LIVE Prime Minister's Questions: 26 June 2019

LIVE Prime Minister's Questions: 26 June 2019

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Order questions, to, the prime-minister. Sangam, debonaire. Question. Number one mr. speaker the, Prime Minister, Thank You mr. speaker. I'm. Sure I'm, sure that, the whole house will. Want to join me in wishing the, England, football team the, very best for their game against Norway tomorrow. Mr.. Speaker, mr.. Speaker this morning my, office hosted a reception to. Mark armed forces reserves, day and this coming Saturday, we celebrate Armed Forces Day this, is an opportunity for us all to, pay tribute to our servicemen, and women here. And around the world for, their dedication and service, and to, those who have served in previous, generations. Mr.. Speaker this morning I had meetings with ministerial, colleagues and others later, today my right honourable friend the Chancellor, and I will, travel to Japan for the g20 leaders summit with. The threat of climate change putting, future generations, at risk vile, terrorist, propaganda continuing. To spread online and, rising, 10 Gulf, this, summit is an opportunity, to address global challenges, affecting all, our nations. As. The thousands, of people demonstrating, outside will tell you tackling, climate change, and biodiversity makes. The world safer more beautiful, and sustainable for. Our children, and grandchildren, does. The Prime Minister agree that, one of the first acts of the next prime minister should, be urgently. A new, environment, of climate change bill putting. Into place all the recommendations, of the Committee on climate, change to meet net carbon zero making. The world a more beautiful place. The. Honourable lady that. We, have we, are introducing, an environment, Bill's government, we've introduced a 25 year environment. Plan I think for the first time that any government has done that we've committed to net zero emissions. By 2050. That has gone through this. House but, the question, she needs to think about is, why is the Labour Party, in the House of Lords trying. To block the Net Zero and 20. Thank you Thank You mr. speaker one of the biggest restraints. On what, is a very positive, economy. In York and North Yorkshire is the lack of progress on devolution.

Following. The rejection of the one Yorkshire proposal, does the Prime Minister agree with me that we need to have, a more local, approach, such, as a York and North Yorkshire deal to, rival those of the big urban centres. I. Absolutely. Recognize. As we do across government, the enthusiasm, and dedication in Yorkshire for devolution and the potential, scene therefore Parvat harnessing, local people's sense of identity, with Yorkshire and we share the ambition of doing what is best for Yorkshire its, people and its businesses, my, right honorable friend the community secretary has now met with, Yorkshire leaders, discussions. Are continuing about, a different, localist approach to, devolution and officials, are having initial, meetings with councils including York, and will be interested in hearing their ambitions, for devolution Jeremy. Corbyn. Thank, You mr. speaker, I hope. The whole house will welcome today's, mass, climate, Lobby that's coming to Parliament, today and. We should be proud of it this house after all became the first Parliament, in the world to declare a climate, emergency. And, I want to pay tribute to the young, people and young climate, strikers, that have done so much to raise. Awareness of, this issue and I hope members will take the chance today to, meet those that are coming to lobby and learn from them because they feel very, passionately, on the issue I also, acknowledge its Armed Forces day and the celebrations, are going on this week and I think we should be concerned, about the welfare of both serving, and former, serving, members of our armed forces and. I joined the prime minister in congratulating the, lionesses, for reaching the quarter-final so, the Women's World Cup and wish them well tomorrow, night against Norway, Mr. Speaker I. Welcome. The judgment, of the Court of Appeal last Thursday, against, UK arms, sales to Saudi Arabia, the.

Court Found that the government had and I quote made, no concluded. Assessments. Of whether the saudi-led, coalition. Had committed, violations, of international humanitarian, law. During, the Yemen conflict, and made no attempt, to do so does. The prime minister dispute, that finding. We. Continue, to operate one of the most robust arms Export Control regimes in, the world. And. We take our responsibilities. On arms export licensing, very, seriously. Indeed, in the words of the 2017. Judgment, the, government engaged in anxious scrutiny. Indeed. At what seems like anguished, scrutiny, at some stages, we're. Disappointed that the court found against the government on one, ground, and we, will be seeking permission to appeal this judgment G, enemy calming. Mr. Speaker the. German. Germany. As only, EU member state has banned arms exports, to Saudi Arabia so, is Denmark, and both the US Senate, and House of Representatives have voted to ban arms, exports, as well the. UN describes, the situation, in Yemen as and, I quote humanity's, biggest preventable. Desire. And the government sees fit to continue selling, arms to Saudi Arabia during, that situation. So can I ask the Prime Minister a very simple, question does, Eve. There, are serious, ongoing. Violations. Of international humanitarian. Law. By, Saudi Arabia in Yemen, yes, or no. The. Right. Honourable gentleman knows. Very well that we consider, these issues very carefully, when we are dealing with these arms export, licenses, as, has, just been quoted by the court but he references, the situation, in Yemen this, cannot go on we need a political settlement, in Yemen I would, remind the right honourable gentleman that the saudi-led, intervention. Was, at the request of the legitimate, president, of the Yemen, following. A rebel, insurgency. Which. Overthrew. The. Internationally. Recognized, government and, the intervention, has been acknowledged, by the United, Nations, now. My right honourable friend my. Right honourable friend the foreign secretary, held, a Yemen quat meeting, on Saturday. Expressing. Concerns, at escalating, tensions, but, what do we see the, labor party to one. Of his MPs. Was, inviting, rebel, leaders of the insurgency into. The House of Commons yet. Again labor on the wrong side of the argument. The, Prime Minister, doesn't appear to understand, the depths of feeling at the UN, Parliament's. Around the world and even the US Senate and House on this, situation, the UN itself has warned, that by the end of 2019. If the war continues. 230,000. People would, have lost their lives. 140,000. Of which are children, under. The age of, 5 the. UK, and EU law states, that the government must and, I quote not grant, a license, if there, is a clear risk that, that items, used might be used in the commission of a. Serious, violation of international humanitarian, law. The. Government said they'd used the following criteria to, judge that and I quote an understanding. Of Saudi, military procedures. Continuing. Engagement the, Saudis at the highest level and Saudi. Public, commitments, to international, humanitarian law. So. If the Saudi government says, they're respecting, human rights do. We then ignore, all evidence. On the ground in Yemen, and continue. To sell weapons to this regime which, has led to this appalling, death, toll already. In this conflict. First. Of all as I've, made clear we're, seeking permission to appeal the recent, judgement but the judgment isn't about whether the government made the right or wrong decisions. But about the decision-making, process, and whether it was rational, so we are considering the implications of the judgement alongside, the.

The. Permission. To appeal that we're seeking and while, we do this we won't grant any new licenses, for exports to Saudi Arabia and. Its coalition partners which might be used in the conflict in Yemen but he talks about the conflict in Yemen as I've just said let's, remember what happened, why we are seeing this conflict, in Yemen it was the overthrow. Of the internationally. Recognized, government by. Rebel, insurgents. Is we are all concerned, we are all concerned. We. Are all concerned, about the, humanitarian situation, in, Yemen that is. The. Shadow foreign. Secretary might, like actually, as this is an area of concern to her remit. To actually listen to what the government is doing. All. Order, order, the questions, must, be heard and, the. Answers, must, be. Heard the Prime Minister. We. Are all concerned, about the humanitarian situation in, the Yemen that is why since, the start of the conflict in 2015, our total, commitment to Yemen it's now stands at, 770. Million, pounds, we are one of the major contributors. To, support for the humanitarian effort. Ultimately. The. Only way to resolve this, issue is through a political settlement, and that is why we are supporting the efforts of the UN Special Envoy Martin, Griffiths. That's. The case why is the government appealing, the judgment instead of promoting a peace settlement in Yemen. Since. 2016. Mr., speaker, for three years for, three years United, Nations experts, have been saying that, sat the Saudi coalition has violated, international humanitarian. Law. In Yemen this air campaign, has killed tens of thousands, and injured. And displaced many more the, government says there. Can be no military solution, to this particular conflict, there can only be a negotiated. And political, solution. If that is the case why. Have they pumped 4.6. Billion pounds, of military, equipment into. This brutal bombardment, already. What. We do we, do believe is I've just said I've said in answer to his last question, I said it I think in answer to the first question that, he gave me but, the, only way, to ensure the security and stability of Yemen for the future is through, a political settlement. That, is why this. Government that is why this government, is supporting. The, work that is being done by the UN Special Envoy Martin, Griffiths that is why we are continuing, to use our diplomatic, efforts including. As I said the foreign secretary holding, a Yemen quarte on Saturday, to, encourage others around, the table we are very clear we, support, the efforts to secure the agreement by the parties to the conflict to implement the Stockholm, agreements, that is an important, part of the process leading to peace, and a political solution, we. Need to ensure that a working, essential, so that progress can be made at the next round of peace talks and so, that humanitarian, supply, lines can be opened up Jeremy, Corbyn so, a trade secretary, who said there couldn't be a military solution, to this conflict surely. She the government should think on this and stop, the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia. Just. Last week the, UN Special, Rapporteur Agnes. Callum had said there, is credible, evidence that, the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed, bin Salman, and other, high-level, officials, are personally, responsible for, the horrific murder of, Jamal khashoggi does, the Prime Minister accept, that assessment. We. Do want to see accountability, to this horrific murder I raised, the death of Jamar, Khashoggi with, King Salman. At the shan summit that's. The second time i've done so i've raised it with the crown, prince at the g20 last, year I've, stressed, the importance, of those responsive women held to account of, due process being, followed we.

Expect, Saudi Arabia, to take the, action, necessary to, ensure such violations, of international, and national, laws can't happen again due, to the right direction, the, right way to take this is through a judicial process, and we're obviously closely following, the continuing. Investigation we. Expect it to proceed in line with internationally, recognized legal standards, Jeremy. Corbyn mr.. Speaker there is overwhelming. Evidence that war crimes have been committed in, Yemen by Saudi Arabian, forces. That. Flouts every. Human, rights norm, at home and abroad, it's. Government believes that it can kill with impunity journalists. Or civil rights campaigners. Yemenis. Or Bahrain, ease it funds extremism. Around the world but. The UK, has. Supplied, them with over four and a half billion, pounds, worth of deadly, weapons UK. Weapons, which have been used in indiscriminate. Attacks, on civilians. In which over. 200,000, people have, been killed. Thousands, more stand. On the brink of famine. Of starvation, and of, deaths from wholly preventable. Diseases. Surely. Mr. speaker the. Court of appeals the. Court of Appeal judgment. Should. Be a wake-up. Call to, the Prime Minister and the government so, instead of appealing, the, judgment why not accept, the judgment and stop, arm sales to Saudi Arabia now, and bring, about peace. In the, Yemen and save, those lives. The. Right honourable gentleman says to me bring about peace in the Yemen it's, exactly, what we are working with, our international partners. To do through, the United Nations and, through the Yemen part but. Also the right honourable gentleman is talking about the. Relations. That we have with Saudi, Arabia that is a relationship, that has saved lives of, British citizens, in the past but. Let's just look at some of the relationships, at the left the, right honourable gentleman sir. When. People were killed in Salisbury, his sympathies, were with Russia. When. Terrorists. Were killing. When. Terrorists. Were killing, our people his, sympathies, were with the IRA. And in the recent tanker, attacks in the Gulf his, sympathies, were with Iran, he. Never backs Britain, and he should never be Prime, Minister. I'm. A firm believer that youth work is part of the answer to so many issues in our society now the huge role to play in my Mansfield constituency, but currently at risk of losing vital, news work qualifications. The review of these qualifications is announced April the 1st but the funding has been delayed in the, system, if it's not secured or in danger of seeing universities, and colleges drop these qualifications from 2020, so, am i right and will friend ensure that, this funding signed off immediately continue. To train amazing, youth workers. Well. My girlfriend, has raised an important issue and the importance, of the proper, training of these youth workers, we are absolutely. Committed to properly, qualified and trained youth sector and, subject. To a business case we have committed to renewing, funding, for these qualifications and, reviewing, the youth work curriculum. I know DCMS, are in very close contact with the National Youth Agency and aware, of the timing issues and hope to make an announcement on this in the near future in, Blackford. Thank. You mr. speaker can I sauce hit myself with the remarks of the prime minister of whether reservists. I am, happy, today to be supporting, a bad Jordan, supporting. NASA. DeAnza Gary Radcliffe, and I openly days. At the prime minister has left an office she will do what she can to secure the, release of naazy from jail, in Iran and I hope the Prime Minister will join many of us outside Parliament, today in support of the climate, justice activist and I have to say to the leader, of the Opposition that was the Scottish government that was the first government in the UK to declare he claimed, it American said, I hope that the UK responds. To the leadership that softened, is giving on this issue mr. speaker. Do. Or die, come. Help me. Those. Are the words of the, Prime Minister's, likely, successor. The. Truth behind the brexit, chaos in the Tory party is encompassed, those, words the. Tory dream is. To drag us out of the European Union no. Matter what. The cost, Prime. Minister before. You exit, office will. You pledge to never, vote for a successor. Willing. To impose a devastating. Nor deal brexit, on all of us. Well. I have to remind the rush on for gentlemen yet again but he is due to be asked me questions about my responsibilities. As Prime Minister, and. I would remind him yet again that as Prime Minister I, voted, three times in this house to, ensure that we could take the UK out of the European with. A deal that was good for the whole of the United Kingdom, and he voted effectively.

For No Deal. My. Goodness it's no wonder she's leaving that was no answer to a question. The Prime Minister, is showing, gross. Cavitus, on. The one hand the Tories are asking people to put their faith and the, most incompetent. Foreign secretary in, his century. A man. Who has maybe come here out of Lyon who, has spent his week avoiding. The media, staging. Photos, and. Playing, to the extreme, delusions. In, the Tory shines. And we. Have the most incompetent, health, secretary. In, our history. Right. Boots on, privatizing. Roman NHS. The conservators. Clearly, don't like the truth, someone. So desperate for a chance as. His 50 year college. And. I. Think. The right honourable gentleman has concluded his inquiry. Or. Order, if he hasn't he needs to do so in a single sentence, order. I don't want mr. Cowen. I'm, sure you're a well-intentioned, fellow, but I require no counsel, from you one, sentence, we've got a lot of questions to get through a sentence well then mr. Blackford mr.. Speaker and her, last is an office well, she finally act, in the best interest. Of these islands, not the Conservative, Party and had met that leader of the candidates, for office should, ever be elected Prime, Minister. Can. I say to the right honourable, gentleman either, of the candidates, for this high office would. Do a dance, I'd better job than anybody sitting on any of those. I. Very. Much welcome, the announcements. For the Prime Minister and the, Secretary, of State the work of pensions, made yesterday with. My right honourable friend updates, the house about some of those plans and how she feels, that they will enable more people living with disabilities, and health conditions to, play the full part in our society. First. Of all thank my honourable friend for the work that she did as Minister, for disabled, people which, sets. A lot of the groundwork for the announcement, we may be able to make on the disability strategy there. Are many disabled, people in our society who would love to actually be able to get into the workplace one, of the key issues underpinning, that strategy is, support. For people to enable them to take their full role in society to get into the workplace to, ensure they have access to the support that they need I'm I'm, very proud of the fact that nearly. That something like nine hundred and fifty thousand, more disabled, people are now in the workplace thanks, to the actions of conservatives, in government, there, is more for us to do the disability, strategy sets our path to do that and enable disabled people to play their full role in our society. Almost. Every. Infrastructure. Project across the UK, requires. British, made steel, the contracts, for the next five years alone are, worth 1 billion, pounds, but yesterday, the, UK steel and community, trade union members were asking me if the, skull thought Steel Works will still be working with five days time will. The Prime Minister, guarantee. That, a month from now before. She leaves office, the Scunthorpe, Steel Works will still be open.

We. Are concerned, about the situation in relation, to the, scone thought works in relation to British steel that's why my right Iran will friend the business sector secretary, is engaging, actively. With. The official. Receiver obviously the official, receiver has a responsibility, in relation to this matter but, we are doing all that we can as a government, and I, was. Pleased to meet with enough obviously as she knows a number of members. Of parliament who have. As, still interest in their constituencies, to talk about the real impact, that, the closure of the works would have on people that's why we're working so actively. To try to ensure that we can retain the employment in those area Ella bravoman. Jeter. Give birth any day now. There, won't be an emergency in the Commons. My. Thanks to you the former leader of the house this government and cross party MPs who, have delivered the proxy voting scheme which will enable my constituents. To be represented, during my maternity leave Mr Speaker 11 year old Ruby, Lloyd hook, from hook with war zones primary school is campaigning, for a pedestrian crossing on Wars, ash Road to, encourage more pupils to walk to school thereby. Improving, road safety and air quality hundreds. Of local residents support, her campaign, her, headmistress, supports her campaign, and so do her councillors will my right on a whore friend get behind Ruby's, campaign, for safer roads. Cani. Cani first of all say to my amore friend we wish her the very best for the upper berth. And can. I also say that I have, a, certain satisfaction having, played a little role in bringing ensuring. That she and her husband. Actually. Married. She acknowledges. Can. I say on the issue that she that, she is referred to a, ruby. First, of all it's very good to see young people caring, passionately, about their local area and campaigning. For their local area and it's, vital obviously. That school children to go to school in a safe environment of, course if it's an issue for the local authority. Clyde would just like to reach Ruby the very best for her campaign Nick. Thomas Simmons. Universal. Credit is causing great hardship, in my constituency it, is driving up debt is increasing food, bank use it is making people who are out of work worse often people who are in work worse off in, her final weeks in office will, she act to halt the rollout of this failed policy, or will, she simply, leave, this injustice, burning. I. Guess. A to the Honorable gentleman what, lay behind universal. Credit was changing, our benefit system the legacy system we inherited, from the. Labour Party, was one where over a million people were left on benefits, for nearly a decade what, Universal, Credit does is helps people into work and ensures, that when they are in work they, are able to earn more, two, hundred thousand more people in work a million, disabled, people getting more money as a result of universal. Credit, 700,000, people getting the benefits there are entitled. To as a result of universal, credit this is a policy that is working all. Master. Turn. Starting. Next week and many members have already been enjoying hitting a few balls on the courts a new palace yard so, will my right little friend take this opportunity to swish all the British players the best of luck in the championships, and also welcome the announcement from the Lawn Tennis Association of, 250, million pounds for nine to six new indoor tennis centers to open up the sport to three more three million more people across the UK. Well, can I can I say caramel very. In a very timely fashion raising, this issue I certainly, wish, all the very best to all the British players will be participating in Wimbledon I'd like to congratulate Andy, Murray for his win in the doubles at Queen's the. Weekend I, understand. That there is an exhibition of tennis, taking place here, in Parliament, today with, the paddock school from. Putney taking, part in that and it's very good to see young people having. That experience, and having that opportunity and, I welcomed the LTA the fact that the LTA is directing, funding across the whole country to where it's needed most to grow the sport from the grassroots up, mr.. Callum awkward. Thank. You mr. speaker, a recent, you got Poland Islamophobia, within the Conservative, Party shows and the, standing, level of racism, almost. 50 percent polled, would, not want to see a Muslim Prime Minister only. 8 percent would be proud if there was one, 67. Percent believe gracious, myths about Muslim communities, and yet 8 out of 10 don't, think this is a problem in, light of this and as one of her final, acts of a Premiership, will, the Prime Minister finally agree to Commission, an external, inquiry into, Islam a phobia within.

Her Increasingly. Nasty. Party. I say to the, Honourable gentleman we take we, take any allegations, of Islamophobia. A very, seriously, in the Conservative Party every, allegation is properly, investigated, we, have seen my right honourable friend the chairman of the Conservative, Party take, swift action we. Have seen people suspended. From the party we, have seen people excluded. From the party and I, would just say to the Honorable gentleman that it is in direct contrast, to, the way in which the labour party deals with anti-semitism. Indeed. Indeed. It is it, is easier, to be kicked out of the labour party for voting Liberal, Democrats than, for being anti-semitic. Mr.. Speaker. There, there, is a risk that complex. Conflicts. Thousands, of miles away can sometimes, appear deceptively. Simple, at Westminster. There's my right honourable friend share my surprise that the leader of the Opposition did not mention, the, Human Rights Watch had, said last week that it was a potential war crime of hootie drones targeting, civilian, targets. In Saudi Arabia and the world's food program, has recently suspended. Suspended, aid. In. Hootie controlled areas, because of its diversion, aid workers not being allowed into hootie areas and aid, being diverted to enrich Hootie, Hootie, forces, is, it not the case that it's best to recognize, the horrors of war on all sides and, concentrate. Not, on being one sided but, getting but getting fully behind it the tireless efforts of Martin Griffiths to seek peace in Yemen and support. Those efforts and, bring this conflict to an end. Can, I thank my right on my friend with his experience, in the Foreign Office he has. Seen, and knows the, complexities. Of these issues and he's absolutely right that, it is important, that we look at what is happening in the Yemen and we recognize, the actions that the Houthis have been taking, as well that is why it is so important to bring both sides around the table to ensure that we can get that agreed peace, settlement. And find. Supporting. Martin, Griffiths the UN's voice in his. Efforts to bring the parties around the, table and he. References, the humanitarian, aid I said earlier the extent of humanitarian, aid we've given one, of the great problems we've had to address is the, way in which it is not always possible to get that age to the people who need it most not, because of our inability, because. Of the. Insurgents. The way in which the Hootie's are preventing, that aid getting, to the people who need it most. Thank. You mr. speaker. Brexit, uncertainty. Is hitting manufacturing. Businesses in my Lincoln constituency. And, local managing directors, have told me that no deal would be absolutely catastrophic theorem. For their exports to Europe and they put local jobs at risk one, firm is even port workers on short-time working already temporarily, does. The Prime Minister accept that her government and, I include in this statement either of her likely successors, have, made a catastrophic no, do brexit, a more likely outcome. I. Wanted. To deliver brexit, with a deal I bought. A deal to this house and the honorable lady and, her, colleagues, voted. Three, times. On. Monday, a hundred, and sixty years of food production on the same site in Berlin ended with, the announcement of the closure of the carry food plants in my, constituency affecting. 900. Jobs in, both person and in, the constituency of my friend from South Derbyshire, the. Prime Minister will obviously have, great sympathy for all of those workers who are concerned about their future concerned. About paying their mortgage the holidays they have booked, and. Their families will, she commits to a cross. Part. Meant task force to, try and help ensure we, not only get those 900 people back into work but, we find a new use for that plant in burtenbach. Well. Obviously as my honourable friend says I'm sure this is going to be a very worrying time for the employees, of carry foods and their families, first. And that ministers, from the Department for business, energy and industrial strategy are speaking to honourable friend to discuss the, situation that they will work with jeffra and with, housing communities and local government, to explore the various options we'll, also want to work closely, with businesses, and local partners, to ensure those affected, are well supported and indeed, to explore options for the future of the site and, our, thoughts are with those who will obviously very concerned at this time Jay, Stevens.

Seven-year-old. Italia belaid who's the daughter of my constituent. Gosha semana, veg was, abducted, by her father and taken to Libya in 2012, the, father returned, here without Talia, and she remains in Libya with his mother he. Was jailed but released on licence in 2017. And he's now absconded. And, is not reporting, to the Home Office all. Ghosh's. Legal, avenues, have been exhausted, and she is really desperate, will. The Prime Minister please use every, channel available during. Her final weeks in office to secure Talia's, return to her mother in. Lady. Obviously she's, outlined this case, hearing that in the house I will ensure that this is a matter that is that is looked into properly by Department concerned, Mitchell. Speaker. On the Yemen. Saudi. Catastrophe. That is taking place isn't. It the case that Britain, should move to a position of, far greater neutrality. Supporting. A comprehensive. Ceasefire and. While Britain is absolutely, right to condemn the Houthi, attacks on Riyadh and Jeddah should. We not also condemn, the night after night bombings, by the saudi aircraft, which, are killing, innocent civilians, and radicalizing. Tens of thousands, of young Yemenis, I say. To my Russian friend we have supported. We have called for a ceasefire we, supported, the efforts that have been made for a ceasefire we, supported those efforts around her data a very, important port port obviously, for getting humanitarian relief, in but this is why it is so important, that we continue, to work with our international partners and with, the UN Special, Envoy to, bring about that ceasefire to enable, the parties to come round the table to, get the political settlement which is the only way to ensure the future security and stability of Yemen Gerry, McCarthy. On. Friday, mr. speaker, a 14 year old girl with, autism, and a learning disability was. Placed in a secure mental health unit, 150. Miles from home and, mother's already had to stop work and her parents are now trying to scrape together the money to find temporary accommodation, there so they can be near their child does. The Prime Minister not agree that, we really need decent trusted. Facilities, in every community for distressed children so that families don't have to go through this. Well. The. ARMA lady makes a very important, point and obviously the emphasis that we are putting in the, National. Health Service on dealing with mental health and on, improving, the support that is available to mental health is a part of this we, are looking and the eye held a roundtable. To. Looking at the outcomes, of the review that we've had on the Mental Health Act where. Exactly, these sorts of issues about the type of circumstances. In which people were being, being. Provided for was raised and this is something that the NHS, is looking at very carefully and we are ensuring that there is a funding, available for further facilities. To be provided. Meet, with my constituents. Who have traveled down to Westminster as part of the Christian, a climate, change Lobby with, her world leading commitment, to a NetZero target.

By 2050. The Prime Minister has shown that we're already leading, the way as we leave the EU will. She also urge her successor, to put the environment, at the heart of the brexit negotiations. Well. Can I, thank, my honourable friend for raising this issue and can I also, congratulate. Those of nachito constituents. Who are coming, down to Westminster today to discuss, this very important, issue we, will the government, has made a major step as she says by, legislating, for net serial I hope that the Labour efforts, to stop this in the House of Lords will not be successful so. That we can actually, ensure that that legislation is signed and we will make every effort as we, leave the European Union working, with our European partners and, others, to ensure that we put this at the forefront, of discussions and that the right approach. Is taken to it by countries around the world. Thank. You I, appreciate that, the prime, minister said he distracted, by the intoxicating. Emotion, of imminent, freedom, and release, but. Whilst he's still running the country could. She spare, a fort, for the 1.3. Million, homeowners. In, our, nation, though, most of course being pensioner. Households, missing out and the. Prime Minister will be aware that today that excellent. Charity, independent. Aged are actually seeking, to support. The campaign, for the 3.5. Million, unclaimed. Pension. According. To the DWP's, own figures, would, my, honourable, friend with you over the Prime Minister agree, with me that this 3.5. Million should not be left to fructify, in the coffers of the Treasury but should flow to, the promos. Question. Which was booked with his normal, and natural theatricality. In the, in the chamber as. He was seen the chance of the Exchequer will actually heard the questions that he has that, he has put obviously, we want to ensure that people who are entitled to benefits, actually are in receipt of those of, those benefits, but I would also say to the honourable gentleman that this government can be proud of the record of what we have done for pensioners through the triple lot and various, other ways such the pensioners, are pensioners. Are, 1600. Pounds a year better off under this government, Sir, John Hayes. Today's. Mass lobby is about sustainability, but there can be no economic health, nor, communal, well-being, while, soulless supermarkets. Make places ubiquitous. Whilst, exploiting. My linkage here farmers, and growers and. While heartless, internet, droughts crush their small competitors, so, will the promise they use the tax system to, redistribute, power away. From those heartless, soulless. Corporate, monolith, to, all that is small and, eclectic, and, local. And particular for, mr. speaker as you know Schumacher. Said small is beautiful. Can. I say to my writer on offense he makes the important point about the importance. Of small businesses, the importance, of local, independent. Shops on our high street we, want to see those businesses, supported, that is why of course we have taken steps already. For example in relation to business, rates it's also why for, those who are concerned about the, Internet, and the way the Internet is being used to undermine.

Some, Of those small businesses in terms of the retail environment, we are of course taking action in relation, to those digital companies. Thank. You mr. speaker, well Conservative, Party leadership candidates, tour the country, offering unicorns. The Prime Minister may be thinking about the legacy will. The Prime Minister please listen. And act on the entirely reasonable, demands, of, all those affected by grand Fleur related issues, and finally, commit, commit, to fund, retrofitting. Of sprinklers, on always venture buildings, and others, we're vulnerable people live, or work give. Clarity on installation, upkeep. Of external, building insulation, adequately. Fund our fire and rescue services, and such a a social, housing regulator, with, teeth the, public, may thank you for it. Can. I say to the honourable lady obviously we. Are looking across. The board there was a number of issues that have been raised as a result of the terrible tragedy has occurred at, Grenville tower which, we have already acted on and we are continuing, to work as I said indicated. In response to her right honourable friend the leader of the Opposition last week we are looking at issues such as social. Housing I think one of the, while many people focus on the issue of cladding and and. The building, standards, actually it was the fact that the people's voices were not being held heard from, that social housing that, is a particular, concern and ensuring we have the right approach in relation, to, regulation. There is is, important, and on sprinklers, the recommendation. After lacan all was not that, every property. Over a certain certain, height should have sprinklers. Retrofitted. And it is important, to be clear about that. Jacob. Riis Maud. Thank, You mr., speaker on, the, 15th. Of May my. Right honourable friend rep. Welcomed. A decision, by nice to. Allow the drugs, bin rasa which is for spinal, muscular atrophy, to. Be prescribed, including. We. Thought to my, constituent. The grandson, of mrs. OGG born nice. Has now written to mrs. Osborne to say that. They accept, that the news story that appeared on a nice website, was. Not clear enough that, is code for saying my constituents. Grandson, will not receive, this drug. When nice says something, can it be in short that it does it and the bureaucratic, flannel, does not raise people's, hope then to doubt it. My. Friend I'm very concerned to hear the, place that he was bought before the house of his. Constituent, and in, relation to spin Raza I will ensure that this is looked into if nice says that it's been rather is attainable then obviously it should stand by its word if the Honorable gentleman doesn't get a result, that he wants it to be debated, again before the summer recess let. Me tell him it will, be debated. It. Can be quite certain of that Tony. Around Tony at C. BBC. Scotland documentary, on medical, cannabis the, chair of the BPA Finbar Callahan, said that the NHS, will not pay for life-changing. Medical cannabis for epileptic. Children by saying even. If you prescribed the product the NHS, isn't going to favorite, is his statement correct, Prime Minister. Answered. Questions on this in the past including I think from the Honourable lady the. Government has changed the law specialist, doctors on the General Medical Council, specialist, register can now prescribe, cannabis based products for medicinal use where, there is clinical evidence of, benefit, an NHS. England and the chief medical officer have made it clear that cannabis, based products, can be prescribed for medicinal use in appropriate cases but, obviously we need to trust doctors to make clinical decisions in, the best interests of patients Alec Cheryl Berg thank, you mr. speaker mr. speaker on Thursday, I was able in the adjournment debate to. Describe, the barbaric. Treatment that my father-in-law, received, that a clinic on Barbados, that ultimately led to his death mr.. Speaker it shows the influence of this chamber, that I've been contacted by many people from around the country who now want to talk to me about some of their issues and this morning mr. speaker I've been contacted, by a resident of Barbados, who, was said to me that actually the practices that go on this day by dr. alphas farm on a farm offer if it than we would reckon, my.

Ass My right and we'll friend she would either meet with me or the relevant Department, of government so, that I may inquire. As, to how we can work with Barbadian, authorities, to shut this man down and make sure that what happened to my father nor cannot happen to any other citizen I. Remember. The conversation he. And I had when, this, happened in relation to his father-in-law and that the obviously, terrible tragedy that took place I was certainly ensure that the proper. Department is able to ministers. From proper department able to sit down with him and explore, the, issue that he is raised Thank You Marion, fellows. Figures. Released today sure there are currently, nine hundred, and seventy, three million. Pounds, worth of arrears, owed under. The child maintenance, service, and while new enforcement, powers are welcomed CMS. Is part continues. To be worse than its bite you, hear the UT government, must crack down on non-payment. Of maintenance to, children, and do it now. Well the Prime Minister agreed to launch a full route, and grants review of, CMS. To. Ensure a new strategy where. Maintenance, payments are properly, enforced, and to lift these children, who in many cases will are. In poverty, because of lack of maintenance payments, yeah. The. Honourable lady is right, that we want to ensure that those maintenance payments are, indeed. Made to for those children that that people, normally. It's martha's but it can in some cases be mothers but that they take their responsibilities. Seriously and recognize, their responsibilities, this, is a difficult area for many years efforts, have been made by different, governments to ensure that we get this right and that we ensure that those maintenance payments are made I'm sure every member of this house has had constituency. Cases in relation. To this, in relation to this issue the simplified, system that. Was brought in in recent years I think has been working better than the previous system but none ensure that the department at, the relevant Department looks at the case issue she's raised. Thank. You mr. speaker in, Harlow, my constituency, many horses, and ponies are, tied up and tethered. By the roadside, maltreated. Put, in danger locations. Often, without access, to food and water call, the Prime Minister work to end the suffering of these beautiful, animals and amend the current outdated. And a Welfare Act and code of practice for the welfare horses, so, that clarifies, what the government's powers are and what the duties of local authorities, to intervene and will she urged the RSPCA, to treat this as a major concern. I, think. The, Honorable gentleman has raised an, issue which. Is important, the I will certainly ensure, that, the department looks at the issue that he's raised about the definitions, in the, legislation, and I would hope that the RSPCA, would take this seriously, as. Seriously as, they take the ill treatment of other animals. Vinegar. Thank. You mr. speaker last week of the chemo ended, the life of ceará ones from, mark Kenshin my constituency. Sirrah, was 44, years old, apparently. Gifted young mathematician. And statistician, teeny. And physical, stature but. Towering giant, is measured by, any qualities, of matter, the. Supreme ministership my hope the. Funding for brain tumor research will, be increased, to, bring forward the day that, other families, are not affected, to, one star only. Can. I say, to the Honorable gentleman obviously he's raised a very very sad case and a. Life that was full of from, what he says was full of great promise has, been sadly, cut short and our, thoughts and prayers are with the. Family, of the. Individual. Concerned, we. Have been putting more money into. Research. In relation to brain tumors this. Is an important, area it, is one on which my. Right, honourable friend the former health. Secretary, started, some extra, work being done within the NHS, that is continuing, but he's raised a very important, issue and as, I say our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by this case Jim. DeYoung Thank. You mr. speaker. One, in two people in the UK now, develop cancer, at some point in their lifetimes, and around 60% of them will require radiotherapy. As part of their treatment in, West Sussex we don't have a single line it's machine, the, my constituents, travel long, distances, every day and. It's not only costly, but of course is grueling, when you are feeling so unwell but kind, of Prime Minister outline, what steps the government is taking to ensure my constituents.

Have The same access, to medical, care as others in adjacent, counties, well. I really. Recognize the concern, that the Honourable lady has raised of course looking. At how we deal with cancer. How we treat cancer is one of the issues in the NHS, long term plan which, the NHS is putting a focus on I recognise. The concern, for those who have to have, to travel long distances, to receive this treatment as my, own boyfriend has said it's not just often. Expensive, for them but it is difficult for them and grueling for them in there, obviously. At the in. The health strip their state of health that they are and. This is something that I think will be looked at as part of the future programs. For the erasures. Mr.. Speaker will, the Prime Minister will be aware as, indeed the whole host will be of, the long-standing, campaign. For justice and compensation by. Victims, of the Lybian, sponsored, IRA. Terrorism. In Northern Ireland death row at the UK US, citizens, have been compensated. By. The Libyan. Authorities, but. The UK sisters have not, there. Are 12 billion fines held frozen, in frozen assets in the United Kingdom 17. Million pounds has been recovered in tax on, that money, in the last three years will she undertake. To use that money to. Help the victims and ensure. The Special Representative he. Has been appointed will, work closely with the victims to, obtain, the, justice, that those victims, rightly, deserve. The. Right honourable gentleman is absolutely right in raising, the issue of the justice that these victims deserve the. Issue he's raised is one that I have raised, myself with the Libyan government in, the in the past I, will, certainly ensure. That the special representative, is able to make every, effort to. Ensure. That the victims get that the that, which to which they are entitled and that he does work with the victims in doing that it's important that their voice is an absolutely crucial part of this order. Just. Before we come to the point of order there's a very small number of announcements to make the first of which draws. Upon and. Indirectly. Relates, to, something the prime minister, said by way of expression. Of good, wishes to the, England. Female, football. Team, I, think. That the house. Would want to know of the, activities, of the women's parliamentary. Football, team which. Are regularly, communicated. To me not. Least because I am the president of Asiya team I hope, the whole house wish to join me in wishing the, women's parliamentary.

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Oil burning bastardising establishment terrror threats such as these rulers carears are on there way out one way or another

Once Boris is PM every town will have water cannons to blast Green protesters back to Bolshevik Russia where they came from then we can get this country working again and lower Fuel prices

Did that three bars of god I gave to the nhs get to the nhs or pay for you’re blue eye

I give u a reason not to write here anymore. U r fu*king sick u don't have time to write because u need to go to a doctor. Take your time and ask for help.

James Cornyn is so sweet and heart giving:)

Jeremy Corbyn

I do feel sorry for Theresa May. She came into office in an unwinnable position... Yes, she completely messed up with signing up to the back stop... But with it looking so likely that Boris Johnson is going to be our Prime Minister... I can only hope that there is a general election called very quickly, and that the Brexit Party run for office, cause I honestly think they'd win, and Nigel will successfully guide us through the Brexit Crisis and Make Britain Great Again!

The Scream Source Please, do not waste your energies feeling sorry for the traitorous Theresa. It was HER who ASKED The EU for "The Irish backstop" clause to be included in The Withdrawal Agreement ! SHE is the architect of her downfall.

May reach Net Zero in England...but..unfortunately...the air in also controlled by those prevailing winds, which blow in from other Large land masses .

The Tories need to pay for their crimes. Yet on we go as it looks like they will go to war with US. Disgusting people.

But it was Labour who sent us into an illegal war in Iraq. Glass houses!

Why would we get to war with the US? Lmao

Anybody but England has now become a justifiable attitude to take by the other member states of the UKSSR considering the self entitled pig ignorant levels of suppression of representation the rUK has experianced over Brexit.

Bruce Roberts get back to your *Super Brew* and *Smack* you nonsensical bottom squeak.

Bruce Roberts Your comment still made no sense.

The PM said we all wish the English team success in there next game. No we don't. why should we?@6th I

Bruce Roberts Wtf does “Anybody but England has now become a justifiable attitude to take ... blah blah “ mean???? That whole comment makes no sense whatsoever. English not your first language?

PMQ's start at 19:15

@Sylinsic Gaming Ok my mistake, cheerfully withdrawn

@Lapin Logic the video has since been trimmed. In the original video, this timestamp was the point at which Bercow announced PMQ's

Thank you:D

Thank you!

Corbyn is a scumbag

Most people in Yemen are dieing!! Because UK government's are selling weapons which is bad

He's just standing up for the little kids dieing in Yemen, how would you feel if this was happen to your country? How would you feel,people have opinions

War criminals and profiteers should be held to account, May included.

A bunch of incompetent fools running the government


Anything else you can do to destroy England? I’m sure you’re blotch in the history books of the a testimony to the war you have cast and lost yourselves at the highest price you will pay in the years to come... apa wide for ever...

Oliver Cowpland Again, English not your first language huh? Did you just throw some stock phrases together from your manual? Makes no sense whatsoever.

Rejecting a bad deal doesn't so much increase the likelihood of no deal as it does the likelihood of a second referendum or remain.

@Annabel Hope Every possibility is on the table, no deal is the only way to get out of the declining and disastrous EU.

If there is a second referendum or we remain it will set democracy and trust within the government back several decades so it’s not that likely

There never will a good deal, the only good deal is no deal.

indeed or a better deal, but that is the debate for you, keep repeating your punt even if has been heard 100 times and makes no sense, its your point of vieuw and other shall hear it again and again

Such a waste of time

This is the house of traitors and we should be clearing out most of them to the TOWER so they can have their heads removed which is what happened to these traitors in the past. Climate change is a load of bollocks.

I do not believe a word that is said in this place. It is all bullshit. Questions asked are very rarely answered :-(

It's convenient for Mrs May to continue the arms trade with Saudi Arabia bombing Yeman because her husband Phillip May is making a profit out of it.

It really bugs me that hours and hours have been wasted in parliament sending well wishes to football players and teams. What the sweet hell has that got to do with politics? What's the purpose of it? To validate already hugely supported, both in popularity and funding, teams and players? What's the point? If it is to continue I'd say that equal amounts of support and validation should be sent to the arts - a Prime minister sending well wishes to a company about to start a run at a state-funded venue like the National Theatre might actually do some good - or hell, what about a charity event, or a small organisation that needs the exposure.

What an utterly disagreeable look Emilie Thornbury appears to permanently promenade around even when seated! How much her great grand children must look forward to gazing upon it at Christmas time!

Theresa May looks a lot better now she knows she's leaving

Good fantastic speaker

Mate, this is just a company roast but with politics xD

"My Honorable friend..."

@Takamatsu the way she was defending the KSA Arm sales?

Think she was pretty straightforward when she said nobody on the other side would be fit to run compared to either Hunt or Boris, and I think you can watch her glance at the Labour front bench before she says it, too. 18:57

TotallyRadicoolDude Wrong . It’s a total fraud . Sadly you have only been presented one side of the story

I'm not an idiot because I'm right. Firstly, the technology we have today IF properly invested in is more than sufficient to power our country in full. Other countries have already done this and even with the small investment in renewables we have today, we regularly go weeks using renewables already. Secondly, the technological investment I'm talking about would require huge public infrastructure projects to be built, so how you think that would cause steel factories to have to close, it's just nonsense. We need the steel factories to produce the materials to build the investment that's needed. And thirdly, if you think climate change is a hoax, then you're disregarding literally all the science and scientific experts and you're just being an idiot.

19:40 just bloody ranting idiots playing at pantomime.

Solomon Solomon perhaps if you write this in English I’ll understand what you’re trying to say!

Labour LEADERS are the problem of UK..all labour LEADERS PARTY should be removed from the house of commons..because if u give conservatives LEADER the well be USA and China. And economic power.....

Any bullets pass you by lately ms.may

@Radical Rainbow We don't care . Shows he has some common sense

john douglas homophobic comments-,Islamaphobic comments,sexist comments. Don’t you read? Even the right wing press that support him have reported on these things!!!

john douglas well he’s a clown boris be lucky to last 3 months doesn’t have a clue

Maxwell Smart and don’t you worry Ian Blackford will tell that numpty boris

Maxwell Smart I think he will boris not fit to being pm you going going nuts like boris

Maxwell Smart Ian Blackford is a clown what is fat boris stupid balloon

Woops, yes thank you

Question... will UK take back Hong Kong?


Corbyn friend of terrorism

The mps are a bit late for the Hippy style flowers WOODSTOCKS long gone . And how refreshing it is not to see Anna soubrys mug every week anymore she’s was so not important as of course she always was . so finding her and the cast off mps of the chuka monkey party is like looking at the children’s book WHERES WALLY Annas now very difficult to see and THANK GOD for that

@TotallyRadicoolDude That is not how it works . You lot made it up . The burden of proof is on you . Not me

Ok come on then let's have it. In what way is climate change a fraud?

@Ertay Bakıtoğlu first time I see two turkish comments in pmqs :D

Climate change again?!?!?!? WTF?!?!?!

neden her yerdeyiz neden NEDEEEEEN

Hi MPs, did you hear what's been going on in SUDAN?

脱你妈的欧 脱你妈裤子吧臭傻逼

It’s about time this lot figured out who they work for because if they don’t then the British public will remind them & it might not be pretty.

@Magnus Sandström obviously not if even the Left wing Europhile John Bercow halted allegations presented without evidence, not to mention it being a serious offence to suggest a sitting member of the house is "a liar" let alone stating the Honourable member has "Built a career on lies". also I am sure even Mr Blackford has made promises both on and off campaign that he has not been able to deliver and the least said about Dianne Abbott and her historic radio interviews the better, she may be picked up about her accuracy but it is not propper to say "Liar", also you did not present evidence either, the already fulfilled "bus" suggestion has been met so is inadmissible.

Lapin Logic But... it’s true

NO,HK belongs to China

@Lapin Logic Nigel Dodds got removed for calling another MP a liar. Bercow should have made him withdraw or else remove him. Then again, that might be exactly what the Scots want.



Khiowboon Heng No. her last day as Prime Minister is Wednesday 17th July 2019.

dear stuart,my honorable friend the prime minister should consider stay on PM if we cannot find a better person to replace her,come 17th july,thanks,Oliver Heng

Theresa May's answers are so formulaic that they become predictable. It comes from a factor of reliability she wishes to maintain, to replace creative lateral thinking for which she lacks. And if you notice, when in deep contention, she always swings the question around on the inquirer usually at the end of her statement becoming querulous so that she not only had to not answer the question, but attack the inquirer so the former of her statement seemed more suitable than it really was.

@teddymurphy95 Precisely, Order and Decency must be preserved in the House, save it devolve into chaos

Lapin Logic Honestly I love John Bercow. But allowing an honourable member to use unparliamentary language is not keeping good ORDER in the house.

@Kissy, Kissy! Mr Bercow Requires council from a hearing aid if Mr Speaker claims he didn't hear anything from the audio that is plain to hear, or perhaps Mr Bercow is finding the fast pace of the House getting beyond him and should honour his retirement.

Mr. Bercow requires no council from you.

@spoderman the way she was defending the KSA Arm sales?

@Rational Thinker the way she was defending the KSA Arm sales?

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