Lou Dobbs Tonight 02/20/2018 Fox Business February 20, 2018

Lou Dobbs Tonight 02/20/2018 Fox Business February 20, 2018

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Good. Evening everyone I am trish regan in tonight for lou dobbs House, Republicans, tonight demanding, answers from Obama, administration. Officials about their use of the discredited, Trump dossier to spy on the Trump campaign, House, Intelligence Committee Chairman, Devin Nunez launching. Phase. Two of his probe into government surveillance abuses. Asking, Obama officials, to explain, how they handled, the dossier we're. Gonna discuss, the committee's efforts to expose FBI, and DOJ corruption. With dr., Sebastian, Gorka, also, tonight special, counsel robert muller straying, far from his russian, collusion, update, Muller. Charging. A New York Attorney with lying to federal investigators. It's. About his interactions, with Ricketts, a longtime business associate, a president. Trump's former campaign, chair Paul Manafort we're, gonna have a full report and President, Trump today ordering the Justice Department, to propose regulations, that would ban so-called, bumped stocks devices. That allow rifles, to mimic. Automatic. Weapons the, president, saying we must do more to, protect our children. The. G and all of these efforts as I said in my remarks, the. Day after the shooting is that, we cannot merely take actions, that make us feel. Like. We are making a difference. We must actually make. A difference. We. Must move past Lachey's, entire, debates, and focus, on evidence-based solutions, and. Security. Measures that actually. Work that. Make it easier for men, and women of law enforcement. To, protect our children and to protect our safety. We're. Gonna take up the fallout of the president's, move with two of the best political. Analysts, in the business. Edie Rollins, and Charlie. Hurt our. Top story efforts, to expose corruption in, the Obama era FBI and Justice Department housed. Intel chairman Devin Nunez has sent a list of critical questions, to senior Obama administration officials, about. The dirty, discredited. Dossier. Bought. And paid, for by, Hillary Clinton, and the DNC, Fox. News chief intelligence correspondent. Catherine rich. Has, our report, with. This letter to current and former intelligence law enforcement and, State Department, officials the Republican, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, launched, phase 2 of the committee's Trump dossier investigation. Chairman, Devin Nunez posed a string of dossier related questions, covering, when officials learn the DNC, and Clinton campaign, paid for the research by former British spy Christopher, Steele as well, as how the dossier, was used to secure one or more surveillance warrants, Fox News has learned the questionnaire, including, a threat subpoena, information, went to former FBI director James Comey former, Director of National Intelligence James, clapper and former, CIA director, John Brennan among, others the, Republican, staff memo released earlier this month said the FBI and Justice Department knew, about the dossiers, Democratic, roots when it asked the National, Security. Court 18. Days before, the 2016 election, to collect Trump campaign aide Carter pages communications. Almost. A year later Brennan testified, he still didn't know the whole dossier story, director. Brennan do you know who commissioned, the steel dossier. I. Don't. You know if the bureau ever relied, on the steel dossier, as any as, part of any court filings. Applications. Petitions. Pleadings. I have no awareness in. A separate development London, lawyer Alex vanderzwaan, entered a Washington, DC federal court and pled guilty to, lying, to Special Counsel investigators. Vanderzwaan. Whose father-in-law is a Russian, oligarch suing, over the Trump dossier lied, about his communications. Two months before the presidential election with Rick gates along, with his business partner and former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort Gates, was indicted on money laundering charges by the Special Counsel a White, House spokesman said the lawyers guilty plea is many steps removed from the special counsels of collusion mandate, this has to do. An attorney representing, one, of the individuals, who has already been indicted has nothing to do with actions related to this president court observers, speculate the guilty plea places, more pressure on gays to cut a deal and cooperate, with the special counsel against Manafort under, Sentencing Guidelines vanderzwaan. Faces, up to five years in prison and a fine of. $250,000. But, given his cooperation he's. More likely to get six months or less of jail time and a fine not to exceed ten thousand dollars his sentencing, is scheduled, for early April Trish.

Thank, You so much Catherine Herridge President, Trump tomorrow set, to meet with students and teachers impacted. By school shootings, following last week's tragedy at a Florida High School. The. Meetings come as the president, demands, the. Attorney General, to, propose. Regulations, to base all. Devices that turn legal, weapons, into. Machine guns, I. Expect. That these critical, regulations. Will be finalized. Jeff. Very, soon as he recognized, today the Valor of safety, officers, who responded, to yet another mass shooting San. Bernardino, in 2015. The president, praised the heroism, of those who sacrificed their, lives last, week in the aftermath, of this, evil massacre, our spirits, have been lifted by the accounts, of bravery, at, the. Marjorie's. Own. Men Douglass High School who have shown us that the forces of love and courage are always, stronger, than the forces of, evil. And hate Douglass, High School is the first mass shooting, at his school since President, Trump took office today, he pledged to take steps he said would actually, make a difference the key in all of these efforts as, I said in my remarks, the. Day after the shooting is that, we cannot merely take actions, that make us feel. Like. We are making a difference, we must actually, make, a. Difference. The. President, will hold listening, sessions, this week on school shootings tomorrow. He will meet students, and teachers from Douglass, High School Sandy, Hook Elementary, and other schools Thursday. He'll meet with state and local officials to, hear what they have to say president. Trump has voiced support. The Senate bill that seeks to make the background check, system more, efficient, but when pressed the, press secretary, indicated, more, needs to be done the president, is very, focused. On Mental Illness working, with the. Health and Human Services Department, to. Determine, the. Best path forward on that and what is available, and, allowed under the wall unfortunately. We can't just flip a switch but, there is a process there we are a law in. Order country, and the, president is trying to do everything that he can under his capacity, to address these concerns and, certainly when it comes to mental illness the White House today also defended, the tweet president, Trump was widely criticized. For on the weekend he said that the FBI missed, all of the many signals, sent out by the floor to school shooter, because they are spending too much time tried to prove Russia collusion. With the Trump campaign, he's making, the point that we, would like our FBI, agencies, to to, not be focused on something that is clearly a hoax, in terms of, investigating. The Trump campaign, and its involvement. Four days after robert, muller announced, indictments, against 13, russians, for interfering. U.s.. Elections, President Trump today faulted, the Obama White House are not taking Russian meddling, more seriously, and while, the president made no effort to call out the Russians after Muller's announcement, the White House today insisted President, Trump has been far harder on Russia than the Obama administration.

Ever Was he helped, push through 700. Billion dollars, to rebuild our military, he's helped export, energy to Eastern Europe he's closed three diplomatic, properties, that. Were Russia's here in the United States he's helped arm the Ukrainians for. A number of places that Obama was too weak and refused. To take and put pressure on Russia where, this president has. President. Trump also took aim at the Obama White House in his memorandum, to the Attorney General, seeking to ban bump stocks pointing. Out that the Obama administration. Repeatedly, concluded, that, the devices were legal, to both purchase, and possess, at. The White House John Roberts Fox News thank. You so much John lots to talk about tonight and we have none other than, dr. Sebastian Gorka former strategist, to president, Trump here with us now a, Fox Business national. Security, strategist, so, good to see you dr. Gorka I'm going to start with Nunez phase. Two, what. Is this gonna look like. Well. This is a very, very interesting development. We saw the memo, that basically. Proved. To all Americans, that a FISA warrant a surveillance, warrant was illegally. Acquired against. A member of Trump. Campaign, exculpatory. Evidence was, hidden from the FISA Court, specifically. The fact that this was an oppo research, file paid for by, Hillary Clinton, in the DNC, now, we're going to go a little bit deeper, who, knew in the Obama administration. About the file where. It truly came from and where did they. What. Did they know and when did they know it and specifically. As John. Brennan committed. Perjury that's, going to be the big big question. You. Know look. In. Some ways I think dr.. Kroger we should have known about this right I mean and by the way the Obama administration, did know about it and didn't do much about it but, the reality is this. Is how. Governments. In. The, first world try. And influence things and whether we like it or not we've had a history and I glue instead might argue that, you know after all it was her decision not to go and campaign, in Pennsylvania, so the Russians had nothing to do with that but they created, enough, distrust. They, created, enough chaos for. Goodness sakes they had rallies, that, Michael, Moore was, champion, and being, a part of right here in New York City, after the president, was elected so. They were. Able, to create a sense of disinformation, that, they were putting out there and put one side against, the other with.

All That in mind how. Do one, we, protect, ourselves from, any of their influence, going forward and to, what. Did we miss, what should we have done during. The Obama administration, years. Look. Let's, jettison, the moral equivalency. Argument. America. Has, influenced. Elections, in other people's countries, the, Soviet you. You know did it since 1917. Onwards, and so. China but guess what we're the good guys we. Undermine, communists. We undermine fascists. When former KGB officers, like Vladimir Putin not, having his people, do it to us in America, that's a threat what do we do about it we. Have to revitalize, counterintelligence. In this country we haven't done effective, counterintelligence. Since. The end of the Cold War, really rod. Rosen Stein used a very interesting phrase in his press conference last week he, used the phrase active. Measures, active. Measures is what, the Soviet Union and now Russia does we, need to have people who, shed. Light on the, propaganda. Connect, it with who's doing, it and then, charge, people ideally, people who aren't hiding in other countries, and can, be extradited and, what's really interesting the, people who knew about the, Pfizer gate, scandal, who, used that guess, what Trish they're, here and they're Americans, and they can be charged and they can be prosecuted I mean. Look I. Unfortunately. And you and I have talked about this I mean you got CNN, and the likes of other mainstream, media outlets out there doing the work of the Russians for them right, you have the, FBI. Issuing. In this case a FISA warrant not telling the judge where this information. Was coming from in this case Christopher, Steele fusion GPS via. Hillary. Clinton and the Democrats, I mean this was opposition research. That. Perhaps was. Actually. Fed to. Christopher, Steele by, the Russians, in the first place to which I say are we that. Dr.. Gorka is our FBI, that, done that they just missed that entirely, because I read that thing and it certainly didn't read like a piece of intelligence, to me, look. I I this, is a personal, issue from me I've worked with thousands, of FBI agents analysts. And SOS. And Task, Force agents look. The problem isn't with them the problem is, with the seventh floor the FBI, and the gia DOJ. Who, were convinced. Hillary, Clinton, would win the election and they, were in the tank failure Clinton, just read the text messages, from, that IG, investigation which. Has yet, drop. Remember, the IDS report which, which would maybe farm. Damaging, for the Obama administration. Then Devin Nunez or the Grassley, referrals. Has, yet to be released these, were people who were politicized. And who Obama, allowed, to politicize, others, now, that's what we have to get to the bottom of and I think the tragic thing in all of this, you. Can relate these two in that our FBI, was, politicized, and, whatever. Direction they, were getting from the top on down was. Not to, do what. We needed the FBI do to. Do to protect our children, and protect our country but instead, to. Go after this, administration. And perhaps Florida, is proof of that you, know. A tragedy, all round but we get room for improvement, that's a short dr. korkor. We. Do the outlook, there's a reason this nation, since, 1776. Onwards, has never created an internal. Security. Service like. Mi5, we don't we don't spy, on fellow Americans, unless we have very good reason and a judge gives you the warrant that, changed, under the Obama administration, we have to walk the FBI, back, from, being a political arm of the President, of the United States and Donald, Trump is not going to allow that to happen again, thank. You so much dr., Sebastian Gorka good to see you tonight like your truth we're coming right back with a whole lot more stay with. The. House Intelligence Committee Chair, launching, phase 2 of his investigation. As president. Trump slams, the Obama administration. For not, doing, enough to, stop Russian, interference we. Take up the anti Trump web, of corruption with. Ed Rollins and. The. Battle for midterms, for nine 0-62. 12. Trump. Is blasting Democrats for using the issue of Russian. Meddling, as an excuse for losing the presidential, election the president citing missed remark from then President, Obama back in October, 2016. Watch there. Is no serious. Person. Out there who would suggest somehow that you. Could, even you, could even rig. America's. Elections. In, part because they're. So decentralized. And the. Numbers of votes involved, there's no evidence, that that has happened in the past or, that. There. Are instances, in which that will happen this time. And. So I. Divided. Mr. Trump to stop whinin and go try to make his case to get votes.

Maybe. We should play that over and over and over again for Hillary Clinton. Anyway, president Trump today tweeting, quote that's, because, he thought crooked Hillary was gonna win and he didn't want to rock, the boat when. I easily won the electoral college the whole game changed. And the Russian, excuse, became, the narrative, of the dense in another, tweet he, writes I have been much tougher on Russia than Obama just, look at the facts total. Fake, news, joining me right now with more former Reagan political director and Fox Business political. Analyst, Ed Rollins thank you, he's. Right I mean you listen. To that sound from October, 2016. The president was saying oh there's no way the Russians could ever have that bit well no one thought Trump was gonna win I mean very few. I still, would and understand, how or why he won so they are clinging to this idea of Russian. Kuzey. There's no evidence there's, no evidence whatsoever the, Russians cost one, single, vote do they create a disarray. Through a campaign you know maybe, but, at the end of the day what does that mean that it's not about votes it's not about stealing votes and it's not about. Casting. Votes I think the reality is it's a it's, create a confusion they always they always want to play propaganda. Games by, the way they've always done they've done that forever and we've done a little lot too I have to have absolutely, you. Know I was, talking to Chris towel the other day about their song outnumbered, and Kristin no no no we haven't done we don't do that and, I thought well you know that. Cool that we had done in Venezuela, where Savas we may have had a little bit of a hand in that and if, we. Should have and, over the last eight years if, we. Didn't. Play. That game then I would only find fault the Obama administration, for not having played it I mean that is part of what you do on an international, you do yeah and and, part of it is making sure that a story is told that basically the government itself may not tell it's like it's like in Russia I would hope that we have people in Russia that not not changing, they yell for that but are telling the truth about Putin, and that's very, important okay, so that's that's part of the game that is played so we ought to understand, and President. Obama ought to have understood that that was, in fact what the Russians were trying to do I agree with you that you can't really actually, steal. A little actually I mean unless you're breaking. Into Diebold voting machines but, you can create confusion. And, you can perhaps stir, the pot a little bit emotional. Fun and they did that and obviously they played. The Facebook, game very effective they spent a lot of money it was it was a good effort at, least what I have read about it to. Create discord. And that's what they did. Okay. So now Nunez. Is launching, phase 2 of his investigation. What. Do you think that will yield. I'll. Be not not much more than phase, 1 I think the key thing here is if. You want to go after the Obama administration. And I think the critical thing here is that. As. Maria, said on her show on Sunday when she had Attorney. General there are 27. Cases of leak the. Felonious, leaked. Out. Of the administration, and investigations, going on right now by the Justice Department if. You can get people like Brennan, and others that basically may have misrepresented, the, facts you've. Got a big case you can open this thing up again and it clearly was a lot of that activity, going on. Lastly. Very, quickly the. President's, talking about, bump. Stocks and getting serious about I mean this was talked about after Vegas and it kind of went nowhere now. He wants to be able to use his executive power and I. Think that's I think it's a good thing you're gonna have difficulty, passing, any legislation, to change gun. Laws in this country and, and.

I Think to a certain extent he also problems, with privacy laws I mean going after some of these mentally, people. You're. Violating privacy but. The things he can do he needs to do and I think at the end of the day, everything. Everything we have to look at the whole system again and as our security in our schools adequate. Obviously, not you, go to use a place like Israel, they lock the doors the beginning of school here you don't not. Without a pass and, I think we have to tighten up many many of our places well for that and also being a little more careful on these mental illness fronts and, looking. At bump stocks and look at it who the heck can get a gun because clearly, this guy in Florida didn't, design uniquely. Is important those who have we. Need that we need to basically have a some sort of system where you can go in and, as a parent or as an individual, that knows someone bought a gun that's just disabled. Or mentally just and, they're the ability to go with law enforcement to, get a warrant against that Ed Rollins thank you so much to have you back here again tonight be sure every went to vote in tonight's poll do, you believe the House Republicans, probe of Dems. And deep, state links, to the phony dossier, is far. More important, to our democracy than the endless. Muller, witch-hunt, you can cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs and follow, lou on twitter at lou dobbs like him on facebook follow him on instagram, at lou dobbs tonight on Wall, Street Stocks close or the, Dow snapping, a six, day winning streak following 255. Points yes and P down 16, and the, Nasdaq off five points long on the big board. 3.6. Billion shares, the Dow dragged lower by Walmart after the retailer reported, online sales growth that, slowed during, the fourth quarter, Walmart, chairs plunging, 10 percent the worst day for the company in some three. Decades and a, reminder you can listen to lose reports, three times a day coast to coast on the Salem radio network, up next Republicans, winning the fundraising fight against the dense but. Will it put the GOP, over the top in the 2018, midterms, we're gonna take it up with former, Trump, campaign. Manager David bossy right, after this. Republicans. Are winning the all-important. Money game ahead of the midterms the National Republican Congressional, Committee raised just over 10 million in the month of January while. The Democratic, Congressional. Campaign Committee, raised, nine point three five million a spokesperson, for the GOP committee credited, the tax cuts and a strong stable, of candidates, for, the fundraising, advantage joining. Me right now former, deputy Trump campaign, manager, David, bossy co-author, of the new book let. Trump beat. It's. A great title, this. Is part of what you you. Guys were able to do during the campaign which he, used very successfully. When, you look at what's going on right now though David. You. Know in, terms of the smaller indictment. In terms of him now going after another. Person, that was tied to. The campaign. Whose. Father-in-law is a Russian, oligarch. Do, you think that it's, getting. Better. Worse, I mean how would you diagnose, what's happening, now well, first of all I think this lawyers, indictment. It. Had literally, nothing to do with the campaign.

This, Person was a lawyer. For. Rick, Gates who. Has, been on we say before. Winning and someone who had been highly critical, of him but. Let's face it by the way Mitt Romney was right, don't forget President. Obama but, it, was was going, after Romney saying you know you can take your 1980s. Foreign policy back right cuz he understood, that Russia. Indeed, was. A threat. How. Do you think Romney's, gonna do and and do you anticipate the, the president being fully supportive, and behind him even there's. This whole Russia thing. It could, perhaps, at times be in the way let's, talk about it in in in a big picture and then we'll go to Mitt Romney and if that's okay my my belief is that this, president, understands. That his agenda. In. The success, of his agenda the things that are making America. Great again you, know are on deck, when it comes to the No election, and when we what, I mean by that is we. Have to win, additional, seats in the Senate and we have to keep the House of Representatives, if we do not the, first thing Speaker Pelosi is going to do is try, to impeach, this president try to end this. Agenda and so. When it goes to supporting. Candidates like, Mitt Romney, he's. Doing that across the country in in, state, after state to. Make sure that a Republican. Wins. A seat that we must have and this is a replacement, of Orrin Hatch it's a seat that a Republican, isn't the most likely going to win and Mitt Romney if, he comes to Washington, and. Is going to want to participate, in the president's agenda. I welcome, him, bump. Stocks there. Are members of the base that, may not like what the president is trying to do here what. Do you say you. Know I'm a member of that base and, I'm also an, avid, gun. Owner and, hunter and my my, kids are as well and and, I gotta tell you I. Tell. The Las Vegas shooting and I own a lot of guns, never. Heard of bump, stocks I'm not a guy who, is worried about. Being. Having, bump, stocks being regulated, in some form I think, that what the president is doing is sound. And responsible. And I think that, whether it's going to be. Regulating. Bump stocks or making. It tougher, for. People to get guns meaning. Meaning a stringent, background check it has to be done in a hurry and it has to be done you, know the, right way but, we have to have, maybe. Some tougher background checks and I think that all Americans can, come together on that whether you're a gun owner like myself or or somebody, who's a poet now you know it's gonna take some real leadership though David I mean maybe this goes all. Right and that's what this president is good at he's very, good at leading and take. He, he talked about it with immigration, he said I'll take the heat if we can pass, something that solves, this problem and Democrats, obviously don't want to they would rather have talking points and I think we'll, see where the rubber meets the road on this issue oh yeah well look the NRA has been pretty powerful, the NRA for goodness sakes backed him for, president, of course. And. I don't think the NRA I don't think the NRA is gonna have a problem with with. Regulating. Bumps III don't know I haven't seen what background, checks, I think, the NRA has been very. Responsible. Over. The many years of background. Checks and I think that if it's. About. Mental health issues related, to that background check I think that that's going to be something, that.

The NRA and this president, can, can grab ahold of and move it's. Amazing, I would just point. To the. Incredibleness. Of this I mean it's like Nixon and China right because the. President. That the Democrats, thought would be awful. When it came to. Gun. Issues and, just awful on immigration. Maybe. The president, that solves, some of these things and meets it's been a. Broken. Washington. A broken. Washington, DC is the reason, one of the reasons that, this president got elected, was to come here and make, change come here and make, Washington, work again, and that, he's a businessman, and that's kind of what he's was, known for in that world and that's what he's doing here in Washington he's, shaking, things up for sure David it's good to see you thanks for coming on thanks, for having all right we're coming right back with a whole lot more don't go anywhere. I'm. Josh Regan and for luodans tonight, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, attacking, the president's, highly, successful, middle-class. Tax cuts at a DNC. Sponsored, town hall in Phoenix Arizona calling. Them, unpatriotic. But. A, heckler in the crowd. Holder out a short, while after that what. If. What you're doing is cutting, the taxes, at the high end and therefore. Not being allowed to invest. In, the. Future you're. Doing a grave disservice to, our country, but. Some. People. Have. To struggle. To make. Make. Ends, meet so. Now. We're not talking about that. So. In any event. It. Just keeps getting worse right I've called her the Marie Antoinette of. The Democratic, Party this, is the same problem that Hillary Clinton, had not, connecting, not understanding. What, it's like to. Have to pay the rent every. Month and not understanding, what it's like. To pay a mortgage or put food on the table this, is part of the Democrats very problem. Right now on top of that you can't get her talking points, straight she's, out there saying oh it's, nothing but a tax cut for the highest earners in fact it's not there's. A lot of your highest earners here in New York in Connecticut. In California. In New Jersey and all, of these are high tax, states and guess, what those, high earners they, can't deduct, their. State and local taxes anymore so they will pay more I wish. The, Democrats, will get their talking points straight in fact I've helped them on some of them because this tax plan isn't perfect but, they keep going back to decades. Oh. Rhetoric. Joining me right now Washington, Times opinion editor and Fox, Business contributor, Charlie hurt Charlie good to see you great, to see you Tricia I mean if, I'm a Republican. If I'm, a Republican strategist, I just, say keep bringing her out keep bringing her out I mean because it's as though she's. Doing, all the, work for, them what. Is it. Do, you think that man put behind them a long, time ago if they ever put anything into any of them to begin with and, it's, all they've got left in and I think it's the real danger of thinking.

That They can go into these elections, just, hating Donald Trump they're, gonna lose I, mean. Americans, always want something, vote. For right, just. Something, to vote again exactly. But. I'm, wondering if fundamentally, the problem here is their platform, this whole redistribution. Of wealth this whole socialist. Idea, where they're, going to take from. You Charlie, and me and from, the union workers at the local plant and, everybody. Else in other words anybody, that's. Earning an honest living right it's, gonna get attacked. By the, Dems and money will be taken from them and redistributed. To people who. Are working for. A living and I think that people fundamentally, those. Are the that are working have, a problem. That. Well. It's the whole I mean you know this is America where we know we don't have a caste system in America this is not India this, is not some terrible country where people can't. Be. Born in a you know with nothing and then rise to the extraordinary levels, that people do, in this country if they work hard and play by the rules and do all this and, are, creative, and and, and. Never, lose that enthusiasm, or that vision for something and but, you're exactly right voters. Want a vote for something and when you look at you. Look at Barack. Obama in. 2008. He. Was showing he had a hopeful, campaign, the Sun was shining on his face people wanted to vote for him and the same thing about Donald Trump and and that's what so many people in the media missed is the fact that he was presenting a very hopeful, image, about the future, and that's why people voted for him. And and and Hillary Clinton wasn't, doing that and. Nancy. Pelosi still, isn't doing that I mean I it's, a huge mistake I mean I think the. Reality is they have no policies, so all they go back to is, oh he's a racist he's. Sexist, he's, this he's that and you know, nobody. Wants a you. Know misogynist. In the right house nobody wants a racist, in the White House so maybe that motivates, their. Base but, you're right in the if you really, want to get people out to work it, out. To. Vote they're, the people that are actually, out. There working in, other words their economic. Success is, is. The, link I think to political. Success, for these parties, absolutely. And you, know and if you look at these at all these wild accusations, that we've heard now, for years about Donald Trump the problem, isn't, that people believe it in there and they're ignoring it it's that they don't believe any of the accusations. Anymore except, for the most. The craziest. Fringe element, of the Democratic, Party everybody, you. Know heard all these accusations they've thrown their hands up after, having heard them for so long and seeing so many times all the, stories fall apart and they just wind up and of course it's the big problem with the whole Russia collusion, case as well, you hear so much of the stuff some of so much of it turns out not to be true at some point people just throw their hands up and say that you know. We're. Not listening anymore that's nonsense yeah listen, I got news for Nancy Pelosi there is nothing, unpatriotic.

About. Allowing, Americans. To keep the, money that, they have worked very hard for them and she, needs to learn that quickly. It's, easy I guess when you get as much money as her maybe, you start to forget but I would, you know if I were her political, adviser anyway. Tell, her to a study up well, I hope she doesn't because I like it. Charlie. It's good to see you thanks for doing the show thanks. Trish all right coming up next everyone alleged Russian interference, extending. Beyond the election we're gonna have a full report on Moscow's, latest, target that's next and later on the House Intelligence Committee, demanding, answers from top Obama officials, about the anti-trump, dossier we're, taking up the deep state's efforts, stay with us don't go. Anywhere.

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Bump stocks are not as correlative as Psychotropic drugs. How about we get rid of those or at least not let them be prescribed by NP types with limited chemistry.

Obama used his NSA and other intelligence advisers to impugn the power of the presidency to commit this rape of our democracy. Brennan, Clapper, Rice, Powers, Comey, Lynch, McCabe, Rosenstein, viciously abused the Powers of their office to malign the duly established government of Pres. Trump, if not to bring him down in a silent coup de ‘etat. Is this not TREASON? The corruption practices of Clinton, Obama, and the enabling of the complicit liberal media are very telling of how vicious their politics are, to the detriment of the American people. Where is justice? More power to MY Pres. Trump and God bless his efforts to clean a VERY DIRTY Washington.

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Please do not make us have to see ROMNEY"S RINO FACE for another election cycle. Get a patriot who loves America and who is an honorable person instead of yesterday's tired and ineffective so called leaders. America needs a new direction and fresh new faces that understand what is needed. Send Romney to a museum that enshrines the dark past.

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Please, quit blaming the Russian bloggers for what the deep state and Democrats are guilty of. It's a distraction!



The FBI/CIA were behind some of the anti-Trump riots that destroyed property and injured people.

Trump and Putin have apparently brought back Boris Badenuf from Siberia. Lets see how many lies he can tell in 5 mins.

Trump protect The United States against Russia on cyber and haching . It not a Republican or Democrats we are being attacked on our freedom for elections . Sanctions on putin.Trump you are the president over a year Man up !! take responsibility stop blame game !!!!!

everything that is happened in been addressed has been more important than anything mother has been doing all he has done is waste taxpayer money and give the liberal media things to chant about he hasn't done anything that helps America makes America safer

The FBI a criminal organization, to promote anarchy throughout our Nation. Russia, Russia, really...they indicted who...they are all LIVING in RUSSIA...try and deliver a subpoena ...Our Government is corrupt..JUST HOW MANY ELECTION'S our government interfered in ..Obama was given MILLIONS to a man who was running as prime mister of Israel ... thank God, they were caught and Bebe Netinya WON, we interfered in CUBA that's how we ended up with Castro... Oh, please "dazzle the ignorant American's with Bullshit...

Media has been driving Presidents to say something after every event. For years.. In my opinion that's a role for a Dictator.. Not a President.. He doesn't need to share his personal thoughts.. He/ She doesn't write or create Laws.. Media seems to be behind a lot of bull shit and getting worse and more brazen with their words.

Obama is the only communist that interfered with the USA elections.....he STILL is colluding with government agencies to overthrow the presidency of President Trump.

The "Blame Game", Demorats "gun control" ... oh pleasssseee.... Our Constitution Second Amendment, is there to protect us from a Treasonable Government...The DemoRats empty all the "Mental Hospitals"!!! Now DemoRats wants our Country to be a Sanction Nation. FBI IS A criminal organization, to promote anarchy throughout our Nation. Gesh, I better get me one of those AR15.

Trish Regan really is a beautiful woman that is a fact just like our president is trying to accomplish things that's a fact and our liberal Democrats are still wasting time as always that's a fact and our FBI has become corrupt and worthless because of the upper echelon and that's a fact what a beautiful woman like Trish Regan that makes it all better

My opinion about FBI It needs to be disbanded and the responsibilities of the FBI turned over to Homeland security and take the existing FBI resources rename and focus all that into guarding the American schools only.

Good idea and make all the current employees reapply along with fresh new faces.

Jim J Lol!!!!!

Dang, Lou is looking hot!

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