Make $3225.02 Online Passive Income (SAAS Business) FREE COURSE 2021

Make $3225.02 Online Passive Income (SAAS Business) FREE COURSE 2021

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Today we will see together how we  can build a full online SAAS business   from scratch. In this full free course we  will go step-by-step building a SAAS business   and promoting it and getting your first clients. Hi everyone i'm hasan from H-educate and today  i'm really so excited so happy to publish this   new free course what we are going to cover? we  are going to start and talk about SAAS business.   What is SAAS? What is micro SAAS? The benefits  of a SAAS business the power of passive income   then we are going to move on and see  how we can build a SAAS business,   how we can hire someone or if you are a  developer or if you want to buy a ready-made   script as we are going to do in this video  in this course i will talk about licenses   i will talk about hosting and domains how to get  the best hosting and scale up later how to set   up the scripts how to do everything then we are  going to move to the main important part which is   marketing the service i will talk  about more than 10 strategies   that will help you get your first customers from  the first month and start a successful online   SAAS business. By the way i have two simple points  before we start number one please don't start   implementing before you finish the full course so  watch it at least one time understand everything   if you have any questions you can comment them  below or go to my forum   ask your questions get your answers then you  can start implementing a successful SAAS online   business the second point you can see we have  time stamps on this course on this video so   you can move on between any section you want if  you want to skip something if you want to maybe   watch something another time and so on so let's  start together in this awesome new free course...  

Boom! So, let's start and see: what is SAAS?  Simply, SAAS stands for software as a service   to make things simple for you let's explain it  with examples you can see here i have Netflix.   Netflix is a SAAS business we have ahrefs,  the popular SEO service we have semrush   we have all these are  SAAS services what do i mean?   simply a SAAS business or a SAAS website or a SAAS  service is a website where you can subscribe to it   you will pay a monthly fee to this website to get  a service and netflix we pay like $10 per month   to watch movies in ahrefs and semrush we  pay a monthly fee to use the seo tools   in canva we pay a monthly fee to use this awesome  designing application and by the way i remember   that i published the affiliate marketing ultimate  guide free ebook you can go now to the description   below and download it totally for free! So, a  SAAS business or a SAAS website is a website where   people will pay you a monthly fee and you will  provide them a service let me give you an example   from my business you know if you are following  me i have the service the premium url  

shortening service also i have the  bio url service for instagram and tick tock   also i have H-analytics a web analytics service  i also have which allows you   to create pop-ups on websites anyway so these are  my four main SAAS services i'm running today and   selling today you can see here in my first  service i have like 4,900 customers not all   these customers are paid customers a lot of them  are free but anyway this is a very good number i   got it like in one year from running this service  you can see i have 14,000 links around 1 million   clicks people are using my service okay also i  have my free SAAS service you say now "free?" i   will explain this later which is  if you are following you know H-supertools the   free seo and digital marketing tools platform so  these are my main SAAS services i'm running today   and i'm promoting today we will see exactly how  to build a SAAS service like these services in   this course and how to promote them you can see  we have here 50,000 users using H-supertools we   will see everything in detail in this course so we  understood what is a SAAS business what do we buy   a micro SAAS now? to make things also simple for  you let's give a direct example a micro SAAS is   also a service you provide and you will get paid  in a recurring manner but now it's like a part   of a system as an example if you are a wordpress  plug plugin developer you can see here wordpress   we have a lot of plugins here you can sell a  wordpress plugin as an example here we have   a theme like astra theme they are selling  it for $47 per year we have also elementor   which is a website or a plugin to build web pages  on wordpress also you can see here starting for   $49 per year so these services are not full SAAS  websites it's la (pardon my french) it's a plugin   inside wordpress so it's a micro SAAS other  example is plugins for shopify stores and so on so   you develop plugins themes small services that are  used in a popular websites or a popular service   like wordpress shopify and so on so this SAAS  and micro SAAS i think the idea is somehow simple   now before i move on we have a very important  question which is: is SAAS really something that   works? what is the power of a SAAS business? how  it's really helpful? what is the main advantage   of a SAAS business? the main advantage is the  power of passive income we can see here as an   example in my service i am selling this per month  for $8 or $7, $9 or $7 an example you can see here   elementor as i told you $49, $99, $200 per year  so if you noticed it's a recurring payment model   what is the idea here? so let's go back to  our main services like netflix when someone   subscribes to netflix usually he pays every month  so when you promote your service to someone and he   subscribes usually he will subscribe to multiple  months especially if he likes a service so   you are promoting once and then this customer  will pay in a passive manner so you will get   passive income every single month and  this is the main advantage the main power   of passive income and SAAS businesses you build  the SAAS business you promote it whenever you   get customers you will get recurring passive  income without doing anything you will work   only on getting more and more customers and not  getting the same customers again please focus very   well this is very important so the main advantage  of SAAS businesses is the power of passive income   you can promote it and then you can earn  passively every month without doing anything so   as an example you promote for a couple of months  you get like 50 clients then those clients will   keep paying you every month even if you don't  do anything and this is really very important   fantastic idea but how we can build a SAAS  business? simply we have three main methods   number one is if you are a developer you can  build one as i did in a lot of   people are asking me: "what is the script behind  h-supertools? how did you build this website?"   simple answer i developed it by the  way i am a computer science student   my background i am a developer web developer so i  developed this website from scratch i programmed   it from scratch so this is the first method is  to develop your idea from scratch of course not   everyone is a developer not everyone can develop  applications not everyone has a time even if you   are a developer you need the time and effort to  develop such applications so the second option   is to hire someone you can go to websites like or maybe  

and search for developers who can develop a SAAS  service for you if you have a special unique idea   you want to develop it's up to you but in this  course we are going to go with the simplest method   which is using ready-made applications ready-made  scripts so we're going to go to a website called if you are following me you know i  talk about this website a lot here on my channel   anyway in this website you can simply go here to  php scripts please don't worry about the links   and the setup now as i told you please follow  up step by step please follow up the course   watch it once understand the concept then if you  like to implement it you can go get the links   watch it slowly anything you want now  just focus very well on the concept php   scripts here and search for SAAS s-a-a-s and  press enter you can see now we have a lot of   SAAS services that are ready for you you can just  then buy and download and host and you will have   your own SAAS business like in my case i am using  here the premium url shortener you can see it's   like $33 i bought it and i hosted it here you can  see here the... this service here is the premium   url shortening service i bought from codecanyon  and hosted and i have now my SAAS business also   the second one is social proof i think yes this  one also i bought from codecanyon and i have now   H-socialproof also the bio-url link you can see  here the bio link i think servers yes bio links   i also bought this script and hosted it. i have  my other services now if you see here i have the   H-analytics service this one is not available  on codecanyon it's called   you can buy it directly from this website if you  want okay so this is the third method the easiest   method is to get a ready-made script for you you  can buy it host it and start promoting it which is   the easiest method to start a SAAS business  so here if you go back and search for SAAS   you will see we have a lot of applications like  we have 128 items here something for whatsapp   food we have as you know today everyone in this  lockdown we have a lot of stores that want to   build an ordering system with whatsapp  so this is a full script for this   purpose we have this one text-to-speech we  have the automatic writing script we have a lot   sales we have accounting crm loyalty we have a lot  of scripts here that you can buy directly and host   and start your SAAS business now we have a very  important point here in codecanyon a lot of people   is asking about which is a type of license  if you go here as an example to premium url   let's say url shortener let's open this one  to give you an example you can see here if   you want to buy a license we have regular  license and extended license what this means?   if you buy a regular license you will not be  able to use the recurring payment options inside   the script so you will not be able to sell the  script now you will tell me: oh we need to buy   the extended license and the price is somehow high  we can't afford this? no you don't need to do this   in this course i will show you how you can start  with a regular license then when you get some   clients you can buy the extended license with your  profits and scale your business so don't worry but   just understand the concept with a regular license  you can buy the service for yourself but you'll   not get access inside the script to the payment  options and so on how to sell it? i will explain   this later in this course don't worry about  anything but later on if you want to scale up   you will need to buy an extended license if you  are working inside codecanyon scripts okay? so   till now we understood what is SAAS what is micro  SAAS how to build a SAAS we talked about licenses   and code canyon now we are ready to move to the  first main part which is setting up the business   we'll talk about getting the hosting  getting the vps server getting a domain   setting up the scripts and so on okay friends so  now we are ready to host the application to set up   the SAAS business or the SAAS website or the SAAS  script but before we go practically and do this   i want to explain the concept of web hosting and  domains for beginners in just like one minute   so let's make things simple if you go here to and if you buy a script as an  

example or simply if you hired someone to develop  a script for you or maybe you developed one   you know that the script is a set of files let's  do the let's see this let's say this one the bio   links script i will download it and i will go  to my download section here you can see that   the file is a zip file i will copy i will paste  here you can see it's a zip file i will extract   just to show you this so this is the folder  here and you can see in the package the   products it's a set of files and folders it's  a php script so how we can transfer this file   and this folder into a website? into a SAAS script  hosted online and anyone can access publicly?   simply this operation is called web hosting which  means to make things very basic and very simple   for you is copying these files to copy these  files and paste on an online public server   so anyone on the internet can access  these files and access your script   super simple so what we are going to do now is to  copy these files and host them on a public server   if you noticed i said public server so we need  to buy a server we need to get a server to put to   put these files on of course if you are familiar  with web hosting you know we have companies like   bluehost we have hostinger, hostgator, godaddy,  we have a lot of shared hosting services maybe   you'll ask now: can we host a sas script  or a SAAS business on a shared hosting?   i don't prefer it's not recommended to have to  host a SAAS business on a shared hosting because   of manageability and performance you can do this  if you want to test if you want to start it's okay   but later on you need to use a vps server now in  my case today i will be using a company called this company is not a sponsor in  my video it is just i tested it last month   i created a new website I felt it's really  good company, simple to use, fast servers,   somehow cheap and what's really nice it gave me  a link so i can give it to you and get $100 free   credit you can test everything for free you will  get $100 credits for free maybe for one month to   test everything for free so in my other videos i  showed you about contabo about digital ocean about   google cloud about amazon web services i showed  you a lot of companies hostinger bluehost today i   want to show you another company to give you some  more information and maybe you can learn something   new so just sign up to if  you don't have an account sign up but don't forget   to use my link and by the way it's an affiliate  link use it to get hundred dollars free credits   so here in vaulter you can see this plus icon  here after you sign up click on deploy new   server or simply go to instances here and then  you will find deploy new server super simple   select cloud compute then select the region you  want whatever region you can select i will go with   Chicago as an example go down and here in the  application section make sure to go and select   lamp on ubuntu lamp on ubuntu why? when  you install the lamp stack on your server   automatically you will get PHP, apache web server  you will get mysql server all the requirements   will be installed automatically so everything  will be easier when you want to set up the script   select that lamp and then go down select the price  or server size i will go with $10 it's enough   later on when you have more and more clients  you can scale up your server automatically   then go down here and you need to enter your host  name usually the host name will be your domain   name what do i mean by a domain name if you go to  my website as an example you can see my name is my other service is called  and so on this name is the domain name is the   unique brand name for your SAAS business for your  company for your website how to get one? you need   to go to a service where you can buy a domain name  one of the popular services is namecheap where you   can buy a cheap domain simply go to the namecheap  here sign up also and you can find as an example   search for something whatever you want let's say  you are searching for short link services maybe   click on search and go and find a domain where you  can buy i don't know find something cheap $5 or   something to buy it depends on your script on your  business on the on your brand name i don't know   what you want to select in my case i will be using  for this course this service the bio link service   so i bought a domain which is let's go to my  dashboard i bought this domain from namecheap   for the sake of this course i bought  this domain and i will use it for my setup just   copy this domain name that you bought and go back  to your server and select it here in the host name   and click on deploy now super super simple then  in a couple of minutes you will get the server   ready you will see here is running very  simple so buy a server or get a server for free   from vaulter get a domain name if you don't have  one and create a server so now we are ready we   have the architecture we have the base to host our  script on the server you will see now it's somehow   simple we just upload the files and run the setup  it's somehow simple before we host the files and   upload the files to our server we need to do  something called domain name mapping if you see   here this is the server name or our vps server we  have this ip address let's click here and copy it   what is the ip address? it's the unique identifier  of your server the ip of your server i will copy   here and go back to my namecheap account and  enter the ip in my domain so in this way i can   access the server through the name instead of the  ip this is called domain name or domain ip mapping   click here on manage beside your domain if you  are using godaddy or whatever server is the same   concept by the way i explained this also on my  other videos you can check so go here inside   namecheap click on advanced dns settings and then  go down here and select add new record and select   any record in the host say @, @ means pointing to  itself the domain itself and enter the ip address   here super simple click on save changes and now  our domain is pointing to our ip address super   super simple how to verify that the mapping has  finished? because sometimes it takes like one hour   24 hours how to verify this? in your pc just  go here and click on your keyboard or press on   your keyboard the windows button and r to run the  this command run and write cmd the command line   and then simply say ping and enter the domain name enter and you can see now it's pointing  

to this ip address there is a reply from this  address which is perfect our domain now is pointed   also you can test this online just for  information go to a website called   i'm trying my best to give you some tips some  websites some information to will help you when   you're running your online business or managing  anything online go to the pink section here and   enter the domain name here  solve the captcha jf or x click on go   you can see it's pointing to this ip  address what is our server IP?   66 very nice so it's working we pointed our server  to this ip address so now we are ready to host or   to upload the script files to our server again  i will copy this ip address here and i will open   an application called putty we talked about putty  a lot in all my other videos when you host other   scripts and so on putty is a free application it's  called an ssh client which allows you to connect   to any server any linux server and manage it i  will enter the ip address here and click on open   say yes and now say root and we need a password  from where to get the password again inside   vaulter go here go to the server details you  will see the password click on show password   copy it and paste here how to paste it? just  press or click on the right click on your mouse   and the password will be pasted automatically  it will not be shown for security reasons   but it's there don't worry press enter and we  are inside our server very nice we logged into   our server i will say "clear" to clear everything  and now we can run some commands manage the server   don't worry we don't have a lot of comments you  can copy and paste by the way i will show you   that this in a little bit don't worry but this  is how we can connect to our server to manage it   now how to upload files? we are going to use an  application called winscp also it's totally free i   will keep all the links in description below this  is winscp just also paste the ip address copy it   paste it here say root copy the password  super simple enter here and log in   all these applications are totally  free you just need to download them   and use super simple now we are inside our  server folders so now we can drag and drop and   applaaa (pardon my french) and upload files to our  server just go here the var directory var then www   html and here we are going to upload  the files i will delete everything here   "delete" and here we are going to upload the files  how to upload? let's go back to our product you   can see here the product i will select these files  or folders and right-click then add to archive   make sure to zip the files before  you upload to make things faster   because if you upload file by file it will  take a long time so zip the files here okay   just wait a little bit we have this product now  zip i will drag and drop to the server and now   it will be uploaded to our server and it will be  public on the server i think it's super simple   so open winscp zip the files and drag and drop  now i know not everyone will be using this script   maybe you are a developer maybe you hired  someone maybe you downloaded another script   from code canyon it depends on the script you  are using but the operation is almost the same   please always contact the author read the  documentation of the script on how to install   and so on before you do anything and if you  need help you can go to   and open your questions and i will try my best to  help you so here you can see the product zip file   is now on the server very nice the first step we  are going to do here is to get an ssl certificate   for our domain if you go here as an example for  this service my service you can see this lock   here it means the connection is secure you need a  certificate we are going to get a free certificate   with let's encrypt authority totally for free  how? let's see together so go back to vaulter   and you can see here in the documentation  section click on this link here down and then   you will see this guide how to install a free  ssl click on it and we need to run two commands   here we have lamp on apache i will copy  this command here copy go to putty again   you can see here on putty right click on your  mouse we will paste the command and press   enter super simple just wait a little bit  now for the installation to finish ( poetry!) very nice i will clear the screen again run this  command clear to make things simple now go down   you can see this example here i will copy it  copy open notepad before you paste open notepad   and paste inside notepad now remove this one and enter your domain name name here   which is that's simple and enter your  domain here it's in my case your  

your email address anything you want then copy  this you can see it just remove the domain and   change the email copy it and go again to  putty and paste here and enter say "yes" it will tell you "do you want to show  your email address?" i will say no   just wait a little bit and very nice now we have  an ssl certificate for our domain a free ssl for   our domain super simple now we are ready to set  up the script so we get an ssl and we uploaded the   files we need to extract the files only that's  it and we can run the setup then or run the   application so how to extract this? i'll go again  to putty and clear the screen just focus very well   here's only some commands small commands and i  will run this one apt install unzip that's it   enter very nice clear now enter this command  "cd" which stands for change directory then var www.html so now we are inside this directory here  inside the html directory if we list the files ls   for list you will see here  okay how to unzip? simply say unzip super simple enter it will be unzipped  now if we go now and refresh here you will see  

the files was unzipped so we have the script  files on the server let's delete this one the   zipped file and our script is now hosted online  on the vps server let's test this open i will open   a new chrome browser and i will paste this url why install? simply because   we have the folder installed here in the script  as i told you each script each website has its own   type of installation this is why i can't go here  in detail because i think it's a waste of time   to install one script because we have thousands  of scripts we have a lot of scripts on code canyon   maybe you developed your own your own script  maybe you developed your own website maybe   it's a website maybe it's other type  of websites java or whatever so i can't go in   detail now it will be somehow waste of time but  in general in general this is how things work   so you can see here if i run this url you will  see i am inside the bio link's installation so   you have to copy the files to the server and get  an ssl certificate get a vps server map the domain   and you will be in the installation as this one  here you can start the installation and you can   and you need to enter your license your website  url and so on will tell you to go step-by-step   as i told you i can go now step by step because  it's somehow a special script that maybe 90% of   you will not be using so it's a waste of time  to go in detail in this but other thing which   is very important to know is almost all the  scripts all the php scripts requires a database   so i will show you now also how to create a  database for the script okay so you have all   the concepts for installing a script and also  by the way if you go here to my youtube channel and go let's go to my channel here  you will see in my videos i have this video here   "how to host..." or "how to build a full url  short system" i went step-by-step installing  

all the steps in detail if you want to go also  and check this video and learn more about the   web hosting operation it's up to you or if  you want to hire someone to host for you also   it's up to you the idea now the idea is to  host the script online i will show you now   also how to create a database it's somehow  also simple let's go back here and open putty   i will clear everything so how to create a  database? simply go here to documentations   to make things simple for you you will  see here mysql you can login using this   command and you'll find the password in this  location so i will copy this location here copy or or you can go to an scp go back go  back...and then go to root folder you'll see this   my configuration file click on edit and  you'll find the mysql password here i will   copy it or keep it open now  i will go to putty again   and run this command mysql-newroot-p to enter  a password i will copy now this password   like this copy and paste here right click on the  mouse again enter and here we are inside mysql so   we can create a database how to create a database?  simply say create database i will call it db and   add a semicolon enter we created a database super  simple by the way also if you go here to my blog   to make things also easier for you if you go to  my blog and if you go down here to this article open it also another one   i created full guides on how to install php  scripts on any server to make things easier   for you you can go and copy and paste  the commands just go down we have also another guide let me check where it is  this one "how to publish a php website   install code canyon scripts" in detail  step-by-step how to install any php script   on your server you can go here down and follow  up step-by-step getting a vps getting a domain   then link your domains then setting up everything  everything you want will will be here using putty   copying the files creating the database you can  see here create database then create a user for   the database and so on so you can follow up with  these guides step-by-step to continue and set up   any php script on your server i don't want  to waste more time on this i have a lot of   videos about it a lot of guides on my blog if you  need help you can go to and  

maybe you can get someone from fiverr or maybe  contact our services H-educate to set up the   script for you whatever you want this is not  our main goal here my main goal in this course   is to show you how to get your customers because  setting up is somehow simple anyone can do it   anyone can set up a script buy a script and set  up it's super simple so if you go here to my   services again you will see i have  i have as i showed you i have   h-analytics i have a lot of services i installed  them it's somehow simple now we finished the   easier part which is setting up the business  we have now our setup we have our SAAS business   we have this website we have this website we  have this website how we can get our clients?   this is the main part this is the main goal here  how we market our services? this is our core   work here we need to get our first clients and  then scale up to get our first 50 clients then   100 clients and 1,000 clients and so on okay so  now focus very well we have the service hosted   online very nice now we need to go and start  marketing it this is the main part please   focus very well i'm repeating because it's very  important please focus very well now before we   start i have a special giveaway or a gift for you  if you go to my website   you know i provide the service promoting any  business with cpm based native ads it costs $99   and the add-on for creating a banner is $29  five of you will win this service so if you   have a SAAS business or any business you are  running online i will promote it for you for free   and i will create the banners the best banners  that will convert for you also for free five   of you will win this giveaway so if you want to  join it you will find a link in description below   go and click on join and join this giveaway  this is a small gift from me to help you promote   as a beginner as a start up for your SAAS business  okay so this is our gift for today for this course   let's move on now and start with the simplest  strategy to promote your SAAS script if you go   back to my youtube channel i think like 20 days  ago or maybe two weeks ago i published this video   if you are following you remember this video  "how to make money online doing nothing" it's   not a clickbait by the way this the SAAS ag method  what do i mean by this method is selling the SAAS   service as a gig so what you are going to do is to  publish your SAAS script or sorry the SAAS service   as a gig in my case i do this on my website  here if you go back to services i showed this   in that video just to remind you you will see  that i am selling h-analytics, h-socialproof, here on this website as a gig as a  service so someone can buy it from this website   directly and i will create the account for him how  this helps mainly it helps you when you don't have   an extended license so this is very important  for beginners if you if you remember just to   refresh your memory in codecanyon if you go here  to products to my products any script you buy from   code canyon let's say this one you will see it  has two types of licenses regular and extended   you can see the extended somehow usually high  price now this one $2,000 let's pick another one   it's somehow shocking let's see another one like  this one that a SAAS script it's like $400 for   extended license so you can sell this service now  if you get the regular license you will be able to   sell it as a gig as i do here for H-socialproof,  for h-analytics i don't have extended licenses   for i have because i have a lot of  customers but here i don't have extended license   because they are still new so i sell them  as a service as a gig you can go to websites   like and sell it here on fiverr as  a gig sell the account as a gig so when someone   buy the service you will go as an example to  let's say just to show you this in action  

you log into your admin dashboard let's say  someone bought the gig from fiverr you will   create the account for him manually you go to the  admin section and then the user section here you   can create add user and create the user manually  by yourself and give the credentials for the buyer   that's simple so you can sell it as a gig to avoid  buying the extended license as a beginner for the   first time yes later on when you have maybe  10 customers 20 customers you have the money   to afford this you can buy the etended license  and activate the membership inside your service   so this is the basic method to promote a SAAS  service is by selling it as a gig on fiverr and we   talk about fiverr a lot in my freelancing series  you can go there and see how you can publish a gig   how you can promote a gig and do whatever you  want i will keep all the links by the way in   the description below so you can check them okay  so number one as a beginner you can publish this   service as a gig on fiverr or if you have a  website like me i publish it on my own website   because i already have traffic to my website so  number one is publish as a gig and sell it as   a gig number two the second strategy which  is somehow also good for beginners is to list   your SAAS business your product on some SAAS  listing websites number one is   one of the top it's very popular website  where people can submit their applications   and scripts and their SAAS businesses online  so anyone can see them and rank them and so on   you can go here to post and add your SAAS  business also you can go to websites like and submit and sell your script on  appsumo especially if you have some special deals   and appsumo will promote the business for you  and so on the third website is   now of course not all these are free some of  them requires you to get a membership and so on   but i'm listing like 10 websites so you can have  an idea and go and do some research about them and   which fits you the best go and publish your script  on we have  

we have rebellions we have you can  submit your product here we have saasgenius also   you can go here to salesforce appexchange you can  go here to trustpilot now trustpilot is not a SAAS   listing website but it's very good to hol (pardon  my french) to publish your script here your   business here so you can get some good reviews  because a lot of people search for reviews on   websites like trustpilot and they will find your  product on trustpilot also we have like gartner   you can also submit your application they have a  basic plan a premium plan you can check it also if   you want we have a lot of websites you can go here  to google and search for SAAS listing websites and   you will have a lot of websites where you can  list your SAAS business and promote it sometimes   for free and sometimes for a fee depending on  your budget okay so this is number two which is   submitting your SAAS business or your SAAS website  to a SAAS listing sites number three is to create   video tutorials about your application as an  example in my case you can see here i have   this video "are you using this tool?" in  this video i explained in detail the power   of a url shortening service but in a way i'm not  promoting it i'm just explaining the importance   of a url shortening service and inside the video i  mentioned my service and my offers so you can see   i got like 18,000 views it's like 18,000 person  now knew about my service so also youtube is very   important to create videos on talking about your  tools but not in a promotional manner make sure   to give value to explain to people how the tool  will help them in their business how the tool will   help them in their life whatever you are doing  so explain the benefits and give value to people   and inside the video you can mention your tool  and people will know about it then and you may   get some new customers and so on so youtube is  also very important you are not required to go   on camera like me or like other youtubers you  can create tutorials without going on camera of   course it's better if you can go live so you can  build relationship and connect with people and so   on so youtube also is very important place which  is a free platform anyone can upload videos on   and promote your tools on now if you want to learn  about how to create the best youtube videos how   to upload how to tag your videos how to reach more  people how to build your youtube channel and so on   you can check my free videos here on my youtube  channel about growing youtube and getting more   views on youtube so the second method or the third  method sorry is creating tutorials and publishing   on youtube also you can publish the same videos  on facebook on instagram or whatever so the   idea is publishing video tutorials that helps  people understand how the tools will help them   in their business or in their lives or whatever  they are doing okay so number three is publishing   video tutorials number four is creating ebooks if  you go here to my website and then you go here to   my ebook section you will see here i am providing  free ebooks this one "the power of emails" this   one "ultimate affiliate marketing guide" all  are free by the way these are somehow new ebooks   go and download totally for free you don't  need also sign up just click on download   button and you will get the  free ebook totally for free   and learn for free inside the ebooks if you  download let's see this if you download this one and open the guide the pdf guide you will see here  inside the pdf we will have some links so it's a   free ebook full of value but at the same time i  have some links i'm promoting some links as an   example here i'm promoting some affiliate links  if you go down here i am promoting i think here   somewhere yes h-supertools it's here so inside the  ebooks the free ebooks you can promote any service   you are doing so create a free ebook free guide  giving some value a lot of people will download   and learn about your tools i do this using  canva by the way if you go here to my folders   all your folders here i have my ebooks you can see  my two ebooks here canva is really very powerful   super simple to use you can create ebooks easily  it will help you give you a lot of templates just   create the ebook here download as a pdf and start  distributing over the internet and i will talk   about promoting ebooks later on you can see here  on my dashboard if you go to downloads section   i publish the ebooks this month i think and  now you can see i have like 2,000 downloads   here i have 200 downloads this was uploaded  like in like two days ago only you can see in   8/3/2021 i got 200 downloads i will talk about  promoting ebooks later on but the idea is now   is to create an ebook a free guide and publish it  online you can also build your email list with it   at the same time you can tell people about  your SAAS business inside the ebook and get   more traffic and more awareness number five is to  create a free course again you can go to websites   like you can see here i provide some  free courses or even the paid ones like in this   course let's open this course you will see inside  this course i am giving a gift for people here in   the congratulations i think bonus in the bonus  lecture and promoting some tools and you can   see my link script here H-supertools is here  so anyway in this course i am providing a free   membership to my service to my SAAS services now  you may tell me "it's free so how i get my money?"   the idea is giving something a gift for free like  like for six months later on if they use this tool   and they were happy with this tool they will then  extend and buy a premium license from you or buy   a pre membership from you so you can give it as  a gift once inside your courses and then later   on you can turn those into customers on the long  term number six is to create a blog believe me   creating a blog is very very very important  you can see here in my blog i have a lot of   articles inside the articles you can promote  whatever you want as an example here i am   promoting my premium url shortener or how to build  a SAAS business and at the same time i promote my   services on all these articles i mention my  SAAS scripts my websites my applications i   promote anything i want you can see i have  a lot of traffic on my blog i explained in   detail how to build a blog like this on my youtube  channel here if you go again to my youtube channel   to my videos you will see here i explained how to  get traffic in this full free course where is it?   "how to get traffic..." full free course "how  to get traffic to your blog" also i explained   how to build a blog like mine here in this video  "how to create a wordpress blog like h-educate   (step by step)" you can also get this video for  free and watch and learn how to create a blog how   to get traffic and everything else i will keep all  the links by the way in the description so you can   watch them and learn more so also creating a blog  and giving more value to people within your blog   and promoting whatever you want is also very  important and it will help people know about your   service and know about your SAAS business okay  so number six is to create a blog you can see all   these methods are free but requires some work from  your side like one hour two hours a day to create   a blog to create videos courses ebooks and promote  them and share them and so on requires some work   but believe me this business model on the long  term is very important usually SAAS models on   the short term are not so beneficial work hard the  first month the second month third month but after   one year as an example you will have like 200  customers you will have monthly recurring passive   income passive income it's really awesome okay  so number six is creating a blog giving value and   mentioning and promoting your SAAS business number  seven which is one of the best strategies and i   always prefer to go with it and it's  quora is an online Q&A platform where people can   ask questions and answer questions what you  are going to do on quora is answering questions   related to your SAAS business and then promoting  it mentioning the links and telling people about   it in my case you can see here my analytics if  you go to my profile i am on quora for maybe two   or three years now i have a lot of articles here  and by the way i mentioned also on Quora you can   create spaces like i have this space here make  money online here it's my own space it's like my   own group i publish content on it and you can see  today i have like 5.7k followers on this space you   can promote anything you want in this space it's  your own space please go to my youtube channel   also i have a full video here about quora because  it's very important i showed exactly how i got   319,000 views from quora following my eight  secret tips it's very important to follow up   this video also okay you will find somewhere  in the screen here or in the description below   so number seven is utilizing Quora which is very  powerful to promote and get traffic create a space   answer questions follow my secret tips and you  will be successful on quora before we move on to   number eight please let me wear the hat because  somehow cold here and i am somehow sick anyway   so let's continue now with tip number eight  to promote your service which is simply email   signature if you open now my Gmail or Gsuite  account you will see here in the compose   when i want to send an email you can see  i have my websites my website link so also   if you have a business if you have a SAAS business  you can create an email signature like this   one and add to your email so whenever you send an  email everyone who reads the email will see your   signature and see the links in the description  and see the links in your signature and this   and in this way you can promote any link you  want now if you are wondering how to create   such beautiful or simple signature you can simply  go to google and search for email signature   generator we have a lot of free ones i use  hubspot for this just go to email  

signature generator and here you can build  your own signature for free just copy it and   paste in your Gsuite account and by the way it's  preferred to use a Gsuite business email when you   run a business so you look professional so after  you create a signature you copy it and you go   here in your Gsuite account or Gmail account to  settings then go see all settings and then just go   down here you can see the signature section just  paste it here and you will have your signature   inside your email so this is also a simple tip  if you want to promote your links whenever you   send an email and anyone reads your emails let's  move on now to strategy number nine since we are   talking about emails one of the best strategies  is simply email marketing of course i know each   of these strategies requires maybe a full course  to explain in detail and i can't do this somehow   impossible to cover everything in this course it  will be like 10 hours maybe so what i'm going to   do because while i'm recording i felt i need to go  with some deep details and give you more examples   and so on so i'm going to do in this course you  see i listed the strategies of marketing a SAAS   business or marketing any business anyway so  and what i'm going to do later on is i will   get each of these strategies and i will create  a video about it so i can go in deep in detail   about it and be specific in this way i can cover  more details and help you more in promoting your   business online whether it's a SAAS business  or your website or whatever you are promoting   so what is email marketing? simply email marketing  like in my case i am using here convert kit for my   private list you know i mentioned this before  in my videos if i go here to convertkit to my   campaigns show you this you can see i have all  these broadcasts all these campaigns i sent you   can see 31 open rate 31% open rate we have high  and good click through rate you can see here my   statistics and my dashboard we have 11% average  click rate which is really perfect anyway so when   we talk about email marketing we have mainly  two types we have traditional email marketing   and we have cold email marketing what is  traditional email marketing? it's simply to build   your email list how by giving a free lead magnet  so you create a free ebook maybe about something   related to your SAAS business in my example if  you go here to my website   you will see i have some free ebooks an ebook  a free ebook can be used as a lead magnet to   build your email list like this one like this one  about email marketing about affiliate marketing   so when someone downloads the ebook or gets the  ebook i can collect his email then i can send him   a newsletter or a promotional email promoting my  business so you can collect your email list build   your email list and then start sending promotional  emails this is strategy number one number two is   cold mailing in cold mailing we collect targeted  emails as an example we go to websites like   maybe hunter or maybe let's see this i explained this also before in my   prospecting video you can check it here on my  channel you can go here to tools and you can go   and to find email addresses and start searching  for email addresses for specific people to promote   your service for you need to sign in i will  keep the link in the description you can test   this for free if you want anyway so these are  two main strategies traditional email marketing   or newsletters or promotional emails to your  subscribers or sending cold emails and by the way   you can go here to and you will find  an extension i talk about this also in my other   videos you can download this extension and you  will turn your gsuite account into an email   marketing system you can see if i click on compose  you can see the gmass button i can add a lot of   recipients and set the settings like auto follow  up personalize schedule the emails and this plugin   this extension will transform your gmail account  or your gsuite account into a full email marketing   system to send bulk emails or you can simply  go to my website to downloads you will see the   super email sender a free application to send bulk  emails you can download for free and test if you   want so the idea is about sending cold emails to  specific people promoting your service or sending   newsletters and promotional emails for your  subscribers promoting your new SAAS business   or your business okay so this strategy number  nine let's move on now to strategy number ten   let's talk a little bit about paid strategies  number one you can utilize google ads you can   utilize facebook ads, instagram ads, Quora ads and  by the way in my channel here you'll find a lot of   videos about many paid ads network like facebook  like quora like outbrain native ads and much more   you can also check the videos if you want but  as i told you i will create new updated videos   about promoting any service using each of these  strategies so stay tuned and don't forget to   subscribe to my channel and turn on notifications  to get every new update so we can use google ads   facebook ads quora ads instagram ads native ads  and much much more but i want to focus here on   something somehow different like running instagram  shout outs you can go to websites like shout   cart i think cart yes buy shout outs on  social media and here you can connect with   influencers and those influencers will create  a shout out for you on instagram on youtube   and they will promote the service for you  of course as a paid service like maybe $60   like $100 it depends on the influencer his target  audience and so on also you can use video ads on   youtube each one of these topic strategies is  really a full topic requires maybe multiple   courses to explain in detail multiple hours to  explain in detail and i will try my best to create   videos about each of these strategies to help  you promote any business online also you can buy   banner ads what do i mean? you can go to websites  like buysellads like this website and you can buy   an advertisement buy an ad space like maybe for  each 1000 impressions like $5 so you can start for   cheap and try this also try selling or buying ad  spaces on different websites also as an example   you can search for websites similar to your  niche like in my example like searchenginejournal   if you open this website here you can go to  advertise section and if your service is related   to digital marketing and online business like in  my case i can promote on this website which is   which gets like 2 million visits per month i think  like to send a dedicated email create a webinar   log you like using native ads or other types of  ads you can check here on the website so you can   also search on google for websites which gets  traffic and they are related to your niche and   ask them or they may have the advertise section  like in this case like in my case anywhere you can   publish an ad on their website and start getting  traffic and promoting your service with paid   banner ads the last strategy for today which is  also very important is to go to a website called   udimi here you can buy what we  call solo ads what is solo ads? simply   let's log in just to show you this in a simple  way here in the find sellers section in udimi or   udmi i don't know anyway you can find marketers  solo ad marketers what do i mean by this you   tell them let's say this one let's open this  one angelo this person will get you 300 visits   for $249 you can select like only top tier  countries like usa and whatever and you can   see the price will be $279 for 300 visitors so  you can ask one of these marketers and they will   send an email campaign for you or whatever and  they will get for you clicks and visitors to   your SAAS business or your website or whatever  you are promoting and you can get more and more   leads to your website like in this case you can  go here and watch and read the reviews from other   people and see if they are getting sales if  the if this service is good or not and if you   see a good service a good rating and try it if  you want if you have a budget for this you can   also use solo ads i think these 11 strategies is  enough for today i explained like in 30 minutes   these strategies as i told you i'll explain this  later and more details later on on my channel   i hope you enjoyed this course if you have any  questions i will be waiting for you when i when   i publish the video until like five or six hours  after i publish it i will be live on my desktop or   my laptop to answer your questions in the comments  or you can simply go to  

and submit your questions i will be there  almost every day to answer your questions   thank you for following don't forget to join the  giveaway in the description below see you later

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