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And they want to do have video y'all can hear me. Live. From the USA helping you get paid every day, this is the buzz, a Bitcoin, the creased oaf crypto, is your boy BK and if you don't like me you must, not like money thank, you for joining me everybody. Today. Is January. 18th. And. As you know the. Charts are great. Thing. Everything. Is going, up you. Know they. Say even what. Did I say I don't, know. Even. Stevie Wonder can see it's. Time to take some of that money off the table this. Is your first time tuning in congratulations. Baby you are now rocking with the best my, name is BK you know me as a crypto traitor and I am the boasts. Of these charts as you will soon find out every. Day I grace this microphone with my voice is another day you get, to profit, as a result, and today. Is no, exception so, what, we're gonna do is jump into our chat, right now. And. And, go, to the number one Bitcoin group, in the world that's it right yeah, just. Type it in on Facebook hashtag, one. Bitcoin. And. That's going to take, you to our page I'm picking, somebody right now live on the air, 118. 1 so. That's 10 let's just don't 10 down from top 1 2. 3. 4, 5. 6, 7, 8 9. BAM. Susan. Sabrina Hicks you. Are our, winner. Of, the. Day. It. Me up send. Me a theory. My late' I will send you a couple bucks in a coconut, my appreciation, everyday I, come, on air I give away a little bit of money out my pocket just to pay it forward and. Remind you guys that the time is now, so that's all I got to do is just you know I'm saying pill a couple off the, top and into the crypto verse to bring more people in this community I will do that 7, days a week and it's just that easy to, get paid right so make sure you like, and subscribe, to this channel I, have, be monetized, the channel YouTube, does not promote me up I stop you guys you, know I'm saying coming on doing these big Kinect videos on top of my channel I said no no. You, know I'm saying YouTube don't pay me enough to allow you all to get ripped off like that so I've de monetize, this channel I own my, own voice, young-sam. From the time from, here on out right so go ahead and smash. That. Red subscribe, button you know I'm saying come on in to the money team the doors are always open 21, thousand.

Of My best friends come together seven, days a week to help each other stay empowered, and in profit, in the, marketplace and as you can see guys bitcoin, young saying is teetering right. There at eleven thousand it may go up a little bit higher over. The next day or so but i do not think that this, is that, we're out of the. Woods if anything. You. Know the, the fact, that everything. Went, back up shows, you that it will, be a continuation. Of, everything. Going. Back down right, this. Is indeed, the calm, before, the storm the. Charts don't lie the. Energy. Has. Already manifested, itself, you can just literally just sit up sit, at the table and look at the charts and understand. That, when. It looks like this. Now's. Not the time to be buying. Remember. Guys we. Buy in the red and we sell, in the green right. Especially. When, bitcoin is on a confirmed. Downtrend. Right. People. That understand, technical analysis, know that, bitcoin, is in a decreasing. Wedge. Formation. With. Downward pressure that can take it all the way as low, as. $8,500. Right, i think this is just a little blip and radar to, continue, that path right, this, does not have the energy to magnitude, nor the momentum, to completely, reverse what's, been happening, over the past two and a half months since nineteen, thousand, right. So, with that being said guys I wanted to take this as an opportunity to you. Know discuss, market. Psychology number, one why. You should be comfortable taking. A small win you. Know even. If you just, bought it yesterday guess, what you just made money you, don't want to give that money away when the charts look like this I've seen this happen five, or six times now when everything, is green. Two. Days later. Everything. More. Than likely will be read right, anything, can happen at, any given time but, we take, our logic, and build. A framework. To, allow, the impossible, not. To happen right, and you. Know we take if this then that logic, little steps and prepare. Ourselves accordingly, all, right but, to be honest. Everything. Is. Great. Warren. Buffett said be. Greedy. When, others are fearful be, fearful when, others are greedy and. In. A closed-loop economy, that's essentially, a lot of greed people are you know buying. The dip, oh yeah, Bobby getting dipped down you. Know it's about to come down over the top of the head right. So one of the things I wanted to do with you guys would take your time look at a chart list understand, of macro yeah I'm saying we understand the macro we understand that everything's happened in cycles, you know I'm saying if you go you know the scariest part of a roller coaster is actually at the top the. Funnest part is at the bottom right, we want to buy at the bottom we don't want to buy at the top right. So we, jump over to trade view I'm a check. Out check out one chart with you guys just to show you what's happening, inside. Of the market this. Is my page BD Kelly 1203, there's a link in the description tradingview. Dot-com, number-one comment on this video as well come follow me I do, post a lot of charts on. That channel just to help you guys out and give you a heads up on the market you, know what I see happening when, I see it happening, and. So the chart we're gonna be looking at today is, aetherium. To. The, beat t-c. Aetherium. In a Bitcoin right. And. The. Reason we're gonna look at this chart is, because. This, will basically help. Give us an idea. Of, what's. Happening. Inside. The. Market. For. Those of you to understand. The, crypto verse we, understand, that a theorem, is essentially, a. Pivotal. Building. Tool in. The crypto space right it literally has. Hundreds. If not a thousand, protocols, built. On it or in progress of being built in the, etherium network right, on eth. Blockchain, right, and so, what I wanted to go, through with you guys and. Show. Is that, a shift, has happened.

I'm. Gonna be on a three hundred and forty three minute. Candle if you have a free account you can just look at a four hour it'll. Still do it justice. And. What we see right now, even. Before this thing loads all the way up if if you are in tenth grade math class you understand, what that is that's a parabola that's a distribution function, you, know P, equals X right. Bamm-bamm. And so. All we want to do is identify, the. Moment in time, when. We. Start to go up and that. Moment in time just happens what does that mean, that. Means. Let's. Check it out, that. Aetherium. Has. Began to turn, around meaning, money has began. To flow from, Bitcoin, down. Into the alts right but. Hopefully this thing loads up pretty. Fast I don't know it's taking so long, oh. We. Turn the other ones off we. Turn the seven back on turn 277, back on and, one. Of the things that concerns, me so essentially, what, it means you guys is the last six weeks you, know you, really couldn't go wrong when, aetherium was going up it was very easy, to, make money in the, marketplace. Right very. Easy very very easy but. Let's look at a 77. And this. Is what. This. Is why I did this video, because. Inside. This, 77. The. World that, few people know about but BK, live I live on a 77. Ida, made a lot of money on a 77. Right, and what. We see inside. This 77. Is, we. Actually. Just. Broke down right. And, now. Aetherium, as. Top-down. Pressure. Come. In on top. Of it at. Ultimately. Will. Push it down so. What. I see in this chart is. We. Basically had like, a little support. System. Right there, coming. From that, little bitty intersection, on the left-hand side right. Coming. From that little dip that. Gave us this little bitty support, right there. But. With. This 77. Coming down, we're. Gonna test it again and more. Than likely we're. Gonna break off of it, right. Which, means. We'll. Be doing something like that. Right. That's. Not good for, crypto, because. If aetherium. Is going, down. While. Bitcoin. Is going. Down. The. Money there's no incentive for the, money to flow right it flows from one side and to the other either.

Bitcoin Or the. Altcoins, but. If. The altcoins are struggling, right, and. Bitcoin, struggling, where. Does the money go. Right. And so. That's the. Dilemma is, should. You sell right. Now. I'm. Not doing a technical analysis on me oh I actually uh, did. OMG earlier so if. You if you missed that but thank you for the, donation I'm, in the middle of a presentation. So, I apologize, you know I'm not able to accommodate that's, normal. Time normally, before I do my live. Videos. Sorry. For that but. There. Has to be some incentive, in the, market and if. Bitcoin is not the. Incentive, and the, alt coins are not the, incentive then. The market is in a bad situation and, I, think that's what we may be in inside. This next. Macro. Cycle here I don't think this will last long, but. It's, still you, know we, still want to be cognizant. Of it right and and. Quite simply, if we would have just did you. Know if Fibonacci right. Here, hold up hold up hold up. If. We just do a Fibonacci on, this last little run, that. We had, boom. Boom. Throw. It up. Bring. It back you, can, see that we. Consolidate, it to the green broke out to the yellow broke down on yellow back to the green where are we gonna go, more. Than likely we're gonna fall down back down the point o7. Perhaps. Even. As low as. Uh-oh. Six. Four oh six. Eight. Hopefully. We don't go that low note we're gonna catch on this one right here. This. Is where we're catching up. What. Cuts right there right in the middle. What. Else ever. That's. Gonna be your entry point on, this thing, we're. Gonna test this pretty soon we're gonna test 88, pretty soon inside, the next day. Or so and, then we'll slowly drop, down. Probably. To 70, 68. And. If. We do a. Macro. Cycle, on, that. Where, this was our. Breakout. Period I'll put this in like yellow. This, is our breakout period this is gonna be our. Break. Down. Period. More. Than likely this will be our flatline. Before. We do something. Like, that now. Again, this is the, dilemma. Most. People will say paddle. Through it hold, it out take. The loss I, say. If. That. Why. Should you take the loss when. You're smart, enough to understand. When the loss is gonna happen it's, to your advantage to, let the market take the, loss and you. Take, the, game, right. And. That's. The problem with hot Earling is because it's the lazy man's, way of, getting. Something. From nothing you just get something for your own ignorance well, your own ignorance just lost you thirty percent because, I just told you that this thing is is going down you can sell it right now at ninety one buy. It back. Easily. At, eighty. Even. If you've got you know triggered, gun-happy, what, I call it trigger-happy and bought, it back right there you made twelve percent on your money and if you actually wait and let the cycle fill out which will probably happen right. Around the, beginning of February you. Can, easily. Make. Twenty percent. And. So. This. Ultimately. Is up. To you what you how much how much do you want to make number one and, how. Soon do you want to make it I will. Take twenty percent any day of the, week, and. And it's just that easy to do it inside of two weeks you can make 20 percent BTC, just riding this thing down, maybe. Even do a half order you, know halfway up to, where you're guaranteed your foothold, in it you know put a half order at eighty two and. The other half at seventy three that way you're able to split it down the middle right there at 77. But. This is this is this this basically confirms. What, every chart is built into every chart there's only two or three you, know legitimate. Charts that are setting, up for a reversal, right now this is not one of them this is setting up for micro, correction, and in, a macro. Continuation. Right, so during this micro correction, you don't need to hold it you can jump out of it jump back in two weeks later, and save twenty percent of your money where. Do you want to put it you, can either. Put it in Bitcoin, Bitcoin is going down this, is one of the only times. I. Would. Look at jumping into an alternate, coin, almost. As a safe-haven right. So a coin that is not on a downtrend, I will never ever ever recommend, to you guys go over to USD, T you, know and take refuge, in the dollar don't do that the dollar ain't designed for refuge the dollar is the don but debt death, and destruction, so.

I Will never recommend that um ever. But. There. Are other coins on the market right now that are flat which, basically won't lose you any money during the next two weeks roughly, Moana, is one, of them I think, - is one, of them and Bitcoin. Cash is another one so if everybody, listening, to my voice right now and I'm talking to people not entities, if every, person listening. To my voice right now tuck, their money out of F and put it into one of those coins it. Would, barely even tick on the radar and it would still stay pretty flat right and, so, that's those are two safe haven options I think for the next two weeks -. Let F go down let the rest of the all coins take a huge loss to jump back on those all coins when they down at the bottom struggling, for dear life and then we ride them back up to the top just like Seabiscuit. You. Know I'm saying and see the rest of the world in a winner's circle. Like. A boss that's. How you do it you guys you, know I'm saying we play small ball but, even 20 percent in 15 days that's that's big-time profit. Right, so, again this is just a quick little video to give you guys a little bit of insight on the methodology, and the mentality, and the psychology. You need to, understand. How. To how to make some real money it's not about decimals, it's not about commas it's about percent. And when, you can get 20%, on, the buy remember. I tell you we make our money on the buy bleep I in the red we sell in the green sell, it up here buy it back down there when don't nobody want it BAM, it's, just that easy to get paid right. That's. What I do. So. I view in chat right now I wanted this to be a quick video if, you and the chat. Shout. Your country out I'm coming back to you in 30. Seconds, new trading tools everybody patreon. And steam, it, communities. Growing. Right now every. Other day I post on both of these platforms I'm. Doing a post today on, both, of those so if you're in those communities, make sure you have follow me join. Me in that steam, it is at BK, crypto trader link, is in the number one coming on this video and then if you're getting set up and you want to cash out like a boss you go over to boss, of Bitcoin. Dot-com. Right, as, soon as this page wants, to load up. You. See we have a few things available the number one Bitcoin group in the world 20,000. Members you. Can join now the doors are always open, and. They encrypt a police report this is, the. Future right everything. Is going digital everything, is moving to the blockchain. Society, is being rebuilt, right, inside, this crypto purse and these ten coins are literally paving, the way to get, us there. So again 35 dollars that list will be yours. From, this list let me see I'll give you guys a few few heads up on this, deal, we, just did a chart of number, nine. If. You count them one through ten we, just be at number nine earlier, today. Number. Eight we'll. Just talked about that as well number. Seven wait on it it's coming down I think. Honestly I think number five is probably, one of the best buys on the market right now point, blank period if, you don't have at least 10% of your portfolio your long term money and number five you must not like money. Take. That to the bank you, know I'm saying. Copple is real deal dream. Team next generation, of greatness a lot of these coins are still going down right now I wouldn't look at putting, any long-term money in them these are the coins to where they're built on the ethereum, blockchain they're, lower in market. Volume liquidity. You, know a few billion, maybe as opposed to five ten twenty billion each. So, they're gonna take another sharp hit when Bitcoin continues. To go down to hold off on those till they get to the bottom, and. It's still a legitimate, list right this is the next generation of greatness these coins will break out probably two hundred three hundred percent, over, the next three months however, inside, the next two weeks they'll probably break down another ten twenty thirty percent, all right so hold off go, back on it you know hold the reins let's, go into a safe haven let's wait this storm out it's not done yet bitcoin.

Is Going down, probably. Below 9,000. Inside the next week so. Just wait on it and. If you're interested you know I think I'm booked up through March but it should be it should be a few more slots, in there I think I've freed up try to free up a few more so if you're interested in 101, also. This week I'm gonna be upgrading, this we, will have a beginners course in an advanced course everybody. To kind of separate, self-select, the. Information, we disseminate, to community, you, know I'm saying it and and just like that man you know that's what we do we come here to empower each other to make each other money to, make the world a better place right, we have the power because, we have the masses, we have the masses, you, know therefore. We, create what we value and what we don't, don't. Let the bobbleheads on TV tell. You you need the value keeping up with the kardashians, the kardashians ain't. Paying the bills their. Bills are already paid right. You don't even see them spend money they. Got so much money they don't even need to spend it other, people spend it farmer that's crazy. That's. Crazy, so. Stop Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Turn-turn. Just, just do this sometimes, if you. Ever in a room and you see something crazy, on TV these little music videos now I don't even know what these kids be watch but just press mute and look, at the TV look. At that garbage that. They're, presenting, to you right, maybe not you more than likely not you but somebody he'd know just you know just sit there like sit there with them if they watching you know vh1, and all these stupid shows just press mutant, don't just look at it is that. What's gonna make you. Better is that's, what's gonna you know betta be the next step in the direction of your future it is a distraction, to keep you dis inform disempowered. Disenfranchised. And therefore, this interested. In how, money actually works and changing. Your life right, this, method, will change your life this community. Will change your life these videos, these words this energy. And my, voice right now has already made. An impact right. Each. One reach one reach one teach one the minute you get 10,000, in the market you know I'm saying put a hundred dollars to your best friend and say hey I set up an account for you I know you wouldn't do it with yourself so I just put down a hundred here, it goes you, know I'm saying now you got to learn how to use it I guarantee you you just give somebody you love a hundred dollars on the blockchain and say there it go you know I'm saying that's my gift to you just, for loving you you, know that's what we need to do and so, me giving money away every day that's nothing, cuz I know every day I give away money we at least got one more coming right, and, so there you go that's my gift to y'all, you. Know saying. Beautiful. Thing and we are changing the world every day we wake up right, don't, let them bobble heads on TV lot to you and tell you you need them to, stay, in power. To. Work on your behalf if they were that good at doing a job we wouldn't be in a place we out right now. So. Let's rethink our values. And. Then. Maybe we can re reassign. Our work. Back. To the people oh. Here. We go. Let's. Uh shout. Our people out see who we got rocking, out with the boss, right, now my man Jay C, Juan Carlos, holding it down for Miami Beach yes, I do have a Twitter, at BK crypto Trader shout, out the Boston. And the building, you know I'm saying hey if you, if you from Boston hopefully, you know bridging from Boston, tell, him I say a BK sale what's up you know I'm saying I shot him an email said I want to do a video, never, respond so if you in Boston shout out to Richie you know I'm saying let them know I'm, saying I wanna I wanna I want to just.

Chop It up sometime. Phoenix, Romania. Colorado. Connecticut. Sactown. Market Ranger boss, walking. Oh no west coast is good to see you again ATL, you said Bob to give me a lineup next weekend, Texas what up Kentucky, jerk money, is in a building South, Africa to Cape Town uh. Kentucky. One. Mo one mo let's. See who we got oh we got who we got Aussie. Land, Australia. Back, to back. From. The land down under it's. Good to see you guys. That being saying guys it's that time of the day signing out this is the boats. Boy. BK, no matter where you stay from, Brazil to the bay in California, all, the way back out do jerk, money, good. Night good morning and good day thank you for joining me thank you for your time copy, and paste out of URL to this video Texas somebody you care about, less. Less let's make this community bigger so that you, know we don't have to work so hard to get so less right. If, you sick and tired of being sick and tired then now is the time to change your life right, and if a hundred dollars is all let's go tape then you send that to somebody and, change. Theirs too. Then. We meet again stay cryptic y'all. Peace.

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