Lou Dobbs Tonight 2/21/18 Fox Business February 21, 2018

Lou Dobbs Tonight 2/21/18 Fox Business February 21, 2018

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Good. Evening everybody I'm David Asman in, for Lou Dobbs well it's a day of reflection at. The White House President. Trump holding a listening, session for survivors, of mass shootings, including last week's horrific, tragedy, in parkland, Florida the. Event coming amid reports the, president is open to policy, changes to address mass shootings, including raising. The minimum age for owning, certain firearms we'll, have a full report also. Tonight President Trump once again slamming, Attorney General Jeff Sessions for, not investigating. The Obama administration. And its failures, to stop Russian, interference in our election we, take up the need to expose corruption at, the highest levels. Of the Obama administration, with Ed Rollins and former, governor Mike, Huckabee and, the. Nation tonight mourning, the loss of, America's, pastor, the Reverend Billy, Graham dead. At the age of 99 will reflect on his powerful, life and legacy, with, tony perkins our. Top story president. Trump's efforts to prevent massacres. Like the one at the Florida, high school last week the, president, today holding, an extraordinary. Emotional, listening session, that, address mental health gun, laws and security, measures to improve school safety Fox. News chief White House correspondent John. Roberts, has our report. David. It was another extraordinary, moment, at the White House today as the nation, was allowed to listen in as students, from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and the, father of one of the students killed there appealed, to President, Trump to, not let this be like all the other school shootings, to, do something, to make a difference, this time in. The State Dining Room today six, students, from Douglass High School and their parents brought, to Washington by, the Department, of Education, nothing, ever that, horrible should, ever have to happen to you. From. School maybe, compromise on some, solutions, so this never has no child no person, in, this world will ever have to go something through. So horrific this solution, is not going to be a singular thing it's gonna be multifaceted, it's, not left and right it's not pulled it's a human issue and I don't understand, why I could still go in a store and, buy. A weapon of war the, students, telling stories of the terror they went through as the gunmen blasted, his way down the corridor and from, the father of meadow Pollock who was killed at Douglass High the anguish, and anger of a parent who will never see their child again, should have been one school. Shooting, and we should have fixed it. And. I'm. Pissed, because. My daughter I'm not gonna see again.

She's. Not here, she's. Not here. She's. At in, North. Lauderdale I'd whatever. It is King David, Cemetery, also, at the meeting parents of children killed, at Sandy Hook elementary, the parents of Rachel Scott the first student killed at Columbine, and students, and teachers from DC, High School's President. Trump was in listening mode but, also coming, to the meeting with ideas, of his own. The mental, health of somebody, and we. Are going to, do. Any of other things. Before. President, Trump convened, the meeting protestors, marched through Washington, to the White House to, observe a moment of silence to. Read, the names of the fallen. And. To demand the president do something, concrete to address, the epidemic of, school and mass shootings in America. President. Trump pledged that the Douglass school shooting, won't be like all the others that it will result in changes, among, the things he is considering, raising, the federal minimum age, to buy a rifle, from the current 18, keeping. Guns out of the hands of people who should never own them, addressing, the issue of mental illness and tightening. Up background, checks to make sure red, flags don't, fall through the cracks, the, president, also suggested. Military. Veterans, could be hired to provide security. In schools you'd have a lot of people that be armed they'd be ready they're professionals, they may be Marines, that. Left. The Marines left the army left, the Air Force and they're. Very adept at doing. That you'd. Have a lot of them and they'd be spread evenly throughout the school today's. Was just the first of two listening, sessions, that the president, will have here at the White House this week he meets tomorrow with state and local officials the, next, week he joins together with the nation's governor's to talk about the problem we've, been here many times before but David, this, time is beginning. At least on the surface to, feel different. As. Indeed John Roberts thank you very much joining me now is former Reagan, White House political director, and Fox Business contributor, at Roswell. One thing that feels very different, is usually, these. Kind of meetings that the White House don't have that, raw, emotion. That we saw today I mean it's just, incredibly. Powerful. Stuff and and, yet it was focused, it was focused, on solutions. Rather than political rhetoric I thought, it was extraordinary. The part I saw it I thought it was extraordinary and obviously there's, a great emotion, from these people who suffered, immensely. That father crying. Out I'm, a father a daughter you are you, know you have children, you. Just feel for him it. Always comes down to when the rubber hits the road and it's the battle between those who think gun, ownership is a privilege, and those who think it's a right but you know that father in, particular, we're gonna play the full tape a little bit later in the show that father said this is not the time to be talking about guns he said there will be a time for that this is a time to talk about safety, after. 9/11. We, fix things we didn't have another 9/11, we've had other terrorist attacks but not another 9/11, after, the first shooting we should have fixed this and we did now it's time to well after 9/11, as you know so well we basically gave up a lot of our rights we, basically don't can't go on a building without showing security, wherever. We go airports, or what-have-you we go through security systems, and. Maybe. That's we have to do in schools some. Schools have it most schools don't I think the president's, comments about using military or National Guard or something like that to protect some of these schools can happen, I think the key thing here for him is that he's expressed, that he would undertake, some action the key thing here is, come to Congress cuz someone said draft a piece of legislation that can get through just, today, and yesterday in the Florida Legislature, all, these kids marched down there was overwhelmingly, voted against repealing. And, once. You start taking things away from people it gets a lot tougher well once, that one thing that happened also today, there is a political element to this I hate to inject politics. Into what happened but for all the political rhetoric that that, directed. At this president, that there's something about this president, that is so, Pro NRA and, so pro guns and so forth he, he, did a lot to bury that, perception. Of the president, that Democrats, and others have been putting out there well he's an active president today and he was listening president, and that's that's, when, a president wants to be at their.

Best That's what he, did today I think, the critical thing here you know it's not his fault this happened and it's not the NRA s fault it's, the, fault of the kid who basically was, able to get a gun and go in there and kill kids but, you if you want to resolve this you've got to understand it's a non-stop. Fight and. A long period of time that you make changes and, even though the public may be supportive, of this in polls anytime. You draft a piece of legislation, and try and move it through then obviously. It's. Less about the day you know many, people were saying this is a moment that the president, has to step forward and and and, the. President's, role sometimes is that of heeler I think of Reagan after the Challenger, disaster had other things like that this this, was one, of those moments as a man that's advised presidents, and served in a couple of White House's you. Could not ask for anything more from that any president than this president has performed since the shooting took place and actually it, does, take away you know that the Democrats have made it clear that in November they're gonna they're, their primary. Element. For or. Persuasive. Element for voting for Democrats is going to be we're, not Trump and this, makes, people wonder if that's enough, particularly, when Trump has, the ability to sympathize in situations, like this there's. 435. Members that are running for election or, re-election and, and equally as important. 34. 35 senators, so each, and every one of us have to face their own constituents, I think, watching those young people today if they want to get mobilized to this at the beginning of their life and politics they're, going to be the voters of the future and they may make changes but it is the constitutional. Amendment to outlaw guns and that's going to take a lot of yeah a lot of that father, said it's a different time for good but as in terms of the way the president is perceived, this president, has perceived if if the Democrats, lose, that, perception. That they've created that persona they've created of him as being such an incentive and sensitive, person that, Americans, can't identify with if they lose that what, do they have they have Nancy Pelosi we, have Nancy Pelosi railing, against a tax, cut that, more, and more Americans believe. In equally. As important when she was railing today against the speaker saying. That she wants the bill up or down my. Recollection, is she was speaker for quite a few years and and had big majorities, and I didn't see any any, legislation, that changed, us so I think I think it's a positive day for the president good day for the country and certainly, walls very sorry about what occurred, and hope it never happens again and the people are coming together for solutions I think we're going to find there's, no solution. But I think we're gonna find a couple of answers that totally at least we're trying to find some solution and Rollins good to see you thank you sir appreciate we're, coming right back with much more please, stay with us, the. House Intelligence Committee, Chair, exposing. The deep state calling. Out the real collusion. With Russia we found collusion, between the. Democrats, specifically, the Clinton campaign, and the Democratic, National Committee and the, Russians however. It doesn't seem to be like that nobody's, interested in that collusion, we take up phase two of the newness investigation.

With Former governor Mike Huckabee and. Pres. President, Trump today hosting, a very emotional, listening session, on gun violence and school safety at the White House school, shooting, survivors, and families of victims sharing. Their painful stories offering, solutions, following. Last week's tragedy, in parkland, Florida. Should. Have been one school, shooting, and we should have fixed it. And. I'm pissed because, my. Thought I'm not gonna see again and if it stops we all work together and. Come. Up with the right idea and it's school safety. It's. Not about gun laws right now that's that's another fight another battle let's. Fix the schools and then, you guys could battle it out whatever you want joining. Me now is former governor, of Arkansas. And presidential, candidate, Mike, Huckabee first, year your, reaction, to the raw emotion that, we saw these things are so often, scripted. And and. Become. Kind of plastic, in a way and as only, inside, the beltway ken but this was anything but. And. I think that's what made it not only powerful, but David it was cathartic for the nation not just the people in that room. But. To allow it to happen organically was. Very very strong I've, been to a lot of these presidential. Forums, over the years and and most, of them are scripted, down to the last detail and what, I appreciated. About this was that it wasn't scripted, it allowed people the freedom to express. Even. Very. Emotionally. And how can you talk about this without being very a motional it, was a strong, moment and I, think it was good for the country to realize that. There. Are some things that Americans. Can agree on and that is we've got to get this right and the. President hosting it the the general tone was one of not, only was it raw emotional, but it was trying. To come to a consensus, it was trying to reach, some, sort of conclusion there's no magic, solution to, this but. At least as that one father said, you know let's forget about gun, laws right now wait that's for another time another discussion.

Let's Just talk about safety about, preventing. Killing, right now. And. I think the hard, part is going to be for us to get used to the idea that, if we really want to protect, kids in schools you're, going to have to do some things that. Frankly. Are awkward and uncomfortable it, means locked down it means one entry in one entry out it means that everyone who goes into that school has. To be checked before they walk in I got, to be checked before I get on an airplane tomorrow I'm on airplane several days a week and no matter how many times I fly still got to go through the same process I know. That's, awkward and, it's going to be cumbersome, but, that's the starting, place that I think most people could agree if you, if you don't get access to the school it's going to be hard to go up in that school and start shooting kids, you, know another, point, that was kind, of a visceral point, of what happened, today it wasn't spoken about directly, but but, was the, need for faith to bring this country that politics, alone is not going to solve anything, somehow, we need to reach much. Deeper, inside of ourselves if we're going to solve problems and it is ironic I think that this is the day that we lost Reverend. Billy Graham the, guy who brought. Religion. Who brought faith unabashedly. Brought, it right into the White House worked, with 12 presidents and. And people, might forget you're not only a former governor you're preacher as well how did he influence your life. Well. I don't know of any life that he didn't influence even people that aren't Christians, they recognize, that this is a man who's, stuck to his stuff he didn't, get off on anything other than preaching, the gospel, Christ and he stayed faithful, to that, but. I would say that Billy Graham may, have physically, died but I like to think of it that he's, more alive than he's ever been and it by the way David if that's not true than everything he lived for everything, he said is. The greatest fraud upon human history you can't say he was a great man and then, say but I don't believe that there is such a thing as a god you, have to either say there's, a god and Billy Graham told, us about him or there isn't a god and Billy Graham was a delusional. Nut and everyone, who follows God is as well that's, the option yeah yeah.

Well He he had influence, with I think every, single one of those presidents, I mean you think of some some presidents, who had a lot of faith some who like. Ronald, Reagan didn't, like to wear it on his shirtsleeve but clearly. He. Had the need, for faith in his own life and to help him through his job as president. And. I think sometimes, we we. Want our presidents, you know to be Sunday School teachers and most of them are not but. The fact is Billy Graham's presence. Was, a calming. And a very, powerful, influence on the lives of presidents, and they listened to him and he prayed with them I think the important, thing is that those, presidents, may have changed in his presence, but, Billy Graham never changed, in their presence, he, went as an ambassador of God he, represented. The kingdom, of God and he, represented, it effectively, and powerfully and, it, didn't matter if it was a president, a Pope prime. Minister, are just an ordinary Street kid Billy, Graham still, represented. The gospel, the same way to, every person, with whom he spoke no compromise, ever never. Forget, about it Governor Mike Huckabee good, to see you my friend thank you very much for being here appreciate it, my. Pleasure David, and be sure to vote in tonight's poll do you believe it's time for the DOJ. To clear out deep state anti-trump. Forces and. Start seriously, investigating. Demme's wrongdoing. During the 2016, election, cast, your vote on twitter at lou, dobbs and follow Lou on Twitter at Lou Dobbs like him on Facebook. And follow, him on Instagram at Lou Dobbs tonight, on, Wall Street Stocks, closing in session lows the dow following 167. Points, the SP down, 17. Nasdaq down 16, volume. On the big board was 3.7. Billion shares, stocks. Falling, on rising, yields. With the yield on a ten-year, closing, at a four-year, high existing. Home sales posting. The biggest drop in 3 years down more than 3% last month amid low inventory, and rising. Prices and a reminder to listen to lose reports, three, times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network, coming up next President Trump ramping, up the pressure on Attorney General Jeff Sessions, calling.

For An investigation, into Obama's, failure to stop Russian interference in the 2016. Election we're gonna take that up with the Washington examiners byron york he's been all over this he's coming next. President. Trump again stepping, up the pressure on Attorney General Jeff Sessions, to probe the Obama administration. Over its failure, to stop. Russian, interference in the election the president's, weeding out quote questioned. If all of the Russian meddling took place during the Obama administration right, up to the January, 20th. Why. Are they the subject, of the investigation why. Didn't Obama do something, about the meddling, why are dem crimes under, investigation, ask Jeff. Sessions. And supporters. Of Michael Flynn are urging, the former national security adviser to consider withdrawing his guilty plea in the Russia probe the, calls come amid reports former, FBI director, James Comey told. Lawmakers last. Year that Flynn did nothing, wrong the, Flynn case is also being handled by a new judge who has been tough on the, Justice Department. In the past and has ordered prosecutors. To, share evidence, with the Flynn legal, team that might help their client, our, next guest has been out front covering, these new developments in the Flynn case we're joined by byron york chief, political correspondent for, the Washington Examiner, and a Fox Business, contributor. Byron good to see you what, is the latest on the, possibility. Of Flynn's. Reversal. The the plea reversal, we. Don't really know what's going on that's really the latest here we do have some. Hints, you're right back. In in March of last year James, Comey who was then the FBI director told Congress. That, the agents, who had interviewed Flynn did not believe that he had lied to them in that interview, was on January 24th. Of last, year something. Changed, between there and when. Flynn pleaded guilty in December. The big change though, of course in. The case has been the judge the change in the judge we don't know why the old one left. Immediately. After taking Flynn's, guilty. Plea on December 1st but he did and the new judge. Has. A routine, has a habit of. Essentially. Ordering. Prosecutors. To make sure they. Turn over any exculpatory. Evidence, what. Was kind of unusual here. Is when the judge does that Flynn, has already, pleaded guilty yeah, and so, you have to think now. They're wrangling, over under. What conditions, the evidence would be handed over you, have to think that this thing is still alive, well, the the, question first of all we should remind folks the person who did the interview among, the FBI included. Peter struck, who. Was vehemently. Anti-trump. We remember, those dozens, hundreds, of of messages. With. His friend at the FBI in, which he talked about how bad Trump, was I'd be a disaster, if he was ever left so if he believed, that Flynn was, was, actually innocent.

There's. Got to be something to that I'm wondering, now though whether this expects. Both the exculpatory. Data. That comes out whether, we'll have any access, to it because it may include some stuff that could be very revealing about this whole case everything's. Better than really secret, so far by the way on the struck thing that the news report, that revealed, those, texts, from Peter struck to lisa page in the FBI that. Came out the day after Flynn pleaded guilty so flint. Pleaded, guilty without, having any knowledge of, any sort of bias issues, with, the, lead FBI agent, in the case. Whether. Whether things change now we. We don't know we don't even know whether, there's a time limit by the judge imposed. On the prosecution, to turn stuff over although we have to think there probably is, by, the way that said to the prosecutors, look if you think something is borderline let. Me see it yeah so, he's been fairly strict with the prosecution, well one. Thing is that a lot of folks, who are friends of Flynn's say say look maybe he shouldn't go, for a plea reversal, because he, could have been charged with something much worse if he cut a deal. With. With, Muller, taking. A charge, of lying. To a federal agent that. Could be much less offensive. In the eyes of the law than then what Muller let him get away with is, there is there, something that might come out of this. Evidence that will be released that will reveal exactly what, other charges. Were brought against, him well you have just laid out a real, possibility here, first of all those, of us who are looking into the Trump Russia affair. Clearly. The Flynn case because, it involved Flynn talking, to the Russian ambassador, and in the Obama Justice Department, going, after, that on what. Seemed to be dubious grounds, that is a major, major part, of the whole Trump Russia, affair, but, you're right to suggest there could be other things like fliends representation. Of Turkey during the campaign by the way, could. Be some sort of problem and it could be, that. The prosecutors, had other stuff. On him, and pleading. Guilty to a single, charge of lying, to the FBI may have been his best option and would remain his, best option even, if we learn about other of and of course they were also putting the squeeze on his son maybe he just did this to make sure that his son was, released, from their prying. Eyes Byron. York good to see you my friend thank you very much, thank you David we are coming right back with a lot more please stay with us the. Obama administration. Did nothing, to stop Russian, election meddling now president, Trump is calling on the DOJ, to investigate. We, take that up with Niger in US and Mark some old. I'm. David Asman in, for Lou Dobbs President, Trump is calling out the left-wing media for covering anti, Trump rallies, that turned out to have been organized, by Russians, president. Last night tweeting, out quote bad, ratings, CNN. And MSNBC got. Scammed. When, they covered the anti-trump, Russia rally wall-to-wall. They. Probably knew it was fake news but because it was a rally against, me they pushed it hard anyway. To really. Dishonest newscasters. But the public is wise the. CNN shameful, behavior doesn't end there they actually sent, a reporter, this week to, badger an, elderly, Trump, supporter, for unwittingly, promoting. A pro Trump event, on Facebook, that was allegedly, organized, by Russians, take a listen to this, those. Legitimate, those, were Russians, not. Russians, I don't go with the Russians, that Greek was Russian. Joining. Me now national, spokesperson for the Congress on racial equality and, conservative, commentator, Niger in US and radio talk show host for New York's wor. Mark Simone gentlemen, good to see you both Niger. CNN. Cornering. And belittling. A trump supporter, for. Doing, for getting caught in this exactly. The same web that CNN, was caught in when, they publicized. And, and, we're, celebrating. An anti-trump event you. Know they need some real discipline, over there it's a shame that a once-great, network. Would. Get caught with their pants down like this I mean I'm wondering if this is Pravda, TV, or CNN. I mean this is clearly I mean and is it Michael Moore now a part, of this. But. Mark you know CNN nitrus. Exactly, right CNN, is in a deep hole but they keep digging it's, it's. Amazing, when you're in a hole stop digging they don't they didn't get that message oh they're following the fine footsteps, of Joe McCarthy hunting.

Down Russians, of this this, woman should have sent a reporter to see them I, think the reason they're so mad about Russia, is it's, the first major competitor. They have them you think about Russia's trying to influence, the election, we, trying, to create discord, that's, their job CNN, yeah yeah well and then Niger you had the event that we've been talking a lot about tonight, there's, this meeting on gun, violence in the schools and and. It totally, undercuts, the media narrative, that that, Trump is this evil guy who you. Know supported, by the NRA just, loves guns to death and and and frankly doesn't care about anything but that clearly. To organize an event that was as open and it is this one shows a very, different, reality, the. President, is, conscious. Of how serious. The. Incidents, in Florida, and in Las, Vegas of course in. Newtown Connecticut and, it. Was an extraordinary, Town. Hall that he held in the White House and, it. Was very very powerful very very emotional. But. I think the president, also knows that. That. The solutions. That we come up with have to be logical. Rational. And, something that will save lives I was really, thrilled by one. Of the I, believe it's one of the students of saying how important, it's going to be to, have armed, good people, be a teachers, law enforcement. Former. Veterans, that, are in the schools and that can, protect. Lives, because as we know the, only thing that can stop a bad, guy with the gun is a good, guy with, the gun or girl with a gun and and and Mark what would impress me tremendously. Was the way the president not only allowed, people to have their say but pulled, them together towards. A kind, of again not a solution, but at least some answers, that are going to help help. The save you and you compare, that by the way did it to the Democrats, response. To, the trumpet ministry which is Nancy Pelosi is. Looking, more more today she had an anti tax. Cut meeting. And last, night she had a meeting at which she was heckled let's, just play that again I can't get enough of those. If. What you're doing is cutting the taxes, at the high end and therefore. Not being allowed to invest. In. The. Future you're. Doing a grave disservice to. Country that's. Some. Patriot most people, have. To struggle, to make. Make, ends, meet so, no. We're not talking about that. So. In any event, mark. The vulnerability. Of this woman, when the Democrats, are putting her up as as, the the point of the spear, to go against tax cuts and the Trump administration in, general she's so vulnerable all. The sincerity of Chuck Schumer that just looks like they. Had car salesmen, you know and I hope that everybody goes and watches that meeting today with those kids you know I've known Donald Trump for years we served on the Police, Athletic League Board together its inner city kids he worked with them sat, through long meetings if you know the work that he did behind the scenes I think a lot of people would be surprised, but again Niger you compare you compare that meeting, today with.

With What, Nancy, Pelosi is trying to present as a narrative against, Trump and and, against the tax cuts specifically. That the polls show most Americans. Now like oh. The. Tax cuts are wildly. Popular because, of. Course corporations, are giving, bonuses, as, well, you. Know the small one, that really turns, me on, David. Is that small. Businesses. Are more, optimistic, than, they have been in decades, you, know and and and when, we recall just it was just a few years ago that there were more, small businesses, closing than, opening, up and there's there's an economic revival and, optimism, that exists, among the American people and that that is a, very very good thing Niger, NS, mark Simone gentlemen good to see you both thank you very much thank you David and be, sure to vote in tonight's poll do you believe it's time for the DOJ. To clear, out deep State anti-trump. Forces and, start seriously. Investigating. Democratic. Wrongdoing. During the 2016, election, cast, your vote on Twitter at Lou, Dobbs well, please roll the video a wing, suitor going, to extreme, Heights for an incredible. Adventure. He's jumping, off a hot-air. Balloon before. Soaring. Across the sky taking, in breathtaking. Views this, by the way is over Mexico, amazing. Coming. Up next top Obama. Officials, targeted. As President Trump calls on the DOJ, to, probe why they failed to stop Russian, meddling, former, Deputy Assistant Attorney General, Tom Dupree taking, up the case coming next. You.

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