these two Turner jeans. Wow. Amazing, jeans but they also look great as a backpack, another backpack here from Sonny peach, these. Are all so good I, really want to try and make a backpack now make, me cookies 90. Dan, you are you the person who made the, pizza bag lost, in episode, 2 yes oh my gosh tarts make me cookies 90 is prolific, in the make thrift tri world and has. This time made, a pair, of overalls, out of. You. Have a bin hang on okay the. Caption, says so. For the May 1st right challenge I had to first find my entire bin of old jeans you have an entire bin of old jeans how, did you lose it so the first one is a really cute very virile dress and you have a very very cute, dog please. Give them a kiss for me and the second project is this really cute gathered skirt that uses, a couple of different pairs of jeans to add extra panels to the skirt which is a really cool idea all amazed your dog again oh, I. Love your dog or. Sorry. Many cuddles from, me to your dog thank you oh this person's username is make thrift fan, that's. Awesome, so, I really love what this person's, done they took a gingham shirt and a pair of old jeans and they chopped the bottom of the gingham shirt. Made, just cute, little cuffs on the bottom of their jeans which. Is, such a good way to give, new, life to a pair of old jeans it, is genius, I want to do that too a pair of jeans now that's, amazing. And you, ended up with a cute crop top to wear with it as well so win-win. Okay. Everyone. Stop. If you're looking at your phone stop you, need to you need to look at this look at the screen look at me this person, has. Made, the, most amazing the most extra, the most early. 2000s. Item, this is just the epitome of early, 2000s. Fashions, this person has made platform. Shoes covered. With denim, with, denim ties around the ankles, so the shoes were thrifted, and they. Were apparently lace covered, and then how, did you get the denim on is it fabric blue is, it stitched on wow I love how you've done kind of a striped, pattern around, the strap on the back using, the raw edges, they also said this is the first time they've done this first. Time you've done what made, something, well. Made shoes either, way I seriously, thought you've done this like thousands, of times before because it looks so good, like how did you do this without knowing what you were doing this is amazing. I can't get over this I love this so much you win you win make thrift you, win make your try this. Is not a competition you don't win anything everyone, wins, chaos, spikey has made this amazing, denim. Jacket, I love. The video showing how it all works and everything as well oh cool. On the back they've used some of like the Jean, loops to, make loops, on the back of the jacket and on the front here around the collar Wow in the top fly part and the button closure on the jeans has become the top part of the jacket. And the. Pockets from the jeans are two pockets on the front this is so cool, I would absolutely wear. This piece they, made oh good they actually said how many pairs of jeans they made it from because I have been so curious I wish more of you had said this, is from three to four pairs of old jeans apparently, they have a for purchase, I mean I should go buy it, it's. Not on that eBay has, he already been sold. No. I don't know where I'd wear it because it's so hot, in Australia, as I've mentioned. One. Day it might be cold again oh, my. God oh my god oh my god what oh my god. That's. L oh. My, god okay you, made it back with my dog's face on it. Louie.

Louie Its Louie Louie again this is your third featured. Entry and make your try but. Oh my god. You. Painted me on a bag and now you have a bag of my dog as well and you were so amazing an embroidery, that is such a detailed. Picture. Of my dog's face like I immediately knew, it was Ella, she. Looks so sad in that picture, and Tsar grumpy, she was having such a grumpy, day that day oh I, love grumpy, dogs. This. Is possibly. The greatest thing, to ever have, existed is. There any way you can send, this to me totally. Fine if you want to keep it for yourself but oh my god, anna has a little tassel on the side you. Are so good at sewing and. Embroidery. And painting. And everything, like. Holy heck also, I really appreciate, the progress photos cuz it just shows all the hard work that went into it as well this. Is incredible. Literally, glue you have one make serf try there. Are no prizes and. I. Don't there's. Nerves there's, nothing that you get out of pointing and you haven't won because everyone. Wins and that's unfair we don't meet no one wins in their system everyone wins but you've won oh look, at the puppy and look at them really really, freaking cute bag this person made a handmade denim, bag from old jeans and also, the lining material and the ha ha. Look hard we're all, thrifted, as well ah has, tassels on it wow. This. Is such a cute design, Oh in the back I didn't know it oh I, didn't see the back before, this. Is so cute are they like cut, out bits of fabric this is awesome. What a cute bag I think oh my gosh this would go absolutely. Perfectly, with those denim platform, shoes you and the denim platform shoes person, need to get together and, make the coolest, mm. Outfit of all time the universe might explode but it would be worth it whoa okay. This person, here they have made okay this is a work in progress, still, of a blanket so apparently this is the front side of the blanket, they, have cut out how many squares, 15. By over 180. 180. Denim, squares this is dedication. Oh I am so glad that you have an industrial, semi-industrial, industrial. It looks pretty industrial your sewing machine I'm glad, you have an industrial sewing machine for this Wow this. Must have taken a, long time this. Is gonna be such a nice heavy, like, weighted, blanket with, denim they've, also written an entire thing, about that, process and how they've made. It you, should go read it on designed. By GMP, Post, Frau Carlson, has made, a gorgeous, upcycle. Skirt out of some. Old jeans wait. What ah it's. Not it's not a skirt okay you you, definitely tricked. Me apparently. It's a ruffled jeans but it looks like a skirt I love it apparently, they also made a prototype on, a Barbie, doll which is awesome. Look at the prototype Barbie. Oh my gosh I love this this. Is so fantastic everyone. Should make prototypes of their clothes on Barbie dolls folks so here's the Barbie doll version, and. Then our progress, photos yes and then. They look like looks like they chopped off the legs and then turned it into a ruffle, and sewed it on the bottom I think. The best thing about this is that you person XTO Barbie doll so it could show you both the prototype, in the finished version I really like ruffles, at the moment so I would love me a pair of roughly, jeans the, fingers should try and upcycle, some jeans you have all inspired, me so much get, out of town I can't believe this is literally live again lu lu lu has made, another. Upcycle. Denim piece you are a person, of a million, talents, they, have made a plush, doll. Apparently, it's a French character cord I'm gonna butcher, this pronunciation. Order. Billis, it's so cute I love his little moustache, and its little, little. Big, eyebrows, oh. What. A sweet gift to make lu. Lu lu you learn, my mind, i'm. Gonna be. Friends with you because you're fantastic be. My friend please because, you are amazing and I, love old things you create my, handcrafted. Closet, has made the most amazing bastia, apparently, this top is being inspired by lazy, art they said that their jeans got really old so. They bleached them and then. Made. A busty, up and then applicator, on this really, cute Mike and Scully from, Monsters, Inc applique, I really, love the bright green thread. You used as the applique. So the busty I kind of reminds you of our, girls are pitiful, with that pocket there on the front except it's just a busty at top as well I really love it it's really creative, you're all amazing like. Oh yeah. I couldn't stop you oh they're all so good, so thank you so much to everyone who entered I, really, really. Enjoy looking up the make thrift try Target just makes, my day every time I look at it and I've just really enjoyed using it as a place to interact, with you all and get to know you a little bit better now it's time to vote for the theme for the next make thrift try challenge make thrift try number four here.

Are The options give the click on the one you like the best at the I in, the corner the first is gingham, and all. Plan. Now. I know these two prints are really similar gingham, and plaid checkered, prints whatever, cotton similar, prints right but, they are quite different gingham makes me think of picnic, and Sunshine's whereas plaid. Makes me think of grunge and herbicide shuts so I'm kind of putting the two together in the same category, which is just, category, fabrics, with crisscross patterns and, if it wins, you'll get to pick either. Or, or do both number two is mesh, it's almost won twice but. It always just, misses, out it always comes second, obviously, there are a proportion. Of you that do want mesh to win so I'm putting it up for one more go to see if, enough of you want to do it maybe it'll win number, three fluffy, fabrics, I personally. Hate throw. Fur and anything, fluffy as I'm sure many of you watching this channel I'm sure many of you seen make thrift buy it number, four and you know, this however, I guess some of you want, to suffer you all keep sending me, suggestions. Of fluffy things on me for, make thrift buy instead, of me suffering I thought you couldn't instead. Sorry fluffy, fabrics, could mean anything from faux fur plush, velvet, toweling basically, any kind of fabric with what's called pile, number, four living, Carl theme so, Pantone, announced, that, 2019. S color of the year is this color here, called living coral, so the brief is gonna be quite broad you, can basically make anything. You want as long as it's the color of living coral serve vote for that if you want that to be the option for the. Next mix or try and then. Finally, number five the last suggestion, is bum, bags I'm, of the opinion that everybody, should earn a good bum bag they're, so useful you, can reach things really easily and also. They've become really trendy lately so now is the time to make one sorry vote for this if you want to make bum bags in any color size or shape even. Though it's just one item of clothing I'm sure you all get very creative with this if it wins so, cast your vote now with the little eye at the corner of the screen and after, 48 hours I will, pick, the winner from, whoever has the most votes and, if, there's two that are really close, then. There will be two themes again like there has fun number one and number two now obviously, if you don't want to you don't have to share this on social media, you can just you, didn't just do it for yourself it still exists, even if it's not on social media but if you do want to share what you've made with the community, and get the chance to be featured in a video if you want that then upload it to instagram, using the hashtag make. Thrift try for, the, number four at the end I'd love to see you birth finish cream and also the works in progress so please upload both and do progress photos if you can so makes, rift rifle, we floor at the end I absolutely love what everyone created, for the denim upcycling project, and I just can't wait to, see what you all choose and what you all create for this one get voting and I'll let you all know who, wins. Two days from now on my social media so that's Instagram Twitter. Facebook, also. On the YouTube community tab, and also, in the comments down below if you come back in two days time, you'll. See it and then it's time to get creative I'll see, you all in my next video bye thank. You to all of my supporters on patreon and coffee for making this video possible to. Support these videos so that I can keep on making them go to cocoa, fanfic, on, Floyd slash Anika Victoria for a one-off donation, or to support me on a continual, basis go to, forward slash Anika Victoria even if you can only give one dollar a month that is extremely, helpful to ensure, this channel keeps running.

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Hi Annika, love your work for manny years ! Thanks for everything

Or even a mini denim back pack bum (fanny pack) bag would be really cute.

"If your looking at your phone stop and look at this" Awkward, I'm watching on my phone

Yep as The Penguin from Batman

Awwww I forgot to post mine =(

That moment when you couldn't participate because you gave up on jeans eons ago. All about that leggings life now


+Joely Larkins Thank you so much

That patchwork blanket is beautiful!!

I laughed so hard when you mentioned Britney and JT because that was exactly what I was thinking

The BBC have a sewing version of Great British Bake Off, called Great British Sewing Bee, starting tonight, thought people here would be interested!

They have had it in the past AAAAGES ago. So glad it's making a come-back

There's a Facebook group called "sewing in the uk" and everyone's been talking about the show on there today!!

I watched it too!!!

Aoife Harbison oh wow!!! What are the odds! Haha that’s awesome

I really hope gingham/plad wins because I've had a gingham idea cooking for a while



I love seeing everyone's creations! I always feel sooo inspired after watching these! I'm planning on making a pair of v-neck overalls from thrifted jeans for a video on my channel and I definitely needed the motivation to start working on it!!

I love these videos! So inspirational. Hope your feeling better now Annika xxx

can i just say that i love the print of your shirt/dress.

i am still at the embroyidery Projekt xD ups?

Mesh is second place again.. if it doesn’t win I might just make something with mesh and post it anyways lmao..

I might join you!

I literally just got a plaid bedsheet that I have a couple of plans for so hopefully plaid/gingham wins

Who else got jealous when she followed louly .lol :( lmao nah but she was amazing, so creative and artistic. I wanna do more creative stuff like that this year

+Despicable Penguin she did like 4 different projects she was busyyyyy

Also she embroidered her dog too. I just got to that part

I mean I don't blame her though. She did paint a picture of Annika's face. That's some dedication right there


Gingham! Or coral

"If you're looking at your phone stop it! Look at me! Look at the screen!" ... but I'm watching this on my phone!?!?

Same here! Lol

Elzaazaa LOL I didn’t think of that hahahahahaha

For anyone wondering here’s the YouTube tutorial for the denim backpack!!

ACK I'm so excited about possibly doing plaid/gingham! Fingers crossed it wins

no fluffy fabrics please!

Hello. Where is the vote? Heredia? Instagram? I cant find it. Help.

+Peachy Naty tank you

Nancy Sanches it’s on the information button on the video!

"okay, everyone, stop if you're looking at your phone, stop" But I am watching on the phone

Oh my god. I had such a horrible day, but after watching Annika being so happy and positive and overwhelmed and cute makes me so happy too

In Texas where I am its currently 67° F and Most my friends and I would rather it be in the 90°s F cause its too cold

Was this announced on YouTube?

This video is a gift

oh, wow! I am planning to make a thick plaid woollen skirt for a costume I'm making - what a coincidence!

Heyy AmyBronx21 here. dress11/20 Gonna answer all those questions. XD First I want to say I'm so glad you like my dress, and I felt really awesome that you said I made you proud

I love your videos

MTT1:cover photo and featured MTT2: saw my picture when you scrolled MTT3: saw my picture when you scrolled MTT4:

Mesh!!!! Especially as I just got 2.5 spools of antique gold tulle and half a spool of cream tulle AND a bit of soft black and a really pretty trim with a silky mesh backing and a pretty green vine with blue flowers and lace edging all from my seamstress aunt

Voting mesh just to see what you can come up with

Annika Victoria they are!!! I couldn't believe she was going to throw the trim away! It's so pretty. It's a very wide trim though so idk yet what I would do with it

Miriam Zisman OoooooOoooohhh - they sound lovely!

All of these are amazing

I love the bag that clips to the stroller, I was actually thinking about doing something similar except for my dog so I can carry him when he's too tired

Niyama cuteeeeee

Oh no!!!! I made a school bag for my boyfriend’s son out of a mix of little bits of trousers but I forgot to upload it to Instagram because I was going through a social media detox last month


I really like your intro!

my grandmother made a quilt made completely out of old jeans and scrap fabrics... it’s 10-15 lbs!!! it’s as heavy as my fat cat!!! buts it’s super warm and my dads car blanket

I really want fluffy fabrics to win because literally all I've ever worked with is fleece and felt, but it just like. Won't win.

"where are you where its snowing" her username was litereally Ireland_Jensen or something LOL

I've seen 'Ireland' as a girl's name before, so she's not necessarily Irish; she could be, _or_ her parents might just really love the Emerald Isle.

So it's been 4 days now. Which one won? :)

I have so many flannel shirts so I hope plaid/gingham wins

If I’m not too late, I’d vote for the 2nd option/mesh! Also the first one would be very welcomed, I have projects for both themes already on my mind ☺️

I LOVE the sewing bee and have done literally forever it is literally what started my obsession with sewing

Where do we go to find the next challenge winner?

I vote for plaids

Yesss it's so seamless an pleasant

Omg! I hope I can find a way to stream it.

You can make whatever kind of clothes or accessories that you like :) +افتكاسات لولية

it's necessary to make a dress or any something else ?

Please Call this Format "thrift Review"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I kinda want to make a cloak out of all my old jeans I have saved.

Decades ago I made a purse out of a child's overalls, just cut the legs off and sew.

I knew you 're Egyptian from the money lol.... Proud of you ❤


No fair lol, I made myself an upcycled backpack out of jeans a few years ago, it's gone now, I loved it to death after all... :D


My social media’s, and it’s also pinned to the top of the comments section now! :)

Sorry!! I was so so tired, needed a break from the Internet. Results are up now!!

+Nour Ali thank you Nour

I wanted to enter this one but I didn't have the time! I planned out that I would be using crochet to decorate my jeans but I completely forgot to enter! Well done to all the winners though, these were amazing!

Hey hey Annie’s if you teach us how to sew a pocket into the lining of a jacket without the stitches showing on the outside of the jacket I’ll be real grateful

I LOOOOVED this video. I could have watched a video on every single entry lol

my mum upholstered our entire couch a few years ago using old jeans and used a contrasting bright orange fabric as bias binding. its looks amazing and she is so so talented!!

You make me so happy! I wish we could hang out a sew together... let me know if you ever go to Spain or England! So want to meet you! I never write on YouTube vids, but jeez you rock! ♡♡♡

Wow, those were amazing! There was a ton of creativity in this video, it's great to see how many different ideas people come up with for the same prompt. And hmm, maybe with the plaid/gingham challenge, I'll get the motivation to work on the shirt I've wanted to alter for ages now. I doubt it, but maybe!

I've been putting off digging into my sewing basket so this is the PERFECT EXCUSE TO STOP PROCRASTINATING

Oh my god. I just started watching you, and i also just upcycled a pair of jeans and a shirt i found into patchwork jeans ... but I'm a week late.

2:51 Thats my moms Christmas tree she made! I told her about make thrift try, thanks for putting it in! Its just cut up pieces of jeans, and she added push pins for bobbles later on!

InJEANious makes everyone!!

Hey annika I love how you always look so unique and different no one has a style like urs

I'm watching this on my laptop and I was looking at my phone when she said this 15:30, ummm got a little freaked out lol

I was going to try and join in on the next challenge but I can't figure out how to get my pictures from my computer to Instagram. I just made an account and downloaded the photos from my camera to my computer but I can't find a way to upload them to Instagram (or get rid of my real name from showing... It asked me to put it in but I don't want it visible ) I'm feeling so stupid right now for not being able to figure this out. I guess I can't participate after all. :(

How do you upload pictures on Instagram? I can't figure out how to upload it from my laptop. I made the instagram account just to join the challenge and I can't figure it out :( I'm just too stupid.

NOOOOO I MISSED THIS. I literally have TWO TUBS full of recycled denim fabric. I hope you do this theme again! I would rock it haha! Even if you don't, I'm excited to join in the next theme!

A friend told me it only works on a phone so I had to download instagram on my phone and take pictures again. I think I have it posted... I hope. I'm not good at sewing stuff for myself so I made doll clothes. I hope that's okay.

Just submitted my entry for the next major thrift try challenge! Love your content

Can you do a new one

You can make whatever kind of clothes or accessories that you like :) @افتكاسات لولية

@Nour Ali thank you Nour

@Sophia Veranda thank you a lot Sophia

@Joely Larkins Thank you so much

I hope Annika did not forget this is still running

@Annika Victoria it's okay dear :) it must be hectic in Japan. I'm just very excited for your video and I wanted to make sure you didn't forget ^^

I haven’t - I’ve just been so so so busy :( I really want to make a new one, promise!! Things have just not aligned to let me do it. Trust me I’m feeling extremely guilty haha

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