Loki Episode 5 Marvel TOP 10 Breakdown Easter Eggs and Ending Explained

Loki Episode 5 Marvel TOP 10 Breakdown Easter Eggs and Ending Explained

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Welcome back everyone this is going to be my full Loki episode 5 video there were so many Easter eggs and references. We'll break it all down. If you're brand-new to the channel, be sure to subscribe to get all the videos. We're doing a Disney plus giveaway for memberships all you do to enter is be subscriber and leave your favorite easter egg from the episode on the video.

There are so many. Careful for spoilers if you have not see the episode yet we'll be talking about everything. So everybody hop in the Thanos copter and we'll start at the beginning of the episode and I'll number all these Easter eggs and moments as we go along to stay organized starting with the title of the episode was titled journey into mystery which is a reference to the marvel comic book journey into mystery where Thor and the Loki character debuted for the first time Loki's first appearance was in journey into mystery number 85. I also think there might be some clues and foreshadowing in this issue to what's going on with the real main villain of the series that I'll talk about when we get to that part of the episode as you notice classic Loki is wearing the same costume because he's meant to be a version that original jack Kirby looking Loki the actual episode starts with the camera rotating around of the TVA with the frame upside down just show you how things truly have gone upside down metaphorically since the end of episode four. With the camera pushing through the wall the time keepers chamber and through the broken head of that middle time keeper robot it continues into the landscape where all the erased Loki's the buildings the vehicles the ships the other objects go when they get erased by the TVA hunters Which they explain is the void you see the avengers tower actually does not say avengers or Stark industries on it easy Kang on it QENG which is a reference to the company this owned by Nathaniel Richards a.k.a. Kang the conqueror. So just yet another Kang the conqueror Easter egg in the series.

If you look at the side of the bus to the section the name of one of the editors of the series on the side is is Calum Ross he just one of the editors for I think it was episode 4 Or maybe was episode five a lot of times when you see people's names on stuff in the background their names of people that worked on the show. Then we pick up immediately with our Loki in the moments of the post credit scene where all the other variant lokis come to tell him we need to go are you gonna die classic Loki tells him the giant storm which visually kind of looks a little bit like the black winter is actually Alioth. Which is a big comic book character that I'll explain the second. I've already talk a little bit about all these versions of Loki classic Loki played by Richard E grant, kid Loki played by Jack veal was actually still alive at the end of the episode as far as we know, I'm hoping they kept them around because they want to bring him out for young avengers stuff that they're slowly setting up in the background of the Disney plus series. Then there's Deobia Oparei's boastful Loki with the Hammer and alligator Loki.

There was a lot of really solid alligator Loki moments he was a champ during this episode we talk about the superior Loki on the series alligator Loki should be the superior Loki change my mind. The way they clarify Alioth is basically this entity that exists in the void in just eats things to gain more mass it eats matter and energy, so there's basically no way to kill it in you can't fight it physically like you would normally fight a villain that's why they had to enchanted at the end of the episode a more of a psychic attack. But will get to that part in a second. There's so much other stuff to explain Alioth has this big comic book connection to Kang, so is basically a temp oral being that exists in the limbo state is the only creature in all of existence. The Kang is afraid of that has more time travel powers than he does during the comics, when the avengers were forced to fight Alioth action got help from Kang aggression gave them tempus, another immortal time travel being from a limbo dimension who was able to power himself up enough to fight Alioth into a stalemate for all eternity.

So even then the avengers weren't able to kill Alioth, they just fought him to a stalemate permanently. That was what boastful Loki was referencing when he called Alioth a living tempus comic book tempus also because ravonna Renslayer big part of the episode there was a comic book version of Ramona that accidentally let Alioth free you notice that it action has a face in it seems like a very wolf like phase I'll talk about that in a second to because I think the episode is littered not only with Easter eggs it a really cool but also clues and dialogue this her to foreshadow who the real main villain is remember this only six episodes than to wrap this plot of really fast. So I think a lot of the conversations the people that particular he Mobius during the episode are really important for decoding who's behind all this the back of the TVA Sylvie is still busy fighting ravonna Renslayer who takes her tempad and then obviously they go back and forth quite a bit with Ramona trying to stall her long enough to the TVA hunters can show up and using Miss minutes to also help her stall like please pull up the files on the end of time on now it's taken a while taken the multiple post files the way they explained later in the episode Ramona was not lying when she said she also wanted to find out who is really behind this, but very antagonistic way they're presenting her. Like she is that big argument with Hunter B 15 is that she doesn't want to burn down the TVA she had she wants to uphold the TVA like she wants to keep it status quo in established trying to stop Sylvie from killing whoever is behind this, like she wants to find them and warn them as a lot of us expected she did know the truth about people getting erased and being sent to the void. The way she explains it is that she says is impossible for the TVA to completely erase or reset everything from a branch timeline, so some things from those alternate timelines get transferred to the void. Which is where all the objects in the people come from is far as they thought before the void was supposed to be the end of all time, although that winds up being alive to like there is a place that's even further at the actual end of time which is basically this rock with the black citadel on it.

The void is like the place right before that on the timeline. Even though the way Ramona explains that they don't completely understand what's going on with Alioth they just know things don't come back that's the whole idea whoever is behind the TVA created Alioth to get rid of all that stuff to basically be the trash compactor for the void. Which is where all the trash they couldn't delete wound up going in the reason they explained.

There so many Loki's there alive here. Like all these other many versions of Loki is because they survive. Whereas other regular people do not like you see that ship in the USS Eldridge all the sailors they get even like two seconds when Alioth shows up.

Just to be clear Ramona knows about the secret of the void. But she does not know who's really behind this inside that citadel at the actual end of time And she didn't know about the actual end of time either. But all this talk about the end of time. Just maybe think of Doctor Who the end of time with David Tennant revote also explains that the official dogma that was passed down, which they now know as a lie was that the time keepers were transforming the void at the end of time into a utopia, although all that's out the window, but like I said, even though Ramona knows about the line now she doesn't want to burn the TVA down like everyone else.

Like know we have to get to keep this going. It's important. Like she's completely drunk the Kool-Aid in this is meant to be an origin story for her. Just like it is for some of these other characters.

Like Sylvie for instance, so I think this is setting her up for a really big villain arc in the MCU in the future. She has so many deep ties to Kang the conqueror we know that he's going to be the main antagonist of Antman 3. So I think they just for putting her on a collision course for that character. Eventually, if she doesn't already have some association with him that we don't know about back in the void, we meet back up with a team of Loki's that are leading our Loki across the landscape, you also see an old sailing ship. I believe this is supposed to be big Easter egg.

But I'm not sure which sailing ship. This is meant to be next to the very star trek enterprise looking spaceship saucer section here is meant to highlight how the void is a dumping ground for all points in the timeline. Past present and future and pretty much every point in the episode.

Any time there outside in the camera pans around the landscape it's littered with Easter eggs in the background I'm sure you can zoom and enhance for days on all this footage in find more stuff in the distant background they walk amongst the ruins of a bunch of large statues you can't really see what the heads are for these statues all these rare birds that are running around seem very familiar but I can't place them specifically so you do you know what these birds are meant to be just right them blown the comments kid Loki pulls his sword on our Loki to get him to shut up in his sword is actually a really big deep cut from the comics to because he wants of giving it to Loki later the flaming sword I believe it's pronounced Laeveteinn it's Loki's ancestral blade which he is capable of summoning using his powers the same way that Thor summons mill near it appeared in the comics for the first time in Thor number 368, just a couple months after frog Thor appear for the first time, which was 365 we see frog Thor a little bit later in the episode to a point them out in the second, he was one of the cooler Easter eggs in the episode. Now Loki has his ancestral blade remember they're all Loki's so if it's kid Loki's ancestral blade technically is also our Loki's ancestral blade, but in the old Norse language Laeveteinn just means damage twig you can think of that is a metaphor for the Loki character. Because classic Loki talk about how they're all fundamentally damaged in any time they try to fix themselves the TVA stops them arrest them's and tries to erase them sends them to the void You also notice kid Loki's got a toaster in his backpack their but you have to remember that they been scavenging things for their special bunker. That's where all their cool stuff comes from our Loki asked them some of the early standard questions to so they get past some of the logic, like why can't we just create another nexus event Because the TVA apparently does not care at all what happened in the void. Then kid Loki claims that his nexus event that got him pruned was actually killing his version of Thor, which might be a comic book Easter egg for kid Loki in the comics, when he was starting to pissed Thor off Thor strong him up by his neck and dared him to kill him.

So in the comics he did not do that because kid Loki was kind of a good version of Loki, but I guess they're saying that this version of kid Loki did wind up killing his Thor when faced with a similar situation then they walk past the Thanos copter one of the greatest Easter egg from the episode. Even says Thanos on the tail of the helicopter also you look here, you can see a giant version of yellow jackets helmet from the first Ant-Man movie, you kind of wonder what he did to get him sent here. They also walk by what seems like an undetonated nuclear bomb marking the entrance to their underground shelter, you also notice later in the episode when they open the hatch the runes on top seem like the Loki sigil was some asgardian writing on it. It might just be enchantments to help protect the place.

But then as they travel down through the many layers of dirt. Like the camera pans out see you see what's buried in the dirt. And there's all kinds of Easter eggs what seems like an infinite amount of lunch trays for some reason you see a whole version of the old near just waiting for one of these lokis to become worthy and call it.

Then there's a jar with frog Thor in it in his costume banging on a trying to get out, screaming in frustration with T365 on it. That's a reference to the issue where he debuted Thor number 365. Like it's in a couple issues before they debuted Loki's ancestral blade that he gets the end of the episode Maybe if he's lucky frog Thor will yield use that version of mill near to escape if he still worthy but when they enter the actual shelter, it looks like the ruins of an old bowling alley Which is a whole bunch of junk that they collected boastful Loki taunts our Loki asking him if he left his glorious purpose back at the TVA. And when Loki says something like that. He's referencing Sylvie. We get a better look at kid Loki's throne and it boastful Loki actually explains the kid Loki is technically the boss of the Loki's in their little faction here, they have a Polybius arcade machine.

Which is a big urban legend I've already explained that in a couple my videos is a really cool detail in the episode, there's all kinds of other odd junk. But they also have a Williams space mission pinball machine from 1976 and kid Loki's throne actually looks like it's repurposed from an old Santa clause Christmas throne because of all the candy canes in the Santa that sitting next to it. It does look like something that a little kid would pick up the throne the back of the TVA Ravonna tells this big lie about a prototype void ship designed to withstand temporal forces at the end of time. I don't of this is meant to be an Easter egg for something from the comics, it could be reference to that. But the whole idea was as she was just stalling for time.

So the hunters could show up. So a lot of what she was saying was meant to be allies they do try to call up the files that Loki was trying to access back during episode two. The librarian told him. Those are off-limits like he wanted know about the beginning of time the creation of the TVA he wanted to know about the end of time. But she wouldn't give many that later in the episode ravonna does get miss minutes to start looking up those files they actually do have them phone also makes a Wizard of Oz reference saying that they're going to find the man behind the curtain.

I been talking about that the last couple of episodes to because the way they been playing a lot of the series, setting up these big fake outs and twists it seems like it will be a very Wizard of Oz style reveal there a couple other big clues during the episode. I think that help foreshadow who that person is going to be after they reveal the doublecross and she says that she'll put Sylvie in a time loop prison. If she gives up the special red portals that Loki got dumped in during episode for the one good memory that Sylvie says she has sounds like it's meant to be when she was with Loki. They were falling in love on lamentis one. Just based on the way the producers and the writers talk about the relationship arc they have during the series. But as a lot of people guess she actually does wind up using a want to zap herself into the void The prevailing theory was that she would let herself get pruned some houses she which is automatically go to the void where Loki got sent we go back to the bunker and they start panning around is all the Loki's are just chilling out having some of that roxxon brand boxed wine I'm sure it tastes terrible.

But apparently alligator Loki really loves it boastful Loki true to his name boasts that he defeated Iron Man, Capt. America and collected all six infinity stones like he saying during his version of Avengers infinity war and Avengers endgame. He defeated all the avengers and took all the infinity stones that all the other Loki's call bullcrap on him. I love how alligator Loki is the first one to call him out to which she responded saying the alligator Loki's nexus event was eating the wrong neighbors cat. Who precedes to jump out and bite the hell out of him just foreshadowing him biting off President Loki's hand also foreshadowing the big battle royale between all the Loki's later in the episode.

Just the idea that all these lokis are never going all get along with each other, because of such narcissists then classic Loki explains his backstory. Saying that everything up to the events of Avengers infinity war was the exact same for him mostly But instead of sacrificing himself. Like our original Loki did he says that he just cast a perfect illusion fooling thanos into thinking he snapped his neck, then hid from everyone including Thor and just kind of floated off into space by himself until he could go quietly retire on a planet remotely where nobody would find him the way he explains it though he was basically running away from his pain Like he said everywhere I went I only found pain. So I tried to find somewhere were that wouldn't happen.

So he was basically running away from his problems, which is a big call to action for our Loki sort of setting up his hero arc by the end of the episode where he sort of stands his ground with Sylvie. Also, with a little help from a redeemed classic Loki who himself gets a peptalk from Mobius for the way he explains it classic Loki says that he got arrested by the TVA because he eventually got lonely eventually in his old age and wanted to see Thor again wanted to see everyone else he knew. And as he stepped off the planet.

The TVA showed up immediately to prune him the classic Loki story is also some foreshadowing I think for our Loki's arc and for what's going on with the villain of the series to the head writer Michael Waldron talked about this guiding principle for Loki's character. The reason why he does everything all this mischief all these bad things that he does is because he's terrified of being alone was also what he was talking about during episode four when he was try to get sent to stop kicking him in the nuts during that time loop prison it wasn't a lie. He was telling the truth about that they make a whole bunch of jokes about daggers. Saying that they're super cool, but then classic Loki sort of sets up his big illusion at the end of the episode. Claiming that they hurt their abilities as Loki's to develop more powerful magic. Which is a also plays into the idea of Loki using the enchantment abilities that Sylvie has the end of the episode to like you can do this to because your Loki just like me.

Like Loki realizes all were capable of being more powerful than people think that we are classic Loki also jokes that would be terrifying to meet a female version of themselves just referencing Sylvie is our Loki opens the hatch to leave he's face with President Loki in all the other Loki's that are part of his faction every than a video about some of these other versions of Loki, but they're basically just meant to be wildly different marauders. Like later in the episode is a reference to different bands that you run into in the void. Like well either cannibals their marauders or their marauding cannibals this faction of Loki, led by President Loki, just seems more like marauders.

But then we jump to Sylvie on an old bus in the void in the ruins of a bunch of will classic cars all over the place. Alioth consumes the bus just as she escapes then as Sylvie tries to enchant Alioth ship. She gets a vision of what lies beyond the void giving her the idea for the end of the episode She sees the citadel the door that we saw from the earlier trailers.

She sees that is sitting on an asteroid next to the sacred timeline. We've seen that in all the earlier trailers. But they hid the citadel on top of the rock we just saw the rock itself in the sacred timeline She also sees this vision of a glowing bright light at the top of this tower.

Which seems like it's the source of the power this behind everything that whoever is behind this is using I also think is a callback to the depiction of Loki on the issue where he debuted for the first time standing on top of that tower shouting down in Thor trying to prove that he's more powerful than confirming our theories just as she's about to be consumed completely Mobius drives up to save her in a skinny pizza delivery car. Then as they drive away the landscape, you can see the sphinx you can see the great pyramid of Egypt on one side, then off in the distance over her on the right. I believe this is meant to be the Greek acropolis.

Like I said everywhere in every direction all over the landscape Easter eggs everywhere as far as the eye can see, then they confirm the president Loki's group is a totally different enemy faction of Loki's inside the void. They say they prefer to be thought of as snakes instead of wolves. That's meant to be a callback to the wolf's ears, wolf's teeth are near the asgardian saying from earlier in the series also the snakes is a reference to Loki turning himself into a snake like in Thor story from Thor Ragnarok when they were children. You could also think of it is a reference to the midgard serpent you know Giant snake.

Which in Norse mythology is Loki's middle child. You could also think is the wolf references being a callback to Fenris wolf, or fenrir wolf in Norse mythology which is also one of Loki's children young Sylvie's toys the little toy the wolf was also meant to be a reference to that they have a big joke about Loki's betraying each other right and left because just betrayals a big trope of Loki stories With boastful Loki claiming that he betrayed kid Loki in order to take his Santa throne for himself. But after which President Loki, then double crosses boastful Loki starting their big brawl alligator Loki bites his hand off. Which is hilarious. Like I said alligator Loki is the superior Loki you see our Loki kind of trying to dodge everything you just throw his hands up and discuss like I can't believe these people boss tear move kid Loki just throws alligator Loki at one of the other lokis.

But then sort of setting up the big twist at the end of the episode classic Loki creates a perfect illusion to distract President Loki's men what they use one of the portals to escape to the surface. Then as they're walking away behind them, you see the ruins of some massive spaceship behind them It's not clear which spaceship this is. So if you think you know what this is a reference to just right them blown the comments that everyone heads for Alioth at the same time, they'll sort of conversion the same place kid Loki whips out a rift detector, that he used for detecting when stuff winds up coming into the void would alternate timelines get dumped here, that leads them to the USS Eldridge so I've already explained this before but the USS Eldridge was a real life U.S. Navy ship that they were using to test cloaking technology like Star Trek Klingon cloaking technology completely vanish it from human view and radar detection for a short period in the urban legend goes that they were successful. But it disappeared briefly amidst this green smoke and sailors got fused the bulkhead they're all kinds of theories about it not disappearing it actually traveling through time, so this is them to sort of playing on that idea, but they use the eldritch to remind you why you can't fight them physically because they use all their giant guns on the ship to try and fire at it And because Alioth absorbs all matter and energy.

It just eats all the stuff that they fire at it just any of the concept that they had to take Sylvie's approach of a psychic attack enchanting it they also show you what it looks like when Alioth eats something, and he basically picks the ship dry like eating chicken off the bone Leaving nothing but the bits of the framework back in the TVA ravonna Renslayer sort of sets up more of her villain arc against Loki and Sylvie at the end of the series. Like she's trying to also get to this place at the end of time shall probably successfully get there as well in the finale at some point not to stop whoever is behind this, but to prevent Sylvie and Loki from killing them, then there's really interesting conversation. That Mobius has with classic Loki that I think helps also foreshadow what's really going on with the main villain of the series, so they just her with his funny argument about whether or not alligator Loki is really a Loki Mobius claims that he has no memory of the TVA ever arresting and alligator Loki.

He says maybe he could just be pulling a long con that would make him even more of a Loki in they say when it comes to lokis, there's always the game within the game. Which I think is a big clue also to what's happening with the person in the signal at the end of time, beyond Alioth the game within the game. Because it's almost like Loki and Sylvie travel into Alioth through this portal to get to the citadel Like the game literally and metaphorically inside the game of the void. Like Alioth was the guard dog protecting the entrance the actual end of time.

And because it kind of looks like a wolf it makes you think of Fenris wolf, so if as Mobius says it's always a Loki pulling the long con games within games. All of these themes of Loki's betraying other Loki's earlier in the episode. Then shouldn't whoever is behind all this TVA nonsense be yet another Loki ghetto play the Agatha all along theme music. It was Loki all along also you think about classic Loki story about going to live by himself on this remote planet in you think about this asteroid where the Citadel is is basically a rock by itself at the end of time. There's nothing else this year. Which is using a lot of the dialogue love the conversations the Easter eggs are pointing towards it being some sort of Loki this behind all this.

Then when Mobius talks about setting things right the TVA everyone telling the truth if he makes it back, it never being too late to change that's what inspires classic Loki to sacrifice himself to help Sylvie and Loki enchant Alioth then when Loki and Sylvie are talking having their little conversation sort of coming to terms with their relationship. She jokes about the costumes being really uncomfortable that's what she meant to be a real life joke about the actors having to wear really uncomfortable costumes when they're filming If you've ever watched Paul betting take off his vision costume in real life. It is crazy how much time has to spend in the makeup chair just to get that on the Loki says he won't betray Sylvie just because that's not who he is anymore. They make it sound like there cannot really go for relationship if they're successful in defeating whoever is behind all this. Like if they survive the finale. Then though try to make a go of it.

Then when they moved to the wide shot of the landscape off in the background the left ear you can see the wreckage of the dark aster, which is Ronan's ship from the first guardians of the galaxy movie, they give Mobius the tempad so that he can return to the TVA and as he says big callback to the first episode burn it to the ground. Like Loki foretold a minute burn this place to the ground, then kid Loki gives his flaming sword his ancestral blade to our Loki. Like I said it's a version of his ancestral blade from the comics, then when Loki and Sylvie moved to try and stop Alioth start distracting and stalling for time.

And they start painting across the landscape yet more Easter eggs you notice the statue here with three heads is actually a representation of the three sided head of the living tribunal. So is a statue of the living tribunal, but is not the first time they've referenced it in the MCU That was the doctor strange movie with the staff of the living tribunal in that was supposed to be in avengers infinity war deleted scene during the titan fight where doctor strange would've taken thanos to be judged by the living tribunal. They want of getting rid of it just because he got way too complicated it was another character that they would've had to explain, so hopefully at some point in the future movie will see the actual living tribunal show up.

Then when classic Loki turns around here, you notice behind him in the background you can see the ruins of a shield Helicarrier I do wonder who all these giant skeletons belong to their littered across the landscape when Loki and Sylvie are stalling for time, behind them, this just seems like the ruins of an oil drilling rig and it winds up taking classic Loki creating a perfect illusion of the entire city of Asgard palace in all right down to the trees in the streets in order to distract Alioth. His hero music also sounds like a mixture of the classic Thor theme from the marvel movies mixed with a little bit of the main Loki series theme music. You also notice that his version of Asgard looks a little bit different from our main version of Asgard, I think is because he's classic Jack Kirby looking Loki. Like he's re-creating a version of his version of Asgard he winds up going out like a boss sacrificing himself, screaming glorious purpose. I absolutely love Richard E grant's performance in the episode as his character. He was fantastic.

Hopefully someday the be able to bring him back. And because there's a multiverse. There's an infinite number of lokis that you can bring back then Sylvie convinces our Loki that he is able to use enchantment abilities because they're the same they're both Loki's in the whole idea though you have to remember Sylvie kind of explain how enchantment works. Or at least how her version of enchantment works is that she has to grab on to a memory of whatever it is that she's enchanting so they're basically grabbing onto the memory of this black citadel on the rock at the end of time in there is using it to pacify Alioth in the way they're presenting this. He which is sort of like the guard dog that was guarding the gate way like a portal to the actual end of time see a much larger version of the citadel the Sylvie saw in her vision earlier beyond in the background the white that you see arcing across the frame.

That's meant to be a representation of the sacred timeline from all the trailers. Like this white energy beam extending across space and were all these colors sort of meat you're looking at the actual vanishing point of the multiverse. Like all timelines converging at the vanishing point then the only big difference they make with the credits here is that you actually see all the major Loki variants from the episode almost has speaking lines at least added to the special shots like some was taking pictures of them But I think with her going for here is basically they're going to combine the concept of he who remains in the comics, whose like the last living being left in the multiverse.

Who created the time keepers, but in the comics is an actual person in those combined that concept with possibly another Loki. Like yet another Loki let me know in the comments is based on all the evidence that you seen who do you actually think the real main villain is who's going to be he who remains, who created the TVA in this entire thing my full Loki episode six finale video will post next Wednesday just like normal of a couple big bonus videos that I'm working on the post before that if you have any big requests or big questions are videos that you want me to do based on this episode to just let me know in the comments got a new finale video that will post tomorrow what you wafer that click here for all my Loki episode videos and click here for my Spider-Man no Way Home first look video for all of his brand-new Spider-Man suits in the movie there a bunch of them. Thank you so much for watching everyone stay safe and I'll see you guys tonight!

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