Long Term Investing vs. Day Trading - Check Out Heckler at 29 Minutes

Long Term Investing vs. Day Trading - Check Out Heckler at 29 Minutes

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When I first found out who you were was, from one of the guys in my office and. You're a Internet, phenom your, style of investing couldn't. Be more opposite, than mine let's. Start about how. You got started in this business sure, how's, it going everybody thank you for joining for a small thank you for having how many people have seen one of Tim's YouTube videos. Or. Your your children have. Our. Grandchildren. I don't know I don't discriminate I welcome, all views I got, started when. I was a senior in high school I had my bar mitzvah gift money just sitting in like. Series, EE bonds, like going nowhere and I, was a tennis player I had surgery. On my arm I couldn't play tennis anymore so my parents gave, me control of the bar mitzvah money they thought I would lose it all and instead. By, the end of senior year of high school I made over a hundred thousand, by the time I graduated, college it was nearly 2 million I gravitated, towards. Low-priced, much. Upon, heated, upon penny stocks so. How much did you start out with I started with 12,000, so 12 grand to a hundred grand in what, style of investing just. Buying penny, stocks as they broke out I didn't know at the time I, was there, any stocks, well I knew they were penny sighs I didn't know that they were being promoted by boiler, rooms so I recognized, a pattern I would buy around 350, 350, 5:00 p.m. Eastern before, the market closed and almost, nine times out of ten they would gap up the next day because the, boiler rooms were promoting, them overnight. To people at dinner the buy orders would pop up the next morning no pre market so you would get the gap ups so let's walk into your show that you you you first got known for in a mainstream style, so I was on wall street warriors drunk. In every episode. Through. A tough time I tried. Long term investing, actually and I sucked at it so I was very depressed my hedge fund was down 30%. They. Thought that it was because you, know I got cocky because of all the success it was just because I didn't know. About investing, I was a trader, so, trading. And investing to different animals as you know so, let's now where, you are today so when. I saw the video of Lamborghinis. You know flash I looked. At you and go man this guy's flash I'm about cash we couldn't be opposites, but yet the conclusion, here. Is that you got to know what style of investor, you are speculator. And what works for you so what. Have you learned from you, know going through the boom the bust and the echo of your style. Of trading. Yeah and opposites, attract I like you you know I don't mind that you what do you have a Mazda Subaru. I. Don't. Know. But. No it's it's about cutting. Losses, quickly for me that's rule number one when I was an investor I had no risk management, now. As a trader that loss helped. Me understand, why, I failed the loss I'm very grateful for now, you won't see me lose more than two or three percent on any trade so let's talk about that how long is your average trade. Between. 30. Minutes in two days, 30. Minutes in two days yeah somewhere, around there sometimes like two hours sometimes a day never, more than two days and how do you do your research, in this so I'm always looking for big percent gainers I don't want to be stuck in a mining company going nowhere with a big promise of a story where, the stock is doing nothing I focus on stocks, hitting new highs every, single day we might not have to boy the rooms anymore but we have weed stocks we have CBD, even.

Though The markets were down as a whole last year my main account was up over 70%. Focusing. On weed stocks focusing, on CBD I don't care what sector is hot I just focus on that because that's the volatility, that I need and and how do you buy your stocks, do you have a stock broker, so. I've heard their stock brokers, I don't know I I, don't know this I mean I just everything. I do is online it's all digital I but, I got a business card from somebody last time saying that they were a stock broker and I actually framed the business card because I feel, like it's an artifact I feel like I should, be in a museum yeah like a Museum of Wall Street like ah once, upon a time the great stockbrokers, but. Now I, use, you know interactive brokers e-trade it makes it very simple so do. You play only the North American, stocks or do you do. International. Different time zones because I see all these videos of you canoeing, and making money now, let's, pull. The veil off of marketing, and the real world yeah so I bring my laptop everywhere, I do trade, from some crazy places I was in South Africa on. A rhino operation, a trade, actually happened, while I was on the, operation, and we had Wi-Fi, in, the bush that was a real trade usually, I'm in Asia I'm actually heading to Asia tomorrow, night and the, market is open at, night there so I trade US stocks Canadian. Stocks it's, tough because I pull all-nighters you know it's it's not the best timezone but I love it you're pulling all-nighters still, doing the boozing that you did in Wall Street worried I can't drink for anymore now I'm drinking coffee I just, started drinking coffee I'm 38, now and my 37th, year I joined the coffee revolution, who here likes coffee, yeah. Yeah. I love this what about private placements, so a big, thesis of my investing, is the. Alligator, you sit back you do a ton of research you go to the site visits you, get positioned, well with, the warrant upside do you do any private place not at all you can't manage the risk I don't, have the patience so I can't, cut losses quickly, I just it's not my style, that's. You and you'reyou're Subarus and Han dice, well. When. You're the when you're ole in the dealership it's kind of good selling, hundred. Five. Hundred Honda's equals half a Lamborghini. Now. What, about asset allocation how, do you manage, how. Much you put in towards a trade so, I don't like risking more than thirty percent of my account I know that's aggressive for people but remember, I'm cutting losses very quickly so I'm very let, me clarify yeah thirty percent of your account in one trade correct, I only, take one or two trades at a time no, diversification. No hedging. I'm, specifically. Focused, is this, stock and I move you know usually I'm buying big percent winner so they're already up thirty, fifty percent on the day can, they spike even more does it have news does it have legs so a question I would have because. It's not my style but if I was watching this more made that clear yes, because I. Would. Love to put our portfolios, up and I think the next time we will do this let's do it. In. Your newsletter, do you make the trade then tell your subscribers about the trade so, how do you handle not, front-running your own subscribers. Or you know your different. Newsletters have, different. Amounts. So I mainly, trade with the twelve thousand dollar account so I'm buying like five hundred shares a thousand shares how the hell do you buy a Lamborghini with, $12,000. Account I'll teach you you go to it over time it builds up over time but then you know I have like an Agora newsletter, where I don't trade the stocks at all Agora doesn't you know allow any trading for me I want, to teach people can. I freezy there sure why would anyone ever want to follow someone if you can't put your own money in but you want them to put your money and I just don't understand, that fund I don't want anybody to follow any of my picks I want them to learn the strategy, so whether I haven't was in education, it's all education, and that's the beautiful thing here I have five million our students now my top student has turned fifteen hundred into seven point four million he hates my picks he actually is mainly a short seller so he was gravitated.

Towards, A different strategy but, you learn different angles this is the beauty of investing, you could be an investor you can be a trader you can be a short seller you can hold for five minutes you can hold for an hour you find what suits your personality and we're all different people here and this is what I love about this it's not just about hot, plays or hot picks or new technology, or some amazing. Gold find find. What works best for you and what you're comfortable with like if I even if I made a million dollars on one of these mining, companies I would hate it because that's not my style don't lie you'd be out buying a Hyundai or Mahato I would be donating, the money I would donate I've donated four point five million in past three years but I it's. Not my style you have to find yourself that's what I love most about this I get to travel I get to trade I get to teach and I do it, based on my personality, okay so now I really. Want to pick into your brain about where do you see the, resource, secretary, I'm sure you've looked at gold, or copper silver. What, is your belief of the gold market, I see the resource sector and it's usually on, the, you know the columns of like the biggest percent gainers are the biggest percent losers it's usually unchanged. Or close, to that so I don't even look at such a boring, sector, because, it just doesn't move enough for me I do like, it when you, know a mining company strikes, gold or they find diamonds or they find you amazing, oil and the stock goes up 30, 50 100 % to me that's a catalyst, there are so many stories you guys will hear so many stories and girls over the next few days and in your lifetime, I just. Have learned to ignore stories. Everybody, is a storyteller every, CEO is positive, about, their company, and most. Of the time it just never plays out and most people are full of. I'm. Sorry I expect. The, least and I'm never disappointed yeah. What. About the, role of marketing. You're part of the Agora franchise, I've. Seen some pretty aggressive marketing, on that where do you see the future of the newsletter industry, going I think that you have to be real in the past a lot of newsletters, and a lot of companies especially. In the resource sector they, they put out like these pipe dreams like oh we did all this and then you never match up to expectations, so with whatever you, market, whatever product, you want to be as close, to as real as possible like this could actually happen like my top student actually did turn a few thousand into several million it's not just me I have several students like that and if you have that real stuff the internet, will reward you if you're fake the internet will crush you the Internet is the future with all of these sectors and you want to just, be real you don't need to have these highly, glossy. Magazine. Ads or these photo shoots just, be as real as possible and it'll. Shine through eventually sort of a currencies, do. You play these I use, a lot of currencies, in my travels, I don't trade them I don't think that you have a good enough edge. Either way I've seen so, many moves come out of the blue and I see too much leverage you, know if you look at the odds five, out of six forex, traders blow up in the first six months I just, like penny stocks because you have a lot of idiots in this, sector and in this niche and you can beat, the idiots it's like playing mini-me, and basketball, you know like if if you have like a little midget and he's trying to shoot and you're just blocking him all day and it's not his fault he might be the best midget basketball player in the world but he just doesn't have any height and in, basketball, is a height game so to me that's penny stocks Forex, you're.

Competing Against, you know LeBron James you're competing against all these great traders, I can't, compete against that if I'm going one-on-one with lebron james like, i'll just lie down and say, you win but. If it's a midget I'm taking, that game and I'm betting on it so. Looking. Back at your use of proceeds we I've never played basketball with a midget, have. I yeah. No. So I think next time we talk, Drowned, of applause if you think it's a good should we bring a midget to play basketball no, I. Hear. Some laughs I'll take that as applause. You. Need some you need to understand, edge and, most people it doesn't matter how good a thesis, is with an investment, or a currency, you have no edge and so if you do this trade over and over and over again your your account just not gonna build what about crypto currencies, I, mean they have a great pump and dump pattern, so I love it that's the volatility, that I need you can make money on the way up and make money on the way down that is at least volatile, but I don't believe all the idealistic. Where it's like oh this is gonna change the world why aren't more companies, using it it's changing, the world of you, know kind, of like the underworld economy, I know a lot of drug dealers who use cryptocurrency, why do you know so many drug dealers do. Die I'm all over social media I get the crave pioneer Lambos off them no, I just I people, come to me and I I meet, drug dealers I meet strippers, I meet all kinds of crazy where do you hang out on. Instagram, this is all on Instagram are you on Instagram, I think, my marketing, team sir I have no an Instagram if you want to meet these amazing. People no I just, that's the difference about being flashed in cash I you, know for me it's interesting to, see the way the world works cryptocurrency, is a big, boon to the black market of the world with drugs and all kinds of nasty stuff that frankly. It's very, questionable. And, the government I think is going to step. In but, for me that at least sector, is volatile, that's what I want, where's the volatility, in these, commodities, where's the volatility, in mining I see gold. I looked up the price of gold to prepare for this interview and I saw I see it's up 8% down, 8% over the past year it's flat it's. Unchanged, why are we even talking about something that's unchanged. -, was the best performing, asset of 2018. You don't have to come to a conference you don't need anybody to just have. Cash actually. Vanadium, beat, it uranium beat it so research, does matter fantastic. I can't even pronounce those things for, me cash, wins. It. Beats all the hype okay, so you don't use a broker which I can get using online discount broker there you go online discount, broker what about research, reports do you read any of this or do you just look at gain, the momentum um I, mean most penny stock research reports, are paid, for promotions of course but I'm talking real research not stuff from. Firms. Such as yes, starts. With an a it ends with an e yeah so I mean. Listen. There's different, kinds of research reports I put out research on the companies that I'm actually trading, they might not be all fundamentally. Based but a lot of penny, stocks is just technical, so for me I'm looking at the technicals I'm looking at the volatility and I'm looking for the stories you know when a story sells, it can have hype it can have legs it spreads all throughout conferences, like this everyone starts talking and that's good for momentum I'm also a short seller so I shorts camp so yeah I think through SEC filings a lot to what percentage is, long versus short in. The last year I was like 80%, long, 20% short in previous years it was flipped I go both ways I've made millions of dollars each ways for, me it's 3 out of 4 stocks follow the market I want to follow that now with, a twelve thousand dollar account, I'm assuming, you're using severe.

Leverage No, leverage whatsoever no, leverage no I mean II trade, you can short you just need two thousand dollars in your account Interactive. Brokers is actually great for shorting, stocks under. Two dollars a share, he, trades a little less, but. You don't need to take a big position you don't need to be one of these good, till zeros I know a lot of people they say oh this is a scam I'm just going to short it for three months for, me I'm looking for that first red day I'm looking for the crack and a lot of these promotions, there might not be the wolf of Wall Street anymore but there's lots of little wolves and they have these little mini promotions, and stocks you know in cryptocurrency, in weed, in, whatever weird metals you just said you know unobtainium, I think, that was in Avatar that might be a promotion, these days I mean you can promote anything, if you have a story in little blue green characters, so do you follow the promotion's, of newsletter, writers to go okay I'm going to short that like even within your own universe. Of Agoura world, almost. I. Would not agree with that are gora does not take compensated. Promotions, on that same page promotion, promotions. I short sell paid promotion, so those, kinds of stocks are fantastic, it's not a question of if, it's just a question of when because, these companies spend or insiders, or the CEO somebody, spends, hundreds of thousands of dollars maybe millions of dollars investing. In a promotion not investing, in the company it's just logical, that it's gonna crash but a lot of these promotions, go, further than you think you know Bitcoin a lot of people ripped on it before it went up thousands, of percent and all the other crypto cursor now we're gonna play long, or short okay regardless, of what the, product is it's just the equity, yeah long or short but you're forced to buy okay so, you're gonna I can't I can't no trade no. -. Is the position, okay, I agree and often times the penny alligators, are there in the crowd. There's. Not enough of you can I be a hippo can I just chill in the water and then eat people when they come into my pond, you can do that too but a sniper you hold positions, for two hours, you can't take a big chunk of something for two hour X I'm taking a quick shot a kill shot and I'm sitting there waiting for that shot four hours have you seen an enemy at the gates no. American. Sniper with Bradley Cooper yeah the. Drug. Dealers don't want any evidence. On this on Instagram, is only one minute you can watch. Tesla. Longer short. What's. The time horizon but, you I don't know two hours - two days. Over. The next 12 months I'm short. Gould. I, mean. It's, gonna be unchanged, so it doesn't matter. US. Dollar I'm long or short I make nothing lose nothing, dollar. Long, me. - actually I agree with you on that oh yeah, what, about something.

Facebook. Huh. I'll. Go long just cuz it's down so much already but again, this is not my kind of a place Oh Google. I'd. Go long, now. Let's get into your world, marijuana, sector, as a whole where. Do you see going over the next twelve months because Vancouver has been an incredible, printing press these. Come I mean everyone, was all excited about legalization. But it just when, legalization came, it came and went and all the stocks just tanked, I, think, that marijuana. Stocks will continue, as they have been there's, a lot of criminals there's a lot of shady characters you. To be careful most. Of the companies will do nothing or fail and they'll all have amazing hype, before, they fail and then there might be one or two plays that you know really do well but some names that you believe in that actually will work out I don't believe in any of them so cash, is a position right now I am a hundred percent cash, mines, you okay the stock market went down a lot it went up a lot I'm freaked, out I do nothing when, in doubt I do nothing so you asked, me for names I'll look, for the biggest percent, gainers over the next week the next two weeks and the beautiful thing is that the biggest winners will. Show themselves you're not gonna miss anything everyone's, so afraid of missing, the next big winner if you just look at the big percent winners you'll see them popping, up you'll see them spiking, for one to three days if they are gonna spike for one to three years you'll. See the beginning of any uptrend you don't have to be there on day one and I think a lot of people have this problem where they want to try to predict, the next big winner ahead of time and so then you're just you're, throwing out ten picks and none of them are going to be the big winner so with this strategy of the you know trading. Philosophy, that you know you become famous for online and the Millennials just gravitate, to it right so we've talked about why. Do you use the Lamborghini, as marketing, because in the days past how, many people heard of John boo. Boo. Sorry sorry, Tom. Boo you, know and the. Rolls Royce and I know you bought a Rolls Royce and then I believe your uncle, drives them yeah my uncle uses it to get laid in Miami I'm barely there so for. Me again it's about being real notice, how I'm real about who drives my, you, know Rolls Royce but I did buy it I don't rent it for a day and the key is being real my latest millionaire student, found me because he liked my Lamborghini on Instagram, that inspired, him once you get beyond the, flash you see that I have 6,000 video lessons so I think, it's let's talk about that that's what I'm not true so when I initially came across you and I. This. Is interesting and then we got to know each other I mean okay there's something here talk about these videos that people can learn like what can you learn yeah so where to buy a, Ferrari, or Lamborghini yeah. But, I actually do have a video on that um but they're mainly technical, videos just basic, technical analysis, how to read SEC, filings how to read level these real short those are all kinds, I have, about 1800, hours of, total content, from video lessons DVDs and live webinars, QA live trading you can see my screen so it's showing every single, thing that I learned the hard way over the past 20 years because I didn't have a teacher so even, though I was successful, I was blind, for a while I was just like looking in the dark I didn't have my risk management, I didn't have cut losses quickly, for the first eight years so I had no risk management, when you have no risk management, when you have no education, you're, bound for a fall it doesn't matter how successful you, get you need to have risk, management so, a lot of my video lessons are boring, is about.

Risk Management so, the Lamborghini, gets people watching you're not going to want to watch an hour-long, video on cutting, losses, and where to put your stop losses and trailing stop losses unless, you, have a motivation. Why should you actually use, this so I used the visuals to get people to study and the data shows that it works you suck them in with the flash and then you teach them how to make cash what I tell I said this to Larry King when he interviewed me it's like teaching it's, like going, up to a homeless man right and you have two, different bottles. In your hand one you have like green juice it's like kale and spinach and then another bottles Jack Daniels and you asked a homeless guy which one does he want which, one do you think the homeless guy wants. Do. You want we are in Vancouver they let me go with it green juice no no, no you're ruining it no homeless guy will probably want to Jack Daniels so I put the green juice you're making such assumptions, here. We're. Gonna go up to ten homeless guys I wanna. Know where you hang out. They. Have free Wi-Fi at McDonald's, no listen, so you put the green juice in the Jack Daniels so the homeless man thinks that he's drinking the alcohol meanwhile, you're tricking him with healthy nutritious. Green, juice that's what I do with my people I tricked, them into studying. For. What's good for them and they. Pays, off over time if they study enough people, come to me who just want hot dog cakes I say get away from me I don't want that there's an ugly bald guy on CNBC's. Right about 35% of the time he'll, tell you when to buy buy buy and sell sell sell That's, not me. So. What see I have a lot of friends what. Recommendation, do you have to a. Struggling. Sector such as the resource sector where. Socially, there there's a big argument. About who issues a social license. It's. Not attracting, the Millennials, it's. A difficult, business and it's in a bear market what, do you recommend for someone who's had big success, in the marketing, of yourself to, these and. And be. You. Can't put a Mercedes, or a, Lamborghini. Or. I'll. Tell you what, I do in any market, that's barren I get the out, you. Don't need to stay in one set who says that you have to do this all your life but that's truly how you make the big scores, in the echo for, me I go from hot sector to hot sector ok we. We. Have medical we had China, management. Team to attract them alone yeah investors yeah Wow when, the market, is bare when, there's nothing to do go, do, like create a little CBD, subsidiary. Create a Bitcoin subsidiary. And at least get your stock moving there, was they were doing it all the time and maybe who knows maybe that'll even pan, out okay, note to -, I could do not do that, why. Not be adaptive. You don't need to stay in the scene, but. To build your mind you actually do the focus factor matters I understand, ok for long-term success, in business but that's not gonna attract millennial, you can't accompany on to our timeframe you didn't ask me for business success you asked me for marketing success so, here we'll compromise you, do the boring stuff where the stock doesn't move and maybe it pays off 10 20 years from now and then you can afford like an unobtainium, steel hip or something but, in, the meantime, buy. Some little CBD, startup, buy some little bitcoins, whatever, sector is hot and market, that and that way you, can do both you can ride the hype in the short. Term and then win in the long term win-win. Ok. Now let's talk about real world. No. I saw lots of little mining, companies and lots of companies in boring. Sectors, by Bitcoin, they, bought into it and even added that work out for them their, stocks were fantastic, they were Abraham until, they, raise money you don't need a high stock price all the time you ride, right you raise it you get it up you're fine.

I Think the fundamental difference, of what I'm trying to get at is net. Asset value how, to build, true, value, to your company if you're a mining company that's gonna go bankrupt because you can't raise any money at least you should raise money using, a high stock price use. What the market will give you but if that money but if you have a quality asset you won't go bankrupt but do. You know how many quality assets are undervalued for one years two years five years you know your your crocodile, I don't have that kind of patience you're sitting in your Han, die because that lasts like 20 years I'm sitting in my Lamborghini the motors gonna burn out in a year or two, so. I need money, now and. I want returns now I don't have patience, the world might not even be here in 10 or 20 years I don't know if you've been looking at the geopolitical situation I'm, sure it will still be here in 10 or 20 years I mean you're waiting for it to be here I'm not taking that chance god. I love this so, have. You ever done a private placement I have I've done a few, little startups, ticket. Fly stock twits did, decently, but again it wasn't, my specialty, so I wasn't comfortable I actually made money on those two I had another loser overall, I might be plus or minus $25,000. But I learned I'm, not comfortable with that so I stopped so what what. I was trying to get, at is what, should the resource sector as a whole do, to, appeal, to the Millennial investor not pour, itself out to the trend of the day I'm talking about bringing the. Millennials, because when you go to school I started out as a teacher you. Know mining is bad and all these things that's in the it's engraved, it's actually gone backwards in society, yet it's the backbone of society, as a. Marketing, guru what, do you think the sector should do to attract Millennials, yeah I mean going back to the future of the market and in finance, I think in social media just be real you don't need to, hire a whole camera crew to you know look at this mind and make it into like this glossy, pamphlet, glossy, pamphlets, are dead in my, view, okay they might work on like 80 year olds and I see a few of them hobbling, around here but for me I want, the younger people interested. In that means just being real like just get out your iPhone start. Filming start talking about it give like an hour-long Instagram. Live or a YouTube live answer. Everybody's questions just, be real, and if you are real again, you might not be rewarded, today but you'll be rewarded in time, and it's so much easier like, it's crazy how social media has made things easier you don't need to spend a lot of money on ads, or anything like that you just use your iPhone, or Android for, some weird people. You. Probably have an Android too don't you oh. My. God. How. Much money do you want to put on that ah I, don't even care I don't gamble, are. You kidding me listen to the way here do I. Don't. Know because, your, face is a scary poker face you might have an iPhone I don't, even know what this is iPhone. Okay there we go but. I don't gamble when I don't have odds that's, what you have to understand, for, me I'm a crocodile's.

Know About odds I'm focusing, I mean. They're. So long it's I don't even know how you like wake, up during the day you might not even have to wake up for a day or a month because, the stock hasn't budged, you. Might not have to wake up for a year like oh is this 2019. Or 2020, I don't, even know gold, hasn't budged, it. Moves don't worry, unobtainium. Moves okay, when, avatar, the next movie hits unobtainium, is gonna go to new levels unfortunately. That's not a true element so. I live in the world I live, in the world of not drug dealers strippers. And Lamborghinis. I lend, money to people who need, to make their payments on money, to strippers no I do not. Anyways. So. If you had to start all over again yes everything, you know. What. Would you be doing today as, a. Career, I. Would, be again. Trying to be real and in pitch, my services, whose, not real at all true picture, services, being real so, you're, not gonna be a fraud okay we get that I'm talking about you're, not even fraud I'm saying be, like, who. You are not even Who I am like the, way to say is like it sounds like such an Instagram, thing no real but like be unedited. My bad okay so I'm, talking about just going live and starting, little conversations, like this we, don't know what questions like let's take some questions whatever sure let's do it any. Questions, for DES a moment, that's what I would do and it doesn't matter what sector anyone, got a question I think. There's a gentleman walking up to the microphone just go up to the mics we got four minutes for questions some of the older people need a few more minutes to get to the mics give. Them time. Mr.. Damien Reynolds. What's. The question. You're, a mining promoter of course they can hear you. How. Did your microphones, on now what do you say, so. Tim yeah you're foolish how, you, are full, of even. Though I you know who you're sitting beside I died, you the hell's are you suicide the alligator, you know how alligator. He's, an alligator the size of 15 and hippopotamuses I don't you know how, light he's been on you. Dude. Let's, walk through this how would you go looking for a moment and I'm doing $12,000. To our trades, yes buddy you don't have an hour enough hours in your year for a, worth of trades to make the kind of money you're trying to sell us at you make man your simple math doesn't add up but I hear me baby. Talk. To me my brother it's, a dead industry, so why are you here but, you know what you've done you know you've done young man you know you've done young man it's fun go. Yo Tim, take. A look at the audience you. Haven't talked to the audience once, so. Why don't you talk to the audience Timmy okay, why he's been real Noda why don't you tell them what, they can do and by the way the. 80 year olds hobbling, around you know they're hobbling around with the. Life the pain of their life where they've tried and they come to listen to us. If. It's al merito if Maron, tells, him to do something and you know what you know what everything. In this world, you know what it comes from what two, things. You. Know what those two things are tell me tik-tok you've got three seconds mother tick tock oh now tell me something you have ever change something you grow and something, you mind yeah and the stuff you grow it. Sits on top of the stuff you mind you need to track yet okay, okay. Next question. Can, let me answer that for a second thank you for this kind of sideways. Give, him a round of applause, give. Him a round of applause seriously I like the passion this is this is what I'm talking about being real you can't be afraid when, it gets real we don't know what's gonna be said this is why I show every single trade over, 20 years with, my income tax returns with my audits and I have a charity that has now been. Built by me single-handedly. Raised, over five million dollars total four million plus of my own money and that is built on education. And trading, profits and I'm totally transparent about that and it's good to be real I see you're freaking out a little bit but it's okay well the big. Guys about to go at it oh no, and I'm a vegan who's trying to lose weight okay. We, are one more question what am I getting or it's demons a great guy I'd, like to spirited conversation. And, then I got a surprise for everybody and then I'll kind of put the whole alligator conclusion. Yes spirited. Conversation, then I'll be a little bit less spirited oh that's, okay honestly my, first impression of you was also I shared the same impression my, first too, flashy too cocky all in your face lucked, out on Penny Stocks went to ten thousand twelve million anyone can do that but pushing.

That Out there to get a lot of people to buy your course I didn't like you at first I just met for the first time right now last, five minutes I'm actually willing to talk with you and see maybe you're, right some, people don't, learn. What they need to, hear rather, hear what they want to hear not what it needs to be said thank you so there's a chance where, the Lamborghini, is. Actually a good way to teach them in stoploss trailing stop I like how you pick those two in particular to use, it as an example, so I myself trying to educate people for 10 years I love to sit down with you and see you, know how to get the message out to more people how to be the top 1% of day traders by not, just making more money but protecting. Their losses because most people think you, know it's, all about going. All-in, 50/50, well don't buy a Lamborghini to, start your career out on, last. Question last question right there hey, guys hey Tim thank you hey Tim it's George from Agora calm how are you George. It's, one a more. Of a statement because I think I'm one of the few guys in this room that's actually a hybrid because. As a Gore comm we, all companies build long-term value, I love the promotion, factor coming out all right but don't all that but it went but as a traitor on Tim's, platform, because my trades are actually tracked on profit, Lee I think, there's a lot of value, to doing both I don't I don't see how you can do one or the other and all I want to say was I think Tim got a bit of a a bad. Deal there there's. There's great value in a determined. Listen. I appreciate, all the conversation, this is what it takes we should be talking about our differences, we should be talking about different strategies different. Beliefs conversation. Debate is good and you can't be afraid of what happens you I'm not always right I'm wrong roughly, 30% of the time but rule number one has cut losses quickly, hey, Tim sites millionaire, mentor and trader thank you for watching my videos I hope that they helped you I want to share everything that I've learned over the years you can check out more videos right. Over there and also click subscribe, so that you can watch all of these videos get. That knowledge and become my next millionaire, student.

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In the moral context, it is possible to make only occasional investments in the long term; otherwise it's speculation that is a negative behavior to be avoided

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Scam . https://www.reuters.com/article/oukin-uk-hedgefunds-sykes/failed-hedge-fund-manager-tries-again-on-internet-idUKN3131839020071101

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This was grate, it’s sad that people who don’t know how to trade think it’s a scam.. sadly it’s the People who don’t know their Financial Education who have this Bias.

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Tim, TIMOTHY, TIMOTHY!!!! If you only knew how MOTIVATED i am thismorning after this long weekend of not being able to trade & now seeing this video. I know you are super busy but if you can find a few minutes to give me a call

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"Timmy Baby, you didn't talk to the audience once, even though you spent the whole time talking to them and I am the first person to ask question. Now if you'll excuse me I need go grow some stuff on top of stuff I mine."

You can tell a Man by how he handles himself in risky situations. You're solid Mr.Sykes. Things need to be said in a very hardhitting "REAL" way to wake people up and it doesn't get more real than this video. I think folks don't really understand what you're trying to say because Wallstreet has conditioned us to be zombies and believe everything they say. And that's why the younger generation(and a few of us older folks) are listening to you. You have my attention.

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amazing how Wall Street execs. want you to believe in "investing" in losing stocks

I got hot when you got your ass up hahaaaa thug life!

The heckler is an idiot! He clearly didn't take the time to study and BE PREPARED! Thank you Tim for sharing everything!

If this aint The best thing Ive seen in a While. I dont know what The fuck is then. Love it.

Awww thanks!

Old school versus new school....

LMAO shit got real ... a triggered snowflake promoter, that's something new ... usually they are too busy snorting coke and vomiting Champaign on the side walks or having their car blown up etc,

You're such an asshole sometimes but I love it


The thing is you should hate tim first before the love begins. This guy talks the truth. Let the guy hate him first before he realize tim is right

That guy must have loose his clients to tim

f**k yeah Tim! lol

Hey Tim. You deserve better interviews. He looks like a robot or something. Lol... Lmao he wants to put up portfolios. Tim is the only one with genuine excitement here with lots of heart. Some people are so narrow minded that they physically cannot see the bigger picture. Rock on Tim & keep your personality bcs it’s great! Haha.

I love it Tim..I'm learning little by little..definitely would love to get into penny stocks soon..

Fuck that dude you taught me so much and Jamils book

Lol I loved it!!! A round of applauses for you Tim!!!

Sooo what was the surprise ?

That first guy was so short sighted, he missed that EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT!!! So down on you because it’s not his style....PS, started learning and trading on Jan 14, 2019 with $2500.00.. Went backward for about 2 weeks before I found some of your videos and webinars on YouTube.. Now I am up 12% on the year. Thanks for sharing.

It sounds like Tim had 2 shots of adrenaline

Man that guy was a condescending douche! Nice work Tim.

I like you, man!

OMG I want to fight this fucker! "We need to compare portfolios" Them fighting words! good job not being on this level and smacking back HAHHA !! AWESOME!!

trust me he got some people to listen they finally realized its another way to grow their portfolios.

I love Tim Sykes hahaha

I work in the mining industry as a govt mines inspector (Health & Safety).I’ve personally witnessed the best of the best and the worst of the worst on and under the ground. Tim is giving these guys a reality check (and myself as well). The mining industry needs to re-brand itself, clean up its management practices and quite frankly it needs to get excited about the industry and actively promote it beyond these conferences. The public at large just isn’t aware of what mining provides, yet alone aware of the investment opportunities. That heckler, well that’s the face the public sees in the mining industry and that toxicity runs right to the core of the industry from the guy running the drill right up to ownership. The public sees these guys and companies as greedy corporate goons who only care about $$..We are seeing a change for the better and there are some reputable companies out there doing amazing things both operationally and charitably supporting social programs. However guys like that heckler destroy the image. Sure he lost his cool, the industry has been beat down and I don’t really blame him on that front but these guys are experienced professional promoters and that’s not promotion. These guys throw a fit anytime they are challenged on their bullshit, my dept has actually shut down mining operations and it’s because of exactly what we saw in the vid. Good on ya Tim..!

Tim's a savage

Lol at 29:30 he is so angry he's shaking.. People should always have a openmind. Love how you are 100% real Tim! You are one of the best daytrading teachers for sure!

Is it only me? Or do i sense they dont like each other? The guy on the left seems to ask question that would probably embarrass tim

Tim is the real deal, no BS straight forward.


que sincero eres Tim, eso me gusta !!!!

This interview was amazing.

That was awesome, you're a real one Tim

Well that escalated quickly at the end....

You gotta Love the energy .. not rattled staying in the “positivity “ pocket jabbing back with humor. #takingsouls.

seems like the man in 29 minutes have some personal issues with tim

Okay, the guy @29minutes was right about where things come from, that's for sure. I think that guy was just angry, but he cloud have blown out time if he had laid out he point properly


Holy Hell, the tension throughout this entire video....

Tim handled this ass too easy

And they wonder why they cant attract millenials. Average age if audience? idk but lots of white hair.

100% transparency. I like it.

Every 1 min Tim basically says brooo your a Dingle berry lol

Comedy gold. They were all so overwhelmed by Tim's not-give-a-fuckery xD

"Starts with an A , Ends with an A." ?

Some people just react instead of think first then react. Even if you think you are right you have to see the angles, you always can learn something new. Thanks for all Tim.

Heckler was a plant

Tim shredded this dude. Hilarious

Haha love it.

wow! watching the end of the video, that last guy is such a jerk!

This guy keeps trying to pull power moves on Tim throughout the whole interview. wow.

Very well executed handling of the heckler. People doubt what seems less "realisitc" and or are afraid of the work required


Tim "half a lambo" Sykes. There are wolves on wall street, but youre the GOAT of wall street

The interviewer and the audience will be jumping off buildings in a few years and Tim will be chillin, Tim, you da man........ www.jjma4u.com

lol 500 hyundais = half a lamborghini

what a jerk guy ..... good talk anyway Tim !!!

You lend money to strippers HAHAHAH

HAHAHAH I like you what do you have a MAZDA !!! King TIM (y)

Kinda late for this but when I saw tim get up his seat I thought he was gonna short that dudes stock.

CTST is gonna double my money. In at 2.56

What a douche bag

Tim. That interviewer was a P.O.S but you handled gracefully. The heckler was a hater. You a did great job

What was in his coffee?

Tim u fuckin rock bro I've been day trading for 3 weeks got caught in long trade now I'm holding a bag but right before I averaged down it started moving so I changed my position to straight scalping

Boooyaaa...your interviewer is freaking out...lol....you're the best... shout to BOSS Tim..

That heckler needs a major mental health day!! As far as the interviewer, he is comparing two DIFFERENT games. Which is pointless, unless you have an ulterior motive. Did they want to learn from Tim or criticize him? I feel like the interviewer feigned curiosity to bolster the need for guys like him. "Give us your old money so it will be safe, look at all the work we do." But as Tim said, this generation has wizened up to manipulative business practices and we don't trust other people to manage our money. It was pretty cool to see Tim's integrity present throughout.

He really stayed in the pocket and tried to answer the questions. Impressive

Tim you're badass man. Keep using the language too. Instead of pervasive language I prefer to use the term persuasive language haha. If you tell someone: "Hey gimme your money" Doesn't sound to awesome and they probably aren't going to listen. But if you say: "Bitch gimme your motherfuckin money!" Then that's a little more persuasive hahaha.


The interviewer is a pompous piece of shit. I would have made fun of him the whole time,

The guy interviewing is extremely dumb for not understanding the nitch. The guy must for sure for sure not understand pure technical analysis. Tim is the real deal.

Tim is just killing this dude. Like a rap battle lol

LMAO!! Go get 'em Tim.

Good business strategy would be not to degrade any age population. Every age deserves respect. No one is perfect but Tim has a great point which a few don’t like to hear.

So actually “PENNY STOCK “ is a smarter and a sharper trade thank all these long term boring investor, I agree with Tim study study study and then use your sharp trading.

Tim owned him because he touches your heart being blunt and honest. The guy interviewing him have huge insecurities pathetic.

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