Live Options Trading without Indicator | Only pure candlesticks analysis | Trade one every candles

Live Options Trading without Indicator | Only pure candlesticks analysis | Trade one every candles

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Today I will try to place some trade by analysis candle sticks Today I will use only pure candle stick analysis I will not take any help from any indicator, As indicator indicate after things happen, But we need to know before it happens. But sometimes we can use indicators too Next video I'm going to introduce with some effective indicator that we can use to predict market If you observe the market This is sellers levels From here we can see sellers entry But It's a buyers level here Now if you read history of last three candles Direct sellers entry Indecision candle After rejection by buyers still buyers are not enough strong. Sellers also not active enough In the candle sellers are more active then the buyers. Because lower side has big rejection then above. Here we can see buyers trying but failed I'm trying to place one trade here. But I need marginal safety here.

Because last two candles doji type of candles Try to avoid trading when you see lot of doji in the market. Because mostly market is going to be little bad! I have place higher option now, Because I was waiting to have marginal safety trade. Because I don't want to place direct trade, as forming lot of doji candles.

So there can be another doji too This candle make strong rejection from lower side therefore I place higher option here. Finally again doji form, But I won because of marginal safety trade. Yes, The candle supposed to be enter buyer, Because every candle has rejection by the lower side. Let me form the candle, Then I will try to place another trade here. Do not hurry while trading It will give you bad result Take your time and analysis perfectly Sellers are here, So, I can go with buyers.

I have place higher option here, though late entry due to first movement the candle This is quite risky, because this is important level As every candle closing point are closer Due to the reason I may lose the trade. Okay, sudden sellers entry and I lost my trade. So, Now I'm going with sellers, as strong selling pressure comes in market. After several times buyers tried, It failed. Candle reach the sellers level. again strong rejection

And the candle broke the level. The candle made new low. It means market will go down. I have lost the trade But no need to be worry, We can make it happen Lose is common in trading. This is actually risky trade, Because There are more possibility to make another red candle. But I will skip the trade because.

If you observe this is buyers entry level too From here we can see strong buyers entry. But if you consider this. It's strong momentum now Also the market is going down So, mostly the candle going to make red candle. As this is a level, the there can be strong buyer entry too. Now we can expect buyers entry.

But will not place higher option here. Because market is going down. Also the momentum is quite strong now. So, There can be another red candle too. But, after the candle I may go with buyers.

Direct buyers entry here. Though it was good trade, But I did not take risk Because it was strong momentum. Even there are more possibilities but I try to skip such trade It can give you bad result. Okay, From here we can expect sellers entry. I'm going with sellers, Because I'm expecting sellers will enter. Okay, Sellers already enter.

Always your target should be profitable trades. There are risk on every trades you taken. So try to take the trade which has more possibilities. So It's winning trade. After the candle at the level. Is not good to place trade.

It's not good to go with buyers or sellers too. Why, Because it's a level. From here we can see strong buyers. From here we can see three and two buyer candles. From here we can see direct buyers entry After that, we can see sellers reach the level again.

But it got reject too. Due to the sellers, there can be sellers candle Due to the rejection, There can be buyers candle too. as this is a level There are 50/50 chances, So I want to skip this trade.

Buyers candle. Because the level respected. This is sellers level, we can see. But I need to have marginal safety on the trade.

The candle is marubozu candle, so there are more possibilities to enter sellers. There is no enough time and marginal safety. So I had to skip the trade. No need to worry if you missed some trades.

This will give you good result only. We can see, still buyers active in the market. It's sellers level, But sellers did not enter. Because it's a momentum. Buyers also not enough confident. This is a levels, we can see Sellers from the level.

Strong rejection from the level. So, I need to wait to close the candle. Before place the trade.

Every candle you should not place trade. Place trade only when you enough confident. Even after enough confident, You may face some lose. And it's common. Even I face some lose too. You can see, I face the lose.

From here we can see sellers, But the sellers make engulfing candle. And there is not new high. It's an up trend. But market is trying to go down.

It's a level we can see. but But from the level we can't see buyers active. Sorry, It's taking some times. It's not good to hurry while trading. Candle respected the level but made a new low.

So, There is no chance. I'm looking for perfect trade. Otherwise I will not place trade here. If I want, I can place trade on every candle. But I want you to learn something from the trading.

So you will understand better. Otherwise you may face some lose too. I think we can go with sellers here As there are gap from the level Candle already little big, So I want to skip this. Okay, Now I have placed trade. I'm expecting the candle will reach the level before move up. Though there already reached. and reject from buyers.

I don't know what will happen. But I'm expecting the candle will close below then the level I place trade. Again losing trades. adding amount here to recover the previous lose As this is good trade for me. I already have two losses. I'm sure about the trade I taken I'm going to win the trade.

I have enough confident about the trade. The reason i use double amount to recover losses It's a down trend we can see. After the candle I can place trade here. It's winning trade as I told you Due to the rejection, I lost my previous trade.

I already have two lose. Total lose $100, But already won $250 It's not bad, But I will go with buyers, If i have marginal safety. Because there is gap down From here we can see buyers entry, Again buyers tried and again. I need to have marginal safety. I did not had chance.

So, I missed the trade. No problem, there is nothing to be hurry. You can see strong buyers, But I was waiting to better price. It's a confusion. But still the level did not broke

So, Still we can go with buyers. Let me take a risk, though it's not good trade. because, Every candle has buyers entry. If we combined last two candle there is not new high Though this is a green candle but. It's a new low. Even the candle make small green, still I will win the trade Okay, I'm going to lose the trade.

Now, I can go with sellers with double amount with confident. I have placed double amount here And it's a confirm trade for me. Because every candle has rejection from the level This is marubozu candle We have seen last sec candle made strong green So, there will be sellers on next candle The reason I place trade here with double amount. Sometimes you can use little big amount when you have enough confident. As I told you this candle i had enough confident.

And this candle too So both the trades i have won. But i face three losses This is not good for me. I'm going to place here lower option. I have placed here lower option because. Here we can see red green formation.

This candle is quite stronger then other candles. So, I'm expecting again sellers will enter to the level. Seller will enter definitely at the end. Already enter. This is supposed to be Even if the candle made doji still I will win the trade.

But the candle will make red candle. Okay, so it's winning trade too. There is no confirmation.

Okay, I missed the trade. I will enter if I have time and better price. But I missed the trade. I tried to place trade, but due to time it did not place. But now we can go with buyer with confident.

I have placed here higher option for next mnts. Due to the gap down the result can be little different. Now I'm not sure about my trade. because of gap down.

This candle also supposed to be buyers candle. But don't know why sellers enter That's the reason even after properly analysis the market sometimes you may face some lose. Very strong buyers entry First I had some doubt due to gap. It's not good to place trade when there are gap between candles. Better to avoid.

I will try to place one trade here. I missed the trade Next mnts I will try to place trade if I have better price. You need to find a trend Market is trying to going up! So, It's not good to go with sellers. Even after the candle, Because market is trying to go up you can go with sellers after the candle if market is downward. 15 sec gone, But there is no active buyers. Strong momentum, but there is no any ref level There is no buyers level, so I'm going to change the pear.

Sorry, The video is going little longer. I will place here lower option. Not now Do we have any level? This is 50/50 chances But after the candle I can go with buyers. Direct sellers entry and there is no new low. Here we can see doji candle So, it's perfect level to trade.

There are little gap, so I just waiting to filled the gap. I could go with buyers, yes, yes, that's what i was expecting. Lets come down, then I can go with buyers. Yes, little down, and yes I'm going with buyers. Again the trade place little above.

Another confusion is again there is gap up! So.... Let's see what happen? But I'm expecting because it's a pure levels. If you think the video is going to help you Then hit the thumps up button and write me your though In the comments box below.

I need nothing from you , except inspiration. Your inspiration can help to make next effective video. Every candle has rejection. So if you have such rejection Try to use marginal safety. It will give you good result Yes, It's also wining trades.

This is not good. Because After two sellers we can see strong buyers, which is engulfing. If we consider open and closing price, But there is new low. But there is no new high Also this is a level which has been broken So, there are 50/50 chances. we should not place trade! I think the video quite longer already. So I want to stop now. I have placed trade $650. Faced losses $150

Thank you so much for watching, KEEP DISTANCE & STAY SAFE

2021-05-19 14:55

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