Lou Dobbs Tonight 4/27/18 | Fox Business April 27,2018

Lou Dobbs Tonight 4/27/18 | Fox Business April 27,2018

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Good. Evening everybody I'm David Asman in, for Lou Dobbs our top stories, tonight the, house Intel, committee says there was no collusion between, the Trump campaign, and Russia the, heavily redacted final, report of the panel's investigation. Is being hailed as a, victory by President, Trump we'll talk about the need to end the special, council witch hunt with former Utah congressman, jason Chaffetz coming. Right up also, president. Trump's bold global. Leadership leading, to historic, breakthroughs, the, leaders of north and south korea come face-to-face and, commit to ending the Korean War and bargaining. Denuclearization. And, the, president's it's now a German, Chancellor Angela Merkel and, makes a strong, call for balancing, trade and ending, the disastrous, Iran deal will, discuss, the ascendancy, of the Trump doctrine with foreign policy expert Walid, Phares all, that and more coming up, our. Top story tonight a series. Of political victories, capping, off a momentous, week for the trump presidency, possible. Peace on the Korean Peninsula and, no, collusion in the Russian investigation, Fox, News chief White House correspondent John. Roberts, has our report, David. Good evening it sure looked like a watershed, moment the, leaders of north and south korea, smiling. Laughing embracing. But the question, tonight as the, world taken a step closer to peace as a result, of that meeting or is, this just another North, Korean, deception. President. Trump began his day with the US Olympic team a perfect, segue to talk about the potential breakthrough on North Korea I want to express my, hope that, all of the people of Korea North. Korea and South can someday live in harmony prosperity. And peace and. It. Looks like it could happen but the US has heard talk of concessions. Before, only to get played by North Korea meeting, with German Chancellor Angela Merkel today president, Trump said this time feels different I don't think he's playing and you know it's never gone like this it's never gone this far I don't think it's ever had this enthusiasm, for somebody. For them wanting, to make a deal and yeah I agree the United States has been played beautifully, like a fiddle, because. You had a different kind of a leader we're not gonna be played okay, we're gonna hopefully make a deal if we don't that's fine, president, Trump today announced the list of possible, locations for a summit has been narrowed down to two the. President making it clear until, he sees concrete, actions from Kim sanctions. Will remain we, will not repeat. The, mistake of past, administrations. Maximum. Pressure will continue, until. Denuclearization. Occurs. In. The Oval Office President, Trump also weighing in today on the final Republican report, from the House Intelligence Committee the, major finding, when asked directly none, of the interviewed, witnesses provided. Evidence of collusion, coordination. Or conspiracy, between. The Trump campaign, and the Russian government the report was very powerful, very strong there was no collusion between the Trump campaign, and the.

Russian. People. As. I've. Said many times before I've, always said there was no collision but what we really should do is get on with our lives and get on with a lot of things Democrats, called it a rushed, job only, meant to deflect attention away, from the Trump campaign, that's basically a kindergarten, report, it. Was a light once-over the, report did cite what had called ill-advised. Contact. With WikiLeaks by, Trump associates, and highlighted. The June 6 meeting Donald Trump jr. had with Russian attorney Natalia vessel Nats kaya today. A new revelation from vessel Nets kaya she, was a government, informant for Russia's prosecutor general. Democrats. Left on that one what we have seen of her contacts, within. The Russian government as. Well, as, her. Persistence, in terms, of one of Putin's top priorities, would indicate this, is not a solo, agent this is someone working on behalf the Kremlin the president's, meetings with Angela, Merkel didn't, have the camaraderie at, the McCrone visit, earlier this week but uncomfortable moments, like the aborted, handshake, of their last visit were avoided, the two leaders quite cordial in their, joint news conference Merkel. Indicating, Germany is open, to reducing, its trade surplus, with the US and acknowledging. The Iran nuclear deal isn't perfect, that more action, is needed come. And why this agreement, is, anything, but perfect it will not solve all the problems with Yvonne it is one piece of the mosaic one building, block if you like on which we can build, up this structure and the president couldn't resist taking another, shot at James Comey today zeroing. In on commis interview, with Brett fair last night so did you leak other things through mr. Richmond yeah like I was I'm smiling Brendan I don't consider what I did with mr. Richmond a leak I told him about an unclassified conversation. With the president you said in the memos I said. I don't do sneaky things I, don't leak I don't do weasel, moves but. I mean. We can argue what a leak is but that's illegal isn't it it's not President, Trump tweeting, today James, Comey, can't define what a leak is he, illegally leaked, classified information, but, doesn't, understand, what he did or how serious it is he lied all over the place to cover it up he's either very sick, or very dumb and the president's, personal attorney, Michael, Cohen winning, a significant, victory in, court today a judge in Los Angeles granting. A 90 day stay in the stormy Daniels civil, suit, Daniel's attorney Michael avenatti said that he will immediately appeal. Beginning, early next week to. The Ninth Circuit Court, of Appeals. David. John, Roberts, thank you very much our first guest here to discuss commis lying leaking, and a lot more joining, me now former.

Republican, Congressman from Utah, jason, Chaffetz he is a fox business, contributor. Congressman. There's still a lot to unpack, about. Bret bear's interview, with James Comey I, want to focus in for a second, here we're gonna play a sound bite and I get you to react to it to an amazing. To me admission of ignorance, on Colby's part as. To who, funded. The Trump dossier let me play the soundbite and then get your reaction go ahead, when. Did you learn that the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign had funded, Christopher, Steele's work yeah I still don't know that for a fact what, do you mean I've, only seen it in the media I never knew exactly, which, Democrats, had funded, and it was funded first by Republicans, of the dollar I'm. Sorry that's not true that the dossier, that Christopher, Steele worked on was funded by Republican, my understanding, was his work started, fun by Oppo. Rio sapo research funded, by republicans, at, a free, beacon and, said. That they had glenn simpson infusion gps on, a kind of a retainer, but, they did not fund the Christopher, Steele memo, or the dossier that was, initiated, by Democrats, now. Jason. It's extraordinary, to me that a guy who used, the Trump dossier, to get a FISA warrant who, paid the author of the. Trump dossier, thousands, of dollars, didn't. Know where it originated. Isn't it isn't it strange to you. Well. It really is stunning because it goes to the heart of the problem that this dossier was. Used to obtain a warrant to spy on Americans and. At the FBI at the various highest levels director, Comey whose signature, is required to, do these types of things still. To this day is pleading, ignorance and, not knowing it's really one of the first core questions, you had to ask is, what. Is the genesis, of this and who paid for it and for him to continue, to plead ignorance I, think doubles, down on the on the allegation. That he did had no control of what was going on well it's a question, I think of whether it's pure ignorance or, willful. Ignorance I mean it's it's not only it was, not only clear now as, to who who funded, it there, been revelations, in the Washington Post and elsewhere elsewhere, but way back in October six, months ago the free beacon, to, which Bret made reference, said, specifically. Because remember Kobe said in the interview that, Republicans.

Started The investigation. Focusing. On the free beacon the free beacon had no knowledge of or connection. To the, steel dossier, did not pay for the dossier never, had contact with knowledge. Of or provided, payment, for any work performed. By Christopher. Steele with all this out there and that, and that very, clear, clarification. From the free beacon how could he make. That mistake thinking, that Republicans, were behind the steel dossier I. Don't. Know for. Him to just it he has to know that this question is coming up it has been central, to a. Lot, of allegations against. Director Comey and the FBI for a month this was not a surprise question, I thought Brett Baird did an exceptional, interview. But, this should not have been a mysterious. Question, and again if you're, using that dossier, to spy, on Americans it's, the one of the first questions, you have to ask and it's in him it's. Just so fundamentally. Wrong and so duplicitous, it, just it's, where people lose faith in the FBI and in director Comey now John Roberts mentioned. Natalia. Vasil, it's kaya I always get to have trouble, pronouncing the last name but she's the Russian lawyer who, met with Donald, Trump jr. she, kind of lured him into a meeting suggesting. She. Had information. But. What is not mentioned in, in, the, hill which was the publication. That acknowledged. That she's been spying for the Russians since, 2012. Is the fact that before and, after. That, meeting with Donald Trump jr. this. Woman, met with fusion, GPS, that is to say she was, meeting with both the Democratic, operatives, and the, Republican, operatives at the same time clearly, the Russians were just spreading bait around trying, to lure both, sides in I. Think. The report is clear that look meeting. With this person was a mistake shouldn't have happened you, know it's 20 minutes out of a campaign that lasts more than a year but, nevertheless there's. Still no evidence of any sort of collusion, or deal making or, subversion. Here, and even, all this flailing, the Democrats, even today some of the the the pieces that you played in the the piece just before, the quotes I heard what. Evidence did the Democrats, have to justify. Continuing. To beat this drum there is no evidence at this point well and again the evidence, I would suggest is. Much closer to the to the Russians working with Democratic, operatives, like fusion GPS, which. The Democratic, Party and Hillary campaign played, paid, millions, of dollars to to, get, information clearly, steel was was, using, people, like VESA, Celaya, or however you pronounce her name in order to get information she, was working with the Russians if there was collusion it was with the Democrats. It. Is absolutely. Documented. You to go back and look at mark Elias, who was the general counsel, who was involved from the DNC, the, Democratic, National Committee the Hillary Clinton campaign, what, they did with with against. Bernie Sanders, by the way not. Related. To the Russia instance but this guy has been in the center of this and then the millions, of dollars that flows overseas, to. Do what is actual collusion, and, that's that, doesn't get nearly the reporting, in the neck mainstream, media that it should it's mind-boggling, I'll be fascinated, years from now to read historical, accounts, of this era to see how it all works out jason, chaffetz it's good to see you my friend thank you have a good weekend coming, up next president Trump leading efforts to denuclearize, North, Korea, after, years of inaction, by, previous, presidents I. Think. I have a responsibility. I think other presidents, should have done it I think. The responsibility, has fallen on the shoulders of the, President. Of the United States and I think we have I, think I have a responsibility, to see if I can do it, we. Take up the push for peace in North Korea with foreign policy expert, Walid Phares right, after this. Enough. President. Trump today vowing, to maintain. Maximum, pressure, on North Korea just hours after Kim jong-un and South Korean president, moons historic. Peace on it. We. Seek a future of peace prosperity and, harmony, for the whole Korean, Peninsula, unlocking, not. Only a brighter future for the people of Korea but for the people of the world. However. In pursuit of that goal we, will not repeat. The, mistake of past administration's. Maximum. Pressure will continue, until. Denuclearization. Occurs. Joining. Me now is author and Fox Business foreign, policy expert dr. Walid, Phares. Good, to see you well he thank, you - how do we verify. Whether. Or not this guy who was it was a murderous, thug I, mean let's be frank about it and. He doesn't keep his word and, you can't expect a person who murders his own family, to keep his word how do you verify that he's getting rid of the news, it's.

Gonna Be very difficult very complex, but it is feasible, the, idea, here is to, understand, that North Korea has, flipped. Towards a different direction but, it does not mean that they have the Kim. On dictator, has basically, let go of everything all the cards my. Measurement, basically, is going to be not. Just that, the war has ceased not, just these great pictures that we can see now on video of the meetings of the two leaders and there'll be other meetings, maybe the South leadership. Was going to visit the North soon but when, citizens, from North Korea, will, be allowed to visit South, Korea in. The opposite as well that would be the actual measurement, because it is remember, what happened between East and West Germany in. 1989, 1990. It was that flow that, really created the change and then the collapse of East, Germany by the way when, you see this the South Korean leader grabbing, the hand or maybe it was the other way around Kim, grabbing, his hand I don't, know if I'd want to touch this guy's here I mean this is a guy who uses poison, quite frequently, I don't, think he'd be beyond you. Know attaching, a little bit of plastic to his hand and then putting some poison on the outside I, may, sound paranoid, but with somebody like this I think it's, it be hooves you to be a little paranoid no of, course. And who else other than the South Koreans, who have suffered a lot in addition, to the people of North Korea from that behavior, but at the same time South, Koreans, believe that. Now is an opportunity for them to be able to not not really trust the, northern regime but also to push, them for change well and certainly the president doesn't doesn't trust him that he's going to make sure that we verify and John Bolton definitely. Doesn't trust him he too and Mike Pompeo has all the details as former CIA chief so we've never been better prepared I'm just wondering beyond the denuclearization, which. Of course is is is the goal and we, continue, to keep the squeeze on until we reach that goal but how about right away to. Make sure there are no more otto warmbier that is to release all the Americans held by North Korea that. Should come first the. United States has the obligation that the president will do I think everything, he can back, by Congress, to you, know to have our interests, first secured, and then, obviously comes, the normalization, which is going to be a pretty long period of time before, denuclearization. I don't think that young young is, gonna say well I'll Dino, clear your eyes and they will see the rest it's gonna be the other way around, so what I make sure that we are normalizing, releasing. Of prisoners, everything, we need to have and then, we engage in the tougher one and you know what we're what we're getting to is really the Trump doctrine, with regard to foreign policy which is is that you don't trust, the promises anymore you trust the action, right absolutely. As a matter of fact I remember, during the campaign I was foreign policy advisor South. Korean, diplomats, would come and see me and they were they were afraid they were panicking, at, the idea that a trump, administration basically, gonna be abandoning, them so, I told them no they're gonna be negotiations, and I'm sure those diplomats, today are verifying, what we told them 2016. Now moving the Trump doctrine to the situation, with Iran of course we have both. The French leader and the German leader here this week trying to convince Donald. Trump to keep the, the Iran deal intact.

Despite, The fact that that that they, have received all, sorts of goodies a hundred billion dollars worth of goodies more, than that even know that, they are clearly. Somehow, you know how money is fungible you can find a, moving it around so that it's not directly, funding a nuclear program but, indirectly, is right oh absolutely, I, mean with the money which, was already transferred. Under the Obama, administration, with the Europeans, but also something else now. Their, markets, are open to companies. And these companies in Europe mostly are putting a lot of pressure on the government's there to, maintain them in the Iran. Deal what. The United States needs to do basically, be firm on the issue that we need to withdraw at the same time offer these are our conditions, condition, number one making sure that, there are no missiles, and this is something that the Iran regime will, not commit to I believe but you know there was it there was a phrase that the Obama administration used called snap act we snap back the the. Sanctions, put them back into place if if the Iranians, go against, what the deal outlines. Clearly, there's not going to be any step back I mean you know with all due deference to, president. Trump's new friend in France I, don't. Think the French businesses. Are gonna are gonna snap back into sanctions. If the Iranians violate anything do you nobody. Will snap back I mean this is a lot of money and, besides this doctrine, is a little bit to, be questioned because you snap back it's everything if everything, is stable. If Iran. Was an island and you know if he G Island you could do that but Iran has already expanded, to Iraq to Syria to, Lebanon to Yemen so even, next series. Of sanctions I'm not gonna give us the same result so Walid what I'm thinking is that's. Gonna happen they're gonna tear up the treaty or at least Donald Trump is don't you think that's gonna be the end result, I think, the first option in his head is this let's see what happens okay. We, will all see what happens Walid Phares great, to see you thank you very much for being here thank you very much tonight's. Poll do you believe special counsel Muller should, follow the house intelligence, committees, lead an end is nearly year-long Russia. Probe and, so far has uncovered no, evidence, zero, of, collusion cast, your vote on Twitter at Lou, Dobbs and follow Lou on Twitter at Lou Dobbs like. Him on Facebook, and follow them on Instagram at. Lou, Dobbs tonight coming up next a caravan, of Central, American, migrants only. Hours away from breaching the US border we're gonna be bringing you the latest with a full rig or from, Tijuana, right, after this. Hundreds. Of Central, Americans, have amassed on our southern border with a goal of seeking asylum, Fox, News national correspondent William, la jeunesse is south, of the border in Tijuana with our report. Several. Hundred Central American immigrants gather at a shelter in Tijuana preparing. To request asylum, in the u.s.. Cartels. Don't let us live in peace in our country fleeing. Violence alone is not supposed, to be a ticket into the US but effectively, it is.

We. Are still waiting they're, going to come and get us they're going to take us to do a questionnaire. With the attorneys, to get more information but. We haven't done that yet this weekend American lawyers will advise the refugees, on how asylum, works many will be detained for months however. Other than that there is a long legal process, whether, it be in detention or outside, of the tension participating, a caravan does not give you any additional, legal rights if you illegally enter, our country you will be referred for prosecution but. These immigrants, are not entering. Illegally. The law says asylum, seekers have the right to, a fair hearing before, an immigration judge should. They have a credible fear of returning, home, we. Had assassination. Threats from the drug cartels, so that's why we had to leave because the drug cartels are everywhere. The. Caravan plans to march to the San Diego port of entry Sunday, but already the plaza is full of Mexican, citizens making. Nearly identical claims, I don't I mean they don't mean they killed our family, that's why we're fleeing from our hometown that's, why we're here these Mexicans, from cartel, ridden states have waited four days to get an asylum interview. We've. Been here for four days we were hungry we were cold yesterday, there were no asylums, no one got in yesterday, they returned 30 people lawyers. Say passing, that initial, credible, fear interview is, not difficult that gets these immigrants, into an already overcrowded. Detention. System where women children and non criminals, have a good chance of being released and critics, say unless you change the law or add more judges, it seems like this will, continue, David. William, la jeunesse thank you we'll have more the caravan coming up meanwhile President Trump putting North and South Korea on the path to peace well now some Trump supporters, are calling, on the Nobel, Prize Committee to. Take notice will. It ever happen we're, going to talk about that with our panel coming next. I'm. David Asman in for Lou Dobbs well Republican, Congressman Luke Messer launching, an effort to nominate, President Trump for, a Nobel, Peace Prize for his role in the North and South Korean, peace talks Messer. Saying in a statement quote we, are seeing unprecedented. Progress toward, peace and it's a direct result of president, Trump's strong, leadership. Now you'll recall President, Obama received, a Peace Prize in, 2009.

That, Was just eight months, into his first term something, that even Obama himself joked. About joining. Me now is Gina 'loudened she is a member of the Trump media advisory, board and a former Trump campaign, surrogate, and radio talk show host Dom Jordana, well Gina I wouldn't hold my breath for this would you. No. I wouldn't, but it should, we shouldn't have to. Know. That, this president probably won't, get it simply because of politics. And political differences when you know Obama himself like you said practically, admitted that all he had to do is get out of bed after eight months of pregnant a pregnancy, presidency, oh my goodness, and. Get, the Nobel Peace Prize but certainly certainly, Donald Trump deserves it for the strides he's made in this world and I mean, there have been precedence. Of presidents. Getting, Nobel, Peace Prizes presidents. That that, didn't necessarily correspond. With the the. Notions, or the ideals, that the Nobel Peace Prize Committee was set up for. Well. If all, goes well with the summit and all that and if we see some of the signs David, that we're seeing play out today if, North. Korea, shockingly. Would denuclearize. I think that's worthy of several, Nobel Peace Prizes I am, still stunned, at the methodology. That Trump is using walking. This line between keeping, us out of intervention, ISM and yet, at the same time making. Progress with the North Koreans, for example, it's an amazing, line being walks of it is extraordinary, in Jena what is, it additionally, extraordinary, is how off-putting. It is to our enemies, that, is you think of somebody like Kim who rather, than getting diplomatic. Talk once. Once, we receive, all the garbage that he throws out at us he gets tough talk my my nuclear button is a lot bigger than yours and then, you. Get the turn around and say hey look I'm willing to talk to you in person I mean these he, must be scared it if he had. Us figured out and now he doesn't. It's. The quintessential, trumpian. Art of the deal and the reason a lot of people voted for this president in the first place he also doesn't, take the stereotypical. Ideas. That that have sort of always been the way that things were handled you know either either we completely do nothing like Obama with North Korea or you, know the John McCain or the Warhawk you know we go, in and we do something dramatic he's, kind of taken this middle road and he's done it a few times and kind of rewritten, the playbook entirely, and, this, is what a master, negotiator does, this is what he's known for and he's doing a good job of it and while as, a result, of that he, may be worthy, of getting a Peace Prize you know I think back. From. My perspective I think back to Yasser Arafat, when Yasir Arafat the, man responsible. For modern-day. Terrorism, received the Nobel, Peace Prize and, then, went on of course after, he received, it to to encourage, and and perhaps had literally had blood in his hands from other terrorist acts I realized. That from then on I mean any talk of the. Peace Prize was nonsense by the way the guy in the right there there's a guy sir Arafat on the Left that's, laid up toe on the right he was a North Vietnamese politician. Who received one jointly. With, Henry Kissinger the, thing after these two guys got it was a joke don't you agree, well. It is and David, you know what's sad to me I liken, this to the same thing with the UN when I was growing up the UN we went to New York with the UN we, had these hopes for it and we, saw it in an innocent, kind of way versus. Today it's worth the, worse than worthless it's. The same thing with the Nobel Peace Prize this used to really mean something, and they've. So tarnished, it the politics, of it this, is a big time honor we need to restore, honors. That actually, means something. Because I think they're helpful they do get politicians, and others to want to work toward that instead. It's just another political, sort of thing that goes on with these well Gina what what matters, to Donald Trump is not the accolades, he gets but the results, that he gets and I think that's one of the reasons that Americans.

Voted For him and I believe, even with all the rhetoric that you hear and all the polls that you read that say there's going to be a blue wave in November that the American, people they when they see the, results whether, it's on the economic front or. On the diplomatic front they're, gonna buy into the results. It's. All about results for President Trump that's all he's known his entire life and career are, what, kind of results can I get out of the last negotiation, so that I can move on to the next negotiation, it's, amazing, especially David, when you consider that he's, accomplished, almost, 70 percent of, his campaign, promises already. In a year and a half with really zero, help from, the media the. Establishment. And certainly, no help from the contrary. I. Would say there's been a negative into campaign you look at the Russian for the Russia probe, you. Add that of course to the to the regular. Media, harping. On anything that they think is improper, incorrect and what he does whether he's tweeting or whatever but, the Russia probe in particular it received, a setback today, with the house Intel saying there was no collusion, but. Already the, the liberal media is saying that this is no good because it's a Republican, control committee will, this house Intel. Conclusion. Have any effect, at all on, mr.. Muller and his investigation. No. No, and no none of that matters, tomorrow I think everybody that's reasonable. Understands, that and it, does have a good, effect for president Trump in that it gives him a talking, point to continue, to bring this up and David, the only thing, that I worry about what President Trump, again, this gets to what we're talking about negotiating, etc, closing, a deal and moving on in Washington. Particularly, with moer there's not resolution, he. Has to accept that more and I know for a guy like that direct, accent, check the box we're gonna move on to the things the American people want done that's very difficult. But, that's what this is about it's not about anything real, so, Gina how long do we have to wait I mean what happens, if a year from now the molar investigations, still going on right.

How, Many tens of millions, of taxpayer, dollars David. Are going to satisfy, the, Democrats, and the the witch hunters, that, they finally carried, out a full investigation I mean at what maybe, we should make them set their own markers, because right now I think they're only marker, is to try to find or make up something that the President did maybe even if it's just a sin of omission it's time to end it and even, Democrats are saying so now and and yeah I just want to stick with you Gina and then I'll get Bob coming this. Is why I'm against, a second special, council I know a lot of folks in Congress Jim Jordan and others say we need one to investigate the. Investigators. But. Anything. I think anything. Originating. From inside. The swamp inside the beltway itself, is gonna, end up bad what. Do you think, you. Make a great point David, it's very savvy and it's it's it's honest, because we've seen how far all of this corruption goes it is much deeper than I even thought and I was one of those full on board to vote them all out get them all out vote in a maverick someone, like you know Trump who's a maverick to get them gone to clean to drain that swamp but even I didn't realize how deep it is and we see more every single day so you may be right about that Tom a second, counsel quickly I don't, think I think, there's a fear that that this will expand, into something like mulher what, do you think yes. I agree with you and one of the reasons is this it's not just about power and Democrats, and all that people, like mower you're in the spotlight David. Right the longer this goes on the more you're, in the center ring and that's what these people live for in addition, to the agenda that's right powers addictive Gina Loudon and Don Giordano, good to see you both thank you very much. Devoted. Tonight's poll do you believe special council Muller should follow the house Intel committees lead and end his nearly year-long Russia, probe that, is so far uncovered, zero, evidence, of collusion cast, your vote on twitter at lou dobbs coming up the, Trump administration planning. To defend the border, as a caravan. Of Central Americans, prepare to enter the country this weekend we, take up the president urgent, call for increased border security, that's next.

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