Life Coach Training - 3 Authentic Sales Tips You Need to Know

Life Coach Training - 3 Authentic Sales Tips You Need to Know

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Okay everyone in this video I'm gonna share with you three, sales. Tips, for. Coaches who don't like sales, that's. Pretty much everyone that doesn't like sales. So. The reason that most coaches don't like sales is because, that's. Not why we get into this industry, sales, is a different, muscle and we're not creating. A business so that we can sell, products, or push widgets, we, get into this business so that we can help so that we can serve people and when, we're taught that the way to be successful in coaching, is to, start selling, like the salespeople in marketing, like the marketers, that. Totally, takes us out of our authentic. Self that's one of the reasons why, a lot of coaches, either, struggle. And never, create. The business that they want or if they create the success they. Do it by pulling themselves, away from who, they actually are so that they can be like the salespeople, or the marketers or all the other business vendors, that they're learning from in reality. The. More closely, you stay connected to your, coaching, skills and, your. Coaching, desires, the. Better sales person you're, going to be now, of course very, rarely do we see that being taught because what we get bombarded with is you, suck at sales so buy this program and, get better at sales or learn, how to turn every single objection, into a yes learn, how to overcome, every, single obstacle come on I almost. Said something, profane. It. It. Irritates, me so much to hear, all, of the. Messages that basically, say you're. Not good enough as you are therefore you, need to become, more. Like somebody. Else you need to get these skills, that, you don't currently have so, that you can build a business like the people. This. Industry. Is about creating, a business structured. Around you, around, yourself. So we have to keep your, unique, skill set your, unique story, your. Desires, in the middle, of that business and then, build around, you. And part, of that is obviously going, to be inviting, people into your. Services, or buying your products but you've got to do it in the most authentic, way possible. And almost all the sales, techniques. And sales systems, out there are not, built, on authenticity. Number, one but they're definitely not built around, you they're built on getting, money out of people's. Wallets that's why most coaches, have, this extreme, fear. Towards. Sales it's not that we fear, inviting. People into our programs, and helping them change their life it's, that we fear, the, inauthentic. Behavior. Of trying, to sell, something, to, somebody what I want to share with you in this video are, three, tips that will actually help keep you connected, to yourself and, hopefully. Change your, experience, of the entire, idea, of. Sales. Now, I publish new videos on, this channel every, single week now, the date that we published, them might, vary a little bit but, I publish them every week so if you want to get notified, subscribe. Like. Hit that little bell icon so, you get all the notifications, when we put up our videos. And if, you don't know who I am my name is Shawn Smith I am the founder, I almost said co-founder, I am, the founder it's my own company of elite.

Coaching. University. By, the end of this video I want to give you three simple. Sales, techniques, that actually keep you more rooted, to your authenticity and, at, least one, of them I guarantee, will, help you build your business easier, so. The first thing to understand is that when it comes to sales it's. Not about the. Scripts, or the, words that you say or manipulating. In any kind of way it's really about the energy, that you carry, in your body, when. You conduct, these conversations. So, anything, that keeps you more rooted, and calm and present, is better. Than. The, latest script. Or the NLP mind, trick to, get people to say yes when they don't really want to and. Trust. Me you don't want to everybody, to say yes to your. Coaching, or to buying your products, I get, irritated by, a lot of the program, I'd say I'm gonna teach you how to turn every no into it yes and how to overcome all the objections. Do. We really think that every single person, is a good fit for you is a good fit for coaching, that, every single person should buy, your. Products, I mean, it's ridiculous, to even consider. That. Concept, so my. Intention. For, this, sales training and what my philosophy is when it comes to sales is help, people get. To a committed. Yes or committed, no by, being real by being authentic and by putting something transparent. On the table that they can decide either, fits, what, they want in their life or doesn't, you, should celebrate somebody. Saying hell no just. As much as you should celebrate somebody, saying hell, yes sales. Tip number one is if you want to sell more, you. Have to serve more. And. I, know we talked about serving. Almost carelessly. Nowadays, but. There, really are two different, energies that we can come from we can come from the, intellectual. Intention, to sell, or, we. Can come from the hearts, intention. To, serve now if you are a coach you, probably, are more drawn, towards, service, than, you are toward, selling. And one. Of the reasons that coaches have this visceral. Fear of sales sometimes is because. Most of us are coming from the. Space of personal, gain when. It comes to sales what that means is you're, thinking of what do you have to gain, personally.

You Have a sale to make you have money, to, make you have statistics. To uphold. Your, ego, likes the idea that you have the ability to win but, when you approach the sales conversation. From a win loss. Adversarial. Perspective, like that two, things happen number one you, try to position. Yourself, in an, elevated. Manner, over. This person, that you're talking about creating. A coaching. Relationship, with that just doesn't make sense but, the second thing is when, you think of what you have to gain personally. You, inherently. Tap, into, what. You have to lose. Personally. And all of, our intellectual, fears, are based, on, loss. They're. Based on the fear of rejection which. Is a loss, of approval, or a loss of acceptance, they're based on the fear of embarrassment they're. Based on the, fear of losing. Money, they're based on the fear of wasting. Time they're based on some kind of fear, of losing, something, that, we tend to think that is ours, to possess, but. Service. Doesn't. Have an evil twin nobody. Has a fear. Of serving. People so, if you really truly show up with the energy of service, that I'm gonna offer you something that, can tremendously. Shift, your life if you say yes to it and, they. Say no and your egos not attached, to it you don't have personal attachment, to the money or to the decision in any kind of way then. Number, one you'll be cleaner, when you make the offer but, number two whatever, they say won't. Destroy. You emotionally. In other words if they say yes you're not gonna get super elated which, is actually not healthy, and if, they say no you're not going to be emotionally. Devastated. Which is obviously, unhealthy, either, one, of those highs, or, lows at. An emotional level will, make the whole process of sales, traumatic. I mean literally, traumatic. It'll, light up the fears that we have stored, and stuck. And trapped in, our, bodies. And that's. All because we're, trying to win in that situation. So, when you show up with the full. Embodied. Pure, essence. Of service. You. Honestly, literally. Biologically. Neurologically. And every other way cannot. Be afraid, of the. Outcome it's. All self induced, pressure, and, self. Created, misery, and, I would imagine that none of you started, this business to just try to increase, your. Closing. Percentage, or your closing, ratio so, when you focus on things like. Closing. People and, trying, to get a 90 percent yes rate and those kinds of things it's just gonna tap you into a place that's, not, authentic for. Most of us but also when. You come from your intellect. You'll be speaking to their intellect, and people. Don't make life-changing. Decisions. From their intellect, and they absolutely, never. Stay, committed, to a decision based. On intellect, we, make the choices to change our lives based, on our hearts, so, if we want to be change, agents, as coaches. We need to speak from our hearts to, their hearts and help, them make the best decisions. For, themselves not. The best decisions, for your, bank account now, having said all of that it is helpful for most people to have some sort of process to. Follow on, your. Consultation. Calls or inside your discussions, when you talk to people about coaching, I have a free consultation guide, if you're interested, in going deeper, into the training of how to invite, people into. A coaching, relationship with you while, staying, connected. And, present, to your authenticity, and, making, these clean clear offers, that I'm talking about you can get it at coach Shawn Smith comm forward, slash consultation. Guide I'll link, to it down in the description, as well sales. Tip, number two. You. Must, be sold. Yourself. Now. There's two different angles that I want to talk about with this one the. First one is that you. Have to be sold, on. Yourself. You, have to be sold on your ability, to, help people you have to be sold on whatever methodologies. You have whatever. Techniques. Tools, exercises. That, you can actually, guide somebody. Into, the. Changes, that you're talking to them about if you. Aren't, sold on your own abilities, to guide them into some kind of a transformation, how, can they be sold, on your abilities, to guide them into some kind of a transformation trust.

Me If they don't by your certainty, they'll. Never buy your services, and you, being sold on yourself is an energetic. Presence. That can be felt by people it's not an intellectual. Measurable. Thing where you have these boxes. You can just check off and go okay now I'm sold they, will feel, it or, not it's, just that simple so if you have fears, inside. Of you about, how are they listening, to this are they excited, about this do they think I'm worth it do they think I'm confident, do they do, they think I can do this and usually, what's happening is we are projecting, our own doubts, onto. Them so if those doubts live inside, of our bodies, and they live inside of our heads it's. Impossible. To, block all, of that energy, from, being projected onto, the. Prospect. Now, you might have heard me say that your most valuable. Asset, your most valuable trait as a coach is your. Certainty. That's. The kind of energy that will magnetically. Attract people to you and I think that's the single most important, piece to, focus on especially when you're relatively, new in your business but that's not what almost anybody, is looking for people, are looking for marketing, help, they're looking for ways to, create. More funnels. They're looking for ways to bring more business, in and yet, if you're not sold on yourself, one of the worst things you can do is get, visible, with a bunch of marketing, and attract, people to an uncertain. Magnet. I have, a video that goes quite a bit deeper into this concept of you creating more certainty and attracting, the clients that you want you, can grab it by, clicking that link there or I'll, also put it in the description below now, the second, consideration to, this is that. If you're, trying to sell coaching. You. Better have bought, coaching. If, you. Haven't, bought, coaching. Yourself. Then. It's going to be very difficult for you to sell, coaching, through. Yourself. In other words if you don't have the body if you don't have the presence, if you don't have the, calmness. To. Say, yes to a coaching, package, then. You're not going to have the body and the presence and the calmness, to, offer a coaching, package, and invite. Other people to say yes in any, kind of authentic, way all of those nerves are, going, to be projected, onto the client and whenever, you're, trying to sell, you're trying to offer, packages. That go beyond, your own come. For level the. Prospect, is going to be able to feel it so let me give you an example let's say that you have bought coaching, but, you've only paid for a thousand, dollars to get a private coach and you're, trying to sell ten thousand, dollar packages, for, almost everybody, and certainly everybody that I've ever talked to that. Distinction. That gap, between, what you've, invested, in and what you're trying to sell. Does. Not work for, hardly, anybody, because you haven't said yes to ten thousand, so, it's gonna be very difficult for you to invite a yes to. Ten thousand now. It's not always an exact. Dollar match it's more about your energy in your relationship. To the offer that you're making sometimes. That ceiling, is, determined. By the exact. Dollar amount sometimes. It's determined, by the kind of program, that you're, selling sometimes, it's just determined, by, the, depth, of coaching, that you're trying to do but the point is if you haven't been on the buying side, of the table and saying absolutely hell. Yes to, this kind of offer you're. Probably not going to be, authentically. Present on the, selling, side of that table and inviting. People to say hell yes to that same kind, of offer and the, other piece is I guess this is two, and a half I think. It's actually fraudulent. To. Sell, coaching. When. You haven't bought coaching. Now. Who cares about the. Judgment, of whether, it's fraudulent or anything like that if you. Don't know what, it's like to go through a coaching program as a client you, won't be the best kind, of coach for. The clients, that you attract into your coaching program so this is really about you delivering the most amount of value, for your people and if you don't deliver a value, with your coaching, your business very quickly will fall apart even if you attract, a bunch of clients to you but you don't give them a good experience you're. Not going to get repeat, customers, and you certainly won't get good referrals, of other people coming, into your business based on what your clients, had to say because, you didn't give them this, good experience, and honestly. This industry, has a lot of vendors, teaching. Simply. How, to make. As a coach, not even how to be a good coach or how to deliver, a good coaching program, it's, how, to make money, as a coach, and because, there's so many people that are just searching for money, totally.

Driven By ego complete. Intellectual. Journeys, they're. Really struggling because what it takes to, succeed in this business is, more. About, authenticity, and, heart and giving. A damn and being passionate about, what you do and the. Actual. Tearing. To change a human beings life not, to pull money out of their wallets so the more that you're driven by how, do I make money for. My own reasons and the less that you focus on how do I get good at changing, people's lives the. Less chance you have at building any kind of significant, business that's gonna be sustainable, and last, any amount of time if I was really honest I don't think people, deserve. To, build successful. Businesses. In the, personal, development, industry unless. They're really truly focused, on and committed to developing. People. Themselves. First. And foremost and then their. Clients, but whatever I'm an old guy I'm, a dinosaur I want. It to be like life, was way back then when we walked, up hill both ways in, our bare. Feet in the snow, but. You know what that's really the most, important. Piece that. I stayed, connected, to when. I built my business from the very beginning is I really, was. Committed, to, helping. People and I know that sounds, pie. In the sky or woowoo or whatever you want to call it but I also know that as I've, hit. A bunch, of rocky patches, over the course of my business well over 12 years now the. Single most important, thing that never, has left me even when social, media platforms, change when, society, changes, when presidents, change when all these external. Surroundings. Become, unstable, the, most stable thing that I have and my, submission, to you is the most stable thing you will have is your. Give a damn ability, your, ability, to tap in and say I really, truly care about, developing. People, and if, you can stay rooted to that you. Can weather any storm that. Comes along, with building. A business in this society of ours tell. You what this video is not going to be six, minutes now. If you're interested in checking out our certification. Program that can help give you some of those skills to, really fundamentally, change. Humans, lives I call, this form of coaching neuro transformational. Coaching you can check out our program called breakthrough coaching, certification it's, all online so you can go at your own pace I'll link, to it down in the description below or, if, you want to experience, this kind of transformational, coaching yourself go, to coach on forward, slash tri coaching. Sales. Tip number three. Throw. More life experience, loans.

This. Is by far my most favorite. Concept, in all, of personal development it's. Called high intention low. Attachment. So, what this means is we have to have a high intention, on something. That we are ultimately, fully, committed, to, creating and that. Could be our purpose, that could be a certain kind of, service. That, we want to build with our business. And create some kind of impact in the world it could. Be an experience, that you have yourself whatever. Your highest intention. Is that's, what you need to stay fully, attached. And completely. Committed to but. Then all the other details we have to have low, attachment. To in other words we, can't be attached to the way that. We pre-decide it's supposed to look if we. Think that our first, goal is to make six, figures in, our business and it's going to come through a certain kind of strategy it's, going to come by teaching a certain topic to certain kinds of people and we. Stay committed to, that strategy, I can virtually. Guarantee you it will, never work out the way that you hope it's, going to work out and the more committed you are to the details, of the path the. Less likely, you are to actually stay, committed to your long-term, intention. Think, of it this way if you're, on a freeway and you know. Oh that you have to get to a certain place in a couple hours but, on the freeway there's this 50-car, pileup. What, are you probably going to do are you gonna stay, on this freeway because that's the road map. That you originally committed, to or are. You gonna look for a detour, because. You getting, to your destination is, actually more important, than you staying, on this particular, freeway. Now. Of course almost everybody, would say yeah I'll be looking for a detour but, in business especially in this industry most. People are actually more. Committed, to the path and because they're more committed to the path they're. Searching. For a path that. Is guaranteed. People. Don't trust their abilities, to pivot and find those detours, or they. Feel like they're a failure when they have to pivot because. The way they decided. It was going to work out didn't, show up that way didn't you know you experience, whatever failure, you experienced and when, we beat ourselves up because of the failure or we beat ourselves up because we're stupid or we. Beat ourselves up because we didn't find the right path all, of that is actually increasing, the personal, pressure that. We are putting on ourselves to build a business that, requires creativity. And commitment. Pressure. Does, not increase, the human, brain's capacity, to. Stay creative and, committed. Only, flexibility. Does that so. Regardless, of the way that you think your. Business is going to work out regardless, of the things that you think are going to be successful once. You get them in motion you have to, not be attached, to, the, outcome now let's put this in a sales context, if you. Get on the phone with a single, person or you do a webinar with, 50 people on it or you go on stage and you've got a crowd of a hundred people and you, have a goal, that you've attached, to, you're, probably going to create so much pressure on yourself that you won't be authentic. To your message you, won't be calm and clear and present in your body and all, of that energy is going to get projected, onto your.

Prospects, So them feeling. That, pressure, and then feeling, the lack of certainty that you have is probably. Going to decrease, the connection, that they feel with you and therefore. Decrease their trust in you and therefore. Dee, your sales, that's, what commitment. Does when we're focused, on details. The. Way to get over this is be, committed, to the things that you can control be, committed, to the. Way you deliver, your material, be committed, to your preparation. If that's important, to you for this particular, presentation be, committed, to you being authentic, and transparent and, then whatever they decide to do is out. Of your hands now you can be committed to the intentions, that you have of building your business and finding. Prospects. That see your value and really want to work with you and buy your products and all that stuff but. Just don't make them detailed. Commitments. So when you're on the phone with a single person don't, have a commitment that that person. Is going to say yes you, can have a commitment that people will say yes and you can have a commitment that you're going to be as authentic and present as you can but, don't include that specific, person and the details that are going on in their life and the decisions, that they're gonna make inside. Of your commitment, that you don't control so, when you open, up your commitment, to include, just your higher intention. And what you can focus on two. Things happen you, create. A lot less pressure, on yourself to perform and, this, goes back to the idea that, sales, is about personal gain and if you have something to gain you have something to lose which creates the pressure but. The second thing is you're actually going to increase, your attractiveness. To. The prospects, they're going to be able to feel, you're rooted, presence, they're gonna feel your confidence, they're gonna feel your certainty they're, not going to feel like you're chasing, after them so, that they'll say yes so that you can hit your sales numbers and when, you don't chase after them, they, tend not to run, they. Actually are more, likely to come after you when. You're more rooted. In your presence, and the, other piece about this that's really important understand is that when, you have, attachments.

To, Certain specific outcomes. You. Unconsciously. Create expectations that, those outcomes are going to come true now. Not only do those expectations increase. The pressure as I've mentioned but. If this person, that you've expected, to say yes says no, then. You're going to have disappointment. On your hands, and the more disappointment. You create, for yourself the, more resistance. You will have to, anything that has the ability. To generate, the disappointment, so the more resistance, you'll have to sales if you. Experience. Disappointment in sales, so. The way to get rid of the disappointment, is to pull back the expectations. The way to do that is, only, focus on the things that you can control with high, intention, but. Low attachment, to the details so, please let me know what you think drop, a comment like, this video share it with your tribe if you found this valuable and I'd love to know which one of these three tips do you think is the most valuable or, if you have another sales tip to share with the crowd please, put that in the comments below as well check, out my breakthrough coaching, certification program. If you're interested in increasing, your certainty as a transformational. Coach go, to coach Sean Smith comm / - try coaching, if you, want to actually experience, what neuro transformational. Coaching is all about and if, you have any other topics that you want me to do other videos on you just have any questions about anything at all please comment, below I do my best to either have myself or one of our team members address. And respond, to all the comments as fast as we, can so, I can't wait to hear how these three sales tips support. You building your business and I'll see you in another video. Well. We got three tips. Which. Means this raw. Filming, should take less than five hours. Forward. Slash forward, slash.

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Which of these tips do you think is the most important? OR, do you have another one?

Authenticity and flexibility between clients, with high intention but low attachment to the details that you can't control.

Thanks so much for this video, Sean. It resonates really strongly with me. All of these tips are so valuable. I can’t pick one!

Awesome, Kate. I'm glad it touched you.

Love your tips

Thank you Veronica. ;)

and, attachment increases our lack of flexibility. we don't budge. we judge them as wrong. like, "hey. you weren't supposed to say that."

They go off script! Haha

we need to ask better questions! not, "how can i make money as a coach?" but, "how can i become the most service-minded, transformational, space creating, authentic coach?" SO. FIRED. UP.

;) Indeed

YESSSS!!!! How can someone authentically sell what they've NEVER experienced? otherwise, all the reasons/fears YOU didn't buy will be projected onto the prospect. AND, if you felt those fears AND said yes (been there!), you can connect with their fears and advocate for them even harder. Because you know. Like, REALLY know in your body. I love this so much.

Feeling the fears and still saying yes = deep deep rapport with prospects. Great point.

I love the message of service

Thank you Jyoti. :)

show up with the energy of service. serve, serve, serve and then serve some more. i won't be trapped on the unpredictable ride of their emotions. if i'm focused on my "yes rate" there is no way i can be present in the conversation. i'm a huge advocate of outlines over scripts.

Outlines > Scripts. Yup.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

=D I'm laughing at (only 2:14 in). Haha. Thank you for the excitement.

Give vs. get mentality breathes trust into the relationship.

Buck the Rules Yes! 100%. ;)

First off you are not a dinasore for wanting to help people. And that doesn't sound woo woo or pie in the sky by any means. Authenticity and actually caring about people and wanting to offer genuine value, (although at times it appears that others believe it to be an ancient notion) will never be out dated.

:) Thank you for that, Cheychey!

You had me at "giveadamnability". I LOVE it and it's so powerful!

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Thank you Sean. Such liberating info. I can stay connected to my heart to coach AND feel authentic when I’m offering the value I offer.

I love it Jeff! And I love your commitment to serving. ;)

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I needed this in the BIGGEST way. Thank you. Some of the input I have been receiving lately have felt inauthentic for me.

Gail Allen I’m so glad to hear that Marta. ;) Join me tonight on my first State of the Coaching Industry livestream in this free group if you can: No filters! ;) Haha

"When you don't chase after them, they tend not to run" - love this! What an incredibly informative and helpful video, completely agree with everything said here, thanks Sean!

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You are so amazing with your Authenticity teachings & personality! I agree 100% and your unique expressions & success is an example of it. Thank You so much for your Sincere Love to help as well as your remarkable wisdom. Blessings!

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