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Live Trading My Technical Analysis || Anish Singh Thakur || Booming Bulls

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Hello everyone My name is Anish Singh Thakur And this video which you all are going to see This is my best live trading video until today. It doesn't matter how much I earned, leave that But how the money is earned is a factor. The step by step guidance that is required For all of my new subscribers, my old subscribers, my students No matter how many you are You all actually Have seen me explaining about analysis That this is done this way or that way But when live trading is performed what is the step no. 1? What is the step no. 2? What to think as you take a trade How to think if there's a loss then- Will there be a loss? If it happens then we need to calculate, then we have to put it in the system.

Where to book the profits? And where not to? Where to trailing and where no to? Such a great video I mean Content-wise; I don't think you would be able to see this anywhere else That you get to see today I want your complete undivided attention You just have to like this video and leave, download this video and save it on watch later But please do not see this randomly You have to watch this step by step, watch this in one through Watch this in one go So that you can create a concept I have made you a concept in this. So let's catch up at the end of the video and not waste our time So let's start So guys Let's sit in a mood to trade And see what type of opportunities we have now So the most important part that I was explaining to you That you start trading sometime after the market opens Don't rush Even if lose the opportunity, let it go But the easiest form for you, For beginners I am just doing this is as a demo for everyone So that I can say point by point what all you have to look out for. So look I have taken out a lot of stocks, Made, OK? Lots of stuff are done Right now In front of us Bank Nifty opens a gap up And now it's on day's low Day's low of yesterday It is breaking the day's low of yesterday It is forming a selling opportunity, OK? Here, a very good opportunity is being formed And now, after that, In SBI, I have already told you, there's a great bull trap formed in it I have wrote about the bull trap in Facebook and YouTube Bull Trap in SBI So on a daily timeframe, it is a good breakdown Which is a swing trade, Here, I have to short the swing trade in SBI This is also making a good setup for me in Intraday It broke the day's- Yesterday's day's low this broke it here This also as the candle closes- a good sell opportunity is coming in front of me 8 mins left right? Ok here also a good sell opportunity is arriving And that's it I wanted to say that we shouldn't rush We should not do it in a hurry Like you enter in this in a hurry somehow.

Until we- All these setups are provided by us, OK? So this is our first candle So in our exact levels, Jubilant Food is taking resistance In Asian Paints, this- we should have taken some opportunity here But in this, the target has set off. No problem JSW Steel, returned to its no-trading zone from its important resistance level now Bank Nifty can be seen here So when do I have to take action? Ok If you look at this, This is an very important support If this has a full- If a complete fall arrives And in a very important support- we have to see That's what I have to see That how well it could handle this level And now What can we see after this? We can go ahead and have a look at data also Wait I'll tell you how data looks like. Welcome to Sensibull Or We can go to Opstra Ok I have made a video on this also If you type Booming Bulls Sensibull, you'll get it Ok Now we will come here And observe Open Interest data At first, we will come to Multi-Strike OI, It's my favorite stuff good active strike prices Alright? Nifty is selected Red color shows call and blue color shows put OK? And If I see here now So we see that In call, the open interest moves in a different way In this, it didn't move so much So that means Whenever the open interest increases in call, Then we have to see it from the point of view of an Option seller So consider if OI increases in call call short is increases Then we have to think about it in the opposite way People think that call means the market will go up But here, The market is a little bearish And for now, If you see the Intraday data it's not time yet What's the time now? It's 8:30 am means 9:00 am It's not 10:30 am yet So this, I will understand after some time Ok If we have to understand it like this Then let's come here To open interest data Here we will see two things One will show the total accumulated The recent high resistance is at 17300 Ok And for now, the buildup is also at 17300 Little difference of 1.8million of call OI is this change. This is change And that is total So, according to the data we have now, There's a fight now The market is facing resistance Let's see my bank nifty So in Bank Nifty, according to numbers 38000 means There's a very heavy resistance Alright? And 37800, exactly where I am now Exactly there There is market support too So now it's struggling So here, we have seen 2-3 things Now our job is to read the market How? By observing price action, a bit About where the breakout is occurring And where there's a closing What is SBI performing Also I have to trade a bit in Bank Nifty So Like this I This one for me- I may get a good entry in Jubilant Food works By the way, I believe that If I am taking a long-side trade Then I prefer the rest of my trades to be long-side.

And if I take a short-side trade Then I prefer the rest of my trades to be short side. I won't do anything. So that's why, Now Look at this too, It's taking resistance only So it's still taking resistance, It's not getting support here We need to see Whether in this descending triangle it will provide a breakout downwards or not This is one thing from my watchlist Then I have SBI in my watchlist Come let's see whether SBI is taking resistance again And the third one in my watchlist is Bank Nifty, OK? And now, I just have to study these We can scan other markets too Till then I- If I show you my account then until now, I have not taken any trade The position book is blank The order book is also bank Did nothing I will do if I get something, If I don't then I won't do. This is also very important In the market, I can see that the market is constantly becoming weak So Jubilant Food Look, here my stoploss is just- No, I won't say it like that it's too small Stoploss is fine even now It's not a very small stoploss. Let's go ahead and check The pivots So we have to place the stoploss above the day's high And I am getting the stoploss alright A good risk/reward will be formed if our target is 1.25%

If this candle closes, Then it will turn out to be a good opportunity for us Because from the morning continuously Look exact resist this area is a resistance area This dotted line It's a resistance point From this exact point, I am getting 1,2,3,4,5 times good resistance And yesterday also we got, And today also we are getting it and now it's moving down itself So in Jubilant food works, we can easily get 1:1.5 risk/reward Same in Bank Nifty 1 minute left to finish Within this 1 minute I can make an entry in SBI and Jubilant food works too. Let's see Let's wait Look now, I have two options I can short futures and this too When do we short futures? When I have to hold here, when I have to carry over OK, we'll do it then We can perform any form both Let's short future itself So let's go ahead and short 1 market 1 lot at market price Ok? How much margin can it consume? We can see it below 1,60,204.89 has been consumed So I short 2 lot size in this, OK? I started with 125 quantity and 2 lots In SBI also some weakness has arrived In this also I am getting a good stoploss level for Rs 2 Means fr 0. 5%

We will go o SBI too And in SBI we will Short future because I might feel like holding this, OK? So I will short this too And I will short 4 lots in this 4 lot is- no, no One lot is Rs 1500 One min Rs 3000 for two lots And it's taking Rs 5,67,058.44 If we short, it like this We both shorted 2 lots in SBI, in futures and two lots for Jubilant food Means my 2 trades- Now, what were the reasons in both? My homework was already done I know that this is bearish from the bigger timeframe It broke a small trend line And after breaking it's showing me a good sell again Which is its main index, Bank Nifty This is also looking weaker, it's quite below If we want, we can take a small trade here too Trade has started there also, isn't it? Look Look So our trade started in Bank Nifty and in SBI too Now what we have to do is 37800 in the money But not much In this,Just 4 lots I don't want to work with heavy quantity let's make it 8 lots buy We will buy this I bought this put, OK? In this almost Not much, but invested around Rs 80000 I invested more in this All of these are normal orders And now it started And now what happens? What is the biggest time-pass for people? Biggest time-pass? Look, this will show me whether it is profit or loss Highest volatility Because this is options trading And this is future trading There's a difference in both both of them are derivatives but the thing is that this is more risky and rewarding Therefore, whenever you put quantity to this If you put If suppose you have Rs 4 lakhs or Rs 5 lakhs then buy with Rs 80000- 1 lakh And if you have only 1 lakh Then don't buy more than Rs 30000 Why? Because the risk management in this is very important In options In this, you won't be tensed that much But in that, it's very important Alright? So this is very important for you Yes, so now I was saying that And Do you know the biggest time-pass for people? The biggest time-pass of people is to keep observing this You just keep observing this Oh dude it turned Red Oh dude it turned red This is not good Oh man, like this Oh my god, got Rs 8000 loss And like this, no bro it will go wrong Dude, this is going up This is- The candle has 2.5 min left There's no problem in 15 minute timeframe There would be more time left in 15min timeframe There's 12 min left It will take a pullback It will keep performing all these things But you leave out of fear. The biggest problem is that people exit in a hurry And now our task is First of all, Listen attentively Our first task is To accept that loss can occur People think that loss cannot happen People assume that loss never occurs People think No They can't accept This work is very emotional The first job of a trader here is and my motive to make this video is To teach you how to perform real trading, practically Accept that loss can happen And the second task How much can it be? Right? We don't know First of all, we have to identify our stoploss level And it's the level in which if the price arrives Then what happens? That I am proved wrong Alright? And now if we look here So we have short somewhere here in this candle If we come here, then can you see this S1, above pivot Pivot S1 means If it;s is here then we placed here itself I'll try to place it a bit above, here at 527.20 Alright? Let's make it almost Rs 2.50 We kept stoploss of Rs 2.5,

OK? I will consider it as my stop loss If we enter here, then then This candle, when this candle almost closed I entered somewhere here So it's a stoploss of Rs 2.5, look Of 0.45% now what's here? I went here and drew a line like this Now, what can we do? We will come here, clicked on short position, bring it here And will keep it where the line is drawn Alright And if I make S2 as my target then our risk/reward ratio becomes 1:2.5 Means, if if I face loss, Then, how much quantity did I take? The quantity I kept was 3000 I have 3000 quantity Now consider 3000*2.5 So how much will be the loss 3000*2.5 You get to know that your loss could be Rs 7500 if we lose more then it will be 8000 And how much will be the profit? The Profit will be 5*3000 So the profit will be 15000 3000*5, loss will be No no no Ok, it's 1:1.5 So the profit will be How much is it? Ok look here, it's showing you that the target here is Rs 3.50 So 3000

Means there are many methods like this to calculate We have different methods 10,000 So If there's a loss it will be Rs 7,000 and if there's a profit it will be Rs 10,000 If this thing is not present in your trading Then it is called making Risk/Reward Ratio If there's a loss, If there's a loss, then there'll be risk And it will be of Rs 7000 And if we profit This means we will get a reward We will be profited So I will get around Rs 10000 or something or else i'll get Rs 14000 If this type of plan is not made then there's no point in trading Alright? So we have to move by maintaining this Alright? Now in this In Bank Nifty, where's that level? Bank Nifty level, I'll tell you That recently it took support here In this level, above these 2 wicks Let's consider that this is of our Bank Nifty. Went to Jubilant food, In that it's very simple In this, it's clearly known that This will be our stop loss level Till this day, wick never come here Above this level, we have our stop loss level And this our risk level Now you Now you as a beginner what should you do? Simply add system stoploss Alright? Now you will say that It will touch and escape and there'll be no closing So in the beginning In the starting If you maintain such a habit, it will become so with you forever, OK? What do I do? I in SBI and Jubilant food Will add system stoploss In this Bank Nifty In this what happens is that The volatility of options is very high Sometimes it keeps running, keep on going up and down What happens in this is that When it reaches up suddenly then it will eat my stoploss then. So here I- I'm telling you that too My trading plan is written in a quite simple way Very clearly I am seated with my journal it's written clearly First trade will be performed without system stoploss And if I take a second trade, then in that too I will add system stoploss in options Because during the second trade, mental capacity is lost And since it's morning now We totally have an active mindset We have no fear or anything like that Such things mean nothing to me I will only follow the system we have to follow our rules We don't have to do anything like that We don't need anything more We only have to follow the rule Alright? If we come here, In this also, we made a short entry In this also, took it around the time the candle was closing So we will have our stop loss here And if we keep it like this Then it will become 1:1 trade Which is not good We have to go more down 1:1. Look here

Exactly Means look I also want to try this Right? Now, what do we have to do here? But this is an important level, when we arrive here When this thing comes here, Then I will have an option If I am satisfied with the amount I see here Even if I am satisfied, it's above 1:1 right? It's 1:1.1 book that Beginners, finish this guys Look I knowingly Knowingly started my trade after 10 am. I got an opportunity after 10 am and I entered there And I'm working with that opportunity. Slowly slowly, it will start coming in green OK? Slowly it’ll come in the green zone Look here It is coming in green zone, but not yet Here, it just started in the green zone So this is our- OK, this- Do you know why this is happening like this? because when I see this chart of SBI and this is of Jubilant Food Here we are trading for futures They have different charts If you want, you can also observe them too If I want, then type SBIN here Look it's coming, Futures I'll click this This So there will be a little difference Small difference That's why there's a difference But I prefer trading by observing the spot chart If I want to enter stoploss in the system, then I'll look put that in futures, right? So come on, alright Now what'll I do? I'll put system stoploss in SBI and Jubilant Food Ok, how will we do that? You can observe it from tradingview too if you want And if you want you can observe from here too Do you see this? Look, come here Come here like this Like this come here Come here like this and see Today's high is 3205 It didn't go up to 3206-3207 3207 is our stoploss stoploss will be added here on 3207 3207 Alright? SL 3207 3207 Alright? Done Buy 3207, right? 3207-3167 = Rs 40 stoploss Alright? The stock of Rs 3000 and stop loss of Rs 40 40*2500 Rs 10,000 loss The maximum loss in Jubilant Food is Rs 10,000 And what happened now Do the same in SBI Where's that? Find that first In SBI, it's not able to go above this Above 526 526.9, right?

527.10 Let's add 527.10 527.10

10 Paisa 527.10 Like this, I placed the stoploss exactly 527. 10 Full clarity If 524, 50 paisa is buying 2.6 is stoploss Multiply it with 3000 Have to enter at 7800 We have to enter here here we should enter at 10,000 should enter In this, we should enter a bit more In this, if we place 80000 in it properly, then we can go up to 15000 Up to 15000 or 20000 But can come 25000-30000 So this is the thing. So see We added stop loss in both My hand is ready To right-click and cut this My first step was To think negative And to think that my stop loss will hit So that I don't start crying emotionally The problem with maximum people is that they come to stock market thinking that you will never face loss, A loss will never occur We are like this are that And when it happens, people gets too tensed The most important thing is that You have to think negative I thought negative And placed stop loss Added Placed it in the system I know that my 10000 in this Now I am relaxed And now, we have to get out of this green-red drama It showed red a bit before and now it's showing green People gets swayed by this So stop looking it My goal here we have taken at 407 and it reached till 461 BTW we can hold for a long time, it depends on the market We can never know that So beginners should make a plan beforehand That dude I will earn this much only I will do this much only So look, I believe that Whenever you Option trade Then at least whatever capital you use, Not the total capital The capital that you used See we have used around Rs 80,000 So we used Rs 80,000, so 20% at least will definitely go in stoploss If it pulls opposite Any experienced person can tell you that So if If this 80000's 20% provide 16000 And if we will take 16000 then my maths won't be proper ever in life.

So I have to try to make it at least 1:1.5 Means 20 2000 20,000 23,000 If I make it like this, then will find trading’s math And this rule is for you guys, those who trade I am making a total demo video So that all my new subscribers There are many We are about to hit 800k It's going on very good So for them I am making it again So that the old subscribers come and say That yes bro This was the real method And nothing else We won't book the profits in Rs 16000 I have to somehow cross 20000- cross 22000 And if it becomes 24000 then it's awesome So it's required for me Don't insist on that See price action is on our side SBI will fall Bank Nifty will fall Bank Nifty will fall more Jubilant food is falling This means the market is falling The full market is turning bearish So it's best, isn't it? look So I have to see this, observe if - is here Look if I want, we can get the target by putting limit If it becomes 20000 Then I'll make 515 my target Then also I will take out a good profit I entered 515 done 21,000 Means we made around 22000 Consider Rs 400 as brokerage In SBI also, our target might be about to hit No, we still have time We have time left in SBI In Jubilant we have a lot left This first target in Jubilant is about to hit only But we have to try If it goes bearish, then we'll take our more Look SBI got a big fall right now, OK? Now SBI gave us our target, Alright so here we will book our target in SBI calmly We would have made a loss of Rs 7000 And now from here, let's see the time 4 secs left How much time is left in forming a 15 minute candle? Ok Our target has hit And now I can exit whenever I want So here it depends on me If I should trail this or not Many times- Now look, I am showing you here Will our heart hurt if this decrease? If our heart hurts, then what should we do? Exit bro. Don't take much tension Make it 509.5, look done I included my rate My rate is added 509 limit Now if it comes then it'll cut off on its own, OK? Jubilant food, one trade will be left Which I will let it carry on Like this, we have to we have to keep up booking our profit Trade till here- look it got hit Great Done Earned Rs 15000 How much loss could it have been in SBI? Rs 7000 I think Rs 7080 And how much is the profit Rs 15000 this is the maths of trading If this maths- if somehow you utilize your brain and worked hard Then it will extremely benefit you. So in times like this when you have nothing to do, What can you do? You can do something good Like this good book the name of this book is Napoleon Hill's Success masters Like this, there are many books That I have shown you many times I'll show you once again, One min If you type booming bulls resource like this You will get to see this website Click on this Then, look here there are lots of books here I did share with you you can come here and see whichever book you want And also click and purchase Or you can go to some bookshop nearby So what to do, keep watching How long will you keep watching? And what will you keep on observing? Maximum if we feel like, we can close at zero one more also but not now How long it's been since the opportunity came? Actually, time doesn't move on In 45 minutes, a person's condition worsens thinking that Dude that this isn't working So it happens with everyone Bank Nifty and Nifty, checking both Right now, nifty is waiting at a very important support level So in Bank Nifty also, assume something like this Can you see these levels? These levels which I am showing you Let's keep it clear and remove all this from here So Bank Nifty is also at a very important level Nifty also is at a very important level Very lucrative Means a greed-catching mood is there Feels like this is the moment to short nifty And to create a new trend in Bank Nifty So I can do it here But for me, there's nothing more than mindset I have funds and everything I can buy nifty puts That's not a big thing. For me the trade which was running here it's more important It's more important Our one target has hit But it was a cheap target let's forget that And I will fight this trade Here, funds are also present But randomly, without any mindset, Consider in a hurry, I do that make times and took trade And immediately went up So I was really upset The unplaned trade, when I don't feel like doing it, then why should I? To trade in Nifty and Bank Nifty, I have to sit with a full mindset and then only I do it.

Look, one thing, very important SBI's trade has finished but the stoploss has not been cancelled Here we have to do it, right? So cancel it I cancelled, ok. Cancelling was very important here If not, I will have to face big problems Look, So now, it's good Our one- when one support came Now, what can we perform here? So now I will end the stop loss of 7000 And put it above this candle- this candle OK? I'll place my stoploss at this level With this, at least we won't face any loss. Exit at zero, right? So this is now why I am doing this Because my target has hit above 50% Now I'll place the stop loss, where? Above this candle's wick. There isn't much difference between the two

So let's put this one's here So we can close And I will prefer not to book money here What will I do with this Rs 6000? For me, habit is more important So I'll come here and see where did it receive the recent rejection It achieved recent rejection at this point 3159 So at 3160, I will put my stop loss So I will put my stoploss at 3160 Alright So I - at 3160 OK Made it 3160 Ok, let's increase by 0.5 more What's the difference anyways 3160.5 Now what's your amount Now you check that fast If it's 3160 For how much did you buy? You bought - you short at 3167 3167.38 - 316 It will be a profit only, of Rs 7 This means, in one way our brokerage will be out of the way. What a profit will it be? 1725 a good profit At least we will earn Rs 1000 And now, what did I do here? I have trailed my stop loss Now my stop loss is somewhere around here Alright which I observed in the future chart I assumed this as my stop loss That's all, it's Done Done learning trading! Well, I can’t' say that you finished learning, I can't say like this you saw a perfect video That this should be your mindset This should be your method But no stress No Stress And the word stress I am telling you is the most important killer of traders And Stress only comes because of unknown factors Because of Unknown Factors And stress only comes because of The most important thing - No plan Stress only comes because of - No system Nothing No system It's random Want to earn money Tap on the buttons I have I just showed you my plan I followed that and showed you Just now I heard the noise I was having my food Like 'Tak' It entered Stoploss has been hit Alright Rs 17000 Come on, at least we made a profit today and not loss We made profit according to risk/reward And the second one also accepted Rs 17000 profit Because we didn't want to go for a loss that trade went out a bit The market was already at the bottoms May be it's a U-turn For Nifty and Bank Nifty both So now the day ended Ok So come on, I'll meet you in the outro. Alright guys I hope you enjoyed the video I think you liked my focus on the process And you also might have liked how I taught you step by step on taking it first like this Then the second like this, Third one mindset, how to understand the psychology Then not to overtrade How to manage things Today you must have got to see everything today in this video As you have observed, I couldn't book profit in that but I didn't make a loss too But I didn't rush So everything was good And I think this video will benefit every one of you The ones who wanted to observe trading, especially intraday trading Ok guys, I hope you enjoyed the video Like this video Let's make a target of 10k likes It's a small target but let's go If it happens within 24 hours then that's good.

And I wish you all the best And nothing more I have to say All I wanted to say is that you should follow the things I have told you in this video Everything will be alright on its own then Ok Alright guys, I hope you all make money in future And every not every day but every week you make some money Ok Come on Bye everyone See you soon in some other video.

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