Lou Dobbs Tonight 4/12/18 | Lou Dobbs Fox Business April 12, 2018

Lou Dobbs Tonight 4/12/18 | Lou Dobbs Fox Business April 12, 2018

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Good. Evening everybody these are the top stories President, Trump today surprising. Many with. His order to top economic, and trade advisors, to, look into whether the United States might be able to join the now 11. Nation free trade organization. Known as the, trans-pacific, partnership a. Reversal. Of the president's, campaign promise. And his, order last year to withdraw from the TPP a, reversal. That would glide, in the hearts of corporatists, and globalist, elites, and dismay. The America, first advocates. Of balanced. Reciprocal. Fair trade one. Of the White House officials, the president, task to that challenge National. Economic Council director Larry, Kudlow he, joins us here tonight also. Secretary. Of State designate, and CIA director Mike Pompeo. Today. Signaled, he'll take a hard, line on Russia during. Senate, confirmation. Hearings. Today Pompeyo. Became, the first US. Official, to reveal that, American, forces killed, hundreds, of Russians in Syria. Vladimir. Putin has not yet received the message that's officially, and we need to continue to work at that in Syria. Now a handful, of weeks ago the, Russians met their match a couple, hundred Russians were killed. And. The. White House says no final, decision, has been made on whether to strike Syria, again, President. Trump today tweeted, this, an attack, could be quote, very. Soon are not so soon at all we'll, take up the Trump doctrine, and what will likely. Be the direction for the United States in Syria. Former, Trump strategist, dr. Sebastian Gorka, joins, us tonight and here to discuss the Ryan, retirement. And mounting calls for, him to surrender the speaker's gavel now. Not, 9 months from now but now, prominent. Republican, Congressman, Jim Jordan will. Also be talking about the Muller witch-hunt, and intensifying. Calls to fire the corrupt leadership, of the, Justice Department, and, be I our. Top story a free-for-all. Between, American. Middle class and. The globalists, who apparently still, hold sway over an administration. Whose, greatest successes, have, all been the result of this, president, who has kept not broken his promises, the, president ordering his administration. To take a fresh look at the, trans-pacific. Partnership, putting. His chief economic, adviser Larry Kudlow and Trade, Representative. Robert light Heiser in charge. Of examining, whether it makes sense for the United States to, rejoin, that trade, deal proposed, by the Obama administration. As a counterweight, to China's, rapidly, growing economic. And geopolitical power. Joining. Us now to talk about the, what's now called at TP P 11 the, comprehensive. And progressive, agreement, for the trans-pacific, partnership signed. March, 8 in Santiago. Chile as well, as the entire Trump, economic, agenda, we're, pleased to have with us tonight Larry Kudlow he's director, of the National Economic Council, Larry. I don't, think people could have been more shocked than, to hear that the President had ordered an examination, of.

The. Possibility. Of getting back into the. TPP. Well. Look it's he's, taken another look at it there's no decisions, have been made he. Made these assignments, today he. Was meeting with, senators. And House members from, various agriculture. States look. There's a lot of concern about, exports. And market openings, and I, don't know whether TPP. Is going to come out we. Haven't even started our deliberations. Yet but, you know you, can say it's bad and I think that as it exists now it is bad and I think the president was right to pull out I'll have any trouble with that but, going forward maybe, it can be approved maybe, not maybe, it will have market, openings, for our exports, maybe, not maybe, it will reduce trade, barriers for. Us maybe, not I think we're gonna take a fresh look at it Lou and look one of the goals here has to be economic. Growth rising. Wages, and rising, jobs just like every other aspect, of the, Trump program, so we'll see I can't, make any conclusions. Yet you know the president, blames forth I thought, a a brilliant. Fundamental. Perspective. And that, is that you cannot point to a single, one, of these multilateral. So-called. Free trade agreements, Larry and say. You, know this resulted, in a trade surplus for the United, States that'll, last for the next ten years or that. Didn't result in a deficit, we, have had 50. Years of trade. Deficits. In this country where, a debtor nation, in perpetuity, as we stand now without, the leadership of President Trump that would have been the case he's. Given us a way forward with bilateral, trade agreements and making. Certain that trade is bilateral. It, is reciprocal, it, is mutual. It is, balance. That. Can't happen in a multilateral. Agreement at least it hasn't yet, well. Look I think the president, is very uncomfortable, with these multilateral, deals. I think he's probably right right, he much prefers bilateral. Deals no question about it we're, making some progress on, NAFTA. I think that's a good thing if it works out is hope we're, going to be meeting with Japan a summit, meeting in, Florida, next, week there, might be some bilateral potential. There whether, that rolls through I mean he's got China we're, working on that things. Look a little better. They. Know they have to toe the line in a number of areas so, I'm just saying he's, in a mood to take a look at these things but everybody. Knows these things have to be in America's. Interest and everybody, knows that these things have to be pro-growth, with, respect to our economy, and presumably, other economies, and you. Know you can't, have unfair trading practices you. Can't have illegal, trading practices that's, the big gripe, with respect, to what China either they'll change or they won't well we'll say take a look at what has happened as a result in. My judgment, of the, president's, overtures. Specifically. The President Xi Jinping if, we could put up that full screen on his, statements, just this week in which, he is responding. To the. President's, hard, line on, fair. Trade not. Not. Free trade not, another multilateral. Agreement but talking specifically. On the, issue of China, he, this is what presidential, said the. China. Relied. In the past on creating. Favorable policies. For itself we. Will have to rely on improving. Our investment, environment we will increase our alignment, with international, rules which. Means follow them and our intellectual, property. Protection. I mean those are extraordinary. Extraordinary. Steps, forward, four, or China don't you agree I do, look.

We've Seen some of this before Liu, and it hasn't worked out but, there's, been a lot of acrimony between the, two Claire I've got a I've got a I've got a disagree with it we, have never seen, China, China's. Leader, put. Forward the statements, that acknowledges. That what it is done in the past is wrong it is, not part of its future and that, it will be opening, its economy, I've never. Seen that, okay. I don't want to quarrel with you on that point some, of the trade advisors here think we've seen this before, well the advisors, that have said them be, that is just a wonderful memory and I I salute, them all right. Look there, was a positive response, by, Xi and a positive, response by, the president, I think that's a good thing if China. Is think it's a great thing I mean I not see the problem with being optimistic based on what. We see happening, between these two leaders in the positions, are taking, I've. Neither do I all right so if they, follow, through on you. Know theft, of intellectual, property that's, got to stop forced. Technology. Changes, that's. Got to stop trade. Barriers, and tariffs, that has to stop, so yeah we, now know that, there may be some cooperative, discussions. And on, the whole that, could be a very, good thing look, the trick here Lou I think you. Have to trust, but you have to verify okay, I learn that from Ronald Reagan so that's the course Iran now this, thing could be very positive this, could be very pro-growth, this could solve a lot of problems but. We, have to be very careful, particularly, on the technology, side Lou, we have what they want we, have advanced, technologies, it's the backbone, of our economy we. Have innovators, we have entrepreneurs. China, as until. Recently stolen. Much. Of this and created. Conditions whether, it's in China or here in America, where people will pirate, technology, and bring it back to China we can't have that that's, why we have a tough line the. Globalists. The so-called free traders, who kept promising Americans. That there was that, international, trade isn't a zero-sum game and yet we look at a thirteen trillion dollar external, debt we, look at perpetual. Trade. Deficits, we, look at the theft, of 300 billion dollars, in intellectual. Property every, year but the Chinese and is that just me as they're, telling me that we can't have that. Well. Yeah I'm not, yes, that's my position I don't know it sounds like we agree so, I'll leave it at that we do agree and and, what I find fascinating is, that for the President to eat them even, contemplate, one of these multilateral. Agreements. Suggests, that again somehow. Globalist. And the, globalist. Elites of Wall Street and the, US, multinationals all, 150. Of them who, are. Just, absolutely, dependent. Upon, the. Utility. That we call free trade which is really. Gotham Erica look the President himself, regards. Himself as a free trader let me just take that out and he. Believes strongly the. Reason, to try to end these, unfair, and illegal trading, practices is, to get to a free trade but the president, regards, himself Larry, Hazlett as, a fair trader he, has called for balanced, reciprocal. Trade low-entry. Look. Whatever I've spoken, to many times I'm just reflecting his, own views but, the. Reason is you're reflecting, this is the man I think is on the TPP, this, is the man who just put, forward if you like slow. If you let me finish the statement you and I have known each other a long time okay give me a chance here to put it on I will give you an I would opportunity, I would appreciate that. Reservation. All, right thank you sir now all I'm saying is, free. Trade can be very good if it is in fact free, and fair, we. Have to remove these not agreement that is that has been free in which there are no clear rules.

The, Whole history, of the, post-war, period is that, the growth of international. Trade has been a very good thing for all. The countries involved however. In recent, decades and I will agree with this in recent decades, trade. Laws have been broken trade. Practices, have turned illegal, and unfair and China, is perhaps the, greatest problem. You, know don't blame Trump I'm saying to people blame China they're the ones who started this and the whole world now wants, China to change policies. And so if I say to you free, trade can be good there's, a history of free trade being good but now we're not in a free trade zone let's, fix it all right let's fix it I don't want to rule anything out I don't, want to use ideology. A very practical person as you know the president, is a practical person it has to be good for economic growth in the USA, and frankly, if you ask me Lou better. Trade, deals Lord trade barriers, more, investment, opportunities, good for the whole world, the entire world it would even be good for China if they'd practice it well, I think China knows very well what is good for it and what has been very good for it is, to steal trillions of dollars worth, of intellectual, property from the United States and to, beyond the. Beneficial. Into, the equation, which. Was, the transfer. Of the the, greatest sum of wealth and in in the world history from. This country and that's. Got to be fixed she. Acknowledged. That and he did so because the president, challenged it and to, have anyone, suddenly, suggest to the president or. Said. That he's a free trader suddenly. Now he, calls himself a free trader I don't. Want to quarrel over that I've spent a lot of time with him he has used that phrase that's, not the point the point here is to make better trade deals or make, them pay the penalty, so that the USA, is helped, and not hurt that's the key point look down. Trump is the first guy in a couple of decades, to, be tough and serious, with China and that's a very good thing indeed and he has a vision here and the vision is open. Up markets and stop the stealing of our great technology. That's the backbone of our economy can, we do it I remain. Optimistic that, we can do it do we look for worst cases sometimes but, little I'm an optimist, on this and I think this, Trump is probably the best negotiator, we've ever seen and certainly in the White House so I'm just gonna leave it there these are good reasons these are powerful reasons, to work with China if they, won't play then, it's not gonna work okay it will not work the same is true with Japan and the same may be true in other countries, so let's just see if this thing can be worked out in a pro-growth, way that will help this country you, know buy. This thing, III don't know if you're talking about TPP. The trade relationship with China. Or. If. I prepare a a trade. Deficit, that. This country has run for 50 straight years which one of those things are you talking about I'm, talking about, China. Right now okay we we don't have a position on TPP, the president, has asked me to take a look at it and I will but. We don't have a position on TPP, I'm, talking specifically, you asked me about China, those are my views on China, president's. Been very tough with China as he, must but, you can't rule out negotiations.

A Lot of people say you shouldn't negotiate he doesn't accept believe that but everything's, on the table we published Tehran is interesting, where we've we have learned if we have to go there we'll use tariffs, I don't think that's anybody's first choice but we'll see maybe, that has to happen our. Conversation, began with me wanting to credit, the president, for, she's opening. And. Very, positive, response. To his top positions, and, the basis for the negotiation. That I think will go on for some time, we. Are at the same place even as we conclude I appreciate. It Larry good to talk with you thanks so much appreciate, bye-bye, up. Next rhinos working alongside dims, to protect. The molar which on and subvert. President Trump we take it up with Congressman, Jim Jordan when, we continue, stay. With us. President. Trump sitting, down today with embattled, Deputy, Attorney General rod, reson Stein the meeting, comes amid speculation. That Rosen Stein's conflicts. Such obvious conflicts. Throughout. The Muller investigation. May, well lead to the president, firing it the, White House said they discuss routine, Justice. Department, business period. Joining. Us tonight is Congressman. Jim Jordan he serves as a member of the House Judiciary and, oversight. Committees, I'm member of the influential, house freedom, caucus one, of the most prominent Republicans. On Capitol Hill great, to have you with us congressman good. To be with you the the meeting with the president we, take them at their word that there was a normal. Business. You. Have called for a, second. Special counsel, you have called for an accounting. For the Department, of Justice and the FBI your. Thoughts about the meeting and the, prospects, for Rosenstock, yeah I mean well here's what we know about mr. Rosas sign he signed one of the fives applications. You know when they took the dossier. Dressed, it all up like it was legitimate intelligence took it to the FISA Court to get a warrant to spy on mr. page associated, with the Trump campaign, didn't. Tell the court who paid for it didn't tell the court that, the author of the document, Christopher, steel had had his relationship, with the FBI terminated. So. Rose, insane was involved in that process, Plus rod Rosina as you, know wrote, the letter outlining, why James Comey should be fired, now he's overseeing, an investigation, where potentially, there's obstruction, of justice in, the Comey firing how does that work, I don't think there's an obstruction of justice but, you, wonder how that works so I think mr. Rosenstein, has a ton, of problems, not, to mention the basic one which is when, are you going to give us the information we're, entitled, to and get it to us in an unredacted form and in a timely fashion so there's. A host of problems with the Rose design I think everyone understands that and the. Committee's the House Intelligence Committee, the Oversight Committee upon which you as well sit I have, been looking for those documents, have, been demanding, those documents, known. As the chairman, of the House Intelligence Committee, he. And trey Gowdy got. A look at the so called electronic, communication. That, was the foundation, of. The, call. For a special a. Special. Counsel I and. Yet, there's no response, no. Responsiveness. All part of DOJ, - FBI, - the two committees requests, yeah so, here's how bad it is we met with mr. louse so I think's a good guy this is the point person that mr. sessions is named to give. Documents, to Congress. That we're entitled to get so, it was mr. louse and a few other attorneys that they met with mr. meadows and I and I, asked him four simple questions I said tell us the approximate number of documents, were entitled to their answer was I don't know Tyson tell us the standard use to determine what gets redacted what doesn't I don't know tell us the number of steps in the current process how many people doesn't have to go through before we the Congress a separate and equal branch of government get, the information again we're entitled to to get answers to the American people they said I don't know and then the third question of course is the big one when, are we going to get the information we're supposed to have and of course to that one they said we don't know so, my. Attitude is look you, got a few days not, weeks or, months to clean this up you got a few days to get this right and start getting us what we need to get answers, for, you for people in the journalism, world but more importantly for the American people and and. Now. The. American people are looking at very simple if we can we talked - you, mentioned the conflicts of Rodd Rosenstein, let's, put that in is a sequential. Perspective. If we could if we could put up that full screen please. Rosenstein. Are, convinces. Attorney. General Sessions to recuse, himself.

Yep, He calls for President Trump to fire, James. Comey, which. He does right, rights to nano yep Rosenstein. Special counsel to investigate, Trump's. Firing of course yes. What possible. Sense, even. On. If. I may say even on. Capitol. Hill yeah, what, possible, sense does, that that. Journey. And, I wouldn't argue yeah. And I would argue it's there's, one more step wrought Rosenstein, is involved, in the rate that just took place he signs off on the route took place of, mr. Cohen both of his residents, and it is business now again, this is the thing I think most Americans look at when. Cheryl, Mills was asked to give information regarding. The investigation into secretary, Clinton's use of the private email and classified information traveling. Across her private server when, she was asked it was Cheryl we've given you a great immunity deal what, time do you want us to come over and never forget Lou they, got to decide Secretary. Clinton David, Kendall Cheryl Mills got to decide on the front end which, emails, were personal. In their definition and which ones went back to the government and ultimately to the Benghazi committee what, a contrast, what a double standard and more than anything, that is what drives Americans, crazy this idea that there are two standards in this country there aren't supposed to be it's supposed to be equal, treatment under, the law, and we. Have certainly seen established. In the nation's capital that that is far, from the case, let's. Turn if we can very quickly to, of Paul. Ryan's resignation. And. His. Intent, apparently, to be speaker. On. A part-time lame-duck, basis. That's. Not sitting well with a lot of people on Capitol Hill in the house I mean how. Does it sit with you I mean. Look I appreciate Paul service to, the country 20 years he. Said he's not going to run for re-election but, he's still the Speaker of the House and he should he should you know while he's there to speaker house fulfill his duties the most important, thing to me is not. Who the speaker is but what the speaker does the, most important thing is not who the speaker is going to be next year but what Republicans, are going to do this. Year and what, we need to do is get refocused. On what the American people sent us here to do not, do what we did three weeks ago and pass this omnibus, spending bill that. Was 12 excuse, me. 2,200. And 32, pages that we got 15 hours before we voted on it where we had one hour of debate and spent, 1.3, trillion dollars, on things we said we wouldn't and then, didn't spend money on things we said we would fund like the border security wall that's what's got a change and so to me it's more important about what we do and than it is who might be the Speaker of the House but. The two seem to be related since the Speaker of the House who is the one who insisted that there be no amendments no, hearings and that, it be a push, through the. Dead of night so that does, turn out to be relevant who the speaker is has, to process, has to change around this place in a dramatic, way the policy, has to change I mean the process is so, many members I think feel left out of this thing but certainly that omnibus spending bill we did and the idea that we spent only one hour debating, a bill that's two thousand two hundred thirty two pages long that spends a tre over a trillion dollars and leads to one of the biggest deficits, we've seen in a number of years that is, so wrong the process has to change in a dramatic fashion as well and, I infer from that that possibly, the speaker as well I know you didn't say that but that's just my inference, Congressman.

Jim Jordan good, to have you with a pretty badly to take care you. Two on. Wall Street today a big rally the Dow Jones Industrial, surging almost three hundred points, the SP up twenty two the Nasdaq, gained seventy one volume on the big board again. Trading, about three billion shares just like yesterday, I remind, her to listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the Salem radio network, up, next Paul Ryan under pressure to, surrender, the speaker's gavel Ed Rollins called, it here, last night and he's with us tonight next. Well. It turns out that Paul Ryan's, the term is House Speaker May and somewhat sooner than he's been planning. Axios. Reporting, Republicans, may force the speaker to leave by, this summer, perhaps sooner, Ryan, wants to retire in January, of 2019. That, would be a long time lame-duck, leading. The house, into. The midterms probably. Not the best prescription we're going to find out and credit, should go to my friend and Rollins, the smartest, political savant. In the country who said here last night on this broadcast Ryan. Should quote, go home live well and get out of the way in, quote, joining. Us former Reagan White House political director, great America PAC chairman, Fox, Business political, analyst and Rollins, great to have you with us thank you a great, call we see the drum picking, up it needs it needs pickup no and no offense to Ron I mean go home and we ought to say thank you very much for your twenty years of service and go back to home. At, the end of the day we're in a battle like we've never seen before at least in modern times to hold this House of Representatives, we, have as many as 40 seats right now that we've a 'can't we. May have another ten before this nineteen states still at have not closed registration, so, you literally could have fifty members of our party that are not running for reelection which. Gives tremendous opportunities. For Democrats all, the basically, rating books say there's 50 competitive, seats the vast majority of them are ours so. We need a leader out there who basically can set an agenda that we can run on much. Of it as the Trump agenda all of us the Trump agenda that has to be articulated the, problem that Ryan has is Ryan is running, on. Something, that I, mean the idea could have a balanced budget amendment, now if you just passed this extraordinary, budget. With a trillion dollar debts as far as you can see his laughingstock. Ryan. Has always wanted to do entitlement, reform as we talked about last night which means cutting Social Security cutting, Medicare, those are not issues we want to talk about in this campaign or any campaign, in the near future I don't know of a single congressman. Who supports, it he doesn't buddy but he gets us he gets to set the tone it's still his game just as as, congressman, Jordan was saying the, hour deadlines, all the rest of stuff he was the guy who negotiate surprised to see him come up with his better, Jenny, remember that nonsense, nonsense and and and and I just would argue at this point in time take.

Two Weeks let the members pick a new leader and then, let that leader go out and lead us in this election, cycle you know there is something in this though that is Darwinian. If you will forgive, my resort. To that expression because. If the Republicans, do not have that guts and, the energy, and the drive to, say. No, mr., speaker this is done it, is time, to, put new leadership in front of the American people as we. Enter in the midterms and we're and we're going to be there within six months it's got its got it. 207. Days and if. If, they don't have that then, they deserve the. Faith that is almost assured them I promise, you the other side is energized, as they traditionally aren't, an off-year they've, got millions of people out there in the streets basically women. Young people what have you we, are only going to energize our, base by Donald, Trump being out there campaigning and a speaker elect. Out, there campaigning on the trumpet a speaker, elect who, supports, the Trump agenda who supports, this president, and can. Talk about the successes, of this administration. Without, looking like he's going to throw up, Ryan cannot. Bear, cannot. Bear to, acknowledge, to and, to. Bellow. Out in public. The. Great success, of President. Trump well he wasn't a part of the Trump Organization he didn't he didn't want Trump to be elected and at the, end of the day you. Know he's, more interested in Schumer and more interested and Pelosi than he is interested in what are they going to do seriously what will Pelosi, and. Schumer, do without Paul, Ryan to. Wet-nurse. Them, through a political. Reward, me back being treated like they're the minority which is what they should be and the reality, is you. Know we. Have not won these battles and we won the tax plan but it was a hard battle we didn't win Obamacare, and as Jim Jordan said the promises, made or the promise of need to be kept and. Donald. Trump has been doing exactly that right right, the, speaker has, not well. The new speaker okay well whoever that may be here she may be. Guaranteed. Ed Rollins thanks, so much Bob next James call me well he's. Got a book, will. Tell you about some of it Chris, Farrell of Judicial Watch is here and we'll also examine what's.

Up With the deep state and all. Of, its little, minions. Former. FBI director, James Comey is divulging, details about, a private conversation he. Allegedly, had with. Chief of staff John Kelly last year shortly, after, President Trump, fired call, me Comey. Claims in his new book that Kelly called President Trump. Quote-unquote. Dishonorable. For firing Comey, but. Comey apparently sees no issue with violating, John. Kelly's confidence. And then talking, about honor at, all if and. Any. Part of that is true joining. Us now Chris Farrell director of investigations. And research for Judicial Watch Chris good to see him. This. Book I mean, it's just it's, stunning he goes after John Kelly, who. Was trying, apparently. To commiserate. With him. What. What, does he know about honor. Nothing. And like I've been saying for literally years now, even when Comey was terribly. Terribly popular he was supposed to be mr. integrity, I have, long been saying, that. Comey is utterly without integrity, and whatever is written is going, to be some self-serving. Drivel, about what, a genius is you. Know that the, news alert will be on, the third day after he passes away he's, in for a rude surprise. You, know this this interview that he's going to be doing later this weekend, you. Know fine. Mr., Comey have at it you know keep writing and keep talking. I think, it's Napoleon who said never let never interrupt, an opponent, when they're my, middle of a mistake so. Go. For it get you know vent your spleen, to show everybody how smart you are and we'll. See who laughs last. Let's. Let's turn to the, meeting, today at the White House Rose ensign and the president, rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General. I'd like to just put up on the full screen. The. Sequence that fascinates, me as to, why there should be any question, at all about, firing, rod, Rosenstein. And why, there's been any to date could, we. Get. That up please Rosen. Stein. Convinces. On March 2nd. Of last, year Jeff, Sessions to recuse himself from, the. Investigation. Rosen. Stein calls for Trump to, fire Comey on may 9. 2000. 17, and then, Rosenstein, names a special counsel to investigates, Trump's, firing, of, coaming. Can. You tell me how in the world any of that makes any sense. Legally. Logically. Rationally. And, why, in the world a special. Counsel would be permitted. To be. Called. Given. That the person calling for it is the guy who laid, the basis, the, premise. For. His firing. He's. Been conflicted, and disqualified. For. Months and everything. From the beginning, everything. That you had up on that screen, that list and frankly, there's other additional. Sort of lesser. Conflicts. And other sort. Of weird happenstance. But those are the main kind of bullet. Points. How. He still, was allowed into the Department of Justice every day is a. Head scratcher how, people that he is interacting. With on a day-to-day basis. There, were all sort of whistling, plat past the graveyard is there nothing's wrong they. Know these conflicts, exists, I don't, know how they can pretend that you, know it's all the normal, order, of business over there it's not, so. That, being the case why. Is there any hesitate. Jinan, is part of. Sessions, to, fire Rosenstein, why is there any hesitation. On the. Part of the leadership of the Republican. Party. And I'm talking about Ryan I'm talking about McConnell. To stand up and say this is this, is fundamentally. A, farce. And. It is illegal, it is unconstitutional, it, is irrational, and against the interest of the United States to, subvert a president, on. On, these, on, these, basis it's. Madness, in the, end President, Trump will have to make a decision it'll, be a tough one. You. Makes, them look like the smallest people to ever hold their offices on. Capitol, Hill. Judicial. Watch suing, the justice. And, State Department's we understand to force the release of documents on the Obama. Era uranium, one scandal. How goes it well, my colleague, Irene Garcia, in January, 2008. Broke, the story about, Clinton. In Bill. Clinton and Giustra. I've been covering this for 10 years we, first sued over uranium 1 in 2015 so, this, is old news to us we're going to keep hammering away at it to, get all the records and documents, really.

Done To, fill out the picture because, so far you, know guess who was in charge of DOJ. An FBI when, it came to the uranium one investigation, it. Was McCabe, at the FBI and, it, was Rosenstein, at DOJ. And surprise. Surprise the. Investigation. Went nowhere well. We're not going to let that happen, we're going to continue to pursue it through our, own means legally, in the courts and, we're going to get all the documentation, and eventually. Again, we're ten years into this we'll, lay it all out for the American public. Cartel. Violent, surges, across the border with Mexico we'll, have a full report for you when we continue.

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“Restraint? Why are you so concerned with saving their lives? The whole idea is to kill the bastards. At the end of the war if there are two Americans and one Russian left alive, we win.” General Thomas Power, US Air Force, 1960

The EU, Theresa May, and the Democrats want desperately for Trump to attack Syria. These people despise Trump and the United States, and loved Obama's vision of the U.S. which means no US as we know it. Trump's enemies are clamoring for war with Assad and Putin, because their goal is international socialism, embodied by the EU. Trump should say that Merkel and Sweden will handle Syria since they care so much for the children. NATO has merged with the EU. NATO children and EU parliament's children go to exclusive schools funded by the taxpayer to educate future leaders of the EU, the Arican/mediterranean Union, the US, Mexico Central America Union--Trump is hated because he threatens to shatter this plan. Trump must make a stand and reject these people to save our world from tyranny. Theresa May is not Trump's friend. She is very weak. He should only demand verification, solid evidence that Assad was behind these gassings. Until then, no decisions are made. Theresa May has been getting ready for war. She wants Trump to take the blame. The more in danger Britain is, the more Britain will be encouraged to unite with the EU for safety and security purposes. Theresa May is an International Socialist, just as are all the civil servants in the UK, who, like the FBI and Justice Department in the US are International Socialists from top to bottom, and since the 1950s. Trump has to clean things up domestically and set an example that the US and its Constitution will not be diminished. Take a look at the EU's corrupt constitution, the Lisbon Treaty. That should tell you all you need to know about the EU, who want Trump to attack Syria very badly. The EU wants Ukranian territory, and hoped for North African territory during the Arab Spring. The EU supports the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. They loathe the one democracy in the middle east, Israel. They wan a North African Union, discarding Israel.

The trade deficit was allowed to happen because the American people trusted the corrupt Washington politicians , they let the corporations sell off the US industry while the stupid American people can only think about 3 things , guns , god and gays. So you did it to yourselves stupid Americans , you have shitty jobs unpayable dept and a shitty future but at least you solved the gun , god and gay problem that never existed.

always stops lags on conservative streams...fukutoob



Kudlow, Trump said he was for FAIR trade not free trade when he was running for office. He said that over and over again at rally after rally.


Chris Farrell IS the only one speaking truth to power about punk bitch Comey. JW rules

nothing is free.

TTP? I can't believe this sh…t. He has got to be pulling something on someone… or wanting to FIX IT. That is what he does, that fits...



Thanks for posting Lou Dobbs, but why only 34 minutes?



kudlow is out of his league

Why do the republicans keep praising Ryan? HE'S A DEM! In GOP clothing.

Appreciate Paul Service !! I just learned that he was paid by the Hillary Foundation to harm Trump if this is true is he a double mole if so treason would be in order--- (this was on FOX365) McCain and Lindsay Graham also

I love Ed

Republicans have been pussies why don’t they get tough ohwell

Free trade is not Fair trade. Trump ran on Fair Trade and said there's no such thing as Free Trade! Looks like Trump is turning into The Snake that the American public took in with open arms with some skepticism. I don't know anymore! ??

it is a strange time we live n , though yo should rest easy as you will be part s greatness . Donald j Trump is very a, plus i am God friend some 59 years now . it is America 1st , 1st , 1st .

Jennifer Whitehouse why because he wants to look at trade format that may or may not be good. And some trade deals may be good for America may come of it. I don't see Trump making a deal that deliberately hurt the USA. That would go against what Trump has done so far.

just glad he isn't her. This world isn't going to last long anyway.

thank you for posting Lou Dobbs!

34 minutes?

Get Ryan out Rhino go home he is a cul

I think it's pretty clear that this revisiting of the TPP is being driven by Kudlow.

Obama and Clinton are laughing their asses off tonight. Trump rolls  over on the TPP. Lie through your teeth to get elected and then reverse everything that you promised the voters that you would do? I am sickened by this.

drain the damn swamp

I like Lou Dobbs. But lately he has been very rude to his guests. He is constantly cutting them off and injecting his views with a condescending tone. I know he's passionate on these subjects, but don't take it out on your guests. Give them time to finish their answer.

he probably has high blood pressure,noticed.

Because he is frustrated and pissed with their mealy mouthed disloyalty to the president


so Trump is surrounded by NeoCons and he doesn't even know who the heck they are.

Military option appearing to be next step.

Pretty sickening Ryan, when Pelosi and Schumer are going to miss you but, the MAGA bandwagon will not.

Ryan, you kitten...2018 is CRITICAL, your wonkish, souless version of "Speakership" is unacceptable.

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