LIVE Harmonic Trading Thursday Session with Scott Carney @YouTube!

LIVE Harmonic Trading Thursday Session with Scott Carney @YouTube!

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And. Now, we're going to type 2 right. Now right up against that hop level. At. 750. Call it. 3000, 775. And. This. Larger, zone here of. There. We go let's lay this out we, were closing the session today about 9:45. As, this pattern completed, and. This. Is es again really short term but there's, your type 1. Comeback. Now we're in a type 2 I want, to look for this check back right here at the hop level, that. Has been the strategy we've used a lot of on. The secondary, test here's the whole pattern. Alright. We started our session our Goldmember session, today at 9 a.m. there's. 9 and we're looking for that little pop on the open but this. Is kind of the better opportunity. For the morning that. We were talking about. First. Pattern, first thing we've seen actually. So far today and. Remember. We, talked about, this. Larger. Structure. Up here, let, me go to 30 minute time frame actually. We. Still have some larger, levels as we kind of wiggle, our way up but for today this. Seven, level, we. Want to look at and again the 5 minute HSI. After. The open we don't have anything yet that, was. The other strategy, that we look for, right. On the open here. We. Have a little bit of a this check back here right. Now. Yeah. We did actually know I'm sorry we did get the check back that was we, didn't have it be right. On the open where I meant to say now, we have that check back on the 5 minute that. Lines up with that other pattern. So. That type 2 on the 89, tick the. Secondary, test and the 5-minute. Sorry. From is speaking there for a second but. All of that in that seven. Area for today. There. You go let's bring that back up. And. That's. SMP, Nasdaq's. Similar. Situation. And. Cue. Looks like this. After. The open. Here. We were looking at this, talked. About the two big levels 7990, and even as high as as a. T-34. Today, the 80 30 level, maybe I should start. There go. To the 60, minute time frame, because. We are still in this big big. Crab zone this. Immediate. Deep crab right here. But. We talked about this. Conformation. Now. We did not trigger that at 10 a.m. so, we're, still early in the whole process. This. Thing going sideways in, this crab pattern, without. Confirmation. Okay. Is a sign just to wait. But. It's look looking, like right there. Around. 79, 90. And. We do see that at, least, amplified, right there that's our middle indicator, that. Finally, came out at 10 a.m.. After. We finished today's session, that's, the first kind of confirmation there's, a complex, structure there that adds. Fuel to the fire and also notice. We. Have a completed RSI, bam have, a whole bunch of stuff here to, assess right on the open where maybe. We're gonna hit some resistance. Now. Before. We go higher I think. Both ES and Q, are looking that way where these. Extremes, have just rolled over that. Was the situation we, were looking. For top the hour when, we started today's session, this. Looks better now than it did about 30, 40 minutes ago. Let's look at the one minute time frame. Nothing. There yet, we. Did have a little bat pattern. On. The, 2:30, Thursday, there's your bat on. The one minute. But. Just squeeze between that longer, term the resistance, up at 90 and. That. There you go that's, the first structure. We've seen after the open. Let's. Go back to es I like, the setup in the es I think anywhere. In that crab, pattern. Let's. Go back here, all that five-minute yeah, that just got checked, back right now, that, thing is coming off pretty quickly let's. Stay on the 233. Tick chart. Yeah. There. Was the confirmation we just started the session about oh I, don't know about 10 minutes ago and there was the check back on the. 233. Tick this, is just starting to kind of unfold folks. Yeah. Look, at that five-minute again. Yeah. That's actually ideal, and that trigger. On HSI, right there is. About this, three thousand seven mark that we talked about when we just started the session. That. Would be our resistance, for today I. Think. We're gonna have to deal with this pause before, we go higher, again. Here's that 60 minute time frame those, are some big levels. When. I go to the 30 sorry. Let's. Go back to NQ. It's. Better. Let me test let me check something here really quick I. Will. Take a look also at the gold. Situation. And. I. Want, to go into one. Or two the dollar pairs like I discussed, today in the, live session.

And. We'll go till about I don't know 11:30. Today and. I'm. Logging. Into the other section, here so if. You guys have some comments. You want to put in the chat box. Please. Let me know, we'll. Take a look at. What. You guys want. Yeah. There was no sound. But. We're good now so. I got that worked out actually the morning session, was a bad mic. I'll. Give GoToMeeting, a link GoToMeeting. A break, today on not. Blaming, them but. This. Microphone, I think is a lot better and I'm. Going to swap that out for. Monday, session. So. There's. The NQ in the 60 minute a. Deep. Crap this is just in a type-1 now, I would, expect, that to check back. This. Is that just triggered, at 10 a.m. unlike, yes and. That's. Back at 79, 90 so that. Would be the big move for today now go back to the 233. Tick chart. And. Let. Me let me get my. One. Second, here. All right showing two patterns, here for the open here's, the little immediate bat let's, stay with this. There's. A type two this is a very sloppy bat pattern. But. I like, what we have so far and again. Where this is it. Check. This out here's our first reaction. There's. Type 1 this, is type 2 material, but look how sloppy that is folks. Comes. All the way back down after, hitting, target. -. All. Right there. Might be a reaction opportunity. Here we see we're, flashing a larger. Bat pattern, maybe as low as 37. But. I'm just looking for a quick bounce reaction. Off of this stop level why, because, we have HSI. There's that pink arrow, right. There but. We're right in the check back right now so let's. Hold on right. Here, can. We get a little date rate bounce. And. I would look this is an ideal, situation let's, keep it on here because, I'm. Looking for that check back that's. At 61, right underneath the stop level. And. Not. A bad little reactive, trade but. We need a bar when one or two bars to go green here and. We. Haven't here, is a great point we're okay there the, check back occurs. And. Let me highlight it. Okay. HSI. Triggers, right there there's one two. There's the first bar that goes green, and this. Is kind of a sloppy shot, but I would take the shot right here risking. That prior low so I've got my settings, already preset. And. Again. I'm looking for just a reaction off of this 63. Low back. Up to the zone maybe 8 or 10 points my. Target, one that's as high as 78. Now. This is a not, an ideal. I'd. Rather see that give. Us confirmation in, the zone up here that's why I call, it a sloppy, secondary. Test here, but. I'm, looking right here on the check back and, you. Would have to risk right underneath the low at this. Level haven't. Done anything yet folks here's. The other thing I'm looking at the. Fact that the last three, on, that. Little sell-off down triggered, triple. Confirmation, one two three. So. I'm looking in this general. 6061. Level, for. Just a little kind of post reaction, bounce, don't. Have anything yet that was this. Is really. The kind of the first thing we've assessed since we came in here to today we. Started a session, here. With. That little bat pattern, but we weren't set up. Nothing. I haven't done anything yet and we we don't we're seeing this not. Really. Respond. The. Way it should, don't haven't done anything yet on any. Move. And. We came in today's session looking, at the big, 60. Minute structure, like. That. And. We. Just got HSI. That. Was top of the hour. Nothing. Yet though. Es. Was better at oh seven, that, was. Take. A look. This. Five minute. There, you go. That was the other situation, we were looking at right at the open here there's. The first HSI. This, thing could come all the way back and retest this back pattern, down. In 86. That's from yesterday talked. About that. Let's. Take a look let's do this again where we want to go on the tick charts, just. Looking for swing. Moves. There. You go. What, do I think of palladium, let. Me get to that in a little bit. All. Right here's the first crap right at the open I, like. That there's any. Confirmation. No. There's that's actually. That's. A heck of a lot better than that bat pattern that bat pattern secondary, test. Down. With the stop that was pretty ugly here's. A type one and this is different, than that other structure, because different.

Pattern First. Time is completed, now we're starting to get one. Two even, three. 3001. On yes. Just. For a little scalp up here. It's. Moving pretty quick let me see what I want to jump on this. HSI. Is about, the trigger on that. And. I'll. Look for this right here at 3,000. That's. The first kind of solid. Tic pattern, that, we've seen looks. Like right in there, okay. HSI, is now out. What's. That three thousand one is the. Exact one six one eight I'll put in. One. Or two here. Just. Switch that. Right. At oh one. Would, ya. I'm. Gonna put in three. Contracts. Let. Me switch that that's really loud. Also. I have my preset. For. My automatic ticks here, of the. Stop-loss, and the profit targets, we talked about that about two weeks ago, why, that's essential. You. Want that preset. Wide. Parameter, soon as that triggers, you'll, have your stop and your profit, targets, put. In and it will adjust them. All. Right so we're trying to get picked up off this tick chart right at a. 1u. Turkey come on. There's. The zone I don't, think we're gonna get picked up I think we just missed that, this. Is why it moves really fast on, these tick charts I. Had. Two contracts, in there at seventy, five and a one. Did. Not get picked up let's see if this will give, me another shot here. But. Let's stay on that that's the first, really. Nice structure we've seen a little sell-off after the open. There's. HSI. And. I. Was probably a minute too. Late as I'm trying to explain, the situation but, let's look, for one more little, setup here, we. Get a check back of the terminal bar we. Did on that one. We're. About five ticks from that entry. Maybe. Four. What. Does a one-minute, or five-minute look like. We. Do look at Forex, pairs I'm looking, at futures just they move a lot better I will look at and outline. A couple of the situations, we talked about today our. Trade of the day if you will. Was. Aussie dollar. And. Look, on the five minute time frame actually, folks. We're. About to get another HSI.

Back, In the same area, we talked about in the pre-market. When, we came into today, at. 9 a.m. we, started our Goldmember section that was session. That was there. And. Now that five minute time frame. Let's. See if we just entered into the next five minute bar that. Is not triggered, let me I'm gonna remove that 233. Tick and. We. Get that 5 minute to trigger. That's. Gonna be a larger. Daily. Continuation. Remove. That let me clear all the orders I. Would. Look at that in, the next about three and a half minutes four minutes because. We're, looking for this kind of a, completion. We. Have HSI. Much. Like we we had it at the open here for. A little check back at. O7, now. We're right back at three thousand one. Just. Looking for a date little day trade bounce and. That's. A lot, of what we're trying to do here in these sessions is to show short-term. Dynamics, the. Patterns, the, strategies, they. Unfold, the same way across the board. There. You go there's that 233. Tick crab. And. We. Know we've got a 5 minute in this area as well so that's, a there's, a several, things going on right here in this area for. The day this would be a nice. Kind of rebound level. If. We can get back down and retest this one. Six one eight. Also. Note this is a deep crab. So, it's a regular crab I'm sorry so. We're gonna favor this closer, any. Execution. At the one six one eight, that's. How we treat the crab versus the deep crab. And. We have here I. Think. It's interesting this thing has taken its time we know the 5-minute has, not triggered, yet. Against. The 233. Tick that explains, why we're going sideways we. Probably need like I said about two more minutes on this, five. Minute setup but that's gonna be a big level for the day. Barely. An hour into the session. The. Palladium, is, out of control, if, you really want to know what I think I think it's so overdone. It's. Quite risky I. Mean. Our Gold level our target. On gold has been reached, and we are you. Know firmly entrenched. In that type one reaction. Here's. The es folks this is headed up. I'm. Gonna try to get in on this here. This. Right. Here at this level. We're. Not getting the the six the one six one eight breakout, and I'm late on this, absolutely. We. Started putting our water in right at three thousand one level 75, we didn't get picked up and, this. Is still in a type 1. But, now that's really strong. And. Your. Five minute is about the trigger, your. Five minute time frame is about, the trigger. The. Platinum, platinum. Platinum.

Had A big move to and. Platinum. Is just consolidating, that monthly I'm I'm probably. More. Comfortable with platinum than any other metal. Just. In a recovery phase. Palladium. Already ran gold, did its move. Platinum's. Here. I didn't. Want to jump off of this but I'll show you really quick, here's, your platinum chart and nothing has changed on that. Look. There's PL. So. Someone's asking about what's the situation, on platinum, look. We had this huge move. We. Talked about it. Back. Up into the zone but. This is still the monthly level okay. There's. Your monthly bat pattern, I'm longer-term. Still, bullish on gold in all those metals. So. That's, let's just I want to stay on the es and and NQ. For today but, that you know I know you asked, that about four times so, I'm. Getting back to you here. For. Es folks. We're still kind, of squeezed between these two levels I. Want, to see if we get down to the low one. Because. This crab pattern, that's sweet. That's. What we want to see. Here. We go with it that's the ideal conformation. Everything. Let's. Stay on this crab yeah. The 233. Tick, and. We. Do that more, in these sessions we'll keep it kind of loose but we, do that more in these sessions. Really. To show the short-term, dynamics, now all, right here I go I might get a shot. Finally. On this level here and recall. That our five minute time frame that. Was. One of the reasons why we were we were looking at that. That. Five minute let me bring that one up to. Here's. The five minute, time frame, really. Quick I want to show that five Tim in time frame. The, other thing is. NQ. Has a nice, little pattern. As well a real deep crab. So. We've got a few things - I fit really nice for the session there's, a deep crab on NQ, on. The. 233, tick. So. Both, of them. Look. At those both of those those. Patterns of structures, that's. Nice. Let's. Keep that side-by-side these. Are ideal. Mid-morning. Opportunities. But. I've got that reflector, ready let me get the other one so. We have Nasdaq N and Q. Ready. To go December, contract. Those. Numbers. There. You go, there's. ES and. That's. A one. It. Still didn't get picked up one I didn't get picked up on that. Well. Let's bring it in. Not. Yet. Flirting. With that Oh one level. And. Let me bring up the other Nasdaq, the NQ. There. You go. NQ. Looks a little bit lower. Just. Because of this RSI, BAM. But. Very, close let's look for this next test here. Look. Closer, to the hop, under. 54. NQ. Don't. Like the fact that that last HSI, didn't. Even hit target, 1, so. Nothing, yet folks, that's. There we go that's a little bit better what we want to see. Right. There on on NQ. Look. That green line here that, means that RSI bam has completed, that's. Where we want to start looking when, you see that green line stop in.

That Zone, all. Right we want to start looking in there. Look. At es lilin 233. Tick. Haven't. Done anything yet folks. And that. Would still be a type one crab. Okay. Now you've got on the 233, tick another, here's. Even better triple, and, look. At your look at amplified, HS is not out yet. This. Is where we want to see all three come together. So. We're waiting on three thousand one there's. Confirmation, down, here at ninety nine, and. That. Should yeah there's our HSI, now. That's. Pretty immediate, I'm gonna take let. Me set up my es, and just put my my, filters, in here and. Let. Me look at NQ as well. There's. Es. I'm. Gonna take three, here, at, ninety. Eight ninety eight seventy five I've got. Automatic. Settings, they're. The. Ticks are. My. Custom, ticks. One second, I think. It's. Okay. Here's the the, preset. For. The reflector, the dome that depth, of market. So. I'll have 17 ticks already built in, with. 42, ticks profit. Basically. Looking, at like you know 10 points on the top side with. 4 points in the bottom side of just. A general, stop, versus. Reward scenario, here is sorry. Here's the depth of market. Now. I got it hold on one second. There's. The depth of market. Now. I've got in two of three, and. We. Have HSI, right here at the hop if this, is it so. For this setup on the 233, tick that's it that third one just got picked, up now. If I don't see individual, progress I'm, going to be scalping, out right here right now but right. Here is, that check back. And. Now. I'm in 3 right. At that level again against, the 5 minute as well. So. Stay on let's, stay with this. I've. Got my presets, this is not working out I don't, move I'd stop up already, don't. Like it. This. Should already be checking, back I don't like, the fact that that's already kind of come up I'm gonna gonna. Take off one probably. Breakeven this. Is how fast these 233. Tick charts. Move and that's. How responsive, they have to be. That. Has that's, not that has to go right now if not. I'm gonna I'm out of here this should already be headed. Up. If. Not. I'm gonna take another shot. Yeah. I don't this that 233. Tick is not working, out already I can tell you that. Where's, the NQ. At. And. Queues, at its hop level, at 40 and there's. No HSI. Look. At HSI, that's in the wrong spot. I'm. Gonna scale this out guys of wrong position, and. Look, at here's, yes, or sorry here's NQ, all. Right the thing about NQ, ideal, pattern, right. At the hop level. It's. A really another sloppy, pattern, look at that deep crab straight through but. No HSI, there that's. The difference, that's why we. Should see an HSI, arrow running counter, at the hop level. With. Deep crab and it's not there. I'm. Gonna keep it on this let's see if we can get out of this this es. Already. Don't like it. And. Q. Yeah. That's this is gonna grind sideways. That. Has to come off of that hop level, immediately here's, the other one. There. You go let's, stay, on there. Already. Don't know. There's NQ. There's. ES and es has got its, ovary trying to flash a bigger. Bat pattern, lower. Let's. Say come on. There's. Es. Let's. Stay on that a. Pretty. Sloppy. Action. Alright, I took one off I took two off. I'm. Gonna leave one on. Lisa's. Starting to respond, I didn't, like how that thing dipped down and, I'll. Stall, scalp out on one or two you. Know a third, or a portion, of it. That's. A tricky thing there. But. I'm recognizing that kind of flawed, response. Early. This. Has got a follow through right now there's our check back on the, 233. Tic, okay. Looks like this. That. Has to be the limit, against. The hop now I tried for three. Didn't. Like it, let's. Keep one on I don't. Think this is. Here. You go. Really. My expectation. At that point is almost, an immediate response. We're. Seeing it now but, I took, two of the three off because I didn't simply didn't like it and when we're dealing with these, tick charts, that. Short term that's. Fine you have to employ that strategy if it's not, immediately. Giving, you the response you're looking for get defensive that's. All I did there, no. It still caught a third of the position, and, my. Anticipated, move is back up to target one. The. Hop level the harmonic, optimal, price, level, is the one 902.

Now. Check it here's my that. Should have automatically, adjusted, but there's my automatic, profit, target a. 40-something. Ticks or. No. No sorry four points higher and now. We're gonna I'm gonna take that off and reset, that because it really should be. Target 1 but. At least you have when, you click the button you. Have these parameters, built. In automatically. That. You. Have a stop placed you. Have a profit, target placed and two. Weeks ago if you recall we. Had an opportunity, a bearish pattern, opportunity. We. Entered the trade and the thing completely. Collapsed. And picked. Up our 10-point target, within two. Minutes. Kind. Of rare but, it, happens, at, this point folks we're. Putting the stop-loss in, this should not be checking. Back, so. I'll put on one bar stop, like. That. Why. Because, we should now after, exceeding. That hop level. This. Reaction. Should. Be responding. Off of the level there should be no check back here beyond. That and. Like. That. I'm about to get stopped out. But. Again we're focused, more on our. Day. Trading strategies, a, little. Bit different than when we're operating maybe, a little longer term ok I got stopped out but. Did not, did. Not you. Know didn't, like the initial reaction, and I'll. Take another shot. Why. Don't I use limit, orders in the areas of interest because we can get blown out and we. Don't get confirmation you saw how tight I I held, I. I was keeping that last. Opportunity. Now let's try it again because. I think this is the other thing people, rely. Are people don't realize is that, we. Can get multiple opportunities off, of one zone we. Just saw that kind of reaction look at the HSI, that came up against, me right. There. That's another warning sign. Again. Think, reaction. Reversal, and this isn't working out look at this is now dropping. Go. Take another shot that's. Why I don't use limit orders, especially. You, know if I'm day trading and I'm gonna spend the time in front of the screen on tick charts don't, need to blindly. Put a limit order all. Right this one's falling, apart I know my my data I'm running, multiple. Patterns there. Multiple. Programs. But. You we now see this thing falling apart this, is why we took off that. Management. Look. At that now now we're done in 95, okay no, follow-through, we had to adjust the stops I already, didn't like it when I first got into it. We're. Utilizing just. Straight-up. Japanese, candles. Rotation. Candles sometimes miss up mess-up, risk/reward, maybe. I don't. You know I'm looking at the levels and again when. We get to the level harmonic, levels and I'm I'm starting, to count bars and. Most. Of you know that I'm looking for an immediate reaction, three. To five bars if we. Get to 30 bars our, scenario. Is over. Now. Here's a situation where. We. Were looking at an opportunity somewhere, around 3000. Intraday. We didn't have really what. We were looking for were looking right at there around three thousand one but. Didn't have any confirmation on that retest, took.

Another Shot down here at the hop, okay. We're gonna step back for a minute and let next. Pattern come down or even what's, the five minute deal cuz again, like. To start with the 5 minute situation. No. Matter what. Here. Was our first HSI. We talked about that when we came in today at three thousand, seven. And. That worked out pretty well that was also that crab pattern, now, look at our HSI, look at our indicators those are deep oversold. They. They have not triggered yet I like the fact that RSI, is, now hitting. Registering. A 25. Amplified. That's pretty deep and HSI, that's. Deep too. That. Does need a little bit of time before they trigger and again. Remember. Recall this. That. Bat pattern, from yesterday. Looks. Like it's becoming more relevant, maybe, a full type to. Come. All the way back down 86. We've. Been in that kind of a tricky market, but, again. I think that's what, we have to do. Yeah. I think one bar the question is what would I qualify, as a conformation, bar well. First of all the eight we need HSI. That. Aero and. Again. The other thing that we were looking at is yes, simply, an individual. Bar that agrees. With what the pattern is telling us so, if we're in a bullish, zone. We. Need to see a bullish candle here right here is our check back. All. Right right right here was the check back that we were looking at and, when. It checked back was pretty bearish, we, finally got a green candle, green. Green green all right little blasts up so. For, day trading, that's. Great we're in front of the screen we're responding, to individual, moves yeah we want to see the larger, kind. Of mid day thing happen. Didn't. Happen we'll, take another shot now we've got a look. What we have got a deep crab larger. One off. Of. That prior. Pivot. Here. Let me bring this up. But. I think that first shot. We looked at that. First opportunity. Not. A bad idea, and again I think what we how we looked at that was. Spot-on. In terms of really, not liking here. It was we're not liking, this initial, action, and. Then. We got another HSI, in the other direction. That. Pretty much seals it here. We have. Hold. On. There. You go. Let. Me bring this up. And. Let's. Look at all the patterns here's all the patterns, generated. There. We go I mean that's that's, too much to look at I know what, we're looking for and looking at, our the. Last pattern there. We have a do. Have that crab pattern on a. Bring. This up right. At. 95. And let's look at the 89, tech just because it's Thursday I. Look. At the 89, tic when it gets slow like this a look. At the 233. Tic though. Relative. To the one in the 5 minute. What. About NQ. I. Bet. You NQ, is rallying, off of that. There. You go let's look at that really quick NQ. Remember. That head deep crab down at 40. At. The hop level. There. It is. Now. Let me isolate, this let's, let's stay on NQ. Here. Structurally. Look. Of. The two that we like to look at SNP 5 honored and Nasdaq. That. Has the better structure, not. Great, because, there was no type 1 here we're. Still kind of in a, pretty. Ugly type, one there's the first bounce. But. We have yet to reach target, 1 so this is still a type 1 the final, thing that we're doing here, especially. With these overextended. Deep crab patterns, where. Is HSI, in all of this. We. Have no HSI, yet that's an unusual situation. Typically. You'd want to see HSI, somewhere, in here. With. Hit. The hop we. Don't have anything and look your. Last 1 2 3 are all. Pointing, down so. I'm I'm. In a day trading position, I'm, looking for a short term pattern. Opportunity, if HSI. Is still pointing lower, against. My bullish pattern I'm still. Defensive. Yeah. Maybe we could take a shot at the hop like we did on that other pattern. But. Again if, we don't get that immediate response we. Don't get follow through the upside we're, out we'll, take another shot on, that. First one we took, three contracts. We. Scratch the first one one. Tick two ticks on the other two. But. We're looking for a better position, for the. Whole day and we're. What 11 o'clock now. 10. After 11 we'll go to about 11:30, we've, been in here since about 10:15. And kind. Of got a slow start. But just trying to capture up with some, of your questions, and. Just. Get a really, solid ideal. Setup, here. Let's. Look at this on a 5-minute, as well I. Like. That I actually. Like that right just by looking at it, that's. The five minute folks. And. Look. At your five minute HSI. That's. Going to be rather, significant. For today. It. Did come back there it is. Sorry. All the way back down to that 88, six for the day. HSI. Still not out yet but this is very, close. Real. Nice post, open, sell-off, now.

We Settle, in middle of the day and. That's. More that's, as low as what 36. Which. It hit. Now. Let's start looking for that, opportunity. Maybe. We'll take a shot at Nasdaq and NQ. There's. Our one minute timeframe. Yeah. The one minutes even better look at the pattern on a one minute. The. One minute does have HSI. In. That. Zone. And. Look how that checks back I mean this is the other thing about that. Check back we talked about in the gold session, today is, waiting. For there, you go there's, the there's, the arrow. So. There's HSI, it triggers, here. Then. We get the. Check back. Okay. Like that, but. Look, at where the but what the bar does treat that as a terminal, bar it, closes. There. It's. Kind of sloppy it's not the greatest of tightest. Of confirmations. But, for. NQ. Let's. See I mean that's that's a big big, stop run. Down. To 30, when. The most critical, number is 79. 40. This. Is a big pattern for the day and, again. I'm targeting. This back up to 75, I. Might. Take, a shot here. Let. Me go to say, a 30 second, give. Me a trigger. That's. Tough because that is absolutely, that's a clear. Shakeout. At. 11:00 maybe, some news related, but. Big. Pattern of the day already trading 52. Now. One thing I do if, I'm gonna look for something that's completed, maybe. It's been a sloppy. Pattern, this is definitely a sloppy pattern, our, precise. Zone, is for the one 620 is here. But. For the deep crab we know favorite a little bit lower that's um that's. Some tricky action right there and, it, trades 10 past. The. Ideal limit, area, that's why we don't do limit orders on that because we will, overrun, that look at that left I left, an order up there clear. Out your orders folks. That. Was the one thing with the presets, that I'd wanted to mention so. From earlier from the day we have here. In the depth of market I was, showing you guys how to put. In your presets, where you, have an automatic stop-loss and an automatic, profit, target just. So your parameters, are quantified, as, you. Enter the trade you never want to have leave something without a stop even if it's a wide. Stop and. Then. We can adjust it from there but in. This case. All. Right. That's. How we set that up but we we, moved our stops in that first position, I think, longer term for today this is against. That five minute time frame, really. What we want to pay attention to. Like. That. There. You go. This. Five minutes already out on, RSI. Amplified. And HSI. Is about to trigger it, will trigger on this bar in. About two minutes. And. We'll. Look at the low of that bar. That's. At forty four twenty five as our as our, trigger. Point. Still. Needs a little bit of time has to come out like. That, it's what, sixty, seconds, away. But. An ideal, setup there of. Finally. Giving us HSI, on a five, minute level to. Trigger. What's. Up discipline. How. You doing oh. There. Was a question. The. Confirmation candles. That I'm talking about are related to HSI, if, you. Email me your address, just send, me an email to harmonic trader at harmonic, trader I will, send, you the, video or there's a couple videos I have that. I can share with you on that HSI. Technique, because. Again we're utilizing it, with the zones, so. If we we have it with the zone, that's. A preferred setup we. Didn't have it down here on the 233, tick, had. It on the one-minute, but. Not the 233, tick I when. We see those situations, and we don't have all the ideal parameters, we, treat them reactive. We're more aggressive. On the management. The hpc for thinkorswim is. We. Have it, again. Send me an email please. Mm. Er send me an email and, I'll, I'll, set. You up with that and. I'll fill you in on on the details of that. Here. We go back to our. One. Minute on, NQ. 79. 45. Is our trigger level. Now. Off that deep Crabb. Not, pretty here either folks, here. Let me clean this up.

The, One-minute Nasdaq's, about the rollout again. Not. A heck of a lot of strength we, haven't taken another position, yet. A little. Slow right now. That. 10-point, bounce not much. Let. Me go back here let's go, to an 89 tick when things get slow like this I like, to break it down there. Same. Crab structure, as we've. Seen across the board in that forty area. It's. Remarkable, how that type, 1 type 2 still works out. One. Second. All. Right I take on the 89 tick maybe let's try this. Let. Me clean that up. Let's. Get one off this 89, tick, and. Wrap it up I think. The bigger moves are still a lot retest, lower to 79, 40, here, we have a crab pattern, right now. No. HSI, that's a bummer I, want. To show as ideal. Conformation. We don't have HSI, yet, great. Zone. But. No HSI, and that's really. Been for me the bread and butter setups, and. There's. A nut there's it is deep crab from there. Up. At this 55, level. But. What I really. Want to combine is, getting. A signal a pattern, zone with pink. Arrow in, that. Zone if I don't get it that's those, are the setups, I've been avoiding. Here's. Again, another kind of nominal, this is small pattern, it's another one six one eight extension. A little. Overextended. Right, here. We're. Looking for the big five minute to come back to. Forty-four down in here so that lines. Up with what. We're currently seeing, here's a little, short-term, tick. Chart. We. Need HSI. Somewhere, in here give me a pink arrow, around. 55, 56. 54. Somewhere. In there. To. Go back down to target, one that's. Just a day trade really. Short term we're talking 810 Nasdaq, points, but. I don't I'm not I trigger, off of the extremes, with. The patterns we don't have one yet. Meanwhile. Let's just look at yes. All. Right yes is there's a Gartley. Crab. With. Confirmation, and ah let's, just do this. This. One's gonna work out actually this is this crap goes takes us back to 96. Let. Me get on that really quick this is already I, saw. That on another screen let me let me get my reflectors, there you go. The. The HSI. Right there that's the check back that we're talking about. That's. The kind of thing in the zone no matter what the time frame or the interval, that's. What we're looking for and that's at, 3075. I don't, think I'm gonna get picked up but I'll do it like that and, notice. I also have my presets, in here I. Know. A few weeks back someone, had sent me a lengthy, email, asking, me to show how. We position. Entries. Against. The zones this is how I do it. Now. I'm a little late on this because I was looking at NQ, I should have been up here oh I, don't know about 5, minutes ago. So. Not sure I'm gonna get picked up um, looking. At the Nasdaq staring, at the Nasdaq but, I really, this. Is a great example again. Notwithstanding. All, the other timeframes, that we talked about today just. As a day trading situation. Okay. I'm looking at that framework, for, a target, one I'm. Not going to get picked up I can see that I. Should. Have been in around three thousand, three thousand fifty, four, about, five. Four, or five points. Call. It 16, 20 ticks. Think. Of it also in terms of ticks every, point. Honest. And P is fifty bucks there's four ticks in a point, it's. Twelve fifty. So. If we're looking for. 3050. Down to. 96. Fifty, because that's really what it is that's about five that's about 25 ticks. And. We might get another shot up here. I'm. Looking, for the check back yea then limit order it's already completed. This. Is where I would put the limit order in there you go I just got picked up. Because. We're back in that zone. I'm. Probably, on this this shot I'm probably a touch early. I'm. Probably a little early. But it's. Because that HS I already completed and. The. Other thing folks is this is a type 1. Really. Important, to remember that this is a type 1 it's, reactive. And it, should go pretty quickly. Alright so that's in, on. One. Of three, and my. Zone is up here at this, this. Really tight level. Like. Here. So. That's. Why we're looking for it there that's why I also, kind, of will, stack, a, few. Orders one. Above one below one. At. That's. So so day folks you know like that first one we. Had three get picked up. We. Had three we. Scratched. We. Scratched him I mean we got, out of that that position here's. Another one but this is a better situation, because we. Got the pattern, framework. 89, tick on. SP. Our levels, are well-defined, our confirmation is where, we need to see it, remember. Okay. Crab. Over running the zone the one six one eight but that's why. HSI. Confirmation. Right there is so, important. Also. We see this thing reacting, off of that level so. All, right so far so good let's just hang it here and. We'll. Wrap it up here and again folks it doesn't matter if it's.

One Or ten contracts, if it's, 89 tick or eighty-nine minute. We're. Utilizing the same framework we're, looking for the same confirmation, techniques, we. Utilize same type one target. One type two target, two. Strategies. On, any, interval it's just going to take longer time. On, those larger timeframes, or larger patterns you're going for a larger. Movement in these. Sessions what we're talking about our day. Trading strategies, more. Precise. We. Use the framework to scalp to. Manage, aggressively. And. We. You know we would quantify all our parameters. As. We get into it. So. This one alright so far so good. Here. We go. Again. We're, targeting this, down to target one. We. Got one of three picked up really. Scalping, it and as I said we were looking at Nasdaq. At. Five minutes before this we got a really nice little check back, we. Did get you, know a secondary, consolidation. To. Be able to get picked up on that okay. You. Know that that is. That. Wasn't the ideal spot but pretty. Close. It's. Taking its time coming, out of here but we do know that our target one down. At ninety six is what we're aiming. For. The. Last thing I'm going to say is that this is also another, situation where, if, we. Don't get, going. From. This point to the right we're counting, 30 bars the. Thirty bar technique is something. That you know I I have urged everyone to, look at because one. Of the things that I feel, people do as they get into the pattern to, get into the opportunity, and they sit on their hand if, it's. Not going in the direction this, one's going in our direction. So. We're now up twelve. Twelve. Ticks. Looking, for 20. To. 25. Ticks. But. Four and a half five points. We're. Halfway there. We'll. Stay on this and then. We'll wrap it up but we do this every Thursday folks. After. Our Goldmember, session, at harmonic, trader if you want to check. Out that where, the gold members section sessions. Are Monday. Tuesday Thursday 9, a.m. and. Then. We come over and do. What we do on YouTube. But. We're trying to show you, know some shorter term, strategies. In the YouTube sessions, for. Time purposes mostly. And in, the gold members section sessions, we've talked about a lot of huge. Setups and huge patterns, that. Have been working, out quite well. Strategies. Apply the same every, market every timeframe, so, we're. Coming up on 11:30, I'm not going to go much past 11:30. But I think, everyone you know review, this session or. Really some quality, nuggets in here in terms of the strategies, and realistic. Expectations. Of how to look at these structures what. Can we get from the pattern what, do we need to see at the pattern completion, and then. How do we know where it's going to go that. All, of that is essential. As. The. Thing is you know as its winding its way out of the zone down to our targets, we. Have to make those constant, assessments. Ok. What, is it showing us what's, the price action how is that responding.

Is This. A reaction is, it reversal, where, are the indicators. What. Are they telling us we. Had confirmation up, here. All. Right not bad confirmation, there's a complex. Structure we have one two three across, the board on the 89, tick one. There's. Two there's. Three, and. That's. A much stronger, indicator. Condition, with. A pattern, than any other setup. Note. That. Yeah. Marquis, email, me if you. Guys we. Do have it for thinkorswim and. Again. I want, to roll that out properly. We'll do a separate session but if you're interested in the thinkorswim platform, we. Have a pattern, scanner that finds, these algos like this, so. Guys I'm gonna remove the two other contracts. That did not get picked up and. We're. Only got picked up on one. That's. Alright we're still looking forward, down to 96. That. Has a little Gartley on the 89 tick now. This is a great spot, where hey maybe I scalp, it out I'm done. Which. I'm done for the day but again I think we see all of the kind of the reactive. Character. Of a, type 1 trade, the. First time a pattern completes it should be, reactive. Like this and should follow through, down to 96, fairly. Aggressively. There. You are. So. Far so good. The. Other thing to note folks is how much drawdown, did we go through not, much. That's. Really, how, it should be at this point our stop. Loss is still the preset, but. I agree with you we can move the stop loss into a. Risk-free position, that. Is the one thing we're always trying to do we're. Trying to line up our patterns, oh I. Got. A let me remove those other parameters. So, when you do the presets, depending, on. Your depth of market it's. Going to. Sometimes. Override, your stop oh. Yeah. Yeah one second. Move. It over I hit the wrong side sorry. Don't. Want sell we need a buy stop. And. I'm moved by stop I couldn't, see that. So. There's the buy stop I moved that up and. Now we're, headed down to our target at 96, its target one oh. The. Initial stop was we, outlined, that Ronald at, we. We we have this automatic, setting of. 16. Tick it. Was 16, tick, with. 48. Tick, profit. Target to the downside. That's. Just that's something I put, in as a preset. We. Looked at that about two weeks ago we talked a little bit about it today of why. We should do that so here's 96, folks, there's. Our target and. So. Here's the thing you got to ask yourself as a day trader are we done. Yeah, you. Know mission accomplished, by that point, now. We at, this point we're trying to see okay what. Are the factors, that would suggest maybe, this is gonna run or. This is about over I'm looking at the 89 tick I think, it's about done because look now. We've got triple confirmation, on the other side one. Two. And three. All. Right and here's our target, one target, to remember. This is 89, ticks so we don't want to screw around I'm done, I'm. Done I'm. Gonna, close it all out I'm gonna flatten everything right here. Okay. I'm. Out I'm out at 96, and a quarter. Yeah. We caught beyond target one target, two, but. This is the first time it's completed, it's a type one and again. Because, it's an 89 tick I'm being. Really aggressive on, that yeah. We caught one we had three contracts, and only got picked up on one but I. Think, you got in a little late but check out the. Session from about 20 or 30 minutes about 20 minutes ago but. The other thing is look here's. Target, one and we have an HSI, arrow. That's. What we're looking for especially, on the first time it reacts, and. It comes out of that zone. So. We. Got in it, thirty seventy three thousand seventy five were. Out at ninety six and a quart and. This. Is geared more towards, the, day trading style. Okay. We're we're just trying to take define, segments. So. That's and, and we are at that limit no matter what happens, beyond. Here. What. I'm really trying to emphasize is that we're dealing with short, term tics, short. Term patterns here is it okay there's a crab pattern, now on the 89 tic at, your target, to and I.

Would Still you know maybe I'd flip back to along. Here but. For my, purposes, of what we're trying to do we'll. Go from the, stop down to target. One target, to with the HSI. That's. Exactly, what we need to do every time, so. Again I invite you guys come. Back every Thursday, if you're not a gold member go, on and sign up you know today, we had we. Just had we, had two trades and both. Of them had. Three. Contracts, and, both. Of them only the, first one had all three picked up which. We scalped, out and then, this last one we had just, one of three picked up and, it. Reached our target that, was our plan that's. How we have to operate, especially. As day traders, with, our parameters, defined in advance and then, acting, on those, parameters, when they're hit, so. If you're gonna day trade that's what we need to do so. That's the purpose here for Thursday's, and I invite everybody back next. Thursday, we'll, do more of that and again if, you, want to get with the software, or you, want to get with harmonic, trader by all means please. Go. Sign up at harmonic trader Calm I think that's the the best place to start. Check. Out our blog and check out all the free resources, get. The software. This. Is available, this, software that we worked with all day all, the patterns are doing it automatically. HSI. Gets generated, automatically. And. We. Put together, you. Know those strategies, outline, them of walk through we. Just you just need a little experience, is it the first time a patterns completed, is it, the second, time a patterns completed, and gain, a little experience, around those, so. Go to harmonic trader and. Sign. Up for the basic, membership and that, will. Get you you, know what you need to get started and get. With the software, so everything, we do is free. To. Get started even, the gold membership you can try out our gold membership, and. Get get, in there but that's that's. The easiest way and then come and check out these sessions, that. Show, I show. You guys how to walk through those. Type 1 type 2 situations. Really. Critical, to understand, that that. Way you are you, know you have a higher level of confidence and certainty. When. The patterns complete, and when they hit the zones to. Respond to those numbers, so. Really. Appreciate, that and again it, takes some, time, don't. Think you're gonna jump into this in a day and get it spend. A week get. The software, here's, where to go just go to harmonic trader blog that's gonna be even the best place to go and, just. Go to harmonic trader calm. Go. To the blog, even. If you didn't sign up for the basic, go to the blog here, and, you'll. Get the free membership the, free software. Trial. You. Can access in the blog right here, and. All. The other resources so. Yet. With that I think Metatrader is probably easiest because they have all. The free data especially for currency traders and. Again. Here's our es trade. Now. How do you feel about how, we got out at ninety six and a quarter. If. Anything, maybe we should have went. Long back, into that crab, but, we're. Wrapping it up for the day so. Really nice session, of folks, to, solid, trades and I think the explanation, and what we talked about really. Helps traders understand, the, framework. And how to handle these in such situations, so.

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