LIVE recording: Everything about how I made over $6,400 in 2 days on USD/JPY.

LIVE recording: Everything about how I made over $6,400 in 2 days on USD/JPY.

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Hello. And thank you for watching my other video this. Was recorded live on 29th. Of May, on last Wednesday. 2019. And. I am about to trade this usd/jpy. And. Just. Looking at the chart and start. Analyzing the, current market situation, all. Right let's get started. This. Is a daily, chart of u.s., dollar JPM, now, if you draw lines like this you, can see that it's a wider range and the current price is a, summer lower part of that whole, range and, if you focus on the range the, price went up with one. Two three four five six, eight, positive. Bullish waves then, the price could not go above the previous highest then. It went down with, just one negative bearish, reversed, in wave, and the. Price stopped, at around thirty eight point two percent Fibonacci, rate within. The whole range. Then. The price, went, up done. Once then, went up again, creating. One positive bullish, in wave, and after. That the, price kept going down every, day with, single. Bearish a wave pretty, strong downtrend, then. The, priced push, back up had like, thirty, eight point two percent of Fibonacci, level between the recent, highest, and the, recent lowest, then. It went down to, the current price. Now. When you look at the current price it might at the recent, lowest, in my crew eight double bottom and the, price might keep going up from here or. After. The price has been registered, by the descending. Trendline or this, red moving, average, it, might be pushed back down and might, keep going down afterwards, to the bottom of the recent lowest of the whole range. And, when, you look at the each mock crowd it's showing green at showing boat render but because, it's thin and the price is below the cloud now and because. The cloud is moving horizontally I, would, say the indicator, is not reliable, at this moment. All. Right now let's look at the, stochastics, looks. Like it's functioning. Right like from this button after the god crossed the. Price went up right there, after it's dead crossed here, the, price went down and, here, too the price went up with the gold cross then, the price went, down with the dead cross here now, the current stochastically, shows, from. The lower level, below 30% as, it shows in red color, therefore. From the pattern so far there's. A chance that the price could. Go up after, it's. Gold cross. Now. Let's look at one. Hour chart next, and see what we can find. Here. Is a one-hour chart and, as you can see it's. Showing a continuous, downtrend, for six, working days since. May 22nd. On Wednesday. The price gradually, went down and on 23rd, the, price went straight, down about 80. Pips and because, of the spike down on. The next day the market became range, then. Went, down, a little more about, 20, some pips then. On 27th. And last Monday, the price, went up a little bit and, on, the 28th, Tuesday. When. The market, opened up the. Body Japan becoming, narrow searching. Its energy, for the next move and because. On, this, day the, price looks it's been registered, by the each MacLeod the. Price went down to. The recent lowest, then, it went straight back.

Actually. I placed, an order right before it spikes down on this day and moved the stop-loss to. The entry point but unfortunately, it didn't break. Downwards, so, it ended, up with break-even. Anyways. The price went up after it marked at a recent lowest. Like. Alpha, v as Victor then. The price again looks to be resisted, by the, Ichimoku cloud and dropped. To. The recent, lowest again. The. Width of Bollinger, Band is becoming, narrow meaning, the volatility, is getting smaller now and, the, market is charging. Its energy, for the next move. Now. When you focus on the, support line the price is being supported by the written, lowest level roughly. About one, two three four, five times so. I see the support is pretty solid and, looks. Like there's some strong support, barrier here and. Also because the Ichimoku cloud is becoming thinner here, the, price can easily, break upwards, at this stage now. Let's. Break it down and, look at current a five minute chart. Okay. This is the, current, 5-minute, chart it's. On 29th, of May on Wednesday, and. What, I'm looking for is a chance to buy and. Before. I explain let me buy here, and let me explain why I placed, this order, the. Lost cut will be here. About 18, or, 19 peeps, away from the current price all. Right let's look at the market environment. Again. After, the price marked recent, low today the, price gradually. Moved up in recent. 30, minutes the price went straight, down, but. Look, at the, recent lowest, it did not really touch the recent, lowest, you, know the price marked, lower high then. The price is moving up now I think this is very remarkable. So, that's why I just placed buy order here because I can, feel the price wanting, to go up what. I mean by that is that there, is no more like sell energy on the market there are more buy energy than sell energy here, because, another reason is that from. The recent momentum. The, body is stronger. Than sale if, you look at the price action from the recent low look.

How Green candles, are more showing up than red candles, so, even the price went straight, down recently. Because. It did not exceed. The recent, lowest, I wanted. To buy here. Also. Another reason why I buy here is stochastics. It, seems to be working in this environment like, when the price mark the lowest, and after. The statistics, marked gold cross the price started to go up, then. When it did cross the price went down then. Here too the price went up when it gold crossed then. The price went back down, when it dead crossed so. What's gonna happen when he goes across next time right, it's. Still not gold cross yet but, I can expect from this momentum, that when, it does the price will keep going up and when. The market does not move that way it, proves that the momentum, has changed. And, there's, one more reason why I bought it here that. Is when the price goes down from the current level and it breaks downwards, my, loss is still minimum, you know I place the SEL below. Like eighteen or nineteen people, from the current price but, I don't think I will hold the position until the price hit it because I will, be keep watching, the price action from now and because, if, the, price goes below, the recent lowest, then, all, my theory is proved to be wrong so. Depending, on the price actions as I keep watching I might. Cut lost before it touches the SL. Speaking. Of stop-loss, I always. Place a stop loss even when I can keep watching the market like today because, it's, like a zip you know whatever. Something, unexpected. Happens, related, to this currency pair like, when, some but, economic, news happens, or when Trump, says something, surprising the. Price could go straight down regardless of their current momentum, it's. Something unpredictable, and. I, used to lose lots of money because of those surprises, that's. Why I make sure to put a stop loss right after I place any orders. And. Like this time 20, pips loss car is very minimum to me and that's, why I think it's, a great deal to buy sometimes, when the markets volatility is very high I only, find a place where I have to place like, 50. Pips or 70, pips of loss card where, I think it's reasonable and, in, that case I would place low a lot like ten or even five. Lots so that I know what, risk I'm, taking to. Make a certain profit. Anyways. I will just leave it like this and, let's, see how it goes later. Good. Morning, ohayo, gozaimasu it's, K and it's now at 10 a.m. in Japan, on 30th, of May I was. Looking, at the chart last night but, after I confirmed, the price kept going up after I placed the buy order I went. To bed and today. I just woke up like 1 hour ago and I, just had some small, breakfast, and took my dog for a walk and a, recording, video. Look. How nice the price went up after the entry, the price, went, up once then, now it's been pushed back about, 10 pips from the highest level now, it's been about 27. Peeps above, my, position, and making. About 5, thousand US dollars of, profit, I will. Now move the stop loss to, the entry price so, that it becomes either win, or break even game. This. Is what I'm good at and how I trade, every day making.

The Game to either win, or break, even so, that if I keep doing this there's. No such a thing that losing. Game right, I took. The deal right I mean who. Doesn't want the game now. All, I can expect, is how, much to win were, to take profit, and this, is a really fun part of trading I think I will. Keep watching the market from this morning, along with other, currency, pairs and, if. I see some remarkable price actions, I will take another video. This. Is two hours after, the previous recording, now, the price, is still within the range and, during. Asian, market, usually there, is no much of volatility so. It's okay the, price doesn't break Dahmer's, but, it doesn't break upwards, either but. To me the market is still, in by, momentum. The. Current price action shows its higher, highs or highs so. I will move the, stop-loss to, slightly, below, the recent, lowest, level, on this 5-minute. Chart and, aim. For further profit. Now. Let, me explain why, I moved in a surplus first. Of all what, I look at is the chart pattern showing double, button and after. That the, price is going, bullish, and if. You closely look at the double button the. Lowest, price is slightly above the second recent, lowest, and after. It that price keeps going up until now also. If, you look at the stochastics, looks. Like it resonates, with the current price action in recent. Lowest, is right. At the level below 30 percent and a gold cross and that's. Why I, started. Relatively. Safe to, move, the stop-loss to. Below, recent, lowest. And. If the profit is taken, I will find another trade. Chance so it's okay, you. Know one of the things that, people misunderstand. About indicators. Is that when. It comes to indicators, there is no Holy Grail as you know the. Important. Thing is to identify. What's working in, what's not in a certain time frame of, the chart, for. Example like, on this 5-minute chart it's. Obvious. That each McLeod is not working right maybe. It worked, when, it was on a boat train earlier, but now cloud, is too thin, and, it, doesn't do anything it's. Not working as a support, or resistance or, anything like that and, after, the price just broke downward, its, breaking. Up or, you, see the each MacLeod is very thin at the moment, and, when. You look at it with, the current price action it's. Obvious. To everyone that, we cannot trade with this indicator. Remember. In, one, of our chart yesterday, he was working as a support, cloud but, in this chart seems, like it doesn't so, I don't look at it I would. Rather look at what's working at, their certain environment, like stochastics. In this case but. It's only working on this parameter, if, you change the parameter to other numbers, it, will become not working, you know but. In my current setting, it's. Working, and this. Is one of my favorite settings so I just leave it like this, so. Stop, trying to find an indicator, that works for you but, rather, focus.

On What's, working and what's not and it's. Just, my small device. Okay. Here is two hours after, the previous recording, again, this is a 5-minute chart of u.s., dollar jpn. On 30th. Of May, and, just. As expected, the price kept going up and now, it's about 30, pips away from the entry price making, almost, about. Seven, thousand US dollars now. If you look at the stochastics, after. The previous recording, be gold across and now it's above seventy, percent level and it's. Showing a powerboat. So. I cannot tell how much more the price will extend upwards. From. Now but. If you focus on the moving average the, red line it, shows that. The price is supported. Twice, or, three, times so. As long as the price is above the, moving average in, this 5-minute chart I will, just follow the trend until it breaks downwards, now. Let's. Look at one hour chart and, see what, we can find out. Here. Is one hour chart on, Thursday on 29th, I placed, by order and after that the price went straight, up pushed. Back once and it keeps going up now and, I. Am placing my stop-loss, right below the recent lowest ensuring. About 18 bits about, 3300. Profit and currently. Aiming. For, further profit, now. If you look at the candlesticks. Of this one-hour chart after, I place the buy there, are two strong positive candlesticks. And then, one, negative candlestick. Showed up then. One, strong positive or candlestick showed up and because. It's overbought. Now as, you look at the stochastics, the price might come back down also. Because. The price is hitting, the previous, highest, so. It, also makes me doubtful, if it, breaks uppers, or not. Which. Mother Claire is not working, in this one or chart today as, a cloud appears to be thin and moving, horizontally, but. When you look at the moving average, the, current price is above the line so, there's, no reason for me to take profit, at this moment unless. The, price breaks. Down words just. Like web minute chart we saw earlier. And. When, you look at the stochastics. It looks like it's been working that the, price goes up where, it's good crust and the, price goes down when. A dead. Crossed now, the, current price level is right. Above 70%. Level, so. It might be dead crossed, and if. That's the case the price could go down that's. Something, that, I'll be watching, out along, with the moving average. Hello. It's at. 7:30. P.m. here in Japan about five hours passed from the previous recording, and this, is five miniature of usd/jpy. Now. Look. How the price kept going up and currently, plus, 42, pips away from my entry making. About seventy, six hundred dollars now. This. Time I will move the stop-loss to slightly below the recent lowest, ensuring. It 35 pips about. 6400. Profit, and, aiming, father I kind. Of think that this stop-loss, is too tight but the reason is because I have to go out for a drink with my friends pretty soon there's. A good, yakiniku, you, know Japanese, barbecue place in a city called Roppongi. And that's. Where I'm going it's, now 7:30, p.m., and I will leave as soon as I finish this recording. So. I'll be quick this time. Let's. Look at the price action first, after. The previous recording, it broke a recent highest, and the price kept, going up above the booming average then. The price broke the moving average downwards, and looks. Like it's in a range state now, if, you look at the recent lowest, it marked like three or four times and recently. It showed like double. Bottom like chart, pattern and now the price is on a bull trend, also.

The Price broke each MacGraw downwards, well each mock crowd. Was not really working on this five-minute church though it's not really significant, let's. Look at something that was working, stochastics. Now. It's, been oversold, below 30 percent level then, it just got crossed, so the, price might go up from here so. I think it's good to move the stop-loss to this level and aiming. For further profit. You. Know every time I remove the stop-loss I only, move it to the reasonable, level where there's a certain price action along with the indicator signals. And more. Importantly. It's, okay that the price hits a stop loss because, that's. Where I think it's reasonable then, after, it hits it I just. Look for another chance because there. Are chances, every day in 80 currency pairs even. Gold silver, or other, commodities, or any, cryptocurrencies. What. I am focused, is to follow my strategy, in a role and not. To break it if. I break my own rule and make profits, it's, not a good profit, on, the other hand if, I keep my role and lose trading, it's, a good way of losing, because I can always learn from it so you must have your own strategy. For placing order taking. Profit and cutting, loss I. Guess. It's something that all the successful traders say but I think it's true and hopefully, you can learn why, by. Watching my live trading. All. Right yakiniku, and my friends are waiting for me so I gotta go I will. Put the outcome on the description, below later so check, it out -. Also. Please make sure to press a good button if you liked it and please, subscribe, for my future videos see. You bye. You.

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