LIVE Recorded: Gold trade with $20,000 profit in 2 days!

LIVE Recorded: Gold trade with $20,000 profit in 2 days!

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Hello. Everyone, this is Kay and I, just started to record this gold Forex, chart live, today. Is on June 4th of, 2019. And, looking. At some trade. Chance on this gold chart. Now. As. Soon as I look at this chart I noticed. There is a. Descending, Chanin line and, the. Price broke up words like three, days ago and. It's, been quite strong bullish, trend, after that and it. Keeps going upwards. After. The. Head, and shoulder chart pattern here, it, went downwards, then. It, created, double bottom like chat, pattern and, it. Went straight up, in. The, price even. Broke it smokey cloud and keeps. Its bullish momentum. Sorry. I forgot to say this but. This. Is daily chart of gold by the way, so. I will look for a by chance as I, see this environment, currently. The price looks right, at these. Previous. Shoulders. Level. So it might be resisted, here in possibly, goes backwards, however. Stochastic. Shows well. Not. Really a good signal, it looks like it doesn't resonate, with, this environment, in daily chart of gold. Here. It, looked divergence. But right, now. The. Gold across because, the price spiked high and, that's, something we, cannot predict from this stochastic indicator. Let's. Look at one hour chart now. All. Right this is one our chart of gold on the, 4th of June, in 2019. And what. Do we see here, it's. Been uptrend, since May 30th, and has, been, renewing. The, higher price since then until yesterday. The, price was above Ichimoku, cloud and. Also, above moving, average so, those. Who bought at this, lower price places. There. Were no reasons to take profit until today the, stochastics, shows, it's been overbought. Since May 30th, and, showing. Green meaning. Above 70%. Since. Then so I can. See that this indicator, is not working in this parameter setting. But. Look, what's, happening, today, the. Environment, changed, right obviously you. Can see that the, momentum, change. The. Price doesn't break recent, highest anymore and, it's been creating, a range today, the. Bollinger Band is squeezing, and charging. Its energy, for the next move and gas, tax is going down, so. The. Buy energy, is currently. Stopped and the, market is looking for a direction to break either upwards. Or downwards. However. As we saw on a daily chart earlier, the, big primary, trend is still bullish and, if, you look at the recent candlesticks. It shows pinbar, pointing. Downwards, right meaning, there's, some. Barrier here that, price doesn't want to go further down. All. Right let's, look at 5-minute, chart now. Okay. This is the, 5-minute chart of gold today on the, 4th of June so. After. The strong bullish trend, today, it. Shows a complete, range as you can see and. The, price goes up and down but recent, price action shows. That there is a firm ground here like a strong support, here so. Let. Me place a, buy, here hold on. And. Place. A stoploss, right after the order as always. Right, now the stop plus is about 35. Or, 36. Pips down from, where I bought just. Below the recent, lowest. All. Right let me continue to explain what's going on here so, after the continuous bullish trend until yesterday, today. It just stopped the trend and started. To create a range when. You look at the chart you should notice these kind, of differences, because, when, the momentum changes, there's. Always our trades chance so I place, by here because of. Three. Reasons. First. The, big primary, trend in daily chart is on. Bullish so, I'm looking, for some place to buy and secondly. The. Current. Price. Level, is. Relatively.

Lower Part of today's. Range, so my first target will be here. Making. A risk/reward, ratio to be 1/2. Like 2 so, it's a good bargain. Sale to me also. The third reason is, the, stochastics. Because when you see it it resonates, the price action in this 5-minute, chart like. When it's gold cross it goes up and when it's dead crossed it goes down so. I see that the stochastic is working, in this environment and now the. Current price is below 30%, level. As it, shows in red color, and it's. Just got crossed so I'm expecting the price to go up the, primary target, currently. It's about 11:00, p.m. in Japan and. Now. Recording, was stopped, somehow, and I would just keep, talking to myself earlier, but. Anyways. Looks, like I'm getting positive, results now, and see. What's gonna happen here let. Me go to the bathroom, and do some stuff as I keep recording, this video. Wow. Did you just see what happened, the, price spiked, up and came back down. This. Is definitely, by some kind of fundamental news so I will check it later but. For. Now. Let. Me move the, stop-loss to, slightly above the. Entry. Level, the, reason is because, whenever. This kind of sudden movement, happens, the. Price could, spike on either direction, so. It's. Always safe to secure the account in this kind of situation, you, know I always keep one thing in mind it's. Not to win but, not to lose is. Way. More important, because then. You can look for another chance, but if you die that's, it for the game right it. Looks like it's hitting, the SL. Yeah. It, did. It's okay I will look for another chance, to buy. It's. About one, half hour later from the previous recording, this. Is also 5 minute chart but, after. The price hit my stop-loss. Look. How the price kept going down and marked, the recent lowest, now. When. I look at this chart I noticed one thing it's, the price action like, if you look at the price action before, and, after, the spike to. Me it's, different, you. Know how it's different, well. Before. I explain, let. Me place by. Here. And. Place. Stop-loss. Just, below, the previous lowest. Which, is about 20 pips below my, entry. And. The, first target, would be the recent highest, which is at, this. Level, so. Risk. Reward ratio would, be one to like. Three which, is a good game to play. Okay. Back to the price action so, you, know how the price, actually is different before, and after, the spike. Well. When the price was going upwards. It. Took time but when, it goes backwards to, the current price level it didn't take much time it came straight back down and whenever. The boom int takes less, time whenever. The price moves faster, like this. There. Is a higher. Chance that the price would go to the opposite, direction in, this, case going, upwards, I was, in lots and lots of chart patterns like this in. Many, currency, pairs so that's, one of the possibilities. Also. Another, remarkable, thing to look at is the, divergence, you.

See How it's creating divergence. Where price goes lower lures and stochastic. Shows, lower, highs, this. Is called divergence, and it's one. Of the signals. Of trend. Reverse so. Along with the current price level, that's, hitting the recent roll I think. It's. A great chance to buy here, now. I'll. Let the time go by and, see what's. Going to be. About. When our past from the previous recording, and, I. See some, profit, running, now, it's like 1:30, a.m. midnight, in Japan so, I will go to bed anytime soon but, the price went above like. 20 pips from where I placed by and, currently. Running about four. Thousand dollars, of profit. Now. It's clear that the, price was supported, at, the recent, lowest. Stochastic. Is showing their versions so. I will move the. Stop-loss. Right. Above my position, so that I, won't. Wake up with some bad feeling, with rasca tomorrow I'm just kidding, it's, half joking, half true. I'm kind of expecting that the price will go up and I think it will but. We, never know if. You see the price action there's a descending. Trendline, here. So. It might be resisted, one more time here, could. Go back down from this current price and. I. Will. Get break-even but, it's okay is. That the case I would look for another chance to buy or sell or. Whatever, hopefully. I can show you some. Good results tomorrow until. Then have. A good night and sweet. Dreams. Hello. Good morning ohayo, gozaimasu. This is at 11:00 a.m. on the 5th of June in Japan time, this. Morning after I woke up I already confirmed, with my iPhone that, the Prophet is running, so I just took a quick shower had. Some breakfast, checked. A couple emails then. Recording, this, video. Like. I said this is one our chart of gold on, the fifth of June, and this. Is where I bought yesterday, and. Currently. Running. About. 50. Or, 55, pips running, over. $11,000. Of profit. As. You can see I bought, right at the bottom of the recent Royce right, at the bottom so, I can say that this is a good, trade and the. Trader was beautiful, and ideal. As risk. To reward ratio can, be maximized, now. All I can expect, is to keep going upwards, and see, what's gonna happen now. Tonight in japan time we have ADP. Employment change. In. The, US in. Other some. Economic. News so it might have some volatility. Then. But for now I am. Expecting, the price to break upwards, as the, price is still over each motor cloud and believing. Bad is squeezing, so. Looks like it's charging its energy, to break on either directions. Let's. Look at the 5-minute chart and, see. More detailed price action. Okay. This is a five-minute chart I think.

This Is where I was. Here. On my previous recording. And remember. I said the price could be resisted. By this descending. Trendline, actually. It did once but it broke upwards. All. The way to the, recent highest level yesterday, then. It went down a little bit like. 20. Or 30 pips, then, the price is in. The range State now. Look. At where the recent lowest, it, shows like double, bottom like chart, pattern and stochastic. Shows, divergence. So. At this stage I, still, see that the trend is still in a bull trend. From. This 5-minute chart now. It's. Like 11:10. A.m.. In. Japan, and, I, will be going to your, comma today where. There is a beautiful Seaport, Park in Chinatown, so I will, just leave like, this. Because. I don't think the market won't, move during Asian. Time anyways, I. Might. Report. To you by Instagram, Twitter or, Facebook. While, I'm, outside but, for now I have to get ready to go so. I, will see you tonight. Hello. It's Kay and I just got back from Yokohama. And, came back home, and. This is 5-minute chart but, look. How the price kept going up it's, almost like 70. Pips in making. $33,000. Profit so far the. Price is breaking, up words, and keeps its momentum and. Scare. 6:1 showed, over boat, as it. Shows in green color but, after that the, price still, keeps going up and looks like it's gold, across just, now I, still. Place my. Stop loss at, the entry, level. So let me move it to, somewhere reasonable. Which. Is, right. Below the, recent lowest, which. Is this place. Ensuring. 39. Pips. About. 7800, dollars and aim, for further, profit, at. This level, risk. To reward ratio. Already. Is about, one, to two so. It's really a good game, but. Let's see how much further, I can extend the profit. As. I mentioned earlier we, have some fundamental news that might affect, the gold market so I will keep paying attention to it. Okay. Five hours have passed after the previous, recording. And. Again this is a five-minute chart of gold on, the fifth of June. Now. The price came back downwards, and it's strong the, volatility, is. Pretty. High today, if. You look at the price action after. It made one. Two three four five. Waves. Upwards. It's. Creating, a downward. Waves of. One. Two three four, five. Waves. And the. Price is near, the recent, lowest here the. Price might, be supported. Here, and could come back up. This way let. Me put Fibonacci, here. Yeah. If. I put the Fibonacci, retracement. Between, the recent lowest, in recent, highest, the, price is right at, 61.8%. So. I will move the stop loss. Or. Now, you can call it take profit line I will, move it slightly, below, this. 61.8%. Level. It's. 102. Pips, insuring. Twenty. Hundred and four eighty years, daughter's and, in. For for the profit. Yes. I think it's quite reasonable to place the profit line here. Because of. The Fibonacci retracement. And also, support line and. Yeah. This is okay, for now if. The price breaks this line in downwards. That means the, whole environment, has changed so, it's okay I will. Let the profit be taken. Row. Right. Now it's, 120. Am in Japan time in a midnight and, when. I open, the chart I see. That the Prophet was taken, while I was watching some anime, so. The, price was not, supported. At this. Support. Line and. It. Just broke downwards. So. The next scenario might, be either the, price goes, up after, it reaches, the recent lowest, or. It. Continues, to break downward, and still, continue, to create, a range in one-hour, chart. That's. Something that's no. One knows and it's uncontrollable, as, you know the. Only thing we can control is, where, to buy or sell where, to place stop-loss, and when. To take profit, right all. The other things belong to the market and it's something unpredictable but. Today. I took a perfect, little over, twenty. Thousand, dollars so I want game and it's okay. And as. A history, shows I placed the bai at.

1/3. To 0.87. And. Place. Stop-loss, 20. Pips below if, you remember, and. I. Took profit at 1 3 3 1, point. 1 1, so. How many people did. I get it's. About 100. Pips right so. What. Was a risk to reward ratio of. That. Trade, the. Risk was 20 pips and I got 100, pips so it was 1, to 5 ratio right. So. I can say that it was a beautiful trade whenever. You try to place orders. Always, always. Look, for a place where there is relatively. More, advantage, don't. Place an order in the middle of the range or just. By your instinct. But, keep, looking for a place that you have more advantage, like this. Then. You can make profits, out of this zero-sum. Game in. A very stable way. Actually. I'm thinking to, record a video about, risk, reward ratio and. Why it's more important, than winning rate maybe. During, this weekend, sometime so, stay, tuned I will. Put the link on the description below. So that you can have easier access to the video. All. Right I guess that's it for today it's. Almost like 1:30, a.m. here. And I'm, going to bed soon so, I will. See you on the next video and. Before. You leave please press, the good button if you like this video and please, subscribe for. My future videos Cheers. Bye. You.

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