Loki Episode 6 Finale Marvel TOP 10 Breakdown Easter Eggs and Ending Explained

Loki Episode 6 Finale Marvel TOP 10 Breakdown Easter Eggs and Ending Explained

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Welcome back everyone this is going to be my Loki episode 6 finale video and holy crap there's so much to talk about so many Easter eggs and they said so much of what's happening during marvel phase 4 it blew my mind will break it all down. If you're brand-new to the channel, be sure to subscribe to get all the videos there's a lot to talk about for a long time after this I'm also still doing the weekly giveaway for Disney plus memberships details about that down in the description. Careful for spoilers if you have not seen the episode yet in there are some big spoilers that we have to talk about starting with the title of the episode for all time always which is the motto the time variance authority the TVA, but you could also call this episode the one with all the explainers based on everything that was going on with this version of Kang immortus Harvey want to think about him. He was more like immortus than he was. Like Kang, because he's like the oldest final boss form version of himself.

But knowing everything we know about him getting all those reveals the actual phrase for all time always is now a reference to the mission the quest that he was not that he was trying to get Loki and Sylvie to take over for him. He had to watch over the timeline prevent all these other branches to keep other versions of himself at bay for all time always in the episode starts with a brand-new intro scene of the Marvel Studios logo so they change this time. And they start with Captain America in Peggy Carter song that they were dancing to at the end of avengers endgame is also the same song from the first captain America movie to that's why they kind of brought a background for endgame. But then they cut a montage of scenes of overlapping dialogue and moments from all the marvel movies so far it starts with falcon during Captain America civil war saying way to go tic TAC that it's black widow from iron man two showing happy how to punch then Black Panther screaming wakanda forever during avengers infinity war Ant-Man meeting falcon for the first time black widow during the first avengers movie when Coulson calls her. Like limply on hold for second Peter Quill's dance off from the end of the first guardians of the galaxy movie than Thor from Ragnarok fighting Hulk saying he's a friend from work Captain America fighting himself during avengers endgame with that funny I can do this all day moment yeah yeah I know Hank Pym from the flashbacks to shield in the first Ant-Man movie Captain marvel from before she got her powers with maria rambeau the higher further faster Loki saying we have a hulk to thanos during avengers infinity war.

Then Korg escaping with the other asgardians during Ragnarok then they just pylon hundreds and hundreds of scenes on top of each other. So you can tell who's talking. But you kind of take out some of them like this of Iron Man dialogue is basically representing big seminal scenes from all the Avengers movies and all the different avengers characters in the next montage they show you is sort of like the lifecycle of the universe in the timeline Starting in being reborn is meant to foreshadow the big Kang reveal in the way that he paved the road so to speak paved the sacred timeline. So during this part of the montage they start using moments from real world history dialogue from Neil Armstrong, Nelson Mandela.

Even Greta Thunberg. But as the camera spins out the resuming out moving forward in time, there's a space ship here that looks very advanced. That could be an Easter egg for the spaceship that Renslayer was talk about the prototype ship this patient here could also just be a random spaceship from the future to show you how technology progresses naturally but that's basically was happening here, you're getting the speedrun version of the timeline in what we witness here it when this planet sort of collapses is were witnessing a big bang cycle for this particular son. Like this universe expands future unfolds then eventually the sun we're looking at dies collapses into a black hole then eventually another contraction and another big bang happens another version of the infinity stones would be created then as well within a new version of this particular universe is born in the timeline for it starts again starts again at zero basically then as the camera zooms out again you see other universes going to the same cycle representing alternate timelines get that voice over from classic Loki dying saying glorious purpose.

And when they go full 2001 space odyssey. Like when all the color start to bleed together is you moving forward in the timeline faster and faster were witnessing Kang basically building the sacred timeline. So to speak.

The way he talks about he isolated our timeline in this sort of we together what became the sacred timeline. They include vision's dialogue from Wandavision when he said what is grief if not love persevering you can see the synergy here's the referencing a lot of other Disney plus series. During these opening scenes is a little bit of dialogue from Sylvie earlier on the series, talking to our Loki in it's all meant to foreshadow the road that Kang paved when he says to them, I paved this road, you're just walking down it because that shifts to a larger macro view of the sacred timeline.

It actually does kind of look like a road, like the bifrost existing through space time. Then we stop on the asteroid at the end of time with Loki and Sylvie walking up to the door basically in the moments right after the end of last week's episode, which now we know is the show's version of Chronopolis. There were a lot of people that were wondering what was going on with Kang, there were so many Kang Easter eggs that I was talking about during my episode five video. But I was so surprised how hard they rolled on Kang marvel did not need to roll this hard given what they did on Wandavision in holding back on Doctor strange, it's almost like the Loki writers and producers saw what they did with Wandavision and how it was sort of tied in setting up doctor strange 2 multiverse of madness in what falcon and winter soldier did to sort of set up what's going on in the future the MCU is that hold my beer we can do one better working to take that major villain from the upcoming marvel movie Ant-Man 3 quantumania And Rick and introduce him on our show.

We don't of the villain of doctor strange 2 is going to be there been a lot of rumors about the Shuma Gorath being the main villain. But that would have been like Wandavision introducing Shuma Gorath in their post credit scene This is how big a deal it is for them to introduce Kang for the first time in the MCU on a marvel Disney plus series the doors open on their own. Not only because it's really advanced technology can controls everything. But also because he wants things to play out this way because he knows how it's going to play out at least up to a certain point Miss minutes greets them confirming that she is also every bit as evil as everybody thought she was most of us knew that she was somehow be connected to whoever was behind all this, but she's kind of like an AI so someone would have had to create her and whoever created her would have been the man behind the curtain. Which we now find out is Kang the conqueror or a version of Kang the way he talks about himself names what do they matter. I've had many names all talk about that to because he does make a lot of references to the many different versions of himself from the comics who it sounds like were actually going to be seeing in the upcoming marvel movies.

But when Miss minutes greets them, she refers to the person in charge as he who remains, who is actually a different comic book character who have talked about in previous videos we all collectively knew that whoever the big reveal was going to be it will be a version of MCU He who remains. So in the comics, he who remains is different from all the versions of Kang in the MCU just sort of combining those characters, but during this episode in the subtitles and in the credits at the end, they only refer to him as he who remains. So with the probably do is the wait till Ant-Man three her doctor strange 2 multiverse of madness because a lot of what happened here in the ending sets up Doctor Strange 2 the way to those movies to actually call him Kang by name, the version that we meet during this episode is actually closer to being a version of immortus, because he's at the end of his timeline in what he's been doing this whole time, controlling the TVA, using his version of chronopolis to control everything.

All of time is what immortus did after the TVA started working with him in the comics But now because we know exactly what's going on with that. This whole time, Kang was responsible for everything, it would also be accurate to say that this place has been Chronopolis this whole time, which is a distinguished different versions of his character. So we keep referring to him as Kang, because Kevin Feige said that the main villain of Antman three would be Kang the conqueror, but in the comics, Kang was actually much more of a lesser mid boss level time travel villain for the avengers still very very powerful, but immortus was supposed to be the final boss form version of Kang later in his time.

Like millions of years in the future in this version of Kang says that he's been alive for millions of years. So that's why he was being kind of ambiguous about what his name actually was when he says I've had many names, but because of what they do at the end of the episode with him teasing this big Kang war across the multiverse multiversal war 2.0, it sounds like the use those alternate versions to show us the many different versions of Kang, like Rama tut, scarlet centurion, immortus there many to go around with through miss minutes Kang offers them a deal to put them back into the timeline where they came from. They can go back to the way things were. But also like new game plus mode if her talking. But the videogame model here them reliving their lives.

But with a bunch of extra junk on top. She says that Loki could win the battle of New York defeat the avengers he could also have the infinity gauntlet he could kill Thanos he could have the throne of Asgard anything he wants but also Sylvie could wake up happy having always been happy her whole life. They can live together have the relationship that they want and Kang could make it so that no one around them would think that it's weird yet. Imagine Thor would raise a pretty big red flag. But they give you an idea for how powerful Kang is that he can manipulate time that way. He can make things any way you want.

He can weave together any aspects of any timelines and make it so that it all holds together. They both turned her down flat. But here's the funny thing Kang actually knows everything that's going to happen here up to a certain point later in the episode. So he knew that they were going to deny this but it's all part of him testing them to make sure that they are the right ones to take his place or could take his place because like he says he did know what choice. They were eventually going to make here's the funny analogy all make is kind of like Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory Kang is Willy Wonka orchestrating this grand contest to see who is worthy to take his place to take over the factory it just that he makes time he doesn't make chocolate in the funny thing to Jonathan Majors is fantastic actor so I can't wait to see what he does with the future this character.

But the way he performs his version of Kang is way more flamboyant way more theatrical than I ever would've thought holiday with the get away just before you kill like we make jokes about how Loki is so theatrical like he flips his hair back. Every time he falls down any did it again during this episode. Like that's a requirement of the character. He is the fall down on his face, then flip his hair up really pissed off Jonathan majors version of Kang here is so theatrical and over the top that he makes Loki seem tame by comparison, but then we jump back to the TVA check in with ravonna Renslayer, who's downloading the files that she needs that will get her to the citadel at the end of time She seems a little regretful when she sees Mobius is rings from his drinks on the table.

But before she can think too much about it, miss minutes shows up getting a completely different set of files based on Kang's instructions, that he claims will be way more helpful to her So even though it seems like the episode got a little time he why me. Like which version of Kang is she going to meet at what point in his timeline. The ideas that Sylvie might have killed him at the end of the episode. But that is him at the end of his timeline.

The version that Ramona probably went to see was much earlier in his timeline, but then we jump back to Loki and Sylvie walking the halls of the citadel in as the camera rotates around is mostly just to be extra trippy to really disorient you because they are really disoriented here's the really interesting detail though you actually see four time keeper statues, but one of them is been smashed. Implying that this fourth one was Kang the conqueror really explain why it was smashed only I think the idea that other people have come to his citadel here and he sort of tried to measure them to see if they were worthy like he's had previous Willy Wonka contest to see if other versions of Loki have been worthy to take over it. Maybe they had some sort of fight here, and that's would damage the statue than speak of the devil he shall appear the door opens the elevator revealing Jonathan Majors as Kang for the first time in the MCU and is basically wearing a version of his comic book costume like you see the purple robes, but like is that he's a little bit closer to immortus and it's not till later in the episode when he does his little back story explainer using his special tempad and than even later inside the new version the TVA with the big statue of Kang the you really see a true comic book accurate Kang costume immortus was more known for wearing flowing robes.

Like Jonathan majors characters wearing here absolutely loved his performance. The way he plays it so casual is just a little unsettling because you know how powerful he is, they have the scene were Sylvie tries to kill him just so he can reveal that he has a more advanced version of the same technology that the TVA hunters use to manipulate time for himself in the way he explains it later in the episode is the act she has it preprogrammed so that it automatically moves him around in time and space so that people can't kill him He is not the punching commands like the other TVA hunters do like it is not the put his finger on it to get it to work. It just automatically does all these things because he's preprogrammed it that's why he so utterly unconcerned about Sylvie trying to kill him because it's all part of his plan that we jump back to the TVA Mobius has his big surprise bench scene with Renslayer and they sort of have it out for little while trying to argue over the morality what's going on in they finally reveal what was going on with that blue pen from earlier on the show that seem like they were setting up some big twist Hunter B 15 purposefully travels back to this high school so that the other TVA hunters will chase her there and see what it is that she's trying to reveal that this is where Renslayer came from. At some point here she did something that cause a nexus event became a variant in then that's what her time at the TVA started in the variant version the worst thing here in the TVA just kept the pen as a memento of her life before this was all about revealing the truth of the TVA that they're all variants to the other hunters as well. But then we go back to Kang he says he knows about Sylvie's long journey to get here.

He calls Loki a flea on the back of a dragon you barely held on. But you did it this mostly just meant to be a metaphor for the epic events that he's been through up to this point. Like all the events of the marvel movies the infinity saga storyline with Thanos in then everything that happens is a course of the Loki show you could also think of the reference to a dragon being a callback to Sylvie's dragon when she was playing with it as a child and then also to the midgard serpent, which is Loki's child in Norse mythology also love the way he shows them their pages of dialogue when they keep trying to kill him.

Like okay let's just get past this ominous show you why it is that you're not gonna be able to touch me unless I want you to touch me is basically the exact same pages like you saw when Loki had to sign them when he first got arrested by the TVA the same pages that everyone has to sign when they get arrested by them. The differences is that Kang is just even further forward in the timeline. So he has pages that go beyond when Loki was arrested. A lot of you also been asking in the end credits there's this mystery hand on top of all the files and usually with each new episode.

The files will change the be pictures depicting the events of what happened during the previous episode with either trying to say here that this is Kang's hand in he's been watching them this whole time, because basically tells Loki and Sylvie like you been doing everything the way I wanted you to do it. That's what he meant when he said that he saw the wonderful moment that they shared on Lamentis one in front of the lake he was literally watching that unfold when he talks about the journey changing them along the way and how that was necessary that all just plays into the idea of his Willy Wonka like contest his test to them to see if they were the right ones to take over for him. He wanted them to gain this broader perspective so that they could make that moral choice that Loki actually kind of starts to make before Sylvie eventually winds up punting him back to the TVA and when he talks about them finishing the quest together with him.

Like saying that he's part of this is grand plan is all about maintaining the integrity of the timeline the safety of this one timeline by keeping the other versions of him at Bay that is his life's quest, but then back with Mobius and Renslayer she doubles down on how she believes it's necessary for Kang, who she doesn't know about quite yet, she only knows there's a person in control giving her orders in is telling her to come meet them that somehow a good thing that only he be allowed to have true free will because otherwise the multiverse would erupt into chaos. There is definitely chaos of the end of the episode. Probably just not what she's expecting or in the form that she's expecting.

She also reveals during this fight that they have here that she and Mobius had known each other for at least a couple thousand years. When she says a couple of eons of friendship, she stops Mobeus then head through the portal and we don't really see her again till will pick up with her during season two. Now she might wind up crossing over to future marvel movie. We'll see as part of Kang storyline.

Like I said, it sound like the version that she's going to meet is at some point earlier in his timeline. The production design is amazing. But there are Easter eggs all over the background here all over the place. You have to wait for the camera to rotate around of different shots to see them all.

They also use some of the cinematography in the way they frame Kang to help tell his story the way they frame him in front of these windows almost makes it look like a giant face consuming all of them as he starts talking about how powerful he is in all the things that he's done to create the TVA, and protect the timeline is winds up making him feel way more powerful, but he's not wrong when he says that he created the TVA to prevent another multiverse war if I don't do this, everything in existence burns referencing the chaos that another Kang war would bring across the multiverse. Then when he starts referencing the other versions of himself that he's afraid of like oh I'm afraid of knee he starts referencing his other comic book names, like Rama tut, the conqueror obviously a reference to Kang the conqueror. I word explain some of the changes they made to he who remains combining his character with Kang's.

But those are just only some of them. Like I said will pricy the other versions of Kang in these future marvel movies. But then he actually narrates the true history of the MCU. Like the true history of the timeline in the history of the TVA, when he references the scientist from the 31st century that person is Nathaniel Richards from the comics, who was a distant descendent of reed Richards father who was also named Nathaniel Richards. So Kang is kind of related to mister fantastic of the fantastic four and we know were getting a new fantastic four movie. Even though I feel like this is more connected to doctor strange 2 and ant-man three the MCU version of this backstory this explainer on the Loki series is that MCU Nathaniel Richards discovered the secrets of the multiverse.

Alternate timelines in a way that people like Iron Man, Hank Pym had not done before, to a degree that they had not done before eventually the same thing happened with other alternate universe versions of him from alternate timelines they started working together which I think is meant to be a big reference to the council of reeds from the comics in a big fantastic four connection like a counsel of Kang's from the multiverse. But then he says eventually some of the other variants of himself started going rogue trying to conquer" other universes going full Kang the conqueror in that wound up ending the peace between all versions of himself. Like the council that they had broke up and it erupted into the multiverse war that miss minutes was referencing in the TVA propaganda video during episode one that was the original multiverse war with each Kang variant fighting to preserve their universe. You also notice when they're fighting here, the using those same looking wants that you see Renslayer using the other TVA hunters.

He also explains they shared allowed technology across different universes. So a lot of the technology that is using now. The TVA technology is in Imola gum of a bunch of different alternate realities that he says the first version of Nathaniel Richards the original is the one who found Alioth, who was capable of consuming space time. Consuming whole realities. He was created from all the tears in reality caused by the first Kang multiverse war then says that he experimented on Alioth, weaponized him and he was able to use him to end that first multiverse war which implies that he the person were staring at here is that original Nathaniel Richards, just later in his timeline then he isolated his own timeline created the TVA to prevent further branches from being created.

Or at least dangerous branches that would result in dangerous versions of himself from coming into existence and that's were staring at here. The sacred timeline. I do like the way that he hypes up this Kang multiverse war though if you think that I'm bad If you think I'm evil wait till you meet some of the other versions of me Kang says that he slid through a million lifetimes searching for the person or the people the right to take over for him. And he's finally found them in a just happened to be two people Loki and Sylvie, but he's actually not kidding here, he's literally lived through a million lifetimes and he's millions of years old when we see him here and he remembers everything from all of these other timelines. The way he manipulates time is what gives him functional immortality.

That's why his final boss form in the comics is called immortus is a reference to him being functionally immortal. So, when he says that he's old that's a dramatic understatement in the reason why he kinda wants to give it up why you want someone to take over Willy Wonka style. I'm tired. I would like to retire he's been at it for millions of years. So course anybody would get tired of this. And because of his complex understanding of how the timeline works.

He doesn't really care whether or not you either take over for him or they kill him because he knows that they kill him, they'll just wind up right back here in another version of the timeline is sort of what they were setting up with the big cycle of big bangs at the beginning of the episode with the intro scene so even though some things might be different in this new timeline because she does wind up killing him. Most of the really big stuff wall go down in similar ways, that's kind of what he was talking about the reincarnation but also gets in the some really metaphysical spiritual stuff that the probably talk about a little bit more during doctor strange 2 and when he comes back during ant-man three to deal of the Loki versus Sylvie fight, but the whole idea here is that he doesn't want to hurt her, so he's holding back, but she's not. Which is why he gets kicked around a whole bunch more when he gets knocked into the bookshelves, you should start to see some of Kang's artifacts it is collected over the countless centuries, millions of years.

They did been alive. Like a lot of these artifacts look like they're from all across earths history, going back to ancient history also probably stuff from alternate alien planets as well. Just meant to be comic book Easter eggs for the versions of Kang the travel to ancient history buzzing move to he teleports himself into the path of her blade, banking on the hope that she'll stop mid-swing and not chop his head off he winds of talking your down. But when he says he understands how she feels, he's been there. He's talking about old school Loki from the events of the first Thor movie when he learned about Odin's deception and what that drove him to do during that movie.

And then he winds up finishing his confession of sorts that he was making when ravonna Renslayer pruned him back in episode four. She reciprocates his feelings and they have their big kiss on over was wondering they rush to get a kiss on the show. I don't know if it's twincest call it what you want is that they take it a notch up from game of thrones. But then, because she cares about him but she doesn't want to stop she punch him back to the TVA saving him from this place. Like sending them back to where he'll be safe and then when she kills Kang what he means when he says all see you soon is that time will just unfold exactly the same in the wind up in the same place again eventually then you see the timeline fracturing into infinite branches infinite alternate universes in the go back to the TVA in this is very reminiscent from the end of episode two when they set up all the time reset devices inserted fracturing the timeline a little bit. Only this time is sort of like a Christmas tree going crazy with alternate branches after our Loki collects himself and sort of realizes that they have to move for now.

Like what we do about this all these dangerous people, he has to warn everyone he goes to find Mobius in the archives. But the much to his chagrin Mobius and Hunter B 15 have no idea who he is wait a minute where you are you and analyst was going on here and his he looks up and sees the giant statue of Kang in his full comic book costume comic book accurate and it seems like it's replace the time keepers statues I think what they're implying here is that Sylvie whether on purpose or on accident pushed him into an alternate reality where history played out differently in this version of Kang, who the statue is depicting just created the TVA without using the false dogma about the time keepers. Like he was always honest about who he was when he was ordering these people around so this right now.

It just seems like he's been thrown into an alternate timeline this a new version the credits here at the end with Kang's picture in the events of what happened in his tower there, you also see a hand down in the corner here I believe based on what Kang was talking about watching all this unfold. This whole time. The hand is meant to be Kang's hand then at the end is a sort of post credit scene mid credit scene, they stamp Loki's file revealing for shows been renewed for season two of that they have reveal the release date, like as I think that'll be between the events of doctor strange 2 and ant-man three because THR is now reporting that Loki is supposed to show up in Doctor Strange 2 multiverse of madness with scarlet witch and Doctor strange to a couple bonus videos the next couple of days, talking about how this is going to affect everything in the movies that are coming up. Like doctor strange 2 Spider-Man no way home Ant-Man three quantumania. But there was so much stuff that they reveal during this.

So many Easter eggs that apply take a couple more rewatch is despite everything. If there any big Easter eggs that you feel like you spot in the episode that I didn't talk about in the video just right them blown the comments the next big marvel Disney plus series is going to be marvel's what if my episode videos for that will start in a couple weeks So make sure you have alerts enabled for my channel so you don't miss anything. And for those you have been asking me to do more on camera stuff. I will probably do more on camera stuff for the what if episode videos at least for the bigger episode videos what you wafer everything everyone click here for all my Loki episode videos and bonus videos and click here for that brand-new video of Deadpool crossing over into the MCU. Thank you so much for watching everyone stay safe and I'll see you guys tonight!

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