Life as a GC and business owner with Terri Lasater tomorrow!

Life as a GC and business owner with Terri Lasater tomorrow!

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Hi everybody. We’re live. I’m here with Terry Welcome to uh my my Thursday broadcast at 10 AM Central Standard time I’ve decided to we’re posting on my business page on my wealth Warrior Accountability tribe and we’re also here in the Austin Group and so most of the women that I’ll be interviewing at this time are women in Austin and the reason why really love this is because Austin is a fantastic. Market As we all know, it’s extremely competitive and it’s very interesting. if you can, it’s the kind of thing where if you can make it in Austin, you can make it anywhere. So really wherever you’re at if you’re listening. It’s it’s a really

uh exciting opportunity to hear how these ladies are leveling up and taking on big projects and I’m super excited that my friend Terry has joined me. She’s a member of Ren in Austin and she has many many. Uh accolades and her resume is huge, but the one of the most interesting things about her is that she is a general contractor and we don’t see a lot of general contractors uh in our business, we We don’t see a lot of investors. We don’t see uh enough leaders in this space and so it’s really exciting to have an opportunity to talk to her about how she’s how she’s doing this. what she

does tips for you guys about what she thinks she how she thinks you can achieve. Your financial goals through real estate and also she’s also a business owner, which is also interesting. That’s she got so good at marketing her own business that she learned how to market other peoples and then started creating partnerships with them, which is really also phenomenal because these multiple streams of income are becoming more and more popular for many uh many people these days and it really helps to level up and to be able to meet our financial goals. Without further ado welcome Terry Thank you thanks for having me. Yeah. this is

fun. I’m really enjoying this. I love like I said. I love talking to women that are leveling up and they’re doing great things that we can learn from one another now. tell me

how did you become a general contractor? uh and what you know? How did this come about sure so about 15 years ago? Oh um I have really. Became a general contractor by accident I didn’t grow up in construction. I had no construction background, but I had business background. I’m a serial entrepreneur and so um my ex husband was moonlighting for a custom home builder doing spray foam insulation and uh at that time, That was you know a green building product at that time, it was fairly new in this area and this is a town and and uh state of good old boys um.

All those good old boiled uh builders didn’t know if they really wanted to try new things so um this custom home builder that had a rig, you know uh I started to network and uh go to the green building Council meetings got fascinated by green building products all of that and started a network at the Home Builders Association became a member and all of a sudden um you know builders were asking for bids and then husband left I had built. Business around him, I learned how to do take offs. I had builders calling me all the time and asking me to do more things and I didn’t say no. and I said, yes started uh subcontracting everything out and uh I’ve learned I’ve a Masters program in all of my failures Well, I love that story and I also love bringing in the fact that you’re bringing this green element into the space, which is so important when we’re building right now uh to be thinking about. The way the world’s going and our resources and so what is it when you build houses now cuz you’ve built you’ve actually built from the ground up. You’re very ambitious. You’re I love the

way you’re set. I love the uh there’s a couple of jewels in there that I just wanna reflect on for anyone. That is that is listening to this one is that uh one is the idea that she’s that she said, she said yes to that she went to networking meetings three that she just kept. Through uh through the process of something that she’s passionate about and then also was able to uh to connect the dots into a into a prosperous business. So I love that now tell me about the green work because that is really interesting to me sure so the green building um so often is the mecca for green building and all of central Texas and so other towns look for us uh for building and quite frankly most of the building. Have now uh

it’s a requirement um an example is windows have to be energy efficient. They have to pass that green building um standard uh there are green building um uh panels that you can buy for installation for walls that kind of thing they’re spray foam foam insulation sealing the envelope there’s um there is a you you know in landscaping and the drainage plants and things like that are designed uh and Ordinances here are designed um as an overall footprint effect uh in a positive way so um there’s also a ton of other green products per say, but not necessarily um anything better or more than now. there are some other builders that will build you know the blocks of uh green products or their blocks that actually go together for walls and uh we certainly. Do

that we can It’s also the position of the house on the or how many things to consider. Yeah and they got the what I’m wondering is that you need to do this from the ground up or is it the kind of thing where if I have a house and I wanna make it more green. can I just implement some of these features like in the landscape or maybe you know, add some insulation. Yeah. That’s a great question. Absolutely any uh spray foam insulation can go spraying and. At they’re spraying good for deck uh there is a way to do it in existing walls and um with uh you know uh an expert where they punch holes in the top and they spray from the bottom up. so

absolutely windows uh replacement windows. Those things are um you know part of that you know um option too. lots of ways to upgrade now. that’s great. That’s great to learn about so um as a general contractor. Do you find that. Able um are you stay busy all the time? Do you find that men are in uh men wanna work with you or do you find that it’s more women So that’s a great question too. This a male

dominated field and I am not a man hater at any level um but I certainly uh would love to uh to bounce that off uh there has been a lot of struggle, I say um to get to a place where I have leads uh that work for me for the last 9 years, eight or 9 years, and so I built a team. We have some loyalty and uh some respect and uh you know I call them the experts on the job and I’m the expert behind the scenes and so I never take them for granted and they always get taken care of so taking care of you guys that the other aspect of that is sometimes um you know um there are a lot of trades here a lot of contractors, a lot of subs and so it’s vetting those subs are so important, especially as investors and uh hiring people to do the job of vetting those. Um it says such an important I’ve lost a lot of money that way. Yeah, I was gonna say it’s a big responsibility cuz it is on you cuz the client hires you and then you’re the one who’s really overseeing the job. I mean for those who don’t even know you know when you’re doing a project, you could certainly buy a house and you can do all the stuff yourself and what Terry does is basically come in and she get you know I hire Terry and Terry comes in and Terry hires everybody. Terry

overseas. People so when she said she loses money, it’s because when you hire a GC, you do want someone that has integrity where she’s like. Hey, you know the plumber didn’t do exactly what I thought he was gonna do and it doesn’t look right so I’m gonna take it out of my pocket to fix it since I’m the one that hired him and so or her so I mean this is this is something that you know you think about a lot of times it makes if you definitely have you know, there’s always there’s this whole thing about like time and money. so if you have the time. Then and you don’t have the money, then you put in the time, then you’ve manage it yourself. but if you have the money and you don’t have the time, then you hire someone like Terry to kind of manage everything as long as it sits in your bottom line. So it’s

just um this is really interesting Where do you find um are you doing projects all over? Austin? I know you’re talking about San Antonio too right now. So how is it working for you? Yeah. So I um I’m blessed to have uh a referral business. Have to market as much anymore and and I’m real busy and so II focus on Austin and all the five contagious counties and so I’ve done projects in elegant. I have a new build in Jonestown, which is to love of the Cedar Park area I’ve had um things in May, I’ve just all over in round Rock Cedar Park uh even San Marcos um Kyle Buda those those areas so yeah. mm hmm. Yeah. I know that’s great. It’s like.

You’re you’re really you’re focused on and you’re focused on uh not one actual area but where the projects are where you can do the best work and we’re we’re contacting you now, let’s say someone is um like what advice would you have for someone that’s looking for their like maybe they don’t have the money or they wanna just know more about the process so that they can kinda oversee it. What recommendations would you give as far as vetting uh vetting uh workers Sure II would ask. Her references and I would ask for um I would so normally my guys um so I ask in my contracts 50% deposit that helps me get past.

uh you know buying all the materials upfront where I’m and that helps with the process and the time right you will basically so you’re saying like if I hire you right now, you’re gonna ask me for 50% upfront so that you can hire your people that’s right and so here’s the answer to your question is my. Guys have been with me for a while, so I give them it’s money to hand in hand. I have no credit. I have hand to hand a cash business and so I do 50% to him uh at the beginning as well. now, if it’s someone I’m using for the first time and I’m trying to vet and we’re trying to see if we can build a relationship cuz I like that building relationships is really important in this deal is that I’m not giving you 50% upfront. so no um uh I’ve had too many experiences of them walking off of that. so the

bedding looks like this is what I’m willing to. Right, it’s always a negotiation. I need your references and I need to come see your work. anybody can send your pictures and I mean right from another contractor or you just can’t see the details and the details or it’s important so it’s very interesting that you’re saying that I have a friend right now and they’re looking for a modern home. That’s already turnkey and everything that they’re going to see they’re saying is shawty work and I mean you’re gonna get when you have an influx of people that are rehabbing. There’s gonna be some people that are gonna really wanna like get those details just right. And willing

to spend a little more to ideally make a little more and there’s gonna be people that we’re gonna try to cut corners and make it look like it is that kind of a job and get the dollars for that, but not really do the work and some people that are that know a little bit more about craftsmanship and through that and so it’s interesting. So that’s another thing you really wanna look for when you’re buying um or when you’re you know, figuring out your flips like where to spend the money like where do you think is the most valuable place to spend the money on a deal? Sure, it’s gonna be the kitchen the master bath and the curb appeal right. Those are the three things so like everything else is like is important, but not as like if I had a bathroom, I may not wanna spend 30000 on a very high end unless it was the master bath cuz you’re the master bath people like yeah, I know that’s interesting. That’s great to know for anyone that doesn’t know that now you’re a marketer and you build not only your business here, but also you’ve helped. Other people build their businesses and so I’d love for you to share like what marketing tips do you have cuz obviously everything’s relationship everything’s business. so what marketing

tools do you recommend to people like if they wanna meet other people or if they want to um find deals right now? What would you recommend So is a great space? I love it. It is uh so networking networking networking. That’s your your first deal meet with people in Austin Get to know. Some of the

people that are in the game get to know the real estate agents that are in the top twenty and the ones that are not um because you never know uh what they may teach you know um help I love um so networking networking network go to the Home Builders Association meetings go to um the networking groups with brand and other real estate investment groups here. uh there’s investor underground always be careful with that kind of stuff and vetting and then the other. To social media um social media is your best friend and I’m terrible at it to be honest, but I’ve got I hire people that are better than me and a lot of them. That’s great. You know that’s

that’s great. So you feel like what you do is you hire people to keep the marketing going and that’s what I did all. Honestly, it was a game changer for me, but I would say don’t put the cart before the horse like make sure that you know you have your ducks in row before you start spending money on that uh because otherwise you can just be spending. Not

really being getting the results, so I love that you’re that you have social media manager as I do um and what do they do for you So there there they’re um I’m actually in the process of rebuilding my um website and uh logo that kind of thing. It’s been a long time and we’re we’re looking to refresh it and put some updated pictures and things like that so um so I’m in the middle of that. But in general, I have someone that’s gonna be doing the. I have another uh a gal

that’s working on my Facebook page. It’s gonna be updating that we’re gonna start doing videos live videos um on site. Yeah, that’s great and people love that great definitely is good to be on social these days and uh just to be out there. It’s kind of we’re living in an in an age where people really need to see you and know who you are um and but you know it’s not always necessary either because I actually have this battle. Um with myself in terms of you know where are my time and resources and I think that it depends if you’re working working on a project and you don’t really feel like you necessarily wanna you know market yourself because you’re just doing your thing. That’s

okay too because uh you know it is a time suck and uh and you know, unfortunately, half the time you spend on Instagram could be productive time of you sharing something that you’re doing and the other half could be like. Oh I just served. An hour you just get kind of lost in that a bit. so right definitely, I like what you’re saying. but I like the what what do you think is the most effective marketing tool you’ve done because you talk about like taking these companies on like why do you think you’ve made these other companies successful too um well it starts with so I am I am a business consultant also and so I have a partnership with a barbershop out of California a rope and we’re expanding into us. And then across um the entire country, but in that the startup is what so my goal is to see where you’re at and look at look at your financials, which is a scary thing.

Sometimes you gotta know your financials. You gotta be on top of that. you gotta know where your pennies going right and then what is your business model? What is your structure and then the biggest question is what is your purpose? What are you doing this for and so when you can kinda define those then you can. Down to um to uh chops right and you’re just doing the chunks. What do I

what? what can I do today Day to do uh something towards my business growth? right? No. I love that. I love that and I love that you’re talking about uh the purpose because obviously the women that are listening to this and we might have some men on here too. that listen it really is because we are on a mission to create financial freedom through real estate investing and uh, and it really just does. App in one project at a time when property at a time and there’s so many options in terms of you know if you have money, but no, but no time you can do passive investments you can be an investor and other ills and um and if you and if you have the time and not a lot of money, then you then you create your own projects and um and that’s what’s so wonderful about um about real estate you do uh do you find um you know as a we’ve had a lot of issues in terms of. Construction prices and uh booming, I mean it’s good for the lumber people. I guess you

know because they’re purging so much more. But how is that affecting the prices in terms of doing rehabs and in terms of uh building the houses? well, it’s just like pivoting any other business, so you start to shift where you put your focus on you know a one beam might not be uh you know something that takes you down, but you are correct materials are um. I have quadrupled in lumber and that’s that’s an effect when you’re doing a ground up right.

Yeah, you’re doing a remodel and you’re just doing a wall that you know we can we can fluctuate with that we can um so sometimes I may uh adjust my profit margin in that area because I can on a smaller deal right and um uh the other thing is materials uh getting thing they’re backed up. It’s something that out of China. it’s gonna be backed up. Right now, right because I know it’s a it’s got a political undertone to it, but it certainly is uh without is not without huge efforts from companies um pivoting and working around it so the the entire country is shifting and pivoting. Yeah, it’s interesting that you mention that because we’ve got on one hand houses that are um houses that are on the market right now are really expensive to buy and one of the plays that investors have shifted towards is buying land. And doing new builds, and it still seems to like if you have the resources and the um and you can do it efficiently you actually can probably do better right now, buying land and Annabelle.

Obviously, it’s a it’s a more uh expensive project upfront, but it certainly is uh it seems like that seems to be very viable right now definitely, but you really need to have a team so something I. Out of my business that a lot of uh GCs do not is I have um I’m not a design build. I’m not a designer, but I can certainly walk you through and help you make decisions pretty quickly.

I’m real efficient with that the challenges um you know like. We froze, I think Terry froze for a moment uh hopefully she’ll unfreeze in a minute she’s saying something what um okay. We’ll give her a second to come back, hopefully um her internet will resume so anyways. so we’re talking about uh new construction versus uh versus building uh versus take buying a property that’s already done and I was saying that the um that a lot of people are starting to go with that model and uh I think it’s. Revival but just be careful with your numbers because there’s a lot to it and you never know uh how that’s going to how that’s going to go um the other thing that we talked about a lot was just how to you know continually networking and finding those deals. I guess we

lost but we’ll um hang on if there’s also any questions I can see them. I can’t see who’s sending them, but if you pop them into stream yard um you can ask anything that you want while we’re on and I’m sure. Probably um attempt to come back on but uh in the meantime the reason why uh I wanted to have this talk today was also just to show how women in real estate are doing uh the jobs that used to be just for men. Terry is a general contractor. It’s very cool just to know that you can be one of those people here. She is she’s sorry

um and I just kinda filled in the space for now and I love that happens you lose internet and that’s all part of it and I was just saying that you were just saying. The numbers um carefully and make sure that you’re you know being cautious about what you’re gonna do a project like that. The other thing I’d love for you to talk about, especially in Austin and San Antonio, which is where a lot of our people are. But this is something where you’re investing and you’re doing any kind of construction where there are permits involved. I’d

love for you to talk about that that process, a little can be a little intimidating. It can really slow down a project. Sure so this is where the planning that’s at was what I was saying is that there’s a whole phase before. Construction There’s some planning phase and so get your get your um if you’re looking to do a build, get your um plan in action that plan looks like who do I need a checklist of what I need right and then I need to tackle that checklist you can get a checklist from any city uh a permitting building um office or online that tells you what you’re gonna need to um to submit for permitting you need to. You need an architect. you need all

these things soil testing Geo engineers uh and then once you have a plan in action, then in a process and that Chloe tapped on this uh it’s so important to get that part down and um then you can duplicate it and it doesn’t take as much time you’re just doing soil testing and things like that. now it go ahead. The other thing is there is um uh sometimes I will use a uh. Called Austin Express Permits They’re fabulous couple brothers there you go. Austin

Express permits everybody. There’s everything yeah and they will walk you through it and they will handle all of these submits and walking through the city and all the corrections and things that you that will tell you what you need as you go. They cost. of course they have connections with the city like nobody else that’s great and then what kind of a fee would you end up paying for that? HM? It depends on the. Of the job okay, but in general, I think I’ve paid as low as you know a grand um and as high as four or five grand okay. so that’s definitely for a larger project. Now, let’s talk about what needs to be permit because this is something that I think comes up in all states every area Some states are a lot more uh knit picky about it and it really is kind of it does come down to.

It’s all good unless you get Like Austin, where you know, they’re definitely starting to you know, they know there’s a lot of money being exchanged here so they’re in Texas. you know they want your property taxes and they’re moving around and they I’ve seen them um there was a property recently in San Marcos that I was looking at and had actually been uh they actually had asked the owner to remove the tenants because of the foundation issue so we can’t have actually in a multi unit because they’re looking warrant at those. Family homes so what will be confident and what doesn’t in your opinion anything that requires a licensed trade needs a permit even a hot water heater now needs a permit. Wow And so, and here’s the caveat here is that every little town has uh is a little bit different and so um and there is a love it goes by counting. I mean, yes, that’s right uh so um so they go by. A federal uh

set of guidelines and so anything that’s it so if like sheetrock if you’re doing over a certain square footage of sheetrock repair or tear down uh that can require I personally as a GC, There’s a lot of things that um we’ve been doing for a long time that I may or may not permit because here’s it. I’ll give you an example and um it’s uh it’s hard. Forbidden to say so if I am changing out a bathtub and um are doing a bathroom remodel if I have to get a structural engineer or a um building permit for a bathroom, a that can delay your project for 3 months, 6 months, sometimes for a little bathroom, the other B um it’ll cost your client. 10000 $10000 more on a bathroom remodel and so sometimes it’s a waiver, then I have them find that if there is a an issue with the city that they requires if it’s a if it’s a toilet exchange if it’s a bathtub exchange, we’re not moving any plumbing. We’re not doing anymore right. We’re

overall, there’s just uh you know you can do a trade permit if you want to. it’s just what I know you’re gonna be you’re gonna be up against. so here’s what happens in the city of Austin, let’s say. I’m doing a full gut remodel. I’m not

changing any of the footprint. I’m just putting lipstick on it, but they want they wanna know the lipstick so specific to um change it out of top change it out of hot water heater it change it out. Um maybe I’m taking a wall down and putting a beam. They may wanna know that and when they know that and they wanna come in and check your electric so if it’s all electric and they don’t like it, then they’re gonna ask you to replace the entire electric right. I think bouquet if it’s like your own home, but if it’s a you know or you’re doing an adu at your house, but if it’s something where you wanna flip it, then that could be a real problem, especially if you’re borrowing money at you know 1230 so a building permit is different than a trade permit. Okay So a building permit is where you have to have engineers and drawings and all of those and that’s a big deal. That’s three

6 months a trade permit if I need if I need an electrician to do quite a few bit of electric, they need to pull a permit. It takes 2448 hours to get that it’s in and out and my electrician will take care of that your electrician. the license trade has to take care of that exactly and it cost a few hundred bucks. It’s not good that um I know in Los Angeles, I used to do that a lot with my tenants cuz I had some rent control units, which were a nightmare, but they were in areas and so what I would do is we would have uh um a plan called capital improvements in May implementing stuff like. In Austin, they may you know here we don’t have Bren and I said not as big of an issue, but when you can only raise rents up to a certain percentage every year, the capital improvement I could maybe redo the electricity and then when I did, I could build that back to the tenants over a period of time with the proper paper. Wow. that’s interesting.

There’s all kinds of things. Yeah. I mean I think it’s with any city you really wanna get to know uh the structure of the city and uh. How they organize hand San Antonio will be different than Austin uh um cities like San Marcos or Bastrop different than um than the city of Austin. so you need to really do your homework in terms of um what uh what uh guideline is and certainly if you uh don’t you know if you do wanna take some liberties with certain things that are small that you know that is. Sounds

like you know you have discretion um and make sure obviously if you’ve put the house and you don’t pull any any permits and the work done incorrectly they can come back um likely unless they signed you know a uh um non-recourse kind of thing um where they you know, we’re taking it and we know that the house might fall apart, but it’s our problem kinda thing which is are the risk of getting it for a lower price. Stephanie has asked us a question. Hi Stephanie um is it easier to just put? Lipstick and um and if you get fine, then you just pay the fine or trade permits is the way to go so the question um lipstick is cosmetic anything cosmetic is not need to be permitted anything um and it’s gonna be over electric permit or plumbing permit or an hvac. Those are your three main trades that are licensed required to be licensed in the state of Texas. You do not have to have a license as a GC or remodeler or you’re in a federal license. A GC. Really,

this is why you need to vet uh what you’re licensed I don’t have to be licensed but you are or you’re not no. I I don’t there is no licensing here. Oh. Register with the cities as a builder and you have to have your insurance and all of that.

I have a big bad insurance plan for sure. look at that. so um a lot more people could come into that space too if they’re interested in that pretty. Yeah, cosmetic you don’t need um permits windows you need permits uh even if you’re doing it in the entire siding, you’re gonna need permits. Yeah. I

mean I would say also Stephanie to answer that question, so, Terry said, also, of course, lipstick is like you’re painting the house and you’re making it look good. That’s just lipstick on the pig but the other things are not lipstick on a pig, but um I think that you know if it’s minor like you’re out of toilet or something that is. And you know, I think definitely don’t do the trade personally I you know there are certain codes that also I actually think are good that came to be some of them are you know if a house is built before 1920, sometimes they’re exempt just because they’re so old, but you really want to uh really wanna make sure that um that you’re being by the code you know to a certain degree like I don’t mess with electrical if if somebody tells me the electric. I will probably permit it and get it all done just because um I just think it’s I just think it’s important now granted when you’re buying flips a lot of times, None of that stuff is permanent. so you just kinda

hope that they did it right, which might be a good reason why you wanna buy a house that needs to be rehab so that you can put the you know you can put the electrical and you can do all the stuff you know if you’re gonna keep the house um it may not be as important but when you go to sell it um if you’re not if you’re selling it on the MLS, there’s much more regulations so. Yeah. do you want to add something to that? Yeah and I wanna add that um so my guys have been with me for a long time they can do run some electric ad outlets change em out all of that I um I do not cut corners. I will not cut corners on my remodels and so they could do it and they do it right and I also have licensed trades whether we permit or not come to a major electrical major plumbing we can change.

Out of toilet all day long moving plumbing in the concrete I’m gonna pull in a plumber right exactly absolutely 100%. and you know yeah, because if something does go wrong and you’ve got a tenant in there and you know the electrical goes or there’s a fire. I mean that could be a bigger problem than you wanna deal with you know, I always want that to be on the licensed trade if you have a license trade in there, then that is that saves you as a um an investor who’s a flipper, you know. Say that way, Oh, if you have a license trader, Yeah sure I mean there’s a whole other. We could do a whole other thing about real estate professional and how we we log and there’s there’s um there’s a lot of uh details um okay. So we’re gonna ask Stephanie is loving our life. Thank you. Stephanie and

um we’re gonna with your questions and then we’re probably gonna wrap it up because we try to keep this to 3030 minutes um weekly so that you know we can all get back to our day, but we have some inspiration, some new knowledge and value. Okay, so, Stephanie says How do you register as a bill with Austin, You don’t have to register as a builder with Austin you do in round rock you do in Kyle and Buda uh and all you do is go to the city and fill out a form or right now. It’s probably all online and fill out a form and you pay AA fee and then you’re a builder for life and then all your traits that are connected to um that uh remodel will register. Register with um

connected to that address. so that’s also register with the city with their license on file great and then she also said Stephanie also asked on only a plumber and electrician need permits. I’ll let you answer that I think we we answered it, but we’ll because it is confusing so uh no that I know that a lot of things a plumber electrician and Hvac Yeah, but also any kind of concrete like if you’re doing them, you know not a lab, but if you’re banging out walls and Things technically, you should have a um a permit right so that would require a structural engineering letters. Do you have a structural engineer that can come out and inspect it do a letter and that’s what the city wants to see they don’t wanna be held responsible when you’re permitting the city doesn’t so they make you get a structural engineer letter and inspection from it from right is expensive, but at least you know that you’re building sound so pretty much whenever you tear out a wall, you’re saying they wanna let. A structural engineer if you need to do a if it is a structural wall or that you’re carrying out and you’re putting a beam. uh yeah. If

you’re I mean, you know I’ve torn out wells where I haven’t done that. but it’s a good idea. I mean you know you can see your discretion um and thank you. Stephen Stephanie is

our big fan of the day, she said. Oh, my God. This is gold info So um with that I’m going to say that if you love run and uh. Have lives one point um I host them with different members of the group or different experts, and we’re going to actually be having a live panel of lenders that are going to be coming. I’m actually gonna be talking about private money lending, which is something I do uh we’re going to have a uh commercial lender a conventional lender in that hard money lender and it’s going to be February 17th. Uh we’re working. It’s from six to

eight at in cahoots. We’re finalizing details right now so please um look up the form uh that will be coming in the Eventbrite link. I and I and we uh look forward to seeing you all then. Thank you thanks so much for your time. thanks for being here and um have a great day everybody. Thank you for

having me. It’s great. Thank

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