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Hello Everyone. My name is Anish Sing Thakur. I welcome you to the live trading video in which what homework did I do a day prior? what was the homework I did How was the mindset? What were the rules? It was set earlier. By what time will I wake up?

At what time, if my plan comes up then I will I take it? It is a very interesting video which gives a practical approach to trading. In real time, the way a normal person plans his training in a day by sitting in his home. And when the opportunity comes, how does he execute? What risk management does he keep? Where does he book the target? So, you will get to see all these things. I want your complete attention. I just don’t want anything else from you but complete attention.

It is a long video and if you scroll very quickly on 1.5x then you will not understand a thing. You don’t get such content even if you have paid. I am not joking, you really don’t get it even after paying for it. So, if you have got it then respect it. We always take free things for granted. Don’t do this

please. Please watch it calmly, pause it, like it, download it, put it in ‘watch later’. It'll take time, wear headphones and watch it on a laptop, on a bigger screen. You will get a lot of things to learn, I promise you.

Let’s start the video. Only one thing though, if you genuinely like this video then please ‘like’ it. I really like it when others ‘like’ it. Instead of seeing ‘views’ I am very fond of ‘likes’ because it shows that my content is liked by the audience. Sometimes we don’t do it due to laziness but what does it matter? So, do ‘like’ it if you like it or else it is absolutely fine. Let’s meet in the outro Hello everyone. Today is 8th March night and by sitting tonight I have decided that I will trade tomorrow.

I always decide priorly. Just as I had decided priorly that I want to do trade on monday. Today I don’t want to trade, which I decided to do last night. So, I decide beforehand. This quality has come within me. You haven’t decided and still do the trading, this happens a lot of times. You should not do that. That is wrong.

These live trading videos that I make for you people, for giving a better perception to you all I am showing you that if I am sitting at night then, what all planning do I do by night? I will share that with you. Ok So let’s start it. I will share with you how my planning is exactly. First of all you should come to, what are you going to trade? we should open that watch list. So tomorrow, I will definitely trade only Nifty or BANK Nifty.

So, if you want to trade nifty and BANK Nifty then we will open our watchlist. We will come to Nifty. And after opening Nifty, we will first of all analyze the market. So, analyzing the Nifty we saw, on a daily time frame, we have made a bullish engulfing candle after a doji organized. And, before that we have to see where the US market has closed. So, the US market has closed very negatively.

Negative too much because a little bit earlier I had seen that the US market had given very bullish momentum. Here, the US Market had given a great bullish momentum and after that it has fallen down completely. So, this is not at all a good sign. The US Market has currently closed at a triple bottom.

It has given a closing at the bottom support level. So, Singapore Nifty is a sideways. Ok, so we know the perspective of the global market is a little bit negative. So, we have to see where the market opens tomorrow. So, I will decide my level from right now. I will trade in Nifty or BANK Nifty then by tomorrow morning I will know whether I have to go long or short.

So I have made the levels a Night before. These are my levels over here. Ok I have made the levels of BANK Nifty beforehand as well. These are the levels. These are my levels over here, ok? After watching and having allocated the levels, I’ll keep a look on some moving averages. So, one of my important moving average 50 has broken. I have space for 200 and below there is nothing. And, ok

So, I am very far away from my moving averages. I will also check my moving averages in Nifty. What moving average It broke. It just broke 50 and I am near to 200 and far away from here. I have checked my moving average as well. So, I have made my level. Now, I am deciding that I will not trade in the 1st half. Why will I not do it? Because, there is a crazy market going on.

What is the meaning of Market being crazy? Meaning, If you see a good opportunity in today’s day then we will get a good opportunity around 1:30 when a double bottom breaks down or we get a good opportunity around 10:30 So, my entry takes place around 10:30, minimum. So, definitely I am not sitting from 9:00. So, I will come inside the market around 9:30 to 10:00, around 10:30 I will enter the market and only then will I decide. This is my trading plan. I have my watchlist, I have my global market sentiment information. It is Bearish. Then, I have my timing that I will enter the market after 10:30. And saying this, I will go to bed now.

I will wake up tomorrow, not before 10:30. If at all I wake up, I will not see the market. I will see the market at 10:30 and then I will try to find some opportunity. If a good opportunity presents itself in front of me then I will go for an option buying strategy. And, if the opportunity presented is not that good, if it might go sideways, cheats you then I will go with an option selling strategy that is ‘spreads’. We will see that.

The trading plan is clear. Plan your trade and trade your plans. This could be a good learning video for everyone of what to plan a night prior and how to execute it? So, we will meet tomorrow morning. So, good morning everyone. So, as discussed last night, the levels that we had made amongst that one of the level were broken by Nifty.

And now, we did a retest on that and we got a closing on some particular time frame, Ok We got the closing on the pivot view. There was a false breakdown but I didn't take the decision to make it short because, this is the chart of BANK Nifty. We are taking constant support on the 50 moving average in the BANK Nifty. And when it broke down, this was not broken down. Both of them behave a bit similar to each other so there was no entry in both of them. There is no entry in this. But, in this also when a 5 minute candle did ‘morning star’ closing then we decided that we will go long. In which among the Nifty and BANK Nifty did we go for long?

As you can see, Nifty is stronger than BANK Nifty. So, if you want to go long then go on Nifty. If you want to go short, then go on BANK Nifty. We had 2 to 3 chances for going long and short. Here also I saw that we are crossing on the 50 moving average. Taking support-support from Fibonacci support So I decided to go long. 16,100, where is it? Here is 16,100. This is the strike price that I have chosed. Here, on an average of Rs 152

we have put some amount around-around, around-around 8 to 9 lakhs which I thought was right to put it in hastily at that time. N Now, as I saw that the situation is right, we have taken a position of around 8.5 lakhs to 9 lakhs, around 9.5 lakhs. Now we have to defend the stop loss until here. So, this is going to be our stop loss, below 16,100 or we can make this as our stoploss too as per the risk reward. We will see, plan it as per the risk reward and reward that we can take is 1 pivot target. The 1 pivot target is going to be a good reward. So, even if we are going to take it, where is it? There is a long position.

Here we will get the long position, ok Here only we have taken the entry. We have taken the entry here, if we put our stoploss here. This is going to be a very big trade of one point, two point. So we can put our stoploss below 71, below 70. Why 70? Because, if you come here, the 50 moving average has come around 83-84. So, we can keep up till 84, let’s keep our moving average till 80. This could be our moving average. This could be our stop loss.

You can make a trade of 1:2. We have an opportunity for good 1:2 trade, here 1:2. This is the perfect risk/reward. The risk/reward is great. For our safety, we have taken our option as MIS. Why have we taken MIS?

See, it is war time and I don’t want to hold a long position overnight. I don’t hold in loss. I have told it in the psychological video about losers, average losers and losers only hold the losing trade.

I will not hold the losing trade so I will cut that. But if greed shows up and I hold it because it is strong. And mistakenly the gap down opens up then our position will be over. So, to save myself, I have put it as MIS here. Ok? This is the situation that is in front of us and we have taken the position. I don’t calculate too many things like capital. I had to put around Rs 8-10 lakhs which I have put.

We will sit down and defend our trade now. The stoploss and target is in front of you. Secondly, I will share with you about the radar. The 16,000 strike raise we have taken; it is having a very strong support at 16,100. The put change here is being very heavy, there is a heavy put change here. You have to see more.

I will show you the Multi Strike OI. If we see the Multi Strike OI, the green line is, of put. 16,100 that strick price we have taken. At that time, there was a constant increase in open interest but now it has decreased. It is still the ‘put’, and is stronger. The Strike raise that I have taken is a very good strike raise. Now we are coming here at 150. Let’s see if we can break the levels or not.

So, I will be very happy when there will be the formation of the morning star. But, to obtain the formation, right now, we have a little time left. A little time left meaning there is 5 minutes left. If a good morning star is made here then the probability of success would increase more. Let’s see, so we have taken down all the good things. Now, the first rule of trading is think something negative can happen and prepare for a stop loss psychologically.

And, if you are a day trader and are in front of your laptop then you can do it with your hands as well. Secondly, this thing can totally waste your mood. After seeing 75, 70 seems to be bad too.

This seems to be very bad. So, we have to be far away from this. \ We have to totally avoid looking at our PNL. Now, process is the most important thing. Let’s hope the market closes in the coming 4 minutes. Volatility index is going -3.7 that is good for us and here also the data which is there, it is good for us. We have to see BANK Nifty as well. Let us see BANK Nifty. So, BANK Nifty is little weaker than Nifty that is why we have taken a long position in Nifty not BANK Nifty.

So let’s hope we get a morning star, double confirmation. I have already told you the reasons for the trade. I have said yesterday that I won’t trade in the first half because anything can happen. Here, I have avoided this sell as well. The pivot was broken. Still, I have not sold it because there was good support in BANK Nifty. We can do good trading by watching Nifty and BANK Nifty. In the time frame of 15 minutes, I have got the morning star pattern. The morning star pattern is done. Let’s just hope now, this a 15 minute candle closing should give more.

Or else, there is no genuine confidence level built up in me that trade will give me confirmation. There are 2 things. Firstly, it has not broken today’s high, and has not closed. And second, BANK Nifty has also not broken the high but, the consolidation was good in BANK Nifty. It is a very nice consolidation. After breaking this, this is going to give you a good breakout. This is a very good training opportunity, I don’t know if it will come in my favor or not but the opportunity is very good over here.

One more confirmation that I have is, this is a good trade. The strategy that I had shared with you that we need to be above the, you know above the ADX value of 20. So, we are above 20 as you can see. We are above 20 and we have already gotten the buy signal yesterday only somewhere here. We could have gone long from here but that is a gone case. So, once again from the point of strategy which I had shared with you. According to the BANK Nifty option trading strategy, it is working correctly.

Ok So, the super trend indicator is also giving me a long signal. this is also But, if I come here, the news here is not great for me. Here, for me the value of ADX has dropped. This has fallen. I have made my mind set that we don’t have to take this big stop loss because trade has moved in one direction. It should break the double top.

I have made my plan of shifting stop loss around here. Meaning, basically until here I have done. This will be my moving average plus pivot break and will give closing. Then I will close it. Still, by taking the safe side here, we will make our trade very great by making it 1:3.5 We will ty it to make it 1:3.5. Here, it will show you good profits, Ok But, that can be taken away. So, in order to be happy,

have expectation we need this morning star to close above. So, as per price action theory we will be able to achieve. See, I have a rule that if my trade would even work a little bit. If my target is 126 points and my trade worked 60 points, 60-50. If it comes up till here, I will trail.

My trailing has begun. The stop loss which I had put here, I have now allocated here. My stoploss is 1:3.5 and I am going to take the stoploss if it is closing below this moving average plus pivot. If it is closed somewhere here as well then also I will cut it.

To be on the safe side, I have brought it here. Up till here it should not come. The meaning of stoploss is not that it cannot come, if it comes then I will be proved wrong. So, let’s see, we will be getting our stop loss or we will be having a target. And, one more important tip I want to give to you, not tip, one more important suggestion, while trading keep a copy with you. Just keep on writing everything that Nifty has this much ADX, it low, it is high, BANK Nifty has low but what should I do? My past experience says we should focus on the one whom we are trading. If I am trading on Nifty then I should focus on Nifty. Alright, we are having little bullish momentum.

I just wish that the market breaks the days high with momentum. What is our buying? 152 is our buying has become 172. Let’s hope we can make a target of 210 or 200. I don't know, let’s see whatever gets up till here. If we compare strike price here then see on 16100, open interest is very low.

Compared to ‘put’ it is very low. 5.19 million which is faraway strike price. If this is a call of 200 faraway, still on this, our ‘puts’ are very low here meaning what should I say? Open Interest, good-good thing for us. If we see here, 17 seconds are left. This is struggling on 33,200, I Is it breaking? It has broken, it has broken at 33,200 with power.

This is a good thing. This has also come to around 50%. Now we can trail cost to cost as well. Now this trade for us It should not become This from here takes a U turn I will cut the trade I should cut it Means it depends Like what is undergoing How big was the candle? There were two candles which did or one So the closing is given guys Congratulations We have some bit 80% possibility Is that 80% possibility Yes, there's 70 80% possibility that According to price action out trade can work After a strong pinbar candle Above my bullish moving averages by being consolidate By making morning star Performing double two green candles closing, I have done That too in a 15 minutes time frame Very nice situation I should say A great trade for a possibility of 1:3.6 If loss is gained it will be of 1 lakh And if profit paves the way it will be Rs 3 lakh Rs 3,60,000 Not more than more can take place Because it is an option In Options this risk/reward ratio doesn't sit perfectly may it be of loss of profit It's a bit more inclined towards loss Sometimes it becomes 1:1 Then 1:1 1:1 a bit loss more So here 1:1 would be 1:1.5

1:2 is 1.5 1:3 It will be somewhere near 1:2.5 may be Let's see it will be gained from the result which will come But as we have almost 50% has arrived I will definitely prefer to shift the stoploss here, somewhere here Beneath the R2 So my loss would a bit less Market very slowly by stopping it's breaking days new highs again and again A very good thing and this two red candles formed here And those are trading out of the money They find difficulties And they keep on seeing the P&L I haven't seen any till now Now I'll have a look It came till 2 lakh I didn't see it before It's the first time I saw before you What’s a habit people have They take out of the money take 16300 because it's so cheap but then But here only they will face a difficulty Will show 30 40% loss, you will exit I have no tension Nor I have seen that Stop looking for that page And start trading within the money I suggest I felt that this opportunity is super And if it wasn't so I would have done option sell Would have Put made spread in the market Would also take margins So that can show you I told you in the previous night's video Yesterday night I made all the plannings If there's a super opportunity, then only would trade Or If super opportunity trade wasn't found would have taken the next expiry trade do you understand that Which would come after 9th March-10th March Near to 17th March Which expiry is going to arrive? 16000 May be then I would have taken 200 200 bro that it's coming Would have taken 200 of 17th So by grabbing 17th's it would have been beneficial to us This is very important for you to understand Never ever let volatility kill you Volatility option problems are what Sensitivity, volatility In that everything is good but in Options I kill because we cannot manage volatility That is because it's very sensitive So always in the money And if in the money is the big target for you and if you want to do so then go to second expiry Which will be arriving Either take the monthly or arriving one Look at this, The thing you saw here that market This is called rising three methods This is the candlestick methods which is called the rising three methods Where the market makes a candle and then three candle goes down during that duration of time And then one candle crosses the other Means it took 5 minutes to cover a distance from there From where? From here to there Then plus 5, plus 5, it took 5 minutes to fall that much In the next 5 minutes it broke that much This is called rising three methods with extreme bullish pattern It's a good thing that we received a pattern in today's high Bullish engulfing is found Might be we will be able to break days high We will be able to get some good targets Let us see what's it going to happen So 3 secs, 2 secs, 1 sec We finally closed Above days high In BANK Nifty our target is going to be complete here Profits are also at 250 Almost ours But do you think am very happy right now No because I know still there's a possibility off of a red candle Because it still has to give a closing 15 minutes time frame And my these levels, I made and gave it you I also use it And my subscribers of technical analysis package also provide to them These level bymaking them daily Also give it to you once in a week when I make market analysis video and this time I gave it twice In post market analysis If you come over here So this isn't happen till now is not on 15 minutes timeframe As it breaks It will give target in like tomorrow My target in Nifty will be done If in 5 minutes’ time frame if it closes out of this box Out of this box trading, then it would be extremely good May be then bank nifty I don't know bank How much Market will move upwards? But my target is getting fulfilled, 1:3.6 target Means If it was an equity trade, then would say 1:3.6

Otherwise will say 1:2.5 trade is achieved Means 1:2 When loss is of 2.5 lakh and profit If loss is of 1 lakh, then profit would be 2.5 lakhs This will definitely take place So this is the time to hold our winners Not to freak out that bro it's 2 3 lakhs Let take it No can't freak out It was a buying of 152 200s target is done But still you don't freak that the capital you invested you are getting 30% of that But it's a point of 30,20,10,15,20s It's a point to follow the whole process So it's visible that it's going bullish Why will you rush to get out There's some people like guys do say by commenting That a lot of people are unable to hold their winning trade People over here Because of fear they exit from here exit here They're unable to hold it till here Why? Because of the psychology that you have to build Guys look at this A super bullish A super bullish candle It's a very solid candle A very beautiful candle May be it can take a pull back but it's a solid breakout Box breakout That's why I say it as Market structure 2 Market moves in this direction Do some consolidation like this? And after this it's breaking out It has given me a great breakout Not just in a 5 minutes timeframe but also in a 15 minutes time frame also with a solid bullish engulfing candle So look This is one of my favorite strategies also that I'm using over here One sec Have given a closing Very good Thank you so much Thank you so much And you know I’m trying to use all my willpower To take this trade further till 200 moving average Or at least the round number 16300 Till here trade Obviously the thing is want to exit before 5 numbers before the round number here If I also try trading this here The I will take my risk reward ratio at 1:4.51 That will be a really good thing as a trader For me and also for development But I'll see let this take place Because no one becomes poor by booking profits Some of my mentor told this to me That by booking profits no one becomes poor But before cutting the loss don't think Want to cut loss, do it quickly This if you want can also hold or book There's nothing negative in it But have to challenge own self You can try Let's journalizing a bit And will talk to you in few minutes So now it isn't visible to you but That it has arrived in a very high resistance level and this can also be a profit booking level 250 is an around number 16250 and Bank nifty will touch 33500 is taking a rejection This is a very important resistance point Here those have traded at this strike place Like sellers They won't want market to rise above this Look they would try to push the market down from here And bulls will try to break this point This is a fighting point This should be your stop loss place, target place or entry place It happens so But still as we reached till here So we by hitting target of 80-90% we will wait for a 15 minutes candle Let's see That 15 minutes candle closing also has 4 minutes left Let us have a seat And keep looking at markets Alright So candle was about to close and our target is going to touch pivots guys Bank Nifty is also giving a movement above 502 So we are about to hit our target We are about to hit around Rs 3 lakh 366 370 it reached Very good Almost near to 3.5 lakhs we are about to book

Let it close 15 minute candle Let it complete closing We will see the momentum with which its closing See how much closing this can give? Either it can give or not Now we can book our profits if we want And if still have that bravery Now also can try to move towards a very big target I will see I'll decide in the mean timing Alright guys 100% target achieved 100% target has been achieved over here And the market now is breaking my target Now it's a very ok thing to book a profit A very ok thing to hold a trade A very ok thing you know underneath this candle to add your trailing stoploss All these options are here with me one minute There are 3 options left with me to perform So what am trying to do I'll start 1800 224 225 By doing small things let's start taking out positions NIFTY NIFTY It's in 221 Wait Let's see Because this is a forceful resistance point I should also not overweight We have made around 4 lakh Which is around Alright, I exit at 225 This also Let me mak e it 220 Rs 1 more It's a good profit Now so guys finally we have booked all the profits So guys now not need to celebrate too much Because this money can also go When you become over excited 4.26 booked Now what you need to do The most important thing Now you need to close this That no Don't show it to me If it's going let it go By observing this it will make me aggressive Dude why did I do this Because in market whatever is moving Whatever is moving It isn't mandatorily mine That doesn't belong to me Mine is that all I have planed Wonderful 1:4 trades and 1:3 Trade And if loss is found would have a loss of 1 lakh or 1.5 lakhs 1:3 is definitely achieved And now it's time to secure the money And that I can only do we am now closing my day Good profit made The amount invested is made around 50% So now forcefully Look if stopped in this breakout It moved till 237 Now have invested 5 lakh But for this reason many time profit leaves Leave it no problem We have to close this situation I wish you all the best if you enjoy watching this video and you enjoyed So give me a thumbs up Now Let's catch up in the outro Guys so the learning point you get from this video The plan we made we executed that And gained a good profit It's a good profit for me So this week had a good profit Yesterday I didn't trade Day brfore yesterday was also a good profit Today also there's a good profit Let's see what happens tomorrow So the thing is that To highlight the Learning point I made this outro specially If I had waited 15 secs more Boom My profit would be 7 lakh Now like you got to know this point It also happens with you Regret Regret Like anything happens May it be a loss, small profit or a big profit A person dies out of regret There only my sense pinged And if due to this regret We down our mood and we would get angry and do over trading That's why the best thing I did My laptop is off now I am going to only yoga class going for my work From there would go to gym Would do some of my workouts Would read some books like Richest Man in Babylon? Will do all these Rather than regretting The most important thing is the things that are moving in the market If thought mine then I will get mad I won't be able to perform trading Traders have to keep oneself satisfied have to keep mindset calm and cool This is very important Alright guys I hope you enjoyed this video If admired do like this video Finally, will say this If you open a Demat account through me In Zerodha or stock market And if not open it You will get the links in the description And send your Id at And if you open in forex in Exness or CMs prime Send it at So what will happen in this Coming 2-3 months I don't know how much time it will consume My app is launching And if my app launches It will be definitely for my students And for them many things will be there But for you inside me Those opened accounts through me would have some features Which will help providing a good impact on trading So make sure If you want to go So you can't purchase this feature That is going to be an exclusive feature onlu for you guys So make sure you have opened an account through me And if opened an account in Zerodha or Upstox, send it to me If you have already send it, then I have the data Don't take any tension And if opened for Crypto in Delta or Vauld then send it to You will be benefited from it Ok So thank you so much guys We are about to hit 1 million very soon Thank you so much all of you for that Let's catch up in some other videos And yes am bringing one more video for you How to start crypto trading Crypto Currency also had a breakout I am going to share this video also I hope you are excited How to start crypto Trading I will be uploading that. Also A review of a book New trader Rich Trader and one more video will be on Ethereum 2.0 that will also be uploaded. Ok so be excited for a good content coming your way Let's catch up in some other video. Thank you so much

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