LIVE Futures Trading Room - 7/19/2021

LIVE  Futures Trading Room - 7/19/2021

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good morning everyone can i please have a  quick sound check if you could please type   a one in the chat box if you can hear me and  also if you can see the share screen thank you all right welcome to another wild session  today are we gonna see limit down uh that's   gonna be really interesting the dow is already  down 500 points the smp's down over 50 points   nasdaq is down over 133 points as of right now  44 points in russell down everything is down guys   uh gold is down over two dollars and 40 cents  uh it's down 0.13 and oil is down as well almost   um for almost 4.3 uh almost uh three percent over  three percent 3.72 i was looking at the percentage   changes and uh we're seeing russell that has  accelerated to a multi-support level now this   is a multi-month support level that we have been  discussing last week it is that it's the bottom   of that huge range and this is going to be the  decision point we do have some um levels that   um are going to be very aggressive on the trading  session uh and of course the media is trying to   blame either the slow worries of slow growth  or coronavirus or variance or whatever it is so   uh they don't know who to blame but the reality  is that the market has been overly extended and   uh we are seeing that um the market uh needs  to um pretty much calibrate we there were   what i'm trying to say is that the move up that  we have been having it was really great while it   lasted but we cannot just go parabolic up so uh  things must start retracement retracing and for   example if uh you're looking at oil even oil  had about six weeks to the upside and this is   the beginning of the third week for the  retracement uh so let's begin uh first off   economic releases today at 10 o'clock we have the  nahb housing market index it is a moderate release   that is coming out but it's coinciding with the  major reversal time in the market and that makes   it in particular uh a caution uh a caution time  all right so let's begin with ym and i will tell   you a little bit about what's happening in the dow  right now first of all we're trading on if you you   could see the levels right here so we're trading  on a triple bottom multiple confluence uh weekly   uh weekly level as well so what does that mean  we have a triple bottom from the daily structure   in fact i'm gonna do something else let me just  share this screen here because we're not gonna   have a trade right off the open okay all right um  so this is the doubt you could see here that we   have a triple bottom into the support level  into that 34 000 so we're basically basing   within a thousand point range this isn't  a thousand point range guys this is so big   we're ranging from 34 000 to the old-time high  which is 35 000. so uh what happened here was  

that we're having a high we're having a higher  high and we actually had a higher high guess when   on friday so on friday we were 25 points shy of  hitting the old-time high we actually went to 34   975 and then the meltdown started so here we are  a thousand points lower almost close to a thousand   points lower close to a thousand points lower in  just one 24-hour cycle if you will all right so   what do we have what what do we also have from  this structure so we also have a weekly that   is trading right here on the 20 sma so that  brings a little bit of strength into this area   so the reason why i'm telling you this  is because from this higher time frame   to a smaller time frame we can potentially have  a short squeeze the sure squeeze can come in very   violently at the open so i'm not gonna i'm not  gonna do that so i'm gonna wait a little bit today   but this can come violently off the open  obviously the more violent time frame and   the more aggressive time frame to take advantage  of that would be the five minute but as you could   see here we're we're not really having any clues  because we have been consolidating we popped up   a little bit and then we failed again so all  of these pullbacks that you see here they're   shallow so the market is on a mission to take  it to to bring lower prices so you can see that   the five minute is not providing us with any kind  of information because it's failing at each level   so we're navigating a little bit further into the  15 minute now if you see the 15 minute it's really   trailing down so what that means that it's into a  a really tight trail you can see that the moving   averages have started to fan out since three  o'clock in the morning and there was uh after   the initial um um down move in the market we have  stabilized and then we um broke down at 3am when   the london market opened so you can see that there  was literally no reaction at the european market   they were just waiting for the london session  to open and the market went down it went back up   so you can see the swift uh moves to the upside  that are literally telling us that there's more   downside to it that's why i'm like questioning are  we gonna have a limit down today and then we're   getting uh and then we're getting uh the price uh  back into a support level we hovered here just a   little bit and now uh just before the open at 7 30  we had another swing to the low side and again to   the 34 000 this area here is really strong so this  in particular from higher time frames has capacity   to bring at least a little bit of a pop into the  market we're definitely we will see if that is   going to be the case uh we're trading right now  into the 10 ema so this is just a 15-minute chart   uh the 30-minute chart see i would go more for  a 30-minute chart than anything else and in fact   right now the one-minute chart is trying to do  the squeeze so i'm gonna take it back to the   one minute here okay so you can see that the one  minute is already trading above this prior high   uh by the way for those of you that are new  remember that you need to apply caution uh if you   are here for the very first time watch it trade in  a simulated account and then uh as i am going to   refresh the info um about position sizing and all  that good stuff so you can protect your portfolio   you could watch us and uh see how we trade for  the very first day so the one minute has already   rotated uh it is already trading per se into  a resistance area and this would be like the   first shore squeeze uh first shore squeeze try  when we're having the market that is literally   crash crashing um the uh difference between the  engine the difference between the uh bit and the   ask is going to widen up so the possibility  of a slip uh to have slippage is really high   so i'm going to be watching this area particularly  in the dow and russell these are the first two   that are getting ready for uh for rotations but  you can see that it came into this first try   area and now it's pulling back so this is exactly  what we want to see first of all we want to see   this little shallow uh support level at 34040  hold and if this is going to hold then the next uh   pattern that will be developing on the two or the  five definitely will be uh will be worth trying   all right now remember as with any kind of  um short squeeze uh we uh there is a strong   possibility that these are all all shore squeezes  so you understand are uh 50 50. so what that means   you have 50 chance of working 50 percent sure  a chance of stopping out so for this uh please   use half the risk today more than any other  day use half the risk we're also coming in   from a calibration from friday so friday we had  option expiration this is the calibration and   this was quite a calibration that happened in the  overnight okay so this may be a little sandwich   right here that is developing uh into ym so as  long as 34 0 40 is going to haul we're going to   look for a trade that breaks 150 if it breaks 150  uh we may look for a continuation higher back into   this blue line which represents the target which  pretty much is going to be like all or nothing   um type of scenario now i'm seeing that the  dao and nasdaq are not holding uh the lows   so far so they're still uh they still have tons  and tons and tons of pressure so i think we better   wait a little bit before uh you know we need to  wait until the dust settles a little bit before   anything um uh before anything is uh is setting  up google for example is at 25 2500 and that is   a really nice buy location so let's see if the  algos are going to kick in same with nvidia   into the 7 15 to 7 18 this would be a buy area  technically uh and this would be aggressive like   a leg in type of opportunity so not all eggs  in one basket all right so um on the other   side we have baba that is we have um yeah most of  these uh uh uh most of these nasdaq stocks are a   little bit weaker financials are weak as well  but they are on support so i'm looking at xlf   to give me a gauge of what's going on we have 35  for support and 37 for resistance 37 37 and change   so i'm looking at these parameters because this  area into the 35 and again today we don't have a   lot of uh um financials that are reporting i gotta  have to check again uh but um if we are going   to come out with more financials that will be  reporting then this may particularly be a buy okay   uh hey riya it's crazy out there today it's really  crazy out there remember things are going to be   super quick do not leave your trades on if you  want to take a break make sure that you're not   in any trades or if you want to take a break  you know j make sure that you have your um stop   loss already in place so i mean this is serious  business okay all right so uh in particular in   the dow this is what i'm seeing um so this is  what i'm monitoring right now 34 000 to 34.40   ideally i would like to see this 34040 hold that  would be like a bit of a bit of strength but   we need to see this hold for another 10 minutes  because it's so super early right now so we need   at least the first 15 minutes in and we need the  price to calm down a little bit all right let's   move on to the e-mini smp i'm gonna go a little  bit far out so you can understand the context   uh and i'm gonna go all the way to the weekly and  uh as you can see the weekly we have a prior pivot   high here at 42 34 that is going to coincide with  the 10 year main it's also going to provide a lot   of support for price so uh um i think laurie had  a laurie had it laurie actually said it here um absolutely take your computer with you okay  so um laurie mentioned it here that she would   like a flush to uh uh 42.50 in order to get a  little bit more um confident into that flush to   the downside eliminating all the stops and then  running back up so uh this is the context from   the weekly the daily as well you can see here  that we're navigating we do have some little   support right here but again a flush into the  50 would be a lot better than a lot better than   the area where we are trading right now and this  doesn't necessarily mean that we're gonna short   it i like the patterns that are developing right  now on the one minute and even on the five minute   we could go for a little gap fill uh in s p as  well as into the dow but we're gonna have to wait   for confirmation on that uh and then again the 15  minute as you can see the price has been trying to   hold into this area for quite some time because uh  from the four hour structure i'm gonna bring the   four hour here the four hours sitting on the 200  simple moving average and it's coiling around so   this would be like a good bounce opportunity okay  so at least some algos are going to pick it up and   try to push it up a little bit if that's going  to be the case if we continue to be weak and if   this current last hourly height that is going to  wrap up in about 20 minutes uh if this is going   to be the lid at 42.71 then then we will look too  short so for the training session today we start   with neutral bias we're looking primarily for some  short squeezes because we had an accelerator move   down you can see it like 500 points down nym  50 points down nes so at some point these uh   algos that have been trading in the overnight  trading session have to take some profits and   we're gonna have to look for some opportunities to  lag in and possibly uh possibly look for some uh   looks for some traits um i would definitely look  for a 15 minute high low and this is this this is   what i will look for so this 15 minute high low  means that we're gonna place the stop below the   50 below the 15 minute low into the 60 and we're  going to try to buy it over this high over 72 so   73 would be our entry uh if you're trading micros  and if you're very new to the trading room uh i   call trades in uh full-size contracts so if you're  trading micros please use uh at least especially   today give it one more point so if i'm taking  it at 72 you could take it at 72.75 or 73. okay  

and that is because uh micros are a lot more  volatile all right so this is es let's take   a look at that stack nasdaq is also very weak so  like i'm monitoring right now all the price action   uh we're going to talk about nasdaq nasdaq  has a lot of resistance in the 14 555.   it also has possibility for sure squeeze all  the way into the 570 maybe back into the 590   or so this is going to be like the big big  target and the reason why i said target this   is all or nothing this is the kind of trade that  if it works it works if it doesn't it doesn't   so keep your stop in take partial profits  along the way and then leave the last lot   for the that 590. so the first 15 minute candle is  going to be very important as it's going this is   the calibration candle this is the discovery the  range candle so um if this low is going to hold   into the 10 o'clock segment then we may have  seen the law of the day today uh at least for   the morning session but if we continue to bleed  then again we're not going to have a trade right   away unless it sets up for sure so like i said  we're very neutral we're not bullish we're not   bought we're not bearish and we're going to be  looking for that really good trading opportunity   and uh for uh for the uh for nasdaq i want to  show you something really quickly in nasdaq   and that is coming uh from a monthly chart and you  can see where the sell-off is coming and i know   you know all the media out there is trying to find  a reason why this short is happening well because   it got into an extension right it got into an  extension things got really heated up right here   so we fulfilled our target level we talked for  so long about a target right here in the 14   800 834 very close to 15 000. we just poked  into that this month and now we're coming in  

a little bit okay this is what we usually do  when we uh hit these targets all right so um   also last but not least rty uh rty here it is all  right so rty has multiple bottoms into this area   tada here it is here's the daily chart we have a  massive confluence level right here along with the   200 simple moving average so i'm not going to  ignore the fact that we could get a really big   push down before we rotate because we haven't  tapped into the 200 sma but this is a reaction   area so if the price is going to pull back  into this area it has the possibility to rotate   from this area i don't know how the rotate if the  rotation is going to take the price back up into   the into the top of the range but this is exactly  what it happened every single time we came in to   this area and you could see it right here pull  back and we actually made a new high for the year   pulled back and we made a new high pull  back and back into the new high breaking   above the prior high back into the support and  almost challenging the prior high for the year   also into the high and back into support so it has  been going back and forth now remember one thing   this is a really massive multi-time frame  support level because when you're looking   for example on a monthly chart you're seeing  that the price is really getting very close   to the 10 exponential moving average as well  and oftentimes when the price is very elevated   from these moving averages what does it do  well it pulls back into it because it's so   extended right the moving average is pulling the  price like a magnet and then it will rotate and   probably continue higher or if it's going to close  below it will continue to bring new lows okay um   all right so let's take a quick look at gold uh  gold as well it is retracing um from the monthly   level is still holding support uh from the weekly  uh from the weekly structure it's gonna be bullish   above bearish below this is going to be uh the  area i would say we should have a little bit of   caution all right i'm gonna mark it right here  uh at support okay so we know that if we break   this support level the price is going to start  uh going down because of the structure of um   that we currently have so we have a series  of lower highs and we have just one two   three lower lows right here so if we break this  little this is the first attempt of a rotation   and the change of trend but if we uh there are two  things that can happen first of all if we violate   this 1790 we can go back down to 17.50 no problem  however remember that this is a higher low so what   can happen here it gets switched down a little bit  take all the stops and then rotate for back higher   okay so yeah this can happen as well and then from  the daily charts okay i'm looking to see if we're   not missing any trace right now so from the daily  chart you can see that we came in right into the   50 sma we had a right into the 20 sma and we had  a really nice reaction of of buying into that area   all right last but not least yell and then we're  going to go back into these uh futurist indices   oil is just pulling back uh we're gonna have  to leave it alone for now um i'm not seeing any   buying or any selling opportunity in it we have a  massive down day uh in it and uh the hourly charts   the it's not really extended to the downside  in the sense that we could get a short squeeze   uh it's not and by the way we had multiple  opportunities here at five o'clock in the morning   for those of you that were up at six o'clock  per se all right here it is so this was the   uh this was the really nice area where you  could have shorted based on this nice um uh   bear sandwich okay all right so let's get back to  our uh charts and let's see if we find any trading   opportunities right now i'm gonna uh take these  charts to the five minutes okay uh let me see here look at those tails they're really trying to  hold no the 15 minute the five minute is garbage yeah we're gonna look at we're gonna look at these   minute high lows here one of  my favorite as of right now we're gonna have to wait and see a little bit but  nvidia already popping we're already and like i   said in videos into nvidia amazon they're into the  buy zones um at least amazon is into minor support uh let me know if you guys can see the  six screens of the six charts sorry thank you thank you thank you okay all right  so here's what's happening with nasdaq on the   15 uh is into a trigger position however it  has uh it has the 20 sma as a lid for now you can see that today we don't have any uh  levels that would mark triggers we don't we don't now we sit and wait dao is getting a little bit  weaker we're going to take a look at some stuffs   that are under these indices russell  is getting a little bit stronger here the day is still young it's just monday  we're approaching a one-hour rotation and   uh i'm sorry um um yeah a one hour  but a four-hour rotation in russell   because the one hour has already triggered  the four hour is going to be very interesting   because this one could go for a bigger  target that all or nothing type of trade   uh remember today most importantly do not jump  in anything um you need to have precise triggers   okay don't jump in anything you need to  have precise confirmation of synchronicity   precisely this is not the type of day to scale  in or scale out or worth the trade no it's not   gonna it's not gonna work based on the price  action that i'm seeing that is not gonna work   all right 15 minute high low is getting ready  for russell but the dow is weak smp is weak   and nasdaq is weakening so russell  parameters would be obviously a stop 2100   and the entry wow it's gonna be 24.5 21  24.5 that's huge and the target for it   they're going to be really small targets uh see  it's asymmetric uh 2128 2130 and 32 so i'm gonna   i'm gonna hold off on this one to see if we could  have any other patterns that may form on these   uh the setup is not that bad but the risk is a  little bit too wide uh the stop is asymmetric   like i said you know wide stop a really small  target not loving it if we would have had   uh synchronicity throughout all  the indices and if they were   would have been lining up then we would have had a  little bit more odds even with an asymmetric risk netflix is rotating so let's keep an eye on nasdaq i'm looking at the stock market as well because   this is going to give us today the first clue as  in which direction we're going to be moving today all right new low in ym this is not good  as it's making a new law heading into 10 o'clock all right so remember we still have news at  10 o'clock so that's in less than 10 minutes   not high impact but i think it's going to have  um have a say here into these patterns so uh   we're having russell and nasdaq that have not made  new lows yet let's not rush into anything today uh um oh sushil biden speaking at 11 30 oh yeah yeah any president that speaks during the  market open it's not good i'm not loving it yeah so usually yeah you're gonna see like  a big show here not good all right so what   i'm seeing guys russell's still holding  for now russell's still holding for now uh oh dell you got it you got that right hmm um swoosh down let's just wait wait for  the flush we don't have a short trade let's just wait nothing to see here i think the train may come up like  10 20 to 10 30 the way i'm seeing it um yep those points adele uh um foreign um all right seconds away from the news  my gosh my price is not even moving   okay moving now it's like holding its breath so all right we gotta wait  until this move it ends here you um you hmm all right i think we may look starting in a like five minutes  or so maybe some squeezes here and on any pullback if we get a shallow pullback  so if we get a squeeze we are going to look for   long and if the price weakens we're going to take  the short okay so be ready for both positions this is not a day to use  soft stop so be very careful i'm telling you there are some stocks  that are screaming higher today i'm not seeing a lot of weak momentum yeah  figures crossed exactly exactly exactly all right let's see now remember the first five minute um  rotation did not work out in the market   we had in all the indices right so we had that um okay so let's see here we may  have a short squeeze in es 4249 4249 by 42.39 all right let's do this half  the size let's get in 42 49 long yes oh forgot the caps where are the caps where are the caps never mind here they are okay so 4249 by 4238 that's the stop we have equal highs the 48 on the five  minute this is going to be a short squeeze um 52 we have targets into 52 55 57 60 if we get there if we get there okay we're  not in yet remember for those of you that are   trading micros give at least three ticks to  one point because they're a lot more volatile   this would be the first shore squeeze and i saw two late this morning oh my gosh  there was like a an amazing trade in kroger   an amazing trading kroger  oh what a beautiful trade all right all right let's see i'm in so  my um i'm in i got triggered in remember half the size remember  our discussion half the size this is not a market where  you put in all your size and it is a heart stop hard stop nasdaq is um weaker this moment so  far the 2103 is holding support in russell we have an inside bar in ym wine can be also a short  squeeze it's also asymmetric uh would be 8.95

it is why am i not having the caps on again the stop is still gonna have to be the law of the   new york session which is  three three eight to nine so we can put it at eight to five all these trades will be executed  half the size half the size   the reason for it is because you can get dinged  out and ym targets it's gonna be eight uh nine ten nine twenty nine twenty five if we get to 9 30 to 9 35 very important to take these traits at the trigger have the heart stop because  if you don't have a hard stop   i'm telling you they can run these uh  levels much much lower and it's not   going to get pre it's not pretty uh the  dow is right on the 20 sma on the weekly   and that's why i'm saying that this can possibly  be a long rotation let's not forget that we have   been down for one one two three no hold on one  two yeah yeah so quite a lot yeah it's like this would be like the eighth hour if we close week russell is still holding pretty well uh copper breaking down below that  420 just tapped again into the 420s um guess what's popping amd amd a little bit of rotation in amd nasdaq is trying to calibrate as well a little  bit uh and this rty sure squeeze r2i is the   only uh index that is really really close to the  shore squeeze is actually the most um declined so it's trying to hold um cancel ym we're still in es um still holding a 38. i don't think it's gonna hold for long okay i'm out i'm out out so ear stopped sitting right on that console and support  man i don't think it wants to hold it i   think it wants to trash that but it's right  on this is such a massive support here at 38. multi-time frame support it's coming from  the weekly it's coming from the daily it's   coming from the hourly it's coming from  multiple multiple time frames even intra day this it's almost 10 20. no it doesn't seem like i don't know so nasdaq   just have mixed feelings  here nasdaq is just holding see that's the reason why we need to use these  hard stops and also we need to use half the risk nvidia is rotating and videos is  really strong nvidia netflix amd check out smh yep as the match is rotating as well  and it's holding really well so far you okay so now stop let's take a quick look again now stack 15 minutes short squeeze as well  same thing half the size get ready guys   it's gonna get it's gonna trigger right away  hold on i'm gonna give you the levels right now when you're having this kind of price action  that's why we're using these uh heart stops   because the stops uh for example uh can go around  uh let's say for a yes can go around like another   10 to 12 points down and then can bounce up so  that's why you're gonna need a lot more trades so the only way to do that to fit them in  your budget is to take them with half the risk   okay so i'm looking at 509 in nasdaq nasdaq long 509 stop is going to be 455. the  target short squeeze is going to be 5 20.

there is asymmetric and we're  going to go for yes again yes 15 minutes setting up pretty nicely for 10 30. um 4243 long yes i would do 0.5 and uh the stop is gonna be the low of the  session but uh we're going to give it 40 to 30. first target's going to be 46 48 next one fifty fifty-three we're going to be looking for these  15 minute rotations to kick in   it's now's the time now's the time we haven't  had a rotation i also like russell here don't jump in anything just  take them at the trigger   you don't take them out the trigger you're  gonna get slaughtered the trigger is there   for a reason don't think that you're outsmarting  the market you're not we need to be very humble you need triggers in this market this is not a  trending market where you just scale in go on your   merry way it's like okay i'm gonna work myself  out of this one no this is serious business today   this is the day when you can blow up your account ym is setting up as well it's going to be 8 15 and why and why i'm 8 15  long uh the stop is below the low seven four zero   and the targets eight fifty two to 870. 900 on a best case scenario new parameter in es take it over 42 42 yes 42 yes instead of 40 43 and a half use 42 42-42 all right we have a little trigger in ym  last two triggers yes and now stock not in   keep the stops we have three minutes if we hold  these lows we're gonna go for short squeezes   and russell as well is gonna have a nice 15  minute high low here so if you're thinking   about russell and if russell is your thing uh  it's going to be 21 14 and a half to 21 15.  

14 and a half or 15 for the entry  the stop is going to be 2100. all right everything with is with half the size you  don't have to take all the trades just pick one um um all right okay yeah i'll post it i know it's 10 30. it's very important for this 15 minute  to start rotating this is going to be   it this is going to be it if we  don't trigger here we're done oil continues to be weak all the stops are below these lows right  here all the stops are below the lows all the stops uh i'm telling you guys there are some  stocks that are pretty solid today   looking across the board here and we should be seeing a pop here not unless they  are running the machines into these indices um um come on snp if snp is going  to manage to get a little bit higher   and russell here it is how  many of you guys got in russell we need 45 nes 45 on a  takeover 45 nes we're running we have our first target at 46.  anyone else anyone else took russell okay if we're not holding if we  didn't hold the 10 a.m low  

hey laura awesome you're  rocking and rolling with russell here's what i like about russell  the 30 minute has already triggered   and it has room to 24 and it has run to 25 25  24 to 25 is going to be that decision point   but if it just smashes that 20  sma it will run higher but if not   ultimately it's going to return and um it's going  to go back down all right cl here is giving it up but it's not really it's  bleeding but it's not really   crashing you know what i mean so  we could just have some kind of let's watch it on the 15 though it's super important guys if we don't hold these  these 10 30 numbers it's not going to be good   it's not going to be good all right  so we just stopped at a nest stack   nasdaq stopped new law we  have two more trades that are on you um russell rooney's getting ready now  russell rooney's getting ready for that 24-25 nasdaq is that that confluent support yeah this was very nice here the five it's actually on the the 15 minute high  low as we discussed here um worked out really nicely it's always the um the most  decline that it's gonna try to recuperate all right um here's the 24 and 25 were hit okay  there's a little squeezy here that   um we could still go a little higher in  russell if you guys took russell um into 28. um all right good job guys and russell  good job good job see we got dinged   out of this uh not stock but let's  see let's start rocking and rolling see it's very easy to trade when the  market is going either you know up or down   or it's into a really good massive trend but  when the market is becoming a little bit um uh iffy then um a lot of traders are having a lot  of problems because they don't know how to adjust   to the market conditions all right so  we have the first target in the yes   at 46 guys uh we hit a high 44.75 am i and i'm telling you this nasdaq is still  gonna run now it's like it's still gonna roll look   at this really nice bottoming tail here see where  the machines did they took everybody out and boom   back up uh russell doing really well guys russell  doing really well laura you should be doing good did you get in on my call or did  you get in earlier more aggressively hey daniel good morning  you're in russell too awesome oh perfect yes that that was the perfect entry  all right ym is also looking really good right now oh you got in 21-15 that's perfect awesome  daniel good job good job good job good job   all right so here's the 30s remember it's into  that 50 sma room to squeeze room to squeeze at   least into these areas right here 34 to 36 34  to 36 and we have smp at target one remember   if you're very new to the room i like to  um exit half of my position at target one   leave the rest in and then at target to scale out  a quarter and the last lot for further targets all right we have a nice here let's see  here what we need we need a 38 in yn we need a 38 in ym and then we could see the 850s hey den you got 2113.1 pivot awesome  okay then this this is like a big scale   out right here the 2130 21 30. if you still  want to stay in and give yourself a chance  

26 is your trail stop 21 26. 21-26 if you want to  put in a stop if you don't want to exit here at   30. this is a big target it's right into this um  50 sma all right we have our target 2 in es at 48. we need to get so from this point on a s  is on tr in central mode the last target   is 50 but we are going to see probably  55 okay we're probably gonna see 55. okay why am one point away from target one yes all these trades are posted in the  portfolio all these trades are posted in the portfolio see the short squeezes are if we start sure  squeezing a little bit more we can be done   we can be done very soon we just need a  little bit of a pop up here not much but come on let's go let's go let's go we need a  we you know i'm thinking of a 55 here in es   but it's gonna be by trailing we are two ticks away from  target one from target three nes uh in russell i'm thinking to trail 28 but i'm just  waiting because it's right into the uh   10 email your trading session  starts on the 15 minute 28 is holding so far yeah rgy trail 28 guys 28 28 trail don't  give anything back it has room to squeeze   into 34 maybe 37 34 to 37. all right weima  is making a new high uh we have a high of 64.

our next target is 70. no i'm not repeating nasdaq no no not repeating  that stack it's not lifting off the bottom   that much i mean it even if it's going to  rotate it's going to have a really wide risk so robinhood is going to receive a  listing date on nasdaq on july 29th all right here's the s at 50. we have target  123 from this point on it's in trail mode   we're going to look for the next target  going into this 10 ema into the 55. and in ym why we need 15 seconds to do the trail  stop and the trail stop is gonna be eight   three zero no it's gonna be a two a  two eight two eight okay uh aren't dead   i was typing rty because i was  looking at your post instead of ym okay ym trail stop um eight to eight eight to eight okay and it  trailed out eight two eight okay all right um see we have three points to that seventy  only target one only target one hit um   at 58.50 and we trail 828 on the  rest so half at 850 half at 828 rty trail is still 28. what's  with the 28 all right and yes last last trail i'm going to give it a  little bit of room i'm going to put 42.45

4245 last trail all right what a day it was a it was not an easy  day i could tell you this but it was fun rty is trying to hold the 29s right now if it's going to pop over 34 and a  half raise the stop one point higher rty has massive resistance into the 10 ema on  the 15 minute i will show you after the trade   is wrapped up because i have my active traders  here on and i don't want to mess it up because   last time when i wanted to show chart i showed the  chart and i accidentally closed my active trader   okay um yes and i will show you why that was a big  target right there and that why we need to trail a   little bit tighter into the 28. it's gonna make  a lot more sense when i'm gonna show you those charts okay all right so russell rooney is done  rty done okay everything is done right now   okay everything is done stick of work in it uh okay now i'm watching and then i'm going  to show you some charts i just want to know   if we have a short position or what's going to uh  what's going to happen here so i'm just stocking   stocking price i'm going to  take this down to the 5 minute what a roller coaster morning right uh uh okay here's the moment of truth that  could be a bear flag formation and ym okay um um okay so i'm seeing that nasdaq is not  giving up and i don't think this is a short   i think they're retesting and  they may want to launch higher i know lori like chewie and there are so  many other stocks that we're gonna talk about   that are uh that are higher today okay uh so so the dell has retested the same 70  50 area and it's consolidating here all right let me show you guys what i was  looking at uh in russell for my target i was looking at the 10 ema right here okay  so this is without the pre-market data these   are just new york training session charts you can  see that there's a gap here so this is the 10 ema   along with uh pivot resistance uh into the 2137 we  have this one into the 33 a lot of resistance area   right here so that's why it just started to pull  back a little bit so we trailed out all right um so then that that was the reason why   right so i use both charts you're  trading session charts alone and um um also continuous charts obviously  for price action oil is incredibly weak   oil is incredibly weak here see now now stack is into the 10 ema and it's also  you see this uh dotted line right here and you see   that every single time in the overnight trading  session meaning really pre-market uh we came in   we bounced we came in again we bounced neutral  neutral neutral and then we popped up and then we   swoosh back down try to find spore again and  now this is going to be the line in the sand   if we trade above 520 and stay above above 5  20 we are gonna go to 540 to 550 but if not and   the price is going to get rejected it's going  to go back down this is the sloppiest pattern   so it was literally a roller coaster ride today of  course dan i'm glad that helped dao breaking below uh usually um what sets up around 10 30  um has a bit of momentum going into 11 15 so i'm not gonna take any decisions into  11 15 because this may be a calibration nym by the way bonds are very strong very  very strong they finally broke out   um zb broke out over the 200 sma for  the first time in a very long time and here's nasdaq with all these  uh uh with all this environment   i really didn't have time to take a  look right now and see where we're at in the stock market because to me that has a say a big big say see  this is the momentum continuation so it should   continue for the next 10 minutes or so don't  be quick on shorting here and this could be   a sandwich that is developing  here over 34 and a half or so um i don't know my internet is i think  my internet is slow or something having some issues here um smp yeah is still part of that  so the 50 is that coil around area god you um still watching guys i honestly do not like this environment  one bit for trading this is kind of like you huh see this can be another uh one that is not  triggering late participation in um in the down but it's not set up yet so see the five minute you could go by the five  minute high low so you could do i'm not going   to take it so i'm telling you right now i'm not  taking anything but if you really must look at   something and you want to push some buttons which  i don't recommend you do it would be 8 30 by 7 20. this is not my call by the way  so i don't want to do it yet uh looking at a scalp possibly  here 830 by 780 target 860. possible scalp um you um you yes yeah rotation on the one hour i'm looking here for that little scalp it needs to close above the 10 ema if it doesn't  close above the 10ma it's going to get rejected   and it's still going to stay in this area love  low and high low and high back again russell   is extending oil oil guys let's take a quick  look oh man didn't look at oil oh mr doji guys   what are you guys doing this is the  doji alert right here on the five all right now we have to wait   this could be a short squeeze as well and  oil because it's so extended to the downside okay let's take a quick look russell is russell is back into the uh back  into the 20 sma remember we had a target at 37   but we exited obviously so we're not in  anymore but this was the ultimate target   37. okay let's take a look at what we  have in oil we have two more seconds um yeah this is a really wide stop if you want to  take it with micros that's fine um it is rather   better with micros than full size it's up to  you it depends on what kind of account you have   small big medium um 67 point well it needs to get  over 20 67 67 20 by the low 67 20 by the low in cl okay um 6740 67.50 for the targets

all right triggered 15-minute trigger as well in ym why am long 8 30. the stop has to be the law of the day 7 20. target 850 880 and on velocity 900. and then uh nasdaq is coming in smp is holding above the 50. uh hmm all right everything is coming in  cancel cancel nas cancel ym cancel ym   we're gonna revisit it but cancel it for now this is the first green tick for oil on the  15-minute structure and it's not really sustaining why am i still a watch i know crazy crazy crazy market uh all right so cl still uh or  on standby with why i'm still watching can you guys hear me because i'm  getting a pop-up that my mic is muted just a quick okay thanks phyllis that's  so weird like i'm getting so i have this   pop-up on my screen saying that my mic is muted  okay thank you weird things happen on mondays   all right uh so yeah in oil the  stop is still the stop and all right market doesn't have a lot  of pressure in it right now huh um uh wow not doing anything all right you um hmm see that doji on the 15 minute and ym is  pretty interesting the higher low for example   now that we're heading we are literally  less than two minutes into the   close of the london session and we're pretty  much not seeing any continuation of the dump probably gonna get stopped from crude keep that hard stop set london session has closed 65 is our stop 10 10 cents away  from where it is trading right now this is interesting here in nasdaq i have to  tell you this is actually five minute rotation   it would be 42 or 43 even 44 so around so anywhere  above 42 the stop would be 5 15 or so or 520   let's let's just wait and see how  it trades we may have another trade see it triggered already okay let's repeat ym  ym same parameters scroll up and pick it up   it's gonna be 830 by 720 target 850 880  and uh 900 on velocity here it is again in fact yeah you know what um we can pick  it up 825 825 versus 830 entry a25 entry a25 okay android a25 versus 830 that we had  here okay seal stopped punched into 63.  

we may go at it again all right we  triggered nym currently we are long ym you we're gonna do it again we're gonna do ciel again so we're looking for 850 880 and  on velocity 900 and uh and the dow foreign i want to look at this five minute high  low in any case the stop is going to be under 60. um the entry may be see i i missed  that nasdaq it happened too fast   uh it's the machine's trading today it's not  it's it's it's just not having any kind of um other kind of participation it's just algos 6710 6710 entry 6710 6710 by 66.60 cl mcl like i said mcl is a good choice   uh because of the white stops uh so  6710 is the entry um the stop is 66 let's put it 59. okay pretty much kind of like the same targets we're going to do 6730 so  we're going to do 0.30.40 0.5 d   40 is going to be a big deal if it  breaks over 40 is going to go higher   okay so we had a punch over 40 we had a high  42 and we have our first target in 850 in ym no trigger in oil yet russell  has been the nicest behavior jamie you got in 475 okay let's wait and see how this  candle is closing and then you   can use this as a stop you could use either i would say use this 10 ema here at the 550 it's trending nicely off the two minutes so we  want to make sure that um so the two minute is   screaming like a little mini pullback so  you can see that it's loving the 20 sma   so what i'm thinking is that if you want to trail  it tighter you can use obviously this 50 area or   you can wait until it pivots you can wait until it  pivots i'm not sure today with the pivoting thing   honestly i'm not really sure  because i don't know if it's gonna   do a you know it's gonna change direction  but honestly you know i see it that is   following this 20 sma so here we have this  whole consolidation and finally popping   retracing to the 20 sma popping up and i think  it's going to want to come back here if you want   to give it a little bit of more room then  you'll have to wait for the pivot to form   but then again your ultimate stop is going to have  to be uh below 5 17. i don't know if you want to  

wait that long and give back profits on a day like  today i would take any kind of profit possible i was looking to see if we punch in the dow over   that 550 so we can lock in profits  and bring the stop up to break even um see russell is really firm i don't know  just curious any any uh is anyone holding   this crazy russell trade um okay jamie the moment of truth  here you have been adding to rty   awesome yeah i'm not holding anything like i said  today i'm just not um a bit more conservative okay all right in about four minutes  we may be pivoting from this area okay now you have a pivot see how it loves  it loves this 20 sma now the final stop jamie   if you're still in has to go below this  pivot 42 right now if you're trailing it   if you're trailing and we're back into  the 42s um into ym we're almost getting   a sandwich a bull sandwich here in um oil  so if oil is going to start trading above 67   then we have a bull sandwich and then we can  expect the next target to get back into 67 20. there we go all right we have the 50 just  stay in a little bit just stay in a little bit oil is forming a doji on the one hour it  still has 15 minutes to go come on oil and paul i don't blame you i'm like kind of jittery here  but you know that i like to hold a little bit longer we have a full completion here we have a  really good strong chance of continuing to 900. okay we have the 860s we have the next target into  80 which is 20 points from where we are right now uh because we have hit target one i can't bring the stop to break even  we will have to put it somewhere below   i don't want to get dinged out just because  i'm just chunking in the stop too tight   i want to see how we close this candle here  we have 40 seconds left and within the next 40   seconds if we close over 60 or at least 50 we're  going to bring the stop up to ym and it's very   important that we start trading above 67 we're 3  cents in oil 3 cents in oil we need to get to 67.

awesome good job good job guys  okay here we go 10 seconds to go i can't bring the stop to break even but i'm going  to bring it at 800 remember that we have already   taken out half at 8.50 all right now official  stop goes to 800 and ym ym trail stop 800.   boom there we go there we go come on all right if  we manage to get over 900 just hypothetically if   we start taking off because this is a super  strong support zone that we're in right now   uh it is deriving from a higher  time frame and if we see that uh 900   and break over 900 we could uh we  could see uh 9 30 or even 9 50.   and we're gonna have an hourly rotation in at  9 10 so if we manage to continue the strength   within the next 55 minutes to 15 minutes  we can potentially trigger 9 10 and 9   10 is going to bring the sure squeeze  into 34 000 which is another 100 points   but we're gonna take it one step at a time and  by the way you guys that nailed russell wowsers   awesome awesome awesome good job we are rocking  and rolling again in ciel let's go let's go let's   go nice trigger cl is going to be a top watch  in about um i don't know let's say 15 minutes this is the nice doji 15 minute this could have a  much bigger short squeeze opportunity here we hit   target 2 in ym at 880. scale some out like i said i like to take out half at 8.50 i  take i like to take a quarter into 880 and then i  

really like to leave some in for further trailing   now this is a big decision point we are into  the 10 year may on the 15 minute and you know   what we need to do here we need  to close above this in the next 12 13 minutes break the stop up to breakeven nym ym stop to  break even on the rest so if it turns around if it turns around we already have booked  profits at target 1 and target 2. yeah it did it did it did trigger yes and now brad you know the drill fingers  crossed we need to we need to see how it's   holding let's take it back i love this setup  by the way love love love this setup if we hold   within the next 10 minutes and within the next  15 minutes if we pop up a little bit higher   we're gonna have this short squeeze that can  take the price to 68 and possibly even 68.50   i'm not having high hopes  for today but this can happen 30 minutes is also cool right 30  minutes has a another trigger at 24 25   we have it at 6710 our entry 6710 by 66.59 ym is um see i i i would like to give it a little  bit more room but i don't trust this market   typically typically this should be the law of  the day this load this 724 and the dow should be   the law of the day and same with the rest of the  indices um for example russell 2100 bounce area uh 4230 area support in smp nasdaq um into this  40 level uh support has a low 45 these levels   need to hold if these levels are gonna hold we're  gonna go higher in the afternoon trading session   but like i said i don't have a lot of confidence  in this market market is very very very jittery   right now i mean we've been so busy with so  many trades today uh we typically don't take   do we typically take one trade  today we had like oh my gosh   uh let me see one two three four five six  seven eight traits today crazy all right   so uh why am the stop is that break even uh  our break even is 825 at this point it also   has the port into the eight four zero so if a40  is going to hold within the next five minutes   we are going to see a new high if eight four zero  is going to be violated we're going to come in   to eight into eight thirty eight twenty  five eight twenty possibly back into the   800 or maybe even a full retracement back into  the low of the day but let's see if we hold uh oil 10 more minutes left into this candle  and also uh back into the 67 trading over the   six trading into the 67 we need a little bit more  pressure into it a little bit more buying pressure   and if oil and by the way guys  oil gave us a signal last week   because oil was weak last week the market was  still making new highs uh in some indices but   oil was giving us a sign that the market  is uh kind of like done uh with the rally   and uh we've seen uh pullbacks and oil right  and this put a lot of pressure on price   so whenever we i see a lot of pressure in oil then  i look at the market and say hey you know what   we could possibly see the market coming  in so this did not come unexpectedly today all right so let's see how that 840 is gonna be holding we   still have eight more minutes  left into this time segment uh by the way today we start the um   technical analysis uh mastery  course we started at two o'clock let's go to a smaller structure here   see this 840 like i said i have my stop and  break even at 25 for the rest of the position   because we are into um um i think we're going  to get dinked out here um on our last last lot which is not bad it had a really nice move it had a it  went into 82 targeted one target two hit   if it would have went to 900 then it would  have had that 900 would have released   the cap off resistance and it would  have had another 100 point uh um room   all right so here we have oil nice runny higher  nice nice nice we are 10 cents up 10 cents up it's going to be a nice if we hold these  highs it's going to be a nice close okay   so we're done with ym done with ym  so we had target 1 and target 2 hit last lot we trailed uh into breakeven but nice nice see when you are using half the size  you can afford to get into more trades   okay here's the 20 we are 10 cents  away from our target one at 67   30 and take i'm taking half off there  just fyi because we have that pivot   you see this heavy resistance into  the 30s that's why i'm taking off half   don't be greedy just scale out skill out skill  out and then leave the last law for trailing target one hidden oil and i just took  half out i just did half out of oil this let's make it pay let's go let's go  let's go nice nice nice we're we have   four more minutes into the clothes we have  another doji uh right here in now stock i could go for a nap right now wow what a busy day um nice rotation in ym but i'm not   in anymore we're approaching the top  of the hour and uh i have to take off we have a class that starts at 2  p.m i gotta get ready for the class okay so now we need to see uh we need to see  a print of 37 67 37 in oil in order to start   going higher um in oil you can bring  your stop to break even thanks laurie oh i know this in these days you  you could be massively down trust me everybody everybody massively down   these days are crazy these days are the days  that where we blow accounts okay just an fyi   i am not overly bullish on oil this is just a  short squeeze that we're trading keep in mind   that if oil is going to start trading below 66.40  it's going to go much lower most likely to 60   because it's going to go uh it's going to do a  monthly sell yes absolutely these are the best   days for education not the days when you like you  know when we go in it's like print money print   money print money so it's raining cash these are  the best days to get educated honestly these are   lessons in the market okay so the indices are done  by the way russell congratulations if you guys are   still holding it you guys are heroes you're  awesome um and i'm looking at this 30 minute   rotation that has just kicked in 30 is a big deal  right here so we need to see the price stabilize   above 30 we have to stop and break even right  now so in case the price is going to revisit 67   10 we're going to be out we have targeted one  half half the size of our trade is out 67 67.3 now  

there's no reason why anybody should not be out  half because we do have micros available so before you could say oh yeah you know what i didn't make  any money and then i put my stopper break even but   now there's no reason why you should not take  profits at target one no reason no reason okay okay um all right so we're going to keep the stop and  here's the game plan okay here's the game plan   like i said for today it's gonna be on a hour  by hour watch and it's gonna be actually a 15   minute by 15 minute watch um okay let me put an  alert here so you guys can see it that is the   trail stop i'm not gonna stay in any longer i  don't know what the market is going to be doing   um it is we're gonna talk a little  bit about it in just one second   okay so keep that uh keep that trail stop and  break even and done okay and done and printed   in 0.9 done trade closed so we did 20 cents on it  10 cents if you use half the size that's perfect   okay not not bad not bad okay so let's talk  about the markets and the market structure and   this is going to be a wrap and i can tell you what  we can expect in the afternoon trading session   um if you guys want to stick around and trade the  afternoon i am literally done but uh this is what   the charts are telling us all right number one  ym like i said we trailed out so we're flat on   absolutely every single trade that we took all  the trades that i post in the trading room are   designed to work in the first two hours however if  you still want to trade the uh afternoon session   these are some numbers that get ready to write  them down ym if ym is going to trade over 883   with a stop and if the low of the day is going to  hold if the stop is 720 it will go to 34 000. this   is going to be the short squeeze if the price  is going to violate the low of the day into 724   which is this candle right here it will have room  for lower it will have room for much much lower   so um the uh the next area that i'm looking for  is actually 675 that is the next target that we   have and of course it does have room for lower uh  as well you can pick up the targets off of your   um four hour hourly charts and also daily charts  m esmp triggered this rotation 10 o'clock was the   low of the day today hasn't violated the low of  the day just printed the law of the day into 10   o'clock uh the low is 31.25 if it breaks below  31.25 it's going to go lower we do have some   levels here 40 to 11. this is by the way this  is a massive support level i it wouldn't be a  

surprise for me if i see the price even go to 4  200 and then trying to take out again the stops   because stops are in right now uh the stops are  in from traders like us that are looking for the   counter turn trades and they're looking so now  our number one goal is to see if they're taking   some profits off of this massive down date that  we've had in the market right now 71 points down   into the mnesmp so if we violate this 4200 and  if we stay below 4200 shorts are still going to   have the upper hand so look for shorts uh below  this 4200 uh also uh if the price and you can   see that the trigger point was uh 42.50 lori has  mentioned 42.50 before the market opened uh as a   key level so once again the market has rotated off  of that key level and it didn't have a lot of uh   momentum to actually complete a retracement uh  and complete a pullback uh from this into this   downtrend into like this into the 65 area 65  is becoming the new resistant spot in nasdaq we   do have a 10 at 10 a.m low so you can see that  we have really formed nice 10 a.m lows for the   new york trading session and as long as these  10 a.m lows are going to hold throughout this   afternoon these are going to uh pretty much be in  play even in the overnight training session and   in the afternoon session or in the overnight  trading session if we violate these 10 am lows   then we are going much lower and in nasdaq we  do have room for lower at least to 14 400 and   14 300 this could actually be here an hourly cell  however this is complement support so this is uh   don't take this very very lightly i would like to  wait for more confirmation before we put in some   uh for example some swing shorts into these  areas all right so we already triggered a   one-hour rotation over uh 520 we uh we actually  and we were actually stalking remember that five   minute right here and i said you know what i  just want to see the other indices participate   into this uh into this rotation and it  happened so fast it took the price higher   challenge the prior high from the open and now  it's coming back in so it has violated the 20 sma   once it violates the 20 sma especially on a small  time frame structure um the pattern is a little   bit more damaged so it's going to need a lot more  calibration before we look at a longer or short   the big winner today was russell russell managed  to come back up it's actually uh down point seven   percent and it was down more than two percent when  the market opened and um it it has violated it has   broken above this resistance area into the 21  uh 2147 massive support like we have discussed   in the pre-market game plan into the 2100 those  uh multiple tops uh from the weekly chart that   we talked about and we said that we reached the uh  2100 we popped 2100 we popped 2100 we popped again   and here we are popping again over this uh we will  talk more about this uh uh tomorrow and depends   on how and where we close today we're going to  see what the game plan is we're going to take   it one day at a time it's better and it's safer  to do it this way uh gold is into one nowhere   no place to place the trade territory so we're  just going to leave it alone and oil uh finally   we have this nice bottoming uh bottoming candle  uh and if oil within the next uh 50 minutes   uh is going to take out of the high of  67.35 so it needs to print 37 38 or so   it's going to go for a squeeze into the 68 or  68 30. i was really hoping that when we got in   you know it would really do that uh right  now but if the market is gonna become weak   uh take a look at oil because if oil is gonna  start bleeding again you're pretty much going to   see the indices follow along okay all right this  is it for today guys i will see you at two o'clock   thank you for enrolling in the power um no in the  um technical analysis mastery course we have the   power income futures trading course scheduled for  next week so uh there's still very few seats left   i don't work with many many traders at once so  if you want to join you guys are going to have   a priority if you want to sign up for the course  uh and that is starting next monday but today and   tomorrow we have the power income we have i'm  sorry we have the technical analysis mastery   course it's from two o'clock to four o'clock  thanks so much everyone and i will see you   in class at two o'clock for those of you that  have enrolled if not i will see you tomorrow   at 9 00 a.m this is a wrap enjoy the rest of the  day and stay safe in this market bye guys you

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