LIVE Harmonic Trading - Thursday OPEN SESSION 12/12

LIVE Harmonic Trading - Thursday OPEN SESSION 12/12

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Okay. Folks I. Had. To excuse myself there. Let's. Start right from the top. Today's. December 12th is our open session on YouTube. Live. Harmonic, trading, we, do this every Thursday 10:00 a.m. but, today was such an exceptional, morning, I, had to excuse myself I just could not jump over I had. A few things going on where. I just I couldn't do the presentation, and. So, let's dial it back really, quick, let's. Start right from the top of. Where. We started today we had a Goldmember, session, this morning at 9 a.m.. We. Do that every morning. Every. Monday Tuesday Thursday at, 9 a.m.. Today. We came in looking at both S&P, 500, and Nasdaq game innings. One. Second let me bring this over. Great. Over. In the Nasdaq, we had lined up. This. There. You go remarkable. Pattern. Right at the open. And. That's. What on the 233. Tick. We. Were looking, for the check back at 88. 87. 88 here's your here's your crab. Now. I know that looks like a million, patterns let me just that's because all patterns are selected. Let. Me just show, the last that last pattern there. So. There's the crab we were looking at and the confirmation, the, thing exploded and. Our. Target was 84 30 on the day folks. We're now trading almost 8500 and. We. Now have at, least on the 233, tick 85032. Retest. For target 2 anding just you get a homerun. So. I had, to deal with that but I really think this is now. Immediately. Brings this, whole daily, pattern, to the forefront. You. Know was it going to happen now. Or wait. A couple weeks. As. Things fully back on the steep crab and. 8563. Has, been our. Big. Target. For. Quite. Some time, really. Since that breakout in October but. We. Are now less than a 1%, away, with. This big move now as X plus 87. Right now. SP. Plus 30 all. 1%. Moves on the day. Looking up here we still have on. The, daily HSI. Little. Ways to go but amplified. With this move is now hitting the extreme so, we can expect, this kind of acceleration. Into the zone this is super hot. This. Is really just. Just. Some of the most dramatic action. Right out of the gate we've seen at. Any open, all. Year long. Before. Today what can we shoot for now. Here. Is NQ. This. Is an 89, tick. We're. Trading 90 for trading. 94. Now. Shooting for that as high as. 85. O3 for today. For. This next move. Let. Me go little late longer-term. 233. Tick I mean it's been amazing same. Thing same crab pattern that would be the target here. But. I'm just absolutely, amazing first hour and many. Hours to go so today we will go to, until. 11:00 a.m.. And. I'll. Take some questions let me get that other. The. Chat box open, and I'll tell you folks about the software and. Everything. We're doing is off the software. So. All the patterns that we consider, are. Automatically. Generated by the program. Top. It off the HSI. Really. The HSI. At the, in. The pattern zones have, been. Really. Been just. Triggering. Those, precision, entries like this morning I mean. I did not, if. You go back and I think what I'll have to do is so. That everyone can see that session I will post it in, the. Comment section after, today's, session here, on YouTube. But. This was the exact, move and check back we were looking for a little. Bit lower than then, where. It materialized, but. Absolute, explosion. On. Both S&P, and Nasdaq. And. We. Were favoring, Nasdaq because, of this pattern we. Didn't we were at a target. We. Were at a long-term target on SP. For. The Nasdaq, were right you. Know we are now well, above. That. Other zone. This. Is here is the bearish crab. That. We've. Now violated, one, test to test and. We. Were looking, for that return up to 84. 35. Now. Check it out we are all the way back, not. Only retesting, last week's crab pattern, but then we can stretch it out we are you. Know again back up here, there's. A four-hour. Okay. All time new highs that's. All time new highs they're. On. That move. Go. To the daily again the daily shows it. So. The thing to consider for, today, is, prior. All-time, high. 84. 58. We're. 32 points, above, that. Clearly. We'll get it close. All. Time new high close, today. Being Thursday, I would, say we have to target this daily target by Monday if.

Not By tomorrow, wouldn't. Be surprised to see this up another you. Know today we finished, 130. 120 on, NASDAQ very very, likely. Plus. 85, right now. Plenty. Of time today folks. Again. I'm gonna put that. Recording. In the in the comments, section and. Because. It's it's everything that we do and again, I for, those that are new that, are drawing, patterns manually. To learn I think that's great but I, what you will learn is that's a heck of a lot easier to rely on. Standardized, algorithm, and focus. Your time on the execution, and management. Strategies. For. Me that's been you know saved, me hours a day and, one. Others here. We. Need to close this. Okay. Thanks. So. Let's break this down a. Couple. Of things that I also wanted to look at today. Was what's going on with gold and. Platinum. Palladium. There's. A you know couple things happen in the last 24, hours that I, think. You. Know we look at a calendar here. And. I think it's important, to kind of focus on where we are relative. To the rest of the year. Pretty. Much have next week. Following. Week is gonna be a broken week and, then. Get, into year's end you. Know New Year's is smack, dab right in the middle of the week so things are you, know gonna get really. Interesting. Here over the next six seven sessions, today. In the next Friday, you. Know that's the time you want to be, really. Hyper focus, for the rest of the year I, think. Will clearly see some movement towards, the end of the year as they adjust it, but January. Is gonna be gangbusters, - I. Expect. This deep crab and, we. Can line it up right now we. Know it's a deep crab because it's an eight eight six at. The B point but let's. Say it overshoots. And. The. One other ancillary, number, that we use is that. One 902. That's. 88 23. And. Again. I think we can roughly say 8600, is. This. Is, more. The target area. We'll. See in the next what, 2-3 days and again. With next week being such an intense. Week you, know we're. Gonna probably form the term bar, Monday. Tuesday. Let's. See how today shades up shapes up. Really. Remarkable, stuff though and we. See it also. You. Know folks the the, es and the Dow here's. That Dow. And. That's. On the daily and the. Same deal look at the deep crab. Coming. Into the deep crab that's about a hundred and twenty points, higher. So. A lot, of clear patterns. Clear. Targets, these are minimums. But. Still. Higher until we hit these objectives, and and then. We can look for confirmation. Here's. What, do we have in the confirmation, department, here. There's. HSI, amplified. Not even there. Quite yet so a couple. More days up. Maybe. Take you to 28. 529. Another. Two three percent higher. That's. What we want to look for and we want to look forward up here, into. The end of the year. Let. Me check this out so. Talk. Is it the. Let's. Do a sound check. Talk. To me about the sound. Are. We ok on the sound now. Someone. Just give me a yes or no in the chat box please. We. Started late today folks. And I just I could, not do both at the same time, with. This crazy move. Thank you. And. It just so for future reference, if you come in here and it's, 10:00 a.m. haven't. Started, just. You, know something's, up I'll be I'll be in there unless. I. You. Know send out a notice otherwise it's, not. Let's. Take a look at. Go. Back to NQ really quick. There. You go, here's. Okay. Nice little 233. Crab. Let me I have to clean this up this is just too much. Dang. It. There. You go here's. A deep crab up at the hop folks I'm. A little late on this but up, at 92. Again. Here's a little perfect day trade and with such, a big movement. Going. On today I think this is a, great. Pattern to be looking at even if it's range. Bound or continuing, to go higher it's. A good reaction set up. We're. Not we're still in, a type-1. This. Would have been in a perfect, type too but look that did not get down to target one, so. Technically, this is still type, one. Target. One, big. Resistance at what ninety-three. One. Yeah both of those HS is, let. Me see if let, me see the 89 tick to a. Nice. Little Gartley, right there here's. The 89 tick. Order. All. Right let's stay on this Gartley. Just. A little day trade here. Again. Type 1 terminal Bart just completed, because, look look at the zone just popped up at 84 and a quarter and, let. Me put in my presets. I'm, gonna miss this already. Okay. There's a type one already done, almost. Alright. Oh. Here. We go. Alright, here's on the 233. Tick I prefer, that a little. Longer-term day. Trade timeframe, here but. Perfect Gartley. 786. Is 85. Did. We just come back there. Let. Me see if I can get a couple in. You. Know, Nasdaq's. Now plus ninety. Eighty.

Sorry, Eighty-two what. Can I expect from this may. Be a return back to ninety two from this prz. This, is just something really, a, short-term, day trade. Important. To emphasize. That no matter if we're up or down. Of. Course, it. Helps that it's up you're going with the trend move but, I'm. Still, looking at this pattern on 233. Tick, I. Guess. That's still a type one that. That hit. 88. And a quarter no it didn't, she's. Still in a type 1 folks. I'm, gonna try to get a couple in at 85 if I can get down there. Whereas. HS i HS i. Has yet to confirm as, well. We, talked about that this morning in crab. Patterns, why. Sometimes. If you just execute, it right at the one six one eight you'll. Get a quick reaction. Same. Can be said for an ABCD, or. Gartley. Here. We've got a little bat being. Traced out we're looking for this too, this. Is the one trigger I'm looking for we've got a pattern. All. Right but there's HSI. And I, would look for this. You'll. Back up into my target range around 90. Let's. Stay on this. It. Is. Almost. 20 minutes to 11 like, I said I go to the top of the hour today, we're. Here every Thursday 10, a.m. today. I got a late start and, again it got crazy and I just couldn't do both, but. Here is one we'll look at taking. A look right at this. Looking. For HSI, to come out again. Focus, right here on the bottom indicator, but I will show you this the. Fact that this, Green Line just ended that's amplified. RSI. That's. The start, of. RSI. Conformation, okay it goes all the way back to, here, but. It's just a starting point but, it's something I do want to consider and. I. Use, that point to the right start, looking for opportunities. I. Don't. Think I talked enough about the highlights and the functionality, of RSI. BAM and. How. To read it I. Know. I've received, a lot of questions about it I'll try to do address. That more but in, a real simple way and the same and it's the, same with the, top indicator, which is standard RSI, when. That red line right there okay when that ends, that's the the, beginning point we look for bearish opportunities, to the right of that, that. Signals, the end of, the. RSI, divergence, confirmation. But. Again it puts us into. A kind, of a new phase that we start looking for opportunities, to the right of that. Here. We have HSI, coming up again it's a 233. Tick chart. You. Do have the pattern, let's. It's flashing a bat a, little. Bit lower but. I want to focus on the confirmation. Most. Of all. And this is a great indication. Of HSI, keeping us, out of the trade yet. Just. Going flat. We. Could be in there at 85, right now and just kind of swimming through this but. Not. Yet not. Yet. This. Is the problem with trying to buy something, after it's plus 80 or 1% up on the day. Yeah. This might give us a little more time. Hold. Up. Guys. I think we're in a massive. Melt, up if you really look. We're gonna hit these targets I've been talking about these targets, for a while, the. 8563. On nasdaq 31, 31 90, we traded, today. SP. Almost. 80 I. Think. The exact SNP, is 31, 85, I've got to bring I really need to bring that up. See see how HSI, is, doing. A rather unusual. Kind. Of flattening, and never, popped out of that zone. That. Kept me out of that execution. And. That's on a 233. Tick. Same. Deal on an hourly what have you if that flatlines, like that does not give you register. That's. Not that's non confirmation. And. I, find that's really interesting that just happened.

All. Right now we've got a possibility. Of a bat a little bit low or both of these were. Looking, somewhere in this area but, HS, eyes. You. Know we're really starting to look to the right there. But. Look at HSI go down. Actually. You can look all the way over here to the right a minus. 30, sorry, minus 14. Now minus 7 that's, a little bit better. Let's. Isolate that. Okay. Down. At that 80 level. Now. It looks like it's gonna come up what's 89 tick look like. Because. This is. Again. Targeting. A move. It's. Bigger better, brighter, on that 89, tick. Like. That. And. We're just targeting, kind of an intraday. Move here back to 90. Quite. Remarkable, remember. Yesterday's, close was. 58. Just. Keep that in mind. There. You go and there's that 233. Deep, crab. But. Es. There's. A yes okay, we were looking for, 9091. On. The. Daily on SP. Like. This. Wow. That was remarkable. It's 3190. I'll. Have to do the exact calculation, again and. I don't know why it's not coming up on the on. This. But. Yeah. We were within 10 points. Essentially. Of that here's. A pretty, steep roll over but again. No. Confirmation, on that yet. It. Was a great move know it no doubt listen that move offer this morning was. Haven't. Seen a move like that in a while. And. That's, why I gonna. Post the Goldmember. Discussion. In the comment section, later so. For those listening you can go back and, check. This out. But. Again we were looking at eighty four eighty eighty, three eighty eight, targeting. Eighty-four 3084. Thirty-five and Nasdaq. So. We're back at seventy, let's. Go back to NQ could, about fifteen minutes folks. I'm. Going to take this to the top of the hour we've. Got a little setup here and then queue that I'm looking, at. All. Right just this thing's coming off there's a nice one six one eight. But. Remember, no confirmation, there's, your confirmation now. Remember. How that flatlined. There. It is, so. 69. I'm. Gonna stack a couple. Or. There's there's. The confirmation. On NQ and. Try. To get a couple. Right. In the sixty nine fifty, area a. Little. Bit higher, just got a bunch, just. Picked up a bunch at the 69, area. I'm. Gonna adjust my stop up right under 68. I saw, you know at 66, and. Looking. For target, one. Bitch. Is coming right off the hop - it's a deep crab folks. That. Might have been your last test, there. That. Might have been it. And. This. Is a regular crab pattern, so keep this super tight, we're. Looking for a type 1 reaction off of this back to target 1. This. Is moving. Yeah. I don't think a I just got something I don't like to see is an HSI, counter. To that that's gonna tell me it might need a little more time. Again. This is a 233. Ticks so it's really short term I'm. Basically, back. Where I'm at back. Where I started, and. I. Might, just scalp this outlook for a reentry, because I don't like what it's doing at this, immediate, juncture, it, has to be turning up, here. And I would favor actually another. HSI. Signal. On the downside yep. I'm. Gonna scratch this one out and look to reenter don't like it. Take. This out at 2. Mm. Hold. Up. Yep. I'm. Gonna scratch it out. Hold. Up one second, folks I just took that off. -. 2 points on 5, I'm. Looking for another shot here but. I think it's gonna come lower because look what HSI did. Let's. Break it on an 89, this. Is really, close it's just taking. A little more time that I want to see it but. Keep. An eye on this probably. Take one more shot. The. Hop level, on this on the 89, tick is a load as a touch lower is more like 67. And. So. That's where I look to reenter. And. I'm. Looking for the full return back to 60. 80. 84. 90, here. It is. Alright. Not a that, was a really tack a really. Strategic. Kind. Of scratch and that. Is. Actually something, specific. With that setup, where we're.

Inside, Of 10 bars or so we're talking tick charts that has to move now. I would be looking I'm looking more to for a shot just under. The hop level as I, said 67. There you go. 2:33, tick. You. It. Is, 10. Minutes to top, of the hour let's, see, we can get I want to get one more shot at this I'm gonna stay on n queue because this thing moves a lot more aggressively, than SP. Now. That's positive. Coming off of that hop level, with a couple of green bars and that, might give me enough to go on here remember, under, the 161 eight is what we're looking for and. Risk. That prior low. Yeah. I'm gonna. Let's. Bring it back in here. I'm. Gonna try to take a couple here back in the, 68-69. Level. Remember. I scratched, a few they're. Looking. For a little bit further move down to 67. So. I've got a few stacked here let's see how we come out of this zone. Looking. For a return move minimum, here up, to 80 like ten, but. Again the larger, days, target, back up to 90 I. Was. You, know a little premature, on that first one and. I. Should, have been playing hop you, know really want. To be looking at the hop level with that check back like that. For. Me some of the times is okay, where am I getting in, because, if it is the reversal, point then this should be doing. Should. Not be screwing around here, we go and so. I had four stacked, I got picked up on one and. This. Should, now give me the acceleration. I'm looking for but. Again maybe maybe, to come back and get that but and. Also. Remember, the presets. Folks. We talked about that of having custom presets, when. You first enter the order. They. Can be wide what-have-you. And then you adjust the stops but I'm, talking, you know black swan' presets, I like to call them in case good. And bad because today was a perfect example had, we entered that trade without. Presets. You. Know where it's plus 40 points on the top side all. Right so that's going this is working, now, and. I. Only got one of, the four. So. I'm gonna remove the other three. Now. I'm in a risk-free position. This. Is doing, what it should do, off the hop and what. Have we seen here, is that. A. Lot, of these go up to target too which in this instance is, 84, 86. But. Shouldn't be really much screwing around now this, has developed its trendline coming out of the zone. Like. That. So. We'll keep it on here folks I'm gonna wrap it up with this one. You. Know the first one sometimes, it happens you get into a position where, oh you, know it's gonna come back and check back and go a little bit lower for us I. Was. Hoping to scratch out that a break-even but. We. Still grabbed this. Part. Of the thing to folks is also juggling, for me it's. A bit of a challenge to do the. Multiple screens and presentation. You usually like to be hyper focused, and again. This morning that's really. Why the late, start because market went so crazy I had. To stay on it and do look at today's session, because, textbook. Conformation. Remarkable. Move here's, another remarkable, move we've got this one. Let's. Just take it up to a target, one folks. We're. Gunning, for, 84-79. Let's. Adjust, the stops. Yeah. But I would never I would never leave my screen with orders on. I will, ask him I haven't spoken to him and but, you're. Asking about Damien yeah, I don't, know I I you know I I. Need. To give him a shout I will Thanks. I hope. He's well. Alright. Here we hit our target one, folks. Now. The only question I'm asking myself did we go to Target -. Because. That was our objective and, that is our objective on, type 1 trades.

Target. 1. So. Now this was the +10 points, we were talking about I. Let. Me just set my stops up. Okay. We're. Looking there you go we can remember, I was saying as high as 84, 86. We're. Almost there folks. Yeah. Let's let's see if we gun it and the, big reason why is what's, HSI, going to do that's. What we're looking for so I'm gonna change this there's, HS I strongly. In the overbought. But. Still not registering, yet so look, at these this indicator. Expansion. As well that. Tells you strength. So. We'll, look for 84, 86. I'm, gonna put my stop up. Let's. Go 79. And. That's. And we're done. That's. Our trade of the morning that was our 10 pointer, we were looking for let's. See if we get a little bit more no this is about to roll over, all. Right I'm stopped, out I. Got. Stopped out oh there. You go and clear this out I got. Stopped out for 11. Folks. So. That, was actually pretty, sweet that was exactly what we were looking for on the. Original, five. And. We'll do it again in fact. What. Do we got we got five minutes I would. Look for a type two now why not this. Is gonna register, right. There you're gonna we're about to get a pink arrow HSI. Related. To that coming out of the overbought, let's. Look for this back down to 67. Treating. Eighty right now. Eighty, eighty one and. Look. For the return that would then maybe get us to ninety ninety-five. There. You go there's. Your pink arrow. This. Is a 233. Tick. Really. Nice time interval for patterns, beautiful. Patterns materialize. On this that eighty nine tick is a little short-term to, short-term for my taste for, identification. Purposes, but great to analyze, individual, bars in the, zone that was one of the reasons why. We. Were looking in here, and. Pulled. It out for a small loss to, reenter. After. The hop was tested. We. Do this over and over again and let, me bring everyone's, attention to how to get. Set up with this because it's I think. It's critical, that. I. Show. Everybody first. Start with all, the, free resources please. And. Again. We I do that on purpose because. III. Prefer, people to understand the basics before trying. To come and get the advanced concepts, but, if you go to. Just. Go to the website. Go. To harmonic trade or sign up for the basic sign up, alright. You go there. The free access. You. Sign up you. Watch the videos. Okay. Then you'll get the basic membership and then, you go and get the software. That's. What we're working on that's why everything, the decisions, that and. And, opportunities. That I present are all based on the automatic. Generated. Software. Harmonic, pattern collection. The. Only thing that, everyone. Needs to know now is. How. To, understand, is the first time a patterns complete. Here's. The second time of patterns completed, and. What. To look for at those spots, for. Me it's a series of questions, patterns. Completed, is there confirmation. What, kind of pattern it is we'll kind of what can I expect I, can expect the reaction. What. Are my minimums, target, one is our minimum in this. Case HSI, came up a little bit higher and. Now. Trend, lines been violated, this is a 233. Tick, not. Surprised, to see this come back down here for. A retest, and, the. Larger, type, to. Move. Up to minimum, target 2 can be expected. So. That's again. That's type 1 type 2 framework. That. You. Know is in. Some. Of the new books the volume 2 volume 3, book, very essential to. Capitalize, on the reaction, reversal, phenomenon. Of harmonic, patterns. The. Tradingview situation. Is on hold still, and. I, don't know what else to say about that. The. Whole proposition, of a web app is. Absolutely. Where. I'm at with things so. I do have a trading, view. Beta. Version, that I am running, myself I've been. Holding. On to it I just haven't released it yet but, all the algorithms, are the same and. This. Might be a good time just to flash a few cryptos. Comes, here. Comes our type to retest, folks. So. I'll. Go for another minute or two and then let's see if we get one more opportunity on that here's. The trading for you platform. And. Again. I don't have this available publicly, yet. TradeStation. Is also on hold, currently, till after the new year, we.

Do Have TD, Ameritrade, that I I, can. Quickly, show as well that's. A new pattern scanner but all, the algorithms are the same, it's, just you know the security, level and ability. To deliver indicators. On the various. Platforms, depends, on the primary broker. If, I was looking for an all-purpose, harmonic. Pattern collection, that can get you everything look at metatrader5. That's. Got Kryptos, stocks. Options and whatever you it's probably the. One that can hook up the most. Yeah. I can go through gold in a second, how, are you Richmond good to see you. Here's. The Bitcoin. Folks. For a long time I've been saying in 7800. And that. Hasn't changed much, we're just a little bit below there let's, go to the daily. Okay. And. Again. Several. People have asked me about Bitcoin, we're. Just. Simply. Digesting. This year's gains and. I. Still. I'm kind, of looking. At Bitcoin as every. Time it pulls back 30 to 40 percent that's. When we're looking and, it's. Something like this here's, this. Is just this year, okay. And. We're. Right at the six one eight right there at 7,000. Big. Number keep. That the, 7,000, is, the. Is the, the big six, one eight retracement. And that. Should be a continuation. Okay look at Nasdaq's. Almost back for our type to retest. One. Or two more and then we'll go back to that Nasdaq. Here's, a theory am. Same. Deal. Aetherium. Is actually, a little, worse because. That has to come back and hit. Its all time this 886. That. Puts it under a hundred folks. Like. This. There's. Not, even a batch structure, here that's. Pretty sad. Here's. Your 886 I. Don't. Have too many patterns on here either. 886. On that is about a hundred. Not. Not, good, not. Good for the lungs or. The. Lungs. Not. A heck of a lot of patterns unlike, earlier this year. We're. Targeting that, back at a hundred bucks on a theorem. But. If, I can update my web version, as. Certainly, that that will be something for the new year an entire. Harmonic, Trader app cell. Phone I mean forty percent of my traffic or is cell phone so, I absolutely. Want to reach people on cell phones, it's. Remarkable, that has changed the last five years. Okay. We're almost back at the hop level folks this is the type two, we. Talked about. Target. One type. One, now. We look for target - and where. Is HSI. In all of this. About. To trigger a couple. Things I like about this situation here.

Alright, One, six one eight is at 73 fifty, terminal. Bar sixty nine seventy five we're. About to kiss that terminal, bar right now only. Thing I want to see is HSI. There's. HSI, down on the down side. Here's. Amplified. All both of those coming back up. Right. Down there I I like, this under, that anywhere. Under that one six one eight I would start stacking, some orders. One. Six one eight is on, under. Seventy three fifty okay. I just stacked a couple orders. Seventy. One seventy one, fifty seventy, two fifty. Let's. See if we get one more here here's, the check back about to happen on. There. You go right at the terminal, bar. Should come out of here pretty quickly. Because. It's a crab pattern. There. You go, there's. The retest, I'm, gonna go to a I'm gonna now here's I was able to get. What. Four of these now I want to move this just. Put in some stops. What. Did I do here. Let. Me change this. Come. On. That's. Why. It's. Far past folks, I'm. Gonna wrap it up this is the last one we're dealing with this, is a pretty big one this is two of two. Yeah. It's gonna come back here. I'm. Still long three, at seventy I. Come. Back and hit the hop there's, the check back. Moving. Really fast. Hold. On. There. You go. Got. That the rest, nice, that's the read the check back there on the rest of those I'm. Gonna leave you folks with that I'm. Targeting, ninety why. Don't we talk come back and talk about that next week, that. Was the setup we were waiting on that's. Two of two. So. Let's follow up next week looking for that to go as high as 85. Or 90, here. And bump. Your stops up aggressively in. The, next minute or two this is immediate. Continuation. A great. Session everybody, get with the software get with the rest of that program, I'm glad we hit, a couple of these trades and again. We are that precise, with everything, we do looking. For specific. Triggers. Patterns. And price. Action to. Give us these kind of opportunities. You. Know this one I like, it. Remarkable. Day and will continue to will follow up on those long-term objectives. Next Thursday you. Have any questions folks reach out to me harmonic trader at, harmonic, trader calm thanks again for everyone showing up you have any questions want to get with the software what. Have you do contact me directly, have. A great one go get them.

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Harmonic trading is the solution my friends.........Scott is the REAL man to start trading with. Forget anything else.....Before I met this guy I was hardly breaking even, regardless of my 7 year trading experience...i used to construct manual patterns myself, but I was never consistent in my patterns, because I am a human and humans make mistakes, I never knew how to execute the market with precision because my technique was not there..... His automated computer software designed by Scott made a big difference to me coupled with his clinical and unique methodology of how to approach any pattern, is just amazing. Guess what, if you seriously take time to study his approach (give 3 - 6 solid months) even on a part-time basis and follow his webinars, you will only stand to gain and you will never look back again......Take trading to the next level, follow and learn what he has to say... the rest is all sheer repetition... I now see trading as a business not as a risk....stick with this man and in a year's time you will start thanking him just like me ...Well I have been following Scott just TWO years now.....he made me with the top 5 % of the traders.....Do not stop there.... I am now aiming to be among the top 1 % of successful traders......The sky is the limit.......start very slowly and when you reach confidence accelearte your gains...Before take time to LEARN, COMMIT, DIGEST, ANALYSE, next.......come the AMAZING RESULTS.......spread this news to the other traders, just like others did to me and I did to you.

I actually have to thank you for being honest, patient and also a real gentleman for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us. You bought happiness to me and to many other people who took your teaching seriously. May God be with you.

Thanks Pierre

Very good Scott but you pay too much attention to your indicators and not to the candlesticks

use whatever works best for you

@Omar m'a uét I have tried everything in the markets.....nothing gives better results than wave harmonics. Candlesticks give a powerful indication but unfortunately they do not give you so many opportunities unless you are glued in front of the computer all day long . What I believe one has to blend with wave harmonics is wave geometry, which I do constantly for clear cut supports and resistances using Schiff LInes

@Pierre Mifsud Scott's discoveries are awesome. I don't use Scott's software but I can manually identify any harmonic pattern. Trust me, I've connected dots between chart patterns, harmonic patterns and Elliott waves. I suggested Scott that he might do better if he focused on volume and candlestick patterns rather than indicators (may it be hsi or whatever).

@Omar m'a uét What I am trying to tell you is that if you have the time in the world no one is going to tell you how many indicators you may use to assess the market. As for me, I try not to complicate life, or like an empty vessel criticize someone who has revolutionized wave i simply follow Scott's software to make 3000 euro weekly in profits..on part time basis

@Pierre Mifsud Wow, obviously you have a crystallized mentality. I'm not even going to argue with you

If you are going to replace the HSI and RSI for the candlestick patterns then you are missing a lot Mr. candlestick will ever tell you the price action market depth.

​@Pierre Mifsud Hi Pierre, first off I absolutely like your first comment about Scott's work and about him as a person, he totally deserves it and deserve all the recognition in the world. I learned so much from his material (webinars and books) about trading and in particular Harmonics. Because of him I also got to know about two other great sources and educators as Robert Miner and Bryce Gilmore. My comment here is regarding the HSI and I am wondering about your intake : the HSI is highly hyped and I am personally not using it as I keep finding contradictive signals at the same time when price is at important price reversal zone. I personally use the standard RSI on the current time frame (primary time frame) and additional confirmation of RSI or Stoch on a higher time frame (distal time frame) as an additional confirmation. So what I am asking is, how critical and important is the HSI in your analysis? Thanks

@Pierre Mifsud Hey Pierre, thank you again for sharing your own experience in much details and taking the time, it is highly appreciated and I certainly did not think you are Scott's agent but just a person like me who is thankful for the material and knowledge Scott shares with the community. Scott was the first educator I encountered three years ago and since then the one one I mainly still follow and learn from so I totally I understand that. Although I learned about the HSI I haven't implemented it in may trading since I preferred to keep it simple and saw some contradictions with the signals but it is not to say that it does not work. I also relied on a slightly adjusted RSI value (call it my ''own'' RSI amplified) and also Stock on higher time frame. With having two indicators as confirmations I did not want to over complicated things with more indicatory. Also what do you do when the HSI does not exist anymore, when the developers who offer the indicator decide not to offer it anymore? It makes one depends on this information and on specific people, whereas other indicators are always accessible to people. I think that was the reason I did not want to integrate HSI from the beginning, knowing that I cannot have it to be used forever... Thank you so so much again, it is great to read all your thoughts and thank you for giving Scott the credits he so much deserves.

@Yosi Thanks for your input. Please DO NOT take me wrong. I am not a recruiting agent of Scott Carney as some people think that I am paid to do so........NO WAY...... But my belief as a professional science educator, is that everyone should merit some praise when it is well deserved. I praise Scott for the commitment he puts in trading and for his integrity and honesty....I think it is a mistake to use just the standard RSI. Using the amplified RSI will give you a much better picture in conjunction with HSI. HSI is a UNIQUE indicator. YOU CANNOT TRADE WITHOUT IT....... True, like us humans in some VERY rare instances like all other indicators the signal may be slightly offset. In that case simply ignore it and jump to another chart. But in the vast majority of the cases it dictates the trend as it acts as a trigger for the amplified RSI. For example if you see that the trend is down and the HSI marking oversold DO NOT place a ''buy'' or vise versa....The HSI tells you when to enter a trade........How..........? Wait for the HSI arrow first to appear, which marks the entry of price action from the extreme and then let the HSI bar (that arrow on bar) be checked backed by a check back bar and then treat this check back bar as a terminal bar.....without executing the trade simply follow all successive bars and if you see that after 3 or 4 bars it is moving in the direction of the HSI arrow, only then execute, but be cautious about it......the basic mistake is that trader enter the market early........ I prefer to use the amplified RSI than the standard one as it is very sensitive especially that it picks all those extreme divergences more easily like (hidden bearish and hidden bullish divergence and bearish and bullish divergence----read about them) and may better signal a trend reversal than standard RSI. GO THROUGH SCOTT 'S LITERATURE ON HSI USE AND DO NOT TRADE BEFORE YOU TAKE A GOOD IDEA OF IT........IT IS SIMPLY THE BASIS OF SCOTT METHODOLOGY......IF YOU DO NOT FOLLOW IT CORRECTLY THEN TRADING BECOMES LIKE GOING TO THE CASINO....... I also use additional indicators like moving averages 9 and 50. If 9 is above the 50 then it is bullish and vise versa together with wave geometry which reinforces support and resistances called Andrews Pitchforks but based on Schiff lines for better accuracy.......

@Yosi Keep on following Scott....paying for his services is not much..99 dollar monthly is not going to break your bank , besides he constantly is hitting the big numbers for us like for NASDAQ, SP500, DOW etc............Implement the HSI and make it your own!!. If you purchase his software you can you it to use for 6 months to 1 year and then repurchase.......Read and make notes of his literature and make sure that you can implement it.

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