Live Trading: Ethereum ($ETH), Tron ($TRX), Ripple ($XRP), Cardano ($ADA), Verge ($XVG), & More

Live Trading: Ethereum ($ETH), Tron ($TRX), Ripple ($XRP), Cardano ($ADA), Verge ($XVG), & More

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What is going on snipers, and I email a baby here I hope all of you guys are having a good day today we're, gonna be diving into our live trading, session, right now this is a live stream as we're also gonna be taking questions throughout the live stream go fer to use the 1.25. X speed if you're watching this after it's already published, we're gonna be referring to a lot of different things I'm gonna do a quick tutorial here, just to start people off that aren't used to our live stream I have several different indicators, open right now I have this, right. Here which is the RSI, stands for the relative strength index we've, got the volume right. Over here these, volume ARS we've, got the candlesticks, with the three moving averages in the back the, red representing, the 50-day, the green representing, the 100-day and the blue representing, the 200-day, and then, if, we zoom out you can see I actually have a channel forming right now you. Can actually look up here really quick and see we actually predicted. This descent, here you, can see it was a clear head and shoulder that actually formed here you see there's, these lower highs went, up higher, highs, lower. Lows bull, flag popped. Up popped. Up one more time descent. Low. Flag up. Rise low, flight up rise right on the EMA by the way there's, also the EMA indicator, in the blue in the back that stands for the exponential. Moving average. And, that actually, is a very good indicator you can see on a. Swing up the. Candlesticks, are bouncing, on top of that EMA so, you, see this form, right here BAM, head. Reverses. You, see the, Y. Bull. Flag BAM, rise. Tops. Out. Right, there below, the EMA that's a result descent and, then this right here would have been a clear level you, can see we see this lower low lower. Low higher lows, higher highs. Popped. Up form, the head and shoulder, right over here you, can see the head form there let's, roll the right shoulder and, then, on. Our way down. So. Since. That happened. Now we're actually hitting the 50-day. Moving average, I'll actually zoom out here to the 1-day so, you can see exactly where we're at very, similar pattern to how we saw the descent from the previous correction, that occurred around December. 17th. We saw this about a 35 percent correction. Right there within Fibonacci's, the look level at the time it, went a little bit sideways drop, down upside, down why bull flag reverses. Down, here touches, the 50-day. Moving average pops. Back up higher. Highs and then, that's when the coin beat the coin market cap mistake came about so pretty. Much looking. At that that's, pretty much where we're at right now with Bitcoin I am, putting in some positions, right now I am purchasing, right here at the 50-day. Moving average, where right where it touches and I. Also have my stop-loss to set up just in case so we'll continue to watch that today we're gonna be doing some live trading. Who's. On right now let's go ahead and take some quick questions by the way we're. Gonna be referring to a couple different things if you guys are new to this we, do have a discord, this is a resource. Available to all of you guys and the link is in the description, we'll have a mobile, version they'll. Have a desktop version and also have a web, version so, when, you get on here you can actually go to trading 101 learn, about all of these charts learn about trading crypto there's, a lot of resources here in terms of charts and indicators Strange's. Tools and. Alternate, exchanges, and then if you go down here you can talk about any coin I was. Actually in this Saturday. Here for Bitcoin cash and he posted this video I remember, doing a covered.

This Video early on on snipers too that was kind of funny. But awesome graphs, I saw this one today and I was like man that's a steep. Drop right there that, must have been some institutional, trader right so. Anyways. Guys. So, that's discord. For. Those who they are and you hear somebody. Said what them but I want the patreon. We'll. Talk about that later, let's see who's on right now would, we get on live. Somebody, said project. What. The heck. Did. He really. Somebody. Said. I just became a patron the other day what's the TRX. What's. With TRX, so, TRS, has been acting up lately and, I, think it happened ever since we broke that support level it just started diving and, I think, we're still waiting to see a little bit more of, a. Transition. Shift, away from Bitcoin blitzes, alt points as you see bitcoins dominance, this continuing to decrease as time progresses, so, hopefully. That helps out dawn Dan. Aston, is in the house, Daniel, Flores. Edward. Or bono said. Present, nineteen rocks. Please. Talk, about mountain c0x. Well. You guys you know what I'm, gonna be relaxing, a little bit and we're gonna be doing some trading for this one so I. Want. To show you guys that haven't. Really had the chance to see me drain I want you guys to see me actually trade so I got my bit tricks pulled up right over here and we're about to get serious. What. Coin should I trade let's take a request, what coin should I trade that's on bit Rick's if it's, not on bit Rick's I'll never take a request, from you for the rest of the stream so make sure it's on bit Rick's if you request it. What's. The budget for the day he. Said what's the budget for the day. Whatever. I have in my bitch Rick's I guess. Claude. Said, music. Somebody. Said salt. Wow. That's, crazy Joseph. Oh. There. You go double. Bottom there. You go guys double, bottom just like we called it so, this yellow, line right here represents the 50-day. This. Line right here this yellow line represents, the 50-day, moving average, we. Called it guys look at that look at that double, bottom. Look. At the RSI look, at look what happened to the other side. BAM. 24:19. RSI. Pops back up all. My orders, were set at these prices, so I'm ready for this buy. Back this, is the perfect time to buy into Bitcoin if you guys are. Trying to get a position Bitcoin, we just hit double bottom look look at this wave all the way down, here, the. Oscillators, guys. There. You go you got the head and shoulders. You, got a golf club right over here look at this golf club. Somebody. Said that's a hockey stick. Yeah. I was an Amway. Who. Else was an Amway. Look. At that hockey stick ha, ha that's. A hockey stick. Bryan, Hale said why didn't I tell you 88, was about to crash. I lost. $30,000. Well I'll, tell you what Bryan I do, apologize. If you feel like it was our fault, but the. Fact of the matter is everybody, should always have their stop losses set up that's, the truth of the matter if you don't have your stop loss to setup you're in a dangerous situation, so. You look a TA yeah you saw this crash well. I would have had my stop-loss to set up if look, if you look right here now. I'm a long-term hold on 88 but look at that the. Stop-loss right, over there and as support, have your stop-loss 10 right here you wouldn't have lost it if any of this money which, if you look at the 50 minutes pretty big, significant, amount right here so. Stay. Up to date with these support levels guys it's so important, support. Levels, are the ground of ground breaks it's going down. Claude. Said OST. Pop. The race. They're, already popped Claude. We'll. Watch that one. We'll. Have to watch that one. Any. Other coins any other coins let's take some coin requests guys any. Other coins. Roman. Once said 19 do a BTC. Check up again please I need my lambo tomorrow. Somebody. Said. Xvg. Oh. I. Forgot to do it let me do it right now so, yeah. We're starting the video. Sorry. About the heck forgot. To do that. Nobody. Said lol. Wyatt, Nord Vickers in the house. I. Like. Xvg. But I just don't know it's - it's not volatile. Enough right now you got a resistance, level right up here but it's just not there yet. It. Seems like everything, is dropping, right now man. It's. Because BTC. It's probably going up oh, it's. Going testing, the bottom again. That's. Gonna be interesting to watch. We're, gonna trade this one today for sure I really.

Like This pattern it's, super, predictable there's, only a couple support, levels two breaks this. Is really gonna be nice. So, we'll keep a band on that one. So, when, I trade, I typically. Keep my. Tabs. Organized. So, I can be fast, when I'm trading because the more organized, you are my mentor taught me this is at nineteen if you learn how to get organized, you'll learn how to be, efficient. And the efficiency, can, allow you to make a lot more profits, than inefficiency. What's. The next coin. What's. The next coin. Slavik. A said this music is wack and then, on the other hand somebody said this music is the best music I've ever heard in my entire life. Somebody. Said uh Cody. Young settin em below a. Mars. And you said C n. Raymond. Martin. Said Tron. Roger. Em said, xlm. Mr.. X 11. Why, would somebody say Excel lab look how straight. That is you. Have to look for volatility, guys, we need to see volatility like this. Come. On guys we need a better pic we need a better pic we, need a better pic. Let's. Go back to OST like. What Claude said. Oh there. You go. Yep. Look at it, we're. Gonna keep it I uh know s T. Good. Call Claud. Oh. Man. You can't even trade it on here. EBS. Tea, let me check that one out. Oh. I. Like this one right here look at that formative, crown right here. BAM. Lower, lows, higher. Lows higher, highs, perfect. Man. I would love to trade this channel right here. We'll. Probably hit resistance right up here. You. Guys want to do TRX, if you guys want to do TRX, like this video. Let's. See I'm if we can get over, 500. Likes will do TRX, oh, wait. Nevermind, we have 1,700, viewers if we can get more than 1000. Likes will do TRX. Somebody. Let, let, me know whenever we hit a thousand. I. Like. This but I also don't like it it's a little early in my opinion. Rs. Is a little too high. I. Wouldn't. Mind trading this but it needs to come down. I. Don't. Like this this. This is not good oh. We. Can trade this one. It's. At the high point right now so we need this to come down.

Man. Hopefully. We can find something, that's why you see people they have like these huge. Screen setups like 15 screens because they want to watch a lot of charts at the same time it's. Important. Man, everything, is at the top right now. This. Is the reverse. We. Want to do trot huh. I'm. Gonna buy some Tron. But, you know what the issue is I. Don't. Think it's on bits racism. Nope. I don't, have access to my bi Nance right now. Sir, said Wahby. Oh. Look. At that. Somebody. Said. May, put a trade in here I like. What Wahby is doing. All. The, unfortunately. It's not on. I'm. Gonna trade waves I. Like. The fact that it's down here and, you can see. The. First time it said this support so. Let's. Watch this. If. This heads down then we'll make a happen. Let's, do another request, guys I'm gonna watch two coins at once. What. Coin should we watch. Thank, you Kevin yang by the way. Carl. Walker's that hot keys are the thing or. A thing yeah I got to set mine up. Somebody. Said oMG a. Da. We did a da. Let's. Do our. CN. Somebody. Said are you uh purposely, avoiding, XRP, well. Do x2r PBGC, right now. All. These, are at the pink oh there. You go. This. Might be a good. Time let's see what we found oh. Okay. Let's. See if this can form a channel from here on the top. Let's. Pull up a different coin. And. In the market today is just not, on, our side I couldn't. Even find the good any, good swing trades as well oh. This. Might be a good one yeah. I'll buy this right now I'm. Gonna buy some XMR, it. Sir I already know it's at the bottom look I bet. You if you pull up the 15 to RSI yeah. Touch. The bottom and. You get a clear support right here. Let's. Do an order of XMR. So, we'll go ahead and set this order up or. Let's. Go ahead and set up our prices, every time I trade, I have three prices that I focus on what does my buy-in, I'll, just buy it at where it's at right now so, I'll, buy it right around. 2.7. And. Then what I'll also do. I'll. Probably take profits, right around. This. Was previous, resistance here, just. A quick trade. I'll. Set up my stop-loss right, over here. How much BTC do I have. Nothing. Like it's gone through. Just, this market price. Please. Don't. Let's. Make this trade. Let's. See where we're at right now. Broke. Out. Kent. Says thank God I got me some substratum. All right guys where prices, are going up now let's see if we can make this quick debate there's, several different types of traders you have day traders that trade one.

Two Three four five six seven eight nine ten. Eleven. Times a day and then. You have people that are swing, traders that trade maybe, once every other day maybe, take you. Know 50 60 80 90 $100, extra a, day by working maybe one or two hours that, right there could help some of you guys out so, this isn't for everybody but here's the thing once you have large amounts, of income to, and cash flow to invest, within something, like this it, gives you the ability to now. Make, small profits, that eventually turn into big profits so. Hopefully. This is helping out guys you, know I and I'm focused, in I'm looking at multiple different charts on two different screens right now so I'm, just trying to make sure I can find some good trades and so, far I'm you, know this is good there's, nothing wrong with being a conservative a conservative. Investor, I mean you don't just jump into trades everything, has, to make sense like you have to know why you're jumping into this trade like, I saw this really big pop. Of by. Volume, here I saw this by volume, here RSI, was low when I bought it now, it's going back up it hits support, level so, I was pretty confident, with that one so we'll see what happens you know you never know. Candlestick. Number two forming, as we speak, pop there, you go now. We're heading up now we're heading up second, large candlestick. Hittin. Previous resistance levels found a little bit of resistance is it gonna break through. Hey, guys by the way if you guys want to get this music, I'm gonna be putting a link in the description right, now in references. The. Guy's name is Justin, Rogers, he's, the one who actually made this song, exclusive. First, snipers - definitely. Check him out guys he has some sick beats and he's based in Canada, so you can even visit his Facebook its Facebook see, a slash tez. Erect. Its te Z. Z as in zebra. E as. An eagle ar e is an eagle Katie, that's. Slash, tez, erect, with. A K at the end. Niko's. That first time it into the livestream good to have you Niko. Could, you explain what you're doing as you go yeah I will do that sorry. So. I'm watching right now to see is this gonna hit resistance or is it going to pop off because I bought like right around here in this red line and I want to see if I can make a quick trade on this I. Saw. The RSI was below 30 here that shows that healthy are our size levels, were below oversold. My. Volume was increasing. Periodically. As time progressed, so showed, me that there might be another pop, and by volume soon. My, stop losses in this reddit below the support. So. It's this orange. Thank, you blue octopus. Miranda, you should have access it's already there. All. Right a little bit of resistance. I want, to show you guys this chart. See. Cash. Look. At or. At the bottom of this pattern, I. Might. Trade this for a large swing. Looks. Like it's about to swing up. Notice. How this cupped out a little bit just. Mini, cup and handle look huh, some. Depth you, get the cup base BAM. Handle. Hop. Let's. Do a Z cash order. Will. Do point one Bitcoin. Point. Zero one Bitcoin. We'll. Take it or leave it huh. All, right we'll take some Z cash put a position, in. It's, my buy price. Oh already. Pop. Yup look at that it's popping right now. There. You go it popped. Up. A little bit. So. It looks like we're at a profit for both you can see Manero is continuing, to rally up. Pretty. Much what I want you guys to know is this. When. You're looking at these charts you really want to be confident, in where you're buying your position, because your buy positions in to determine, where, you want to sound how much profit you're gonna make you, don't have to rush into this guy's you guys can watch these patterns, as you can see right now we're.

Hitting This resistance, but we're still within, the buy pattern, so even if there is a negative, downtrend, that will act as a bull flag to continuously. Bring this price up so, you. Know the point is to to watch, your position, to plan your positions, and, eventually. For me it's it's all mental, so when, I put my position, in in, here I didn't have to draw out my. Profit. Or my stop-loss, I just knew in my head exactly, where it was gonna be and then, I can draw that after, the fact let's say I have to get off the computer or something I can have an alert set up and then get an instant, email notification. Or get one from trading view letting. Me know that hey I should sell or I should you, know hold. So. Hopefully. That helps we're, gonna be updating, the training 101 section, guys we actually have a graphic designer, that's gonna be working on some new trading. Charts for you guys we're gonna be updating, the whole Dischord. Along with a lot of new things coming, to snipers tube so, just stay tuned guys we. Are gonna be going through a quick renovation. But, as it's gonna complete, it's gonna be a lot better for everybody to learn educate. Themselves, and move forward with, everything. So thank, you guys so much for watching I don't want to take up all of your time obviously. You. Guys are getting the gist of the trading hopefully, you. Know whenever I want to take profits I can I'm probably gonna end up setting my profit. Order for, xlm. Let's. Go to, I'm. Sorry XMR, Forex. Mr I'll probably sell, it right here right around. 2.9. Million. Satoshi's, because I just don't really, want to hold on to this right now being, these high levels, you know not necessarily, a goodbye position, as a swing. But, you know for a quick date trade it works out and then, Z cache same, exact thing I think, for Z cashflow I might hold a little bit a little bit longer because I feel like this was a pretty steep decline, if we can start seeing this reverse so I can certainly see us back at, least up to these previous. Resistance levels right over here so I'll, probably let go profits right around. 47,000. Satoshis so. Norge. Person, said I thought you were playing a crypto video game. Did. You guys enjoy this this helped out a little bit. Claudia. Said Thank You Nayeem absolutely. Guys. So. By. The way we hit 30,000. Subscribers guys, I just. Want to say thank you all so much for that you. Know it's a really big step forward for snipers, tubes and, our team working, on a lot of different projects right now to. Eventually, have you, know some, really cool things that are coming up guys, so, we'll, be making some big announcements, soon and we're. Gonna be doing a lot of new things for, you, know all of our patreon. For all of our members for all of our snipers, spotters, marksmen, and, analysts. And and everybody, in the community that's just been making things happen, so. Thank. You so much guys and like. Always I'll. See you guys tonight at the. Discord, it's, gonna be a completely, open day today, it's gonna be more of like a little. Networking. Event, so, we have a 30,000, sub celebration. Area right here we've. Got to chat rooms we've got specific, chat rooms for snipers, spotters. Veterans. Are gonna be marksmen, and above and then Silver's, and above, if you guys are patriots we're all gonna be chatting up here so this is gonna be the after party the night owl is gonna be in this little chat. Room celebrating, 30,000, subscribers so. Thank you so much guys for that we. Definitely want to make things happen. And other, than that guys take. Care.

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