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MA Food Business Management Webinar

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Hello. And thank you for joining us and for, our webinar today welcome, to the University, of West London today's. Webinar is going to be focusing on our postgraduate, course the masters in food business, management and we're, joined by dr., Amalia, TC army who's an associate professor here at the University, of West London and she's the course leader of the Masters in food business, management and, so we'll kick off with the program, detail shortly and but, first of all I'm just going to provide you with a brief. Introduction, to the University, of West London some of you may be familiar with it some of you may not and my. Name is Helen Carter and I work in the student recruitment team here at the university. Okay. So this is what we're going to cover as I said we'll start with an introduction to the University, I'll then hand over to Amalia, he'll provide to you with course, information and, giving. You information about the entry requirements the course content, some of the corset Eve. Mendell, be the opportunity, to ask some questions so, you'll find that there's a chat function, on the webinar and so, please type in any questions that you have and we will get to answering those towards the end of the webinar. Okay. So in terms of the University, of West London and where, we are located we have two sites within. West London we. Have our Ealing site and at Brentford site the, MA, food business management program will, be based at the Ealing site it's it's within us and London. Geller College, of hospitality, and tourism and. That's based at the Ealing site so your teaching will be there Healing. Is. Really, well connected to central London so it's it's on both the central line the distant, and the district line we also are connected, and by South, Ealing is on the Piccadilly line and as, it says here on the map you'll see it's around about a 30 minute journey to, central London we're. Also at Brentford site is around about a 20 minute journey to Heathrow. Airport so, we're, very well connected to both central, London and local, airports, as you'll see on the screen as well we've got some lovely parks around us we've got goodness Berry Park Lammers, Park Wolpaw Park so. It's a really nice green leafy area there's lots of shops and bars and cafes around as well so, that's just to give you a bit of information about where. We sit, within London. Here, on the screen you'll see some of the, University, of West London ski facts and achievements. So. Ninety-eight percent of our graduates are in employment, or further study six months after graduating, and that's something we're really proud of here at University, and that. Shows obviously, that's reflected in the course content, and the teaching and the facilities, here and, we also have a really, amazing careers, and employability service. Here so they're here to help you with CV. Guidance, applying, for jobs, interview. Guidance, and. All of those sort of key, things. That you'll be wanting when you come to study a postgraduate, degree so they're there as well to provide, you with that guidance and we've, climbed 46, places in The Guardian University, guide over the past two years and we're ranked as the 50th University. Nationally. By the Guardian University guide in 2019. Something. Else that would like to highlight here is that we, have a silver award in the teaching excellence framework a. Consistently. High standing of teaching, and was, recognized, with this awards that's something else that we're really proud of and as a student coming to the University, that's obviously something that you'll, be wanting, from your course you'll want to know that, the.

Teaching. Here is of high quality so, that's reflected in that award we've, recently had over, 150. Million pounds invested, in new equipment and resources, at the University, so if you haven't yet visited us, do. You try and come along and you'll be able to see that the. University, and has, a very modern feel a lot of our facilities, are brand. New and so. We've, got a brand new library it's, a 24-hour, library, transformed. Teaching spaces we've got a simulation, centers here we've also for postgraduate, students got a Savoy, suite which is a dedicated area, specifically, for postgraduate, students. That's based at Ealing site that. Was made possible by a grant from the Savoy Educational, Trust and it. Comprises, of a 50-seat, lecture theatre and. An. Informal breakout area for postgraduate, students. Last. Year as well you'll hear more about this but from Amalia but and we launched, the, Westland. And Food Innovation Lab Somalia, we'll talk more about that. With you later on in the webinar and also. On here you'll see that last year we were shortlisted for The Times Higher University, of the Year award. So, um in, terms of how you can apply for the course so if you listen to this webinar and decides that actually you'd. Like to go ahead and apply for it you just need to submit an application online, all of our applications postgraduate, courses are made online you, need to search, for the course on the website and then. Select, you'll see there's a green apply Now button you, just need to select apply now on. The course page and that will then guide you through the application process when. You do that you'll be asked to provide details, of qualifications, you've obtained details. Of any relevant, work experience you've, undertaken whether, or not that's paid or unpaid and, contact, details of an. Academic and, professional. Referee. And the. Final thing is a personal, statement this is your opportunity to explain why. You want to study this course and why. You think. You. Should be offered. To place on this course so drawing upon your skills and experience that's. A really important part of the application so please make. Sure you submit that and pay attention to. That part. Okay. If you haven't already visited. The University, of West London this is how you can do so so, we do run twice weekly campus, tours we run them on a Tuesday 11 o'clock on a third and on a Thursday, 2 o'clock we, know that not everybody can come and visit us in. The daytime so we also want someone through Anna campus tour late which, runs at 6 o'clock. All. Of our campus tours are run by our student ambassadors so they're a really good opportunity for you to hear. About the University from a student perspective and, ask lots, of questions about, their, experience, at the University, the kind of facilities, they use the teaching, and. The course that they're doing we. Also have. Postgraduate. Open evenings our next one is on Thursday the 20th of June and it runs from 4:00 until 7 o'clock and they're a great opportunity to come and have, a chat with academics. In more detail about the course that you want to study again. See the facilities, have a chat with some current students so if you, can I would advise. Coming along to one of those you can book onto those online. Ok. Just before we hand over to Amalia. And it will be interesting to see, when. For, those of you who have signed, in when you'd like to start your course so I'm just going to launch, a poll in, a moment. You should see. On your screens now and there, should be some a question. When are you hoping to start your course are you looking at 2019, entry 2020. Or 21. I'll just give you a few. Moments to vote. Okay. So I can see a few, of your voters just waiting on a couple. More people. Give. You a few more moments. Okay. So I'm going to end the polling now thank you to everyone that's both tit. And. I'll share the results with you okay, so we can see that, 75%. Of you are looking at 2019, entry so that would be September 2019, and 25%. Of you are looking at 2020, entry if you are looking, at well. For those of you that are looking at 2019, entry we, are now. Accepting. Applications, onto. Our. 2019, entry course so please apply as soon as possible and we'll begin accepting applications, to 2020. Entry. Later on in the year so sort of start looking on the website post September and, then you will be able to apply for the course so, that's great so thank you very much for taking part in that and I'm. Now going to, hand. You over to Amalia, who is going to talk you through the course, content. Hello, wall I'm. A male at this young me and it's.

Great To. Communicate. With you now and give you further information, about the. Course. Oops. We've, got some technical. Issues, here the. Course has, been designed to. With. The year for the industry, in, order, to learn. More about, what. The title. Says it, is business, management course, and it's everything, related. With the foot side of it and it. Has the. Aim to. Make. You well, equipped with, amplitudes, and competencies. Necessary to. Plan manage. But, most appropriately, lead. The development within, the food and catering. Industries. My. Screen, froze, if, you could okay thank you so the specific aims for. This master, it's for you to be able and, link the academic, theory, and and. Practice. And, lead, that food, and hospitality businesses. It will, empower, you, to you. With, the opportunity, to personalize, your link. Making. Specific choices, on the context, of your assessment. And it, will enable you, to approach. Business. Challenges. From the global perspective. To. Integrate, your, academic, and technical. Knowledge, to, solve, situation. From the financial. Commercial. As well as cultural. Standpoint. You. Are going to developed. Perfect. Communication. And organization. Skills and you. Will be able to create innovative, solutions, to champion. And promote, food. Businesses. Either. Your own or. Working. For a food business and develop. Action plans, based. In rigorous, theoretical, frameworks. You. Are going to be supported. By a an. Exceptional. Team, a CAD, as well as as industrialists, we've. Got many. Patrons. Have been. Related. With their college and also. Many, failures, from, alumini. That. Will. Give you good. Networking, opportunities. The. Students, will be able to engage with experts. Within the industry, and world, leading academics. And I will show you some, of. The, events that we've engaged, with with, the industry, it, combines, in an innovative way the academic, rigor and. With. Contemporary. Managerial. And strategic, issues that. Are related with the for, the industry, the, delivery. It's flexible. You. Are going to see later on and the, part-time, and full-time opportunities. But, also it, gives you the opportunity to, choose two. Roads either, with, internship. That will require a, placement. Within the industry that will support, you to find that placement. And/or, the, rotation. Route. So. There, are a lot of options that you will be able to choose with, god DMA food business management, with the dissertation option. That. It's, been delivered, either full-time, and, that, will take you a year to complete, your. Master's, for. Example, if you start in September. 2019. You are going to complete, your masters, in. September. 2020. Usually. The attendance, it's two days per week two, full days per week we'll try to. Put. All the attendance. In those two days. All. Will, be a part-time and, that will take you to ademma, k-- years, to calendar, years actually not academic, calendar. Years in order to complete, the course usually. You have to attend, one. Day per week that will, depend of course with the time tabling issues, of course, we are going to have the, provision. Of the food business management, with the internship. And that, it's been delivered full-time, for, a year and a half your.

Academic. Skills or, the, attendance. Will, occur, for one. Academic year and then. The rest of the half year, that it's extra, you are going to have the placement and in. The food industry. And and it will be the. University will support, you to find such a position and, if. Your, academic. Qualifications. Are not, to. The, level. That we would like you to have then, we can offer the extended, and may food business management, and I will show you the, modules. That. You. Have to attend later on. The. Entry, criteria the, applicants, are expected. To have they related. Almost. Agree to two and above in the relevant field. If. That. Is not, been achieved then. We, are going to look at your elephant, work experience, in the food business or, some. Of the training, that may, happen within, the food business or, you. Can have an the option, of extended. Masters. For. Our international. Applicants. We will be looking, at the equivalent. Entry. Criteria and. Equivalent. Qualifications. But, also we would like to have, here, the, IELTS, score. Would be a, six point. Five or above or other, equivalent. Certificate. And. I. Would like now to run, a work, experience. Pool. I would, like you to submit, your. Work experience. If you've got. Currently. A work, experience within, the hospitality, industry, or. Not. We'll. Be waiting, for a minute, or so for your, responses. And. Any, other, persons. That okay, now we can, we. Can have our post and. You. Can see that currently, from there ten days fifty. Percent they've got a work, experience in the hospitality industry and. Fifty-two. Not, it. Will be the. Masters, will give you an opportunity, to, engage with, the food industry, and. And. Then we'll we'll, see about that later on, all of the applicants. Either, will, be a September, n3 or a January, entry so we've got two entries, for. This masters they're going to attend, a an. Induction, day. Where. You are going to have the opportunity, to meet the course team as, well as. Important. Information, about the university facilities learning.

Services. And. Documentation. Student. Support services, the, library and. So. On. The. Course. I will, look at it from. The dissertation so. The, Masters, food business management with the dissertation option. The, fully time is going to be delivered, within two. Semesters, in semester. One we are going to engage with. Four. Of the modules, and you are going to attend, read the research methods, where, you are going to develop your. Proposal. For your dissertation. Module. Later on and in. Semester, two you are going to have three, modules. The, applied food. Science and product development, food and society, and foodservice operation, analysis, and, you. Are going to continue with your dissertation on. That semester - you. Will work during, the summertime and, more. On that a dissertation, module. In order to submit a September. If your entry, September. Now, if your entry, it's in January, then you're going to start from the semester, to which. You are going to attend all this module, plus the research methods, and then. Once. You finish the semester -, in my May you, are going to start your dissertation and. In, September. You are going to follow the semester, one modules, three, modules, without, the research method, as you will see so, it will be the responsible, file chain management, designing. The customer experience, and business performance analysis. The. Part-time. Course then, it's. Going to have exactly the same delivery. As the full-time but. Now they're going to be delivered. In two academic years they all. The modules so, in the first. Year you, are going to attend two modules, in semester, one business. Performance, analysis. And designing, the customer experience, and in semester, two the other two modules, applied food science and product development, and food, and society, we, will try to have those, modules. Being, delivered in, one day. Preferably. At. The same day for semester. One and semester two and then, in the second. Calendar. Year you are going to have the opportunity and, take their disposable file chain management, research, methods, in semester. One and then it semester two you are going to have the foodservice operation, analysis, and the, dissertation and. To. Complete, your master's, as I, said that we will make. Most. Of our resources, in, order to book. You in the same day, but. Sometimes. That might not be possible so, you will note that in, in, advance. The. Other. Delivery. It is the internship. And, this. Provision. It's being delivered only in full time and not part time basis, so, in, this one in semester, one we are going to have the core. Modules. For. The food. Business management, and, and. Now. You are going to attend, at the organizational. Behavior, theory and practice, which will be related. And relevant, with your internship. In, semester, 2 you, are going to attend the rest of the modules, and this, time you're going to have also research, methods, that it will be a project. Related. With. The industry. An industrial. Project, and then we are going to do your internship, which. Is a, work. Experience, that. Will. Last for, six. Months, it, is 1,200. Are working, hours. And. Then we will support, you to, find. A post. For that a suitable, post for that. They. For, the candidates, that will not have the required. Qualifications. We've. Got the extended. Masters. And that, will be an 18. Months. And. That. Extended, master's is going to have, the. Advanced Study skills, and critical. Thinking, analysis. And the valuation module, which, are quite generic and, those modules should be, delivered. Will be delivered, before, you, take. The. Normal. Or the the. Core modules, for, the food business management, master. Now. We. Can look at individual. Modules. This one it's the responsible, value, chain. Management, and. The. Module. I was written in order to introduce the principles, of supply. Chain management and some, of the associated. Series, you, will look you will analyze the, business. From the economic, social and environmental. Aspect. We. Do invite. Experts. From the industry, at, the last couple of years we've invited, the, sustainable.

Business, Months and from Baxter, story and we, were fortunate to visit the Biddeford, warehouse. As well within the. Remit, of this, module. The next, module. It's the. Business. Performance analysis. Is their company. Financially. Socially and environmentally, sustainable. You. Are going to be equipped with the tools, that are, available in. Order to do certain analysis. And you can. Use. Them in order to critically, compare, a range of food-related businesses. The. Designing. Customer, experience. Will. Addresses. The, unique, opportunities. And. Challenges, that, the food business. Industry. Faces were in designing, the customer experience it, will underpin, by, the sociological. Cultural. And historical, perspectives. Of, the. Food business, management. That determined, the patterns, of the, consumption. And usage. It. Incorporates. Model, and concepts, drawn from the new product, and service, development theories. And. Innovation. Management, forming. A comprehensive, understanding of. The experience, centric, food production, and consumption. The. Following, module, is a module that am delivert, and then you can see that there are lots of photos, from the. Student, Activities, that. Have been taken, in, this module it. Gives you a unique, opportunity. And challenges. That the food industry faces. In. Order to design a. New product, and you will be able to contextualize. The. Theories. From the food science in order to produce an, eco. Innovative. New, product, that. Product, will have to be competitive. And, has. To have a competitive, advantage what. It's been offered. Already. In, the market. We. Invite many people from the industry I can give you some examples, so we can see at the photo at, Helen. Monday, which is the president-elect. Of, the studio food science a technology, that. She gave a presentation. On the food labeling. Aspects. We can see also a, doctor mark Wolfie, which, is the was the, head. Of authenticity, branch. The. Food. Standards Agency, he's. Currently. Retired. And. He talked about the. Food, fraud with. Say we've invited people, from, the big food Thank. You Lucy Patrick. And Sarah waited. For, for, your contributions. The. Students, are. Presenting. Their, products. To. Academic, and their experts, from the industry we've. Got a photo, of, the. Current students. Studying. The. Food. Business management course. And. They.

Also Had the opportunity, to. Enter. To some. Competitions. That, we're going to see later on the. Food and. Society. Module, draws, on disciplines. As a diverse, sociology. Anthropology and, cultural studies, at, one, end and economic. And politics, and agricultural. Sciences of the other and. The. Students, are required to present. Theories. Behind. The. Business. Practices. On on, that and. Very. Challenging. Moderates, the foodservice, operation. Analysis. And this module, will explore the use and application of. A, restaurant. Simulation. Software. And, you. Will be required, to. Challenge. And. Make. That restaurant. A, business. With, profit. And actions. That you have to take in order to have a profitable. Business. At. The end of of, this module, really. Interesting, and fascinating. Aspect. The. Organizational. Behavior theory, and practice, it's modular design. Alongside to, settle outside with, the intercept, module. And. Will. Provide with the initial, necessary. Conceptual. And intellectual. Practical, underpinning. Knowledge to. Prepare, you for your internship. The. Students, are going to be able also, to. Do. They, research, methods, and either. For, the internship, or for the dissertation and. That, will be a. Proposal. That, will. Have a business, or a research. Oriented. Proposal. And if. Your project is. Going to be. Science. Base then. You, will be able to use, the facilities. The, state-of-the-art facilities. From. The, lab. The, for, the West London Food Innovation Lab. I. Will, talk. To you about that, later on but, they does have quite, a lot of, equipment. And, the. Gas chromatography. With mass spectroscopy. For, example, or it, will have the HPLC, and, UV. Detector and. Card, it, has a state-of-the-art. Sensory. Laboratory. That you may be able to use and. State-of-the-art. Rheological. Characterization. Of foods, and then, you can combine the. Development. Of texture. And. Sensory. Association. With the sensory, lab and. Were. Quite pleased, to, say that we. Did support, quite a few companies in, order, to develop their product, and not within, the masters, but. Students. Were engaged, with, some of those companies of the specific, one that I'm going to mention. Which, is the, it, grub you can, see here that we've got the peri-peri crunchy. Roasted, crickets. This. Prada has been launched, to the supermarket, within, the UK, and we've, supported them, in order. To. Develop that product. The. West. London Food Innovation Lab, we. Had the launch the. Official launch, last. Year, and became, open. The the, the, launch and. He's. Been his. Working Candida, biddeford. We. Had many, people from the food industry as, well as, academics. The. Food Lab has three, separate units one. It's the chemistry. Food, chemistry, site one. It's the sensory. Side and, the other one it's the product development, side. This. Year we've. Organized, one, of the activities, it's to organize, a symposium the, nutritional. And, hydration. The. Nutrition, and hydration through, life stages. We. Had. The. Participation of nine, universities. And. Sixteen. Academics. They. Participated. And, the. Issues of food science. Technology. Supported. Also, they event. Quite. Successful. Our master, students presented. Posters. For. The new product, development, in. This symposium. And, hope. That we'll be able to continue, and the.

Provision. Of of. That symposium, and, the future. The. UM, we've got. Also. We, have. Submitted. Applications. To the acutal philia confrontation. The. Students, are some of the students, that they attend. The. Applied, food science and product development, they. They. Could submit their, bait, to the okoto philia and it. Is a competition. That. It's been supported, by the institute, of food science and technology and, compton, bri and, we've. Got here a winning, team. From. The last year for, the bombs really. Proud of their achievement. We. Also encourage, the students, to visit. Conferences. And, this. One it's the Food Matters life, the. Year food the. West London Food Innovation Lab. Participated. In the last three years and you can, see here the participants. Dear, students. To. Engage with. The, activities, and it's a great opportunity to. Attend. Quite. A lot of research. And, academic. Development. Within. The remit of the nutrition. And hydration we. Also have. Access and. We. Promote, the importance, of nutrition and hydration. To. Local. Nursing. Homes, and, and, and hospitals. And here, it's one of those visits. That we had in in those local. Facilities. Or provisions. It. Is quite important. To link. Education. With the, industry, and make. Those activities. So. I. Hope, that you will be able and engage with the activities, that. We. Have. As. A, chair. Of the, Institute of Food Science and, Technology. Southeast brand I would like to invite you and join, this. Professional. Organization. We. Also have opportunities, to. See. Or. Attend, closer. To. The. Care home research. That we are currently. Working, on. And. Other. Research, activities. With the industry, I have to say. The. Majority, for students, would have the opportunity to. Engage with employers, and. Network, and the. Modules. That will, provide a variety of subjects. Within, the food industry. And. Will. Support. You, with. Opportunities to. Network, and. Identify. Potential, career. Opportunities. The. Dissertation module. Will support. You to improve, your research skills and, underpaint. That career, related. Information, as well, as the internship. In order, to support. To, support you and have the opportunity, to work and. Reflect. On the information that you can get from the industry, the, University. Career Service. Well. We'll. Be. Able to provide, that. Support. As well. We, are expecting, our students, to be. Able and, get these managerial, positions, within the, food and hospitality sector. With. Other, food, service provider, with, the manufacturers. And product development. Businesses. We've. Got quite a few examples, that. From. Our graduates. All. They. Can be engaged, with there some environmental. And societal. Pressure. Groups, they, could be related also with food, and health organizations, and. I. Hope, that you've, enjoyed the. Webinar. And. I, would like to thank you for attending and. We're. Ready to take I'm ready to take some of the questions that you may have. Okay. Thank you very much Amalia, and we have got a few questions here so I'm just going to have a look at those and read them out um so. I'll just open this one up here okay so this one is from an anonymous attendee. Can. You, just sort of asked how is the organizational. Behavior, theory and practice, module assessed, ie, is it exams coursework, or both, all. Of the modules. There. Are. Assignments. It's. Good.

Don't Have any exams if it's that, the specific, question, who would like to ask. We've. Got assignments, we've got poster presentations. We've. Got group presentations. And. Reflective. Practice, with, God portfolio. Submission. So. The organizational. Behavior, it will be a presentation, and, I believe that it's a group, presentation. And then it's the assignment, a click. Rate I think Somali. I hope that answers your question, we've. Also got so we've got Harpreet here and has, said and I think this was when we were asking about work experience and, we, did the poll about whether or not people had, some work experience in the hospitality industry. So Harpreet said that they've, set up their own baked, goods business called Joe's brownies. That. Specializes, in. Home. Aids laxmi, brownies, and is so, that. Sounds great and is that the kind of work. On. Your, business, so. Okay. Great I hope that answers, your question and has, clarified some of the queries that you have regarding work experience, and if, you have, any more questions please type them in the chat function, myself. And Amalia will be happy to answer them I just. Want to go back as well to. Get. A bring emolia's contact details up if that's okay with you so if you do have any questions and, cause. Specific questions, so I'm just going right back to the start we've, got here. Okay. There we go so, emolia's. Contact details are there so you can see her email address and her telephone number and so. If you do have any questions about the course then please do contact. As. I said we also do have our postgraduate open evening which is on the 20th, of June and as. Well as campus tours we do have a virtual tour. On the website if you want to have a look at some of the facilities. Just. From your device then please do that and it, doesn't look like we, have got any, more, questions coming through and so. Yes thank you very much for participating Thank, You Amalia for talking, you about the course and yeah, and we, hope, to see you at the University of West London soon thank. You bye.

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