Live: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Holds Coronavirus Briefing | NBC News

Live: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Holds Coronavirus Briefing | NBC News

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Been working with us through. This crisis, it's a pleasure to be at Roswell, dr., Candace Johnson, thank you very much for the hospitality I was. Thinking about our trip to Cuba, and and. Your, great accomplishment. It was fun it was fun and it was productive. And. It's always. A pleasure to be with my, friend my partner's, the, great mayor of the City of Buffalo Byron. Brown and the great county executive of Erie, County marc. Bolan cars thank, you for everything you've been doing to get us through this. I'm. Pleased to report that I took a covert, test yesterday, and I am. Negative. From that test so. That is good news you. Take one of those tests, it's very easy, I showed people how easy it was yesterday, and. When, you find out you're negative it's actually, a nice sense. Of relief. I. Didn't. Have any symptoms or anything but you. Know you don't need to have symptoms and you can have the. Co fit virus. So. You take the test they tell you you're negative 24, to 48 hours and, it. Is peace of mind there's no reason why people shouldn't be getting testing, we actually have now more, testing. Capacity than. We are using at many of our sites. And. We've, expanded, the, number of people who are eligible for testing. Anyone. Who, has any, symptom. For. A kovat virus. Any. Symptom. Includes. Basically, the symptoms, you would have if you had the flu same. Symptoms, if you have any symptoms, get, a test get. A test. Protects. You protects, your family protects, your colleagues, so get a test. If. You were. Exposed, to a person, who, you, find out is positive. For kovat get a test, get. A test takes. 30. Seconds. We have 700. Locations, across the state. So, there's no reason why you shouldn't do it you go right to the web it, shows you right where the location, is you, can sign up and go let's. Give you some facts on a number. Of hospitalizations, are down so, that's good, news not down a lot but, down I'll, take it, and. That changes, down and. That changing intubations, is down, the. Number, of new cases per day is down by one, not. Great but, I'll take it it's going in the right direction, so, that is good news. The, number that breaks my heart every, day the, number of deaths. Is. Still. Painfully. High at 106. But, it is down and, in. This world. Where we're looking for good news on a daily basis, that is good news. Although. In our thoughts and prayers are those 106. Families today and. If. You look at where we are we. Have done a phenomenal job, in. Reducing. The spike for reducing, what could have been cataclysmic. And, you see that incline. On, that. Curve, no. One could tell you when, we, were in the midst of that incline, where. It would stop or if, it would stop, there. Was no global, expert, who said if you do this if you close this and close this and close this then, we can tell you with certainty it, can it will stop the spread of the virus nobody, said that all. They could say was do. Your best try. To close, everything down and, then, hope for. The best and. New. Yorkers, responded. We had the highest number of cases in, the country New Yorkers responded. With. Great unity. And great discipline, and that's why that curve turned. We, hit the apex and we're on the way down you also see how slow, the, way down is, that's. Why all the experts, always say be careful, of the spike because. It's a long time coming. Down from the spike you, want to avoid this bike because you. Can't reverse. It in a matter of days it takes a long time to, get those numbers back down, and. This is with, everything, we did and with all the. In pain we suffered, this is how long it took to get those numbers down we. Now have a top, priority which. We have from day one which is our nursing homes we've seen. We were introduced, to this virus in. Seattle. Washington where it attacked the nursing home the. Most vulnerable population. In the most vulnerable place, senior, citizens, in a congregate, facility, that's how we were introduced, to this. Virus. And I'm afraid that's. How we're going to leave this virus, so protecting. Our nursing, homes and seniors, has been a top priority. Last. Week we put, in place a requirement. To test all staff, at our nursing home twice per week, why. Well, number one it keeps the staff safe, number, two if you. See an increase in the positive, among. Staff people, it's. An. Alert, that, you probably. Have, a real problem in that nursing home. Because. Chances. Are the staff are getting it from the nursing home or giving it to people in the nursing home so if you watch what happens with the staff, it's.

A Canary, in the coal mine for. What's. Happening, in the nursing home, and. Third. It clearly, keeps. The. Residents. Of the nursing home safe, now. The. To. Help nursing homes do, this we've. Worked. With all the private labs identified. A number. Of tests, that we. Can send just. For the purpose of testing people in nursing homes that's, about 35,000. Per, day we're. Sending. 320,000. Test kits, to. The nursing. Homes. Today. To help them do this with. Everything, we're doing I, know, the, nursing homes, operators. Are not happy about this I get. It it's very hard to administer. The. Staff all have to be tested twice a week okay, we're giving test kits with we've, set up lab capacity, but it is still an operational. Issue. I understand, that and I, understand, that no other state is doing this, and. I hear that quite often from the nursing homes no other state is requiring, that, the staff be tested, twice a week I understand, that I understand. We have the most aggressive, standard, in the nation, but. I also know, that, it is necessary. And. Look. From, day one, we. Said this was going to be hard and, we. Said. We. We. Drew bad cards, in this, hand New. York did have the highest number of cases not because we did anything wrong but, because, the. Virus, fooled, everyone. And we, were closing down China and the virus had already left China hadn't gone to Europe, and by. The time we closed, Europe. Three, million. Europeans. Had. Come from Europe and landed. In New, York airports, and. That. Was happening and we didn't know close, China who, was already gone by the time we closed China. And. It had left Europe by the time we closed Europe, that's, why New York had that cluster, those flights from Europe, come. Here they. Land in. JFK. They land in Newark people take connecting, flights they're coming here so. That brought the virus here that's why we have the numbers we have okay. But. We said. We're. Going to do what we have to do and we're going to do what we have to do to protect the. Lives of, New. Yorkers. Who's. In a nursing home this is your mother this is, your. Father your, sister your brother this, is our family who are in nursing homes that's. Who they are and there, I've seen. Your family members. Who. We owe nothing. But gratitude and, respect and, the. One thing. We need to be able to say at the end of this is we, did everything we could we. Did everything, we could. 106. People died how. Do you live with that how do you sleep with that because. We did everything we could. We. Still can't save every, life. But, we. Can do everything, in our power that. We can do to try, to save every. Life and. That's. Why, I'm comfortable, with what we're doing on nursing, homes I know. It's hard and I, thank them on, reopening. Overall. We're. Opening, regions. That have hit the data, points hit the metrics. Western. New York has. One. Metric. That they have to hit which is the number of tracers, they need 521. Tracers, they've. Identified. 525. Great. Piece of work that they did over the weekend I, want, to thank the mayor I want to thank the county executive all the regional officials, who. Found people to serve as tracers, they're going to be trained tomorrow, and, that. Means all, the metrics will be hit and western. New York will open tomorrow so. That's exciting and. It's. Been a long painful. Period. But. We. Start to reopen tomorrow. New. York State Department of Health is also granting, a waiver. To restart elective procedures. For ECMC. We. Want to make sure hospitals. Are in a position to provide care, for people who need it, so. This, is a good step I also, have, been encouraging. Major, sports, teams to plan reopening. Without. Fans. But. The, games could, be televised, New York State will help those major sports, franchises. To, do just that. Hockey. Basketball baseball. Football, whoever. Can. Reopen we're, a ready willing and able partner. Personal. Disclosure, I want to watch the Buffalo Bills but, I'm. Still. Objective. I'm acting as governor, there's no personal. Agenda, here yes I do want to watch the bills but. That is not, subvert. Of. Iner I think this is in the best interest, of all the people and in the best interest, of the. State of New York even. Though I do have a. Coincident. Personal. Agenda. Because I want to watch the bills but they are separate. Agendas. At. Least someone, say I have a conflict of interest, I want, to disclose the judges, and staff, will be returning to courthouses, in. The thirty upstate counties that are open this week. What. Will reopening. Mean right. That's a big topic, of discussion now. What. Does reopening, me this is not a subject, that, is a. Political. Subject. Or where, political opinions. Really matter I don't care if you're a Democrat Republican. Libertarian, independent. I don't care I don't care this is not a political. Exercise. That, we are going through. People. Say we'll have a personal, opinion I don't even care about your personal opinion I don't think you should care about my personal, opinion, because.

It's Not about a personal. Opinion it's not about an ideological. Opinion. It's not about a geographic. Opinion, it's, not even, an opinion, that's, relevant right, this. Is about facts, and science, and, data these, decisions, are being made as a matter of math, it's. Numbers, it's, math, that's. All it is at the end of the day you, start to increase economic, activity. You. Have more people, coming. Out of the homes more, people, contacting. Other people, and then. You measure the, impact of, that, increase. With numbers. Not. With opinions, not with politics, not with partisanship. With. Numbers, and then, you just measure the impact. Skew. Make. Sure that, you don't go above 70% of your hospital, beds, so. That if a, larger. Number of people get infected you have the hospital, beds to take care of them you, make sure you don't go over 70%. Of your ICU, bed capacity, because. When, these people are infected, with Cova they do need, ICU, beds we learn that the hard way you. Have, testing. Up, and running of 30 tests per 1,000, residents, where. Did that come from that's the White House Coral a virus taskforce dr., Burks you. Have 30, tracers. Ready, for every 100,000. Residents. That. Comes from the experts, and then, you watch the infection, rate and you. Make sure that, you don't get near. 1.1. On, the infection, rate it's, math and there's. A liberation. In that at, a. Time of, such, division. And politics, and elections and. All this garbage, this. Is an exercise in science. And math, and. It's, data. That we can all share and we can all participate in, I encourage. People to go look at the data and look at what's happening, in your. Region, because. That's. How we're going to get through this on, the numbers on the math on the facts, we're, going to bring in. Advisors. To, the state, advisors. Who. Are. International. Experts, global, experts, who have dealt with these kinds of diseases right, this is not just a state of New York issue it's not even an American issue it's a global, issue. And. I want to make sure we have people reviewing. And then reviewing, the reviewers, and then as many, opinions, of, experts. That we can get, are. The best. Path. Forward. Dr., osterholm, is a. Nationwide. Expert. In this field and. He has agreed to review, our data, what, we're doing what's happening, and to, advise us, as. To how our progress, looks on the numbers I want, to thank him very much, we. All also abducted Samir, Bhat for, a senior lecturer at Imperial, College, who. Is, agreed. To serve as an adviser to the state of New York dr.. Bhatt is the senior lecturer in geo statistics. At the, Imperial, College in, London, geo. Statistics, is not my. Field. Of endeavor I never. Heard of geostatistics. Before, dr.. That's why we need you, to advise, us dr., bot because I, know, nothing.

About Geo, statistics, but dr. bod is joining us I want to thank him very much the, Imperial. College. In London we. Have had a number, of projection. Models, that were done early, on by a number, of very prestigious, universities. And, we've. Been watching all these projection, models since this started, as you know many of the models. Were. Not. A. Hundred, percent accurate because they couldn't, calculate. The. Effect, of the, social, participation. And what. People, actually did, to change the curve and in. A state like New York. What. The people did dramatically. Change that curve so it affected the projections, but. The. Imperial, College model. As we. Have been following this for weeks, was. The, best most, accurate model. And. Therefore. I, think dr.. Bhatt deserves, all, our all our thanks, because. They really helped us all through this to date and I want to thank him very much for taking the time to. Advise us not. Just on how. We constructed. Our. Model, to date but what happens, going forward as, we increase the economic, activity. And we start to see numbers change, so. Doctor thank you very much for being with us. And it's a pleasure to welcome you today. Thank. You governor I. Think. Your state has already shown what can be achieved when. Policies, are driven by science and. I think the sacrifices, people have made and will, continue to make deserves. In applause the. Leadership shown in New York during this crisis should be commended and, I think yours is an approach for, others to follow and Imperial. College London we have a huge curve 19 response team collaborating. With scientists, and government agencies, globally. You. In New York have successfully, contained the virus for now but, New York is not out of the woods yet, no state no country, is as you. Reopen New York must continue, to watch the data and follow, the science we. Are really, eager to work with New York as they, are approaching this crisis from a scientific perspective driven, by data New. York is leading the way with, data collection and this will help tie together as many sources, of evidence as possible to, reach a scientific, consensus, which, can then be used for decision making our.

Team, Is focused, on rigorous, modeling to track our ort. As you had put it as well the, reproduction, number of the virus going forwards if, R goes above one this, means the virus is no longer contained and we, aim to track the spread of this virus and, the disease using. The best data possible and, as much of it as possible, we. Are committed, to open, science so policymakers, and citizens, understand. Our conclusions. Limitations. And, of course the uncertainties, to. Date my, team at Imperial has released reports. For Europe Brazil Italy. Relying. On data from Google as well as open source statistical, tools developed, in Colombia University. Thanks. To these tools and our research network the, code is available for everyone to see test and to improve, as. Countries around the world and States in the around the u.s. stop reopening, their economies we. Will see cases rise once again and. So New York was continued, to be vigilant and to follow the data, so. I think I say, you know governor thank you for this opportunity and, truly. Thank you for the work you've been doing and you are doing thank. You thank you very much doctor thank you for being with us thank you I look forward to speaking you and to, you in the days ahead I, want. To thank the doctor very much in the whole College look I'm a parochial. New Yorker I was not all that eager to, seek. The advice of a college in London but I can tell you this, this. Is a global pandemic and. What. We're now doing other, countries, have done before, we. Tend to think we're we are always the first we're not the first we're not the first to deal with this virus other countries, have dealt with it other countries, have gone through reopening, they've learned all sorts of lessons on reopening, I want. To make sure that what we're doing is, the best informed. So I want to thank the doctor very much and they'll. Be looking exactly, at what happens, at our data our metrics, going, forward, and then. The last point is what's the impact of, the reopening. We. Don't know yet, what. The, road ahead looks like it. Is. A function. Of what we do, so. You. Tell me how. Responsible. Are the, employers, in, following. The guidelines, that have been put forth right. We. Talked about reopening, and, contracting. And agriculture, and fishing and manufacturing. And there. Are safety guidelines, that those employers, must follow. How. Scrupulous. They are in, following. Those guidelines, will. Matter you tell me if the store owners. Follow. The guidelines. And. I'll tell you what happens you tell me if the employees, are, following, the guidelines, and wearing the PPE, and using, the hand hand sanitizer, and I'll tell you what happens you, tell me how individuals. React, now that the weather is getting warmer are they wearing masks. Are they. Acting. Socially, responsibly. Are they staying within, social, distancing. Requirements. And I'll, tell you what's, going to happen you tell me how effectively. A local, government. Enforces. The guidelines, and I'll. Tell you what, is going to happen so none, of this is predetermined. This. Is all a function, of what we do today, going, forward and. This. Smarter, the, more disciplined, we are the. Lower that infection, rate will, climb the lower. The infection, rate climbs, the.

More You increase the economic activity, it is a formula, it is math, and. That. Is that at both at. The same time it's liberating because. It takes the politics, out of it it takes a, personal. Opinion out of it. But. It's. Also something, you can measure and track, and you will know exactly, what's. Going to happen because it's, a function of what we're doing it's. Up to us it's. Up to you it's the collective we're, going to decide the, future, that, starts, today. We. Should also set. Our goal high right, we're, coming back we're coming back from the closing, all. Right so what is our goal I, say. It should not just be about we're. Going to reopen. Reopen. Suggest, you're going to go back to where you were, before, the. Closure we're gonna go back to the day before the closure know life. Is never about going backwards, life is never about I want to get back to where I was, it. Has, to be about, building back, better. Than, before we want to go forward we want to advance and, that's. What we have to think about going, through this yeah we we, took a hard blow and we. Got knocked down, no. Fault of our own, whoever. Created that virus, mother, nature, god, whoever. No. Fault of our own. Welcome. To life, things. Happen. Outside. Of your control that. You couldn't do anything about but. It just happens, and then. The question becomes. Are, you. Strong, enough to get back up once. Life knocks you down and are. You smart, enough to learn. From, what you went through in, life. And. When. You get back up you will be the better for it I, believe. That that's my story, that's, our story, that's. The story of Buffalo. Getting. Knocked down changing. The economy, all right. But. We're gonna get back up because, we're strong enough and we're gonna learn from it because we're smart enough that's, the story of Buffalo, that's. The story of New York that is the American. Story right. It's what made this country the. Best country, on the globe, not. That we don't didn't, get knocked down, we got knocked down plenty. But. We were smart enough to learn and strong. Enough to get back up and, that's. Where. We have to set our sights. Not. About reopening. We're. Going to make this place better than ever before. Because. What we went through is. A transformative. Experience in. Life, on, an. Individual. Level and, on, a social level, we're. Not going to be the people we were the, day before, we're. Going to be better, we're. Gonna be smarter, we're, gonna be stronger, for what we went through we're. Gonna be a stronger Society, for what we went through I believe. That and, we're, going to have a stronger Buffalo a stronger, in New York and a stronger America and, that's. What it means to be New York tough smart, disciplined. And loving thank you. The. Hospitalizations. And Hospital deaths are on a three day rolling. Average, so. You have to compute it from a three-day, average. And. That's. What we've. Been doing and then you pick a date and it's, three days from there I don't, know anything beyond that it. Was the net, change in the daily spike in cases couldn't, exceed 15, hospitalizations, or five deaths over a three day rolling average or the 14, days straight decline, it was always either/or so.

In This instance for western New York it's on that rolling average in the rolling average of the last three days the hospitalization. Is actually negative 6 on the three-day rolling average and the deaths is two so it falls under. It's. No. It's over the course of the three-day rolling average and it's the last three days. Rolling. Average is just that take the last three days and. Average. Doing. A call today to speak to that directly but, as of this morning we've now given out nine point two billion dollars to two million New Yorkers that's, not to say that everybody has been paid as I said there's three major categories, that are left outstanding. For anyone beyond the three-week. Backlog. And that is either hasn't certified partial. Information a lot of those people fit into the partial information category. Where either, a social security number is wrong or one of the pieces of information that the feds mandate, has, not been turned dinner has not been verified or, suspected, fraud and we actually have Department. Of Labor specialists. That are actively, not just waiting for people to fix those issues but reaching out to those people directly, to try to rectify them that, doesn't mean every single person has been cleared from the backlog it's the majority of the people have been cleared from the backlog and the fact that now 2 million New Yorkers have been paid in it well lines with, a number of New Yorkers who have filed we're. Getting very very close so for the people who are outstanding that is now the, exception not the rule and, DOL is working around the clock to, address those issues and Commissioner Reardon will be speaking again exclusively, in a call today just to answer questions on this. She. Will, today she will today she's going to go but also let's remember the, context. You know people, are angry here people are angry here people are angry, everywhere.

Right Now with. Good reason, here's. The needle you have the threat right. We. Have an unprecedented. Number of unemployment. Claims it is overwhelmed. Every state in the United States of America, I talked, to governors all day long a everyone, is dealing with this federal government just passes. A new law. Couple of weeks ago changes. Or the rule, all the states have to change the program to fit the new rule and. You're. Getting literally, millions, of, calls. Where. You got want, thousands. Of calls previously. Come. Up with a better system a better website more, phones we, have 3,000. Employees on. Phones and the website, get. The money out the door get the money out the door get that money out the door then you have another pressure which is, hey. This, is taxpayer, money, make. Sure there's no fraud I hope. You're not giving out money to somebody who doesn't, qualify. I, hope you're meeting every federal, test all. That. 476. Criteria. I hope you're checking every, box and, now. You're. Getting fraud, alerts. We. Think people are defrauding, the unemployment system. We. Think there may be widespread. Computer. Cyber, fraud. Where. These. People don't even exist, and it's. A fraud, scheme, all. Done, on a computer because you're not seeing, people, anymore right there's no personal, walks in the door, it's. All on the other side of a computer, and you're, giving out billions, of dollars in this country. So. Be careful, that you're not being subject to some kind of computer, fraud and you're responding, to. Suzy. Smith but, there is no Suzy Smith Suzy. Smith is really a computer, terminal in some other country so. Right. Because. I guarantee you a few. Weeks from now I'm, gonna, be at a press conference like, this and. Someone's. Gonna say people are really angry. That. You, gave out a lot of money and the, people didn't exist, and they were just computer. Scam artists. And how did you not know. Against. The Attorney General, in. Its claim. The. Order is to force people to work off-site they call it an abuse of power have you had a chance to review this lawsuit and. The. I have not seen, the lawsuit, I heard about it the. Theory. Is is, wrong to ask people to work off-site. Yeah. I don't know look. A lot of people say a lot of things right that. Falls in that category of, a lot of people say a lot of things. Well. Tourism, is not going to be just a New York State question it's a it's a national, question, it's an international, question when will people get back on planes right. When, does the economy bounce, back that people have money. To spend on. Tourism. The. Jam-packed, boats. That's. Going to be a question of when can you do jammed pack when. Can you do a jam-packed Stadium. A. Jam-packed restaurant. The jam-packed bar, jam-packed. Boat you. Know they're all going to be in that jam-packed. Question. Is. That just for the foreseeable, future do, you perceive that for the end of the season. Well. First. My. Opinion. Is. They. Have to do a ramp up anyway right they have to start they. Have to have a camp they have to go. Through administrative. Procedures, if, they. Can economically. Have. Games, with, no fans, and, the. Numbers, work, for, them the economics, work because, the TV revenue, is enough without the fan revenue, and that's actually a sport, by sport, determination. Some. Sports actually. Rely, more on the TV income. Televised, income, than the. Stadium. Arena income, but, if they can make the numbers work I say great. Comeback. The state will work with, you. Because. Remember, government. Rules right now could, stop a, team. Come from coming. Back right, what's essential, what's not essential, so, I'm saying the state will work with them to come back they. Have to make their own economic. Decision. Whether. That, economic. Model, works for them can, you do hockey, without fans. Can, you do. Baseball. With our fans can you do football without fans. They. Have to make that decision but anyway. We can help we would help and then. They'll be up and running and then when we can fill a stadium again, we can fill a stadium, but. Why. Wait until you can fill a stadium before. You start to bring the team back and. If. You can televise, it in the meantime, great. I mean it's not as good as going to a game or you know going to a bar and watching, the game but.

People. Who are at home if you, had the chance to watch. Sports. You know I'm watching the reruns, right now of the. The, old classic. Games and that's fun but. I'd. Rather watch. Current sports on, TV if it works, governor. What. About houses. Of worship, libraries. Yes. You worship yeah it's the same thing it's all you. Know jammed, boats, jammed. Temple, jammed churches. Anywhere. Where you have the concentration, of the density, the gatherings, that is the issue the gathering, is the issue. Remember. What we learned right. We've. Made mistakes let's, not make the same mistakes twice. We. Had the first hotspot, in, the. United. States the, first they. Called that hospital before it was even called the hotspot the first super, spreader, before. They even called them super, spreaders, was. New Rochelle Westchester. How. New, Rochelle Westchester. One. Person. Who. Went to a religious. Gathering and. Then. A. Ceremony. Infected. Dozens, and, dozens. You. Know when they talk about the meat processing, plants. In the Midwest and. The. Outbreaks, in the meat processing, plants, and it's nothing to do with the meat, it's. The fact that you had a thousand, employees 500. Employees we. Have a situation of Madison County you. Have a couple of hundred people and you have one person who's infected you have a problem so. They all come in that same category. Nobody. Can tell you when you'll be ready for that. But. The answer is. Follow. The. Answer is everybody will know because. If you follow the numbers, and you follow the math you, will watch that infection. Rate and, you. Will see the trajectory, of progress, it's. That simple. In. Terms of those four phases. Before. Reopening, they. Fall into you know one -. Oh. That's on the website does anyone know what. Russia. As if, you were just to open them up regularly. With new, guidelines, would fall in the last stage because, as the governor said that's, a mass gathering the, same thing with the stadium the same thing with any. Situation, where you have a lot of people together, right the question is whether, or not you could do something less than that, and. But. That's, still an open questions whether whether or not you can.

Right. Now yet. Had, no idea the state was sending them testing kits and they were being told they had to pay for them themselves when, I was procured some on their own what's. The client communication, between the state and nursing homes in terms of how we're gonna get these kids to you and how many you're going to get well we're on daily, communication. This. This, scale. Of testing is new for everyone. Everyone. Is trying to figure out how to get tests, how to buy tests, how to get the testing kits how to get the testing machines hospitals, are doing that labs are doing that nursing homes are doing that employers are doing that so. That is nothing new. We. Just. Worked. Very hard over the weekend, a secured. Testing. Capacity from. The labs private. Labs that will be set aside for. Nursing, homes and. Testing. Kits that, we, can procure, and, send. To nursing homes to help, them, also. Remember, nursing home staff is, a. Person. You, could be a nursing home staff. Okay. Go, to a drive-in go. To the CVS, go. To Rite Aid you know there's a lot of places that, you can now get a test and, we. Have many places that are underutilized. Right. We, have some drive-ins, that can do 15,000, tests a day they're only doing 5,000. Tests a day I mean. We work. Day and night to get this testing capacity up we're not even you seeing it right now so. You. Can say if, you're, a nursing home look. It's a it's. A. Operational. Pain people, don't want to get tested twice a day I understand, that but. We know that there's the ability. 700. Testing sites around the state. You. Can go right now and. You. Could get. A test right. Now just go through driving on the way home, I stood. Up yesterday, I had done showed. People how easy it was. You. Know I understand they don't want to do it but. These. Are senior citizens and, I, want to be able to say on behalf of the state we. Did, everything, we, could and. Testing. Twice a week of a staff member I don't, think is excessive.

Well. Why don't we do once a week you, do once a week, you. Take a test on Mondays you got. Infected on Tuesday, so. Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Saturday, Sunday. You. Spread, that virus in. A nursing home and then. You found out a week later when. You tested, positive you. Know how many people you. Could have hurt by then that's. Why twice a week I. Don't. Believe experts. Would say that you. Know we have over. 600 nursing, homes. We've. Had one of the best nursing home systems, in the country for a long period, of time you. Know you can always have people who say well you should do more that. Always happens but. And. We, are doing more and by the way now we're doing more and they're. Complaining, that, we're doing more than any other state you, can't have it both ways right. 14. Days is the. Guideline, because, it's basically the, incubation. Period of the virus right, it. Will show up in about, 14 days if. A, lot of people get infected today there's, then an incubation, period then. This symptoms, or, not. And. Then, if. All else fails, the. Way you see the increase is in the hospitalization. You. Know when the hospitalization. Rate goes up but. When the hospitalization, rate goes up they. Call it a lagging indicator it, really is telling you who got infected, two weeks before. So. When you wait for it to happen in the hospitals, you are behind, the. Eight-ball. But. You. Will see the infection, rate every, day if. The, economic activity, is increasing, but. The, infection rate isn't, and, the. Hospitalization, rate isn't and the. Testing, rate isn't and the antibody, rate isn't, then. You could say we. Can get a little more aggressive and, increase, the rate faster. But. It's it's, a pure, and. Again, what's liberating, here is it's a pure function, of. Management. Of numbers, it's, numbers, you. Know. I'm. Going to lose ten pounds I'm gonna try to lose two pounds a week okay. It's gonna take me five weeks, well. First, week I did better all. Right so, then you calibrate, that way, right, this. Is just a mathematical. Calibration. And I want to keep it there because I want to keep it out of politics, I don't. Want to get into what people say, you should, open faster, people say you should, open slower. On. What basis where. Do you get that from well, I just think, you could do it faster, I want, basis do you think, I could do it faster well, I think you, should be doing it slower, I want, basis do you think. It's. Not what I'm thinking either, let's. Keep all our opinions, out of it and let's, just look at the data if the data says 14, days is the guideline if.

There. Is. Virtually. No, increase in, the indicators, could. You argue you're. Doing better than anticipated, and, open. Faster sure you could and that'd be a reasonable. Theory. Based. On the numbers but let's keep it on the numbers let's keep it on the facts that's all I'm saying. Be. When. You break, down the numbers too, far. I don't. Know how reliable. They are remember. This whole system, that, we're now putting on line this has all been developed, in the last two. Months none of this existed, all this, daily, reporting. By. Hospitals. Reporting, by nursing, homes reporting. By testing, sites. So. The fear is if you get too granular, in, the numbers and the numbers get too small I. Wouldn't. Really feel comfortable in their accuracy, when, you stop - when, you start disaggregating. Them but. That. Is not my field. That's. Geostatistics. Which I never. Even took. So. I just want to make sure well. That assumes that. The County, data is reliable. On a daily, basis, and as. Someone who knows what many of these counties, are doing and how they're struggling I. Wouldn't. Say I wouldn't. Put it up and say it is reliable. And I would count on any given day. That's, why I say on all these numbers from day one, don't, take any of these day to day numbers. As. Gospel. Because. This. Is just a reporting, system that is still. Being developed so take, them all with a grain of salt. Well. First the the. Guidelines. Are the guidelines the, rules are very specific. There online it says exactly what an employer needs to do an employee needs to do what curbside, pickup, is. That. An individual, should social distance Justin succeeded, an individual. Should wear a mask when. They're not, in a position to socially, distance or may not socially, distant so the rules are clear I think. Enforcement. Compliance. Is done. By the local governments. And. We, have talked about that a number of times you, have public health people who will do be doing the enforcement, some localities use, police, to do the enforcement. That's. Up to the local governments, and also. I believe. New. Yorkers, should enforce. It you. Know New Yorkers should enforce it because this is all about us this. Is not really a government, function this is about people. Working. Together, to. Achieve a greater, goal, you. Know I wear. A mask to protect you, you wear a mask to protect me it's my, respect, for you it's your respect, for me, how. These rules, are, complied, with if they're not complied with more. People get infected the infection, rate will go up and. Then. You'll see a. Necessary. Reduction, in activity which, hurts everyone, so. That's. You. Know that's how, we do get, really really last question. Earlier. Because. I think it's important, based on what I understand, is that the state moved the, date for, that Spike's from. Basically, the beginning of the outbreak pain. Based, on what I've been reading that changes, the date that western New York would have qualified by at least ten days that we were still at least ten days off so if you give a little clarification as, to. What. Exactly did move and how much that change when this region qualify for. Yeah. I don't, know anything more than I told you a three-day, rolling average, is a, three-day, rolling average going back three, days from today right that's, a three-day rolling average and. We. Have numbers, for what that three-day, rolling, average, must be, so. Today's. Monday. Sunday. Saturday Friday, that's the three day rolling average it's, it's, based on the last three days and what we've been very clear on was, that once we hit May 15th, as soon as a region, met the benchmarks, they could enter phase one so. The time reset, on May 15th, which was the end of the pause the last three days western, New York met the benchmarks, the numbers that I gave you the negative 6 on the hospitalizations, and the 2 on the deaths for the three day rolling average which allowed them to enter phase one. That. Number can never exceed. 15. Or 5 respectively, so I think that's where the confusion is, I.

Don't. Know you above my paygrade it's on the net change in daily spike it's. Not not exceeding, at all like not from a baseline of zero it's, the negative six and hospitalizations. And the two in deaths. Great. Work of our county executives. Identified. The bodies within the county's county. Executive. City. You. Came up with contact tracers scrambled. Reach, every region, has a number of employees, who. They're. Going to make available contact. Tracers, any, other. Various. Counties participating. People. Who work in County Public Health Department's, County social services even. In Niagara we have 50 sheriff's. That have been identified so. We've we've really enlisted, the public, servants, from the five-county. Region they. Have stepped up they've been participating from the very beginning they take a four hour training course and they'll be ready to launch tonight, you. Too can be a tracer.

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