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Live Crypto Trading w/ BK BTC Bitcoin Boss

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Today. Is September. 4, 2018. We. Will be talking about a live crypto, trading opportunity, with the boy became, the boasts, of, Bitcoin. FinTech. Bull market cryptocurrency. Update. This, is a lot of technical analysis, on Google, Hangouts. It's. Been a while since I did a Google hangout so now so I just wanted to make, sure everything, is working good if you can jump, in the chat and let, me know that you. Hear my voice okay that would be great. And. We. Will go ahead and. Get started. Life-size. Box, what's going on. DC. Let's, make that money yes. Sir. I'll. Give everybody just a couple minutes to get in. I'll. Post this on the Facebook. Group as well. You. Yeah. You. Good. But. We'll, make it work. Cool. Looks. Like we're good to go and, so. What I'll do then. Let's. See here. All. Right cool. So. I won't stretch. This thing go I just wanted to get on and do a quick video for, you guys if, you get hit that thumbs up button I do appreciate it, it'll. Be a relatively quick video today, one, of the things I tried to do is let. You all know when money is gonna, be made in the market and I think this is major. Opportunity. From. A macro. Standpoint, there is a lot of, industrial. Money, coming, into cryptocurrency, and as. A result, some of these smaller cap, coins are, looking. Very, good. So. This is what, we have going, on today, you. All should be able to see my screen right now again we will be doing. A chart on trading, view I just go. To, trading, view calm, type my name in BB Kelly 12:03, and you, will be able to see this. Chart I will publish it in real time on that, paint. For. Everyone. Else just getting, set up a mentor, but to do it let's go ahead and make this, money. Real. Quick one thing you can do is jump, over to boss of Bitcoin, comm again if you're just starting in crypto, trading this is where you want to go send. One resource on the internet for, free crypto. Trading, tools scroll. Down go to chart, like a boss watch. This, video, right. Here how, to trade. Cryptocurrency. And that, will make you a lot of money. Or. People bother people compliments, of yours truly, BK. So, without, further ado let's, go ahead and jump, into today's, featured. Presentation. We will be looking at data. Th. Et8. That's. What this chart, is, right. There and like, I said I will be publishing this to my. Page. On training view so without. Further ado let's do it you, can see that it. Looks like you. Know where, we're trying to turn around here, and at first at, first glance you know what a breakdown breakdown, this. Little bitty breakout, doesn't, really seem like much, but when, I went into it it seems, like a much much much bigger opportunity. Below. The surface first thing you can do is just take a simple trendline. You, know from peak to trough. Intersection. To. Intersection, right. There and you, notice, that when you connect those two duds boom. You. Get this right here. Right. And that's, actually a, step, in the right direction that, means that that cycle, has completed, and now, we're, moving on, a positive, direction. Right, one of the things we can do to confirm, that is actually. Stretch. On a, Fibonacci and. When. We do something like, this. Let's see if I can get it here. But. A Fibonacci what, I'm doing is. I'm. Going from. That intersection. Right. There, and. I'm gonna take it all the way back to that first. Intersection. Right where we first touchdown. Right. Let's. See how does this need to work. There. Right there. Mmm. Three. To old breakdown. One. Six, on the breakdown, that's relatively, close, oh. I. Was, just one off. Okay. So. It's this little. Breakdown. Right there right, to, that breakout. Right, there. And. When you do that there, you go and, when you do that a couple things. Happen. First. Get. This. Spot. Right there that three that one six actually crossed at the maximum, of the. 231, that's, a very, big. Negative. Swing right that's a huge, negative, confirmation. In addition, to that, you. Also get. Confirmation, on, this. Intersection. Right there, which happens to be a maximum, of, the. 77. So not only do you have the. 231. Peak. You, also have a. 77. Peak, and this is capturing the macro, momentum. In this, entire cycle right, and so, that means, at this little area right there at four to two four six that's where both of them are resetting. Yet what. Do we have we. Have both, of them coming back together right. Inside, of that. Zone right, so sometimes when you use these tools you actually have to look inside, the, method to see what it's saying and how it's saying it not every, chart is. Identical. But lucky, for us we, do have a pretty, good. Logistics. We. Do have pretty good logistics, built into this thing to where we can play with it from, time to time just like, that boom. Boom. To. Really. Be. Able to. Look. Inside. It all together right, and all I did there was, went from that, first intersection, again to this major swing, point right here this is a major.

Swing. Point right, there so we have that we. Have that and we already, know when we do our math one. Plus, two. Is. Giving. Us three and all. Three, is confirming, is that, that one point six, is a. Negative. Process. One. Two. Three. Right. It's. The natural extension this. Is all coming, together. Real. Quick. Right. Here. Right. Now right. Data, is a very, new. Coin to, the market, right, I almost look at it like an opportunity, kind of like stellar, or Stratus. Was I. Think, that was last year this time last year maybe last, May when you go back and look at Stellar's chart, it. Was a very very very similar, you, know a little breakout, flat. Line right. Not tell you guys all the time there's three parts to any cycle, break out break, down flat. Line. What comes next. When. It comes. When. It comes. Boom. Boom. Look. At that just, like we planned it. When. It comes. Once. We cross that. Area. Right there. We. Will be well into our next bull market, right. And. That's, gonna be that's just basically the last intersection. From the previous. Cycle. Right. I'll bring these back a, little, bit so we can see but. What that is is that's the. Intersection. Right here our 1.0. And i just showed you that that 1.0. Is actually. Gonna be. Even. If we slow rolled it. At. 1.0. Is. Right. There. That's. The cap. See. How this lines up right there. 4, 6 2 4 2 turns, into. Our. 2 7 8 over there. 786. On that time so. This is basically gonna be like our little ceiling. On this run. Right. We will have some turbulence, we won't get all of this on one, go around this. Is a long, long, long, cycle. But. You. Know there's a lot of money to be made on the up right. We will run into some turbulence right around 2000. But. Between now and then. That's. Still 40. Right. And. If we just take this scale, that. We have. Let. Me try to clean this up a little bit. We. Take our scale that we have. Like. That. And. Turn our one six into our 1.0. Which. Is just a natural progression. This means that. We. Should get there. Right. Here. That's. The moonshot. And. That's, what I'm published in to my page 40%. Looks. Like that's gonna be December. Sometime. It. Could easily jump, up we have a little cross right. Here we, could get that one. Right. Very. Easily we, will be here, this. Is kind of be gonna be your baseline. If. You appreciate this content guys give me a thumbs up I'm not doing a big, you, know drawing out a live stream, I'm just trying to do a quick video to help you guys make some money on, this. Quick, cycle that we have that's this macro. Micro, reversal. And I appreciate, everything up, leave me comment, down below to let me know what you think about. This. Stuff you, know and if you know of any coins. That, look good you, know by all means. I'll. Add a play up and I will let the people know. So. We, could easily do something like this right. Where. That becomes. The, ceiling, it, checks it becomes. The floor confirms. It hits, down, does. Something like that settles. Down. Before. We settle there. I'm. Playing ping-pong ball. But. It looks good this, is a very and it could easily like just Bam Bam by, giving that crypto, is so turbulent right now I think this will kind of be a grind zone between. The three two and the, one six that's definitely, gonna be a grind zone between here and November.

I Think after the first a year will probably be another, big cycle, with a lot of these coins and, will. Be able to, surpass. This ceiling, right here but for now 40%. Before. Looks. Like before the end of the year you know. On. Theta, that's, not bad at all and so again I invite you to check out the resources we have balls, of Bitcoin, comm, click. Through the different tabs um you. Know I'm. Still building out this, site and all all the features. That we will offer but, again, we do have the, playlist, completely, free chart like a boss and then we also have one-on-one. Appointments. Available with, Diana, Rodriguez. Aka money crypto and, yours. Truly, BK. What. I didn't, tell you guys is that this coin is actually, featured. In our. Profit. Package. If. You go on the website go down to profit package you'll see I have an option where you can get the top seven coins every. Seven days for. $100, per month that's $25. A week to, make some real deal, money, um so you only got like 100 bucks and the market is probably not for you but if you're sitting on more than a few thousand. Then. You know this is well worth the while last. Week. We, had a. 4.5. Percent. Return. And. This is Bitcoin right. So, while Bitcoin, went up in dollars right, we, got four and a half percent, more, Bitcoin, and what we had and that's across all seven coins you want to look at Mon arrows chart last, week we. Had that on the list right and, again. I'll just try, to look. Into the charts look into the data field, the energy to residents to possibility, capability. Of these coins and then come back and report them to you every. Week. So, while theta a lot of people don't know about it the, chart looks very, good for the, future and what I'll do right now, just, so everybody can see, you. Know I. Will. Post this to, my. Page. So. We're gonna go long data here, then. We'll put our little price score, and what's today's price, boom boom a. 1511. I told you a lot of people don't even know about this coin man. Right. Eggs. Out here. Twitter. There. You go, right. And so, again my. Name on trading view BT Kelly 1203, every. Other damn post in the charts for free for everybody just to help you guys make some money so with. That being said everybody, I'm gonna get up go ahead and get out of here I just, want to drop a quick video, to. Help you guys in the market if it does help give me a thumbs up if it's your first time tuning in you, know welcome, to the, money team this is the fastest, growing crypto. Community, in the world. You are officially, a part, of history. So do you felt self a favor and type, in number, one Bitcoin group in the world on. Facebook we don't pump and dump each other you don't need a big, connect referral, code this is the real deal. And again, it's 100%. Completely. Free come on in the doors are always open but that being said it's that time of the day signing, out this stuff both the boy BK no matter where you stay Brazil. To Bay California. All the way back out to jerk, money, good, night good morning and good, day thank, you but your time thank you for listening I check, out the resources, Bossa Bitcoin calm thumbs, up the video copy, and paste the URL takes. It somebody you care about say it's time to jump on the. Money Train do. That for me if you appreciate, mine till, we meet again stay, cryptic y'all boobs.

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