LIP SWATCHES! Huda Beauty Power Bullet Cream Glow Lipstick FULL COLLECTION

LIP SWATCHES!  Huda Beauty Power Bullet Cream Glow Lipstick  FULL COLLECTION

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hello everyone today i'm doing a lip swatch video  of the new shades of the huda beauty cream glow   power bullet lipsticks i've got tons we're going  to see how the lips go because i also might swatch   the lip pencils at the end so this is going to be  a big lip swatch video take a moment to say a few   words for my lips because they are about to pass  away that's fine uh this makeup here is from my   previous video i'll link it down below i will also  put the name so that as we swatch you can like see   what the color is in case you want to screen  capture it or anything like that and i'll also   link them down below and list every shade name  in order alright so on at the actual packaging   of the lipsticks it says light medium and rich  on the back so i'm assuming that is the depth   of the lipsticks themselves so i'm going to  start with the light ones move along and to   take off my lipsticks today i am going to use  my takeoff mitts by exo beauty they are amazing   you wet this with water and they remove  all your makeup the microfibers get really   deep into your skin way deeper than what a  normal face cloth or your fingers ever can   and literally like it just removes makeup like a  dream so i will be using these to remove all of   my lipstick in between each color so about these  it says prepare to be totally addicted seriously   the application is too good a creamy twist on  her to beauty's og power bullet matte formula   these lipsticks are legit the perfect your lips  but better notes the pink and brown shades have   been made to match your natural look your natural  lip color and they feel like you're not wearing   anything at all they contain hydra berry to  lock in moisture and see phenol which is rich in   minerals and vitamins a c and e that condition and  smooth your lips you can think maxi lip for your   instagram too as it stimulates collagen production  there's 14 new shades seven pinker tones and seven   more brown tones 25 us dollars i believe my lips  are very dry today so i didn't pick the best day   to film this but that's fine i also have bright  purple eyeshadow ones so luckily these are all   nudes all right so we are going to start with  empress i love the packaging of huda beauty   lipsticks they are they're kind of clear or not  clear but i don't know like jelly kind of lid   where you can see me see through it ombre square  and the actual bullet themselves is a really   nice shape so you can get a really nice precise  application normally with any lipstick i use lip   pencils but once again we're just going to apply  them straight just for the purpose of this video okay yeah they've got a very  creamy kind of borderline glossy   look so you wouldn't really need to use  lip gloss with them if you didn't want to   they feel really smooth not sticky they feel  slightly heavy but not enough to bother me   it's just like there i think these would look  bomber with a lip pencil around the border and   then just using this in the middle to kind  of fill in and plump rather than all over   but that is how this looks once again that  shade is empress the next shade is called   angel here's how it looks in the bullet a  really soft kind of dusky pink and on the lips oh god okay well it's creamy is that my fault for  having it sticking out too far i'm not sure   okay i'm just gonna like wind it down i feel  like i wasn't being that rough like no rougher   than normal with any other brand okay despite the  fact that it broke on me the color is stunning i   really like this one i think i like this color on  myself a little bit more than the previous shade   it's just the perfect everyday dusky kind of  pink color it looks really nice with this eye   makeup too i'm a big fan of it so yeah that one  once again is angel it's a shame that it snapped   it just goes to show like how creamy the formula  is i'll just continue like normal guys i'm not   going to be hyper careful because i just want to  see if it happens with any others but maybe just   keep that in mind if you do buy these just wind  them out a little bit and just remember to be a   little bit careful the color is like kind of worth  it next shape we have is raja i hope i pronounced   that correctly raj this one here is a more like  just true node i would say so i'm just going to   wind it normal and just apply it with a normal  amount of pressure i'm not being super careful let me know down below do you like the kind  of more glossy creamy lipsticks or do you   still prefer matte alright that one did not break  that's how the color looks yeah just like a true   nude slightly warmer undertones all right this is  the last one in the light category and this one is   called buttercup this one looks like a paler  version it's like another pinky kind of pale   color except i think it looks less pink  than was it angel that was my favorite yeah i feel like it's just like a more muted  pinky nude um a little bit more nude than the   other pinky color i actually quite like that  i think it would look amazing on top of a   brown lip pencil just to like highlight the  center of the lips on its own but yeah you   have to imagine it with a lip pencil i reckon but  that's how the color looks so my favorites from   the lighter colors were angel and buttercup i'll  put them side by side just in case you are curious   poor things so broken so this one here is  buttercup and this one here is angel that's how   they look next to each other now the medium kind  of tones there are the most there's four light   and then four of the darkest and then the rest  are all medium so the first color we have here   is called money maker and this is how it looks  looks like a kind of pinky kind of nude brown you have to excuse my [ __ ] application i'm  so not used to putting on lipstick without lip   pencil but that's how it looks it's a really nice  color kind of reminds me of what i was wearing at   the start of the video which was velvet teddy  with like a more pinky nude lip pencil that's   how money maker looks i definitely like it i'm  not like oh my god this is my new favorite but   i do like it and my lips look very juicy i  feel like this kind of color tone suits me well   without a lip pencil like it just i don't know  just wears really nicely alone so yep that one's   good next up we have it gold digger this one  looks like a kind of cooler tone medium brown oh my gosh the application is so bad but that  color's really cool it's almost like got that   vampy kind of vibe on my skin tone but it would  look so nice on people with darker skin tones than   me it's a really really nice undertone i don't  know it just looks a little bit different to a   lot of other colors that i already own so that  one's really cool gold digger next up we have   baby face see these are all looking a little bit  similar so that's why i think it's a good idea   to kind of like screenshot your favorites and  you can like scroll through them side by side   because sometimes they do look similar oh this  one's a little bit lighter than the last one oh that's like my perfect my lips but better kind of   color how she was saying that there's something  to match everyone kind of thing like i think this   is my one baby face like it just looks like my  lips except more even and healthy and beautiful   obviously looks like i'm wearing lipstick let's  be honest but you know like the color tone itself   and the depth is really nice i think on my skin  tone so that one's really nice baby face i can't   stop like rubbing my lips together because it  feels really good next up we have sweet cheeks   looks like this this one looks a little bit more  pinky again i think yeah almost like a peachy pink   you definitely get like a really good color  palette with just one swipe look at that that   was kind of two i don't know you get you get  the gist they definitely have like a really good   amount of pigment to them sweet cheeks is really  pretty it's just like the perfect peachy kind of   color really nice everyday color perfect for work  or school or whatever next up we have honey bun   and this one well this one looks quite pale too  look at that i should have opened them all first   i don't know just going off the packaging  but yeah i feel like i might like this one yeah i like that one a lot it's the perfect nude  peachy kind of color like it's not as peach as the   last one um it's a bit more pinky peach in the  middle a little bit lighter i really like that   that's definitely a favorite and then the last one  from the medium kind of range of colors this one   is hustler this one is a yeah it looks like  a true kind of nude maybe with slight pinky   pinky hints to it let's have a look huge  fan that's like a true neutral kind of nude   and it's like the perfect depth on my skin tone  once again where it's like pale enough without   being like just lips you know i really like that  so once again that is hustler so i've actually   kept four from the medium range of colors so  the darkest one on this side it goes gold digger   baby face honey bun and then this last one  is hustler they look so pretty next to each   other i think my favorite two are definitely the  lighter two though uh honey bun in hustler those   ones are bomb i love them i don't even  want to take hustler off i just love it   we have four more shades to go i think i will do  the lip pencils at the end of this video because   i feel like these just are not hurting my lips i  don't know if it's the removal because this is a   really gentle removal i don't have to tug and pull  and you know dry out my lips or if it's because   the lipsticks themselves are very hydrating and  creamy i think it might be a mixture of both so these are the rich tones the  first one we have here is habibi   it looks stunning it looks like a more cool tone  like you know those slight purply ish undertones that is gorgeous terrible application i've got  a mustache but stunning color it looks really   nice once again with this eye makeup too and i  mentioned it with like a dark brown lip pencil   with this in the middle i just feel like it  would look so pretty yeah the more i look at   this the more i like it it's a really nice color  it looks really juicy so once again it's her bb   i hope i pronounced that correctly next up we  have a more this is a very dark color i should   probably put this on last but you know what we're  just gonna go with it um i feel like this must be   one of the darkest shades surely it's a very  rich deep brown with kind of redder undertones that is how it looks it looks so sexy like if  i actually applied it a little bit nicer with   lip pencil oh my god how many times when i say  that in one video you get the idea but i feel   like it's super sexy like latex lips obviously  would look bomb as a nude on deep skin tones too   i love the undertones it's stunning i actually  feel like i need i thought i would hate it   but i feel like i need to keep this don't you  think once again there is a more is it a more   or more i don't even know anyway next up we have  itself made definitely not as dark as the last   one but this looks stunning it's like a really  true neutral kind of deep nude brown oh yeah i look like a little kid that's gone into  mum's makeup but stunning once again oh my   gosh i think i have a thing for brown  lipsticks right now i really like that   that is once again just like sexy to me i  don't know like it just makes you look like   you got like mess sex appeal like give it  to me oh my god yeah i like it once again   that is self-made the last one we have is boss  check looks like this maybe slightly peachier this one's breaking too so i think it's just like  the odd shade maybe they're a little bit softer   in texture um or maybe they've just melted in my  bedroom i'm not too sure just keep that in mind oh there it goes so that is boss check a little  bit lighter than the others just a really a nice   peachy nude easy wearable it does not blow my mind  but you know it's just one of those colors it's   just like easy day today so boss check that's the  last shade i'm keeping habibi this one i'm keeping   him more and i'm keeping self-made they are so  stunning so stunning these are how the lip pencils   look they all have like their color kind of on  the outside if you know what i mean which i love   it makes it nice and easy to find the color you  are looking for these are called the lip contour   2.0 i don't know if i ever tried the original ones  but basically these are the new and improved lip   pencils by huda beauty they meant to be amazing  they are high pigmented velvety matte finish   creamy and comfortable and they've also got  a complex of soybean and licorice which is   supposed to help create a naturally plump pout and  they come in at 12 universal shades and yeah it's   supposed to wear for all day it's supposed to be  transfer proof it's supposed to be smooth to apply   it's got a little mini sharpener on the other end  just says that they're just meant to be amazing   so i'm going to try them first shade we have  is honey beige they feel similar to like the   kylie ones which i really like you know how  they super creamy and they just like glide on this one is like my perfect nude i'm just gonna   color them in so you can  really see that true color yeah you rub your lips together it's like a  lipstick it transfers perfectly and blends in   and looks stunning i'm actually a huge fan of  wearing lip pencils alone i do it all the time   or i put just a little bit of lip gloss on top  um so that's perfect and when you do that after   a few seconds it almost sits like i can tell now  that it's like not creamy it's just kind of like   stuck on i don't know how to  describe it feels a little bit sticky   but i wouldn't normally like press my lips  together like that if you're just talking you   can't tell so they definitely feel very let's look  transfer proof yeah there's barely anything you   can see the tiniest oh i'm pulling the fingers  the tiniest little bit just there i'll try it   with a darker color if i remember i feel like a  little bit wiped off just as i look put it back on   yeah they feel really good it feels lightweight  out of interest i'm just gonna try this sharpener   how does it work oh you twist the product out  okay i was like do you actually sharpen the   plastic okay yeah so you push the product out  and then you just rotate it and it shaves off   like you know the rounded edges and gives you  a sharper tip so that's really cool as well i   do like that you can retract it too you can go  in and out so that's really nice handy perfect   for travel and stuff like that you have to take  extra sharpness this is going straight in my lip   liner drawer if you haven't seen it this video  i'll link it below where i organized all of these   but it's going straight in the nudes one and  since we are wiping these off anyway i'm going   to pop on a little bit of angel on top just  in the center which is the one that melted   everywhere i love the color yeah see how pretty  does that look i could put a little bit more   it's like the perfect blushy kind of nude lip  so that's how i would wear these lipsticks   rather than all over where they look quite like  over the top because the gloss is everywhere   just like in the center like that that looks  stunning with the lip pencils i think that's   such a nice combo so yeah i like i'll do  a quick combo with each one why not we're   already like friggin deep with how long this  video is and you guys told me like long videos   i'm just gonna wipe this off see even  like matte lipsticks and lip pencils the   mitt just takes it straight off the  next one we have is called pinky brown real talk i don't know if i'd call  this pinky brown it's more just pink nice and easy to fill in so once again that is called it pinky  brown i will also be keeping this color   i think it's really beautiful i  can see what they mean by brown   it's just more of like a nude pink i  wouldn't call it brown pink it's just   nude on top let's try buttercup which  is more of a nude like a pale pinky nude yeah that's really pretty i needed a new mitt this one's covered in lipstick   next up we have sandy beige which looks  more like a muted like beige kind of nude it's a really really nice color just like the  perfect everyday nude color i feel like i'm just   going to end up keeping every single shade of  these lip pencils because they really do look   gorgeous and they feel really nice on on  top of this one i'm going to try baby face i feel like this one's a little  bit dark for the lip pencil but let's just rock it still looks really cool  what do you think there's baby face there   by the way next up we have walmart brown  i'm assuming that's gonna speak for itself that's also a beautiful color  i would definitely rock this   for like a more like vampy kind of like  night out lip or something like that   i'm just waiting for it to like set and  then i'm going to do a transfer test   all right tiny bit of transfer but overall i  would say quite transfer proof i think that's   just where there was a bit extra product that  wasn't blended as evenly do you feel like when   you do that though it just removes like a really  weird bit i don't know anyways this is honey bun oh that combo yes that is pretty i love that combo  so much 10 out of 10. next up we have terra cotta   i'm thoroughly excited about terracotta because  terracotta is one of my favorite colors of makeup definitely really like the application of  these so there is terracotta on its own   gorgeous stunning love love love love love  it now let's try it with a lipstick i just   grabbed money maker cause i feel like  it'll look cute what kind of matches that's how it looks with money maker on  top my lips are starting to feel it now   this one is vivid pink so this  is one of the like more bright   colors i think looks like there's a couple of  brights this one's like one of the brightest oh i love it honestly obsessed this is a fun  one for summer or spring i think   i love it i'm a huge fan it's so pretty  it's like the perfect bright kind of   curly pinky tone so once again that is vivid pink  i'm gonna put honey butt on top of this one too just to tone it down a little so pretty   i'm like ruining all my foundation around my  lips by this point oh yeah those feel thoroughly   exfoliated this stuff looks like a more muted  pink this one is oh my god i didn't even read   it but it's called muted pink wow this looks so  similar to michaela baker beauty if you have that gorgeous honestly the shade range is just stunning  it's like everything i like to wear and i love   this lip color with this eye makeup is like  perfect i'm obsessed so that's muted pink and put   a little bit of once again angel angel's like my  favorite one i think which is the one that broke   so loved that for me but look at that that  is so pretty together muted pink and angel   best combo you know what the texture of these  reminds me of it reminds me of do you remember my   shane so beach cosmetics palette the first one and  it had the like lip paints that's what they remind   me of that texture i don't want to take the soft  literally like the eye makeup and this lip color   that is my favorite i love this like that makes  me feel pretty i feel pretty with this lip color   i love i don't want to take it off oh my  god it's like that tick-tock take it off   take it off you know anyway rusty  pink the hell does rusty pink mean   okay you know what it actually makes sense when  you look at the color it's like a coral pink once again i really like it it's not  my favorite color but that looks nice   let's do honey bun on top kind of in the center for an ombre effect that's nice i like it i feel  like i just like every color   we've got four left two of them are very dark so  maybe i won't like those on myself but let's find   out the next shade we have is called deep rose  which looks like a rosy purpley kind of darker color oh this looks cool with the eye makeup also this is my other lip liner drawer with more  pinky tones brighter tones purple tones red tones   so that's how the lip pencil looks on its  own yeah i think it looks cool with this eye   makeup actually the more i look at this the  more i'm obsessed with that color look at it   that is so pretty and you know what it almost  looks like i'm wearing a matte liquid lipstick   like that's how stunning the  finish is why am i obsessed with it   that's a favorite i'm just  gonna dump on some habibi it feels so luxurious like it just looks  expensive yeah it's nice why am i so   obsessed with myself right now next up we've  got the red it's just called universal red   maybe not with this eye makeup but i'm  already obsessed with the color holy cow it's such a beautiful striking red  i don't really have a lipstick from   the collection that'll go with this  so i won't do a lipstick on top but   wow or i could do a different lipstick i guess  on top i'm going to put relentlessly read by mac that is so cool whoops i smudged some oh my god normally i would go in with concealer  and sharpen it up but you get the idea that's   so cool it's so bright i don't want to take  this off either even though it doesn't really   go with my eye makeup i feel like it makes  the green of my eyes just pop i don't know   can you sling it probably not okay  the next one's a berry one it's called   very berry and the last one's like a dark brown so okay this one also looks really  cool with the eye makeup oh my   god i would have never thought of doing  a color like this with purple eyeshadow the slip pins was definitely the patchiest of them  all but with a lipstick on top i think it'll look   good that's how it looks by itself though  love it with the eyes love love love i want   to do a tutorial just based on like purple and  burgundy now looks so cool on top let's do a more sexy af that looks really cool i think i really  like that combo and once you put the lipstick on   top you can see it kind of evened out really well  huge fan honestly i feel like she's really nailed   all of these colors for just wearable nudes you  know there's obviously no like bright colors but   i mean there's a couple of brighter lip pencils  you get what i mean though i don't know i just   think they're all really nice not all most most  are nice the last color is called rich brown all right that's how rich brown it looks on its  own nice just a nice deep brown it's actually   like ridiculously vampy i'm definitely gonna keep  it because i feel like it's like my darkest lip   pencil that i own that isn't just like a black  or anything like that i just love looking at   the lip pencils together i'm such a lip pencil  water i love lip pencils i don't know what it is   i just feel like they transform your lip products  like i don't know like lipstick without i mean you   saw how all those lip swatches look like they  look nice right but on top of lip uh on top   of lip pencils it's just like next level on top  i'm gonna put some gold digger which is lighter yeah the day looks really cool still different eye  makeup probably but it looks cool i feel like it's   a little bit more cooler in real life i feel like  on camera for some reason that throws a little bit   warmer but it's definitely more like almost gray  like it looks kind of grayish brown that's cool so   thank you so much for watching guys if you enjoyed  this lip swatch video please thumbs up thumbs up   for the pain because they hurt let me know what  ranges you would like to see next i'm thinking   about doing a really cool mac lip combination kind  of swatch video similar to what i did at the end   of this video where i try on like different combos  of lip pencils and lipsticks um that are really   popular right now i'm just showing you how they  look um and i've also got the i've also got the   p louise lip bases which i really want to try out  i'm saving for a lip swatch video i really want   to do that soon so let me know what you'd like to  see first and i will talk to you guys in my next video then

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