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Lou Dobbs Tonight  3/28/18 |  Business Fox News March 28, 2018

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Good. Evening everybody these are the top stories president, Trump fighting back against, California's, dangerous, sanctuary, policies. President. Trump today threw his support behind Orange, County's revolt, against. That state's sanctuary. Law we, take up the need for tougher, immigration enforcement the, wall with, conservative, commentator, best-selling, author and Coulter, also. Tonight another cabinet, shake-up president. Trump announcing, he's replacing, embattled, Veterans, Affairs Secretary David, Chilton with, Rear Admiral Ronnie, Jackson, an active-duty, navy, physician who, now serves as physician. To the President and the Trump administration striking. A new trade deal with South Korea that agreement, permanently. Exempting, South Korea, from the Trump steel tariffs, in exchange. For South Korea. Reducing. Its steel exports to. This country, our special, guest tonight the architect, of the president's, America first trade policy's, trump, trade advisor Peter Navarro, with us also, tonight the Department, of Justice Inspector General today announced, he, will officially open an, investigation, into FISA Court abuses, during the Obama, administration. That's, right and Obama. Inspector, general with no prosecutorial. Power, who, is already overburdened, with, investigations, into, the Comey and Clinton email scandal, now looking, into FISA Court, surveillance, abuses, and Attorney. General Jeff Sessions, still, silent, on calls for a second, special counsel, we, take all of that up here, tonight. Our. Top story president, Trump attacking California's. Sanctuary, policies, he, tweeted this quote, my. Administration. Stands, in solidarity with, the brave citizens in Orange County defending. Their rights against, California's, the illegal, and unconstitutional. Sanctuary. Policies. California's. Sanctuary, laws release, known dangerous, criminals, into communities, across, the state all, citizens. Have the right to be protected by federal law and strong. Borders, but, California's, Attorney General, Javier. Continues. To flout federal, law even. Threatening to arrest the, sheriff of Orange County, Sandra Hutchins, because. She said she will enforce federal immigration laws, and cooperate. Cooperate. With. Immigration and customs. Enforcement wall. Construction, already, underway. In California, the president tweeted this great briefing, this afternoon on the start of our southern border, wall the. President, referring, to the construction, of a two 1/4 mile section of a 30-foot high border. Wall replacement. In the El Centro sector. A wall. Is a generous. Description. It's, a little. More than a replacement, for. A crumbling. Piece of architecture. That was supposed, to be a barrier, our, first guest tonight here to discuss the state of the Trump border wall in the wake of the omnibus spending bill, president.

Trump's Reported, plan to push the military, to fund the construction of that wall and much, more joining, me political. Commentator best-selling, author and Coulter, and great to have you with us you have, been critical of the president of late. Brokenhearted. You, described, yourself at one point now. With a wall, rising. That. You saw there. Some. Rickety fences. Low but I. Mean. If it's not just another scam, to, keep, us saying oh it's coming it's coming um, yeah he can use the military some, of us have been saying that forever. He's. The commander in chief no. Legislature. No court can take that away, he, has full authority to repel an attack on the border I mean even though I was on a tweet storm last night it I got in rather late and I was a little temperate. In some of my toes no sorry about some of the language, however, I, was. Right on the law, and. That is, look even the War Powers Act, which. Many, say is unconstitutional. Every president I believe has said it so we didn't get a shot but, that is purportedly. A restriction, on the president's, power to deploy, military forces, even, that. Says. We can - anything, about a president, repelling. It's an attack on the nation that's, what we're dealing with here we're losing more people to heroin, and fentanyl overdoses. Every year than we lost in the entire course of the Vietnam War, 116. A day, through. 2016. And it's, been rising at 54%. In most, of the major cities across this country yes and, I, would recommend to, anyone interested, in the topic, I don't, usually recommend liberal. Journalists but it happens to be a fantastic powerful. Hero because say I'm quinone, is's book dreamland. He. Was a long time in fact I quote him in a teos America is a great reporter, he's a great book on the opioid crisis and heroin, and fentanyl, and you'll see 98%. Of the heroin, and fentanyl is coming from Mexico it's a problem of not having a wall on our board it's very simple I mean it really is simple and I agree with you about, his reporting, but the reality. Has been with us for too long that, border. Is where, most, of the methamphetamines. Marijuana, heroin, and cocaine. Come. From yes and until. We stop it we, are literally, deciding. That millions. Of young Americans will. Be. Collateral. Damage yes to the principles, of someone's, open, border fantasy. Yes and meanwhile and is our nightmare, right on, and, meanwhile, I mean people objecting, to this they're, fine, with you know emergency. Actions to take out Panamanian. Dictator Manuel. Noriega, or an. Emergency, bombing, of Syria or, an emergency, you know escorting. Of ships without the president, going to Congress why is. It. I recall the left was apoplectic. At each of those events then them. Well, not not, bombing Libya well I don't want to get any event and let's. Focus here let's, focus this is what the issue is loo everyone, is attacking, Trump for you're attacking, Trump for crying out loud daily you don't again, finishing the sentence you may attack the president, when, he does not keep his promises, I think that is an appropriate things you could attack whatever. I want to it's American or being wrong. On the Constitution. Is not what I am doing he is right on the Constitution, the people I am attacking and that's why all of these actions by the chief executive to go you, have been taught by the president, as if he had absolutely. Broken every promise on the campaign, trail no I think I'm quite clear, about which promises, he has broken to build a wall and deport, illegals, and by, the way I'm glad you're talking to since you won't let me tell you what the constitutional, basis is and how ridiculous. Because. Idea. So, does this audience of what the powers of the United States probably and, we'll skip that and I would like to commend you and actually, I think this is the problem with the term keeping his promises on immigration, for having Peter Navarro, on I mean in the case of the White House or the trade, issue at. The White House you have Peter, Navarro, and you've Wilbur Ross they are fantastic they, are giving the president good advice when it comes to immigration there is no one in the White House giving him good advice everyone it is ten feet deep with, people who opposed the wall who, want to amnesty, dreamers, and none, of that someone, has convinced, this president, that daca is not a democratic, issue but one that he can seize from the Democrats, and, I happen to agree with you here whoever, is advising, that that.

Somehow. Hispanics. And illegal, immigrants will convert suddenly to the Republican, Party well. First of all they must drink with Paul Ryan in. Order to get that delusional. Absolute. And. By the way those fools are often funded by, the. Person you may mention, Karl Rove and all of his buddies at the Chamber of Commerce and, the Business Roundtable but. More important. Even than the trade issue was, obviously. The promise to build the wall he has the authority he needs to listen to the right people and I, mean the Washington Post reported, that pentagon official says we can't build the wall without congressional, approval, than what the guys are moron and you shouldn't be listening to drooling, incontinent. Morons, when you're fulfilling your most, were you calling him or well the unfortunately, the Washington Post didn't identify. One. Person over there who could make that such a bold statement wouldn't, we think but. Certainly, general mattis would not because, I'm certain he wouldn't want it was Pentagon official who knows, it. Couldn't be jelly it's the one. Official. Because he's running the entire. Let's. Turn to you'd, call him a shallow lazy, ignoramus. Just, for the record and, and now you seem, to make it be making some sort of accord with. Him well, before. We go too, far down I called him that during the campaign and in franck we trust that was part of the reason and if quoted yourself ever since yes. I have been no. But that was hard the reason we trusted him I mean something, a switch, changed, with him as. I, described, in Chapter, two, yes. We might have wanted a more elegant person to make these arguments we're voting for him for policies and then I realized, I sure as hell didn't and, millions of other events didn't, want an again, was halfway through the sentence and then you realize, hurry to the best part and then you realize, an, elegant. Person wouldn't, have said the things he was saying it was precisely that he was so course that allowed him to make these. Say. These, incredibly. Courageous things he didn't care what Manhattan, elites thought of it. Of. Course because then he said, white, house suddenly all he wants is the approval of the Manhattan, fancy, people he sure didn't care for the eighteen months he was running so, the, shallow course ignoramus yes. It was a selling, point because he didn't care what people thought of him now all he wants is for Goldman Sachs to like him I don't. Know what happened but that's a different president, I haven't, changed application. Complexes. Are never attractive, and. Unfortunately. I believe that there is some truth to the fact that, there, are those in the White House who would like to guide him toward, this. This. Liberal fantasy, that. Is a nightmare for America, and has proved to be such for our middle class which has been dwindling for, the past twenty years for this president, they're. Starting to grow and money is starting to come in and we're starting to see housing, prices rise, everything. Gets better with a wall and deportations. Immigration, makes everything, easier, entitlements.

The Drug problem. Theft, of government, services. Everyone has started, on entitlements. And you must leave some of your venom for him what, Paul Ryan. Would. I will my. Venom toward him is, instead. Of bringing in lots of immigrants who then bring in their elderly relatives, who immediately go on Medicare, and Social Security and then tell Americans, you have to tighten your belt we're raising the retirement age. I would don't, raise the retirement age, but limit Social Security, and Medicare to. Americans, well. That'd be radical, and, in, probably, unconstitutional in, the interview, of Xavier boost everything, is easier, if, you fix immigration you. Know I find, everything easier, with this president in the White House doing. His, very level but needs a few other people in the White House who don't oppose everything. He said about immigration, during the campaign a terrific, recommendation. We. Want and we want to see the Ann Coulter, list, I. Know. You're not but let me get let me have your list we'll put it up on the on, the screen no. I give. It to the president, we, were. The. People he's higher than the finest parchment. And. Coulter. Always great to say thank you thanks. So much up. Next President Trump, putting workers and companies American, workers, and companies first. Scoring. Concessions. From South Korea a major new trade deal yes. Balance, fair, reciprocal. Trade has begun, the, president's, top tray of the advisor Peter Navarro joins, me here next. President. Trump securing, a new trade deal with South Korea, today boosting, America's, auto exports, limiting, imports, of South, Korean steel the original, trade deal with South, Korea. Which. Was created by former President, Obama former Secretary, of State Hillary Clinton back, in 2012, has been nothing short of disastrous. The US trade deficit with South, Korea has soared since then from 16, billion to an early 23, billion last, year my, next guest says the original South Korea trade, deal was one of the worst in American. History and joining, us tonight a man who certainly knows about, trade deals a key, architect of the president's, America first trade policy, Peter Navarro director, of trade industrial. Policy, director of the White House national, trade council Peter, great to have you with us hey hey Lou my friend Dave for the history books this. The. Top three worst deals in American, history you got at the top the China getting into the WTO, in 2001. Number. Two is NAFTA, and then number three this. One here that was done by Hillary, Clinton and Barack Obama in 2012, as you said in, the opener, all, we did was double our trade deficit, in hammer our auto industry, and the president. During the campaign was committed, to, renegotiate. That unit and guess what promises, made promises. Kept history, made today well, it's wonderful Lauren congratulations. And and, looming, let's, go to NAFTA. First, and foremost, our friends in Canada and Mexico. The. President, just fumes whenever, he even has to mention, the. Term. NAFTA, how. Close are we to. Reconciling. Ment and does establishing. Reciprocal, balance fair trade as the president wants, well, I always, stay in my lane and we have the best trade negotiator, in the last 30 years and ambassador, Robert light hyzer he's, running that I think they've gone through six rounds, now, he's.

Hopeful, We can get a fair deal but I think, I think it's worth looking at the Korea deal a little bit because it does give us some glimpses, of how, things can be and you know one of the things that, happened with the Korea deal today. Is. This notion of free, and fair trade where you, where you tear down the, barriers, the, non-tariff, barriers, one of the things that Koreans, were doing so that they could send us 20 cars for every one we sent them was. They would put these standards. In environmental. And safety standards, which, were unique to Korea we, had these cars going over there that were safe and clean but, then Korea would impose different, standards, are going from here to there there's a real one. Of the things we got let's give you in your lane I want more cars itself, but. The president, wants more cars eighty percent of the deficit, with South Korea is cars. And auto parts so what. Happened was the quota, got lifted, from twenty five to fifty thousand, per manufacturers. So over. 200,000. Cars, potentially. Are. Able. To go that way now what's important, is you also got to lower those non-tariff. Barriers and, guess what here this is subtle lube but this is the sneaky stuff that happens so, if you sent it like a Ford, to, Korea, you couldn't, import, the auto parts, very easily to. Repair that car so. Now. Now, we can do that a solidness, you fixed all of this we fixed all this into, what they've got to fix next well let's, go eat let's, go with me let me, out, the value we lay out the math I love it how about the European, Union a hundred, and fifty billion dollar deficit we're looking at China, tariffs. And we're talking about a trade off the president has made what I think is a terrific and, bold. Initiative. Turning. To China and saying look just show us how you're going to reduce that, trade deficit by a hundred billion dollars a year, yeah. Are we still hearing crickets from China. Actually. Ambassador. White hyzer and secretary, of the treasury monition, are engaged. In talks the, challenge, here of course is that, we have China basically, stealing, not only our intellectual, property and technology world but that address the role and more, subtly, it's this forced technology. Transfer, Lou and your. Viewers really need to understand, that if an American, company or, European, company wants to go to China, get access to that big market, they're always dangling, in front of it, that's what joint-venture. And they, got you got a surrender technology, it's a recipe for disaster so, that's, our table force, technology. Transfers, little, things like her nation has to sell gets, to sell an airplane in China they get to let, the Chinese have all, of the intellectual property and as they roll up the blueprints, and start, production of the wing the tail and. The nose, in. China. Going. On for decades there's, nothing subtle about it this is I said, this is straight, forward. Theft, it's three three, thousand at last count 30 five hundred, front, companies, in this country stealing. Our military, our business. Technology. Our, latest. Innovations, now I don't say things subtle about it and this is the only president, basically that's had the courage to stand up so we're trying to engage the allies on this it is really amazing, that that around, the world from Japan to Germany all throughout Europe that, they let the Chinese get away with that because, here's. What happens in that matter we really. Touched. On time all, right but, we will do that around, the world tour with you next, time. You're, the man Lou no no you're the man and congratulations. On that new deal we appreciate care Peter, Navarro be. Sure to vote in our poll tonight the question. Is do you get the sense the last, thing that the leadership of the FBI and the, Department of, Justice are actually interested, in is something called, justice. Cast. Your vote on Twitter at Lou Dobbs follow me on Twitter at Lou Dobbs like me on Facebook, follow me on instagram, at Lou Dobbs tonight, and on, Wall Street stocks are ticking lor the, Dow up nine points the S&P down eight that has deck fell 60, volume, on the big board 3.8.

Billion. Shares. And tech shares while, they continue, to plunge Netflix, the worst performer, of the fang stocks. It's. Only 5%. And. I'm sure there's no. Correlation. Whatsoever with. The fact that embattled. Former Obama official, Susan Rice former NSA. Is. Joining, the Netflix board. Congratulations. Netflix, good, news for the economy expanding. At a faster rate than previously, estimated worth. Quarter GDP, revised, higher to 2.9, percent just, missing, 3 percent you, know I keep, thinking about the new normal under Obama don't, you a reminder. To listen to my reports, three times today coast to coast on, the Salem radio. Network. Up. Next 18, million, viewers, tuned. In, we. Need more, Trump supporters, on television, there's, a big one now. Amazon. Shares taking a beating down more than four percent today I know, if you own Amazon, that's not funny but I mean the reasons, are somewhat, absurd, here. President. Trump letting, it be known that, he wants to regulate the on lion giant, because, it's hurting, local. Retailers, and other businesses, that sell-off. Comes a day after the New York Post printed a full-page, ad from, a non profit attacking. CEO Jeff Bezos for, taking pentagon handouts, while, bashing. President Trump the, ad reads in part quote mr., president, thank you for the hundred, billion dollar handout. I guess. That's from, Vsauce, personally, the, cash will really help my many efforts to oppose your administration's. Policies, your pal, Jeff. You. Know I'd love that ad and I love what people are doing because it's really time for there to be in accounting, ABC's. Reboot, oh by the way Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post which is the house organ, of the left and the Democratic, Party of course ABC's. Reboot, of the 90s comedy, Rosanna is a ratings. Hit it is a historic. Hit drawing. Just over, 18. Million viewers, last night for its two episode, premiere, this, is the first Network, sitcom featuring. A trump supporting. Main character, and obviously. The. Audience, loved. It. You. Got to love it I mean that looks funny that looks like a joining, me now former. Reagan White House political director, Great America, pact chairman Fox Business political, analyst and as of tonight media, critic, Ed Rollins good to have you here I love Bros and I loved her when she was a liberal I loved her and I was a trump supporter she could put she can become the Archie Bunker, of this day and age and it's a great that's a great dish great shows great community you know they're all those. Are people out there who don't know who Archie bunk. That. Was it that was a great that, was it was. What I and I and groundbreaking just like this I mean, over, 18 million people tuning, into this there there was no close second last night folks and Roseanne is as, sharp and as, witty and. Clever as, is, she ever, was and and the fact that she's been giving away big contracts, on whether it's III. Cloud-computing. Whatever. To two. Companies, owned in large measure by potentially. Enemies of this country now. Romancing, I love, the way it appears. Romancing. Jeff bezos to, take some of their money, for. Cloud computing i don't know whether it's ten billion, or a hundred billion but it's ridiculous, is he attacks this administration. I would be very careful not not that Amazon doesn't produce good products and not that it's not an extraordinary company, I just, think the Defense Department has to be very very careful of of giving everything to one company particularly. How about the Pentagon, for crying out loud having, its own and.

There's Technology experts, its own cloud, no reason they shouldn't I mean this business that is set into the the mind of Washington, where everything would be outsourced right everything, could be offshore this, yeah one, company one country, same thing you know no matter what Bowl, there are strategic interests. Here that are fundamental, and we historically, were the cutting edge with our Defense Department over, the years that we built the best ships we built the best planes and the best of it and we, need to get back to doing that well we can't even get to space right now without you, know I love it you know we throw out 60, of the the, Russian, diplomats. And intelligence officers, meanwhile. We've got two astronauts. You. Know who. Can't get get. To the space station and back without Russian, help I mean, it gets complicated, it is complicated we live in a gated world and I have no desire to go to space I know you once wanted to go to space but I have no desire to go to space my wife although I'm. An old man just going to LA. Or San, Francisco is it toward for me true. Story my wife volunteered. Us for the civilians. And space book take, my I think my wife volunteered, me too but she wasn't going with me, well. I'm sure, she. Told me it was the, both of us but I'm not sure how she had that figure, let's. Turn to immigration. 135. Billion the, estimate, of cost per year at, least in 2017. By the. Fair. The immigration. Reform Federation. We've. Got California. Out of control Xavier, Becerra threatening. To arrest the Orange County Sheriff, I, mean. They're really I, I, can't, tell if it's some sort of clever left-wing. Conspiracy to, juice let's, explode. California. Or they're just it's. Become a left-wing state and, as I said I grew up in California as well my politics there's always a trendsetter and I hope it's not a trendsetter anymore, it's obviously. 13%, of consolidation, Sutter it is the country's in trouble the, reality, is the. Figures you throw out the cost of the immigration, the vast majority of Americans have no idea, what, it costs for all these immigration programs, and what have you and the, fact that you can come here as an illegal and get on welfare or any the rest of it to me is is is, absurd and I think the reality is we need to toughen those immigration laws, and. Do, it today and. And. We've got to give the president great credit because. He's taking them on and. And, he keeps referring to the wall I can't wait to see the the darn he's gonna get the wall you, know he, made two promises that, were sacred one, I'm gonna build a wall and he'll build a wall on but a lot Hillary, Clinton up that one's probably not going to happen not, that the Jeff wait a minute we got an inspector, general now investigating. So maybe this is a much much. I have an attorney general uh wake, up and try and do it but at. The end of the day those. But his commitments, have been been valid, and he's gonna keep fighting for them and that's what that's what the support is one I just wanted to do it right I don't want any more talk I've done, you know as he used to say on the campaign trail. These, politicians, they. And I say doer I think coming out today and supporting there's, a five-member, Board of. Supervisors. In Orange County the three of them voted, for majority to fight. The sanctuary, city thing and applaud them today as he did publicly is a great thing I think and, Rollins I applaud you thanks for being here thank you I appreciate it thank you a global, left-wing, conspiracy on, the taxpayer, dime of course that's what the left does isn't, it a new, lawsuit seeking, answers about the Obama Soros, connection. That's right. Judicial. Watch going. After. George. Soros, what. Books so long, thank. Goodness for a Judicial, Watch we. Have the story for you here next and much more straight ahead stay with us.

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