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Hi, guys so I. Just. Followed up with a phone call from an online, training academy, student. She. Went ahead and, emailed me saying, that she would love to you, know talk, over the phone and just tell her story. So. The. Video is I, recorded, me. Talking to her over the phone so I apologize. If it is not the best quality I gotta figure out a way to. Record. Phone calls and, more. Clearly, but. If you're, interested you can watch the following video but to reiterate what she said essentially. It's, something, that I get emails about everyday. But. She was a student back, in 2015. I believe she said she, spent, $25,000. On an OTA, program. She. Then lost her job so, she, went through a really tough time throughout. This entire process, she. Was paying $500. A month. To. Pay off the loan for, four years, and. When. She signed, up for the program she was told that she would be making a minimum of $1,000. In profits, per, month, so, obviously. That sounds, great your only paid 500, you're making $1,000, in profits, you're still putting $500, in your pocket every month but. That was absolutely, not. The case she. Did it once make. A single, trade. In three, years. She, took the program, twice. She, repeated, it because, she wasn't understanding. And. Her it wasn't working to make trade she was understanding, how to do it so she took the program again and that, still didn't help she didn't get any additional, help, besides the. Advice to just keep taking the program until, she gets it. She. Had issues with. TradeStation. Which was the program that. OTA. Was using at the time I'm not familiar with if this is it's still the same platform, that they're using, for their students, so, don't, quote me on that but at the time that's what they were using and. She. Fell. Under two categories, that. Were. Basically. Would deny her, to be able to trade on TradeStation. Because. She was, unemployed, she. Was able, to use the platform and, because. Of an age restriction, she, wasn't able to continue, to use the TradeStation, platform they. Denied her, basically. They blocked her out of the account. And. So she had to figure, out a different platform to, use throughout. This entire process she, was reaching out to OTA several, times, you, know every time they basically told her they'll get back to her and then she wouldn't hear back from them until she would reach out again.

She. Has finished paying off her loans she, has still not ever made, a single trade, or. Now. Not, even a negative trade I mean she just hasn't ever been able to even trade she hasn't been able to receive the assistance. So. You. Know that's her story and it's something that a lot of people have gone through you. Know she mentioned, that in the classroom, the, teachers were carrying. They were respectful, to her. Not. That I am saying that they are aren't of course you know they're gonna be, professionals. But. The fact that she never received that, guidance, for the amount of money that she paid you know not. Once did anybody take, a couple of minutes out of their time to just help, her to figure out what she was doing on her own the. Only thing they could say is you know take the class over again take the class over it's all she ever heard from them with. No other help. So. For, those, of you who are interested in OTA you know this is a real student, that took the program spent. Four years paying, off the debt that never, made a profit. You, know you guys have your own story I'd be happy to listen, happy, to post it for everybody, to be able to you, know, take. What they can from it. Buddy this, is a stock girls so I am. About to make a phone call to, a. Online. Trading Academy student. She, went ahead and, reached, out to me in an email and, said. You. Know that she just she'd, be interested in sharing her story and that she would be willing to do it over the phone we. Definitely don't live in the same state so couldn't meet in person but I thought, that this would be pretty interesting, just, because most. Of the students, that I get are. Not. Interested, I guess, in doing. Like over the phone videos. But. If any of you guys that are watching are interested. You, know this is my first time so I apologize. I don't know how it's gonna go exactly but you, know we're gonna go ahead and try it and if, any other, online, training academy students or just in general guys, um I. Review. The stock market trading school so if any. Of you guys are from, other programs, you, know from any. Of the other programs that I've ever talked about I would love to hear your stories and just your reviews that's what, this channel is all about if, it's positive or, negative, you, know I'm willing to listen so, you.

Guys Can just send me an email saying, you'd like to go ahead and try this sometime with me but. Let's go ahead and, give a, call. Hi. Is this Lydia. Linda. Yeah. Hi. Linda, this is Katya calling, from the stock girl channel is now an okay time to talk. Wonderful. Well. Before we start I, just wanted. To let you know that this, is being recorded and, will be posted on. YouTube. Are. You okay with that. Okay. And, I. This. Is the first time that I'm trying this so I don't, know how, great the quality will be, but. If you could just speak. As loud as you can feel comfortable so, that we can make that we can get it get. The sound. Loud. Enough okay, and. We're. Enjoying the. Oh. No problem okay. Yes. Okay. Okay. And I, went, to the cubic, class in. 2015. And. Secondary. You, know check you into one of the. Educators. And. Give. You all the great secretary. You. Know to make money. You. Know you can make thousand, dollars a week very easy, and you Chardonnay all these formulas, to how to do it and. Didn't. Pick the biggest package I decided. I really wanted to do teachers and. Your. Teachers, your type the core strategy. And. 63. Years old at that time. So. I, am. Wrist you're working, and. Teachers. Here to do it either it's very. Late at night. Morning. Working. Was a little hard for me to do that and. I really killed after. Taking the courses I wasn't, comfortable. With. Doing. It online I, couldn't. Take. The course is over John. Well. Taken. Off on my vacation. Classification. Your. You said that you were, having. A monthly, payment of $500. Yeah. How, long did you have to. Be able to pay that off. Just. One character long I was. Just really nervous about. They. Only used one. Company. To. Get the trade and, that was TradeStation. And, those in the future cetera, five, thousand members in before, you could even start, to trade or even practice, mm-hmm. $55,000. In and. Was practicing. But I still. Didn't feel comfortable, with. What. I was doing you, know partly. Since, I was. Up so much money. Careful. Sure. Well. All. This time my. Money was getting here that, was just a trade they. Were taking seat, said on my account, none, $5,000. Right they're great they're over knocking like no time. So. I, went over there talk to em again, so. Then I took another one support the core strategy for, celebration. And. All. I was there I talked, it when, this unanswered, I said you, know about. You. Know go ahead and chime then, he said welcome my. Counselors, are working on three experts and they changed the rules and I have been a seven-person, hmm. So. I scratch. It together, bobbing. Up to 7,000. And, then, I got laid off from work so. Yeah. And, so now in 65. Yes. And. Um, but. I was another. Job okay. With this it's good chance. Now. So. I go, to. Take. My 401k, add, my company's, account, I'm, gonna put it into an eye on the, TradeStation we're. Gonna say Kay from you know the trade stations already tow, truck. Down there all this, massive paperwork. To get the money transfer. And, it has to go through some sort of other company, because it can't come straight from my 401 K to. TradeStation. They have a intermediary. 401. K company the, thing word is Detroit, so. I, get, all of, its. Other company. Let. Me know that they have inviting you just, waiting for instructions from titrations. Is very over and. I'll baby kept. Calling, and calling presentative, over here and here's. One confident, never call, me only. After. Like 30, months, here's. My living shitty. You, know so, good some days holding on to it and. Show. He. Said well good. Sir I needed your clothes. My, trade, count it. Applications. Dude I already, transferred, in. From uh :, trade seconds, good nine and. I need to stop bitching want me as a claiming, more and, then I need to check on my honey, hmm. I said. Won't fly. Just. Passed you. Know. Good job. Hours. From your. 2015, to 2018 three, years. And. All that money and. Not one single charge. Gonna. One nation better tell me why, all. The partner he. Said let me show you one mm-hmm. Call. Back over dou J, Aaron. Heights garbage. Roll you, know guy, over there. Hardison. Okay. Hmm. I. Was talking transit from, country. Who's. Gonna make it very easy, to thank you you can just. You. Know. Just. Holding. You know budget, transfer, straight, station, I'll put it in you, know. So. To. This point I can't choice you, it. Went. Back to the original paperwork. And. Read through all the instructions. That, I knew, there's something in there that I'm good you. Know in the application, or something I change, most of section. On. Another contribution, to the force and I think yes I just kind of it through it but, it should, I've, reasons, that you can be rejected. And. I. Was. Chewing oh. That. Was insufficient. No. I wasn't working can, you tell me my. Future there's a lot of hold your people with your classes if you were in you. Know all those people want you're working, right. And. So. They're. Just in the same block we're, not that that's not oth that's.

Try Station so I guess, things. Like okay comment. Yeah. It's. In your. Was. It. Said ain't know what they're working age, I. Uh-huh. I can't. Believe that that would actually be. In. The paperwork I'm, surprised. The. Transfer. So. I'm gonna read it, I'm, gonna repeat sort of, overall. What, you had. Said so, basically. How. Long ago was this when I forgot you said when, did you take the OT a program. 2015. Okay, so in 2015, you, spent. You. Said, $25,000. Okay. So you took a loan for, $25,000. To. Take, the program and you. Had a monthly payment of $500. A, month, for approximately. Four years to pay it off to, pay off the loan and for, three. Out of the four years you had not made a single trade because, there had been. Multiple. Issues. With, the trading platform that. OTA was using, and you, had reached out several. Times to, OTA to your, instructor, asking. For help. With. Not really receiving any, additional. Guidance or, support, to continue. Being. Able to make trades. Is that correct. Yeah. So you would take it again, and it still wasn't helping, could you tell me um any, more, information about what. It was like when you were actually. In. The program for. The second time. Okay. Yeah, that's I mean just, in general I, feel, that. OTA. Sort. Of pushes. You. Know pushes, students to, take, the programs, and I've also noticed too from my personal, experience, maybe, you could answer for me too but, I noticed, that the students. That come to the OTA program. For. The first time most of them haven't, ever really done any research on. Trading. Schools it. Tends to be their first, interaction. In general. With you, know the trading world and, trading programs, would, you say it was the same for you. Yeah. And you hadn't, really done any research into, other programs before. That okay yeah, that was the same with me and I really. Find that that's sort, of the, target, is to make sure that these are first-time. Traders. First, time being. Interested, even in the trading world because. Really ultimately, you, know had. People. Done had I had, you in general done, more research into other trading programs we would see a huge, difference just, in the price itself. You. Know and which. Is what I really try to educate people on too is the fact that like. Programs. Cost different, amounts but, if going. To ot is your very first experience. You don't know, how. Other teachers are you don't know what the tactics, are of other programs. You know to you it's like well they're probably all like this, because, you haven't really had an experience, with any other program, but safe. To say that other programs, are not like this you. Know. With. Me just. Mention. Yeah. There was a lot of people mostly. Industry. Work in. My. Name you know lucky, one falling. Gas company, for 20 or 30 years so. Has the money to get, some masterminds, are always, in. A very chop program. Yeah. Yeah. I mean I'm even, with myself personally, I. Didn't. Come into the program expecting. To buy anything at all and, then they, asked, me about the mastermind, program and, their recommendations. Was you know to, take out a loan which. To, me is just very ironic, because they're, supposed to be teaching you how to do, money management, and the, last thing that anybody, in the financial, market, or in, money management is would tell you is that you, should take out a loan it's. The, complete opposite, you, know, thought.

Process, That. Your. Choice you're making, you. Know easily trading. Yeah. Right. But. You didn't make any trades, right for, you said like no mirrors no, money. And. Just, keep paying off a loan. Yeah. Well. Thank. You so much for, you know talking, to me and talking to it whoever, is listening to this I, mean I. You. Know you. Just you were interested in sharing your story and I was interested in hearing it so, thank you for sharing and, I'm. Sorry, I'm truly sorry that you had to go through that it's a, horrible. Experience. And I. I just I, hope, that that they're watching this and that you, know possibly, they could reach out to you somehow to. Compensate. You for that, time or those bosses I don't know I don't know what they can do for you. I don't, know what I could do if I came to the TradeStation many nights, I've another bunker child, but their software, is. Before. I carry its translation. So I'm on site you, know with. You. Know. Yeah. Well, um. You. Can open in a cow essentially. With any platform. If you're interested. But. Again like. It. Depends, on like what you want to trade you know and, then the you still always have to put in a certain amount into, the platform to, be able to trade so it's like yeah, it's, challenging. To pick something but. It's. Possible, if it's still something you're interested in doing. But. We can talk about that some more if you want to email me more about. This. Year I told, her about what happened and she said. $25,000. Up to maybe I could. Go back 2016. When I started. Life as a trainer and I. Could check their whole thing is her business. Lost. So. We go back and read in my 2016. Taxes, she. Think I, could. Take that as a business losses there touch what I was being you. Know day trader be, my business and, guess. I could take that as a loss and I acted a bunch of money back from the IRS but. That's, kind of a little encouraging. Yeah. Well. I love, you know I would, actually be very interested, and I think a lot of students, would be because you know you're not the first person I, mean you're the first person I've talked to over the phone about this but I've received, dozens. Of emails just. Like work. Forward what you're saying essentially, and. I, think a lot of people would be interested because, I. Unfortunately. I don't have a lot of advice, for.

The People you know that had to take out loans to pay for their program, yeah but, if that is something that you can do with your taxes, I think a lot of people would really be interested, in. Hearing about that. You. Know you have to be a business. You. Know, practice, different, but it's just never entered. My mind one, you know I thought through all of this that I could even go back for yeah. Definitely. Well thank you so much I'm. Gonna go ahead and I, don't think you're hey I just I just kiss just right there wallet. Well. I'm gonna just end the recording here, for a second.

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