Live Forex প্রশ্ন এবং উত্তর by Professor Andreas Thalassions - Forex Training - Earn Money BD

Live Forex প্রশ্ন এবং উত্তর by Professor Andreas Thalassions - Forex Training  - Earn Money BD

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Proactive. Attitude, very good what is. The. Trend trend. What is, yes. Which. One is the best indicator, guys which. One is the best. Enough. With indicators, whatever. Yes. Sir, Fibonacci. Waters. Breakout. Forex. Lab till to say para, talkin. Economist. Interim, don't eaten together, objective, urban except for any Russell. Forgiveness. You. Have to. Hear. Because. Volume. Is. Extremely. Important. In training, markets. What. Is working. Yes. There is balloon. It, shows, the number of, units. Have. Exchanged, hands. They. Say his chair, had. Only. Only. Two people for the volume sales in. Foreign exchange fine. Thanks. Okay. All. Right guys it's, very good to clarify that in, exchange. You. Can. Know. In. Foreign. Exchange, there. Is no volume it. Again. I, know. That, your, trading, platform. If there's a litigator, that says for, you. But. That's not move you is something else, all. Right. And. Actually I have been saying that many, years and they change, from Hollywood excess, volume. Right. If. You take a closer, look you will say that says volumes. Baloo, but look upon you is. Something else. Later, today so. You are not allowed to use, volume. When. You break, the foreign exchange market. What. Do you need. Yeah. What, else. What. Else do you need to trade the market gasps give. Me some help. You I need your help. Laughing. System. Very, good. So. You need a training, system. Water. You. Need money, management, rules. Trading. System for the beginner guide if, the. City rules where. Do you buy what. Do you take it, and when, you say look I'm using Safari, and amount of this trade okay, this, is I, follow, you guys yeah. All of you why. Don't you smile it, and. Keep. On smiling, too identity plan. Management. It means ever those things I know the beginners, and. I. Will teach you today the. Training, system. System. Another. What. Else do you need, and. I. Will make, sure that. Nobody. Leaves, this room today. I, will. Make sure today. That, nobody, leaves, this room, unless. What. Is left for, you to do. To. Follow what. I will teach you here today and this, is called psychology. Mindset. Or. Discipline. You. Need the discipline, to, follow what. I'm going to teach you today. That's. Why I will, give you 25%, of, your profits. And. Of. Course is. These. Three, parameters are, in place then. You have what, I call, the, ultimate training. Formula. Is. It clear.

Do. You have any questions, so far. Actually. There, is another, parameter. That. Is not shown here that. Parameter. Is called a, good, broker. Yes. And. Do. You follow me guys the people, that have been trading. Know, exactly. What I'm talking about the, beginners, maybe, they are wonder, if you are all the same proteus right not, really, but, the question, is how do you find out that, we broker, right. How. Do you find yes, first, deposit. Withdraws. Is. Again. A smaller, spread, yes. But. A lot, of brokers, will, say you, do not I will, tell you how to be fashionable. Broker the. Poacher, that sends, you here in your own house. And. Very good trainer. The. Best arcade, a good a good trainer to. Teach you how to make money for free then. That broken, is a good problem believe me guys. You. Don't like that much. Because. If, you if, you survive, in this business if. You learn how to trade and if. You continue to play most. Probably, you will say my, friend why, don't you trade for us, but I can difficult. Yes. Your. Sister. And. Your. Sister, now maybe based on what, appears on what concept. Let. Me give you guys. Your. System, how are you going to decide where to buy or sell or market in your profit, workings. That concept. Is. Yes. Are, you going to look at the stars to decide whether you went to buy yourself, so. What are you going to look at to. Decide. All. Right. Let. Me help you with that okay, so, let me give you the first one the first one is called God. Feeling. That. Is very important, from the old ones and the especially, for the beginners, because. You know when you start his new business a, lot of people will approach. This, country. Spend. Many hours our, products, entering cinemas, today right, Athena. Study. The, palace repair, we. Behavior. Of this and. Then, you will feel when, you return will go up or down, this. Is called God, feeling, of intuition. Or, sentiment. Whatever they call it and was, very much in fashion where. The 10 years ago, ok guys is. A little bit difficult to explain exactly what. Is so. Will give you a real story. As. You have to. When. I started. Ringing. Its, master. And you will fear yes. Will appear with me yes, and, you, have had the opportunity, at, least another character. No. So. Next time how to teach you here. Alright so. We said okay this is the truth right. Yeah. So next time we're going to teach you. Is. And. Then. People, felt, about me, and, started.

And. They. Would ask below, and then, I am, George, I am. Peter, who. Gave him. The number from, his. Friend Maria. Can. I ask you two questions I said, this morning that, we use every day, so. Fund. Managers. That we manage manage but they were starting, to study. Economics, and, finance. Training. And. After 17, years as. An IT manager in, the big company, a. Professional. Trainer, and. What, did I do I tied, a big, office in my house I locked myself, in. That office, 18. Hours more. Right. And. I. Wanted. To. Invite. For. Social, purposes. Then. Is it me that I'm the voice. That. Sounds, familiar. So. That's why I said it's very important, to listen. So. I looked, up myself and I started reading and I. Said. Moving. Average, I used, to being averages, I have less trades. So. I. Had. A. Prophet for. A few years on a delta count right back, testing. Instead. Of reading the book like that guys you know like by 9 I was born like that. Scanning. Very, fast like, that. Looking. For something you don't have the patience, and you know very. Well, that if you. And. This. Guy record they, get off the living room of that broker for, dinner, tomorrow. Our. CEO. Is, going to give a seminar. And. Don't continue please. Let. It fly. Nice. To meet you sir. What, did I say wrong I. Said. Stop. I. Feel. Okay. He, says don't. Ever, call. Me again, sir. Just. Call me Peter, I. Am. Calling George Soros George, George, are you. It. Doesn't sound very logical, right. Okay. He. Says I have. So many things about you. I. Said. I ran away I say I have so many things about you and. Then. My friend, says okay, we can start a let's. Go in the conference room. As. I. Started. Explaining. It. Means religious, penises. Great. He. Runs. Outside, of. The room. So. I find, you smoking. Pop it easier. And. Just. Enjoying. My of, course. And. I'm. Sitting. There on the beach - which. Kind. Of beer. No. He. Says why I'd. Listen to me he. Says I won't be really. Difficult. But, look here now, because. I said my. Wife is, a dietitian. And, if. I have a kind of clear I, will. Get, a one and a half kilo and tomorrow. Morning. And every. Morning I have to step on the scale and she comes and, she says, oh you gained weight again. Give. Me a small, shoulder. So. I don't gain weight right. Just. Bring. My, friend. Did. You enjoy it very good recipe. I'm. Opening. I. Went. Home. Serious. You, have to. The, next movement. Right. To. Our screens, so. Now I have six screens right. My. Job is more, than 18 hours a day to do added pressure so, high. You. Know that gets a lot right if. If, you put 18. Hours, every, day that. Job if. You quit you. Have a regular. Job after, 17, years. Right. And. You. Can. Use them. Use. The. Rooms from. Your storage. Yes. I. Already. Gave, you well, gosh oh my gosh I. Think. We. Do it was nice seeing you again goodbye. Now. The. First time I met because I, wrote, to my car, I went. Like all those things have so much that I think is legend, my life, this. Now. I will, go into my calendar. With. Precise. Knowledge are you following me guys. Yes. Yes, yes. Do. You like the way I'm going so far. Is. The. Next concept. That you can base your system. Is. What. Is. Fundamental. Analysis, nobody. Let. Me give you. You. Know. So. Let, me explain he's. Right but the next. Fundamental. Analysis, has to do with economics. Right, yes. Economics. Is. So. Actually, the. Economy's. The. Fundamental. Analyse these, guys. Calculated. A lot, of numbers but. Actually. What. They are interested. In if, you want to write something down is. The. Canonic factors, they. In. Economic. Factors. Or. Captured. Yes. Also. The, political, side. That. Is country. Have a, stable. Government. Change. You, have a stable, government. With. Solid. Policies. Then, you, are promised, growing and, if the economy, is growing and, after a currency. Is, growing, as well, right. I just wanna be nice, so. They studied economics, the. Morning-time. Policy. Dangerous. Place don't worry about that. Inflation. Whatever they call this. But. This. Country. So. If you realize not be cutting that economy, is based and. You don't have the water to, water your class then you have right. So. That's what its economic. But. We. Are interested. In one number. Fundamental. Analysis, is, interested. In what number and this, number is. Called the, regulated, here. Is, called me in, please tell me right channels. Okay. Is called the. Feminine. Beauty. Okay. Guys this is the world they. Are interested. In the, calculation. Of intrinsic. Value. Okay. And. They. Take a lot of information. So. This. Is the intrinsic, value, for the eurozone so. Let's say that this is the price of your world, and, you. Ask these, guys is. The good opportunity. To buy, euro drama since. Its falling. You. Are not allowed to buy a, neutral, body because. This price, is. Higher. Value. Increasing. Value, means that unit, order, should. Be at, one point twenty five this, is the correct price of, your, Obama please, do not include keep on moving.

Yes. So is it higher is expensive. Yes. So. You. Know. Is. Very expensive can, even you know it's, expensive. Can. I go yes bye, bye, bye, because, below, is king is inexpensive, it's considered, a very good opportunity. To. Buy. Change, SS, this. Is fundamental. Magnificently, five, five, five. If. The price is about Jerusalem, is considered, expensive the, price is below. What. I'm going to teach you today guys. You're. Not smiling again. What. I'm going to teach you today please. Look at me at the wiper please if you cannot see at the bottom stand up to see what about you. What. I'm going to teach you the system, that I'm going to give you today will. Explain. How, to buy here. And. How. To take on your problem here. That's. Why I need mr. alagesh ever color to show my students, word buy anywhere. To close with, a position. Because. They don't understand, what I just explained. Oh. So. Absolutely. Yes. Strange. Cold, right. And. Of course the third way where. We can the third concept, that we can base our system, is cold war. Is. Called sangria analysis. Let. Me rephrase myself, the, correct, way, today's. Our, system. On is. Technical. Yes. Nobody. Identifying. For. The temples, of. Identifying. Future. Prime, red. For. The purpose, of identifying. Future. Price trends. Nobody. Will see the grid I. Can. Never take a statistician, you know. Nobody. Like. The cabinet. Officials. Of identifying. A, future. Price trend. In. Their, very. We're. Going to discuss trend. And. Then I will show you how to identify the, trend this before. Right and then. How to by itself so the three principles. Of technical. Analysis. Anyone. Is market. Action. Is. The prices. New. Trends. So. When you look at the chart you, will find the trend. There. Is somewhere. A trend, to, find that track. And. Tested. This formation, and. This is what they. Project. They. Can identify the. Top. And the bottom so. We. Can expect, these, patterns. To equal. Work today. This, will means is, a very nice. Marcus. Of Quran is, because, a zero committed. As. A token. I. Will. Explain when we come back I will give you stir so you can understand it remember it forever true, means that, when. You look at the price you, will identify trends. Okay. There are trends now, you don't know what the trend is and you don't know how to I did. All. Right. Yes. Yes. I. Live. In. Tucson. Sector. Conference RC and keywords, take. Si and we try good to see felicity. Okay, bye.

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