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I'd like to start this video a little differently normally, I would just make the video and assume this went without saying maybe. I'd slip it in after 10 minutes as a quick disclaimer and then move on but this seemed important, enough that I thought I should say it from the start if you're expecting this to be some epic atheist, takedown of Christian, beliefs you're. In the wrong place I have no interest, in tearing, this book apart if you believe in this book that's fine I don't want to take your faith or anything else from you but. If you think Moses, threw down his staff and it turned into a snake I do want, to take that from you because, you're wrong. This. Video is brought to you by skill share the. Bible and specifically. The Old Testament, isn't a very good book narrative Lee speaking this happens, then this happens then this happens then there's a whole lot of knowing, and begetting then this happens it's just kind of a list of events there aren't a lot of rising, actions or climaxes, or even, character, development and that's fine since that's not necessarily, its purpose, but when you're trying to tell these stories to children you. Kind of have to punch it up a bit otherwise, they're just not gonna pay attention that usually, means adding, on to the story or changing, certain aspects, if I were to ask you who went to Pharaoh and said let my people go and threw, down his staff which then turn into a snake, most. Of you are going to say Moses, I knew some of you we're going to get this wrong but Jesus. Moses. Either had a speech impediment or was incredibly, shy interpretations. Vary but the point is he, wasn't very good at public speaking so, his brother a. Iran, spoke, for him then the Lord said to Moses, see I have made you like God to Pharaoh and your brother Aaron will be your prophet, you are to say everything, I command you and your brother Aaron is to tell Pharaoh to let the Israelites, go out of this country whenever, this story is told Moses. Often, becomes a composite, character of both Moses, and Aaron, I'm not sure why I'm pretty sure kids can understand, that there's two people but fine, so in every movie made about the book of Exodus Moses. Does all the talking while, Aaron just stands off to the side, if. He exists, at all he's completely written out of this scene in the Prince of Egypt, so it's Moses, his staff that turns into a snake but in the original source material, it isn't, Moses staff so, Moses, and Aaron went to Pharaoh and did just as the LORD commanded Aaron. Threw his staff down in front of Pharaoh and his officials and it became a snake Pharaoh then summoned wise men and sorcerers, and the Egyptian magicians also, did the same things by their secret arts each one threw down his staff and it became a snake but Aaron's staff swallowed, up their staffs but, that's the new international. Version maybe, they changed it, let's take a look at the official original. King James Version, and Moses, and Aaron went in unto Pharaoh and they did so as the Lord had commanded and, Aaron. Cast on his rod before Pharaoh and before his servants and it became a serpent then, Pharaoh blah, blah blah but Aaron's rod swallowed, up their rods, no. Matter what version you look up it's always, been Aaron's, rod. The, thing is when I asked that question several. Of you specifically. Mentioned Charlton, Heston who played Moses, in the Ten Commandments. Hears Charlton, Heston and here's not, Charlton, Heston even in this movie it's Aaron I don't know why any of you thought it was Moses, maybe. You came from the Berenstein, universe, another, Bible story which has fallen victim to modern, embellishment. Is Noah's, Ark in the source material there really isn't much to go off of the entire story, from beginning to end depending on your version it's just shy of 800. Words to put that into perspective so far, in this video I've, said, 800, words and a good chunk of that story is just IKEA, like instructions, on, how to build the ark this, is how you are to build it the Ark is to be 300, cubits long 50, cubits, wide and, 30 cubits high make, a roof for it leaving below the roof and opening one cubit high it goes on but I think you get the point for those of you who don't use cubits, in your everyday life it's 18, inches so the ark was one and a half times the size of a football field and four, stories, high, let me summarize the story of Noah's Ark for you God tells Noah to build an ark to, be filled with two of each animal to escape the flood which, will wipe out every, living thing in the gallon on earth on earth that's, it that's the entire story how, do they take that and turn it into a two-hour, Russell, Crowe movie by adding on a whole bunch of extra stuff the thing is no matter what modern interpretation.

You Sit down to watch they, all have the same story, beats initially. His family doesn't believe that he spoke to God there's, some sort of confrontation with, the local towns folk with, or without fallen, rock Angelz maybe Noah tries to save other people, but they also don't believe him and afterwards, they send out birds to try and find dry land none. Of that is in here, confabulation. Is when someone has a false memory of an event or story ranging, from a slight alteration to a complete, fabrication, when. Everyone, has the same false, memory, we call that the social, contagion of memory conformity. But you probably know it by another name the, Mandela, effect. You. Probably already know what I'm gonna say about this don't you and the, thing is we all know it's wrong, the fruit of the tree of knowledge is, never named people, who actually study, the Bible for a living think it might have been a fig which grows, in the Middle East or maybe even a pomegranate some, scholars, believe it wasn't an apple but. A ruby, red, antioxidant-rich. Pomegranate. With, which Eve tempted. Adam what a weird way to market your product hey remember that thing that doomed humanity, for all eternity well, we, put it in a bottle drink, up saying, it's an apple is incredibly, Eurocentric. It's even stranger when you remember that up until 1893. Apples. Tasted, like dirt more specifically, like a raw potato. The only things, apples, were good for were improving, your lands so that you met the legal requirements, of the Homestead, Act and, turning. It into apple, cider people, didn't really drink plain water back then doing so ran the risk of you dying from diarrhea, so most, people either drank coffee and tea which you have to boil or, why an insider, which you have to ferment would any of you really have been tempted by a raw potato assuming. Adam and Eve weren't Irish I doubt. It the idea of it being an Apple came centuries. Later along, with many of the other things you remember about that story Adam, and Eve take up a single, side of a single, page of this book it's about a thousand, words so depending, on how fast you read you can blow through it in a minute so. Why is it when we tell this story we, all have the same extra, narrative flair the answer is Paradise, Lost by John Milton Kevin.

Lomax John. Mill that. Movie actually borrows, a lot of themes and lines from Paradise Lost Buttered. Reign in Hell than serve in heaven is that it what, Dante was - Italian, literature John, Milton was - English, and wouldn't, you know it they both chose to write Christian, fanfiction, and both used religion. As a disguise, for, political, commentary, Paradise, Lost was written over five to ten years and published in, 1667. So, the political and religious situation was, completely, different from Dante's time the Protestant, Reformation was, in full swing and the pilgrims, just landed in America keep, that in mind as we discuss the plot which spoiler. Warning but it is a three hundred and fifty year old poem, that tells the story of Adam and Eve but from, Satan's perspective, you probably heard all the spoilers already the story is presented nonlinearly. Meaning, we start in the middle and there are flashbacks, I'm not. Going to do that here so if you want the original experience. You're, gonna have to read it yourself I read and listened to a few different versions in preparation, for this video but I personally recommend the, BBC, radio dramatization, where. Satan is voiced by Ian McDermott, aka, the Emperor. Better. To reign in Hell than serve in heaven if that isn't perfect casting, I don't know what is when, you picture Lucifer, in your mind you either imagine, him as someone who hid every branch of the ugly tree during his fall from heaven or something. Like this dang Lucifer, you looking like a snack Dante's, version of Lucifer made him a half goat three faced six, winged monstrosity. But. When I gave that information to Poe the Wonder cat to draw this, twink, studmuffin, is what I got which is fine he included everything I told him to and he's certainly not the first to do that almost every modern depiction, of Lucifer, whether he's a man or a woman casts, him as a perfect, 10 this sexy, and even sympathetic. Depiction, of Lucifer, started. With Milton's, Paradise Lost Satan. Is the protagonist. Of this story we begin with Satan, and his followers waking. Up in a lake of fire in, Hell which, they call Tartarus, I swear I've heard that name before they've been banished as punishment for participating, in the rebellion of angels against God why did they rebel well that's an interesting story in the beginning it was just God, in the Angels living, in the Imperium, what we call heaven Lucifer was one of those angels and angels are apparently, beautiful, there's some debate over what rank of angel Lucifer was if, you recall in heaven God is surrounded, by nine rings of angels one for each rank the closer you are to God the higher your rank and the highest were the Seraphim, you'd think being the highest rank would be awesome, but a seraphs, only job was to continuously. Shout praises at God they're the ultimate yes, men they have six wings and they're engulfed, in a perpetual fire, Seraph. Means burning ones so, that's fitting, since Dante's, Lucifer, had six wings some, think he might have been a seraph though some biblical scholars including, Saint Thomas Aquinas believe, Lucifer, belonged to the second order of age.

The Cherubim, no cherubim. Were not naked babies, like Cupid instead, they had four wings covered, in eyeballs for faces, and the body of a lion decidedly. Less cute which, is fitting since they guard God's throne and the Garden of Eden we'll get to why that is later the next order are the Thrones which, appear, as wheels within, wheels. Again. Covered, in eyeballs they serve as symbols, of God's power and authority and that's. It they, don't seem to do anything, the dominions are next they look like your typical angel, and their only job is to delegate, work to the other angels the middle management of the angelic hierarchy, the virtues are in charge of controlling all the elements, in the universe and they're also responsible for all of the natural miracles. In the world they also don't. Have any physical form that we know of the powers make sure that all the laws of physics are maintained, and supervised, the movements, of all of the spheres of heaven someone's got to make sure things keep ticking over right there also the warrior angels who banish evil spirits, to hell and served as the primary soldiers, against Lucifer's, army the seventh order of angels are the principalities. These angels oversee countries, nations and groups of people much. Like how Saint Patrick, is the patron saint of Ireland Ireland, also, has a principality, angel, they're the ones that give their blessing, whenever their specified, group of people praised before, going to war or playing. Football I wonder if they have any control, over the YouTube algorithm, dearest principality. Of de monetization. Please. See fit to bestow your blessing upon me so, that I may make those dolla dolla bills y'all. Archangels. Are the first ones that directly interfere, with human affairs and, steer, things in the direction of God's plan there are only seven, halo arc angels, and Lucifer, was one of them I don't know if that means there were eight and now that Lucifer is gone there's only seven or if Lucifer. Still counts, and there's only actually six and it's unclear if you can be an archangel and something, else like a seraph we only know four of the seven names which, is why it's unclear if Lucifer still counts, Michael Uriel. Raphael, and Gabriel. That's true the ninth order are the, just, regular everyday angels, that serve as messengers, or personal, Guardians they're, pretty boring humans, don't, become, angels they're, their own thing. You don't die and go to heaven and then perform, some good deeds in order to earn your wings you just need to drink a Red Bull for that that's true Lucifer, was God's favorite, angel or. At least he was right, up until God created Jesus and declared him Lord of the Angels wait I thought Jesus didn't come along until way later, I've always existed. What. I've, always been a part of God and he's. Always been, part, of me what are you doing here Jesus well, you've, been nagging, me on Twitter for a while and it, was getting kind of pathetic dude, I mean I'm here. To answer your questions. Can. You explain the Trinity to me no. One can explain the Trinity if, you asked a dozen Christians, about the Trinity you're. Gonna get a dozen different answers. So. Are you, the Son of God or, are you God yes. What's. What's the Holy Spirit, I think that's enough questions for now, really. Okay, can you just am, I going to hell for all the blasphemy, stuff what are you kidding I do. That all the time ah good. So Jesus, exists, now both in the story and on YouTube, he's verified, so you know he's the real deal Lucifer, didn't want to bow down to this new creation, so he incited a rebellion, it turns out that a third of all angels agreed, with him and didn't want to bow down to God's new son so. They went to war the only problem is that angels, are immortal.

They Just kind of spent the whole day fighting and not really getting anywhere until they retreated, and tried again the next day only this time with, cannons oh my god my god is epic, again this didn't, really work because of the whole immortality, thing, so, they retreated when they lined up for battle on the third day God decided, enough was enough he vanished Lucifer, and all of his followers from heaven and they fell for nine days during. Those nine days he did the whole creation thing and made Adam and Eve it's at this point that Lucifer, ceased, to be Lucifer, and became Satan, much like how Anakin, Skywalker became, Darth Vader by falling to the dark side there was a name change involved, but Satan isn't, name its a title Satan, just means the adversary, and his first official appearance in the Bible is in the book of Job while we're at it Christ, is also a title so his name isn't Jesus Christ, it's Jesus of Nazareth, , the Christ nobody, is gonna call him Lucifer, , the Satan though it's usually one or the other he's known by other names as well but as will soon discover those, aren't always accurate I am the devil Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub, the, Prince of Darkness, the. Princess, of darkness anyway while we're at it Lucifer, Morningstar is, a comic, book and TV show character that's not his real last name biblical, characters, didn't really have last names that's a relatively new thing so Lucifer and all his friends are cast down to hell and become demons, there, is no demonic hierarchy. Since they're just fallen angels they do choose Lucifer, as their leader though which is also a new concept, before Milton came along and changed the story Lucifer. Was a prisoner, in Hell not the ruler of it in Dante's, Inferno he's, being punished just like everyone else Lucifer, does have several lieutenants, though if that counts as a hierarchy, including, several people you probably know like, Belial, and Beelzebub, Beelzebub, is a separate, entity not, just another name for Satan after they regroup they build the city of pandemonium, and gather around to democratically. Debate what to do next, imagine, that hell, is a democracy you see Milton lived during the time of Oliver, Cromwell and, was an avid supporter of his Commonwealth, government, Lucifer's, rebellion against, the monarchy of God is written as a good, thing some, of the options put on the table include fighting again or building, their own better, heaven but then someone mentions rumors of an entirely new creation, they could corrupt perhaps, they could enlist these new creatures in their fight against God it's heavily implied that Lucifer is controlling, the democratic, debate by, feeding lines to his lieutenants, I am.

They. All vote for the third option to corrupt man and then discuss who will do the actual corrupting, Lucifer, heroically. Volunteers, himself, he heads towards the gates of Hell which are guarded by his children sin, and death those, aren't just their names they are the actual embodiments. Of sin and death they were born through a weird incest, and I'm sure there's a rule 34, about it somewhere when sin and death opened, the gates to let Lucifer, out they. That they can't close them again this was the first time they'd ever been opened and now they're stuck that way Lucifer disguises, himself as a cherub, and asks the Archangel, Uriel for. Directions, to the new creation so he can see it for himself the concept, of lying hadn't, been invented yet so Uriel. Just tells him everything Lucifer, arrives in the garden and upon seeing how beautiful it is starts, to wonder if he can be redeemed and get back into God's good graces, but he has too much of the north in him now and he decides that he will not kneel he stalks Adam and Eve for a while to figure out how these creatures work, and how to corrupt, them he notices, that the woman is smaller and weaker and she's probably his best bet then he hears them talking about their one and only rule to, not eat from the tree of knowledge and, there you go now he has his plan he spends the night whispering, into her ear telling her how awesome, it would be to eat from the tree and be among the Angels Eve wakes up and tells Adam about her crazy dream about how an angel told her it would be okay to eat from the tree and it wouldn't result in death, whatever. That is remember. They don't know what anything is yet we cut to God who sees all of this happening, and knows man will give in to temptation and, he just lets it happen saying. Man is free to fall Jesus, asks, if there's any way man can be redeemed and God says yes but someone, will have to pay for it who, pays for it you, you. Don't know no, I haven't, read this one. Well. I, don't. Want to spoil anything for you Jesus so, I'm, just, gonna leave. It there suffice. To say, someone. Heroically, volunteers, ooh. That. Sounds exciting yeah. So. God sends the Archangel, Raphael to warn Adam about Satan, and remind him of his free will specifically. So Adam, can't plead ignorance every. Scene of Adam and Eve just has, them talking about how awesome God, is how, much they love each other and how, they're not supposed to eat from the tree of knowledge which, makes sense right what else are they going to talk about hey I saw. A deer, do a thing, today. And. I think I might have discovered a new color it's not like they can gossip or have, any common, interests, nothing. Exists, yet when, file comes down to warn Adam he recounts, the entire story, of the rebellion and creation. In much more detail than the book of Genesis then he just starts answering Adams, random, questions, Adam, says that according to his observations. Of the Stars it looks like the earth goes around the Sun Raphael. Says it only looks that way because the earth is spinning Galileo. Was only twenty or thirty years before this having, Raphael say I don't know about that whole heliocentrism. Thing, is milton's. Way of voicing his own doubts about the at the time current, scientific debate, Milton throws a lot of his other views into this conversation, as well Adam asks, if there's life on other planets, to which Raphael, says let God worry about that. Can't. You just be happy with the one paradise. Raphael, also talks about how Eve is pretty and nice to look at but is less. Intelligent, less pure and has an inferior, spirituality. There's that 17th, century, misogyny, for you the next day Adam and Eve have a ton of work to do in the garden I'm. Not entirely sure what, work they have to do but Eve suggests, that they'd get it done faster, if they work separately they were just warned that Satan is coming but Eve thinks she can handle it and looks forward to proving her faith so. Against, his better judgment, Adam lets the woman go off to work independently. Gee I wonder what message Milton was sending with that Lucifer, sees this as his opportunity and. Physically, climbs into a snake's mouth to, possess it they know he's coming now so he, needed a disguise in Genesis, the serpent, is just a serpent, just like any other animal God created, now the serpent, was more crafty than any of the wild animals, the Lord had made the, idea that the serpent is Satan, didn't, come along until centuries. Later milton didn't come up with the idea but he certainly helped solidify it anyway, he goes over to Eve and starts flattering, her with how beautiful she is saying, she belongs among the Angels in the clouds not, here on earth Satan. Is a smooth, operator.

Eve Is shocked that there's a talking snake telling her how beautiful she is and asks, how he came to talk where, did he learn this power not, from, a Jed by, eating from the tree of knowledge of, course if that fruit can raise a beast to level of man imagine what it could do for you you, would be of God but they were told if they ate from the tree they, died obviously that's not true because the snake is alive she, never actually sees him eat it but she takes his word for it besides God, wants, you to do it he wants you to show your independence, why would he create the tree if he didn't want you to partake this is a test, if it grants knowledge of good and evil imagine, how much easier it would be to shun evil if you actually know what it is this starts making a disturbing, amount of sense to Eve and it's awfully reminiscent, of your typical adolescent. Peer pressure, your parents were lying to you it's not dangerous it'll expand, your mind Eve gives in and her first thought is maybe she shouldn't tell Adam so she can remain intellectually. Superior. But. Then she realizes she can be replaced and according, to some she's, all radio replacement, in Genesis, chapter one he creates man and woman at the same time so, God created mankind in, his own image in the image of God he created them, male and female he, created them, but, then in Chapter two it's just Adam alone, and then God creates Eve the, Lord God said it is not good for the man to be alone I will make a helper suitable for him now, the Lord God had formed out of the ground all the wild animals and all the birds in the sky but, for Adam no suitable helper was found so, the Lord God caused man to fall into a deep sleep and while he was sleeping he took one of the man's ribs then, the Lord God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man am, I missing a chapter why did he have to create a second, one if he already created, both of them according, to some the first woman was actually named Lilith, and since, she was created equal, to man she wasn't obedient, enough and she was banished, so Eve was created from. Adam, in order to be subservient, Eve knows she could just as easily be replaced so decides that Adam will eat too so they share the same fate whether that be in bliss or whoa, she, goes to Adams says she Aten didn't die God lied to them and now her eyes are open, eat up so, he does then. They look at each other with lust and have the most epic naughty, time that has ever happened sounds, like that Apple was laced with something if you ask me they wake up the next morning with a colossal. Hangover. And immediately start arguing with each other over who's at fault for their current misery Adam blames Eve of course but then Eva Minds him that she came from him she is his to command and, he let her go off to work alone he should have known this was going to happen, Satan confident, in his success, returns, to hell to find that sin and death have created, a bridge between hell and earth while he was away so sin and death are now free to wreak havoc in the world God senses, that man has fallen and he tells the angels that it's not their fault they couldn't have prevented this, he gave humanity free will and individual, choice and now they must take personal, responsibility for. Their actions if those buzz words sound familiar remember. That this is the 1600s. Capitalism. And free markets were a fairly new idea and it would seem Milton was somewhat of a fan God, through, Jesus finds. Adam and Eve in the garden and asks them why they disobeyed, his one and only rule Adam, immediately, throws Eve under the bus which makes God furious. He, created, women to be subservient, to men why, on earth would you listen to a woman Eve then, blames the serpent, God doesn't even question why a woman, would listen to a serpent, he, just punishes, the serpent, so, the Lord God said to the serpent because, you have done this cursed are you above all livestock and all wild, animals you will crawl on your belly mule, eat dust all the days of your life, so that's why snakes don't have legs he also mentions, that Adam and Eve's children, will crush the head of the serpent, a prophecy, later known as the Proteas Angelia, that Jesus will eventually, defeat Satan then God punishes, Eve by cursing her to have painful, childbirth and to always submit to male dominance, that part's in here pretty much word for word God then sews discord, between man and beast man, will have to hunt and tell the soil for food which, is also cursed to grow thorns and thistles Adam, got off light if you ask me and now that sin and death are in the world they will grow old and die and, be tempted to stray from God's divine grace the entire time and lastly God tilts, the earth on its axis, creating, seasons, to make life just that much more difficult Adam, and Eve discuss, what to do about this eternal, punishment since, it sure sounds, awful they briefly, contemplates, suicide but.

Know Eve proposes. A life of celibacy so that their children will not be likewise cursed and maybe because, painful, childbirth doesn't, sound that fun but, Adam rejects the idea because if they don't have children, nobody, will eventually, defeat Satan they, have to have children in order to fulfill the prophecy so they decide to just live with their punishment, but then God remembers, that there's another tree in the Garden of Eden the Tree of Life which grants immortality, protecting, that is why they were banished, painful, childbirth and tilling the soil was, punishment, for disobeying God's command, preventing. Them from eating from the tree of life was, why they were kicked out at least according to Milton and the. Book of Genesis and the Lord God said the man has now become like one of us knowing good and evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat and live, forever. Wait us who's. Us in this context, he's not talking about other angels, he's, talking about other gods here's where I'm gonna start losing some people as if, I hadn't, already there, are other gods in the Bible they're at least two, dozen named, gods, in this book, specifically. The Old Testament, God capital. G is only the God of the Hebrews everyone, else has their own gods and they're free to worship them as they please the Hebrews weren't, trying to convert anyone God is the most powerful but, he isn't the one and only in the book of Exodus, he says he's a jealous, God and, he should have no other gods before him it's even one of the commandments, when Moses when Aaron threw down his staff and it turned into a snake the Pharaohs sorcerers did, the same who do you think turned the other staffs, into snakes in some cases those other gods were absorbed. Into Judaism, and Christianity as, angels, or demons take, ball for example he, appears in the first book of Kings as a lesser, puny, God but, is then absorbed, over time as Beelzebub. One of Satan's lieutenants. Satan, is likewise, a borrowed, concept, is he a fallen, angel or, a demon or a lesser. God in the Old Testament he's, just the adversary. It wasn't until Christianity. Came along that God became the one and only and Satan, became his somewhat, equal and opposite, Zarrow Astraea nism was a religion, that existed, alongside, Judaism. For centuries but. Eventually faded, away as Christianity, took, it was a dualistic, religion, it's defining, characteristic. Was that there were two equal, and opposite forces in the universe one. Good and one evil, and they were constantly, battling, over humanity and creation, sound, familiar, Zoroastrianism. Is, no longer a major religion, because they were told yeah. You were right about the dualistic nature of the universe you just, got the names wrong it's God versus Satan in Christianity. Satan, isn't viewed, as a God but he is the opposing, evil force to God's good milne proposes.

That God allows, Satan, to exist, suggesting, that Satan has an ultimate purpose, in God's divine plan and, that his evil is necessary. To fulfill that goal, just as Skillshare can serve a purpose and fulfilling your goals by going to SK OS h / knowing better eat Skillshare, is an online learning community with, over 25,000, courses taught by principalities. In their field take this course in how to write character driven short, stories so you can create your own tragic, backstory for, formerly evil villains or this course in how to write humor for the internet I should, probably take that one honestly, you can learn this and much more for less than ten dollars a month but, if you head over to SK all that Sh slash knowing better eight you can get two months of unlimited, access to all of skilled sheriff's courses for free you'll also be supporting the channel when you do when Adam and Eve are leaving paradise the Archangel, Michael shows, him a vision of the future from the first murder to the arc to the present day Adam, worries that the followers, of Jesus, will be persecuted Michael. Says they will be Adam, worries that corrupt politicians. Will enter and control, the church Michael says they will Milton, live during a time of political and religious, turmoil, monarchies. Were falling to revolution, and churches were fracturing, left and right so he. Put that in his story Milton, has been described as both a Calvinist, and a Puritan, and his Protestant, reimagining. Of the creation, story has shaped how most of us remember it today along, with our views on democracy. Women, and Satan, many people today don't see him as the embodiment of, pure evil but as a misunderstood. Jealous, son who has a place in the grand plan it's up to you to decide what he represents, and I suppose that's the point of this book you're, supposed to take these stories and apply them to your own life in whatever way suits you, but at least the story's right try, to credit the right person, for performing, miracles and stop, saying it was an apple because now you. Know better. I'd. Like to give a shout out to my newest golden fork patron John if you'd like to add your name to this list of powers and virtues head on over to patreon comm slash knowing better don't forget to temp that subscribe, button check, out the Murshid knowing better TV follow, me on Twitter and Facebook and join us on the subreddit.

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If you ever need to look up paintings of the "temptation of Eve" - make sure to turn safe search on. Help me plan my 3-Year Livestream next week by taking this poll - https://forms.gle/uAhWYSFU4Eyprqyn9 Correction: The part of the Noah's Ark story where they send out birds to find dry land does happen in Genesis 8. It's written after the ark settles on dry land.

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Ok, seriously, how long does that make up take to put on?

Michael Wade | That’s most likely hoe my church explains it, but that’s general belief. If there was a better way to explain the trinity besides what I said, I would. Analogies don’t work because if you try to make an analogy it would be heretical. It’s 3 distinct persons that all are equally God. They’re coeternal, coexisting, and coequal, and that’s how it’s revealed in scripture. If I knew of a better way to explain it, I would.

I'd say it's understandable and even logical for Lucifer to be at least attractive if not supernaturally beautiful, cause he is thought to be the ultimate seducer... how can Quasimodo or Adam (yes "Frankenstein's monster" does have a name!") do that? the Kaballah has the three missing names. Sure it's not christian, but then the whole Hierarchies bullshit isn't biblical either... yes these words appear in the bible, but the attributes are mostly pure fanfiction. Hehe... looking it up brings even more silly angelistiks to the light of day... In the Kabbalah there are ten archangels, each assigned to one sephira: Metatron, Raziel (other times Jophiel), Tzaphkiel, Tzadkiel, Khamael, Raphael, Haniel, Michael, Gabriel, and Sandalphon. Chapter 20 of the Book of Enochmentions seven holy angels who watch, that often are considered the seven archangels: Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel, Saraqael, Raguel, and Remiel.[13] The Life of Adam and Eve lists the archangels as well: Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael and Joel. Medieval Jewish philosopher Maimonides made a Jewish angelic hierarchy. UHHHHHH "Jesus of Nazareth" is also no his name, if anything Jesus, son of Joseph would count as that. (And god is not named "god" either :D)

Searched without safe search. I regret it.

I'm so happy that you mentioned Zoroastrianism in this

That was unfair. I equate it to potato chips. And congratulations on 3 years.

@Mr. Starfish That might be your particular church's explanation, but there are plenty of Christian groups who interpret differently. Beyond that, simply saying "They're three distinct beings in one" does not explain what that means. You're just quoting doctrine.

Michael Wade | Christians agree that there are three distinct persons, one God, coexisting (so it’s not like costumes or personas), coeternal, (have always existed, which is why the Old Testament uses “us”) and coequal (all infinitely and equally holy, righteous, and divine)

@Mr. Starfish There are people who claim to be able to explain the Trinity. There is no consensus that those explanations are sufficient.

Knowing Better | Christ was not a created being, also there are people who can explain the trinity. Edit: and Beelzebub was a name of a god from I believe Canaan cultures, but I could be wrong. The “us” is there because God is biblically a triune God, and God is not Lucifer’s opposite, since Lucifer is a created being, not a creator.

The unseen realm by Michael S.Heiser is a good book to read he is a scholar who explains misunderstood supernatural aspects of the bible such as other gods except God

@Яков Говорин Thanks, I was sure I had read the bird thing, too. Gen 8:7.

Yo Knowing Beatitudes eye makeup is on point.

Genesis 8:4-12, King James Version- 4 And the ark rested in the seventh month, on the seventeenth day of the month, upon the mountains of Ararat. 5 And the waters decreased continually until the tenth month: in the tenth month, on the first day of the month, were the tops of the mountains seen. 6 And it came to pass at the end of forty days, that Noah opened the window of the ark which he had made: 7 And he sent forth a raven, which went forth to and fro, until the waters were dried up from off the earth. 8 Also he sent forth a dove from him, to see if the waters were abated from off the face of the ground; 9 But the dove found no rest for the sole of her foot, and she returned unto him into the ark, for the waters were on the face of the whole earth: then he put forth his hand, and took her, and pulled her in unto him into the ark. 10 And he stayed yet other seven days; and again he sent forth the dove out of the ark; 11 And the dove came in to him in the evening; and, lo, in her mouth was an olive leaf pluckt off: so Noah knew that the waters were abated from off the earth. 12 And he stayed yet other seven days; and sent forth the dove; which returned not again unto him any more.

Knowing Better 27:30. Zoroastrianism was the primary religion of Persia. It didn't fade until the Islamic conquests in the 640s.

Knowing Better if you read the beginning of chapter two, you’ll literally see that the entire chapter is a summary of the earlier chapter but in more detail. As God himself doesn’t work on Saturday.

Knowing Better cite your sources. Please. It seems like some of this comes from varying different types of opposing Christian beliefs.

Hey living in Maui, still paradise here. God bless you Sir

in one part of the story they say he tuke 2 of each animal and 14 of pure animals


I think it's funny how we think there are "original" or "right" versions of these stories. All of them were borrowed and reimagined when they entered Christianity (or Judaism since most of this is Old testament), modern people are simply continuing the tradition of rewriting their stories to suit their modern sensibilities.

Nitpick: sending out birds is in the Bible. It's in Genesis, chapter 8 and the story of Utnapishtim has it too

it is slightly misleading to suggest the King James was the original source, it wasn't. But other than that - good vid.

Hey, what time zone are you streaming in?

I liked the halo references.

you should do a video on the differences between islamic and christan narratives

bro whats up with all the remy lacroix pictures? she been turnin you on recently?

Exodus 7:10 New American Bible (Revised Edition) (NABRE) 10 Then Moses and Aaron went to Pharaoh and did just as the Lord had commanded. Aaron threw his staff down before Pharaoh and his servants, and it turned into a serpent.

Hey nice video hope you liked making it

No ur wrong

One of the theories with the angels with all the eyes is that it represents all seeing.

duh-duh-duh-dun, duh-duh-duh-dun, duh-duh-duh-dun, dunanun

I've heard that in old English and germanic the word "apple" just meant any type of fruit. So the word apple wasn't wrong in earlier translations.

Great video was fun watching

This is interesting, though it is rather strange that there are plenty of people in the 21st century that have reverent convictions to,,, well, any religiously based mentality. Every single person who claims to have these religious beliefs are either glaringly hypocritical (like cherry-picking the scriptures, ie; fake faith), or extreme nutjobs that actually take this serious. In any case, it is impossible to make the case that religion is not a well structured expression of cognitive dissonance, and is a conviction that deserves no respect. That is to say, don't disrespect a person, because the person has fallen victim to reprehensible bs , though by no means tolerate the deterministic retardation their conviction invariably entail.

"Original, official, KING JAMES version", that is FUNNY! It's from 1611... not very ORIGINAL!!!! You need to go back to the 6th century BCE to get the more, original source in Hebrew.

Good video

I remember reading something about there were many more books in the bible, but they were edited out. Is this because it didn't fit with the ideology of the time, or were they just too weird? Well weirder than a lot of the old testament stuff.

As a Biblical Studies Major, I had a good laugh at this video. I'm gonna ask my Professor to show this video to my Old Testament class.

"...Death will die" Wait, that's illegal!

I love your make up

I'm just excited when men have an excuse to be theatrical and use makeup. It's ART, everyone deserves ACCESS lmao

In the bible, Satan is first mentioned in Job, as you said. He's not in Hell, and he's not God'd enemy. It appears that he's in Heaven. (He speaks directly to God, after all.) His distinguishing characteristic is skepticism of (possible dislike for?) humans.

Guess Principalites wished not on your blessing

as someone of Irish origin. I can 100% confirm I would be in fact. tempted by a raw potato...

Hey the geography guy is reading the Bible. I dig his channel also.

I just think of the buff south park devil who has gay sex with Saddam Hussein. It's funnier that way.

If knowing that it was Aaron not Moses that threw down the rod is knowing better, then it's not better by much. There is a name for such knowledge, it's trivia.

Ahh classy Jesus impersonator. Always a clever joke. Now do Muhammad. I dare you.

TIL that Knowing Better's artist is a weeb.

16:13 we have the same tie

Bravo. It's rare that you see secular folk asses the Bible in an honest objective way. I'm not a believer myself, but I still fuckin' love the Bible! The OT especially has some pretty wicked stories.

I just love Jesus' answer to being the Son of God and God himself: just 'Yes'

“This twink stud muffin is what I got” you are now my favorite comedian on the face of the planet and you can never take that away. George Carlin eat your heart out.

8:23, Excuse me Lucifer is actually an anthropomorphic Furry Goat

8:31 "This Twink Stud-muffin" LMFAO

@3:07 Ha Ha Docking joke your dirty uncut ...

1:47 AA’Ron is you prezant!?

That's... that's why you actually read the book instead of watching the movie. Children's Bible stories often forget that many of God's heroes (Noah, Moses, Daniel, David, Peter, Paul, Timothy, etc.) were "under dogs". Noah was an old man, Moses has a stutter, Peter had a problem with his pride, etc. I'm glad though that KB wants people to understand what they believe, and where it comes from, even if he doesn't believe it himself. I'm a Christian but I "search the Scriptures" as Jesus instructs, and I check what I'm reading to its context.

Contrapoints and this guy should have a costume contest!

just because other gods are mentioned in the bible doesnt mean theyre real gods when God says “Us” im pretty sure he means the others in the trinity. samuel tells the jews to destroy their false gods in 1 samuel. but i did love this video man keep up the good content

The whole thing of the fruit being an apple also probably came from the Vulgate. In Latin, the tree is 'lignum scientiae boni et mali.' The word for evil (adj) is 'malus, -a, -um' or (n) 'malum, mali,' while the word for apple (n) is 'malum, mali.' An 'evil apple' would then be 'malum malum.' So it was probably a play on words.

I've been sharing your videos on iur Facebook page

thanks. now I don't have to read any of them. :)

Quick explanation of the Trinity: think of God as a Cube of 1 unit. God has X, Y and Z axes. Three different dimensions that are all equally necessary to the existence of the Cube, It's easier to picture than the usual abstract of 'well it's three beings in one being,' I'd say.

It makes sense that Adam and Eve eat an apple in European translations of the Bible. It had to be understood by medieval Europeans who probably weren't familiar with figs or pomegranates. I know some cultures in the South Pacific call Jesus the "Pig of God" not "Lamb of God", because their culture sacrificed pigs when the missionaries showed up.

just because something was listed as a god in the bible doesn't mean it actually was, it just meant that people worshiped it as a god, and also many think that anything that you love like a god - is your god/idol(so your phone could be your god/idol, your drug of choice could be your god/idol). and satan/demons can turn a rod to a snake, they can do a lot of things that doesn't make them equal to God, it just means they have abilities that seem godly to us humans.

Why is it always the MANdela Effect? Where's the WOMANdela Effect?

The face paint is making my day.

Oliver Cromwell grew up in my little town. Thanks for the democracy, Ollie.

Who is your favorite president?

You probably know "Morningstar" comes from the book of Isaiah where he talks about Lucifer's fall: "How you have fallen from heaven, morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations!"

Fan-fricken-tastic! I get so tired of trying to explain some of this stuff (God's power vs Satan, the levels of angels, the existence and even acknowledgement of other/lesser gods) to people on the daily. Now I'll just drop them a link and let you handle it. In the immortal words of Pontius Pilate, "my hands are clean."

Love your videos in general. Hate this one mostly....too much fan-facts...not enough who cares or cared then or now. I care about the impact of the Bible on history...less care about the inside baseball.

"Some Mistakes of Moses" by Ingersoll (free via Project Gutenberg) is a good book re: the Pentateuch (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy). Very dated, but still an interesting read.

Thanks, man, this was a pretty good Jesus Cinematic Universe fanfic.

Relax Francis, you got some reading to do, but you need to read the right book

About the whole Lilith thing - I think you should've mentioned that the creation story in Genesis we have right now is a few that were stitched together. It's actually really interesting to deconstruct and analyze the creation story.

As atheist i like learning about the bible even tho all the arguments has been made

love the video, only thing is that Islam was what did away with Zoroastrianism, not really Christianity

22:59 was a really good opportunity to insert a short clip of Tai Lopez saying "KNOWLEDGE"

The us in genesis is ussually seen as a reference to the trinity, or a plural of majrsty, other gods are mentioned but as you said ussually interpreted as rebellious created spiritual beings, rather than the creator.

This is peak Knowing Better. Thank you for your hard work, it really shows.

Are all angels female?

@A Satsuma Orange Ok, Thanks. It just seems like angels are almost always depicted as female. I was just curious. Thanks for the clarification.

No, (the typical Christian theologian belief is that) angels don't have a sex, because they are not human and have no physical body at all. The angels who are named in the Bible are often depicted as male, so they're capable of *appearing to be men* (see Genesis 19). They probably could appear to be women if the situation required that.

Always intresting

You forgot a critical part of Genesis 3. Eve didn't have to keep anything secret from Adam. He was by her side at the tree, passively watching it happen. Like a gamer boyfriend dating a hard working lass, not bothering to make sure nothing bad happens to his bread winning partner.

As a Christian, I appreciate the way you went through this and loved the jokes along the way. You did a better job at teaching the Word than some preachers do. Keep it classy man.

12:37 jesus!

11:17 oh ma gawd!

Any sane individual knows the bible is just a bunch of myths, but these, by god, stories are a travesty.

Donald Sutherland said Mrs. Milton found Mr. Milton boring, so maybe his depiction of Eve was a way of getting back at her.

Love the video, but one correction. Writings for the second temple period of Judaism, both from Jews as well as from Romans, suggest that the Jews, the heirs of the Israelites, had abandoned the henotheism of their ancestors in favor of monotheism. Early Christians adopted this monotheistic theology

The ranks of angels were made up by St. Gregory the Great. "Tarterus" was originally the name of the place where Zeus sent most of the Titans.

Did you say that skill share is Satan?

Remy Lacroix eh? That's whats up.

Because more people would pay to see Charlton Heston than John Carradine.

I mean Moses did throw down his staff at the burning bush. I still get what you’re going for, though.

Random Fact: Beelzebub is literately translated to “Lord of the Flies”

Hearing your thesis I went to go check the Quran (I'm a Muslim) to see what is says on the whole snake bit, and I actually found that in the Quran, Surah 7 verse 107, Moses is the one who threw down his rod. Wonder if that means anything as to why Christians say Moses was the one who threw his rod?

“Would any of you really have been tempted by a raw potato?” ... *slowly raises hand*

So you are Latvian? Or Irish?

I always found it weird how the only knowledge Adam and Eve gained from the forbidden fruit is that they were naked. What a revelation! In the words of the legendary Admiral Ackbar: "It's a trap!"

Year Zero lists a few of Satan's names, if you're curious. ;-) I would add my nephew to that list as well.

loved this video

if you're looking for someone tearing your religion a new one in the comments section, you've come to the right place. your religion stinks and you are a moron. your religion is part of the problem. and so are you.

LOL calm your edge, boi. There are better ways of dealing with angst.

All In could think of while watching this was:- what the feck would you do if Amazon knocked at the door with a parcel.

Um, Zoroastrians still exist....

Source material, Kings James bible. Nice meme

"Official, original King James version" hahahahahahaha oh you sweet summer child

The bible is like that because the back then books were more like "and this be this and then this" with no explanation whatsoever except for "gods way I guess lololol". Its not only the bible. A lot of old books are like that.

Awesome blasphemy, featuring Jesus

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Did he just compare his sponsor with the Devil? The BALLS on this man.

*Knowing Better* Very interesting and informative, good job.

Sweet apples have existed since probably as far back as neolithic times. Not only did sweet varieties make a more alcoholic cider (since the yeast eats sugar) but they would have been much more desirable, and the grafting of apple trees goes back to at least the 1st century. It is true that many of the hardier apple varieties are not sweet, and that they had to grow the first apples of the us from seeds, which do not breed true and can often end up "raw potato" like. But there were always sweet cultivars kicking around. The Annurca apple has been around since the year 79, and the Decio variety has been around since the year 450.

my parents did lie to me and it did expand my mind

I love them Halo references

When you got to Thrones... And mention the repetition of being covered in eye balls... Is eyes explicitly stated? And even if it were. I think this maybe an interpretation issue. I have seen, often in anime and comics, with mortal themes a design that may easily be mistaken for rows of simple eye depictions. An oval with darkened circle in the middle. I believe this motif represents... Perhaps eyes, as a symbol of knowledge of awareness. Perhaps chain links, or spiral double helical chains as is the building block of all life DNA. But my favorite perhaps... Perhaps they are portals, the opening by which new life passes, perhaps they are vaginas. They are birth canals.

I should add... I'm intuiting, I don't have a historical source specifically. But I would start with Alan Moore and Aleister Crowley, if I were to point a direction by which to digest my previous comment.

A lot of these so called “embellishments” actually come from the Midrash or stories that rabbis such as Rashi and Maimonides developed by studying the text and symbolism it contained. That’s where we get many biblical creatures and story details from.

Only made it to 5:18 and popped down here to say: boy am I glad I decided to keep watching YouTube videos. Strong work

Halo memes? Yes!

Lilith wanted to be on top. Adam is such a chud and doesn't want to be on the bottom.

5:25 yes, The apple didn't fall on Isaac Newton's head. 5:30 D'oh

More plz

Of course Lucifer would be a perfect ten...he's an ANGEL And not just any angel, he's one of the two most powerful of the ARCHangel generals of God's army. If Michael's hot, why wouldn't Lucifer be as well? His name basically means LIGHT BRINGER, for fuck's sake!!!! Nowhere in the Bible does it say that when he was banished, Lucifer lost his good looks and got turned into a horned monster...

this book is so crazy that i have fealing that George RR Martin wrote it

Warning I'm going to sound blasphemous!!! Does it ever sound like God is just making things up as he goes?

One of the best narratives that I have ever heard about the explanation of the Holy Bible.

Very enjoyable. Looking forward to more content like this(generally all of your videos, but philosophy and so on are very interesting in particular)

I personally like the interpretation south park has where God and lucifer are still kinda cool with each other... just have different beliefs... kinda like a divorce that went well... It makes God a lot more likable and not seem like an overpowered Tyrant forcing his will upon everyone else.

When God references man knows good and evil like "US". That is indeed a point toward Christ and the Holy spirit being present. This is referenced in the new testament, so it's not other "lesser gods"

The KJV is so hyped there are idiots that think Jesus wrote it.

Moses did send out birds in the Bible. Genesis 8:  "7 And he sent forth a raven, which went forth to and fro, until the waters were dried up from off the earth. 8 Also he sent forth a dove from him, to see if the waters were abated from off the face of the ground" Also, I don't know where you get 800. The events of the ark and flood take up the entirety of Genesis 6, 7, and 8. going by the King James Version you're looking at over 1800 words.

Fun fact: Lucifer wasn't actualy the name of Satan, it was used to describe "the morning star" now known as Venus. The use of Lucifer as a name for the Devil is actually a mistranslation; a proper noun was used when it shouldn't have been. Lucifer was used as imagery for the Devil as the 'star' seemed to fall from heaven.

The jokes in this video, I love them

Have you ever noticed that Atheists and Pagans tend to know the Bible better than Christians?

Who is here from socal Christ

Hey - I don't buy this "apples tasted like potatoes until modern agriculture" conspiracy that I've heard in a few places. The temptation of Eve has been depicted as apple-based in English literature for centuries, cf. Adam Lay y-Bounden, an English poem from around 1400CE.

It was James Hetfield the singer of Metallica who said to let his people go silly

Boo Irish joke! BOOOOOOOO!

Lawl, the "people didn't drink water" fallacy, this time invoking not just alcoholic beverages, so that everyone would've been slightly soused all the time, but better yet, modern commodities (as far as Europe and the Americas are concerned)!

The "ORIGINAL" King James Version? Bahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. (Yes, yes, I know.)

Fun fact: apples came frome Central Asia! so its close enough to pomegranate/figs i guess.

This Jesus today is actually the Jesus that exist before he died to resurrect but after he was 12, and then he time traveled but had amnesia. Canon fixed

in general i really like your videos, and (only at the 5 minute mark) so far this is no exception, but in genesis 8 noah sends a raven and a dove.

That transition into SkillShare was smooth as fuck.

Wow, this video was truly well made. It was good and very good.

The mentioning of male and female could be explained as the creation of thr concepts of male and female among all living things on Earth, then Adam is created and then Eve

4:58 but Genesis 8-8 Also he sent forth a dove from him, to see if the waters were abated from off the face of the ground.(kjv) Genesis 8-11 And the dove came in to him in the evening; and, lo, in her mouth was an olive leaf pluckt off: so Noah knew that the waters were abated from off the earth.(kjv)

It's a metaphor, to eat the forbidden fruit from the tree of thr knowledge of good and evil. It means to go snooping for something outside of god or to think contrary to God. As a 12 year old I deciphered this.

Oh yeah, and just general knowledge.

Atleast i watched the history channel’s version which i remember aaron was the one speaking

Unfortunately no one who watches this video knows better. Your references bounce back and forth from Milton to the Bible placing their accounts on equal footing. The Bible is the authority and the vast majority of the descriptions you gave aren't found in the Bible. Most of this video is rubbish and only works to confuse people about Christianity. Perhaps you should not make a video about this until you know better.

Jesus sent me

Jesus be walking on the water cause he was sending Moses memes and wasn’t paying attention that he started walking on water

I'm a little late to the party - have the Mandela effect nuts chimed in yet?

yeah... I prob should've finished the video before commenting

So God is surrounded by nine levels of anime lolis

When you talk about your confusion with God creating Eve separately from man, while earlier on it mentions that God created them at the same time, you have to realize that the second part it just describing the first part in more detail. It doesn't really say they were made at the same time, just that they were made in the same day. The later part describes how God made Adam and then later on in the same day, put Adam to sleep to create Eve. So they were created on the same day, but Eve was just created later in the day.

My favorite version of the Bible is the LEGO one

I'm still one for lyric and pastoral poetry: "These Pleasures, Melancholy give. I and I with Thee shall Choose to Live"

Thank u so much for the effort you put into you content.. Not only do I walk away well informed about also thoroughly entertained.

But you are assuming that the curated collection of scrolls known as the "canon" is the only source ... actually, it was a whole bunch of insecure overjudgemental closeted ugly men in really sad cassocks who got together and said "ok, these are the scrolls we're going to put in the canon." There are other scrolls for other trolls....

Satan face is cringe

Zoroastrianism is*

Why "knowingbetter8" - of all the numbers to append, "8." Why not "711" or "22" for instance?

They go in order, this is the 8th time they've sponsored me.

At 11:35 you actually signed the number 7 in American Sign Language. Are you fluent? - I’m Deaf myself, so I was just curious.

What happened to your head?

Jesus told me to watch this

The apple confusion also happened because the word apple used to be a generic term for fruit

Lucifer Morningstar is my favourite Lucifer

At least VeggieTales got moses right!

When I read the Bible as a 7 something year old after Adam and Eve get thrown out of heaven the have 2 children who I am going to call Barnard and Barnabus. So Barnard is a proper Christian and prays to god. Barnabus isn’t so when he hears go praising Barnard he gets jealous and kills him. Then he runs off into the desert and marries a puma or something. Then Adam and Eve are sad but the they have a new kid and it leaves the story there and skips to Noah and his ark. Doesn’t explain where the rest of humanity came from just does to everyone being evil and God tellingly Noah there is going to be a flood and he better build his boat quick and get his family on to the boat or they gonna die.

That halo soundtrack

You realize that the King James version riddled with translation errors, so bad source. Oh, death by diarrhea, so they had Denny's too. This seems awfully similar to Diablo's story. Wait, despite the name, the description sounds more like a worm, not a snake; snakes don't eat dust. And Christians didn't end Zoroastrianism, Islam did; shame, shame, shame.

1 cubit = 18 in? OK, but what about those who do not use the imperial system either.

So Christianity stole from other religions.

What has become of Lilith?

Moses didn’t exist

Lucifer isn't technically his name either... it doesn't really take away from the text, but that name came from a translation issue, can't remember from which language, but English didn't have one. The original Hebrew scholars didn't want to give him the credit of an official title, so they used the title "THE Satan," (or the adversary). Also Seprihim means "Snake," but also "Spiritual Being," but the "Burning ones," thing is heavily debated of where it came from, but Seriphim could be used to describe the burning sensation of venom. All in all, glad I stuck around for this. You hit the nail on the head with all these misconceptions. Almost all of the arguments people present me with against The Bible are almost entirely from these inconsistencies. Admittedly, I would make the mistake about Moses if I didn't take a second to think about it. The one that makes me upset the most, is in nearly every movie where Moses has that "I'm a Hebrew moment?" when Scripture clearly states "He never forgot he was a Hebrew". Also on the Adam and Eve front, Adam. throwing Eve under the bus was supposed to magnify Adam's cowardice, not Eve's mistake; also Eve was never away from Adam... another gift from Milton. Also, I'm glad you understand the other gods thing...however the other gods are the principalities that were given dominion of the Earth after the Tower of Babel- a ziggurat constructed by prideful men who want to bring God's Kingdom into that place. Thank you for this video man, I thought it was gonna be about something completely different until you mentioned Aaron. Hopefully this will fix some of those misconceptions, and hopefully no one else is exiled from Florence and writes a new floor plan for Heaven and Hell. lol

Okay, I love the information you presented in this video, but it seems like you started to ramble and go on more tangents than usual.

What's it with YouTubers doing devil impersonations lately?

The Noah movie is based only on the Jewish story, that's why Roman Catholics are confused by it and ultimately reject it as false.

But I think we can all agree on one thing: Prince of Egypt was good. Arguably one of DreamWorks' best films.

Isn't God always reffered to using plural of majesty. I even remembre that "El" mean (any) god Elhim is the plural and means (any) gods and Elohim means (the) God and is gamaticaly a plural of majesty like in the way we use "thy" or in french "vous" for a personne you are suppose to show respect to.

10:42 cool, that's sounds like Tolkien's Silmarillion

Has anyone ever complimented you on the phenomenal job you did in _Captain America : Civil War_ ?

6:00 aren’t apples from Central Asia so how is it Eurocentric?

well, could you do a series on explaining religions from their source scripture? ide recommend to continue on with Islam with the holy quran. maby Hinduism (if you're up to the challenge) and Buddhism.

If a “God” is too incompetent/lazy/apathetic/incapable of getting his desired message and existence across without ambiguity and without the help of flawed mankind, does it or it’s message deserve any credible respect or consideration and thus does all the old stories used to support it’s supposed existence then even matter that it makes it worth this effort to clarify them? It is like trying to figure out what King and his men tried to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. The facts don’t reinforce the fiction to make it credible.

i came from jesus his twitter!

@knowing better Man it’s well worthwhile waiting for your every video. You never disappoint. Pretty amazing. Besides flawes execution and great info, You gave me a good laugh when you switched from devil to angel. Hilarious! Keep up the good work.

Doesn't really matter what the fruit was, since the story of A&E is an obvious allegory to the agricultural revolution. The type of fruit doesn't take away from the metaphor.

Fun fact: Freddie Mercury was brought up in Zoroastrianism.

Love the channel and the videos especially the way you incorporate humour and throw some shade. Have been a subscriber since I saw the Gandhi video(I'm an Indian lol

Such a clearly made up story

*speaking with Patrick Stars voice* "MY NAME IS NOT A-ARON!!!!!

I cant belive you would do a video in red face

"It's always been Aaron's rod." - Knowing Better Guy, 2019.

Wow thanks history Anthony Fantano

Apple comes from the old English and broader Germanic word for fruit and its exclusivity to the one fruit is relatively new. Hence Pineapple being a thing. its not named after apples as it looks nor grow nothing like apples, but it looked kind like pine cones, which used to be called pineapples. Themselves named such because they were the fruit of a pine tree.

Nice job with the sources, but you should consult the ESV (English standard version) in the future as it is a slightly more accurate translation. The King James and NIV versions are phrase for phrase translations from the original hebrew/Greek text. The ESV is a word for word translation from the original text and often preserves much of the literary nuance, metaphors, etc from the original text. Also, hats off to you for painting your face red when talking about lucifer

@6:15 Nitpick: people did drink plain water - a fact easily corroborated by multiple sources.


Ironic. Adam, a perfect embodiment of christianity's long standing misogynistic patriarchal paradigm, blames Eve for their fall, because of course a good fundamentalist christian would blame women. Eve, the personification of the very model of femininity that the christian patriarchy fashioned to be a _good woman_ by its own standards, blames the very force that made her this way. It's almost like it's saying something about institutional misogyny completely by accident.

Isn't the King James Bible really badly translated through five different languages?

This is a really weird halo fanfiction

Great video, excellent compliment to your Divine Comedy video. Really good point that the Bible is for the most part not a book of monotheism as we think of it today. Its people and its writers were living in a polytheistic world with a polytheistic mindset. You could say though, that the Law, prophets etc basically recommended that they practice monotheism, but without really needing to shatter the whole polytheistic worldview. That's something pretty hard for many Christians to understand if they haven't really studied or contemplated the mindset of the people of bible times. I know you never directly say it one way or the other, so this isn't a correction, just adding to your point: Satan's name being Lucifer is also a pretty spurious interpretation that has made it's way into pop culture. KJV uses the title Lucifer (meaning "shining one" or "light being") at Isa 14:12, but there's no real indication that that's talking about Satan at all. Its part of a (lengthy) denunciation of the king of Babylon. True there are some things in there that sound like something Satan might think or say, but nothing that an arrogant megalomaniac human king couldn't imagine. The reason we think Lucifer is Satan probably has a lot to do with Milton and Dante. That Eve was a replacement is an interesting thought. Keeping in mind your first statement that the Bible isn't a book of strict linear narrative however, it could just be that Gen 1:27 summarizes the creation of man and woman, whereas Gen 2:16- backs up a bit to explain it in more detail. Adam's expression at v. 23 certainly seem suggest this is the first time he's seen a woman. Aaaaanyway, I could go on. Thanks for making accurate, balanced content on touchy subjects. Whoever thumbed this video down is easily triggered.

Its a shame really, because one snake peer pressured one woman. Now everyone hates snakes and women.

"I don't wanna take your faith from you, but I wanna tell you it's dumb"

I don't know why, but he reminds me to Anthony Fantano

I thought it was William Blake who first said in print that Milton depicts Satan sympathetically.

Why would an angel need a watch?

Hey man, bet video yet, nice job

>original >king James pick one

You did lose me when you said, but not out of disagreement. Just started moving a bit fast at the end where I would prefer more clarity of your point and context. I like seeing realism and truth brought to Christianity because I think think we should have faith in the right place, not in culturally regurgitated nonsense. The idea that we should be subservient to the common understanding makes no sense when Israel himself is the one who wrestled with God. We should wrestle to ensure the world we produce is one that lives up to our ideals.

I'd like to correct you on the appearance of two dozen gods in the Bible. Those many other gods were embodiments of divinity used by other cultures, but they were imaginary and not actual gods. This is nicely shown in the history of Elia, and his confrontation with the priests of Ba'al, where he proved that Ba'al was a false god (yes, a Stargate SG-1 reference) because he could not perform a miracle, you can find it in 1 Kings 18. As for the staffs of Pharaohs magicians becoming snakes too, this is generally understood to be by the force of satan, since he also has supernatural powers. However, Gods power is much greater, which is why the other staffs were eaten by Aarons staff, as a sign of superiority. Pharaoh was not really impressed, which is why there were the plagues over Egypt. God says in the ten commandments that He is jealous of other gods, not because they exist as actual gods, but because the people worshipping those false gods, and not Himself. In conlusion, there is, and always has been only one true God, and the rest was either imaginary or through satans work. This is also true according to early Judaism, as far as i know.

Do a video on dealing with Nihilism

So did they actually cast the emporer to voice satan?

Love these theology videos. Keep em coming dude.

"He creates man and woman at the same time." That is not what that is saying. It's simply saying that God created them. There is zero time reference in there. Chapter 2 expands on what Chapter 1 was talking about. Why is this such a hard concept for some people to grasp?

1:45 אהרון its pronounces : A - ha - ron its really not that difficult

It’s spelled aaron so it’s a lil confusing

"asks if there are life on other planets" Huh. That's actually pretty interesting to hear that they wondered this very thing back then.

"There is no demonic hierarchy since they're just fallen angels" Are we still just going off of Paradise Lost? As there are actual theoretical hierarchies as put forth by goetic texts.

I have transition whiplash from the Skillshare promotion.

Nice job, too bad you’ll never do one for Islam, far too controversial

I'm glad you caught the bird thing, but there was one other biblical error. “God became the one and only” long before the New Testament. See Isaiah 44, especially verse six. Judaism did not start out as monotheistic, but they made that change LONG before Christianity was a thing.

Zoroastrianism died out because of Islam spreading to Iran and India, not Christianity, and still exists in a small minority.

its actually pronounced aharon

The reason Europeans believe the Apple is the fruit of the tree of knowledge is because in Latin, the word for Apple and the word for Evil are the same word.


*[Halo Theme Intensifies]*

8:10 - I may or may not have a mild erection right now. Definitely interested in listening to that now.

RIP bro

6:14 is actually a bit of a misconception

Great work. Kinda upset Youtube is not letting me see your videos on my sub feed :/

Hell is a democracy

well, I'd argue most who has been somehow 'engaged' in Christianity at one point in their life would have gotten the snake question right... i.e. those who got it wrong probably has never really 'engaged' in Christianity.

Do note that Lucifer being Satan isn't an Old Testament thing, and the name Lucifer is likely a mistranslation of Haniel, one of the few female angels, and she (alongside Laliel) was noted as supposedly being beautiful (many of the angels as described in the Old Testament are outright nightmare fuel.)

Although I am a Christian, I take the Bible with a massive grain of salt. It's a 2,000 year old book, edited countless times, spoken through the word of a thousand people, it's definitely not 100% correct, no matter what any priest says. I believe that God is real, but not entirely like it is laid out in the Bible. I believe that the stories in it are based on reality, not that they are reality. In the end, I guess it's simply up to time to see whether I'm right or wrong.

You never talked about Chaos and Night! :(

I would be tempted by a raw potato

A few inaccuracies; "satan" is as you said a title. Very strictly, the snake can be understood as satan as in accuser or opponent, and not the satan. Likewise, Lillith is very specifically a Kabbalistic development that happened after Christianity, which (mostly) rejects the very notion of Lillith. The story as told in Genesis can be and has been traditionally read as outlining the process of creation first, then getting into the nitty-gritty of Adam's creation on the 6th day in chapter, which is followed immediately with the creation of Eve. Furthermore, "us" is understood to mean the Trinity: three persons in one essence. The Christian church interprets this as evidence of the trinity, a foreshadowing of the full truth to be revealed, like how the Ark is a preconfiguration of Mary or the Tree itself being a preconfiguration of the Cross. This means that all notions of many gods were errors, and it is corrected time and time again later on. Like the entire notion of Messiah. Finally, dualism, valentinianism, manicheanism, and gnosticism which are associated with each other to varying degrees were widely rejected in the early ecumenical councils, and were the main reason those councils were formed. Most Christian churches recognize at least 3 of them, with varying degrees of acceptance beyond that. To wave the trinity away is to ignore the fundamental teaching of Christianity at large, and is part of why this concept continually persists. It is ultimately a matter of faith, a point in which you find a root assumption. For Christian's, it is the trinity, for Jews it is the Earthly Messiah. Of course, this is more a discussion about Milton who is incredibly unique in his views. Still, to assert that there is definitively and absolutely more than one god in the OT based on Milton is incredibly inaccurate and unfair to the readings as understood by many, many biblical scholars from all schools.

Just a note, “apple” used to be a general term for fruit when the first bible translations were made.

When God says "us" he isn't referring to himself and other gods, only himself (the trinity). "Us" means God the father, son and holy spirit.

Okay youtube, I’ll watch it

The word "Satan" in hebrew can be translated to "accuser." When I read the book of Job, I think of "the satan" as more of a title given to a chosen angel, rather than a single person - kind of like when somebody is referred to as Minister. All in all, always enjoy your content. This video made me realize of how little I was taught about the actual bible in Sunday school as a Catholic. The Bible just gets more esoteric every time I learn about it. So much has been fictionalized or completely omitted.

Uhh… Being a jealous God doesn't imply the existence of others. Only idols like the Gold Calf, the statue of Dagon, and just you know, other religions. But it's very clear in the OT. God outright says it in Isaiah 45:4-6, he creates everything in Genesis 1:1 so there's no room for other gods. And lesser gods are just redundant since angels exist to the same effect. The other gods were just parts of other religions. On Zoroastrainism. Just read the beginning of job. The devil is not an equal force and isn't really the god of anything. Evil isn't even really a force. I could go into it more, but this is already a really long comment. But your worst implication by far was implying that you need a course to be funny. You're funny already and don't ever doubt yourself! This video was great, I loved it and was surprised I missed a few things myself, like the fact about Aaron and Moses. But otherwise there is still quite a bit off and the switch from the Bible to Paradise lost and back was a bit muddied. Again, love (most) of your vids, God bless!

The Blasphemy joke is great!

Fun fact: the “apple” thing is a pun in Latin.

Adam and Eve are Irish confirmed!

Sure complain about their marketing strategy, but in the end you bought one, so if anyone won it the pom people.

"For those of you who don't use cubics in their everday live, it's 18 inches." still don't know anything, me stupid European. But anyways good Video

Wait... Hell is a democratic nation ruled by beings who think rationally against the barbaric abrahamic god? Better than heaven!

Damn you slayed those angel eyes!!!

Fun fact: angel comes from the Greek “Angelos” or Άγγελος which simply meant “messenger”

Jesus Christ! It’s Jesus Christ! I’m sorry about that.

4:10 "for those of you who don't use cubits in your everyday life, it's 18 inches" Well I'm not a degenerate that uses inches in my everyday life either. Very disappointed in you

The mental gymnastics in this religion is amazing

It'a an apple because in Old/Middle english aeppel meant any type of fruit

"that's true..." Pay money wubby?

That was a very thoughtful and interesting explanation of the origin of these stories. A lot of things click into place after hearing it.

When you started showing halo I laughed so hard lol

Legit tho.... that jesus.... could actually be jesus.... i mean that literally... i mean there's no proving he ISN'T wtf weird thought

I always dislike when people refer to the KJV as the "original" text. If you are actually trying to look at source material, you had better learn Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic

The question is, where did Aaron acquire his staff. That staff’s original owner — Moses. So even though Aaron carried it, that staff could still properly be called the staff of Moses.

17'40:"someone will have to pay for it....." i know , i know this sir !! Trump told us :" and Mexico will pay for it !!" Jesus is saved , i guess ;)

Let's be fair, that POM wonderful ad worked. You bought one.

*Jason Bourne, it's Jesus Christ*

Btw when it says “us” that’s the whole trinity thing you didn’t want to get into. There’s no other Gods. There is only one God the creator. Nowhere in the Bible does it say God created the universe with other beings . There are other entities but they should not be worshiped nor do they possess godly powers

Why does KV like to point out that the fact that a man is superior to a woman? Men are physically stronger and have more leadership capability than a woman. That’s just a fact. It’s not mysoginy that’s just reality . This is not just true for people-kind but for most mammals. I know you have a political bias but keep things honest

anime: hello there

Brut, that Skillshare transition.

Didn't Zoroastrianism fall due to the rise of Islam and the islamic conquest of Iran? Also, Judaism became purely monotheistic before Christianity. The Hebrews were monotheists by the time the 2nd temple was built, maybe even by the time they were exiled to Babylon.

Shachar H Yes, you are very much correct with Zoroastrianism. I find it annoying when Better just casually says such insanely wrong things.

Grey looks fantastic

Even my primary school taught me they sent out birds to search for dry land. (It was a Church of England school as well)

A lot of people also forget the 2 of each animal on the arc only applied to the unclean animals. There were 7 of each clean animal.

We have the same pillows...

A page can have more than one side? :P

Another thing Lilith is mentioned in Genesis but the early Jews believed the Lilien, pur were a type of monster that preyed on children. The idea of her being the first woman didn’t appear until the Middle Ages.

What no one seems to be thinking about is that all angels are slaves to God’s will. And Satan, although fallen, is still supposedly an angel...soooo, God is technically in a permanent battle agains a force of evil that he himself controls. Yup.

Also keep in mind Lucifer and the Satans in the Old Testament aren’t the same. Satans were a type of angel that interferes with the affairs of humans.

Even if you stick to the Bible, it's pretty simple to see that god is the bad guy and the devil is just a scapegoat.

the dove and crow are indeed part of the biblical Noah story, contrary to what has been claimed.

Xavier Cuevas It shouldn't be. The intention isn't to look good, the intention lies within the absurdity of the pace painting.

Jack Chase Yes, that's correct.

@Axel Andersson Noah's ark isn't an original story.

Jack Chase Adopted philosophical aspects*

@Mr. Starfish so, you have 3 gods not one correct? not just one?

The literal quote is "and then Moses and Aaron (pronounced Aharon btw) came to pharaoh and told him these things" so it isn't clear either way if Moses or Aaron said "let my people go".

There is only one god and he has many faces. There is only one god and his name is death.

Are you basing all your claims on Dante’s Inferno? Just curious as some of these seems oddly specific and somethings I’ve never heard before, even after growing up in a TradCat family and going to Catholic school that taught the faith in depth

No character development or plot lines in The Old Testament? Bruh thats all Genesis, Exodus, Numbers, Joshua, Ruth, Samuel, Kings, Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Job, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel are all about. Also Moses’s staff didn’t turn into a snake, it turned into a serpent. Get it right, man.

I don't mean to be a critic, I just want to help you out a bit. I love talking about Jesus! :) I thoroughly enjoyed this video. As a Christian, I get frustrated by how often the media (and other Christians) sometimes mess up what the Bible actually says. Also, I hate to be "that guy" but I have a few things to point out that you kind of missed (sorry if these are out of order). While it is true that the Pentateuch (first five books of the Bible) isn't that great at narrating, that's expected since they're supposed to be books of law. Read in the middle part of the Old Testament and you'll find a lot of narrative since that is the historical section of it (the last part is prophecy). Secondly, Noah didn't bring two of each animal on the ark. Well, technically he did, but God told him to bring extra (clean) animals for food and sacrifices. And yes, the bird thing DID happen. It's towards the end of the story of Noah. Most Christians (we are excluding Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, and a few others here) don't believe that God created Jesus. As a matter of fact, since Jesus is part of the Trinity, He is God. Therefore, He is not created since God was not created. In case you were wondering, the Holy Spirit is God. Three people, one God. As for the discrepancy between Genesis 1 and 2, there is no solid evidence for there being another woman. Bear in mind, middle eastern narration is pretty different from western narration. Genesis 1 can be thought of as an overview of creation, while Genesis 2 can be thought of as the narrator taking a step back to specifically focus on the creation of humans. In addition, Eve was not made less than Adam. As a matter of fact, she was made to fill in for the things that Adam was lacking. God points out that it's not good for man to be alone. A symbolic picture of man and woman fitting together like puzzle pieces. Also, Adam was WITH Eve when she ate the fruit, so he actually got into most of his trouble for not protecting her. Last thing, sure, the Hebrew word for God used in Genesis is "Elohim" which technically can be translated as "gods" and God says "Us" a lot. But he certainly is not talking about other gods. Otherwise, why would He insist that the other gods are fake? Or read about the prophet Elijah's challenge on Mount Carmel. The Bible makes it clear that there is one God. So why the "Us" and plural form "gods"? Because it is a reference to the Trinity. Remember, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are God too. Again, I don't mean to rain on your parade, I just want to make sure the Bible is accurately presented in the media. Hopefully next time you do a video on religion, you know better :)

8:17 ah I see you’ve been lurking your subreddit, according to your name.

"Aaron's staff swallowed up their staffs." This is biblical evidence of docking. Then later god forbade it and that's why they all had to get circumcised.

It must have been a bugger getting that red face paint off. Unless that's your natural colour, and you've been covering it up with pan-stick all this time?

In old English, an "apple" meant any kind of fruit.

9:40 According to some it is similar to the Hebrew word, snake or serpent..

Keanu Reeves again.

How you explain things so well to an airhead like me is fantastic!

2:52 "Let's look at the official, original ...King James version"

dude needs to make more vids.

It's just me, I'm working as fast as I can! :(



I’d just like to point out that the NIV is closer to the original source material than the KJV

'original King James Version' *laughs in Septuagint*

i don't see why you would say the biblical canon is any "truer" than what the average christian believes. if you sonb't believe in biblical inerrancy, that is.

"That's truth"

Great to see another video from you and, overall, quite well done. Regarding the 'two females' in the creation story, it is because Genesis 1:1 - 2:3 is a separate and distinct version written several hundred years later than Genesis 2:4 onward. There is a bunch of source criticism which supports this. Another item which is 'modern' is that the Adversary is red with hooves, horns and a tail and...oh, the pitchfork thing. That's linked to forks being considered 'evil/decadent' in the middle ages thanks to a Byzantine princess who traveled to Italy around 1000. Funny story that, but it's for a later time. Again, very nice video.

4:10 "For those of you, who do not use cubits..." Me, part of an international audience: That's me! "Let's use inches and football fields." Me: Please no!

Moses threw down his staff and turned into snake *Rick: I am about to end this whole man's career I applaud to anybody who got the joke from rick and morty

God hates FIGS. Get it right, folks!

Adam and Eve where Irish. Also its Alice and Eve not Adam and Eve.

I have reached my breaking point I have used to like this show until it became stupid you want to talk about gay stuff ok you want to talk about politics ok but enough is enough you have reached the bad waters don't talk about god damn religion I miss the simple all the days of this channel Sorry but I unsubscribed

Wow, what a weak minded individual.

ripping on religion is always fun

marcel500030 Uhh I think it's roughly 32 cm? Idk about that but I think that's it

@Russell whisenant Isaiah was written during a time of Idolatry in Israel... when they had PREVIOUSLY been monotheistic. God is basically saying "I'm the boss, you know this already" I'm not sure where you're getting the polytheism from

@Fast Turtles I hate to be that guy, but it is likely that the "lost" parts of the Bible may actually be apocryphal. For one, they are lacking historical and archaeological support. Notice, the rest of the books of the Bible are historically and archaeologically supported. In addition, Joseph Smith claimed the writings to be in "Reformed Egyptian" however there is again no basis for such a language existing. In fact, if you do some linguistic digging, you'll see that the Hebrew alphabet (as well as the latin, greek, etruscan, cyrillic, and arabic alphabets) are all loosely based on egyptian hieroglyphics. These alphabets that arose are much simpler to learn than the hieroglyphs themselves, so "egyptian reform" was well underway throughout history. Point is, its not a single language/writing system. In addition, only the rich could afford to get the education to learn to write in egyptian at the time (seriously, it's tough to learn) so really the only Jew who could have really know to read egyptian would have been Moses... and he already wrote genesis, exodus, Leviticus, and Deuteronomy in Hebrew.... so the Jews clearly preferred Hebrew over Egyptian as a literary language

@Mr. Starfish But to be fair, any explanation of the trinity is insufficient as our human minds can never fully grasp the full nature of God. But thanks for pointing out his mistake. And yes, Beelzebub was a foreign god, though I believe he is a Babylonian god. Regardless, his name means something like, "Lord of the Flies," and is another name used for Lucifer. Good on you for pointing that out, I totally forgot about that.

@Tim Dexter Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut... it does not make a lot of sense for these to actually be borrowed stories. Think about it. The Bible was written by at least 40 different authors over a period of several hundred years in different locations. And yet, it is remarkably consistent and fits well into history. Such a book being written by chance is highly unlikely. There are also lots of interesting parallels between the Old and New Testaments, which is odd because the Bible wasn't officially compiled until about 300 AD. Before that, the Old Testament was a culmination of Jewish texts and the New Testament was a series of letters and manuscripts passed around between the churches for encouragement and clarification.

Can you please repost the conspiracy theory video? It was one of my faves

@Knowing Better If you're genuinely confused about Genesis 1 vs Genesis 2, it's because they're most likely different versions of the story written by different authors at different times in history. Check out the Documentary Hypothesis for more information. There's a lot of really cool stuff there. Also, what's the source on the different angel ranks? I've never found them spelled out in the Bible, and a lot of the places where people seem to see those categories, particularly the ones referring to powers, principalities, and thrones, seem to me to be talking about earthly governments rather than angelic beings. Are those a Milton thing, too?

1) birds are sent from the ark in the biblical text to see if there was dry land - Genesis 8:8 2) Apple was a generic term for fruit until recently, hence the translation of פרי to apple doesn't imply that it was a fruit of the genus Malus 3) Seraphim might actually be meant to be serpantine, not firey. שרף is both burning and serpent. 4) Seasons aren't mentioned as a punishment for Adam and Eve let alone a tilt in axis of the earth. 5) Unlike the punishment for the snake and Adam, Eve's punishment of being subservient to man is specifically not for al the time forever. 6) Adam and Eve contemplating suicide and a lot of other things you mentioned next to that aren't in the Bible. 7) Judaism was already very much monotheistic in terms of other gods being false gods centuries before Christianity.

In Dante Satan is at the same time a convict and the farcesque ruler of Hell, he is trapped in ice, and in tears, chewing on three momentous souls in human history with his three mouths; the deeper you go in the "funnel" spiral of Hell, the more the roles of damned and devils overlap. They are all prisoners after all. While at the iron walls of Dis the try a pathetic resistence to fate, in Malebolge the devils assigned to one Bolgia cannot even exit it. There are some differences among devils though, in some traditions their grades are same number and inverted of the angelic hyerarchy, in Dante they are somewhat organized as an army: privates, caporals, decurions, and probably on.

The fruit of the tree of knowledge is marihuana, my friend.

You should've checked the Torah

If Christianity is true it's pretty clear we are a fucking joke and entertainment in the eyes of god. Why should we worship that?

I'm Irish and take 25% offense to that joke. As my heritage is 25%.

I legitimately tried to like the video 4 different times.

Here from Jesus’s YouTube story!

Whats the book called where it describes Satan's side of the story? Dante's Inferno

It’s always a treat to see a new video that has been uploaded, although too far between:/ keep it up!

Well, Zoroastrianism is no longer a major religion because the Arabs forcibly converted most of Persia into Islam... OH and you are correct the first jewish woman was indeed Lilith and shje indeed was not very impressed by Adams bullshit which is why she has also been demonised.

26:05 EXACTLY In one of those commandments he does say "Thou shalt have no other gods but ME!" Well, technically the precursor to Judaism was actually a proper polytheistic religion the only thing that really happened was the Eloim (The true name of the god of Abraham) simply wanted all power for himself and demoted the other gods to either angels and demons.

As a die-hard Southern Baptist, this was still pretty interesting. We may not see eye-to-eye on everything, but I still enjoy your stuff.

Catholics: The Trinity is The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. They are one but separate. LDS: I'm gonna do what's called a pro-gamer move LDS: They're the Godhead, separate...just separate.

The two hour Russel Crow version was way better.

11:14 The objectively best part of the video

Actually, God is refering to Jesus and the Holy Spirit, because they're both God.

About the depictions of Lucifer the originally most common Christian version was simply a demonization of Pan the Hellenic God of the Forest he liked playing the Panflute and have orgies in enchanted glades... Abrahamitic ignorance demoted him to a demonic spectacle probably to terminate any favourable faith in him and to of course promote faith in the Dessert god/demon Eloim. Tartarus is the greek hell basically and really had nothing to do with the Abrahamic copy of the same. Cupid is the Greek god of love. So Cherubim looks similar to Chimeras? When are these people gonna invent something of their own and stop copying from other mythologies??

As a Christian, I can confirm that much in the information here is accurate, however, he missed the part in Genesis at the Tower of Babbel which is reiterated in Deuteronomy 32 where God placed the lesser Elohim (gods) over the other nations. These lesser gods were not to be God to their nations but to maintain order in obedience to God which was to subdue the earth and not be one nation.

Apocrypals covered the other Jewish gods that got eated when they went to monotheism. Thier genesis episodes talk about this.

Eve kinda got the short end of the stick

Adam and Eve were created to _tend_ the garden, that's the work they would've been doing. God didn't need companions, He just didn't want to weed.

21:14 “This is a Test” DIAVOLO?

Ste_Ven_ a cubit is about 46 cm, and a football field is about 91.5 meters

Genesis 8, Verse 9 "But the dove found no resting place for the sole of her foot, for the waters where on the face of the Earth and she returned into the Ark to him. So he put out his hand and took her, and drew her into the ark to himself." Verse 10 "And he waited yet another seven days and again he sent the dove. Behold, a freshly plucked olive leaf." And when Noah sent the dove again, it did not return to him. This is NKJV(Best version) In the beginning of Verse 8, God does make the waters to stop, but the Ark has not yet settled on dry land.

Knowing Better will you do one on China in the 21st century?

@Merrick Dodge read the epic of gilgamesh, and Satapatha Brahmana, there are elements of Pandora in Eve, Utnapishtim in Noah, there are parallels to be found in Zoroastrianism, Egyptian, Norse and Hindu and Germanic mythologies. Christianity is blatantly based on Judaism which is demonstrably an evolution of the broader family of semitic polytheistic religions of Babylon and Assyria which are in turn rooted in Sumerian myth. It didn't stop 2000 years ago, as there are hundreds of offshoots to Christianity today, and there are newer religions that borrow heavily from Christianity, like Islam and Baha'i. No honest evaluation can deny at least thematic similarities between these traditions, but adherents will have a hard time claiming that any religion but their own is the "original".

wait wait wait!!!??? Why would Aaron turn his staff into a snake? The form Satan took to tempt Eve...collusion? Where was muller when we needed him...

I thought he was just Yeshua Ben Yosef....

Aaron's rod

"Are you God or are you the son of God?" Jesus: *_yes_*

“Christen fan fiction” I love this channel

This reaffirms my belief that the bible is a metaphor to describe gods ways. Afterall how could humans accurately describe god, how could they describe an infinite being if not in "simplified" terms ie the snakes representing gods superiority against god or something like that. That is also the reason I find people who use the fact that the word of god is unusual in its method of description, of course it is humans as it is have trouble expalaining infinancy and certain attributes of our world. Granted some may be discovered as we go but I don't think humans could ever really understand infinity with out understanding it in simpler human terms after all, the word "infinity" is itself put in human terms, as with every other comprehensible thing in our universe. TLDR, just because the bible features some whacky and bombastic ideas and concepts does not mean that these ideas are neccisarily wrong infact it is a belief of mine these stories are metaphors to not only describe attributes of a deity but also some ideas as a whole ie moses's staff represented gods superiority and how jesus himself as a son of god was a metaphor for how humans could find salvation in god. still a good video I like it alot.

4:26 Ohhh. Y'know, I don't think I had made that connection until now. I dumb.

And next your going to say the bible was against free speech and democracy and instead executed those who spoke blasphemy and those in power were chosen by god....phhhh you cant fool me atheist

2:45 The Islamic version is vice versa first the magicians throw the staff then it's moses

Ha. I know you watch Jeff holiday.

I suppose the video would be about 1 mins 30 secs, including sponsor and call-to-action, if you just said "This book, the Holy Bible, is like The Iliad, The Odyssey, Plato's Republic and the Koran - mythology. There is historical context, but every single person, place and event is, in the least, historically suspect and, mostly likely, completely fictional. Have a blessed day!"

16:58: Ah dun wan eet, ah nevah av (Lucifer, on the topic of God's forgiveness)

Completely lost it at those *rods* man

Potato joke about the Irish, really? Do a video about the famine and Irish subjugation by the English. You should know better.

There's a video on youtube on origin of religion but its in cartoon form please check it out:-) also john Lundwall has a channel:-) its about oral tradition:-)

Religion is just calendar worship:-)

Hunter gathering is the opitmy of socialism

I don't even know how to set you straight? The Phoenicians were pagan that were overthrown by the highlander Hebrews. The one god was created for clan community. Farming was important so astro theological gods were primary. Conquest was patriarical/capital matriarchs social. Watch a video by Yuri bezminov:-)

“Not a lot of character development” King David: “am I a joke to you?”

why does it say"to Pharaoh"? It was not his name, it was his title. you go to THE king, to THE emperor, to THE boss, etc. I miss the THE there. thanx, any1. and just a thought to the very beginning of the video: if you are an adult and believe in that book, you ARE wrong. And proven wrong.

Giving Lucifer the last name 'Morningstar' doesn't even make sense. 'Cause loosely translated that's what Lucifer means (or 'daystar' or 'light bringer') I like that show, but it's only slightly more creative than calling your character 'Mario Mario'

In the original Hebrew text of the book of Exodus it is said that the staves turn into crocodiles not snakes.

​@Knowing Better oh yea, I guess it take time to make enjoyable videos.

@Merrick Dodge I am having trouble tracking down my original comment, but if I said Isaiah 44 was an expression of polytheism that was a typo. I meant that it was an expression of monotheism. Sorry about that.

That's a sponsor placement guys, please take notes!

Hell's democracy, paradise's socialism, while life is capitalism. Hmm.

Remy 19:27


If the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil was anything (HAH!), I doubt it was an apple, a fig, or a pomegranate, but something of which we would have no conception because it's one-of-a-kind.

27:32 also Islam, also it still exists, but just on a much smaller scale

I love how the Bible treats the word Pharaoh as a personal name.

I heard "Eve" is great at Hula Hooping...

Fun fact: Freddie Mercury was a zoroastrian. He belonged to an ethnic minority called Parsis. They are decendents of the old Persians but now live in India

Jesus sent me here

Check out the episcopal church, I have two godfathers and my mom is beginning the process to become the priest.

But But the Earth is flat man. LOL

He compared skill share to satan, soooo...

dont ya just love all this made up stuff.

Thanks for whatever this is. It was fun.

Could you have mentioned that there is no other public records of Exodus and the interaction of "displaced Israelites" and Egypt?

Ok, I am using your link to skill share cuz I like you bro, but... If I go to their website directly, they give me 2 months for free anyways... Come on man, get us a better deal

Your not funny and you don't know better. God bless :-)

Lol. You're so butthurt. Its hilarious... go watch the Duggars and let your parents date your bride for you 1800s style and never even touch her until you're actually married. The rest of us will be over here, being normal. Lmao. Im gonna go out on a limb and say youre about 18.

Loving the Irish dig

Came from Jesus Christ

That skillshare segue xD

“Are you the son of God or are you God?” “Yes.”

Anyone who can tell me who the girl at 19:29 is is going to hell

in medias res sucks....

Thinking good thoughts

Idk why anthropologists commonly make the claim that Zoroastrianism influenced Christianity and Judaism. Oral Judaism is older than Oral Zoroastrianism. Even written Christianity is older than writtien Zoroastrianism. The Avestas weren't written down until around the 6th century C.E On top of that, Zoroastrianism never really gained a major foothold in the middle east since the Persians were fairly tolerant of different religious beliefs. It wasn't until the Sassanid (3rd -7th Centuries C.E) Dynasty that Zoroastrianism became enforced and encouraged.

This was great, thanks :)

People drank water; it was either from wells or boiled. They didn’t need to be turned into something more exciting, that was just more fun.

gotta love the video where a literal porn star represents Eve

4:58 no, that actually happens. Noah sends out a raven and a dove to come back with an olive leaf.

Why always the disclaimers? Yes you can mock something. No you don't have to be polite about idiotic ideas if you come across any. And finding shit to be disagreeable or ''offensive'' is part of growing the fuck up.

To be fair, the show wasn't who named him that. They used that name, but they didn't give it to him.

Zoroastrians weren't absorbed by christians, they were conquered by the muslims in the Islamic conquests. Most of them either died or converted, which leaves them to their current status of a tiny minority

I'm glad I can have a shared sense of humor about rods with at least one person.

Please see #OSP take on this fanfic bullshit They have a whole series for this idiot #OverlySarcasticProductions Red is my spirit panda Edited for grammar, not grammer

Remove doubt from your life, please read the Quran...

They do send out birds to find dry land. Read Genesis 8:8 through 8:12. Noah sent out doves, specifically.

The word apple used to be a catch all phrase for all fruit. So it was likely a communication issue that led to the rumor about an apple.

I recently have been trying to read the Hebrew Bible out of curiosity. The biggest shocker for me was how short the Tower of Babel story is. It was like a page long. It was also much less elaborate then I was thought as a child. I also realized that I was told an incomplete version of the story of Abraham as a child. A lot of children's version cut out some key moments in it.

Thanks for adding in the "that's true" girl. Also nice skillshare ad

How is this moderate? He didn't take a side, sure, but can anybody with half a brain cell believe in religion when it's explained like this? It just makes great movies, otherwise it's bs

9:15 son do we need to talk

Gotta know... were the red eyes in the Satan character after-effect or contacts? Either way, great video (as always) KB. Cheers!

God is talking to himself in that context in the Bible if you look at the Hebrew words, he’s talking to himself in a plural form

Swallow my rod, Aaron

I truly enjoyed watching this. It was very well done. You know your material (aside from a few small errors, i.e. "seven pairs of clean animals," one has to eat after all) and you did cover most things. It is well worth pointing out that eating from the Tree of Knowledge does not grant death, a rather curious conflict, especially since Adam and Chava (more popularly known as Eve) were obviously not going to live forever without the benefit of the Tree of Life. Also it might be worth noting that Zoroastrianism does still exist and is practiced today though admittedly in relatively small numbers. Watching this video took me back to conversations with my ex-husbands family, who were all Southern Baptists, and while rather rabid and insisted they followed the literal instructions found in their bible, actually had absolutely no idea what was contained in the book as they had never bothered to read it. They all had one in their homes, acting as a sort of talisman or G.P.S. perhaps so they might be located during the rapture but beyond that it seemed to serve no purpose. I am well acquainted with the Torah (or what some might call the Old Testament) but I have read the Christian scriptures (i.e. the New Testament) several times and it troubled them terribly that I knew their religion better than they did. Had I have known of the existence of this video back then I would have shown it to them but of course it would have just been the work of the devil, your makeup would have proven you allegiance.

Right... almost on all counts... The multiple gods thing.... The idols people made are called gods, either statues, money or whatever interests.... Gods jealousy is a metaphor for the fact that He should be central to one's life. As if for the "we" or "us" I would think He refers to the Father and the Son (Jesus) or you could also add the Holy Spirit...

In French it is considered polite to address someone who is a higher rank than you by plural pronouns. For example, you would say "vous" (you plural) instead of "tu" (you singular). I know something similar is true in both Japanese and Russian also. God could have very easily be referring to himself in that manner in the Bible. You need to keep Akum's razor in mind with the Bible. It would make no logical sense for Moses to be that cryptic when writing the Bible.

11:26 BLASPHEMY!!1

The old Testament does not apply to our religion its just the history of the jews our religious ancestors

Angels are like birds they’re there own thing.

As a Christian. I don't believe you committed blasphemy. My God is the only God worth worshipping. Good video and well informed info.

There is a lot of, probably intentional misstranslation of the original Hebrew text that was the old testament, to make it sound more monotheistic. Some times it literally says god but in dual form and some times unspecified. I think it also mention god in plural form.

Well, it wouldn't be the first time we use "pagan" religious concept to comprehend christian concept. Hel is the underworld of the Norse mythology.

tl;dr: A few rough spots imo but great job overall. I’ve studied the Bible hardcore most of my life and I have three comments about this: 1. I wish you’d been a little clearer about what’s Genesis and what’s Milton. I feel like that section would be super confusing for people who don’t already know the source material. Something like the asterisk thing you’ve done before or different color overlays or whatever would have been nice. 2. Re Noah and the birds: That definitely is in Genesis. Chapter 8, verses 6-13 describe it very clearly. 3. Despite all of the above, I think you did an admirable job with this. I disagree strongly with your interpretation of some points but I always appreciate when common misconceptions are corrected and you did a good job of hitting some of the biggest ones. Keep up the good work!


Berenstain universe lmao

I am not impressed with your theology.

27:35 "sound familiar?" The Jedi and The Sith?

Someone: Moses threw down his staff Aaron: aw shit here we go again

I want to point out the fact that they did send birds out to find dry land afterwards. I'm Jewish, and so all of this comes from the Torah (which are the first five books of the Tanakh, the Hebrew Bible, aka the old testament), but I don't know how you got the fact that they didn't send out the birds. Sure, it's not exactly clear that their only purpose is to scout out dry land, but the story basically goes Noah sends out a raven to travel back and forth and keep him updated on the levels of the waters. Then he sends out a dove to see if the "waters had abated" or not, which they handed because the dove came back without finding a "resting place for the sole of its foot." Seven days later, he sends the dove back and it returns with an olive leaf (this part is not entirely clear, but the dove found dry land). That's all in the source material, it's possible the Tanakh was simplified over the years as the old testament, but for us Jews, that's the story we tell and it comes from the text. It's also worth mentioning that "clean" or Kosher animals went on the ark in seven pairs, whereas the "unclean" or non-Kosher animals were just one pair.

Maybe you should mention that god killed 1 hundred thousand people... or something like that, and also the devil killed 10... Also man is listening to women...

That's true

I will preempt my statement with an pseudo-addendom which consists of three words: I am subbed Now that my statement has been cleared YOU MAKE ME ANGRY someone believes the fruit was an apple that isn't necessarily wrong because we don't know what it was and calling something eurocentric doesn't invalidate it and in fact having a mind centered around your heritage/Europe in general isn't a bad thing believe it or not, principly because PEOPLE LIKE THINGS AND HAVE OPINIONS YOU DICK HEAD, also every Christian doesn't necessarily conform to the King James Bible, in fact afformentioned Bible was not created under the direction of God but under an earthly king.

19:27 You have good tastes my man

A cool video, thanks. Too bad you're going to hell for it. It feels almost unfair.

The Bible said "fruit" basically, but "mallus" is latin for apple and very close to two other words with latin roots (Malice and phallus) and an ancient translator translating it from hebrew to ancient latin had a funny sense of humor. It's a true OG historical pun.

i didnt expect it in the beginning but i really liked this video

the staff ? - and your point being ???? you forgot to mention that Moses attempted to gaslight his way out of the commission GOD gave him when he appeared as a burning bush - Aaron was brought in to hold Moses hand while confronting pharaoh- aaron did all the talking and was by default the alpha of the two so the staff was now his to throw down - the ark - the story is a macro narration of judgement and delivery - and yes the bird part is in the scripture and who cares what hollywierd does with it - they tards are making money off a story that does not belong to them The fruit - so what ? the fruit was not named in the canon the results of disobedience was - okay done with this shitty video - peace out

I always find your videos really interesting. A minor correction...the Noah myth is 7 pairs of clean animals and a pair of unclean animals. In other words Noah should of been charged with animal cruelty for the cramped conditions on the boat.

It was an indeterminate fruit, there's no basis for calling it a modern apple (in Old Germanic languages the generic word for fruit was 'apfel') What made it special wasn't what is was, but the role it held in God's purpose.

The Islamic version has a lot of mistakes, like that staff example, because 7th century Arabs didn't understand what the Bible taught. The Quran is a mix of confused writings, with changes added on many times over the centuries.

On your point on apples. Apples were a collective name for tree growing fruit. At least that’s what QI said.

Are you going for that Regular Car Reviews thing where you mention a porn star enough times that they actually show up on your channel?

420k subs

Great video! Always a treat to watch your stuff. I am not sure the KJV of the Bible qualifies as [the original] but it serves as well as any other for this purpose. Again - great video!

Hmm.. you, analysis of bible and other religions is strikingly similar to the mythology painted in the dresden files novels. Where the "white God" is just the biggest, and only one - as of now - that fights against "the adversary"

6:14 This is false. People still drank water frequently, with the most common method of decontamination being boiling. The only reason tea/coffee would be safer than plain, untreated stream water is that it’s been boiled, which you can just do to regular water. As for alcohol, if that was more common to drink than water for any significant period we would be extinct by now.

In addition to all of this halo stuff, the seraph (burning one as brought up here) was the name of a covenant starfighter. Just another neat little thing

Apple just meant fruit. NOT just the things we think of today.from Old English æppel (“apple, any kind of fruit, fruit in general, apple of the eye, ball, anything round, bolus, pill)

You hit 420k subs. Nice.

What about the angel guarding Eden misplacing his flaming sword? Lose his head next.

Meanwhile Aristotle and Plato already figured shit out 300 years ago before all this garbage

“He’ll is a democracy” Jesus theory-> U.S is Hell-> North Korea is heaven-> everywhere else is purgatory

Of course you had a furry weeb porn artist draw God's angels

You are a VERY cute angel!

Did you just toss in a reference to my boy Wubby?

Religions were created as tools for manipulation, just like economics and politics. Power and control, pure and simple. However, if you follow Buddhism then you're a good friend. No, I don't follow any religion whatsoever. I follow me.

30 seconds in and i already hate it. Moses' staff turning into a snake is no more ridiculous than other stories from pretty much any holy book. The only logical reason to not "take that away from them" would be to not offend them. You can't be like "Well, you can believe 1+1=3, that's fine, but 3+3=7? Oh boy, you're wrong, and here's why:"

One of the best channels on YouTube. I hope you see my comment

how much ASL do you know?

i less than three the shit out of you

Genesis 8:6 refers to the part where he sent fourth the bird to find dry land.

Now Overlord's "Dominion Authority" and "Principality Observation" made a bit more sense for me

Nothing sexier than a man that is intelligent AND handsome!

Dang, I just discovered you and I wish I had known about you when you 1st started. Better late than never I guess.


19:27 Great video, but can you do me a favor and stop using pictures of pornstars in otherwise innocent circumstances. Especially ones that are kind of shitty people. You're making me feel dirty.

Puritanism was Calvinistic. Otherwise, excellent video.

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