Make As Much Money As You Want When You Master Forex Duality

Make As Much Money As You Want When You Master Forex Duality

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Being a successful Forex trader is your life's dream then you don't want to miss seeing this 100. Million dollar system that's, made that dream a reality for. 10 VIP, inner circle traders, one, of whom is the peculiar, genius who, made it all happen and wait. Until, you find out who it is, Plus. At the end of this video you'll, learn how our 10th anniversary, celebration. Will give you access to, that closely guarded balanced, rippling system and remove. Forever, the doubt and fear your trading has been plagued with since, day one. I'm. Talking about living the Forex dream, spotting. Trends taking, pips, doing. What the big boys do with confidence, and deadly. Accurate, trade selection, with every, training session. No matter your level of experience but. Forex can be a fickle lover can't cheat, trader. After trader falls flat on their face with, nothing but an empty trading. Account to show for and I, think we've all been there at least one 7 week, you. Find a system that seems, to really have the answers, you traded on a demo account for weeks even just to make sure you, kick yourself a dozen times, because, of all the pips you take on that demo, account how, many times have you wished those trades would have been taken, on a live. Account, right. And then, it happens, you put the system to work on a real money account and before. You can pump the breaks loss, after loss leads, you to another bone account. Why. All the complexity. Why. Would a system, or strategy, work, on a demo account but. Not when you go live, well. Today, you're gonna find out that in fact it, doesn't, have to be that complicated, better. Easier. To achieve results, are virtually. Around the corner now. In my position, I have, the opportunity to meet some. Amazingly, gifted traders, and over the past 10 plus years I personally. Witnessed competition. After competition and, the, traders that I've shaken hands with are, all giants in their own rights so, when, we began preparation. For the mother of all celebrations, it was, clear what had to be doing in this, industry, ten, plus years of successfully. Sponsoring, trading competitions. Mentoring. Our members, and providing, access to, some, of the most powerful, exclusive. Trading strategies, it is a pretty big deal so we, wanted to do it justice, and that meant exposing. A proven, system that up until now hadn't. Been made public. We. Took a group of traders who had not only won our past competitions. But. We reached out to top, winning traders from all over, the world and challenged. Them to take advantage of new technologies. And strategies we. Wanted to break records, shatter, ceilings. And and ultimately. Release, a new and robust. Trading, solution that. Would forever change the, way we view forex, not. Only did we accomplish that goal but. The resulting. Winning system has, carved itself, a place in history forever. If you, know about our roundtable. Mastermind. Sessions. The, ones in the castle, you, won't be surprised, to hear there were many impressive. Submissions. But, one in particular, stood, above the rest and the proprietor shared, secrets, of his, one hundred million dollar strategy, we now call Forex duality. And, not. Only did this system come out on top but, it beat out the next five systems, combined. Earning. Its place in history is the most accurate, highest. Winning trading strategy, to date now. To help you understand, the magnitude. Of that accomplishment. What. Level of professionalism. These traders are at I'm, gonna mention the fifth place competitor, came in at 72%, profit, the first week, and took, as much as 67 hundred dollars in one, trade, and that, system took fifth place duality. Was, crafted, by full-time trading, professional, and surefire. Trading, challenge alumni, Adrian. Jones. You, might know him as mr.. X and, paired. With our cutting-edge Hebe and learning system and AI automation. Forex, duality, delivers. Winning trade after winning trade, with, the simplicity of a staples, easy button. And the predictive, accuracy, of, a recurrent, neural network. Until. Now Adrian's, system had only been shared with the ten who attended those covert, Castle meetings over, the years they've used it to take a hundred, million dollars, worth of traits so.

Believe Me when I say trading, systems, of this caliber, are usually. Segregated. And kept from the public eye only. An event of this magnitude would. Merit its release, in other, words, mr.. X brought out the big guns, and, I'll be the first to admit Adrian, is a phenomenal. Traitor a bona. Fide genius, true. He's, a bit eccentric but, he's, absolutely, amazing in, front of a chart as, fate would have it I was charged, with saying a few words at the closing ceremony, and presenting, Adrian, with his award, now. I had the privilege of following, his progress throughout the competition, but. Now I needed to know a little bit about the man and the method, so I asked, him for a few minutes of his time so I could learn a little bit about how, he developed. This winning strategy, one, of the things he shared with me was we, make forex trading more complex. Than we need to he, said my strategy, has the highest, accuracy of any other competing, system, it identifies. The start of a trend it has, multiple, indicators. 98%. Accuracy, it's based on Bollinger, Bands and uses, Fibonacci, extensions. With dynamic, targeting, and yet. It isn't, complex. It isn't difficult. It only gets complicated, if you start to second-guess it in, that, meeting, Adrian, shared intimate. Details of, his system, and gave me a great lesson on having, confidence, in your, trading secrets, to success that I'll never forget I'd like to share some of those secrets with you right now you. May have seen some of our other award-winning. Programs, in the past those. Of you that subscribe, to our newsletter you know that we provide only the best of the best in trading. That's what we stand for and it is and always will be who we are, but. As this marks our ten-year, anniversary. We. Wanted to do something so, spectacular, something. So far beyond, what this industry, has, to expect, that, the ripples, would be felt for years to come, the, Forex, drink isn't it something we all want and. Don't you think you deserve to have it well. We think so too successful, traders with a like nigh unto rockstars. But. While a rock star hits the stage to do its thing you. Do all your magic, in the limelight of a trading window, you, might spend hours studying, or observing. Testing. Strategizing. But. When it all comes down to it your, performance, often boils down to just a few stress fill the moments of intense. Pressure, and I, don't have to tell you there, is no other feeling quite like it when you're trained to work in short snaggin.

Pips Is like being, a Navy SEAL sniper you're just watching. Observing. You know no emotion. No fear just, watching, for the right moment and then, seeing that target, and squeezing, that trigger without a moment's, hesitation you, rely, on your training and one. Thing I've noticed in great men and women is confidence. Confidence. Is a strong word when you think about it it, means you put your trust in something and there's no doubt in your mind that that something will see, you through the, more confident, you are the less shakable, your strategy. In trading. We, can only be confident, in our strategy if it has shown us time after time that it will take trades, and put us in profit, consistently. So. You could have a workable, system and still, fail if you don't trade, with confidence because after. All we're human we're susceptible, to second-guessing. Our strategy, the the second, we see a trade start to lose so. Let's switch gears here real quick and look at solving that problem first, let's, deal with trading, a demo account when. You trade and this goes for Adrian's strategy. For, your own strategy, or any other strategy, that you trade evaluate. Every, step it's all about placing, your confidence, in the numbers, how. Accurate, are your indicators, you know look at winning, and losing. Trades, the numbers don't lie if a, system wins seventy percent of the time then. It loses thirty, percent of the time so really if you look at it from another angle it's supposed, to be wrong 30%. Of the time and if you know your strategy is wrong 30%. Of the time there's, no need to panic when it looks like the trade that you're in is losing it's supposed to when. You look at it this way even. That loss can, boost your confidence because it's, supposed, to happen, sure. We all want to win a hundred percent of the time but you know as well as I do that 100 percent accuracy is simply, not possible although. You're gonna be surprised at how close. A, system, like duality, can come it's, all about perspective. No traders often fail, because they see a losing, trade and their, emotions, start to undermine their confidence in their strategy when. You follow the rules of any, strategy to the letter okay you will lose, a percentage, of your trades that's a fact, now. The problem, comes when you follow a strategy to, the letter and it consistently. Fails that. Just means you're trading with a bad system, and I've, seen my share of those as well and I'm sure you have too poor. Indicators, definitely, one of the causes but there's, a lot more to it trading, style has, to be factored, in most, people just aren't trading, the right strategy, now. You know as well as I do that just like rock stars, you have their own you know style of performing, traders, also tend to have their own style, as well so, a strategy that works great for one trader might, not be so effective for another. And you know you wouldn't want to hear Axl Rose seeing a berry mental a tune would you no. I don't think so that's. One of the reasons our library, of strategies. Has been, so successful for, the past 10 years because. We, present, strategies, that make you a rock star no, matter what your style is but.

That's What makes Forex duality, the end-all be-all system. That it is it has four distinctly. Different styles. Of trading, all with, insanely, accurate, capabilities. For, example an aggressive, traders looking for huge gains but. Understands. That the potential for huge gains brings with it the potential, for huge risks, as well Forex. Duality, overcomes. That vastly, different, trading mentality. By. Providing, methods, ranging, from conservative. To, very aggressive. Conservative. Traders who want to minimize losses and, prefer to take their trades of a pip at a time, can, you use the sniper method, traders. That want to take larger, wins can, use the xcalibur method to snag more pips but still, minimize risk, more. Aggressive, traders, looking to shake, things up a bit are gonna find the guerrilla method, much more, rewarding. And for those traders, but, what the training wheels off altogether. So, they can harvest hundreds. Of pips in a single session the. Blitzkrieg, method, will not disappoint. So, no matter what your trading style is duality. Has. You covered, plus. With the trade management, principles. That accompany do ality there, are four ways to make profit on every, single trade, regardless. Of which method you're, trading that, means you can increase profits by taking a more aggressive stance, even after, you've already entered, the trade think. Of it as technical, trading, that's been reduced to mechanical, principles. The. Challenge that remained for us was to present, this winning strategy, gift-wrapped. And fully functional, so that traders of all levels could reap the benefits, instantly. And. With a system, as robust, as this we wanted to provide not only the training itself, but. Remember, one of our main objectives of. This 10 year anniversary was. That every single trader who's privileged, to be exposed, to it beginner, and pro alike would, be able to harness its power from day one, so, along. With our in-house development, team we enlisted, the aid of not one but two, programmers, who specialize, in convolution. Neural network programming, this. Form of award-winning, AI technology. Offers. Deep learning program routines, that were the first ever to achieve human. Competitive. Performance. In other. Words a system. That can think like, a pro, trader, that. Gave us the power to pack, in the predictive, capabilities. Of not, just an award-winning strategy. But, also the interpretive. Prowess, of a real live trader, Forex. Duality, is like having Adrienne, Jones in all his, charts, his experience. His method, his brain, watching. Over your shoulder as you trade, and telling. You exactly what to do next, now, this, is not a trading, bot it's not a click and forget solution, it's, an engineered, guidance, system, capable, of holding your hand through trades alerting. You of scenarios, that match with exacting, detail, the strategy, of the Forex duality, specifications. A system, already proven to win trades and harvest, pips, forex. Duality. Uses custom indicators. That identify, reversals, and strong, trends, it. Offers multiple exit, strategies, and multiple. Targets, giving you multiple, opportunities to, exit, a trade with, a profit, even, if the trade isn't going in your favor I've. Already mentioned the Fibonacci extensions. And you know how valuable dynamic. Targeting, can be before. X duality, also uses pivot points support. And resistance, levels and requires. Confirmation, from multiple. Indicators, what. That all means is when, you get a green light on a trade, there's, a very high probability that, it'll, be a winner and unlike, other strategies. That depend on specific, time frames or specific, pairs duality. Gives you the session, options, you crave most, if you want to trade a 15-minute, chart an. Hour or a weekly chart you'll, get as many as nine confirmations. Before, you ever enter, a trade you, can trade any pair, on any, session. So no matter where you live where.

You Travel to or what your favorites are duality, can analyze, predict, and advise as if mr. X himself. Were whispering, in your ear and, with the convenient, dashboard, there's no complicated, blueprint. To analyze it's, all calculated, automatically, and delivered, to you on a silver platter, your. Time frame your, trading style and automated. Accuracy, not previously, obtainable. Don't. Waste precious time analyzing. Charts, within, seconds, of viewing the dashboard, you'll, know whether to enter a trade or not giving. You the flexibility. To trade with confidence on your, own schedule, and while, it's true Forex duality, won by the highest percentage, of any previous, winning, strategy, with the high percentage, of gains in our ten-year history but. With an event of this magnitude. We, wanted to present a trading phenomenon. That would get results for real-world traders, of every, level, once. The AI programming, was complete, we. Selected, a handful, of trade ology members to test duality, in live market, conditions, and determine. If in fact it, was, worthy of baring the mantle, of a trade ology brand champion, in other. Words could, anybody, trade, it I have. Followed a lot of the trading meat competitions, because obviously, that's, the best way to see what, works in the live trade, setting, but, when I started. Using, duality. I realized, it wasn't just a winning, strategy it, addressed a lot of my own trading, false, and. And. I know everybody says the same thing just take your emotions out of the mix and you will be fine but. It's so much more than that you have to trade the right strategy. That fits your, personality, and. Duality, got me there it gave me the chance to try different strategies and see, what, worked for me if, it helped me mature, as, a trader, it's got accuracy. I have never, seen, and I have been trading, full-time for almost six years now those, traders found duality, to be the most accurate pip crushing, strategy, ever developed. Bar none and I've got some very exciting news for you as part. Of our ten-year celebration. And in demonstration. Of our continued, commitment to your success we. Prepared, some of our most in-demand, resources. To give traders of all skill, levels the tools they need to make the forex dream a reality. We, call it the Magnus, compendium. Obviously. The 100 million dollar Forex, duality, system is the most important, component that. Includes the strategy, training in the automated dashboard, that's a given and that would be fine in and of itself and the nine hundred ninety seven dollar price tag would be more than fair but. This. Is our 10 year anniversary. We. Got the whole team together we decided that in order to make this a truly epic event. We'd, have to offer the best of the best, and cover, every. Possibility. So, that beginners. And professional. Traders alike would be on even ground and we, need to do it all for a next, to giving it away price, new. Traders like Matt Hall quest who made eleven hundred and fifty five dollars profit, his first, day, trading duality. Professional. Traders like Henry Martens who gained seventy two percent profit his first month trading duality. That's. Why we've included exclusive. Member only access, to our beginners, trading, course this, comprehensive, introduction. To forex trading will give new traders much you needed knowledge, and insight, into how, trading, works and basic. Strategies, you'll. Learn how to manage your trades like a pro no matter what your experience similar. Courses sell online for $100 or more but today, for, our ten-year, anniversary celebration.

We're, Including the entire beginner, course in the Magnus compendium. Now. Beginners. And professional. Traders who want to stay up on the latest in forex we're, including access, to our VIP and, our circle webinars, this. Includes topics on everything. From relevant. News and, events, to expert, strategies, and, money management advice, every. Single trader on the planet, can benefit, from the knowledge shared, in these exclusive. And intimate, talks. Access. To those webinars is sold online separately. For 275, but let me ask you something, besides. Training, besides, video, webinar is filled with hours, of helpful, tips what. One thing, would help, take your trading to the next level how. About a real, flesh-and-blood, trader. Taking. A look at your trading account we're. Gonna give you a free session with one of our level 2 Forex, auditors, that's, normally, $197. Add-on but for this 10 year anniversary celebration. You don't pay a single penny you, get the same level of expert, advice you get the same friendly service with a smile, and more, importantly, you, get a real trader answering, your questions, and I don't know about you but my trading, took off the moment I started, talking to a mentor, I took, courses I, read books but. The biggest jump from me was, when I started talking to a professional, trader who could tell me firsthand you know what I needed to know imagine. Having a professional, trader on skype ready, to help turn your trading, around do you think you'd benefit from that type of advantage, I think so and as. If that wasn't enough because, it is the, whole team here at trade ology was adamant. That we celebrate not only this new exciting, and fresh look at. Trading with Forex duality, but we also want to celebrate the many winning systems, that we've had privilege, to award over. The years, so. You're gonna have access to. Three previous. Winning, strategies. Forex, master. Method evolution. Forex. Wealth strategy, and Forex, equinox, which some of you know dealt a devastating. Blow. To brokers, everywhere. When it was first released now. If you really want to be an expert trader this treasure trove of systems brings to the table years, of development. Testing, and trading. With proven, winners and proven results, learning. These strategies, would turn even, a beginner trader, into, an overnight pip or Reaper now. If you want you can go buy access to this library for, almost $3,000 like everybody else but if you give me just a few more minutes you'll, see how to get every, single one of those strategies and more for, free, as part of the Magnus compendium, our. Motto, our very purpose, for existing. Revolves. Around three, key, elements and. These three things separate, us from the garbage, advice that's prominent, on the net today and those. Three things are that we provide real trading, tools that do what they say we, provide a real discussion, about how to use those tools most effectively. And that, the tools and discussions, we provide, produce real results for. Any trader, regardless. Of experience, so. Along with Forex duality, along with the beginners trading, course the exclusive, webinars, in the level 2 forex audit or consultation. Along, with access to 3 proven, award-winning. Systems, you'll also get our deluxe support, package, which goes above, and beyond our standard, support, you get priority, assistance, 24, hours a day seven, days a week if you have trouble on the website, if you don't understand.

What The next step is if you just need somebody to walk. You from point, A to point B, priority. Support is just a quick email away this, deal luck support package is normally, a 297. Dollar upgrade but, with our ten-year anniversary, celebration. It's going, to be included in your Magnus, compendium, but we've got some even more amazing. News have, you ever wondered, what it would be like to, reset, and reprogram. Your brain for. Trading, think. About what you have to go through as a trader, okay watching, hours, of tutorial, videos reading. Stacks of articles. Staring. At charts, for hours on end let's. Face it information, overload, is a very, real threat to new traders and seasoned, professionals, a study. Done by the Max Planck Institute of, human cognitive, and brain sciences. Providing. Key insight. Into the development, of a meditation, formula, that will, not only do a reset on your mind relieving, all the tension, that we experienced as traders it also rewires. Your brain to think like a forex trader that formula. Has gone into these meditation, recordings, and they plug directly into, your brains own gamma waves freeing, up your subconscious. For effortless. Information. Processing, and liberating, your decision-making, faculties. It, helps you think better we've, previously sold these recordings, for $100, as an exclusive. Limited time offer but, I can't, stress, enough that the actual, value, is many. Times that use, these recordings for just one week and, watch, your trading soar like never before and, once, you have that freed. Up brain, power you'll, have a fresh, outlook on trading and can. Take advantage, of the more powerful bonuses. We've saved for, last three, distinctly. Different trading, systems, so, that you have every, possible. Angle covered. First. There's, the FX, market, code this. Strategy, focuses, hard on momentum, based trading, and I'll hand you trades, with crystal. Clear signals. Picture. This you're at your desk with charts, open okay you're focused, on a single window watching for that perfect. Opportunity, to, strike when, suddenly, you get an alert from another window an FX, market, code has determined, a trend it's, tracked its momentum, and now it shows you an injury signal so strong, it almost, blinds you momentum. Trading can be highly, lucrative, but, in spite of that you'll, get this 250, dollar secret, code as a free. Bonus, in the Magnus compendium, traders. Need variety, they, need the right tool for the present, situation a friend. Of mine asked, me last week why, I have so many monitors, and, so many charts open at the same time you know he said how can you possibly keep up with what's happening, on all these I explained. To him that different, strategies, work in different situations. And that you know a well-rounded. Trader. Needs, to see the entire picture, and they need the right tool for the job at hand my, friend was in the Navy so I reminded, him you, know even battleships, they've got those huge artillery.

Guns. Capable. Of highly. Accurate shots, even. At great distance, but, you can't use those same guns if the enemy is already alongside to ship and, that, made perfect sense to him right you need a strategy, for, every, scenario, so. We've included the double-helix system, this, powerful, trading strategy, uses two easy-to-read. Indicators, that come pre-installed on. Every, trading platform, there, the relative strength index and, the, moving averages, indicator, you're gonna spot overbought, and oversold conditions. Like. An eagle spotting a trout and just swoop in and take the trait it's, well worth the 250, dollar price tag but you're gonna get it for free as part of the Magnus compendium. Hit. Your targets consistently, and accurately with, the cog master, strategy, this, award-winning. System, listen, beat out thousands, of competitors, with a 100, point 67, percent gain in the, live trading round yes. It's included and no cost to you and speaking of hitting targets, we've, also included, the critically, acclaimed Bible, vector, system, to, compete with the big banks you don't need a huge database, with a room, full of computers. To crunch numbers the, five-o vector system is tailor, for rapid, results in any market, condition, trade, any pair, any session, with a simple, strategy, that's engineered, by a full-time, professional, trader, thousands. Of copies have previously sold for 500 dollars but through, a very exclusive, arrangement, this, proven, winner is our, gift to you as part of the Magnus compendium, bringing. The total value of this colossal. Arsenal at your fingertips, to command worth, over, fifty seven hundred dollars but, I've got even more news because inside. The members area you're gonna find even a more surprise, bonuses. I've given one of my assistants, the full time task of tracking down valuable. Surprise add-ons, that didn't. Make it into this video because of our tenth anniversary deadline. Meaning, you're gonna log in and see even more than what you see here guys. I haven't interrupts, and insert, this in the video at the last minute, my assistant, was able to secure, three additional. Bonuses, and they're they're just too good to ignore you're. Now getting an additional, six hundred dollars in value, bringing. The total to over, sixty three hundred dollars now the Magnus, compendium. As of right now also, includes. The Elliott, Wave profit. I'm so excited to be able to include this, powerfully. Accurate, tool letting. You get Elliott, Wave performance. Without having to spend weeks learning it, that's a $250, value right there and I don't know how she pulled this one off but you'll, also get access to hidden, money, levels, of two hundred and fifty dollar value, this, system, it's, a system and a report can. Unlock, profit, potential you didn't, even know existed and, we're, also adding, line, trader guys, this, little tool is gonna. Be your next best friend if you've got to step away from your computer for a little bit but, you don't want to miss out on you know what looks like a killer opportunity. Just, draw a line on your chart with line trader when it hits that line it'll. Either take the trade for you or it'll, send you an alert very. Cool time saver a $100, value so, terrific. Bonuses, guys a shout out to grace for being able to lock those in let's, get back to the video and as, you can see they're not inflated. Value, if we're anything here at trade ology its upfront, and forthright we don't need a pad our, value and we don't need to brag our, members, do that for us traders. Like John straizo, who improved his trading tenfold. And. Beginner. Trader Tara Chanti, who took 250, pips in one, session. The. Magnus compendium, includes everything. You see here for an already low price of just, 997. But because. It's our 10-year anniversary you're, not gonna pay 997. When you order today we. Know what you want you, want to be educated in, forex, you want to be a master trader, you, want resources, that'll not only take you to the next level, but, take you clear to the top now. If you wanted to get an MBA online, listen. You, pay $35,000. As a minimum, and no, guarantee of a career with. The Magnus compendium. You're, getting access to trading courses continued. Education. Mentorship. That, essentially. Will give you an MBA and forex this. Is it someone, off system, or a, simple, tutorial on trading, it isn't a trading buy these. Lessons. These strategies, they're, provided, by world-class professional.

Traders, And with the Magnus compendium, you're, getting deluxe support, from an award-winning, team plus a personal. Evaluation. From a real trading, professional. If, you're struggling in your trading this, could give you the jump start you need to, take your trading to the next level and beyond, and that's a promise, like. I mentioned earlier confidence. Is the key trading. With confidence is exhilarating. And the trade ology team wants you to experience, that rush first, and now. While it would be great to be able to provide this package to an unlimited number of traders that's, just not practical so, if the button below is still active, you still have an opportunity to, seize your 10-year, anniversary, discount, of only $4.99, our. 128-bit. SSL, encrypted certificate. Means your purchase, is protected, and your, personal details are, secure from hackers buy, with confidence knowing, your privacy, is our top priority. Get, the Magnus compendium, including, Forex duality, the beginners trading course. The webinar, library equinox. Well strategy, evolution. The FX market, code double helix cog master, deluxe. Support, and the. Live trader consultation. All in a never before seen never, offered, again bundle, for less than half the regular price are, you ready to take your trading to the next level are, you ready to become a rock star trader, click. The button below don't hesitate, another minute because with an offer this, amazing. That, button could vanish any second. Everything. Your trading career needs is included, in the Magnus compendium, and all you have to do to get it is click, the button think, about the last awesome, trade you took in a demo account remember. How bad it felt knowing what you missed out on if. You're not trading with Forex duality, you might as well be trading with a demo account with. Trade ology by your side the forex dream could become your, reality and, it all starts, with that button all you have to do is click the button.

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