Live Trading || Price Action Trading || 1.8Lakh ++ Profit || DELTA EXCHANGE || Anish Singh Thakur ||

Live Trading || Price Action Trading || 1.8Lakh ++ Profit || DELTA EXCHANGE || Anish Singh Thakur ||

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Hey Guys! My name is Anish Singh Thakur. I welcome you to a live trading video. I am quite late in the night, around 11’o clock the cryptocurrency market started scanning to make videos for you guys. Started scanning. I got a great opportunity a double top and breakdown so you guys will enjoy watching the video.

If you are interested in learning technical. This is a video for you. If you enjoy watching psychology, When the breakdown occurred, I accepted a trailing stoploss from the 200 Moving Average for a support in the market. Put a stoploss on the system.

The system kicked me out I protected my thousands of dollars. Means 80 thousand saved but after that back market gave selling opportunity and entered back to make a new $1500 that is 1 lakh rupees. Around1 lakh and 80 thousand I have made in this video. So if you want to learn the psychology behind this, how to use the system software to protect yourself to increase your profits. You will get to learn a lot if you have to see how fear and greed shouldn’t takeover. Once we reached $2200, it was easy to trade but I didn’t trade, I left $2200 on $1000. Why did I do this?

Have you seen my old live trading videos? Has to be done. As a trader, you have to leave some money on the table in order to make some more money. But sometimes trailing stoploss has to be accepted.

Watch, it will be fun so let’s start the video. Hey Guys! So, right now the time is 11:20 in Dubai I am telling this time from Dubai. It would have been 12:30 in India, it would have been more than that. It is night time and I was actually only doing Analysis. Analyzing the Cryptocurrency market, I was just trying to find some opportunities.

So here’s my watch list I’ll show you guys crypto’s bitcoin, Ethereum, mana and a lot of coins. So, what I saw that was a very good level in bitcoin a level that bitcoin tried to break and still have 40 minutes left, according to me. But a good Bearish Momentum has arrived, I will take it on a slightly smaller time frame. You can see. There has been a fall in the market by making a proper double triple and a lot more have come in a zone. If I have. I have done a lot of analysis; I will not be able to tell you right now.

But I made analysis. I went out to Solana to buy. Solana has given a good breakout, after its breakout was expected a retest that has had a nice breakout. See this.

You just have to draw trend line like this. The breakout has come because the timeframe is bigger. I would wait for a retest that by retesting. So, this was my buy plan to buy. But I

found an opportunity in the Binance coin. What is Binance coin? What is binance coin if you ask, So the largest exchange in the world and ranks No.3 view on Market cap. look, Binance coin is at No.3 with a 24-hour volume, leave it, look at market’s capitalzation. It has the rank after Ethereum. So we came to this, so here we got a great opportunity, I’ll show you where I got. Remove it first.

If I show you big timeframe so, look if you go to the big time frame. Then we are definitely reaching a supply zone. Supply zone means from where we have our assets, it will start dropping from there. It is a wonderful inverted Head and Shoulder pattern. Yeah We don’t know it will breakout but it is a supply zone as of now. Now let’s come to second step - Come on small timeframe.

Coming to the smaller timeframe, you have a great double top built into your supply zone. This is a very very probable thing to short. Now that you have a double top so you wait that’s your minor support. Whom which we called neckline, if that breakdown happens so that too has been breakdown. So on 15th timeframe, will come on a small timeframe the trend line has also been broken on smaller timeframe, so here it is when it has done this breakdown, we have created a sell position. This is the Delta Exchange. Guys, we trade in this.

I trade it right now is showing me a loss of $200. It has given me a loss of $200. Alright now what amount have I put in my trade, now leave the notional value in this trade. By taking 25 times leverage, I put in $6000. $6000 I have put on it.

I have put stoploss of 640 rupees, so look at the stoploss almost here, 628 rupees stoploss here around 1% stoploss. So, we have to target accordingly. So just one minute, let me close this after taking entry on this red candle to take entry here, we are showing a pullback right now, upwards. I took entry around the closing of this candle, so now just, where is our stoploss now? This is our stoploss. We have made short position almost somewhere here and here at 640 I put the stoploss. 640 Here is my stoploss, at 640.

Why I have put at 640? When it is a little above the neckline. Above the neckline. We should set our target by putting stoploss at 640. It should be 1:1.5 or 1:2 because I never do short of crypto.

You must have seen all the profits I have made till date. I have all those profits by going long on these cryptocurrencies. So, If stoploss gets hit, so be it. We will get a loss of almost $1500. And if the target hit then we will get a profit at least $2000. Minimum $1500, $2000 or $2500 or $3000, we have to made. This is

called trading. When you think about the risk/reward only whenever trading is possible. Then look at my target. This can also be the target level , this can also be. So I think 1:1.5 then see this is going to be the first level where we can book the profit 1:2 This is going to be the I think this. This should be a second level where we can book our target. If the whole target was to be caught, it would have been 3.5,

I was ready to do in the case of long. This should be our target actually if we do genuinely technical analysis. So obviously when such a breakdown occurs after the double top we should try for the from where did a trend start, if it is broken then. But I will exit the trade.

I will exit the trade once we are reaching 1.5 or this. And that means what will I see. Which target have I take? I will see. I’ll check the rest of the bitcoins etc.

to see how it’s behaving What kind of momentum is coming in this, by the way, support is coming in this too. In bitcoin, we have come to the very good zone, we have come to the demand zone. So, also that’s why it is taking support. See this. This zone. So, let’s see what happens. If it’s retested now, then I’ll increase my position in this If it starts going down from here, then it will be a double benefit for me.

If it starts, I won’t grow like this. I am not going to add position on my loosing trade. But if it makes winning, when will this make winning when it will start to take it reverse then I’ll definitely add. Otherwise I have put system stoploss and I can sleep easily, there is no problem. Now, let’s see. Whenever any update will come, I’ll meet you. So, we are very near to our stoploss.

We have reached very near and this is art of trading and this is very normal. I would like to show this to all of you, you know that ‘Trading doesn’t always bring success’. There are times when it’s completely okay to take a stoploss.

What did we wrong in this? I will not say it a mistake. A lot of time I get in to the trade and have to be retested without stoploss the target goes away. Means obviously if my target is save, so it will repeat from here. Maybe it's not like that but i am telling you But yeah. Had we entered even after it became a red candle, it would have been a better quality trade definitely.

But as the trade is taken on shorter timeframe, on 15 minutes so it is not necessary but yeah We are very near to stoploss $1000 have been shown negative to us already. And here is our stoploss above 640. If it is a genuine trade double top breakout, then right now it shouldn’t go over it whatever the stoploss of 640 If I make red candle of it then I’ll put it one more rupee down, I’ll shift it to 638.7 Why we talk about it? We should be installed genuine stoploss, that is important.

Should not be skimpy but it’s not skimpy. So I hope you guys understand stoplosses. Losses is totally okay and yes this is giving me some conviction that trade is working.

I am also looking that is my setup over there. Alright? I am seeing on that and I am also studying Bitcoin there. Also, Bearish Momentum comes in the bitcoin so I’ll increase my position over here But only when it is turning up to be a winning trade. So let’s see guys stoploss is happening then also I’ll update this to you that how losses are common part of life.

And the most important is to accept emotionally. I am sitting after emotionally accepting. Alright. So guys this is a good news for me. Good news is because the time it is now 15 minutes’ candle is getting over.

This candle will also be closing the 1 -hour candle. Alright? This candle is also going to close. Alright 4-hour candle is also going to close.

So 4-hour candle will also become an engulfed candle on double top. And 1-hour candle is also over which is definitely a retest on the downside. I can also this as a retest that try to retest the levels but it is falling down now.

So this is the time now where we can, if we want we can. Yeah. We can increase our positions and also shift our stoploss simply above this wick so we do, so here we then, what will we do here right now? Will go with 70. Okay so we make a position of $3000 of short.

I have made the position of $3000 Alright Have made and that’s it. We have made the position of $3000 We have position here. We added more positions over here. more position We added more positions over here. Alright So I hope now this trade gives us more benefit and it’s starting to be an evening star for us.

The moment we have reaching over here we have no profit no loss, just showing a little loss. And we can book this target comfortably. Let’s hope this trade works.

I hope you are getting to know the emotions. I was ready to accept stoploss, when this Forcibly I have increased my capital here that I will increase the capital at a good place. Where I increase my capital when it got confirmed, gave completed closing of the whole. I hope you are getting to learn a lot of more things. Let’s see. How long does this trade last? And thanks to this platform of Delta Exchange due to which we are able to trade now. Means there was a profit of $31, it was showing a loss of $1000 converted to $31 profit.

No profit no loss has already arrived. I hope that no return came. So anyways, This platform Delta Exchange is very nice. You know why I have said nice, executes immediately, withdrawal immediately if I have to take it out in the Vauld Deposits immediately. Execute means it doesn't hang and all It is a very nice platform. I mean I have become very comfortable. Means you can do crypto even by going to Exness but what forex platform is just doing good for forex.

It’s great to do. So that’s why I am very happy with this Delta Exchange. Now see this guys, We have the best option, you know, we can change the place of SL by holding it here.

It was the wick. It won’t come over the wick. I have changed its location. It has updated. Alright? So we have updated the entire location. That’s good. By dragging it, we can also change the location.

So definitely if it is coming up from here, this trade is of no use to me in fact I am thinking of stoploss I should put it here. Means and there will be a less loss, become a trade of $400, $500 at your risk. Let’s see Don’t do it right now, let’s see is it giving breakdown? If it will give breakdown, will become good.

If the breakdown is given, then it will be correct. Bitcoin is also cracking there. We can see bitcoin also falling over here. This is also falling over here, this is also falling. It is showing $273 profit.

Not bad for a trade, profit of 350 for the night is very good If BTC gives breakdown now, it will be fun. It is giving. Bitcoin is cracking. Bitcoin is going down and it is also going down. Let’s hope that It works a little differently Delta Exchange and this, obviously you understand.

It is showing us Binance data and it is showing us of this, of this thing. That’s OK. Let’s see My $9000 have been used, 24 times leverage has been used, showing $400 profit. Just try to make at least this target, let’s try to make at 1:1 Alright, Let's see Congratulations everyone right now Bitcoin is also breaking the lows and it has broken the lows. 6 minutes left.

It could be It is already showing the profit of $1100. It is our job as a trader greed, fear and nothing. All are non-sense things What is our job? Our job is to maintain our risk/reward, taking so much profit on top of this is equivalent to spoiling the career, $1000 was lost when I started seeing this loss. After that we have increases quantity more. Our job is to take nice profit. Now the only thing I feel in this is that I still did a little analyze of this one, now the next hinderance which is for us as a good trade Can it be.

It has 200 – moving average here, exactly it only took such support. This could be troublesome for us. I hope it break it this time. If it breaks this level then this target of us of Rs.620,

we will achieve easily Even if we do cut this trade now then we will get the profit of $1500 approximately Rs 1 Lakh But that’s not what we want. We want to follow the process. It broke its 200 moving average. Ethereum is breaking its 200 moving average and it broke too. we are at a good profit of $2000 as of now.

It turns out to be good trade. It’s a good trade. So in the overall market. For the trading of crypto market, I am suggesting you.

As the overall market behaves, trade should take in that direction, now the trade of sell-sell mode was being made then should take sell trade Ethereum is going for sell. Bitcoin is also going for sell. so crucial dude. This support is very important means this is a bottom. It could either take a reversal or break more from here.

So let’s see. even for us I hope this candle closes below it If this candle was above on it, then it would have been messed up, would have to wait for 3 minutes. Let’s see It is already night, if you want, you can book Let's see or wait for candles to be over. It’s time for night, it’s 12:30, it must have been 2’o clock in India. trading volume could have been less. If it closes on above this then I will take a trailing SL, assume my trailing stoploss is hit and cut myself.

If it gives closing below the moving average only then I will continue this trade and will chase till here. So that’s simple. 1 minute is left, I will see complete, if it gives closing below, then I will stop, if it gives above, I will cut. That’s very simple for me. It has given closing below. Now I will trail my stoploss on this moving average. As long as it trades below, I’ll let the trade run.

If I try to come up, I’ll cut this trade. I will protect my profits over here. Let’s hope it’s candle closing above this. If it were up, then we have to take a trailing stoploss. Because it is at the bottom of BTC.

See this. A new rally is likely to start from here in BTC and that is happening I think; it has also given closing below 200 moving average. See, gotta see. We have to be patience. So guys see. This is the time when you have save your profits. Bullish momentum can hit the bitcoin bottom anytime; it is also forming in Ethereum but one thing is clear we should shift our stoploss now pick it from here to this place at 630. Enough. Even if we have to trail. I have update it

We have kept our stoploss at 629.61, if it goes above this candle then my trade will be cut automatically. even I have got only $1000, $1000 is not a bad thing. If I will get $1000 then it is fine. For me money isn’t matter. But definitely if the high of this candle breaks then my trade will be cut. Trade should be cut I feel and if low breaks then my trade will go on.

So, the system help should take. This is one more thing you should learn about cryptocurrency market. It is so fast. It can rise very fast,

will blow my entire profit. So, I had to do trailing because around $1000 right now $1500 If I will close the market now, then will get $1300 and market close I'll stop here See, Bitcoin took well supported Look and it has set up its stoploss, it’s a great thing. What we earned, our trade ends, look, bitcoin has made quite a green candle, it also takes a lot of support. Now it could be a new buy trade but for me new buy trade is not good. Here to make sell trade,

double top, breakdown, there was a retest. No problem, $1000 Has made 1:1 trade. Despite being a stoploss hit, I could have cut at 2200 but if I wanted to would have cut at 2200 then Not a trader is going up we are not a that trader So if we will see our order history. So, today we how much then this Trading fee Realized P&L So this one is $1000 Before that I earned $1500 in MANA. I traded on 26th, So it was a different trade for me. $1000 means Rs 60000 or 70000 we have made now 75000 By trading at night.

I have recorded a well video for you that how I handled my emotions. We have not been tempted nor be afraid even once. Nothing to fear. Here was 200 moving average then we have decided we should cut our trade. That’s it.

So, I hope you have enjoyed this trading video and you must have learned something. Amount is small but the lessons are very good. So guys, Look at this, I'll remove it why did we exit? We did exit because of afraid that our all profit will go away. We didn’t exit because of this. We did exit that time to protect our profit. We have save our $1000 here. But, it try to breakdown this level as soon as this candle turns into a red candle.

I reentered again. Why we can’t re-enter. You can reenter anytime. This is your job as a trader to protect your profits and immediately I put my stoploss here.

As soon as we did. Right now we are standing at the profit of $1600. Our $1600 profit has come. My total target, money target has been hit. I am closing my positions right now and confirmed and now again we are having.

We booked our profits and again. Right now I just got up after doing meditation, putting a trade, put a stoploss. Again stoploss was of $800, $900 came, goes away. If we talk about us. If we see our order history So we will see we have made. I think it is not updated yet. Let it refresh.

Let’s see what exactly is our profit. So if we go in order history, it’s orders are not showing. It came. So, a profit if $1400 is showing then why not showing before that. Ok it is here. This is the $1000 plus $1500. 1601 plus 1411 around 1500 We got a profit of $2500 at night. If we do 2500 into 72, of 1.8

So, this is how you need to trade. This is the technique we are used to secure our profits and not because of the fear. Because there was 200 moving average it was making green candle.

After securing your profit when you get a chance again you can re-enter your trade. As soon as it starts coming down, I will show it by changing timeframe. Can you see? This candle, it made it clear, can enter here. Again enter, get the profit. Now it goes anywhere, I don’t care. Whatever in this world is moving, is not mine.

Because if I move after making this mentality, then there will a big problem for me. So guys, we just made $2500. Thank you so much. Now, let’s meet at the outro. Alright, I hope you guys have enjoyed this live trading video. You saw, when we exit, it was not based the fear, it was based on the system. We put our stoploss in the system. The system kicked us out.

That is called trading. We have not to enter or exit according to us. Based on your system or rule, you have to entry or exit. If you have enjoyed this video, then like the video. If you like the video then because of the algorithm, more people can see the video.

I know that you enjoy to see live trading video. As well as, I will also begin to make videos on stock market. I have just come, schedule will be set, time will be set. I will do some intraday trading, that will also share.

Also I’ll also share a lot of psychological videos with you and yes there is an event of mine happening on Sunday, link in the description. If you want to learn crypto investing, then you can join. Alright guys If you like the video just let me know through the comments what you have liked, what you have not liked. We will talk through the comments. Subscribe the channel if you are new to the channel. and yes If you want to do crypto trading, then the best platform is Delta Exchange. I am also using it. You can see, its link is also in description.

Thank you so much guys. I’ll see you soon in some trading videos…

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