Luck Is NOT a Strategy | WeeklyVee 002

Luck Is NOT a Strategy | WeeklyVee 002

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Find. Out on this week, levy you. Do, not love losing, you, lost. What. Advice do you have for people when it comes to to starting, and especially if they're met with negativity, that they're told no this is something that you can't do learn, to love to lose. Like. That's the whole punchline, of everything I believe in I love, losing here's. Why if, I. Went, at 16 to start a charity to raise 40,000, and I didn't they. Were right and I. Appreciate, the experience of that, loss. I. Adore. Losing cuz it's fair, you. Actually talked, a big game and, you. Were wrong you were naive and young. And you, deserve that loss I love, how you smile, talking, about losing I I you, know I'm sure if we look back at all my content, like I I'm, I'm. Not excited, about winning like, I said why I even, jumped in and said no no I don't relate with that right. I relate. With loosing, I like, underdogs I like. I can, watch a sporting, event that I have no vested interest in come. In start. Rooting for the underdog, and then. As the underdogs winning and it looks like they're gonna win reverse, back to rooting for the favorite like I'm always rooting for whoever's in the worst spot here's. My thing if anybody. Has one, that. Comes, from your circumstance. You. Then have to acknowledge that it's possible, people. Deploy. Things like luck of course look you, you were adopted like, I was born in the Soviet Union and was able to immigrate to America during, this one small window where, out of hundreds of millions of people you, know 300,000. Were able to leave during, that era of course. But everything's. Of course like when people like you're lucky I'm like you're lucky you're born four. Hundred trillion to one for you to be human like where do you want to start this lucky. Like, my. Big thing is that we Internet, has, created a world that far. Exceeds. The opportunities, that we've ever seen my. Big thing is do you want to dwell an, excuse. Your way through life or, do you want to become. Accountable. And optimistic. Your way through life to me accountability. And optimism is, just far more interesting, and more, challenging.

And More. Worthwhile, and, less, regretful. When you're 90 then, blame, and. Excuses. And, complaining. And crying about it ultimately. Because nobody's listening to you cry you, think they are you. You know maybe your mom maybe, some other losing, crying, player but. Like like by the way and I hope everybody hears me very clear that. Doesn't. Dismiss. The fact that white. Males in America that are born into high-net-worth. Organizations. Families. Families. Don't, have a financial. Advantage. I would, argue that from. What I've observed a, lot, of those people, end up losing because. They started. With the advantage, and that, is what made them soft or. Insecure. Which. Led to their losing, even, though they may have some more stuff people like when I talk about this people like yeah well look, at their stuff or look how they live I'm like but they're not happy like do you want a Mercedes, and you're deeply unhappy and doing cocaine, to escape your problems, or, do you want a Honda, and be pumped, and a lot of people answer Mercedes, and unhappy because they're fucking stupid. Because. They don't have that right now and they think but, like you, know like think about how many times in life you said if I only and then when you get there it's not as delicious as you thought I. Said. This morning G you know you had this time that Jesus got dumped his podcast and then the rest of the day was just a lot of client stuff that we were named with a film so. What I'm actually in do right now is kind of walk you through his. Day on Instagram, what. He posted and kind of why I was posted, so, we, typically do like two videos. One in the morning one a night then two images in between if you've got note if you guys notice we consistently probably post like four times a day, the, the Monday morning video we always try to make it like a very strong piece of content and, the one that we posted this, Monday at 1.3 million we. Kind of knew it would hit over a million just, because we have some sort of testing that we do with all content, before we put it on his page so he can feel confident about when, we have a good video why.

We're Posting it the, next thing that he posted was a Twitter, style image again. This was also tested, on another platform we. Probably tests, like five to ten images a day and then picked the top two and put those on Instagram, so this is the one that he picked it's. A simple, Twitter style BSU you guys have seen a lot of those and we're seeing good performance out of them so we're continuing to kind of try to ride, that wave and. Then this one was kind of interesting so in. The afternoon he posted a throwback, picture of himself so. He's definitely still involved, in like what content we're posting, it's. Not just us completely feeding him everything he'll, go over hope he'll post his own stuff and, this one he's actually resting. On D rock which is always something, that he likes to do always performs pretty well so, you guys remember this one he, did that all himself found, it shot it posted a still very involved and. Then, later that night he's. Gonna roll to the national, title game takes the picture with AJ and. We're gonna run that footage right now so hope you enjoy that's. A bit of the process and on, the championship game. What's. Up weekly vlog weekly. V whatever the fuck we're calling it it's Tuesday 1202, the reasonable grumpy is I was in the national championship, game last night then, went out and did. Some work with AJ, for Vayner sports got. Home to the hotel at 3:00 was. Supposed to have a. 5:20. A.m. alarm. Set I swore, I said it I'm pretty consistent, I've been doing this for over a decade but somehow. It didn't happen hotel. Rings. It's 6:05. My, flights, done, boarding. At 6:45. I'm in the bed at 6:05, the. Airport is 27. Minutes away so. I, started you know obviously rushed. The fuck out of the hotel, get. To the, car, drive. There's, a fucking, accident. Which. Like, kind of killed any of my prayers of like him driving a hundred miles an hour which, I didn't necessarily recommend, but and. Some. Have big shout-out to clear if, you don't clear the airport that. Fucking thing saved me today because there was no other flights there was no other connecting, like. I'd be in New Orleans right now with. My whole day fuck got. On the field after LSU. Won last night that was ridiculous, there's some content I'm sure you probably just saw I don't know how they montage this shit now that we do week leave me but if that was yesterday I said I'll let you, guys figure that out now in a meeting with a Jim. Zane may Andy. Talking. About segmentation, within community the texting platform, have, a bunch of meetings today. Internal. Shit. Ecommerce. Capabilities. Staffing. Issues. CEO.

Life. Oh. What's, good bro I'm about to do a carousel. I'm about to do a carousel, post on my Instagram, with, the guys that we've signed so far so I'm gonna screenshot, us. Talking, on FaceTime. So. Look pretty bro look pretty bro you better look pretty bro. No. Man hey listen I'm so excited to announce man I'm. Gonna tack I'm I'm, gonna text this uh these, these photos, to you to if you want to post on your glam, hit me up when you need me okay. Gotcha. Bro bye. Come. On Johnson. That's. JaJuan Johnson we, just announced him former, Penn State receiver. Transferred, to Oregon we've got the game-winning, first down in the Rose Bowl this year we. Just announced him really, good wide receiving prospect, good yep four Vayner sports even. Better he's such a great kid and two, great programs like Penn State and Oregon all the kids in the locker room, no this is a real guy so, like who he chose to like go professional, with there's a really big look for AJ and some big big get for AJ. This. Is AJ's first year is certified not a fun fun fact that a lot, of people who follow me don't realize is that AJ. Was. More in the position as me the, last two, and a half three years of doing or just being the executive, CEO like running it but, this last year he, decided to get certified, because, a lot of the kids wanted to go with him and. Know, no negativity, to the agents we have on our squad they just were more connected to AJ and then would go other places because. They felt a little more connected to the agent and the agent that we had and so we just thought there was an arbitrage day or so Jay. Became certified. Okay. That's. Why you're doing here thank. You. That. Was a photo for, the. Agency, of the year both. Best places to work perfect. I don't. Know what it was but yeah we're, winning a lot of words here at Vayner so. Which. One Dirac. Which. One. Me. And what, what. About this. Erica. Is, it funny Oh. Spiral. Oh it's. Viral guys. Yes. What, a. Weekly be real quick because I know we're now doing a whole new thing I'm sure Caleb's you're gonna use like some, quick little you, know clips from this this is my best friend Brandon who runs Wine Library yes, he makes the appearance in the blog that I'm so happy you. Made it prints in the sports, card episode together this is as good as it gets. Wednesday. 100. Faces of cab. By. The way weekly, beef you not sign up for wine text like Caleb I want you to like post produce like cover my face here wine text calm now, just like I was saying to Caleb may be use that clip being, signed up for a mint does not do me any favors it cost us two cents or something to send a text but if you buy wine on the internet if you buy wine on the internet and you, couldn't sue my content, which is free and. You. Like me in any shape or form it is massively, important to me that you sign up for my text it is literally the single best way to buy wine.

What. Were you asking for the weekly be big nose when you say there's a big nose on this aromatically. Has. A. Massive. Nose. Like. You can smell you can smell stuff. Like. You can like either smell this you, can smell, like. And and, so like what you're just smelling one wine right now but if we had 50 wines here and you smelled them all some, have huge aromatics, some don't know different than a deodorant, think. Of deodorant if, you went to the store right now I know some deodorants you just open and it's, super aromatic, you can smell a lot and some just seem kind, of chill especially the new fuckin like you, know super, like healthy shit. That's. What I mean. Perfume. Some is subtle some is over-the-top, big. Nose ah. Is. Is, the CMO on, a call right now with Andre yes, okay I need to be on that so everybody needs a week. I. Think she's already on the call. Okay. Amazing, thank you thank. You thank. You so much. Robert. Just. One thing I noticed you went from I have no idea whether Nene was before but it was something obviously completely different, and then you just very quickly went into that phone call into, like a total, mode of like like, sales, but, in like I don't know it just seemed it's, just interesting and I think like people watching are probably curious like how you go from that switch so, fast yeah, I think I think I'm very good at putting things in compartments, like and I'm very quickly I have a lot of things in my head and I'm able to transition, into. The context and tone and tenor and you're right and I think what we should challenge ourselves to do I would, have. Austria. Or. Nick. Or Marcus. Watch that video right now and I think you should be about 37. Things but, I think we should show people that because I don't think people understand, there's that version of me too and I think that could bring you guys a lot of value and I think you, know we need to challenge ourselves with weekly V to be this new great thing and I think one of the ways to do is to show you more but, it's gonna require me to beep 27. Or 40 words just now so you don't know who that was or what's, important. Things that nature but, you can see what I'm about reason, I reached out and thank. You so much for being so responsive, is you. Know Andre and I always kind of like yeah as you can imagine you've been around the block any time you have nice, conversations or, good vibes or value. Somebody you're, it's always circling in our world on the, on as, a client service, provider of like is you, know okay. Is there ever a time to have a conversation with, that potential, client.

Again How. To and I think what's helped, us build something meaningful, is I think we're less pants on fire we try to reach, out if we ever reach out because, we shortly. Know that they'll reach out if they've thinking, about us if we have something to offer and I think we've. Got a really big breakthrough, at vaynermedia, you. Know we have, remote spots, so, our AOR creative work is exploding, our media business is getting, close to person. Spend but. 2019, was a year where we realized a ton of people wanted. To work with us but. The politics, of you know first of all we are shop that does median creative under one roof which, as you know as a pro already. Is an interesting dynamic because usually that means to agencies, and the sandbox. Are being, you. Know it. Touches, their their worlds, and then, and then number two. You. Know and kind. Of what I think hurt us a little bit with we're, doing ad hoc you. Know proposals, going. Back to ad. Hoc proposal, there's like a one, a five and a ten million dollar fee. Sphere. That, ends up you, know maybe causing sticker, shock or things in this nature and then that's one micro example there was a hundred fifty examples of ad hoc, scope. Work that just didn't work so we. Created, we. Wanted to see us this week and literally. Created more new business, book. Revenue, in the first week of the year than we did all of last year and and. Now you think yes graduate, thank you and here's how we've, made it very clear to people that are creative strategy product, is a. Person. Team that starts a fee. And that can be creative, and social a aware or that can be your AOR and then. Why. I'm really calling you because. I'm not necessarily intuitively. Feeling that's the world we're talking about we, created seven, consulting. Products, what, we call side dishes they're. Like. Our products, that, we deem internally, as steel. Our brains and build, it internally, or give it to the agencies, you work with and that, our thinking is so progressive and, so right that, that in itself has karma, points or becomes, Li Jen in the future and I, I have.

Always Felt like great vibes towards, you and recognized, without, us really talking that you know just by the actions, like okay it's not it doesn't fit just this yet but, I'm unbelievably. Excited, about. Some. Of the consulting, products we've created and I can see, based on your business from afar and just being crafty, that, two or three might be valuable, and. I wanted you to be educated about them so that was that's really the context. Okay. So that phone call I, happen, to be on the other end of the the call with the client and all I can say is that Gary is such a master, at being on the move and getting, right to the point and understanding. Where a client is immediately. And. Then the other great thing is that he hands it off to the rest of us to to kind of bring, it home if you will so, he sets things up he engages with people in very real ways you, can tell that he's a human being first there, are no CEOs, that. Can run at the pace that he does but. To connect. As, a real human being and that's why I love working with him that's why all of us love working with him and that's frankly why our clients love working with them too I think, the other thing is that he's just the master, of all marketing, he. Talked about the way that we're starting to productize, a lot of our the things that we're doing in the consulting, world and that's because of his background he loves to as he says put things in containers, we. Even have a menu, now, that's you, know that sort of celebrates, a New Jersey style, approach to consulting, who has that. But yeah it's really great to be to. Be alongside him and innovating, everyday and. Learning from him in all kinds of ways. I. Like. Things that come easy I actually. Do it's a very intricate like. It's this is why I think I talked so much about strengths, I like, the things that come easy to me for, most people they're not a robot and could work 22 hours in a day like I did yesterday, like, and by the way I think everyone, should sleep 7, 8 and 9 hours yesterday serendipitously. Because I went to the national championship, game and got to go with the fucking champion. LSE players to the club if, you're in the sports representation, business you're fuckin in this business they're like and then my alarm didn't go off and like fucking all sorts of shit happen tonight punchline. Is most. People can't do that I have, natural energy. So. I'm leaning into my natural energy some people are pretty dustin. Like i don't know how that being, a pretty like liz but you know the advantage of that. Hey. Guys i'm dustin the. One that Gary was talking to, during. The podcast. Gary. Likes to really involve his whoever's, with him pretty much recording, into. His content, a lot of times, but. I'm also trying, to coordinate. A podcast, which, is live, and, I'm. In my own little zone and when he kicked he catches me off guard so this time it was a really. Caught me off guard because I thought he was looking at me to say something serious and then he said something weird. Joke, about my looks yeah. Really. I really, think I'm wrapping this up there's no way look there's a look I do, I believe, that people. Listening who are gonna be like I'm gonna do that too I do not believe that everyone was given the same group, of talents, I do. Think, that we should all challenge, ourselves to, be self-aware and try to figure out, the.

Talents, And then. If we're lucky that those talents match something, we're interested in doing we, have to go pop committed, to that. What. What's. Today. It. Was Tuesday. What. Up vlog. 717. In the morning. The. Moon's out like what. I'm. On my way. Big. Fucking one. Big. Fucking Wednesday. You're, asking me what I'm doing right now I'm. Sitting on the line. Waiting for a very senior executive, from a potential client I. Have. To give them some sensitive, information so, I should, like to deliver that myself in verbal. Form not in written form context. Gets lost on email and text, so, to, me face to face is number one voice is number two when. I have to give a contextual. Piece. Of information that could either be very exciting, potentially. Negative I think, people underestimate the, seven minute call in a 20/20, environment, and use. Technology, to. Disguise. Themselves in the conversation, they don't actually want to have which, sometimes compounds, a double negative because, the context, of the bad news is lost. In the text. I. Got. To be in the zone thank, you though I. Also. Don't like how the split screens are doing performing, wise I, think. We gotta test them no, wooden ribs doing now video. For, the most part for. Like a year or tubes stayed in a pocket, whereas. Right now back. To back videos could be like 1.2. Million and the next one could be two hundred thousand it makes me feel like they're doing a better job you know like I don't like what everything's, in the same pocket that just feels like you know mad like I would love the algorithms, to get widely. Tight give. Me four million when I deserve it give me forty thousand when I don't doing, the right thing is always the right thing. I learned, like I said obviously. You're. Doing you're doing you're, doing strategic, spec. Work, I do it all the time they. Give you $200,000 to give a speech if somebody calls me right now and says can you speak in Alabama. Let alone the Javits Center and I like the audience and I think it's worth it I do, it every day people. Are too literal. Everyone's. Transactional. But, you what you're doing what I'm doing maybe we have the advantages of coming from very low places and, you know don't value, our theoretical, time, or energy like, other via I don't know what it is but it's very clear to me that, the biggest things are people that are thinking for me we're playing chess. Everybody. Else is playing checkers, so, we, had a holiday party he helped us produce it we bartered, I was, gonna jam with him at the party but I got caught up with something and so, I just needed to. Deliver. On what I said which is if you do this for us and produce this 10, year holiday party I'll spend some time and like really, jam with you and like. I gotta, go fast erupt I'm not not yet. Hello, scary how are you. So. There's, this guy dude, would sign you, know post a little like homeless, son kind, of photos on. His Instagram you know I've gone pretty viral and stuff and like one of the things that we'd like to do here on the team is, you know find, these trending, moments, identify, them and find ways that we can you know give our fresh take on it so as you can see here we kind of had Gary doing you know his whole spiel holding up a sign and, this. Could post like. Dramatically. Just like. Destroyed. And crushed it on histogram our best-performing post of all time. 750. K likes. Before. That I, think the the, max likes was like 300 and 370. K or something like that like, an Ipsy photo or something like that and this. Just like destroyed, it as you, can see I'm. Like over, here you know working super hard on coming. Up with like quote images for you guys and you, know, nothing. I'm going to do is ever going to beat that so you know I'm kind of defeated a little bit but it's all good, but yeah it was a great, post we had a blast doing it if. You guys got any more ideas of things like that that we should do please, let us know drop it in the comments, and yeah. That's, about it. So. I'm here with my homies Caleb do you rock Jason mind the camera Lu. Aka. Frank, we're, waiting on Gary right now to get out of a. Meeting. We're. Gonna film we're, gonna take. Basically. Three piece of content three pieces of Stills and an intro for this and hopefully. Under. 90. Seconds I. Really, took four, we're. Gonna squeeze it in because Gary's leaving, after this and they's not coming back today its, flying to Vegas, so.

We're Gonna try to squeeze it in we'll see what happens. Here, enjoy. Hmm, what'd you. Get. The little women. Find. Out on this weekly. Big. Cool. See. Okay. I'll check yo. Holy. Shit somehow we just required like two three maybe four pieces of content in the matter of like 30 seconds, real quick before gay had to run to another meeting David. Rock fucking, crushed it, Jason crushed it Jon crushed it Lou crushed it, we'll. See if I crushed it. Today's. Friday I'm, in Vegas about to give a speech to the hearing. And. We're. About to launch the first. Which. I'm excited about that we. Recorded. Yesterday's first shot show, called. Interrupted. By Jeremy which I'm excited, and. I'm. Sorry listen to this guy we, are forcing, vlog. Of them really enjoying this process. Are. You editing this one for him awesome. Some, good content this week yesterday I didn't I should have done a selfie buddy on the plane. And. You got a little bit some of the meetings right you see if I have any, anyway. That's where we got blog really. Hacking at this we're really passionate to, bring you value and. Hopefully we will continue to do that. Three. Four minutes away from the talk what, I do in talks is really, think about who the audience is, and I reverse engineering I have a huge advantage because I've grown up in retail I've, worked in you know SMB, a small business kind of entrepreneurial, and I've worked, for the last 10 Beckett 10 years with you, know fortune 500, companies I've worked in Silicon Valley global. I read. Comments so, one, of the things that really works for me is I talk about the State of the Union of the. World and then, I filter, it through the, context. Thank, you. My, friends lieth, in right. This second, right, this second as we sit here today I am a day trader of attention, I, like. Vine when vines big I like to snapchat when snapchats, big I like, tick-tock when tik toks big I didn't, talk about LinkedIn at all, now I talk about it every day all, I do is look where there's an arbitrage, right this second, LinkedIn, the platform, that, you think is just your business profile, has, become a content platform and it, is acting, like Facebook, did in 2011, there's.

A Stunning, amount of people on it if, you've. Been to your LinkedIn recently and if you haven't please do the content, is no longer just business it is absolutely everything people's, opinions what they're eating exercise. Hips why it, has become Facebook. The. Organic. Reach meaning. You don't even have a LinkedIn, account you. Start an account for your retail store for, your store forget about you for your store and you. Start posting content, and, people. Will see it without. You paying for them to see it because, the it's just supply and demand the, attention, on the platform, is greater. That content. That people are making the, biggest mistake that people make when it comes to marketing, is they decide, a platform. Is not, for them. You. Decide your customers, not on there you, decide that, tick, tock is not for you right now because, that's for 12 to 15 year old girls and you're targeting 65. Year old males let's, just say what. You don't understand, is how communication, and marketing actually, works which. Is if you're thoughtful, enough about the content, you make and you make a sweet little funny video of a, 15 year old and a grandpa, interacting. It can, bring awareness for you the, lack of creativity, or thoughtfulness, or understanding, of human behavior has. Led so many to. Not innovate, or execute, the. Costs, are remarkably. Love, LinkedIn. Scares. Me how inexpensive, it is but. Are you the kind of organization. That is, willing to make seven, pieces of content, LinkedIn add a, half. This room doesn't make seven pieces of content for social media a year. They. Take whatever this organization, sends them and they just post it and think something's gonna happen. My. Friends I don't know what you're thinking but no matter how remarkable. This three generation, family businesses. That makes the best products, if you are not paying attention to what technology, is doing to. Your industry you're. Putting your head in the sand and you're gonna let a tidal wave run you over period. The. World is not going backwards, technology. And innovation doesn't, care about how you want, it to be you. Must. Become a, practitioner. In. Communications. Because, what the internet is doing my friends it is commoditizing. Everything. But, the ability to communicate don't. Get it twisted it's, happened, and how, you want, it to be isn't. Gonna change that. Thank. You. For. - what's. Good bro. You. Can. Get. Anywhere the best, I. Appreciate. Is that dude thank you amazing, thank you thank, you. Mood. For some rants listen, when I talk about kindness, being, the foundation, of business, success, a lot, of people the comment section DMS hit me up with the concept, of Gary, you're wrong I'm so kind and people walk all over me this, is a shout out this, is a call of action this, is a question. To the humans that say you're. Wrong I always, get walked all over I, want. To ask you a simple question when. You perceive. That. Your giving is, that. You giving, something. With. The, expectation. That something happens, like. Are you like grabbing, Tyler's, coffee every day but really what you wanted to do is promote you and when he doesn't you're like oh I didn't, ask you to get that coffee on the way were, you doing, something kind. Because. You expected, something in return that. In, the English language is, called manipulation. Kindness. Giving. Is giving. And being kind with. Zero. Double. Zero. Expectations. In. Return. It's. An original thought because it comes from your filter.

What. Else yeah yeah but the angle that comes from I actually think all thoughts are original for that nature so alright let's go ahead. Knowledge. Is learned but, wisdom is earned, yeah. I under that's something. Punchline. Being experience, fuckin matters as, like, I was, a rock you know 20 I'm just facetiming a football flatter my brother and I have a sports, representation, business, when. I was 22, and you heard my story on stage right now I was wizkid it's real I had I was, an entrepreneurial. Talent. The. 44, year old version of me right now shit's on that kid and I thought that kid was unstoppable, right right yes, experience. Matters, however, raw. Talent, is raw talent me at 22. Destroys. Tons of 44, year olds who have plenty of experience they. Just don't have as much talent as I did and they don't put it into action which, is part of the talent execution. On business, when you think a soldier. Yes. But. You've never walked in those boots, that's. The wisdom and the wisdom you have the nose that is dangerous. Like. For example when I thank, someone that's more gratitude. Of the acknowledgment. Of what. That's enabling, me to view in. The state that's, right which, is the same way I think about my talents, have enabled thousands. And hundreds, of hundreds, of thousands of people of a shift of mindset tens, of thousands people in economic, earning it's like you, know we all play our parts yeah, you know everyone plays their part in society Rod, Stewart so, hey I wish I knew. Everybody. Wishes that. I'll. Be honest with you I'm unemotional. About how. The variations. Of sentences, are, you. Know to, me. Say. Well. I went. To a meeting with potential. Client went big hotel groups here in Vegas. And. I'm excited that Weekly B is showing more parts. Of that than you make going, from a dynamic, meeting around eSports, and Minnesota, rocker team and hang, out with some of the you, know players in the eSports landscape - boom gimme cab get, over to a top executive. To. See. If there's some business for Boehner X that's the Galleria Media Group pier well 137, p.m. or, vaynermedia. Or the Sasha group or tracer. Like. Lemon that Boehner next name. Yo. So I, don't. Know if you guys remember airport Gary's but he's back up, today's. Episode just. Had a great meeting with a bunch of senior executives at. A very large hotel group. Sunshine. In the background Jason and I Jason. And I did it in a nice little trip, you, know d-roc know Caleb Jason and I and just. A good week I hope you guys enjoyed the episode a lot going on.

What's. Good bro, just. Through this banana. On the ground instead of banana I tried that throat from, where I was before to. There but, it missed so. Even. Bananas. In. The fucking Street. This. Rock-paper-scissors. Shoot, Rock Paper, Scissors shoot. Paper. Scissors shoot, rock paper scissor shoot. The. First line of the book is I. Started. Thinking about my hands, that, was my first mistake boom, you're in man. I'm. In you you're you said boom you're in a little too far we did I hundredth, of a beat I would have been more in. There's. No clip really. Alex. Do you know what just happened I. Just. Asked them to turn on the lights without knowing you did. Yeah. This is Wednesday. I'm. Sorry. Here. In this gym, that. Britney Spears shit baby Britney's. Always back motherfucker. You. Know what that reference was you're. Fired. If. You don't follow me on tick-tock fuck you hate. On Jared, and I are here I don't know why the fuck you're not, sure. What's up from it I heard, you soon, so, this thousand just came for I'm uh just. Sat down and played war. Which. Is a highly skilled this game in the casino if you don't know walk in from my talk one. A quick 700, it was when I felt it and put 500 when I got down if, I got up and down I got a nice that was the high. There's. No I mean jiggly. Be just got up he was molasses, you. Know people. People get faster. Yo. Good. Wake. On that. I did. Not say if you're if you were 67, year old Rick in here and you're. Listening and you're like okay, I'm gonna let my niece do, that for, us I did not say that Rick. Yes. Where. Are you Rick. I've. Been talking to you the whole time brother I, knew. You were here Rick. I've. Been looking at you for a fucking decade, Rick. Jason. Where are you Jason. Get. Up go to Rick pic, we've. Been talking about him for 10 years, people. That follow my content, my EULA generally, use Rick and Sally please. Jason, faster, Rick has a question I mean. You're 25 years old Jason. You.

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