Lil FLIP Manager/ Publicist Da Original AJ talk the music business & why he working on a SOLO album

Lil FLIP Manager/ Publicist Da Original AJ  talk the music business & why he working on a SOLO album

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sometimes there you go there you go help me damn help me damn it what's up y'all the marty johnson show it's official rally boy it's marty johnson it's [ __ ] laville boomtown it's goddamn charlotte mognet god damn it okay listen mr hall say hello to be white get myself together hello to the people hey i love y'all what's up i miss y'all i know y'all miss me we miss each other let's celebrate at the martial johnson show we got the panel here marty's here we got boone sound level we got charlene monet ladies first charlie monet twice and you got raleigh boy official b.o.i you already know the fives marty h johnson maj hashtag y'all make sure y'all hashtag that that's a good [ __ ] listen no cap on all of it no cap none no no look no el capitan on top no capitan on top so look we're about to get into the show y'all we better that's a big show today it's a big show it's not your average joe show this is your [ __ ] celebrity show where the whole world tune in sir hold on look the heavy hitters are gonna be watching we gotta keep a little clean we can get a little we can pop off a little bit but you know a little bit that's right no confrontation we all business and we all oriented to understand this is it this is a platform to get to know these dope-ass individuals called artists across the world the marty a johnson show we tapped all the way in yeah i really hope that they're gonna be ready sean are you ready for today while i get myself together yes i am i'm really excited i'm really excited to see what these artists are gonna send in tonight if they're gonna bring that fire if they're gonna bring that heat yeah if the if our guests are going to be really really excited yeah i got a couple i got a couple songs i got a couple songs marty i'm gonna send to you and we're just playing through the show wanted yet one of these people has got to take it home matter of fact two dope artists got to take it home minus the finder's feed right find this feed for remix find this fee for a contract deal wow this is um first of all let's start with lavelle um lavelle the bell lavell did his psa label um thank you for chiming and letting people know about what we got going on tonight um did you meet a lot of new cousins uh i mean i would say just people from way back i mean people i haven't probably talked to in years but you know when they come around they come around you know i'm just spreading the word i said look i had to go live i don't need to go live like that but i may be doing it more often shoot i feel good didn't it feel good today yeah i was like you know what this is what's happening it's happening now marty johnson's show tapping in live crazy and something crazy gonna happen at night i know that you know right we say this every week we i mean we see we say this every week we look we are a top tier platform look ain't no cap in here we're the real deal say what you want yes we have heavy hitters on here no we're looking for people that are ready for the big time but we definitely have company here oh fisher our boy um while we get it together for our special guests coming what give the artist to advice what type of music will be looking for just let him know please look we're looking for extravagant music that catch the ear off the top when you play this music it's going to be timeless it's going to be something to remember it's going to be something that the fans and also the celebrities gonna say yo who the [ __ ] is that so yo we want y'all to send in all dope timeless music that you got in your file send that dope music to martialjohnson4 and matter of fact y'all send it right now cause we're gonna play this just as soon as the artists tap in little flip is in the building y'all clover jesus he's managed me and everything i think i think aj shout out aj and um first i want to let people know and laville i want level to be the witness too we just want to just give ours seriously a psa your um newest joint is not your hottest joint this is the opportunity of a lifetime pull out what you know is the best for real tell them marty pull out now you have a major record label this gentleman he's worth 24 million dollars he's going to sign someone he's getting on some work and he needs some work you need to share that bag you're trying to shut the bag it only happens right here that's right on the way oh charlene are you gonna type in with anything what if i should give to some of these artists what was that now what advice are you gonna give to them please yeah just send in your best your best music anything that you would that you would think they would like and people have told you this is nice this is nice now don't send in anything that we've already cut please don't do that because if we've cut it already this [ __ ] don't supposed to be here okay okay we don't actually don't send that [ __ ] to nobody else go back in there and work on it okay but all right like i said the management for little flip is here we might even have another special guest coming on too i'm just telling you oh first of all charlene um let me get them excited are you ready for october i mean november charlene very yes first off um let's um let's let's give you an example of what we're looking for look if you're an artist you want to get freely heard by a major record label from multi-platinum artists today what do you need to send it to please make sure it's your best no bios no samples you already know if we ain't feeling it snip snip and um today we're being nice you can call the fisher rally boy too he won't have the phone and i already gave him the 411 that's like you're not looking for no best friends no smoke partners click up you win looking for bear fish brothers they want to call you and chime in what they need to do call you where call me at 877 marty 90 877 marty 90.

y'all hit the phone up like i said our mate our major heavy hitters are coming in the meantime i'm gonna i'm gonna share this video with the panel in a minute but um let's do a quick promo while our special guest is coming look marty johnson four at gmail don't worry for schwab i'm about to attack you on facebook give me a second let me do this promo first what's up world this is marty a johnson show with the fisher oliver and the piano lavelle and charlene this is our tapping edition where artists admit their material we have a young lady named reeve it's really she's doing her rendition of aaliyah try again hmm libero if we ain't feeling really here what's going to happen to her and um we don't hear this until now what's up world this morning my bad we're live so we pick my audio my bad cut me it's gonna edit it's called so all right so um we don't we don't hear this till now sorry y'all cut me [Music] give it a chance [Music] our special guest is here i'm listening [Music] you guys did not smoke again [Music] try again um our special guest is here in the meantime i'm going to be sharing in a minute mr robert i see you oh my goodness gracious please artist this is the psa if you're an artist you have some material i need y'all to tap in immediately yes let me let him it's mark i'm just asking is this this is public right i'm about to change i'm about to fix it right now i'm going to let him in i'm going to change the world do not let him in about to change my settings give me a second he's on time let me give him let me give him let me give this gentleman an introduction really quick why get why i get together so look this is the marty a johnson show officially rally boy along with lavell and charlene um this season this whole season this gentleman right here first off he's been supporting the movement all season long he'd been um bringing some of his his proteges on the platform we definitely appreciate the support so this time we invited him so i really wanted him to chime in on the artist so bro turn your audio on so i don't think i'm i mean your camera or something i'm we're lying here please all right start video here we go all right so look good live i'm fixing my stuff all right so he's here so um what up so first off let me get my intro change my introduction first off um he called me an hour he called me on an hour ago and said um i'm ready now i said i said we're on east coast time so um hold on aj did you call me an hour ago so i don't think i'm lying i definitely did okay so he called me out he called me an hour ago and said look i'm ready to go i said come in an hour our time first off you may not know the name aj but let me just let you know a little bit about him um he is a co-founder of a record label he's a publicist he's an entrepreneur he's a manager he's iced out um some of his clients some of his clients are multi-platinum um superstars selling millions and millions of records um a lot of y'all know [ __ ] robert tell them who our friend of the show is one of his proteges yo a friend of ours what you say marty what's up aj aj what's good bro hello my brother all right all right here's what you say what you say marty let him know who um little flip is the friend of our show he's one of his artists along with um hold on scooby dj hard hitter um yeah these are all hitters shout out to y'all bro so look first off i want to say you chiming in um you've been supporting us all season and i want you to come on and really give some industry talk to some of these artists and i'm gonna keep you on for a minute because they already they're killing me for you to listen to their records because they're trying to get signed right now i said you gotta bring your a game first i want to get to know we want to get to know aj first off you told me you're in atlanta where you're on your way to now i'm making another um million dollar deal what's going on where you at i'm i'm actually out of bound now i'm in alabama headed to ace time to get back to the back wow that's nice we actually just left north carolina i was out there with a shout out to my homie dj issa that's two chains dj i was out there with him with two chains dj okay so look aj let's school some of the people here because um a lot of people might think you might be my my third cousin lying and saying saying that your industry is vet no but people sometimes people on even though you know aj we have heavy hitters on this show but some people be lying saying i'm capping out there but this show is the real deal so let people know your resume and how did you really get started in the business then we're gonna break it all down then i'm gonna play some records for some of these artists so give us um backstory on you okay i actually started the game with dj screw we did uh we did eight screw tapes with these with rest a piece of dj screw rest in peace dj screw man all right we got eight screw tapes in there and um so that's why i actually started but when i got my first major break was with little troy i was signed to shortstop records and we uh i was on the album sitting back down south we sold 2.5 million records little troy actually gave me my breakthrough in the industry on a major level and um then i got with flip in in 01 and i've been rocking ever since i started out as an artist and then i became a publicist to help artists and i had a group doug mafia flit was actually in my group um we dropped the album called young rich and thuggins um so you know but that's how i got in the game with with dj screw when detroit put me on a worldwide level shout out to la troy all right yeah we had the song wanna be a bottle i'm pretty sure y'all familiar with that but we had the song want to be a baller that went double platinum yeah yeah exclusiveness yeah exclusive so that's right but those lately marty johnson we haven't got a heavy heater here um what made you stop from being the honors to go behind the scenes rumor because aj you make more money behind the scenes if you do your business right you definitely do you definitely do and like and like um i was always kind of you know how you you got groups and there's one person out the group that always kind of late to the studio or or don't make every record or you know just kind of lacking on on the music part so i was that artist i was always lacking and you know being late to the studio and missing major records so my manager was like aj if you're not going to rap if you're not going to you know pursue this rapping then you're going to have to find your place in the game and since you know everybody you're on tour with flip you you you all over the world you might as well use those connects and plugs to help artists so i just kind of like put two and two together and i was like you know what you're right so i actually transitioned myself from an artist to helping the artist and flip was actually my first client as you know being a publicist he gave me my first shot so um so it just it just started from there like you know i was late to the studio all the time you know wasn't making the studio and uh what is that okay that might be some mess okay um and so yeah so i just try this myself to become a publicist and and like i feel like this is much better for me because i don't have to be in the studio all late hours i don't have to be you know everywhere i can pretty much do my work from home and my phone and i love it and i do know everybody all around the world i do have a lot of connects so i just utilize what i what i know who i know and what i have and i just made something happen out of it you're definitely definitely doing fine right now but tell me some of the hurdles you know sometimes they hear because i think you know already you know we ask the real questions here we have good conversations you know i don't do interviews here you know i get to nitty gritty with c h town houston i've been to houston i've been to h town i've been here about five times when i first got there true story only thing i knew was destiny shall flip mike jones and paul and that's it and high five waco texas basically yeah that that that's that's all i knew so what made what hurt is it people when you were really trying to grind it out even though you had a lot of connects you pretty much if you ain't from um la new york atlanta or one of the majors um how do you really just you know you might know a lot of connects a lot of people may not want to rock with you we're really um how do you really get your stamp of approval from people that want to work with you well first of all you're breaking up first i had a little flip yeah about that can y'all still hear me cause i got a copy y'all can hear me yep go ahead okay yeah so first and foremost i have flip and you know you know pretty much when you when you're working with a superstar like that you know you don't really get too much of a bad you know with nose and let me hit you back and so i didn't really i came out the gate like hard because i was representing flip but with the artist that's not so popular and not so big it's it's kind of hurdles because you know you get the um well we haven't heard of them and you know who is this and who is that so you kind of get a little few hurdles that way when you're working with people that's not so popping and famous or whatever but when you just stay true to your grind and and stay true to your character it's gonna all pan out and you're gonna eventually get that call back you're gonna eventually get that yes you're gonna eventually get your artist on that show or podcast and you know you just gotta stick with it because if you just give up on the first note you'll never get nowhere let's talk about the art the artistry because right now my my um email is wide open at marty johnson number four at gmail um what do you look for in an artist right now because i'm gonna give you some backstory first off when people submit stuff to you just at random without a cosign without knowing give you a feed you know just a backstory what do you look for right now in artists i look for a well-polished artist someone who's all around the board you don't it's it's not just so much of lyrics and rapping you gotta you gotta have the lyrics you gotta know how to perform you gotta know how to talk during interviews you gotta know what to say you gotta know how to conduct yourself so i'm not just looking for somebody who's just cold and rapping because all cause you know we lived in the days now where skills don't really mean nothing metallic don't really mean nothing you could have a less talented artist and he might actually make it further than the artists you got that can actually rap so i just like a well polished artist someone who can you know do it all um you know the lyrics is there the writing is there you know actually perform because you can have a hot song but get on stage and can't perform it like you stiff you can't move so it takes away from the song so or you could get on an interview and be like uh uh and just talk with you know not not not not presentable conversation so i just i pretty much look for a well-polished artist okay first now i'm gonna get the dollars and cents in a minute in the meantime what up since i got you here aj i'm gonna play a record for my artist and i want to give you i want to hear your feedback first off i'm gonna start with the panel starting with lavell i'm going to talk about level first the battlefield support developed been following my movement for over a decade but lavelle was walking me on this platform for over this whole season um lavell tell aj about the artists that i'm about to play because again aj i don't hear the stuff until now give them real quick but i get it why get together please who who are you about to play um what have you sent to me what have you sent to me at martial i forgot the name of it but but good music aj again i don't hear the record aj this means cut quick if you don't like it um you know i hear a lot of records here on the show um sorry artist this is marty john's official boy in the panel you might tell it how it is i hate a lot of dope records they come on the show scared as hell ready to fight i'm every mf in the book because i don't like their record that means aj they want they're not ready am i right they're all ready yeah they're not ready yeah and you gotta and with artists everybody is not gonna like your music so you can't you know get mad or you can't feel some type of way because one person or these people don't like your music like because it's right music for everybody but everybody's not gonna like your music though you can't win all the time with everybody that comes with the territory of being an artist you can't appeal to everyone that's right okay okay with that being said um there's a couple that i personally like and i'm i'm a co-sign because um you know we're gonna have our next conversation in a minute official boy get your one record ready and um aj remember this is cut this is i'm lavelle one of those people's levels [Applause] strong dog [Music] aj what you think of it um he was he was cool i think he definitely needs some coaching he definitely needs some coaching the beat was the b was okay um he definitely needs some coaching though he's not just a seasoned artist i could tell um he hasn't been rapping for long i can tell right but um it was cool it could have been a lot better to present on the martial johnson show absolutely lavelle i keep the band with you i was very disappointed very disappointed in this yes very very very very well you know you know what top tier official ride boy okay first off what i got to say you wanna hear what i gotta say what you gotta say right you played a beginner for something we need something hot right now you playing beginning music that's best yes that's beginner music to to contract status that's that's no you know what i'm saying we need to we need to send in that y'all send in that heat because we we we need something upbeat up tight yeah some something that stuff that'll make my my hairs grow up something that'll make my um girl you welcome ted kt um charlene i sure will um aj i went to l.a you know i travel a lot right i met this young lady um i met this young lady and one thing about her she looked like a star as soon as i saw her i said oh cute girl she ain't all done up or nothing like that to me i said ooh pretty girl let me see how you can sing she's sung and everything and i said okay that's one little record anyhow i'm gonna play this record that i personally heard on the show um and she does a lot of covers which i said that's cool and then she tried her rendition of one of your own from your from your from your area this is trying to do beyonce and i want you to hear it the rapper i don't know she's from my life no she's from houston i met her in l.a oh okay okay i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry she's um she's from l.a my bad

are you talking about marty who are you talking about right now she's doing her beyonce who's from houston shout out to carol janae let's go girl she's doing um beyonce deja vu okay girl [Music] [Music] seems like everywhere [Music] i like to hear people out [Music] [Music] cause everything [Music] cause everything i see is you and i don't want no substitute it is [Music] and this is [Music] give me a square is low someone use you o baby girl you should already know it's h oh light up the scroll cause you're gonna need help try to study my bounce flow low what's the difference when you take your bang mother of you sniffing you still go try to convince the methanol go my dope keeps scales tripping like flow like her from the h o u s t o n win so chicago with him is don't be mad at me i just make the hits like a factory i'm just one to one nothing after me no deja vu just maybe i can't go anywhere [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] let it go [Music] [Music] [Music] cause everything i see is [Music] okay okay aj the artist name is carotene first off now you do beyonce you make me nervous um what do you think of it i like how she's versatile and you know did a little rapping and did it in singing um i like her voice it could uh definitely get better you know with with the right produce in the studio and with the right you know people around here could definitely get better but i like her i like her right um were you bored do you can tell like she was feeling the joy it wasn't um force right sometimes you gotta get connected to a record you say what like when i heard i felt like um she she was connected to it and she wasn't like forced she was feeling it versus right no right definitely definitely definitely and i like her voice and i like the versatility um but you know everything can get better with you know the right producer the right people around you everything everybody can get better but i actually like her though well we gotta talk because uh i think she he can go far let me tell you talking about artists hey carrick snakes i know you want here what's up girl yeah so look let me ask you a question let me use let me talk about females female artists um they're expensive you know to produce and you know with the hair makeup and the glam squad and all that stuff um how is it with your your label with the backing and all that sometimes they might have it but they don't have have the finances how would you label pretty much a female a group or a rapper how would the um imaging come in with your label we would we would we would find a way to put together a marketing strategy for any artist any group we would just you know find their lane get the right marketing strategy the right cities and states you know it will just market that artist the best we could do we would come up with a budget and um you know we would we would have a set budget for that artist male or female get the right marketing for it and you know push it the best way we can um explain um a budget so for some people you know we got to take care of them let you in explain the budget i'm gonna let the young lady in explain explain the budget for some artists because everyone here don't know the business they don't know what recoup is they don't know what points are they don't know what publishing is yeah they don't know what royalties are ooh hair and makeup that's what i'm talking about ready hey aj can you see her i can see her i can see you look hi how you doing what's going on with you so look it's important for females because you mean unfortunately is how she look hey i hate to say that but spreading the females can we market this definitely can market it and presentation is everything it's all about the look it's all about the character like i was saying a little while ago it's about the look the character you know the whole persona but um yeah with a female artist the budget is pretty much consists of you know studio time um photo shoots um album release i mean album cover um shoots you know um it's just it's a budget for pretty much every mark i mean everything that you can do to market a record a radio interviews so a budget consists of all these things hmm carrick's name he just heard your joint where do you want to ask aj since i got going look thank you for coming on i really appreciate it this is ready at all times thank you so much for bringing me on um but you said what do i have a question for you yes grant asked well i just want to know like what did you on like what did you honestly feel about what i brought to the table that's pretty much what i wanna i just like versatility i like how you you know pretty much utilize your talents in pretty much in the most places you can i heard rapid i heard r b you know what i'm saying like i heard the voice so i like how you utilize your talents and you your versatility i like that can i ask one more question from what you heard is there any advice that you could give me on how to you know catapult myself to the next level as an artist pretty much with your expertise and you know all of what you've been through and learned in the industry yeah i would tell you to stay true to what to your craft and keep surround yourself with great people and surround yourself with people that's not just going to say yes listen yes that and yeah you this fire that's why surround yourself with people who's going to tell you what's real and that's going to bring the best out of you because you want to get better you can't go down you can only get better so just keep the good positive energy around and keep your spirit good and up high don't let anybody you know discourage you from who don't like your record don't like your music because everybody's not gonna like your music everybody's not gonna like your your persona you can appeal to the whole world but just keep going and it's only gonna get better and surround yourself with people that can only get you better and and you're going to become a better artist just as you grow absolutely well thank you so much i i appreciate that for sure and that's one thing that i have learned in my journey is that you always want to have someone people around you that are going to bring the best out of you not tell you everything you want to hear and that are just going to help bring the best out of you and are genuine you know what i'm saying right so i pre i appreciate that thank you so much keep on working and see me some more records yes don't worry oh yeah i i got you and my i'm my ep is finished and it's going to be coming out at the top of the year and um marty i think um i think wrote rolando sent them to you if he didn't you know just uh let me know but i think he did send them to you so yeah i got some joints on there for you to hear don't worry girl i'll be shopping for you don't worry i'm i'm yeah girl people are working um real quick real quick my ig is at keratine so it's at and then it's spelled k-a-r-a-t-e-n-a-e nice thank you girl thank you so much see that's what i mean by artists see aj don't you like my presentation they're ready at all times ready at all times know how to talk know how to you know conduct an interview that's that's what i look for let me ask you a question and um first off let me use us and i'm gonna be honest shout out to my team behind the scenes um i'm gonna tell you i'm gonna keep on waiting for the band um when my team reached out for people for this season right off the bat we went to the top of the food chain he was like we won't flip right off the bat and berlin yeah look him and honestly and that's why i said that's why we fuc came with um flip and aj in the whole squad first thing he's like absolutely no questions asked what made you want to rock with us first off when you looked at our resume well when i when when i when i checked you out i was like oh wow just these guys really doing major things i love the platform um i love the way you you conduct your show and uh it was just a lot of things that i that i liked about your platform um you you you just what grasped me was you know that that that you willing to you know jump out there and interview the top of the top the best of the best everybody is not always willing to interview the best of it because some people get like star-strucked and you know they they kind of get nervous but you never you don't break you don't fold you know and your team don't either because i be checking out your team they don't either so i liked it and so you know of course i had to have flip on your show and my other artist capone and scooby because the platform is there and and that's what we we utilize we like to go on platforms that mean something not just somebody who say oh okay i'll be interviewer have your arts on my show like we don't just go on anybody's show to do anything but i like your platform and i like you know the the knowledge that y'all give to these artists and upcoming artists like it's all i know thank you and them and i think you realize whether whether they're heavy hitters or whether they're pookie and friends we ask the real conversation right it's not some scripted [ __ ] things that everybody know anyone asked a million times i want i asked i asked scooby um how much was his advance that flip gave him yeah yeah i asked him how much you get look flip flip broke it down to me flip flip told me he got 20 million dollars last year well i'm sorry your brother left yeah he did anything look we have real conversation um if i want if you want someone to present an artist to you right now who are you trying to sign right now who are you looking for right now what's an arsenal for you what kind of what kind of what kind of flavor you looking for right now what you what you got what what what you got up your sleeve aj i'm just i'm looking for like some of this new flavor some of this new talent i wanna heard of these new well definitely i like to bring people up from off the ground definitely but it's harder to bring someone up off the ground when when i work with someone i'm just keeping it our way one honey when i work with someone you gotta at least have something going on for you i can't just bring you out and just bring you into the big leads and you have absolutely nothing going on you got to have something going on like every author i brought to y'all's show like scooby he was signed with tbt with lil jon back in the day you know he he's done music he's done albums with killer mic and and y'all know flip's resume and black alcohol like these people already have things you know going on for themselves so i kind of like someone i work with someone that has you know a bit going on for themselves and i could just make it better yeah so so basically um an artist that has invested in themselves before they even come to you hey there you that's that's the word is right there that's the word is right there and not just looking for me to do everything right i can't do everything and like i tell people like i tell artists i can't make you a superstar i can't make you famous i can only do what i do my reach he's spreading the word and it's for the people okay he's off right there go ahead and tell people like you have to put in the work as well like i can't invest all my everything in to you because i have artists that i work with so you have to bring it to the table as well and then i could just make your situation better or greater or try to do what i could do to make a situation better or greater so he's saying like you gotta have a good work ethic in the studio you gotta be an artist willing to produce yourself yes right right yes right you have videos already done already be on stage performing i already know how to conduct the interview um just be well-rounded before you what we've been telling everybody the whole show since we've been doing it invest in yourself and be the total package because they don't do artist development really anymore you got to do that on your own before you even come to to a record executive right and labels labels are not even really doing media training no more like you gotta pretty much media train yourself nowadays like you know we had meter training because we came up back in the days you know what i'm saying with the labels you know but a lot of these times like you have to really media train yourself to know how to talk to know how to conduct to know how to do a show to know how to do an interview you know so it's things that you got to willing to invest in yourself and not just look for the ceo or the publicist or the manager to do like we can't just make you famous we can we can bring you to the party but it's on you too right aj may ask you this before i play the next record what can the marty a johnson show need to do because um i have no problem coming back to houston you know i'm a delta freaking flyer what do i need to do to get on board to help out with this media training i ain't no artist you know so what can we all do to team up before i talk about your app and stuff like that because there's a lot of money need to be extra may need to be made and i'm all for it make yourself just even greater it's a lot of them ran even further like because y'all killing it y'all killing it can i tell you something aj sometimes sometimes sometimes i come on the platform sometimes excuse me y'all it's this marty johnson my boy talk sometimes i have to talk that [ __ ] i gotta let people know we don't we don't charge ours listenmi material um hold on level i think my viewership is just fine i don't know because i know you watch but people do tap in with us and the crazy thing about it aj i say this all the time this other platforms they have no celebrities they have they have no credibility whatsoever we're not buying we're not buying artists hell no i pay you no mind no no no but aj but but seriously what what's the next umbrella to really make your whole team even stronger i got no problem coming on board helping out with media training coming behind the scenes hell we can take this it's very necessary it's vital we have media training right now it's very vital no no it is it it is it's very vital because media training is a very important thing in the game like you know to new media training that's a total package to expand your brand it's all about expanding your brand um when you expand your brand it just can go further than you could imagine like it's people that tell me hit me up all the time like man i'm in overseas or i'm in germany and i love you and you know i mean over here so i'm like wow how the hell do you know me and you live in germany and you live in but it's about expanding your brand you never know who watching like people i tell people all the time like don't look at your like count don't look at your views because you never know who is looking and who is you know watching like rick ross on some of my pictures earth gotta be clicking like on something also my picture i'll be like how the hell did earth gotta see my instagram you know what i'm saying even though i'm good with irv got his brother chris got it because i have flip on the show and chris gotti is my guy but still it's like you know you just never know who's watching you so all you gotta do is just keep working keep grinding keep doing what you're doing and you never know who is watching you you never know i am so glad you said that i'm so glad cause you know why fish raw boy knows i think level and charlene knows now when i do shows i am so in the zone i don't give a damn what's going on i'm here for you right i hear what's going on outside i'm so focused on i'm so in the zone fish rob always says marty shoes are untied marty's um zip is undone they're like marty's in the zone he don't care what's going on i gotta i gotta keep him fixed up i be like yo when he getting show mo yo i gotta get on i gotta make sure he's right because he's zoned out aj okay if if you as my publicist an anr person i'm not gonna lie if i was an artist i'd be a little salty but if you was working on an album and i'm your client i'm a little selfish why are you gonna work on the album lisa i'm honest [Laughter] that's enough room for us all to get it okay how do you balance the time out well you just gotta you gotta you gotta find you gotta find your balance because like i said i'm still honest myself i'm still um in the studio trying to get my project out of myself but at the same time i know how to steal help my other artists you know do what they do and it's just you gotta find you gotta just find within yourself to balance out what you need to balance out i mean it's not like we can't do it we can do we just got to find the right balance to make it work yes it's all about making it work yeah let's go back to budgets real quick budgets um wasn't in 2021 2022 even though with the new wave and social media and all that let me give an artist um hell you know i'm nosy um jd bird or scooby what's the typical budget right now for like someone's nice to start north someone that we may not know right now what's the typical budget like um 10 grand 10 green yeah because with 10 grand you could um it's like a beginner's budget you can get your uh radio you can get your marketing you can get it you know all your cds i mean not to see these you can get your photo shoots your album cover you can get things that you need done with that budget yes you know you know what i'm saying is still work got it and the claim the um point system recouping how to get the money back you know aj got to get his money back so how do the label how do aj get this check every two weeks well we we we we get our check because we gonna make sure what we got to do when your name is on the line and you entitled to your percentage and your points that's going to automatically come in that's like we're still getting money from wanna be a baller like it comes every third quarter of the year like every third quarter so it's just it's just all about you know making sure that you have the right deal on the table and you sign with the right people because if you don't you don't have notice people are going to take you for everything you got you're going to get five percent of your project and that's yeah and that's nothing so you just got to pay attention and um that's why i say you guys surround yourself with the right people because the right the wrong people you won't be making nothing and and even in my situation if um if i'm presenting someone that's not making no money i can't make no money all right so so you know go ahead and it's another good thing to actually know the business before you get in the business because if you don't know the business record labels and producers will actually take advantage of that yes you could have a hot record you could you could you could be a hot artist and you're not seeing nothing you're not seeing nothing because you was with the wrong you you signed the wrong deal and you you listen to the wrong person and you this is the wrong ceo or the wrong manager and now you got yourself into a situation where you got to get out of it it's going to actually cost you money to get out of the situation now now you know you got another business you gotta know the business you know and i'm so glad you said that i always tell someone i did my business so right when i was 25 years old i'm doing tv i'm still getting checks nice checks just by doing my by doing my business right right you got to know your business right if you if you know the business and don't just try to jump in and be like hey i'm going to have all the cars i'm going to have all the jury uh then you in it for the wrong thing you got to know the business first oh that's going to come later oh that's going to come later once everything is you know signed and printed on the dotted line and the right way not a forced way or the wrong way you got it you got to know what you're getting into like you know a lot of people you want to get into the game because they see all the rappers on tv you know got all the jury got out of you get the paperwork right gotta get your paperwork right and you gotta know the business so you can be able to get all the finer things that's right you're right hey you're telling the truth um i don't mind i was having a sit down off camera i had to talk a month ago i'll tell you on camera all right miss deborah um i had a talk last time last month with tv one right so they say they wanted they wanted they wanted we had an interest meeting in which of course i'm all for the meetings and they thought i was some 22 year old kid i'm like no i'm a grown man with mortgage and kids you ain't gonna give me no pooky budget right i felt like there was insulting me they gave me all the fame they're like we can make you a star i'm like i'm already a star right right i think i'm already a star i was like i think i don't need the fame i was like but make a long story short you get people like that they get sold on the glitz and glamour right this is right right not the business after oh tv one no and truth be told they wanted just to bring me they just wanted to bring me on and say the in the guys you know what's that i'm talking about marty we just want you yeah [ __ ] official rally boy and move out lavell and charlene we'll take you and we'll give you um i'll take you off camera i'm gonna say off of me um they offered me less what i made on my last show that i did right now less money i get less than half and then they want me then they want me to sign the rights away so they basically oh you know what i'm talking about sign my life away say you must be out of here because i didn't do my business i went through a similar situation like that with mtv with mtv i went through a similar situation like that um you know to show ridiculousness yep yes yeah well they reached out to me they was trying to get a video from actually my nephew he wasn't replying back because he's not social media you know whatever but so they was reaching out to me and when i plugged them in with my nephew this is the show mtv ridiculousness i got it they tried to buy the rights to his video and they offered them if i take a mountain they offered them you would laugh at me but everybody i'll tell you what they offered me go ahead everybody think mtv ridiculousness oh you oh they finna no they offered my nephew 300 to sign the rights over to his video get the [ __ ] out of here bro 300. mtv ridiculousness we laughed at my god we laughed at that but we ended up we did ended up signing what we did was we said they said okay well if um we can't buy the rights how about we send y'all a check every time we air it on the show yeah he was like okay that sounds more like it that sounds more you know more more reasonable so that's what we went with and we signed and every time they played our video that we sent them they sent us a check that's wonderful so um well these tv one tv one team or tv one dm1 offered me six figures six figures three hundred dollars tv one tv tv one i dare my job tv won't offer me 88 000 yeah that's that's yeah that's that's it no and they want you to sign it over to them right you want and they want you to sign the rights over to them that means you don't own nothing so you don't get no royalties [Applause] right no that's how it goes that's how it goes and i'm glad you didn't take it no that's what i mean you need to team up and do something i don't mind doing a show in houston i fly out there i'll stay out there for three weeks and i can knock on the whole season man you my god marty we can definitely make something shake i'll do it in the studio with celebrity guests i'll do a sit down um you know if they're ready for the the big leagues we're gonna do the live shows we'll do the live shows too if i come to houston for a week look my my vacation in december i come to houston and i'm not gonna whole season in ten days hey we could make it happen if you haven't interviewed some of some of the uh the stars out there i can get you to mike jones pow wow let's bring them back let's bring them back out bring them back out do i need to come and then i want to i want to um because i ain't found anyone i got i have a meeting in november but i already know how that's going to play out but anyhow but um no seriously i want to um come down to houston that one people that i could actually rock with not really you know why because you supported us you you you told me bringing this person on first i said was yeah of course i never said no no facts facts i don't mind coming to set up me um pam how did that sound instead of vacation sorry um atlanta i'll come to houston aj whatever you want to do it's fine let's work we're going to talk about that we'll talk about that later let me play another record so all right i don't mind coming then um i'm playing in the meantime fish right boy um this is official ride boys people first off fish your eye boy if aj's cutting him listen up carefully artist fisher why boy if aj i want to cut a check for ten thousand dollars which i know he has um and would this be the go-getter that aj was writing checked over ten thousand dollars for because i have not heard it we heard we hearing it just now okay but look right now i'm i'm right now i told him send the hot music so i hope it's hot if it's not we're going to cut the hell out of it crack that [ __ ] hold on aj crank me in front wrong aj hold on [ __ ] my boy craig if i'm wrong aj if you like our artist let me ride him for him you don't mind going in the wild and getting to go to houston and talk with your attorney not at all i i see money i see money when i have a heart artist and i hear high artists that's money i see money i see dollar signs i'm thinking different i'm thinking you know i'm on a whole nother note with it okay when we have heavy hitters on that's the mind i'm thinking well how can he make a man a few bands how come already make a man how can we sprinkle that love to everyone right exactly what about business this hot music let's get this out happy and marty johnson 4. he's going to have to come back on another show send that in y'all send that in right now i'm ready let's get him [ __ ] what's this called i don't know i sent he sent it to me and i and i sent it to you i think it's prince wise yeah we got we gotta listen to it first of all we gotta have you hit us on please but okay this place down no we're just not hearing it let's go you get cut or you got this oh you got the juice uh it doesn't play that's it it played for me it played and i just said no email play it again it ain't meant to be it ain't meant to be hey when stuff like that happens yeah it's have you got jay renee's back up not playing oh my god he'll be playing he's talking to me i'll send it to the i sent it to the joint that's it i think it's so good [Music] so good that they wanna be like us imma tell the truth they don't wanna fight us take a seat at the table and i didn't like it [Music] i'm sorry i don't like it thank you thank you thank you hey did you like it i can't i wasn't it i didn't get into it yeah it's the reason i don't cut because i feel like i could i can actually listen to you know a burst in the hook and then you know it's going to automatically get cut off so i don't i don't want to disrespect the artist not saying that that's disrespectful but me personally i just want to hear the burst in the hook if i can't get into it from the burst in the hook then then it's a wrap for me i tried i tried it i think right now when i have heavy hitters on and wait i just feel like this when my name picture my boy is naming behind it um you got to rob me off the bat like you got like 10 15 seconds you got like a good 20 seconds to get it my objective is this hear me out live right now my objective is this not going down to houston in december i want to take this artist with me in the studio that's what i'm talking about i need top tier periods right now here we go right right this is my name this is for our boy's name if you can't come to youtube represent this brand and everyone else don't inbox me period yes i said it right no facts my little names online i have to ride i you know i ride for this little platform hard okay you do you do i have to you have to be done so aj tell me about your album because you got to come back on another show because i know you because i can i play records all day long what do you what do you look for in the artist tell me you say what about my album tell me about your album because i want you to come back really because i can talk to you the whole 10 hours well my album is actually titled the least expected the reason it's entitled the least expected is because i was the one that you at least expect to rap because i always was around and you know i didn't ever you know rap much you know what i'm saying but when i did rap i hit hard like i just said you might be i didn't send you my video did i no sir you can look at me i was going to send it to you it's me and flip it's called street doctor but i mean i have several videos but that was my last one but um so my album is called the least expected and i'm putting it together now i'm set to drop it 2022. okay and the features is crazy y'all now i got you know good features on there and but i'm not in a rush though i'm not in a rush i'm taking my time with it because when i do drop it i'm trying to drop a masterpiece i don't want to just drop another album to the world like everybody else i'm trying to drop a masterpiece so yeah that's my album the least expected and it's dropping 2022 and you know it's crazy features good producers um that feel good [ __ ] can i cuss you know i like to um i like to appeal to multiple crowds you know not just the the street people the gangsters i like to appeal to the women so you know um the street people the the the the partiers so i just got i have like a very versatile type of album that i'm putting together okay nice can't wait to hear it no i can't wait for you out of here trust me i'm coming back here when i drop it i'm gonna come back i'm gonna come back here on this show even before i drop it when marty tells me he won't be on the show again i'm here look i'm gonna invite you back already because here here's the thing because there's a lot of probably some new people on again right now the focus on this show is take this brand everyone else says the next level my my goal for this show i don't speak for me but for me i'm going to be sitting next to um whoopi enjoy guest sourcing on the view before they go off the air yeah period i'm going to be on the view i said it mm-hmm that's the guy we're going i'm i'm on no i'm getting sitting in the middle you got to put it out there you got to put it out there that's right no but no aj what i want to do seriously i like your energy i want to know how can this show collaborate with with your squad and all that stuff like i said the the pro you know let me tell him i might just try my own project since and official boy says since he's always ain't coming with it because i get offers every month but this this show has to be the right situation it does right right now for sure like i said you come to houston we can sit down do what we got to do say what we got to say and we gonna work like i'm willing to work i see your team willing to work you willing to work come to houston you know we can sit down at the round table come up with the nice strategy whatever strategy we got to come up with and work and get it done here's what i want to do don't go through my peoples i'm gonna give you my direct number you and i can talk one-on-one let it get the structure right out the back because as soon as i land in houston from day one it's day seven i'm working the whole week i ain't gonna have a meeting i'm not land i'm ready to work period and i'm ready to work as soon as i land all we need and all we got to do is map out that blueprint and execute that's all i'm going to do like i said you and i can build i don't care if it's every week and then once i land in houston every single day while i'm near i want to knock out three shows a day i'm waiting for the season and me and you and go to fox buy com and whoever got the best check no i'm with it that's right i already told tv one now and they want to talk again in november i'm talking hell now i'm with it let's work no but but seriously but with that being said so me and aj gonna be working together charlene you coming on you still staying on the train you already know it you already know where you going i like houston yeah let's go [ __ ] you with the boys let's go get with the boys and do what we're supposed to do and make this thing a family affair so look in the meantime aj where are you on your way to now because this is the outline because look agent you got marty height aj he ready to go right he be ready marty always like he's full of energy and you know he got a positive vibe that's why i rock with marty i can see it i can hear you i can be sick as a dog you would never know tomorrow you'll never know before before i let you go aj look i gave them a snap and i honestly i don't want people really pay attention honestly um i hate to call aj out today aj was really trying to write a check for ten thousand dollars to the signs on y'all really disappointed me tonight seriously i didn't hear nothing ten thousand dollars i'm very disappointed so with that being said aj i would love you to come back please because i want this record to be high let's make it happen i'm trying to co-sign with someone inbox me hit me on my direct line and let's make it happen have it back on the show and let's do it again okay all right i'm gonna give you all the tv gonna play a few more mario that's it i'm disappointed in them i'm not gonna waste aj time because no because no cause we're top tier i'm not here to play games i'm trying to get a check for them and everyone we're about business definitely not i'm just coming from north carolina messing with two chainz and eastside so you know i hey i'm on this road and hey i want to hear the best of the best but we can get it down on the next time right level you know i'm disappointed in the meantime aj i'm gonna buy aj back in two weeks okay and i'm looking i wanted to bring slip with him too seriously if i had to do it on sunday at midnight i'll be on here we can make it happen we can make it happen no doubt look great um i'm gonna text you my number and um which let me wish my accent before we say goodnight to aj because i mean what do you what do you think the climate is right now like of the current climate of like um the independent field like the independent scene like it's all avatar driven is user driven how do you how do you see that evolving i know you're doing a lot of i feel like i kind of i'm kind of like saluting the independent field right now because right now you can make yourself a superstar with all these instagrams snapchats tick tocks you can make yourself a superstar if you really know how to use these fields the right way all right so i'm loving this new this new wave you know this new energy generation because you know you got a lot of instagram star look at water now everybody on wallet now is an instagram star yeah right am i right everybody is an instagram starter everybody is social media stars now so with this new wave we could actually you know the independents can actually take advantage of their own brand because you can make yourself popping just by doing the right things on your social media and connecting the right dots you need to connect you can make yourself a star so i'm digging in this and um you know the majors it's just a machine behind me the manager nothing with a machine behind so you know i slew them all major acts the independent acts you know i slew them all because you got yo you got your own self to grind and you can you can be what you want to be just by doing what you better do you don't have to be signing universal atlantic you can you know make your wave pop just by your social medias sky's the limit you know your tick tocks so with these new social media outlets it's very easy to make yourself pop or to even get in the right direction to pop because that's all it is now is social media people are not even watching btn tv no more they're watching their phone videos they're watching videos on their phone they're scrolling but scrolling and they watch you know right they're watching right now yeah so they don't even know this independent you know i salute them because you can make you can be who you want to be yourself if you know how to do the right things that's true aj i'm i'm not gonna hold you i'm gonna see you within two weeks because uh aj was giving out a minimum of ten thousand dollars minimum minimum yes sir and aj got millions of dollars ain't telling him i know aj look at millions of dollars aj i'm going to see you back on this platform in two weeks to tap in in the meantime me and you aren't chopping up about me coming to houston to work this project to get it out to the masses on a bigger platform because this brand is here and i ain't going nowhere i just mean i'll say this i don't even have the big machines and i get flip i get wayne seriously i get coolio this is just this season 112.

yeah i've seen it all the whole marty a johnson show the staff the crew everybody because y'all grinding y'all working and i love it and i love the platform and i'm gonna definitely be back whenever y'all need me back you can't make it cuz next week our special guest is gonna be paying from total she's gonna be here next week see you working you grasp your brand your brand is expanding itself because you're grinding and because you've been grinding and you and you have a non-stop grind so your brand is just going to expand itself i i think you're going to be a part of that this train that's why i want to see you and i can work with you we rocking we rocking believe that look call me on thursday how about we talk on thursday you and i can talk if it's a face time zoom zoom we can really map out something because i won't be going on vacation in december and if i have to come to houston to shoot the whole season of marty johnson and one picture i will be there i can do it i wish you the whole season i wanted to edit it soon i get one everything cut and ready to go before i even leave on the whole season in the can i'm ready let's work before i leave houston on the whole season shoot it edit it and ready to go by the new year look i'm ready to work i'm ready because look look that's the prime example before that aj go we presented our brand ready to go y'all need to be ready to go aj what's your social media i'm gonna have you back in two weeks y'all can follow me at the original aj tmf underscore tml the original dna the original aj underscored tv if it's robbie tell me do a job before he and just be like yo introduce yourself i'm rocking with the martial johnson show with official robbie boy boom aj count down three two one because it's a delay okay countdown three two one didn't do it level get out oh yeah on the big screen yo yo y'all know what it is this is the original aj king life club g and y'all tuned in and i'm rocking with the martial johnson show y'all know what it is let's get it aj you broke up what i'm gonna do when i talk to you i'm gonna take a snapshot to do it and you send it to me because you're you're driving i think you're you

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