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Live Trading Forex || Silver FX || Anish Singh Thakur || Booming Bulls

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Hello everyone, My name is Anish Singh Thakur. I welcome you to this live trading video, Where I traded in forex, especially I traded in silver. And we have booked 1:4, doing risk of around 1250 dollars or 1000 dollars, Around 5000 dollars we booked. So if you, even trade stock market, If you are a trader, a learning trader, You should definitely watch this video. You will get to know how price action works In a, in a commodity which is open for 24 hours.

By the way, this silver gold we could trade through our MCX also, So definitely you will get many things to learn. In this also you will get to learn how I managed my risk reward, My target hit but then also I tried to hold the winning trade, That may I hit a second target, The target was of 1:3.5, I booked 1:4, but I went till 1:10, the analysis was so perfect, But we exited, we won’t say it early exit, It is absolutely good to target exit, But again regretted or what, had anxiety, or, Did we do over trading or revenge trading? No, we didn’t do.

Because this market is open for 24 hours, Here you will get worried if you become anxious, If you start doing FOMO, So this is a very good trading video, I recorded for the first time, I don’t know if I could record it nicely or not, You can let me know through the comments, How did you like it, And for sure you will get to learn something, What have you got to learn, definitely tell, Come let me meet you at the end of the video. Let’s start the video. I am doing forex, but this comes under the commodity section, I am trading silver, Why I took this trade, And today is Friday, 13th of August, I will show you ok, and I will show you my mobile, I will show my mobile screen also, I will tell why we took this trade, what happened. First of all, doing top/down analysis is very important, First of all we will see that in market, this is silver, A very sharp fall came, it’s market is consolidating, ok, at bottom side. Here we went to big time frame, If we go to small time frame, so these levels which are seen by you, This, from where market took support, see, The market didn’t go below it, see, This is the level, below which market didn’t travel for once even.

Now, recently, yesterday, around evening, Again, this one, what will we call this zone, We will call this a strong support, Or we will call this extreme heavy demand zone. Now on this demand zone, After consolidation happens for the entire time, See, market always how does it move, After giving a move, whichever move, giving whether down or up, It does consolidation, And after doing consolidation, whichever remains more, Demand, supply, according to that market moves. So yesterday after being full consolidation, what happened, Then a very long tail is being made, this long tail ok.

So this was a first indication, That here we can take a good trade. So what exactly happened, I, after this move happened, when this breakout happened, of this level, In this it happens that retest happens for sure, So when this level broke out, Now after break out This level broke out and when on this candle a break out came guys, This candle, on this candle I, here, somewhere in the middle, I did entry of 27.24 on it actually, So here we entered, and I got a very small stop loss, I got a very small stop loss, That’s why we, here, I did entry on around 5-minute time frame, Before the 15-minute time frame it had showed bullish moment, So it had come here. Ok. So this is about stop loss,

little below this place, ok. And automatically till now our 1:2 has been completed, But I am trying that, I am trying to watch that, On this level, on this resistance, how is it going to behave. I want to check this, How it will be behaving around this. Of 1:3, of 1:3, I want to make a trade ok? So this is simple analysis, This anyone will show, anyone can see this.

Now I will, the most important thing is, That I will share with you my mobile screen, Basically, I am sharing this video with you all for this only that There are many people amongst you all who are doing forex, To you people, just one minute ok, Let me connect the mobile screen, Alright, so now I am recording this screen, And let me show you, It’s been seen by you, Meta Trader 4, I am opening this ok, After opening this, first of all, our watch list is shown to us here, ok, If we do here advance then, it shows spreads also, Let’s keep it simple, it will be more right, Coming here, we can anything, within forex, we can add more pairs, Within crypto we can add more things, ok, Coming to crude oil, we can add crude oil, Spot indices means Europe, France, Germany, US, etc., Also can trade. Ok. These options we get inside all the forex brokers. After this, let us come back again, We were trading on silver ok, Let’s go to the chart of silver, Let’s go to the chart of silver, so what do you see right now? Ok see, our live positions are activated, You are seeing that silver is written as buy 2, 2.0, 2.0. Now what is the meaning of this, That we have bought 2, 2 lots, Now this account which you will see, In this there is fund of around 10000 dollars, there is fund of around 10000 dollars, So in 10000, 8-10000, 12000 dollars’ account you can easily do 2 lots, But as I told you, we were getting a very small stop loss, Ok, as I showed, that’s why, we could take.

Now, see, the most important thing that why I am making this video, That I wanted to explain this panel on the right side, And if you see, first of all, this is the place to put indicators, These indicators are of no use, you have chart, so it’s obvious that you are using it there, So actually there’s no need of it, but even then RSI volume is open, let’s keep it open only. Now, here it’s giving you time frame, M, H1, M1, means month 1, Minute 1, minute 5, M15 means 15 minute, H1 means 1 hour, In this way it’s, H4 means hourly, it’s showing the time frame of 4 hours. So let’s come to 15-minute time frame, So what’s the biggest thing that, Here when I, there when I showed the stop loss, So there where did we do entry? At this place, see, where is our entry, see, You all are seeing 23.24, where is 23.24,

So 23.24 is somewhere else in trading view, And here will see, 23.24 is somewhere here, it’s seen by you people? Here. Here it’s been seen, right? You see this, here, in this place, So this I wanted to tell you people, That whenever you are putting stop loss, Then if I would have done according to trading view then, Then how much would have come? Just one minute, according to trading view if I would have put stop loss there, Then my stop loss is coming 23 point something else, ok, I will show you the chart, But if you are to put genuine stop loss, You have to put at, somewhere here you will have to put, ok, Somewhere here. So this was a very important factor to tell you.

Guys we have to put stop loss according to this chart, ok. Come, let me now show you that, This our already this much profit is occurring, around 3540, Lot size is a bit more because stop loss was less, trade was good, That’s why we chose this lot size. Now let me take you there. Alright, so, come, what I was telling you that, There the stop loss which was 23.2, oh sorry, our entry was 23.24, See here, it’s showing 23.26,

near to that place only. So what happens that whenever you After coming here, after coming here like silver, Silver’s code which uses to be there, that uses to be XAG, ok, If you write XAGUSD, see this exchange which is coming on the right, OANDA, FOREX, IDC, SAXO bank, this is available on Dubai too, So these which use to be there, they use to be different for everyone, They used to be different for everyone. In each, there uses to be some difference, Like we there, our stop loss which is placed there, Let me tell you exactly in which number we have placed our stop loss, We have her 23.20, on 23.,

on 23.20 we have put, 204 actually, 23.204. Now here if you will go to see 23.204, 23. See this here, 23.204.

This Ok. Here we have put the stop loss, 23.204. So this is a very big difference, which all people should understand That if you by mistake are putting stop loss and target in that, In Meta Trader, if you are putting, leaving here’s, Of here if you are putting, you will have problem of trading view, ok. So this, right now the silver is, it’s in a good uptrend, We are going to shift our trading stop loss here, A bit we will see the market, that we more, Because trader should try to hold the winning trades and cut the losing trades. This is a again a winning trade, Right Now it is already giving us a profit of more than 3000 dollars, So right now we should be planning to shift our stop loss. I will shift my stop loss in some time, But I will tell you where exactly I want to keep my targets.

So this is one resistance level, one head and shoulder like pattern was there, This is one first resistance level, ok. And, this is another resistance level, Let us see how it behaves in these two resistance levels. If you see then, right now, we have already, Right now if we cut the trade, We have already achieved more than 2.3.

It’s a good trade, But why not hold our winners, So the first one, if we try this target, being, What will we do with this, will keep it here, This, this is our better stop loss, ok. So if we try on this, then a target of 1:3.5 is being made, If we are able to achieve this target then, ok. And,

if we, attempt to try this, So this is a, this would be a mind-blowing trade. 1:5’s trade would be made, So now, if trailing stop loss is hit, Then, a trade of 1:1.5 would be made, not bad, 1:1.5 This still will be in some profits.

So, this is called trading, When you are not getting excited to see profit And you are not getting nervous when you see losses, You just focus on the charts. Ok. So right now let us try to achieve 1:4, I am so sorry, it set in the wrong place, Let us try 1:3.5, after trying 1:3.5, let me tell. Right now, time in Dubai, it is time in India, I believe, it’s 5 in the evening, US market is going to open, In this movement will start to come, From half an hour before the opening of US market, from 1 hour before, Good movement will come in this, Right now, US session is opening of forex, in it movement will come, ok. So 1 hour more will have to wait, Right now the profit is still 3000 dollars, It has been a bit less, It’s still showing you 3080 dollars, ok. Now just as

movement will come, let’s see, Till now I have not set trailing stop loss Because I want to see a very strong green candle, After that, I will shift trailing stop loss, Doing trailing in haste, what happens that, problem comes. It may happen that making a double bottom here it may then go up. So now will not shift the stop loss, Shifting trailing stop loss worsens the trade. Will leave on break even, there’s no problem, But, now I will put trailing stop loss there are chances to get hit Let’s give sometime, let’s allow to make a green candle, Let’s allow to come to this zone, Not for once it’s giving closing above this. Let’s decide after that. Lastly, I’ll tell you a thing, Whenever you want to trade silver, you can check gold along with it.

Okay? Here is the Gold XAG- XAU. This is also silver XAU- XAU You’ll type XAUUSD Then I OANDA- I was watching OANDA’s exchange in that So in this also I prefer OANDA exchange I opened this. So, I have done an analysis on this too, How its analysis is if you see, it was a strong trend line which it broke Did a good retest, after retest it broke this resistance level too? Ok? Now let’s come to 15 minute timeframe. So what do you see in 15 minute? Gold is also going bullish Because gold is also going bullish, the next level for gold- There’s quite a resistance level for gold now.

It has a resistance level So just like how gold behaves, silver also behaves like that approximately. Gold is also in an up-trend. Gold is also now following an up-trend If you see- so 1 minute, I will open 30 minute timeframe If we see, then I respecting this trend line See- this is respecting the trend line Again gold is also following this trend line Okay? And again there is a chance it will take support from here. Similarly, here also a fall might take place, you see? That’s why. Okay guys, I hope

I was able to explain this trade This is a little different from the stock market Because in the stock market, you get only 6 hours to trade You have to make decisions fast, You have to be a little patient in that Okay? Still, this is 15 minutes timeframe, We activated this trade around morning 11 am, And we’ll close it after US market opens, We’ll see what happens. Alright guys, so just as I went out to get a haircut, Look in front of you- it might be happening on laptop too, i am recording I’m also doing it on mobile too Our target is achieved If we come here, so in this screen, our target has hit So it’s showing a profit of $4300 But -it came till $4500 But this momentum- look target crushed- target done But you may exit this movement now But I will wait for this candle to close If it is breaking this level with power, Then we should hold our winners and try a little bit more Or else we will trail ok? Let’s wait a bit And will tell you. Look at this guys, so again Our target got hit And a red candle is made. Now there is no need to be afraid of this red candle Because its a profit-booking Because the level I see, others might not be able to see it, Many people know technical analysis So obviously many people booked profit, so selling came Ok? Now if I show you gold, I told you I can trade in gold too, I can take it If I had taken it, then from that i- See the trend line which I drew- exactly it would have touched the point and achieve the target. But because I was already oversized Here greed can kill us, If it got hit, then a big loss would happen. Where did XAG go? See this- since gold is going up, this is again following- Again our target is going to hit If we see in this, look at this Our target became 2000, half of the profit Again we are back to $4100 you see See? This is now breaking our own target So this is this is the thing- this is how you trade You don’t have to be afraid at any time See Now since it’s going up again, let’s see now, It should break the previous high If it is breaking the previous high Then we’ll book the profits Ok? Come on I’ll let you know once we book the profits.

See this- see guys Now right now the profit broke- broke with power So if we had booked then we would have missed this. So until when should we hold? What should we do? We should wait for one candle Ok We should wait for one candle to see how much profit we can book. So guys see, our target has hit in gold And we didn’t take any trade in gold that the target hit- I mean it has reached an important level.

And this also my target has hit, but I wanted to try and hold this more, winning trade We have 2 minute left, If it gives closing under 2 minutes- Then we are booking the profits And exiting the trade It’s still being a profit of more than around- we will get $4000 for sure So- let’s see 2 minutes more Let’s see if our- How much is it showing here now? It’s showing a profit of $5000 now also if we want, we can exit now too But we’ll try- that is the quality in a trader, don’t get panicked by money and all, Let’s wait 2 minute 20 sec more If it comes inside, then lets exit If it doesn’t come then let’s see, Maybe we can achieve some more profits. So let’s see. So alright guys, so as it’s unable See, It’s making lots of upper wick rejection And I came to get a haircut now, So I won’t be able to focus on it, So better we are booking the profits We are exiting It’s still showing a profit of $ 4800 Showing $4900 Can we let it be 5000? Come let’s see a minute here, the charts Well, let it be whatever- let’s exit it.

as it is Come we are exiting Exiting this with a profit of how much ever we got Exiting with a profit of how much ever we got exited. So today’s profit is $6000 An old one was of 950 Let’s leave this trade. This is the trade we did just now We made around $5000 Let’s talk later. Guys, I just came now after shaving from outside And see the target we book 1: the one we saw on mobile screen- of 1:4, But see just after that The profit which was 5000, it would have become 10000 Analysis was so accurate But would have cut the target maximum here, But still, we will feel a little regret, Let it be, doesn’t matter. This doesn’t mean that I do FOMO entry on this and enter more. Brother this market is scarier because it’s open 24 hours, If you started feeling FOMO in this, or you feel the excitement, anxiety in this Then a big loss would happen in the forex market It’s important to maintain risk/reward in the forex market, We took 1:4 which we maintained Now no trading for the day.

I took a small trade from a lot, I will tell you that too In gold, I have told you that it will respect this trend line, It respected this trend line and went up. So come - Come on, I have made the live trading video for the first time Of forex, I hope you liked it. You must have got something to learn from it. You can see, I say mostly in forex, there are 2 strategies- One is 30 minutes timeframe which I gave, And the other, I use indicator in that, 200 moving average MACD On which I made a video before this And the one I like more than this, in which only price action Only trend lines, horizontal lines, boxes, that’s it. Breakout, retest, and breakout. Look the trend lines were taking support, It took support the third time This level- this horizontal level had a breakout Test passed Our target hits.

Our target- here is our target. So a very beautiful price action over her Okay? So a thing for you people- Let’s see one more analysis and go Maybe from this, your learning will increase And you can also come in this trade if you want This is New Zealand dollar’s pair guys. For a long time, it’s been going on this channel, This channel had a breakout And again had a retest. Just as it took a retest, Let’s come to a smaller timeframe, It broke this trend line. Broke 1-hour trend line And came back to this box and started consolidating.

See this zone- horizontal level was quite a strong level It was a very strong level And on this strong level we, our- what do we say I was waiting from this strong level- I was tracking since last night, When it breaks this box, will do an entry here. So I did an entry in this too When it was making this green candle, then I took an entry And this doji And this doji- do you see this dojo? Dojo has kept a stop loss below it. My target is up to here Which thankfully is up the target is of 1:3 while I was talking with you, I achieved my 1:3 Ok? It didn’t happen, it’s going to happen My target is 1:3 It is about to get hit, It hit while I was talking with you, So come, I believe it has hit. So come on I will book the profit in this, while talking with you Because I did trade today, so I didn’t do any bigger position sizing I traded only one lot But that’s it. So now I can take more 1: By the way a person can also take 1:300 but if you focus on risk/reward ratio and respect your stop losses when they are hit, I kept some stop loss below I’ll keep it a little below So for 1:3, I have to wait till here Till here Ok. So I’ll wait and then I’ll book my profits ok? So come on guys I hope you like this video and I hope the people who do forex trade are enjoying it I have shown you how to use metatrader And what’s the meaning in forex.

Ok? I’ll see you soon in the next video I’ll try to make more For stock market and for forex, Whatever I do I’ll share it all. Bye Thank you so much guys. It’s kind of a bonus thing I achieved 1:3 in this too The target in New Zealand US Dollars before you- The last trade I did, I booked on this too So come on, I’ll put this also in front of you If you see 180$ I am going to book on this too in front of you. Closing the trade Because I don’t want unlimited profit, Limited profit - In this, we have achieved 1:3.5

And finally, we finished this day by booking 6191. Alright guys it was a good day, It’s Friday so I won’t hold any overnight position But I will do the analysis for sure and will share it with you people. Ok? Which I’m planning- So come on guys thank you so much for listening For watching this forex video. If you liked it- Obviously, only some videos get fewer views and likes So please let me know how you felt in the comments. Thank you

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