Lipstick Lookbook (ft. Rimmel London) [CC] | Stef Sanjati

Lipstick Lookbook (ft. Rimmel London) [CC] | Stef Sanjati

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Hello, everybody my name is Stefan yachty welcome back to my home, look, at this concrete wall isn't it gorgeous today. I have some exciting, things for you I want. To address a couple of things first so if you are not a longtime viewer you can just mute me if you really don't care and you just want to see the looks that's fine but if you actually are somebody, that has watched me before and you follow me on other platforms this, might relevant, to you the partnership, that I am highlighting today is, something I genuinely love, and really really I'm very excited, about and I really hope that you can see that and I just want you guys to know that this is something that I have got a lot of thought and a lot of love and a lot of creativity into, so this is it's very important, to me and I hope you guys like it and I really want to know what you guys think so please let me know your, thoughts on this collaboration in the comments, towards, the end the other thing is and. This is something that I'm gonna make my own video about but I want to bring it up now just to put it into the universe being, read mom and having, little buns is, wonderful. And lovely but we've been doing that for four years you know what I think, it's time for, us to shift, and that's not the same we're going to disband, or totally. Change we have the same values, and views and love, and appreciation, for different, kinds, of people and different kinds, of art that we've always had but I want to elevate, it from a cutesy, cutesy, cutesy thing, into, something that we, can change the world with so my, request. For you today is to suggest a, new name for the bread squad and just, to set a tone for what I'm looking for my. Initial, thought was, the Sonya Illuminati, or the Sun loominatee, as an Illuminati, because everything, is eyes now you see you, see the eyes you, see the eye I just want to know your thoughts if you have another idea please let me know because I want this to be a collaborative process just like it was the first time burn, squad came from a commenter, saying red squad, it came out of the blue so I want something that's going to connect. With you guys so up for comments in the comment, section that you think are vibey, that you enjoy the vibe of with, all that being said let's. Get into the video I've partnered, with. Rimmel. London, who have so kindly, to this video but not only this video they've also sponsored, an Instagram, lookbook that I posted, and what I want to do with this video is guide you through each of those looks and explain, the thought and the character behind them because I love to make a lookbook, that isn't necessarily what I'm going to wear day to day but is a collection, of different, kinds of people so I want to guide you through each of the looks is 14, one, for each of the lipstick colors in their new stay, satin shades there's new States Atma lipsticks which are incredible, two liquid lipsticks they stay beautifully, soft and lustrous but, they're not the kind of lustrous that smears are gets everywhere they just look very natural. In texture, but incredible, shade range you're gonna lose your mind when you see all these different colors and they go from like nudes and browns all the way to like purple, and fuchsia it's really cool and there's, a great color that I love a blackish gray color you got to see this but I am not the type to just do a lipstick swatch video and that. Is the reason we are here because, I want to be extra, okay and you love to be extra, probably, if you don't that's okay you don't have to be extra but I'm extra, so, let's be extra together, today, okay let's jump right in alright I also wanna let you know that all the eye looks that I've done and cut like you to connect with these lipsticks, have, been with the, magnifies. Crimson. Palette so this has a bunch of different reds, and pinks and very. Cool shades, that I think, are excellent, so I've created a bunch of different looks that are using these colors that are very 80s inspired and, I've tried to keep the whole thing kind of 80s looking so I hope you. Can see that when we go through these I want you to view this as like a character. Study let me know which of these characters you think is the coolest and which of these characters I should write a short film based, on because, Mama's, making short films now so let's talk about that the, first look where it's gonna reach into this here bag and grab them randomly.

And I'm gonna go through these looks the. First one ooh. This. Color is an incredible. Delicate. There. Were the hair stuck in and that was my fault because I a little shed like, a dog I just want to address something real quick if you guys can see my glasses popping, up that's, because I am so warm, that. My own body produces. Enough heat to create condensation. On my glasses, I don't I don't get it but. We're gonna have to live with it is, the super super super super super cool new shade, that works for fair, to life, skin tones if you're using it as a nude otherwise, it can be kind of like this really pale, beige. On, darker, skin tones and I think it's really cool this is the kind of color that I would wear to, blank out my lips without actually. Drying them out with like a foundation or something cuz it suits my skin for that purpose as the, as if girl let's, talk about her she does not care she, is too busy for, you and your stuff, she's not like a businesswoman, but she has places, to be she, does not walk slowly down the street she leaves in and out like it's Assassin's Creed you, know what I mean she will kick you with her thigh high boots if you get too close to her if you're not minding, your business as, if girl does not deal with that as if girl. If. You waste her time I. Respect. A girl, and I think she's, got the attitude that we need to, ascend to a place of absolute. Empowerment. It's the sassy, empowerment, it's the get out of my face empowerment, you know what I mean sort of sum it up as if girl is kind of attitude, independent. Self sustaining, that's as if girl what isn't that. We. Have sight, psyche is my favorite shades in the collection because it's the perfect kind of natural, nude for me I'm going it right now it's kind of a movie pinky, nude. So I love this for pretty much anything I can do dark eyes or light eyes with this and I feel like it looks right feels balanced, to, my skin tone so if you ever similar skin tone to me which is kind of like light to medium depending, on the time of year this is the kind of shade that I think you'd really like if you've got like an all of the yellow undertone, it's a lot of different people it just might not be like a nude, unless, you are that kind of tone the psyche girl who is she she, is playful, but, she's. Serious, so she'll play with you, but she means it you know what I mean if you if you bother her and she gives you the runaround she's doing it to teach you a lesson, she's got attitude she's got style she's got a little bit of class but, also she doesn't mind roughing it a little bit not in the woods Thank You psyche girl does not go to the woods psyche girl boughs, -, I don't know and a or, something she loves food trucks okay site girl loves food trucks type girl is, a New York woman New York woman so the overall feeling that I get some psyche and the psyche girl is. Assurance. In their self right, taking, myself seriously enough. To care, cares deeply for herself, that's that's the psyche girl she is her first priority you know what I mean she is number one in her life what snacks, we. Have, oh, she's. A bright one we have her sure oh for, sure girl first sure girl is something, else let me tell you for sure girl is a, party, girl and she's a bit grungy. Not, in her look but in the way she behaves she's. Not like a bad person don't don't get me mixed up you're not a bad person if, you're a for-sure girl you have, this, energy that, is infectious. Okay, if for sure girls just wants to have fun she, just wants to have a good time and, she wears, the bold lipstick, because she has something. To tell you and. If usually. You. Know I don't know where I'm going with it that's what for sure girl would you though she just kind of rolls with it she's like you know you want to go get that food truck just like for sure you want to go on a road trip to California, first, sure you, want to go to that dance club, whatever, you want to go to the concert, for sure for sure girl is just always down for it you know what I mean she's like she's, like a yes-man but, she's a first shirt girl you know what I'm saying so.

The Overall mood I would say for for sure girl is. Enthusiasm. Excitement engaged. Clarify. Something I'm saying for sure girl has it girl not because lipstick. Is gendered, and only for women but because these characters are women because I'm playing them okay, just to put that out there people of any gender can wear lipstick okay it's not gender it is paint, in a tube anybody, can wear it it is spectacular. Have. A cow ooh have, a cow does not have time for you I want to just like address something I've never heard the phrase have a cow before so I'm gonna Google it right now I'm pretty sure it's some kind of like European. Saying. Have, a cow is this mean Google c'mon have a cow become angry excited, or agitated Oh. Interesting. That really works with the look I made to which. Is this like snakeskin. Suspender. Kind of rough-and-tumble. She's got her biceps, out she's, ready to fight, she might be part of a Fight Club, she, might be part of a girl gang that, runs the street, you know what I mean have a cowgirl does, not care about rules, have, a cowgirl does, not care about, norms. Have, a cowgirl just. Is herself. Unapologetically. That's what I have okay yeah that's, what have a cow is it's unapologetic. That is the mood for, have a cow is unapologetic. What. Do we got in that see. We. The. Lamb. Rock let me tell you about glam rock rock temple. At. First glance it's like grayish. Black, but when it's on it's got this like green, undertone, on my skin if you've got darker skin like brown lips and this is going on brown lips instead of like purpley, purple. He looked it's gonna look really different and I love the transformative. Aspect and I think it really works for any skin tones because it's so different, from a typical lip, color whenever a girl is very. Listen. It's easy to tell the glam rock is right limb rock is power, glam, rock is. Mmm. That's it we're monkeys boom you, know what I mean but limb rock has this hidden pain Larry Rock has been through, glam, rock has, been through some things okay let me tell you the LEM rock has some trauma in her past but she's healing and she's dealing with it and you know what that's the thing is glam rock takes that pain and she turns it into this, energy, that she can do anything with am I in a therapy session right, now oh gosh okay Glen ruckus is trying to find out who she is and she's exploring it and the best way she can and I have respect, for her the attitude, for glam rock is self-discovery, that's not the mood. Atomic. Listen. I have a whole character for atomic atomic, in the librarian, in a library deep, in the heart of a city it could be New York it could be lung it could be frickin Amsterdam, it could be anywhere, okay, she's a librarian in a downtown library she. Believes. In, the longevity of, analog, things like books for example things like a clock that is not digital which, let's, be honest why do we even have those anymore okay I mean obviously telling. The time is something, that we, can do but, why are we shaming people for. Not using analog, clocks what it's obviously, so much faster, just to look at a digital, clock that says 653. Instead, of trying to tick out all the little bumps in the normal clock what why anyway. Atomic, girl does not care and she uses an analog clock anyway because she believes in retaining, that Oh, visible. Touch other, things she's, a big nerd you know and she's a bit of a social outcast but she's okay with that and she's owned that and she wears whatever she wants, because she's not dressing for anybody but herself and that's the atomic girl she's from another world, that's the definition of atomic girl she's in her own world let's, see here.

Where'd. You go where'd, you go no oh no where aren't you oh I found you. Hair. In my mouth, we have rad, Oh. Rad. Is also a character, rad, married. Into a, mafia, rad married into an organization. Okay, and she, suddenly, took, ownership of, the organization, when the leader her husband mysteriously. Passed away and, nobody knew who was behind it it actually seemed like a natural death, rad, takes, what she wants okay, rad, has, this, hunger. For. Achievement. Rad. Wants. To accomplish, things rad as a go-getter, and she doesn't have to be in a criminal syndicate okay she can be just that like powerhouse, like you know what she goes to school for a degree she gets that degree she does it right dad takes, control of her life and she does what she wants with it that is rad you know what that's the mood for Brad the definition, of rad is control, whether that self control or control of your surroundings, that is rad rad takes control let's. See here where we got. It. Girl, okay, let me tell you about it girl hey girl is this, kind, of she was an aunjanue she moved to Los Angeles and, she got a little bit mixed up along the way she ran into some people that. Encouraged her to do things that she was not used to like. I don't know just partying, in different environments for example let's just say that's what any girl is doing okay and you know she's made some mistakes, but she owns that you, know and she recognizes. This growth from like young naive aunjanue into, this woman, that, kind of just does what she's got to do you know any mean it girl is doing what she's got to do and, she doesn't dream and she's chasing that that's when it girl is it girl is dreamy whether she's responsible, or not it girl has a dream and she's chasing it. She'll. DePass so shoulder path is the most kind of balanced orangish, color out. Of the nudes not, really a nude for me but it is this kind of coral effect to whatever I have on I feel like I feel like shoulder pads girl has she's upset, I think shoulder pads girls a little bit not entitled, but you know I think something things aren't going in her way and she's very frustrating, she's very like. Shoulder. Pads girl is in, a point in her life where she's adjusting, she's in a transitional, period of her life you know what I mean shoulder pads girl is just learning to deal with all, this new stuff that she's going through that's coming at her you know what I mean shoulder, pads girl is a survivor, you know she's, adaptive. And I think that's great I think that's what will pinpoint the mood of shoulder pads and she was adaptive, obviously the color is adaptive, you could wear this like depending on your skin tone the color totally changes and depending on what you're wearing it's different so well that's what it is shoulder, pads adaptive. Oh well. There goes my water bottle but it's empty so we'll just leave it until I'm done recording. We. Have obsession. Obsession, is. Young and in, love, and. Does not care about pants. And just wears big sweaters, as dresses, obsession. Is actually the champion shade of the collection, and I think it really deserves that space because it is the most beautiful. Beautiful. Fuchsia and this, does work on any skin tone I was worried because I don't normally wear color cysts right and there's actually quite a few colors in this collection that I was worried about but, they all seem to work and I don't know how they do that but they do and, I'm grateful, I just love this color I think it's gorgeous. But look let's get to the obsession, girl the obsession girl is not obsessed, with, a person that she's in love and, it's a mutual situation, she's not being stalkery or weird you know it doesn't even have to be love for a person it can be love for a thing like like, an action like singing, obsession, girl can be in love with that or she can be in love with, working, out an office, she's just really into, something. That she's doing and she's doing it and she's so excited. About it she's going for it you know what I mean obsession, girl is love, or, a thing or a person it doesn't matter give me whatever. Oh. We. Got you babe hey you know what I actually don't know what yuppie means so I'm gonna look it up because I'm actually unsure come, on computer I'm waiting on you the whole YouTube is waiting on you Oh interesting. That's, not what I thought it was, yuppie.

Is A term coined in the early 1980s, which makes sense because this collection is all about the, 80s feel or, a young professional person, working in a city that is perfect, because the way I made, yuppie was as she was this young businessperson. She was on the way to those places doing, things on business calls constantly yuppies. Basically, me in, real life oh my. God I was a young entrepreneur or. A young person starting, a company you, kind of like don't have time to stop and a lot of stuff falls to the side because, you're constantly just on the phone meeting going. To a meeting on the phone about another meeting I'm going to another but just gossip and. If you're not on your way to the meeting it's probably 8 p.m. and you're working on something at home yuppie, is me ok. Only. 3 left 30, shades what'll, it be who comes first, it is. Take. A chill pill yo. Take a chill pill relax, ok take a chill pill let, me describe take a chill pill girl to you if I can find it in my list of looks, oh listen, take a chill pill is, so, chill. You, know this. Is social man so the look I did for this I actually just wanted to create. A person, that was so. Relaxed. About everything, does not really, care so, I created this look that was like it's an oversized, shirt belted, with chains, on it and then however her face is just painted red because, she can that's, the kind of person she'll he'll girl is she just can so, she does the, looks that she pulls, are odd but, she loves that and people love that about her she brings this odd thing. You. Know an, odd thing you bring they cheated play honestly. This look first that I made for this lipstick that was one of my favorites end of the whole lookbook just cuz it's so so. Me in high school when I was in high school I would do the most weird things because I just did not really, care what people thought of me and it, was I had this very much as his attitude underneath, it was actually a defense mechanism but, on the surface it was this attitude of, like relax like, if people were harassing me because I look different it was pretty much like relax you're, not this isn't about you it's about me take a chill pill right. We've. Got scrunchie, oh my god Louise I'm on scrunchie, yeah. Kiyo. You know any mean scrunchies, your leaky out yeah let. Me know I thought, of scrunchie and you know what let me tell you a sad story we did this whole shoot, on this Lake fire escape, for, scrunchie, where she was like running up and down being like come on come on. And. The. Footage. Disappeared. It just mysteriously was, gone so we only have a little bit of footage first crunchy, but the scrunchie, girl you know what she is so. Much fun she, just wants to have a good time she wants to run up, and down stairs, she, wants to run up, and down the street she, wants to run listen. Listen, scrunchie, girl is that youthful. Bubbly. Engaged. Fun. Person. That, is the mood of scrunchie, is youthful, not. In appearance, but in attitude, that that that excited. And eager about life kind of person, not as scrunchie, at its, heart. We got one shade left what are you. This. Color, is reticle, this is a gorgeous. Burgundy, dark red kind, of color listen reticle, is a radical, woman not in a way where she's like so cool that's so rad she's alright. She, wants to change the world, okay. We. Are reticles, that might not, really I don't know how that sounds, listen reticle, is a revolutionary. You know radical, is out, there protesting. You. Know petitioning. Trying, to make change, in the community and in her local government, okay radical, is an activist. Radical, wants to change things, and honestly in the age that we're in a lot of people are, creating. Those kinds of movements, in their own community, and I think that's really admirable and, that's the kind of person that reticle, is no matter what it is when you're trying to create a positive change in your environment and your world reticle. You. Are alright. So. We've, gotten through every look every look, let's just read them up one more time just for fun I'll frame them all in my hands like a little bouquet a lipstick, cuz you know I want to throw this and then whoever catches it gets married, X, because that's how that works when you go to a lipstick store that's what happened please don't actually throw the lipsticks around your local cosmetics, store because, you will be removed okay, we got all the colors 14, shades 14 shape for, 14 different kinds of people you can be more than one kind of person though for the record you don't have to restrict yourself to one, personality, not, even personality, one kind, of attitude.

One Kind of person everybody, is always changing, everybody is always learning and adapting and growing and I think that's really important. To understand, I may say I love, Psych the lipstick and I may say I am a glam rock girl for example but in reality I've been all of these women and so of you even, if you're not a woman you've been all these like people you know what I mean and I think that's what I love about creating, looks, based, on these things is each, one gives, me a different feeling. And I love that about makeup I'm going to head out now so. Until next time just remember you, can change at. Any time you're always changing and I think it's important that you represent that outwardly, not necessarily, in a way that is trendy. But just you know if you have, this desire. To look a certain way or to try something new I say, go for it because that really is what makes me so happy in my time in my life is what I feel like I have this new way of coming, I can change myself to reflect that and I think that's cool so check these out anywhere that sells Rimmel London you can get your, face that lipsticks thank you so much remote for sponsoring this video cannot wait to work with you again love these products I love you guys so much please let me know what you want the bread squad to be called in the future Sanjoy, deilluminati, is my personal favorite Mellie you tell me okay you tell me that's what this is about obviously, much bye here.

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i wish you had made yourself talking the small screen instead of your looks, all of that effort put into the look book and we can’t really see it!

Its a ploy to make people follow her on instagram

Sanja-Luminosity? I wanna know more about Glam Rock girl. You're awesome, and you positively slay multiple aesthetics. Good work.

The illuminjati

The Sanjati Mafia

I like the name ideas to do with eyes like the little big eyes like we all look out for each other despite our differences yaaa

Bread baddies


your pillow is it a mouse or a sick cat in a suit and i wish your slides were full screen cant see the lip stick very well

I think it’s a tiger in a suit

I am totally Shoulder Pads

I like sanjati Illuminati

#rip breadsquad

Sanjati Illuminati and her pupils (because pupils like eyes but also pupils because I feel like I've learned a lot from you)


Sanjati Sisters? (Though you do have male veiwers lol I'm ftm) Sanjati Squad?

With the right beat as if girl would be a great song

Breadquality, keep marketing videos your awesome and you making the world a better place

SANJATI VISIONATI Please don't use the word Illuminati I don't get Good Vibes when I think about the Illuminati

I second this one. I get the eye thing but definitely doesnt give very positive vibes to call it illuminati.

Oh cool this guy is making his own cult , sick

I like the eye thing but also: same breadsquad different meaning?? like let's get that fucking BREAD let's get this SCHMONEY

Is Rimmel vegan?

Its not and shes not

Collaborating as a society or stefs contribution to society

tiny lookbook frames :( my eyesight didnt approve haha

HELLO!! I know this comment doesn't relate to the video but I remember watching your vids like 2 years ago and you just popped into my mind. I had to come see how you were doing and by the looks of it, you seem doing great!! I'm genuinely proud of you and I just wish you the best


Is there a way to chat with u one on one? I find you therapeutic and I would love to share some of my veiws with you and maybe get your opinion and advice on said things.

name urself transwarps

love this :) you are SO creative

40% Atomic, 15% Obsession, 15% Yuppie, 30% Take a Chill Pill. Also, your Scrunchy character clip reminds me so much of Ariana Grande.

The Sanjati bakery. We don’t change completely, but we’ve grown from the small breadsquad in the kitchen, to a tough bread army in the bakery in town. For all of you people who don’t want to lose breadsquad, (me), this is how we can grow up but still be the same family

stef I love you, but we're already your little buns and what's wrong with being cute? cute can be powerful, cute can be innovative and charming. kinda sends a bad message to say we need a tough name to be tough, I like being cute & tough. of course you can do what you want, but breadquad doesn't need to change to fit the world's expectation of 'not cute'. p.s. pls don't do illuminati, it's overdone and tacky.

I feel like your channel and social media outlets have been overtaken by someone completely different. I love your content and have watched you for a long time. Growth and change is good, I'm glad you're doing what you love and getting into fashion and beauty. But, your videos feel like a commercial channel on cable TV. We support you, but I just wish we got more genuine content.

none of these looks represent me playing wow for 20 hours straight.

I love all these looks. I swear they are awesome archetypes of you Stef!

Snuggling with you on cold winter nights must feel like being in heaven ❤

Awe stef I really wanted to get through the video but it was frustrating not being able to see the looks fully no close ups I was so excited when I saw the thumb nail but this video might need a re work!

redical is the crosshairs in a rifle scope radical is what I think yer looking for my EXs mom would be the one to talk to on that shes the original radical chick lol

Also can we make some sort of video game out of these characters

if u were a real women ud be hot

The Illumanjati. Stef I so hope you see this

Love ya, love the effort you put into each of these looks and I can see you cared about making this interesting for us! However I just. Agh it isn't just you Stef, tons of beauty gurus do it, but I feel uncomfy about Rimmel specifically bcs they test on animals. You probably didn't know, but I hope that you look into it for the future. And I love breadsquad, personally. I feel a better name will come along eventually through evolution like how little buns happened if it's meant to be

moles are gross dude

Sanjati + Illuminati= Illuminjati?

Yaaas queen, get it!! These we are amazing looks! For names maybe Oculati? Like Ocular + Sanjati?

Stef def never watched the simpsons lol

I love being called a little bun! I was so sad when you didn't say it :,(

I love Glam Rock and It Girl

*You seriously should look into modelling because those clips were

the sirens. like we r bootiful and beautiful but we also deep and well drown u if u get in our way. like we r dangerous, we r autonomous, we r ready to fite

Are you and your mom still gonna keep the breadmom tattoos?

I'm atomic girl for sure ! And I really am a librarian :D


I love this

Upload a separate video of the look book, so we can see it full screen....please

I use to love her but she seems super fake now! That’s just my opinion

hmm the thing is breadsquad/littlebuns was natural whereas this change is forced branding. It seems like you've got someone whispering in your ear saying oh its too immature and bad for business? idk i dont mean to be negative....just we're your real supporters and not just an accessory to the sanjati brand!

I'm really interested in Glam Rock, Rad and Obsession.

Like someone else already suggested I really like The Sanjati Squad

How about Sanjati Sirens or Stef's Sirens?

I’m “It Girl” mixed with “Shoulder Pads”

This was hard to watch.

Yoooou look goooood girl, damn

I want Rad to adopt me

Yes yes yes yes the Sanjati Coven

the little lookbook screens are like videogame character intros

I had my post op check up appointment with Spiegel today. I saw your pictures on their tv! He is amazing

Rimmel London tests on animals

Come on through marketing!!

I'd love to watch a short about atomic girl :)

Y'all stop complaining all the looks are on her Instagram in full like she said

Anything with Illuminati is overused, cliche and tired. Bread squad is strong and unique!

Kinda mad I count even see the actual look book, not gonna lie

This is so sad. I wanted to listen to Stef, not a brand. Sure, you have to get your money from somewhere, but this feels so fake that I don't know why I keep coming back, hoping to see the Stef I liked. Looks like you're having a great life, and I'm happy for you. Keep it up.

Dear steff, your make up skills are great! Im not a fan of the illuminati reference

no one's gonna like it but i will propose: SANEYES

but i love Sanluminati too

Remember when she was an ugly lad? Now I’d super bang. Super. Super bang.

My fav is take a chill pill girl ❤️ stun relate

You are always going on about human rights and yet you promote brands like Adidas and Calvin Klein who are notorious for exploiting their workers in less developed countries. Ya’ll about woman’s rights but not about the women who are making your clothing in slave labour like conditions

curtain coven ?

coven of the curtain

Promoting a brand that tests on animals, really?

I've grown with bread squad and little buns, I'd be sad to see it change. However, if you're really not feeling it anymore, that will carry over into your work, so do what you need to do!

Oh look another brand endorsement video....this channel has turned into the lamest ever.

Toast club cause toast is what bread becomes, kinda like you "became" a woman and how you've changed just in general. And how we've changed too.

It really sounds like all of these are little bits of Stef's personalities and if we combine them we get like.. a whole Stef. So uh we should be called London Rimmel lipsticks™. But for real I'd go for the sanjati coven of the horde

oh sis you've changed so much...:/ great looks but very bad editing... I miss the old Stef

Rimmel has got to be stoked with what your did here.

Stef isn't vegan - I think she tried a vegan diet for a while I think but she's def not vegan

Eyeluminites - And subscribers from the beginning would be Eyelums or Eyelumni

I love anything Illuminati or witch-y so I'm into it

I've known of Stef's channel since before she came out and subscribed shortly after her starting to transition. It's honestly very sad that I'm getting such bad vibes from her now. Stef, I know you said that youtube burnt you out at a point and you wanted to make your channel a different but this video doesn't showcase that. I think the concept is nice but you should have put more tought into it (such as finding out what the names mean before the video) and maybe writing down some of the character concepts beforehand to eleminate some of them being too alike. The lookbook format you did works for insta but does not for youtube and obviously we are not being able to see it all that well. The main screen editing style also does not feel very you and doesn't work with your humour. I am in no place to diagnose people but you seem nervous and forcedly excited and really rambly which can come off as manic. Being used to calm and inteligent videos from you this is worse in quality. You can make fun sponsored content, you have done it with Adam and Eve before but this feels uncomfortable. It makes me anxious. I also think you should have given a more in dept explanation for the fan name change and what you've been up to before posting sponsored context. It doesn't rub off well after your short film. I wanted to try to give constructive feedback, I hope it makes a little sense! Wishing you the best on your journey even if I may not be tunning in in the future!

Sanjati Strange Or Stefate

I feel like my personality is Shoulder Pads but my ideology is Redical. The rest are too confident or chill for me...

noooo don't change the breadsquad!!

Hello, are you also open to conversations with current females?

Why not Scragglemuffins?

I love the 'as if look'. So cute. Green looks great on you!

We can’t even see the lipsticks......

Iris or Oculus?

For all of you pointing out that she got a bread mom tattoo... it's still where she came from, where she started. That tattoo stands for that and all of those memories. So even when the name changes, it still has meaning.

I know this is literally the point of branded content lmao but your descriptions of rad, obsession, and redical legit make me wanna go try those shades as a way to inspire me to be more like those girls

The Sanjateyes maybe.

This is honesty a bit sad, you seem to be trying so terribly hard, perhaps i am overanalyzing, but you don't seem to be in a good place mentally. All these looks looked pretty similair in my opinion, and the personas were all a persona bled into one, the choice of a small screen of them was not good... Maybe you need a break from Youtube, sorry if I come off rude, this content seems extremely unlike you.

Ahhh! Stef! You are stunning glowing beautiful! I'm so glad you're doing well, growing to be such a beautiful person! Love you xoxoxo

Note: as I was writing this the vid was playing and you did the "as if" look and you said assassins creed and I thought it was funny cause my idea was The Sanjati Creed (obviously an assassins creed joke but like the idea is still good if you take the meanings from the game and apply it to now and your ideas I think it's a cool idea) -dragonsandstuf

The looks are so small you can’t see the lipstick. :/ also I miss your old videos where you talked about things that actually mattered instead of just sponsored stuff, and now you’re changing your base name? Wtf. Also promoting a brand that tests on animals is really disappointing

Aw nooo I love hearing you say “hello little buns”

I hope to see those videos viger XD they look cool

Sounds silly, but how about "Illumanjati"? Kinda like Illuminati and Sanjati put together

This is painful :(

aw damn you should have made the clips bigger

Long time subscriber here, unsubscribing. I wish you the best but I feel your last videos are so off base for what your audience loves you for. Not here for it. I haven’t finished the last 4 videos.

I would love to see this or another look book by you, but full screen ooooor splitscreen (do you can show the component at the same time ) so we can really see it. You should post it here too for those who don’t have ig :)

I love Sanjati Illuminati !!

Next time you do a loockbook can u focus more on the clothes than on the personalities of all these girls? It’s a cute concept but I actually wanted to hear you talk about the clothes themselves. Also we can’t see the lipsticks vey well since you didn’t put the outfit before in full screen. I adore u n don’t wanna spread any hate jus letting u know these things about the content ur creating.

I like starlings or something like a cover instead of the illuminati Have a cow or for sure are my favorite characters

Obsession is my favourite due to it being the one most like me

I guess theres a few people that arent ok with the name change.... because of "branding" idk what everyones problem is tbh. Yes most influencers love their audience, and Stef is the best example of that BUT that being said... it's still her job. If she wants to up her income she has the ability to do it. Wouldnt you do the same? If you dont like the changes shes making stop watching. Smh.

Brittany Bailey Strongly agree. She’s looking for a change and that’s okay. She is human. I’m looking forward to it if it means she is happy, you know?

Whoever first came up with Sanjati Coven had it!! Love it so much. I love that everyones so supportive of the name change also. Let's grow together!

i mean ik it sounds stupid but i like Li’l Lights because I know your middle name means light and youre like such a bright person and its kinda inspired by lady gaga idk, its stupid but it popped into my head

I love how you created a character for each lipstick. I'm really loving the short films you have started making making. Keep it up! :) Personally, I'm probably a mix between Sike, Glam Girl, and Atomic.

So, thinking about it really hard, I’d like to know more about what you want to organize the (former) Breadsquad around, what kind of movement/mood you want to inspire, that kind of thing, before suggesting a name. There’s nothing really wrong with Breadsquad - it’s just a matter of what emotions and experiences you and others define it with. If you want another name and another set of expectations along with it, maybe make a video around what you want to do with your following in the future? I’d love to hear what you hope to achieve and what you hope we’ll follow you along for :)

I want one about Sike girl. Sounds like a good positive vibes AND enjoying food trucks

Want a new name get a new audience???

Oh noo, the bread squad! I'll always be a lil bun in my heart though ❤

This new content you have been creating lately is GOLD Im sad to say goodbye to the breadsquad/breadmom name but change allows room for growth

you can tell stef is over youtube, and it makes me sad

To bad they test on innocent animals...... ;( Can't support that shit.

Can we still talk about bread though?


Please don't change Bread Squad it's my favourite subscriber title

I want a sitcom with all these characters living in the same apartment complex


I like Atomic Girl and Take A Chill Pill Girl the best.

"Sanjati Coven"!!!!!

It was so awesome to see you so excited and full of energy, like you’ve stepped up out of the funk part of your journey you were in and continued on your journey with energy and without abandon!

My favourite is obsession

Sanjatis like iris in your eye

Oh dear god i'm so gay for Stef

I don't get why people are saying she's so off-character in this video and that she's not been Stef as yall knew her in the last few videos. ~ I've seen someone say she doesn't care about her passions and doesn't make content about people and things that matter. She just dropped a sophisticated little video last week about the culture of YouTube comments, how they affect content creators, and how that is part of an overall system of social sanctioning against minorities (there were queer, disabled, POC people in that video, so I don't quite understand the assertion one particular commenter made about her not making content that's about pro-lgbt activism when this video came out just a couple days before this one) ~ Some people are calling her a sellout. If this is for the fact that in parts of the world, Rimmel has animal-testing; that's fair. The Stef we all know wouldn't compromise on that belief if she was aware of it; I'm looking at my recommended vids and one of her videos from the past year where she told a story about refusing to work with a racist sponsorship company is there. - If it's about more than just the animal testing of Rimmel itself, I'd ask yall to look at what she did with a sponsorship. I've seen some fair critiques about editing and structure and stylistically how they'd do it differently. That's fair. I also wish she had longer clips of each of the looks that weren't on a tiny portion of the screen. But all the facets of Stef manifest in those looks. She took a lipstick brand deal and turned it into a personality type thing. I felt like I was taking a visual Myers-Briggs, trying to identify which one I was most like. I could care less about the colors of those lipsticks; I stayed for the characters Stef made. Those characters are facets of her personality which she's showed in the past. ~ Some people are upset about the channel's rebranding. I get that. It's important to us as a collective identity. It's fair to be upset by this change. In terms of this action being off or not like Stef's character I would say: Stef has always been about change, transition, and growth. A minor point people have brought up regarding the branding change is "what is she going to do about the breadmom tattoo she just got?" I would like to remind everyone that in every video about Stef's tattoos, she points out that tattoos don't have to be immediately relevant for the rest of your life. I'm 100% certain that the way she will continue to look at that tattoo is the way that it captures this season of her life, which she seems to be closing. She will see breadmom tattoo and think about us, the early community, the way her YouTube personality has grown and changed since its beginning, as well as her relationship with her mother and how she herself has changed for the past few years. None of that is going to change because it's already happened. The memories of that tattoo will never go away. Extrapolating that idea to the overall channel's rebranding: I honestly believe her when she says that the community will still be the same while the name changes to reflect a more mature note. I know some of yall have valid opinions about "what's wrong with a cute name?" "It's more personalized," etc. Those are all valid things that I think Stef should consider. But I think, ultimately, we should all remember that this is Stef's life, Stef's career, and that if she wants to change something to transition her YouTube community into something different, I think that itself is 100% on-brand for Stef Sanjati. Stef: do what you think is best. We are here to support you, not control you. Listen to our thoughts and then make your own decision. And never stop taking care of yourself.

I love how far you went with this, creating all these characters, amazing. ❤

It's not a perfect fit, but I'd mix Scrunchie and Obsession. And I'm sure it's been said already, but Illuminjati? It's pretty simple. Anyways, love you

Hi Stef ! I saw these in the comment sections and wanted to point them out. But if your looking for a new name for your self and the breadsquad. What about....

I always loved your little positive pep talks that start with "Fon't forget! You are...", maybe we could be the Forget-me-nots

"Have a cow" was def late 90s, early 00s for freaking out or being extra. Context Mom: " what what wha! You spilled lipstick in my Valentino white bag?!?! " Kid: "Don't have a cow, Mom."

Everyone complaining about cohesive branding is hilarious. That is what social media is and if Breadsquad doesn’t work anymore changing it is really exciting honestly

Please make a video that just shows all the looks!!

God I love you finding yourself like this I love your new no bullshit vibe I feel like it’s so much more real than the forced happiness and nurturing image of bread squad all the people that said this is a forced rebranding I disagree I feel like you got the tattoo to commemorate the end of the bread squad because that’s not you or your audience anymore we’re the coven now bitch we’re not taking any shit!!!!!

Trying to be Illuminati isn’t cool.

I totally respect you wanting to change and re-brand. We all outgrow certain vibes at some point and being a bread mom is old you. I'm not creative with names, but just wanted to say I am supportive of you.

#AsIfSquad ?

I’m loving the new content

I like coven or cult or collective or something powerful like that!

Steph, you're brilliant, but you're misusing it.

"Baked & Ready" squad.

Cute video. Breadmom has such a unique angle that I hope you keep some riff on it. Maybe when little buns get into heated situations, they have to get hard, edgy and real and become Toast. That keeps a continuity across themes while still expressing a kind of evolution and toasting something is appreciating or showing gratitude for it, so it kind of works on a philosophical level. As long as you don’t end up calling us bagelheads I’m good. Keep makin that dough, mamma!

This is such a creative and lovely video. I’m so excited for where you’re YouTube journey going Stef!

You looking really cute ♥️ Shef Shanjati❤️❤️♥️❤️♥️

Sammi Cupcake I agree

Feels manic and trying too hard and not enough just being genuine and connected. It's the feeling I get and it doesn't feel good. Sorry, I don't mean to criticize but I've been a fan for a long time and want to be honest. In any case, I wish you the best and want you to be happy.

Everyone is pissed about the name change #whynotchangenames

This is sad how can an influencer on you tube can just change little this!!!! I’m happy you making money but I’m Not happy that you just left the viewer who give you the views to Beginning with

I've been a long time watcher of your channel Stef. Not even 7 minutes into the vid and I had to hit pause. Something just doesn't feel right here. I've always watched because I enjoy your personality. I could never relate to any of the topics in your videos, but I've watched everything you upload anyway because I adore you. But, I'm going to need to take a time out from your channel. I wish you the best Stef. Many hugs and kisses to you!

I'm not sure what to think. This change to adding "Illuminati" is unsettling. Is there anything left in life that has not been taken over by these devils. Heartbreaking.

Came for Stef - Stayed for the lipstick lol

Why dont you do the House of Sanjati. That way your fans who been here since the beginning can still be your lil buns and your new fans can be your illuminaties. Its like Lady Gaga aka Mother monster has the house of Gaga and every one is is either known as fans and or lil monsters. Personally I would buy merch that had a rad design with House of Sanjati. Just sayin


Stef, I am sorry, that was way too strong, especially coming soon after your wonderful short film. I have no objection to sponsored content, got to be realistic. Sorry again.

I am skeptic about the illuminati but Stef this is too obvious, this change is like you sold your soul. I love you but this rubs me the wrong way.

I would have loved to see the full screen of the looks... to be honest it's hard to see the colour a lot of the time :/ Great fashion though.

I thought that Breadmom represented you well. Yes it was cutesy, but it also represented growth, development, purity, artistry, nature, femininity and feminism... All of which you mean to me and maybe many others. To take that away is not something I am altogether prepared for. I love you and what Breadmom means.

Glitter and Shine. Or something about home. Homes create families

I’m FORSURE miss “have a cow” . Because I’m over it ... but I still gotta do it cuz I’m an adult ... if you interrupt me while I’m working hard reluctantly ILL GUT YOU ... plus I look bomb in deep reds

The Speyes!

I love this so much!

smoke a big fat one holmes

This doesn't feel like you. I hope you're okay, but just know if you need to you can take a step back, okay? We'll still be here.

I want to BE the As If girl, lol

I haven't even watched yet (read comments while buffering, yay crap internet) but I am wondering how many of y'all have watched the bad words video? Like I understand not agreeing with the direction Stef is going, but geezus people, keep it to yourself if you can't be respectful, maybe? Stef, you're gorgeous inside and out. Do you honey, however you see fit. ❤

I love bread squad because it wasn’t forced and seemed to go perfectly with everything. No matter how bougie the channel may become, bread squad and bread mom could always remind us how far we’ve all gone with you.

Glad someone read my novel, haha. Glad it resonated with you

Yes yes yes yes yes!!!!!!!! You put into words my exact thoughts!

I always thought this channel was about changing and following dreams... it only makes sense that it would evolve as she grows into herself. ❤

I just realized you remind me of my boyfriend

i was hoping to see stef. no stef here...

Hey What's up from Ireland Donal Conway here uuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmm i love u stef uuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmm i love u so so so beautiful as always uuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmm i love uuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmm i love that look 2day uuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmm i love rimmel london uuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmm i love i mostly use rimmel london all the time i got lots lots lots of rimmel london products rimmel london uuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmm i love uuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmm i love u stef uuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmm i love uuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmm u got me so so so excited uuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmm i love uuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmm i love u stef uuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmm i love great video uuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmm i love hope u doin good love Donal im watching u on my Ps4 pro Ps4 pro Ps4 PlayStation vr rules xxx

((Bread Horde)) cuz i dont want my suggestion to get cut off at the bottom) I 100% get wanting to reinvent yourself, like to the point of a complete overhaul, but I do think you should really reconsider a name change for your fans. like you said, they named themselves, it might not go over that well to ask them to rename because you dont feel the aesthetic you associate with it anymore? And I do get why you wouldn't vibe with it so much now, you've changed so much so rapidly, and i dont think that change has been either good OR bad, just different. change is ok, it can lead to healing and can just be so good and restorative for you.. but just when it comes to this particular thing, what your fanbase calls themselves, could lead to alienating a good group of people. let your people keep you grounded, girl. ignore the hate but genuinely consider the constructive criticism. honestly I love sanjati luminati, but it seems like a lot of people have a problem with that because they can't separate it from negative connotations with the real illuminati. Ive seen horde mentioned a couple times, i LOVE that cuz youve talked about how obsessed you are with warcraft, what if we were BreadHorde??? still hearkens back to the og squad but with a bit more edge, like we your bread demon army. yeah I vote Bread Horde.

I hope to see those videos bigger XD they look cool

"La révolution du pain" which means The Revolution of bread. Kinda lengthy but oh well

RaspberryCroissantSquad. More sofisticated than BreadSquad, but still tasty.

I love the video! But I can't see the lip color on you most of you mimi screenshot.. close up mama

Oh yep I am Glam Rock for SURE!

Stef, are you alright? You seem reaallly depressed in this video. And what’s wrong with the #breadsquad? Has anyone ever said that it’s too cutesy? Even if they have, there’s nothing wrong with that. That’s their goddamn problem.

Love you! You are so beautiful!


Are Rinmel London cruelty free?

lol I never wear makeup I have tons of it but never use it mostly because I am not good at applying it XD


Illuminati isn't funny it isn't cool and her tattoo and necklace not to mention other stuff I've noticed tell me shes not the same person as before in a bad way.. she is so sweet but anything involving illuminati I don't take part in... if you don't know you should research ... #SayNoToSatan...

For the people shaming Stef because Rimmel tests on animals -- I'm not advocating for it, but I'm betting there's some cognitive dissonance involved. Unless you're vegan--in other words, don't exploit animals for non-essential uses for which there are alternatives, such as food, clothes, and other products--it's hard for your criticism to have much power. Glass houses, and all that. Something to consider.

hey I know I'm late but illuminjati

The looks look super cute but I can't really see them? I wish it was full screen. Why would you change the name of your established community? Everyone loves breadsquad it would be weird to change it to something else that you just think sounds cooler for your brand.

Ew quit trying to be someone else.


this makes me so sad :( i remember being such a big fan of stef a few years ago and i miss the breadsquad :( i havent been watching as much recently bc your new vids seem so forced and you dont seem to be as passionate anymore! but ily you will always be my breadmom stef

Can’t see the looks properly. Sad cus I didn’t enjoy this sorry

After watching Stef's recent videos, she's unravelling in a positive way. She's finally doing things she can only imagine doing in her dreams in the past couple years. I understand the frustrations of her followers have for the past couple months to a year. The branding thing, yeah it came off as a bit shocking to many especially to long time followers. However, Stef is finally stepping out of her comfort zone. The Breadsquad gave her the comfort she craved growing up. Now that she's finally figuring out who she is, I think the term has outgrown her. She wants to grow up along with all of us. Many in the community might be uncomfortable with that but we have to understand that people change. For us to force her to be that Stef, the Breadmom we knew and loved when that might not be where she is in her life anymore (she still seems to be thankful for that community that banded around her) is both petty, unreasonable, and controlling. As Stef said near the end of this video, "You can change at anytime, you are always changing." I've watched her since the time she used to be roomies with Albinwonderland. I saw growth. I saw realization. I saw happiness. The outward change was too much for some but guess what, people's worlds don't revolve around what you think how someone like Stef needs to live their lives. I support her with all my heart. You do you Stef

Omg stfu. Wildly manic. Excruciatingly painful. Try lithium

why do people look down apon "phases" there great!!

You should have posted the entire look and at least give swatches to see what color is it...I mean not everybody has instagram, this is Youtube! The little screen on the bottom right was very distracting and one can not really appreciate the look

Breadsquad it’s great

Zodiac Signs as Sanjati Girls: As If: Aries Sike: Capricorn For Sure: Libra Have A Cow: Taurus Glam Rock: Cancer Atomic: Aquarius It Girl: Pieces Shoulder Pads: Virgo Obsession: Leo Yuppier: Sagittarius Take A Chill Pill: Ophiuchus --- Scrunchie: Fire and Air signs Redical: Earth and Water signs

I want a short film on Rad.

dont have a cow! you've never heard of it ? lol we say it all the time in KY

I like the illuminaughties too!

You're amazing Stef! I love this!

A lot of people are saying that Stef has changed, and yeah that’s true she’s growing as a person and as creator, this is her lively hood and saying that you’re going to unsubscribe is just rude all the videos that you like are still there, but you can’t expect someone to stay the same forever! I think that rebranding can be good, and just because she is rebranding doesn’t mean that she is going to stop making the videos that you love she is just going to make more videos and some may be different. If you’re not gonna support her because she is trying to make more and different videos then you are not a supporter, the beauty of YouTube is that you can make videos that you want to make, if this is what stef wants to do this is what stef is going to do so stay subscribed and actually support her. That was kind of at other commentors but stef I love you and if you want to and think you need your brand I think that the sanjati coven is a pretty good name, or sanjatinati

Awesome u kept the best till last.

Im so mad her looks are in the corner instead of it being the actual video

You have a serious talent for marketing and advertising. I almost never wear makeup myself but I watched this whole video anyway because your characters were that good. Cool video!

Stef, you ok....?

Haven't watched stef in a while... She's changed a little

i loved the commentary but i do wish you swapped the two videos. i wanted the lookbook to be full screen and your commentary to be in the smaller video. i still want to see you expression as you spoke haha. you are just serving LUKSSS and i wish i could see more!

I love your glasses honey, you look the bomb :-)

you look great with glasses!!!


I love your glasses ;-;

....#Breadsquad or die

Glam Rock? more like actual Rogue from x-men

UGH that's such a good look! QUEEN

Omg your so pretty

Hun your so beautiful I sure hope we can get at least one vlog a week love you so much

Keep seeing all of these comments saying that you shouldn’t change your “brand” name.. Does everyone seem to forget that she isn’t the same as she was 5 years ago. Everyone changes.. she doesn’t like “squad” and she’s said that a few times before. If you guys can’t be adult enough to at least listen to what she has to say about changing it then why are you watching her videos? You should be encouraging change, not shitting on it. Theres absolutely nothing wrong with this. You know what, go Stef! Wear whatever the hell you want, talk about whatever you want and change things if you want to. All she was asking for was a bit of help and almost all of these comments are just criticism.. this is sad, really. This is exactly what we’re supposed to be changing in the world.

Illumunaughty ?

what the hell are you talking about ….

looking for a older man?

How about... Eye-shaped Breadsquad?

I like the "Sanjati covern" personally

I'd like to see all these critical commenters run a successful youtube channel...

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