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Live Trading || Equity Swing Positions || Futures & Options || Anish Singh Thakur

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Hello everyone My name is Anish Singh Thakur and welcome to this trading video which is incomplete, which is half Because the result of a Swing trading video takes 2-3-4-5 days So still the analysis I have done, I did a very different analysis You guys have only seen me doing Bank Nifty, Nifty trade But right now these types of positions are going on. You’ll say “this much?” There is a logic behind everything Just took 3 trades Havells, ICICI and TCS Why is it taken? What’s the reason? so I’m uploading based on educational purpose It doesn’t even matter Look at the number Didn’t even book If there is any profit it won’t be mine Maybe hit Stop loss will hit in all. And I’m ready to do that But the probability of Stop loss hitting them all is very less And even if it happens, then I’ll lose Rs 1 And will earn Rs 2-3 I’m talking about risk/reward ratio. But I will make more than what I’ll lose So I’m really And these are my active positions still I’m bravely posting this video publicly, Maybe i might fail badly.

Even if it happens I don’t have a problem Every traders fail, it’s a normal thing But if by seeing this analysis, you too believe maybe you can also try, But I’m giving you a warning This is not an advice to get a trade If it suits you according your risk appetite, to your analysis, Then only you can take trade. I won’t encourage you to get this trade. I say, if you want try paper trade See by doing analysis like this is of use or not Because I’m doing this type of analysis for the first time.

I could have done trading on Bank Nifty/Nifty, If I wanted to But no. I have more trust on this analysis that I have done. I’m working on this alright? So I hope guys this video will add immense value in your life. I have put this video while I’m having a live position in market.

So what’s this? Why’s this? I’ll tell you everything ok? The possibility of Stop loss hitting is in all So please watch and then take the trade I’m not telling you to trade You think and take your financial decision But my whole purpose is that If in future these type of quarterly results come, Came on some, like Havells’s came yesterday So what is its pro strategy? ICICI bank’s will come on Monday So what’s its strategy? TCS’s came on 8th Whole selling came Full pullback came New momentum started. So how, when and what decision should be taken? And not even one result is taken just based on result Total price action ICICI Bank’s coming, it is at the bottom so i bought. Havell’s had stretch once already Went to overbought situation And there will be a boost in the market before the news comes A move came And good news come. Public will think that it’ll go up If public buys on the day the news came, For the next 2-3 days there will a fall in the stocks. This is not my guess work It’s my experience speaking And I have taken the data out date-wise. I have taught you in Opstra how to take out date-wise.

So kindly do your own well- Do your research nicely Then and then only we’ll be able to achieve something. Ok? Come on guys I'll Thank you so much I’ll meet you at the end of the video. Guys there’s 2min left for the market to open And if we see the market, where is it opening? Then just 2 min left Nifty lets open 15min timeframe Nifty is approximately going to open almost here Ok? Going to open exactly above 50 moving average. To about Bank Nifty, Bank Nifty is going to open exactly on 50 moving average.

I have a very interesting watchlist Which I’ll show you in Zerodha See this, I have this watchlist Which why? Why not? For What reason? All these things I’ll tell you all these things. Why is the watchlist made like this? Why made a watchlist like this? What? Why? we are about to take action, Will tell you after taking it. For some things we have to take action as soon as the market opens, For somethings we have to take action after some time. So let’s take it, then I’ll tell you what? why? Alright guys so see in front of you, I’m sitting in full trading mood.

I took all these trade doing it. And all these trade mostly all of my trade is positional. ok All my trade is positional And why positional? I’ll start telling you one by one ok? Now give me some time, I’ll explain each and everything Just look went long on TCS Went Long on ICICI bank Went Short on Havells Alright? Short on Havells, and on the other two stocks long. Only 3 trades we are taking. Ok?

And doing some experiment because futures is long And can we hedge on this. Now after doing this I’ll come directly to you. Exactly why I have taken these trades? Why these trades are success from now only? When even if it’s not successful today, still it’ll work.

tomorrow we have to exit Havells ok TCS we’ll we’ll exit TCS also on Monday - Tuesday ICICI bank also we’ll exit on Monday-Tuesday Ok? And Havells we’ll exit tomorrow. Why these trades all are in green right now? What is the logic behind them? I’ll tell you. Ok? So give me some time. Now I want to little learn more then can I take margin benefit right now More after taking all this, let me see Alright guys I know until today you guys won’t have seen me doing trade like this.

that my order book filled up to this level. But this is not just a random trading decisions Every move is calculated Rupees is calculated How much money should we lot and it what is calculated? Time is calculated Ok? Everyone’s Stop losses is calculated And all of these are my swing trades All of these I might have loss in all of them today So no problem, we are going to cut them. Havells’s when tomorrow when market closes tomorrow, We have to exit tomorrow ICICI bank we’re holding till Monday, Monday -Tuesday Till Wednesday we can hold. And TCS also, it’s a Swing trade. In TCS also, We can give 3,4,5 days- 7days Ok? So all these things And if I can I will post my analysis first itself in this video. So that if you guys also gets get an opportunity, you guys also can use it.

So I’ll start explaining to you people Which trade we took and why. Ok? Come on Let’s go back, let’s come back To the first trade which is ICICI bank Why did we trade in ICICI bank? So first of all we’ll come in ICICI bank First of all, we’ll see price action based trading We’ll see price action base first. Came here, here we came, on ICICI bank When we see ICICI bank Then after opening a 30-minutes timeframe After 30-minutes, I’ll open 1-hour time frame And will show you we- Let’s open 1 day’s Will show you that we are following one trend line rightly Which one? This trend line If we join these parts, we’ll see that we are already following this trend line Now we’ll smooth this trend line Then we’ll get to see Do you guys see? It is connecting all the dots Like if we touch this a little above Like when we connect these things to the body, Then this body get connected Look We were already in a support. The best thing what I like is whenever I’m getting a People always think of doing short, and I always think of buying the support We also learned in the basics that when you have a support But it’s not like I didn’t buy it here I bought today after seeing the gap-up. So ICICI bank is at a support ok? Was on Fib level and at support level as well After doing all this let’s go to small timeframe. So after coming to a smaller timeframe, it gave a closing of its first 15-minutes candle on this level Alright, so First trade- what is the target? Man I have made a big target.

My target is in previous high I think to break previous high I wish to break previous high also But my minimum target Let’s talk of risk/reward. A great risk/reward is being made here ok? This is going to be a target I bought somewhere here Approximately 2.6 target is of 3% 2.8%

And 1.8%'s Stop loss Very big stop loss a very big stop loss A safe stop loss Means stop loss of 1.8% And near 3% - above 1:2 we are getting risk/reward. This was ICICI bank. Now only reason. No The other reason is

ICICI bank’s result is coming on 24th means Saturday. If I show you when ICICI bank’s result came If before this ICICI bank’s result came So before this it came on 24th April So what happened on 24th April? If we go to 24th April and study the market What happened in market on 24th April? So do you people see 24th April? 23rd – 24th was Saturday Like every other time, this time also the result is coming on Saturday. Market gap-up and then good performance for 2 days. Before that a little bit down swing came. Slight down swing. These all are important to understand- down swing According to Dow theory, if down swing is coming then what does it mean? To know all these things are very important.

So did you see this? Before this result came? When did it come? Before that on 30th January What happened on 30th January? If we see 30th January, again its Saturday see? See directly Saturday, well it's a budget day, event day Still, you can see after a down swing, market gap-up and move Ok? As per the past track record, before that 31st October and this is what I’m doing, I have shared it with you guys I hope you guys saw my Opstra video Where I analyzed like this and explained. What happened on 31st October guys? If we study On 31st October, again we seen that a down-swing came Again Saturday look. But market gap-up and its stayed up for 2 days. So 3 times- 4th time also the same happened.

Showed you 3 times Based on the based on what? Based on the past historical results, Always, If ICICI bank has a down swing for some time till the result day, If there is down swing, then there, its stays on support And price action gives confirmation As per Dow theory, I’ll tell you That the things in market are discounted Good result will come, People are thinking on Monday that when the result will come on Saturday, Then they’ll trade. And will get a strong result while it doesn’t happen like that. When the result comes, After the result comes, the buzz will finish in the market Buzz finish. But then the retailers enter They’ll think a great result has come, we’ll enter.

And after that their loss happens. And what does the market to after that? After a good result it goes up, but doesn’t go fast. It takes a pullback and after profit booking it goes.

And this is the situation with ICICI bank. By telling this story I’ll bring you guys to second stock -Havells. Now what’s happening in Havells? How’s hovel’s result? When did the result came? Havells’s result came yesterday. Ok?

I’m reading Havells’s result to you. What happened in Havells? Havells’s consolidated net profit Rs 2.36 billion Vs 640 million Quite a great result. Estimated was 1.65 billion Came 3.4 billion Uh sorry 2.3 billion

So that is too good. so Revenue is Rs 26 billion vs Rs 14.83 billion. Year on year basis 30 Means a great result came Then why do you think? Which day it came? Yesterday it came. Yesterday market was closed- on 21st Yes, on 21st market was closed. You’ll say why did this up sync came? As per dow theory, this up sync came because good results are about to come But for retailers what? Whenever result came Market gap-up opens and makes a high. Now retailers might feel Wow brother good result came and everyone bought.

We are approaching an important resistance level Do you guys see? Here head and shoulder like was made This touched it in that level as market opened I short here. Right now our stop-loss is very small. This much is our stop-loss Ok And our target at least Meaning will make this swing. You see Here also we are going to get risk/reward of 1:2 Based on dow theory, the market is already stretched itself market is already stretched itself And today also a gap-up and go Now today you see before we reach 2nd half We can see bullish body In it mostly will become wick you see Many profit booking will come Full profit booking will come, you see. Now it’s morning You’ll see in a short time that profit booking starts coming After profit booking starts coming, Tomorrow or maybe till Monday May a profit booking will come in this Then we’ll get see a good swing in Havells.

Then you can go long. So this this’s the reason I have shorted Havells Now many people will think he short on a trending market Yes, you maybe think that I’m doing this by my mind But I’m doing this with my experience This is my experience. It’s not like that direct gap up open in Havells Because for past 5 days Havells is re-use out What’s going to happen in Havells? we already know I didn’t short gap-up because of this Because of this swing.

As per dow theory, the market already anticipated this news Now the news is out Now give me some time, The buzz will be over The bus is going to be is going to get over And then you’ll see a fall in Havells. Not a fall, it will be a what do we say it? there will be profit booking in Havells. that is why this swing trade has been taken in Havells and we short the Havells. We’ll see its result later And after this, we’ll go Or what will happen, stop loss will hit, max to max max to max what will happen? Our stop loss will be hit How much is Stop Loss of? Because I am ready, 3 trades, 3 trades have been taken. See, we short it, we have in the top, The top which is made by the market, we have been short there.

Ours in Stop Loss, at least this much point will keep, this much will keep Stop Loss, So my again it’s like 1:2’s Risk/Reward is made. right? 1:2’s it’s been made only. And I don’t think that such a big Stop Loss will have to keep also, I think if I Stop Loss of mine, one minute, If I, yes, perfect, if I place my Stop Loss here also now, this, Here also if I place, this is seen by you all? This area. This I think I will now place it here I will place it here only when it will now break a new high.

Till now it has not broken even high. Let me now tell you, it’s a high of 1177. It’s 1177’s high only right? 1177’s high it will break, I will put Stop Loss in 1201 and I will to Risk/Reward ratio to 1:4.5, 1: 4, 1:3.8 till I will take. Ok? So I will tell you once I am placing this, till now I have not placed the order. untill it doesn’t break the high, so I am not placing an order.

Once, because it is a swing trade, once it is doing it, I will place a GTT order and I will tell you ok? Third trade we have taken of TCS. Why have we taken of TCS, the third trade? The reason for taking trade of TCS is simple, I will the most important, see all, first of all, the result came of TCS, ok? If we see by coming here, first of all, the result came, see this, on 8th of TCS. When TCS’s result came on 8th, then see where TCS was on 8th, See, on 8th, TCS’s result came here, the good result came good, And swing, already TCS had got one swing high.

Good results came, then also market, complete profit booking had taken place. Now we will see in the 15-minute time frame, see, Again it is at a very crucial level, a very crucial level, and one time it has shown its power. One buying power here it has shown to us. So in TCS also buying power has been shown and after it happens, We have been getting a trade at very bottom We can expect a good enough target, we have a good enough target and If you talk about Risk/Reward, then if I, if I this here, it’s here. If would have taken long position, if we kept ours Stop Loss this much, Then also, then also, our, our entry will be here, Ok? Ok? Then also 1:2 here, till here only we are getting and We are getting the reward of 1:3.

So alright, In swing trade, like this only should happen ok? Now our stocks are working fine. All are working fine. Let’s show you P&L In Havells, will show you a little loss for a short time. In Havells, till a short time a little loss is going to be shown, Rest it’s finished.

Rest no, rest there’s no problem. Our Havells only and only 2-3 hours, after second half Our Havells will also start showing profit, it’s no problem. Our ICICI Bank is starting to show profit. In this, the main thing, which we will have to hold, ICICI Bank, will have to hold it till Monday. If our target is hit, if it becomes 1:3, If it becomes 1:3 then also in ICICI Bank we can come up, That will see on charts.

And TCS has yet not started to perform. IT sector is little bit, No, I won’t say it totally an underperformer. IT sector is also doing ok.

And it requires courage friend to explain all these and Share before the results come out only. Yes, IT sector is performing very nicely. Infosys is up, Tech Mahindra is up, Wipro is up.

Only TCS and HCL tech are lagging. Now lagging, laggard, of its own sector, it will pick up itself. Why will it pick up? Because I am not buying it in top. See. This is difference. What people do? People buy their stock here; they say that will it break out? I have brother, bought it on support.

Here to buy, of market, see market is not a fluke. This is market movement. Market works in wave no. 1,2,3.

If you understand this that how market works, That market works, works in wave no 1,2,3. In this way it works, then you will come to know. So for the first time in front of you all, I am not doing Nifty/Bank Nifty I stock futures, equity futures, and in equity options I am working. And working in equity options I am showing you all that how market is behaving. Everyone’s Stop Loss have told you, everyone’s target has told you.

Alright guys, quick update, the stocks are performing fine, Perfectly well, okay? Perfectly well all of them are performing. And I am. Okay the thing which I told you now about, about Havells The thing which I told you that they are, like don’t think that, I don’t want to give wrong information to people that brother the results like.

That you make it short, make it opposite. To take contra trade, it takes a lot of time and experience. my experience, I have experience of market, So I have taken it and I am explaining, That if in market max, go and see always the result of ICICI Bank. If in market before result comes, if in market already a downfall has come, a pullback has come, Then there are many possibilities of market That market gives an upside swing. And same, you go and see Reliance’s history’s results, Tomorrow results are about to come, I won’t trade in it I would want to watch it again in forward testing.

Back testing I have done much in Reliance. In Reliance whenever you see that in Reliance howsoever the results come, It comes good only, market always goes up in anticipation And after that a very strong fall occurs. Always the result is this only. Many a times I have seen that the market is already down, still market fell down. If now only I open Reliance and show, tomorrow results are about to come, Now also it’s going down.

If you see, still it’s going down still it’s going down, So I am not trading in Reliance because it is not making sense. Where sense is made? In Havells, sense was being made. If I wanted, I could have told you one more stock Bajaj Auto. Bajaj Auto has already given a downfall. Its result is going to come. When?

Its result is going to come today or tomorrow. When is Bajaj Auto’s result about to come? Today is its result. Now today is its result, in market already one sell has come, So it might be that results are not going to be good news is out in the market, But it requires experience to do all these things, So I don’t want to convey wrong message to you. Guys see it is very much thought through and calculated trade In which risk is very less, risk is very less. This yes, this is my Stop Loss, market won’t be able to touch this level only And this is my target the lower line or minimum, minimum this gap will remain my target. Minimum gap fill will remain my target and if gap fill will come so definitely we will get it in 1081 Or bigger target than that So that this is the only trade in which I want to make you understand that This is very thought through trade what is dow theory.

If Upstox’s people put the video, then I’ll tell But let me tell you now News is already discounted in the market, The market already knew that Havells is going to post good results. The last move which uses to be there in top which retailers use to buy And in this situation when they get liquidity, They use to book profit all the FIIs, DIIs and all the pro people here book profit, Market falls and restarts again, a new journey. If you want you can check, it comes after one month from now, This video will be here only, you see. Ok? And as far as TCS and ICICI Bank is concerned, They are performing very nicely, the way it was wanted, ICICI Bank is already performing well.

Let me bring to 15 minutes’ time frame. See this, it’s performing well, now it will keep performing on and on, will keep moving on Because now time is there, obviously it’s a swing trade Can’t rush it either in 1:3, I get it, 1:3 I get or my target gets hit. TCS is also after doing a movement, giving a pullback, again will have to restart. Alright guys, I hope that I this video which is this I am fearing before posting it. I am fearing that whether from this analysis of mine

If someone incurs loss. So I am telling beforehand only, No one of you is going to take my trade until you understand it. These totally for educational purposes, these things have been shared.

That my own profit, profit is not showing also, I am not showing you also that what I am getting, what’s going on in my P&L I don’t even want to show, Only I want to show that the analysis which I shared publicly in market, I have acted on it and I am ready to take stop losses on it also, It won’t hurt me, If I have stop loss of lakh, Rs 1.5 lakh, 2 lakhs of in per stock, Then there’s no problem, But I will surely make above 1.5 lakh, 1.5 lakh, 2 lakhs, 3-4 lakhs only I am going to make, all the stocks are working in my favor, Havells will come in my favor within 2 hours. It may happen that till this video ends, I might tell you this also that brother it has come.

So once, all this is done, I will be posting this on YouTube. Just see that in market people I am not saying that my way is correct, I am showing my one of the methods. In public market there are many ways, ways of these kinds You know, analysis, of doing analysis. I want to show you many methods, ok? So come, now let me meet you in some time Finally let me tell you all one more thing, see, Havells has also stopped, got halt by coming there And rest of mine stocks are working fine You, let me tell this also, many people will have confusion That why PE has been bought? Here also PE why it has been bought, in ICICI also why PE has been bought, This is hedge position, this is to hedge, can you see? And this is exactly futures 9625, then 9625, TCS’s futures 3000 then PE 3000. These are hedge positions which are securing me margin benefits ok? It is securing margin benefits also And along with that, basically margin benefit I have taken right? Now at last, let me tell you one more thing, finally, Guys we have taken two trades, carefully, The one who will be a smart person, he will understand, What will he understand? Today we took two trades, two buys and one short, So did we take buy trade in support, did we take it on bottom? Yes.

We have one, we have taken one short trade. Did we take that short trade in top or did we take it in bottom? We have taken it in top. And when, so much, means it’s the most basic thing, but you people, I am saying truly honestly, in comments, people do the opposite of it or not, They always expect a break out upside and they always expect a breakdown downside and in the reality, Something else happens. So that is why it’s very important for you to understand, Buy at bottom of the market, sell at top.

Now you don’t know what is the exact top and exact bottom But you can measure them using trend lines, right? Using trend lines, using support resistance In Havells, its taking a support and a resistance, aproaching an all time high In TCS there was a very long term trend line, In ICICI there was a very long term trend line, so by looking at all these things, With technical tools, not with own mind, they find bottom/top and there you buy. So we took two trades, two trades are with the trend And one trade contra trend, contrarian trade has been taken, Of the opposite way has been taken, But there is a theory behind it, The theory which I am back testing from many days, forward testing also I am doing, Now that’s why I can carry trade in that, they are matching my things. ok So I will, I will keep you posted what happens now in trades Alright guys, after a lot of thinking, I have finally decided to post this and with a message, So come let me give you this message that Whatever trade you will take, you will take it at your own risk, I think Havells here is looking like a highly risky trade so don’t take that, TCS is looking a great trade because there are no events in it, So TCS might be a good trade for you to try and test, To try and test the analysis. So with full courage I am still putting my analysis. Now I just want that you people don’t take risk Now I just want that you people don’t take risk Some people think that this guy is posting any guy can be wrong, ok? So I have taken things according to my calculation, ok? And ok? So come I hope you understood the analysis, understood the things, Havells has also made a top, GDD order I will place it now.

And, surely, here, after this I will manage this trade. Might be that in Havells tomorrow, not tomorrow, In Monday I might sell, ICICI Bank I will sell in Monday only at gap up, Exit you will have to do according to yourselves In TCS, movement has started coming, TCS is going to be a good trade, Now it’s going to break a high, it’s going to break a flag Alright guys, so like we said, I told you all, see in Havells also one top has been made, In it also one selling has started to come, So this will also start to give us profit slowly slowly till tomorrow And TCS has also started performing and this also, So this is hedge, so this has become of Rs 1 More than this what? More than this above 5000-6000 it won’t be able to give loss, This has also started to give positive momentum And this also I don’t know why it is giving me profit, It is put in it loss only should happen. How many rupees of loss will happen at max? Of 1 rupee it’s LTP, average, Means 7000-8000 losses will happen in this This will start giving us profit when good fall will come.

So come on guys. I am posting this video for all of you so that you understand That why this trade has been taken. Alright guys, so I hope that you all have understood that What analysis it was, how using the Opstra data which I gave you, By making a theory totally a swing trade has been taken. Alright so I hope that you had fun watching this video, you got to learn something, If you got to learn something, If this type of live trade also you all are liking, You can let me know by your likes I get to know, By the comments I get to know. Please

let me know how you are like feeling after getting this video. India Vix has become minus 7 percent, Volatility has dropped much, market is going on a bullish phase, ICICI Bank is also going, TCS is also going, Everything is good, only Havells will trouble a bit today but from tomorrow It will start working or else will take stop Loss in any of this This is the theory mindset of a trader that you plan with a good Risk/Reward rate, 1:1, 1:3 And then you take the opportunities whenever you see price action working good. Ok. Ok guys, subscribe the channel if you are new Crypto, forex, stocks, options, on everything information is available here. Ok? Come on, ok guys. I will see you soon in next video and those who are new people, Those who want to trade, those who ask about broker, Zerodha is the best broker.

There is simple interface, Upstox is also great, The opening links of both the accounts you will get it in the end of the video, If you want, you can open your account there also. Ok? So, Bye everyone bye. See you in the next video.

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