Live with Kelly and Ryan (March 29, 2018) Ben Affleck; Tyra Banks; actor Cole Sprouse

Live with Kelly and Ryan (March 29, 2018)  Ben Affleck; Tyra Banks; actor Cole Sprouse

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Next online. And, now here. Are, Kelly Ripa and Ryan, Seacrest. Wow. Howdy. Thursday. Y'all, Martin I 2018. Marks. Birthday tomorrow, Shh. Don't say anything. Is. It possible, he's seeing this no, okay, well then yeah it's his birthday tomorrow what do we don't know I still have, not the point is I haven't gotten him, anything yet. Does he say what he does he drop, hints he, says things like I just want peace in this house and, does he get it I just want you to get off my back and I'm like no no for real something, tangible that you can open but I could just stop on the way home yeah I'm not gonna get off your back and they'll never be peace in this house so let me buy you something, and, for. Your silence but is there food like before in our family. It's always about. Cake. Is his, cake that his mom always made him growing up as a kid which is a strawberry. Shortcake but, it's got a lemon pudding, mixed. Into, the actual, cake so. That will be that's always she combined desserts, she combined dessert yeah yeah, yeah she's Italian. Yes. Yeah. So we'll have that for him but I would like for him to have something you know like something, to open I only. Suggest. This for two reasons one because he deserves, a great gift from you for being such a lovely, wonderful, man father and husband yes okay, and two, because the last time you got him a gift I got the same thing thank, you. Christmas. We. Both have the same exact really cool blue jacket. That. Was a pre-order item. That I jumped. Through hoops to get what was that it's, the only jacket I want to wear cuz it's like it's, fitted, to your body but. It's also warm and it keeps you warm but it's thin and mark. And I are the two people in Manhattan that, own this jacket. And so, happy birthday buddy. Tell. Me what you want from. Lizzie. Where's the list where's, the less that, way I cuz, I didn't need help, for ya I think we've, gone through lots of birthdays together this is like art this, is my, committee. I think this is my 24th. Birthday with. Him like exchanging. Gifts 24, birthdays, that's a lot of stuff, and there's been some hits and some misses and, there's. Been some big mrs., mrs. where I'm like you know you. Know the. Next year for Christmas his dad opens a present and I'm I didn't I agree that for your book, he. Passes, on. He's like she doesn't you know I honestly, just, as, an outsider looking in its just quality time with you that's, what he wants most no no he doesn't, yeah he does no he. Wants quality time because he's traveling. I'm trying to push me off on him this is his happiest, hour AJ so he wants a bottle of something young dry and white in front yeah I'm dry white. Wine. With no follow-up, question when. You order, when you order, wine, in. A restaurant and Ryan Seacrest is there he takes over the ordering because mark and I truly, have never developed, the ability to order wine in the restaurant we've always gone with wine knowledgeable. People like we have been smart enough to surround ourselves with wine, smart, people, who, know what to order right. So. I picked, up this I, picked. This up from going out to dinner with you in Shana one night you, said, we. Would like a bottle of white wine and, the, sommelier, says. What. Would you like and. Seacrest. Says, I'd. Like something. White. Dry. No dry, young. And French and, Mark and I were like. Like. That. Write, that down. Flash. Forward to show, Isis, husband's. Birthday yes sir Thanks and. The. Girls want a bottle of white wine and. Nobody. Knows what to order and I go oh I'll. Do the ordering, over. Comes the man and I, say, we'd. Like a bottle, of white wine and, he, says what would you like and I say. Something. Dry. Young. And French. And. Oohs. And ahs right, right impressive, and he says well, what are you thinking more of a and. Then he's asked, following it's. Not. Hey. The wheels come off it. You. You yeah. You. Yeah you, have to stick by the way I don't even know what that means but I just stick to those descriptives, and then you just go, right back into conversation, at the table don't let them in for follow-up that's, don't give him a crack tip I didn't. Wanna let him in but he was mesmerizing. Looking was he not he, was very handsome and we were also her, husband's birthday yes, but we knew it. Wasn't his funeral, she. We. Were just like we're like wow you're, in a city of good-looking, people, noticeably, handsome. And. So and so I wanted to impress him with my wife skills, no father big, mouth listen, we, know, one minute about a lot of things but get us to a second minute we, have no more information on that subject, we are fabulously. Glib and sickening, it's the. Way we go through the headlines and, then the next one that's right speaking of headlines, we know about the grunting, the grunting, at the gym um yeah, are you a grunter, yeah who's here's a grunter at the gym yeah, yeah you, grunt if you are.

Tennis. Grunters, some. Of you people are lying cuz I know I go to the gym and they crank up the music so, that you cannot, hear the grunting, because, it inhibits people it inhibits, people from grunting, you, understand well I do but I put my music on so I don't even hear myself grunting, yes. And then I don't even know if I have gas or grunt right. Well. We've all done that we've. All farted, at the gym. And, don't say I haven't yes you have. Young. French and dry surely. So. They're talking about how this, high decibel, grunting. Or any sort of sound that you admit at a gym when you're either doing practicing. Martial arts playing tennis you, name it it is, it, gives you a substantial, like. Power. In. Your performance you, get more you get more action yeah you get more action and I'm always fascinated by, the they're. Saying it's a ten percent increase I think it's more than that but because, when I do push-ups I cannot, do proper push-ups unless I grunt my way through yeah yeah which, is you know disturbing, for everyone around me but I get. My push-ups done yeah. Actually, it does I, think because they mean speaking. From I've talked to the trainers and they tell you when you breathe, out it does help loosen. Up that you weight that you have to make like the crazy sound but have, you ever heard the tennis players. Particularly. During the US Open I don't know if it's yeah that's a different, language yeah it's crazy like that grunting, is it's it's awesome we're, not crunching they make my phone calls. I'm, all for letting, other people, know how, painful things, are that I'm going through really if I get up to go to the bathroom middle of the night Shana hears grunting, from around the corner yeah oh yeah it's just um sniff it on everything, but that's also being a man I mean I hate you Theriot, type but men you know my husband has almost, died of a hangnail on at least three occasions we, must we must make, others feel how, painful, it is your right to I, mean I remember going.

Through Labor and looking, at him and he's like you're, having a contraction now and I might get away from. You. Know what I mean he's a are you are you in pain and he's like going, he's going through it yes he's in pain and I'm like I. Kept. Away I pray, for one minute of this pain on you. Just. It but they have that machine you know that they we can connect you to not you but, him. What. The president I don't like the labor you can connect, your partner. Your, spouse to. A machine like they say, simulates. Labor I say, there is no such machine. Because. Never heard of that that's. When. There is a machine right yeah it gives you the contractions, we wanted to do it we wanted to do it we do you want to do anybody want to do that doctors, say it may not okay doctors, say it's not saying. Did. You is, it Joe can I tell the joke way I'm gonna tell the joke and you'll tolerate it and then and then you can ignore it okay here we go Sal repeated woman and man she's. In labor and she's. Suffering, through labor they're in the hospital and the husband, says the husband says I just wish there was some way I could take the pain for her, and the doctor says there actually is a way that, you can take the pain for her we can connect you to a machine and, this, machine will. Allow you to. The. The machine will allow you to, take 50% of the, labor and and. The pain and the suffering and he's like yes give it to me give me 50% of the labor and suffering so they connect the father of the bay so the the father the baby like dies like, it gets the gets the pain instead of the wife anyway. So, I'm screwing, this joke up I am never. Be he, died I'll never be a comedian anyway. Here we go so here we go so they they put the machine on her. Husband and he's in the hospital and they, go they go we're here to crank it up at 10% and she. Liked it she feels ten percent better she's like I feel, a little better and he's like he's like I feel nothing give me more they give him 20%, and she's like oh my god this is a miracle and he's like give me more he's think I can take it I can take it he's like it's no big deal he's like she's complaining about labor it's no big deal anyway. He. Takes a hundred percent of the labor pains and she, is goes. Through labor and delivery pain free and they, come home from the hospital with the new baby and the mailman, is dead. Proper. Version of that joke somewhere, we're gonna post it on our website along with tour dates where you can see Kelly doing her stand-up around the country yes oh my god. We. Got a great show for you today Ben Affleck is here Suzy, and. From the series Riverdale post crosses, here. That's. A Brooke woloson, from. Pleasanton. California. Calling. Marilyn. From sits Ville Ontario, right now to see if she's watching to win a great trip that Kelly is gonna tell her all about and. A half the time people answer and most the time they don't right. Okay. Marilyn, Burnett. Was. The father of the baby get it get, it, father. The baby dies. He. Doesn't die but he gets the pain but he but I thought you wanted to he was I'd he, died from, the pain we're calling, Laurie. For, Morgantown, Pennsylvania, yeah. This. Point is men, are babies. And. Clearly we died her Charlie you died yeah I'm convinced, you would die. Okay. You. Have to go oh. Not. A lot of hope for this one nope, well. We. Had how much did we have for her to win. Million. Dollars in a new car. I, don't. Know okay. Even though nobody answered the phone there's, still good news because a lucky member of our studio audience will receive a $500, gift card from Bed Bath & Beyond all right science. Oh. Number. Two number two number two. Then, out look out to the back. Still. Ahead on live live, America's, Next Top Model Tyra, Banks, from. Riverdale poll sprouts, at. Coming up next Ben. Affleck. Yes. We. Were saying backstage have, you grown you seem taller, just. The lifts. Cuz. I'm secure, about that yeah well welcome to the club. Listen. We are we're getting ready to learn how to smoke a turkey, here do you smoke. A turkey, in your family is that I think no that's how you did it well you can. With. The turkey no I am NOT someone who's frequently, called upon to cook anything, my kids are fond of saying like I can't make cereal. With. Thanksgiving, coming up are you in the West Coast for the holiday what will you guys what's, the routine what's it do is Jen, and I and the kids will get together and, my mom will come down and, and hopefully some of her family and we'll have a big turkey.

Type Dinner and then we actually live, a couple of blocks away from from, Matt Damon so we'll we'll, go down to Matt's house, he's the kind of friend that you have that's always like. I. Don't think he's been to my house. Everyone. Says you have a tunnel that connects to two homes is that it's the bat the bat tunnel is there exactly we fit the Batmobile, and and. He gets to play Robin. It's. Actually very sweet I mean I are your kids friends, thank you the, same age and they're friends, and they play together and they put on plays and they, do, stuff like that it's nice it's do you to come in and give them direction you're doing it wrong. No. They're pretty good although my my, middle, daughter told, me she's doing a play at school and, she came home and told me the director, was telling her to overact. She's. Clearly, getting more fine than I am yeah overact. I just do it, you. Look at these clips and you play Batman so many kids look up to that character, in that role do, your kids think it's so cool that you're a superhero my. Kids, my five-year-old thinks it's cool it's cool he thinks it's cool he's like my dad plays Batman on the movies and he introduced, me that way, the, older girls, think. It's much. Cooler that I know you. To. The radio show every morning, it's they're, upset I have to turn the roses part come to, turn that down it works for teenagers too by the way when you went there when your daughters are teenagers put, them around Seacrest, and they become like putty, it's. Unbelievable. I'm like oh like, if I mean I can get my daughter to do anything by evoking. Seacrest, name I'm, telling you they're totally. Into it and that's Ryan is the pinnacle of you know and in their mind you've got you've got your all dialed in with all the Taylor. Swift's of the world all, the hits do you slick when when one of the Taylor Swift songs come on or the quavo or the Liam Payne or the Niall Horan do you sing along been in the car with the kids I try you do quickly. Shot. And. I thinkI. But you know what she's voice, of an angel right here you know I, mean obviously listen. To my speaking parties, listen. Last time you were here you were telling, us that, your. Son Sam, had a playdate with the Royal children, um. Is he as he kept in touch with the Royal children. I'm. Very, disappointed I, told him make friends, with these. People. But. No, he had clearly had no common sense. Lost. Touch with the Roy that's. A big fan the King of England. That's, how they get placed the royal family, community. You, and Matt, Damon go. Back. A long time. I think of you two is one of the great love stories of our time I do too yeah I'd really like to yes I'd, like that you've maintained, it all these years your kids are growing up but when you started, out your careers together, did, you ever, audition. For the same roles yes I. Started out I was on a kids TV series, and Matt was like I want to be on a show too. Prepossess. In mass was that current Matt or. But. He wanted an 82 so I took him to New York and we got an agent. And they. Recognized, clearly his his. Gifts, for a small guy and and they. We. Went out audition, together for the same for the same parts in fact there.

Was One special. Super-secret, role, they said we can't, tell you what this is but. We're gonna send you some sides, that's. What you read you know what your audition with but. They're not related to the actual movie because it's all top secret you can't talk about it so naturally, we were thrilled, and titillated, and we we. Went down and and both read and both of us thought we pretty. Much nailed it. If. I don't get it I hope you do but I have. And. It turned out that it was for the the Tim, Burton Batman it was for the part of Robin ah yes. We both auditioned, for Robin, neither one of us got it I wish. To heaven that Matt had God. Right. Yes, I don't remember Batman, being. In them eventually, they decided, to take out Robin Robin. So like the third movie. Or something they thought it was a sort of like I, don't. Know why they took it out but you have to use your imagination I think. It. All happened for a reason right cuz it all worked out for you to just fine yeah we're you. Call it one of Hollywood's, romances, and I think a lot of people would how many times a day would you say you text or speak with Matt pretty. Frequently, pretty, frequently we we you know it's nice to have somebody that sort of guess. Where you're coming ya knows what you're going through you, know matt burch well you know he's, a great guy and and, you. Know it's it's just nice to have that kind of support. From the little fella so at the end of a phone call. At. The end of a phone call who hangs up first. Mmm-hmm. Usually. Me who. Says I love you first. Jessica. Lee starring Ben Affleck, I mean wow. That's, the first time we've seen, the. Gang all together right everybody's, together it's a lot of fun, Aquaman. Cyborg. Wonder. Woman who's great. Batman. Superman the whole the whole, crew. It's and it was nice because we really got along so you got a sense of the sort of camaraderie and the fun this movie's a little more fun a little more energetic, a little more spirited. And I'm really excited about it when. I look at the you know that just the trailer and the movie, poster, it looks like, straight out of the comics yeah really, much more keeping, with that it reminds. Me actually I have to say and then we didn't prepare this or anything but I'm just gonna say you, know I went and did a thing at a Children's, Hospital once, because someone recommended, me to do it and I went as Batman and I signed stuff and then I want to get some of the Justice League to go back and Ryan. Does the most amazing stuff. With sick, kids and you ever hear about his like yes. When. I like, this is over what you did I was really moved and really impressed, and I just think it's really cool so I want to say congratulations thank you for saying that. Thank. You thanks. For doing that. Thank. You thank you for spending the time to do that that that changed, a lot of lives yeah it's, amazing what you do and MIT inspired me to want to do more for sure yeah, see that stuff it like pays it forward really. Great so. I I, just want. To tell you one more time we, love seeing, you in that batsuit never gets old. If. You're ever in the mood and you want to bring it here, and wear it for us we, will run away. We. Did Wonder, Woman, justice. On jalapao. I. Lived. In costume, Envy of gal because she. Had this very loose-fitting thing. And. Twist. At the waist at a time. Tomorrow. On live Chrissy. Teigen. Fabulous, and fierce and a muggle s please, welcome Tyra, Banks. Look. At that walk. Like. A superhero. I. Gotta. Tell you you know how to make an entrance. So. Have you always been fierce, cuz Ryan was saying like he said you know he introduced, you as fabulous and fierce and as long as I've known you you've been fierce, I have been fierce as long as you have known me but I have not been always fierce, so is that what tell me about your awkward, non fierce, time yeah when I was 11 I grew three inches and, lost 30 pounds in three months Wow.

So I was, my. Same height now at, 11 but. 62. Pounds, less. Ah and. There was nothing, that I could do to gain weight I was miserable, right. Really really miserable and then I slowly started to gain weight and now every, hallway is a runway. I saw, Tyra, walk. In backstage, yeah. Oh. Like. There's an energy, that comes with you I just want, you to think that that's how you look that's not I. Watch. Your show I'm supposed to do this yeah. Yeah. Yeah, it's. So funny because I'm, gonna like I'm gonna derail this interview for a second but did you ever have a mishap, on the runway ever like in your life you know I have never fallen. Right I remember being a young model and. Walking. On the runway and not understanding. Why I, couldn't. Take like steps right and it was because my shoelaces were tied together. What, well. Who did that who did that I don't know so this is what I did you can't trip me up honey I was, like I. Think. It was Claudia Schiffer. You. Say that you can see the model in everybody right you can like you see something, every people and I immediately it's the woman serving me in the restaurant it is the accountant in the meeting it is the, bus driver it's, like what's up tourism, you see something do you say something to someone like you vote yeah an amazing, I'm like I love how the corners of your eyes turn, up and you have one dimple here and your smile is a little crooked and they're like well I'm like that's a model. Question. Look, over here at Gelman yes. Gelman. See. When you look into him you know what I love that Gilman's forehead. It's really strong you have a very heavy long, forehead almost. Like Gilman if you keep, your face straight and but you keep you look up your eyes look up but you keep your face straight you, don't see the ceiling you see like your eyebrows right oh yeah because. That's that heavy chrome Manion, Brown, yeah it's like it's like very. High. So. Gilman, has let's, say a future, as it an age aid model, yes. But a Jif speaking of right, why, is it that guys are, sexy. As you get older women you are is it that, the little gray starts coming in the crow's feet we think that's sexy but when we start to gray right and when we get wrinkles it's like Oh Lots and in the Botox well I don't know if. That ever if, that ever happens, to me. Unfair. Yes when you're gray comes I want you to celebrate whenever, that happened oh yes and that does happen someday. So, I took the age cap off of top model oh yes. And it's 18 to infinity. Dam. Height restriction, no. Yeah. I mean I have girls that are like this everyone was like this have girls I like this I'm girls like this I got this I got this is there a smize, emoji. Do, you know um you have you invented, that yeah yeah you know there, is not only a smize. Emotion. Make some place. Tyra Banks, smile I have those like TyTy sticker e thing yeah but you should do my eyes emoji, take. Us on a journey and teach well she can do would you teach, me how, to smoke both of us - mais well slicing, is easy we've been doing that since season one of America's Next Top Model which is the squint all right no and you like push through and you have to convince people to do whatever you want them to do by smizing, this season on Top Model it's all about next level fierce cuz we've been here for 23 cycles over you have to take it up a notch because these girls have been watching since they've been like free right, No oh my. God they've grown up on this shelf that's crazy. Is that crazy fine girls, that are like I wish three years are Tyra and my mommy you should wash ashore. And. Now I'm 18 and I. Crazy. Crazy, so alright that's ok ok walk us through smize next. Level smiley amazing is just squinting and like you know doing, that thing and really enhancing. And pulling them in next, up those fierce maizing involves the body we stand up yes you say hands up and, you're. Gonna this.

Is. Us standing we're, gonna turn away from the camera and then you whip, ok. So. And then you so 5 6 7. And whip and keep moving. And a smizing, and the smizing, and. Knives. And slices, and then watch for your camera yeah walk, - walking, towards it keep it slow but you're just mine keep the eyes sizing. Lifter. No McCain. Okay. Did. You think watching our show on TV is fun when, I come see it's live and, in person, America, Canada get ready yeah there, are tops you can see your favorite celebrities. Enterprise. Maybe. You'll even become, part of the show you, never know. Kelly-ann, ride calm, and, get your tickets down are, you waiting for. Welcome. Back he. Plays, Jughead. Jones on, the hit show Riverdale. Please, welcome Cole Sprouse. I. Know. Now, you're on the show you but you've been here before by, the way yeah when I had a bowl cut as a baby that's right a bunch the other thing I'm trying to think of the first. Year, that Cole was on the show do we know do, you have any I don't remember breakfast, I don't know why you're asking. What. Were you on for 1999. Ah yes. Do. You still have that shirt uh yeah I do I bet you do Dylan does too, it's weird how it like babies style my baby style is now coming back around yeah, like overalls, and bowl cuts are like you go to Greenpoint, or Brooklyn and everyone's just wearing that I'd. Like to say that we started those fashion trends in 1997. Big Daddy probably. Big Daddy or, some. Diaper, commercial, I, like. You as a brunette you look great it suits so long. KJ, Apple was here a couple of weeks ago and he dyes, his hair red. Do, you he, had you know he's he's. Dyes his hair as eyebrows yeah you have to like. What's your hair guy budget, like what's the story on that show small small right whenever we're talking budgets we're just gonna go as low as possible, no, I, I. Wear, a hat every. Scene so right, we dye the hair and, it. Goes a little darker but it's not like I'm bleaching it like KJ KJ is gonna be bald by the end of this, and. If I keep wearing the Hat this, part of my head is gonna be bald that is really taking off like a well I see I see that hat everywhere, that's good it's become a thing it's catching on you know I'm not getting any royalties, for it though hey you. Gotta create. Your own now I gotta try surprise. Me, I had no idea and I watched friends, growing up but you were Ross's, son I was on friends. I didn't. Know that that's, a good gig that was a good gig, we have I ain't leave a clip of that do we have that oh man, you know what not when you were baby oh my, god you and I used to hang out all the time not, cute cuz I was out your daddy's girlfriend but, you're not anymore. No. I'm not because, you guys were on a break. You up in the public eye I remember. You know The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and then you stopped, acting for, a while I did yeah. And you, went to NYU I did and you got a degree in. Yeah. It's. Called geographical. Information systems. And satellite imaging, yeah. I'd stick with archaeology, yeah. Yeah. It's basically like, a virtual cartography. And I was applying it to archaeology, no, kidding, yeah that's, like a real job it was and, then and then Riverdale, feels like a real job so you. Were do word viewer and studying that doing that and then this script came along and brought you back into acting and it was like whatever with the artifacts, I.

Don't. Want to become one of these artifacts. No. I I. Had. Traveled around the world and I was do I was part, of a couple excavations. And then I had a job in Brooklyn, in. Some dingy, lab, in, a basements, in in, Williamsburg. And I was just bagging, artifacts, like a treasure goblin and. Then I I. Came. Back around the, arts called. We're gonna take a break when we come back we'll talk Riverdale, and what, is, happening, with Jughead, and Betty. Need. We say more. This. This. This is it this is why the nation is addicted, right there Riverdale, so what's in store for the Betty, and Jughead this season but can we look out for a. Little. Bit more that which, is gonna be good okay. Yeah, they're, contractually. Contractually. Obliged, to give me as many kiss scenes as possible, yeah. I. Was just watching the audience's, faces and, they're they're almost like kissing, along with you it's very. Have. You guys ever tried to make out with the air yeah, not, that I have or any yeah that's. A very awkward look, and you guys all just did it. So. Jughead. Is in this new school how's he reacting. To everything that's new now so. First season he, intentionally. Took a stance. Against. Getting, involved with anyone or anything, he. Objected, against, a lot of that but this new school is sort of forcing his hand and making him take. Action, which is something he's kind of fundamentally. Against. So. He has to make some choices that. Are morally gray and that are gonna involve, him into a larger, world, of. Possible. Villainy, that he, has to address he's, got a foot on the north side of the town and a foot on the south side which kind of makes him an, intermediary. Between an, impending Civil War and he also gets to kiss. And. Markets, your husband lives this every day at, work this is his world. Break, it down. I'm. Just combing my you, know the extensions. That I got put in for the Academy, Awards are now falling out like the last leaves, of. But. You you you get you get you got a lifetime out of it. Like. I just have deja vu I've really. The yes. Jessica that's already happened oh oh they're. Coming back up anyway. So we're always talking, about how people. We. Send people on trips and we never find. Out what happened like did they go, did he happen we. Actually send them a trip did, Gilman really pony up the way we said, he might did, he come through for these people, and we, have some evidence we have some all-inclusive, evidence yeah Wendy, Roman, Yoli from Oceanside California, I remember them they went to the Fairmont Mayakoba. On a recent, trip that they won on earth. Guess. What she says now, we are, her favorite morning show that's, all it takes. I. Scouted. That property, I know. It is well, worth winning, yes. Should. Know that Ryan does in fact scout. He. Checks them out to make sure that they are up to par yes. Patricia. And rich Johnson, from Denville New Jersey just got back from our wonderful Caribbean, holiday in Antigua, that, we want on your show back July 2017. What a terrific break from the cold here in New Jersey thank, you so much for the opportunity we, had a great time that's right. Aaron, Brzezinski. Frank from Magnolia, New Jersey which is like my old neck of the woods I found this photo of you Ryan and they, want to know who this handsome, guy gal, next to you is this. Is adorable. First of all this picture yeah. And who's the dog do you know well, you, see okay. I didn't have a dog yet, but. I wanted, one for the photo so. The photographer had, a great dog and, I, thought well, I should create. An image of me with the dog before I get a dog, your. Dating, profile, yeah that was for that was for tinder I. Would. Say thank you to that photographer, for let me borrow your dog, there, was a lot of letdown when the dog wasn't at my home on. Those dates this is adorable photo of you I, would. Beg to differ you don't like this photo with you I think you're so cute, well I'm mad like the fact that I was 19. I. Think I just came out to LA based, on the acid-wash jeans. This. Natalie. Windsor, in Ewing. New, Jersey, says my daughter had to do a school report and main, a, bottle, head of someone, famous from. Jersey. Look. Who she chose I'm Kelly. Ripa. The. Greatest thing ever and a lot of people don't know I actually drank all of the wines. Hey. Thank you guys for watching tomorrow Chrissy Teigen Zahn. Tomorrow'll. Alive. Chrissy, teigen HQ. Trivia host scott Wachowski, and andy, grammer.

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