Lies People Believe About Getting Out of Debt

Lies People Believe About Getting Out of Debt

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Getting, out of debt is possible. And I'm, here to tell you that you can love your life while doing this. All. Right when you hear the words. Debt-free. What. Do you think some. Of you are thinking that's impossible. That can happen to other people that cannot happen to me some. Of you are like oh no it's, happening I'm doing, it I'm on the debt free journey and it's going to happen some. Of you are sitting there if you like it is 100 percent possible, because I am debt-free, but here's, the deal no matter which, camp you're in it is, a countercultural. Way of thinking, of living, debt-free, living, without debt not, ever going into debt that, is so weird, but, here's the deal many, of you guys watching probably. Have debt in an order to get out it is, going to take a lot, of work because. You can wander your way into debt you cannot, wonder. Your way out it is going to take sacrifice it's. Going to take discipline, but, it is possible, and it is so worth it to have no payments, and to, be debt free but. While you're on this journey you're going to hear some lies out there like, yeah. You cannot, get a nice used. Car it's just not out there you're, also going to hear you, cannot have any fun while you're getting out of debt it's a miserable life, you're going to be in you're. Also going to hear there's no way that you can eat healthy without. Spending a lot of money and going. Into debt for it like there's just no way there's no way you can eat healthy but. Listen we're gonna bust all of those myths and we're gonna bring a couple on who's in the middle of their debt free journey and, they are having a lot of fun trust me you'll see and I'm also going to bring on my friend and dietitian, Jenna waters to help us learn how to grocery, shop and, eat healthy on a tight, budget, now. One common thing I do hear, from people a lot is that they really believe that everyone. Else their, friends, or family they, have it all together and that, they are the only ones, who, are stressed, and struggling, with money which. Is a lie. Last. Year I was at a speaking event in a book signing line and this, girl came up and I was signing her book love your life not there since she was like Rachel I can't wait to dive into this but, I have to tell you I'm, living paycheck, to paycheck and. I, looked at her and I gave her the biggest hug in the world and I said girlfriend. Listen. That's not gonna be your story soon. Because you're gonna learn the budget you're gonna get out of debt it's not gonna be you forever but.

You're Like majority, of people why are you whispering it's okay it's okay to claim, where, you're at because you're about to change because majority, of people they, don't have it all together you guys okay the, Joneses, are broke. 78%. Of Americans live, paycheck to, paycheck, the average family in America has. $15,000. On average. More, baby boomers are still paying off their student loans than Millennials. Okay this, is normal the average car payment in America plus, of, $500. This, is where people are living that that, is normal but you my friends you are going to be weird you're gonna start down the step free journey you're gonna look different than everyone else but that's okay. You don't have to believe the lies that your life can not be enjoyable, while you're getting out of debt because it can be and that's what this show is going to be all about all, right coming up next we're going to debunk, the lie that you can't have a nice used, car. Feeling. Safe at home for me is a top, priority especially, since having kids it's always on the forefront of my mind, simply. Safe home security has, given, me the peace of mind that no matter where I am the, things most precious, to me are safe simply. Safe is a smart, and affordable way to secure, your home and protect, your family there, are no contracts. Or, long-term commitments, and you can even customize it, for your home specifically, and guys it is so easy, to install you, can do it yourself and, have your whole house set up within an hour and, Winston's. Favorite feature is checking, it on our phones while we're on the go start. Monitoring your home around, the clock with simple say for just under, $15. A month go, to simply safecom. Slash Rachel, right now to, get peace of mind without. Breaking, the bank. All. Right the myth out there that I hear all the time I can't, buy a nice, used, car for my family and I also hear people say I can't. Buy an affordable. Safe, car I have to have a safe car for my family, listen, people you. Can buy a nice, used. Car I am Telling You that actually, the Lexus SUV I drive is 10 years old and it's beautiful.

She's Gorgeous. Trust me okay you, can buy a nice used car a lot of people say well. You just have to spend tens of thousands. Of dollars trust. Me I have seen plenty of nice even, luxury, brand cars if that's what you're looking for please do, not find, to the lie that you have to go buy a brand, new car. No. There. Are plenty of people who have had nice, use. Luxury. Brand cars again that they pay for cash just. Go on Facebook marketplace, or Craigslist, or take a look at a few of these cars that we found yeah these great cars guys it can, be done and maybe, you're, currently, negotiating for. A great used car well, if that's the case click, the link below for a video to show you how to do, it all. Right let's break down the idea that you cannot buy a safe, car, that. Is affordable, people. Our, safety meters, gone a little crazy though because can, we just say that I want, you to go ask your parents, how they drove, around when. They were kids yeah this. Is probably not a great example to use out there but, I remember. Going to my grandmother's house we should have this huge, blue van and my, sister and I would sit in the floorboards. With our big bins of Barbies and we'd sit there and play it all the way to my grandma's house now I don't recommend, that but, I feel like people believe now you have to have like 18,000. Airbags and like 16. Buckles for your kids and their car seat so listen your car is going to be safe unless you buy one that's like made before night team like 78, or something everything. Is going to be okay you do not have to go buy a brand-new. Luxury. SUV, the moment you have a baby okay we're all gonna be good and listen here's, a top-five. List of, the safest, and most reliable, cars that you can buy for, under $5,000. Ready, a Honda. Civic great, car Honda, Accord love it Toyota, Camry mmm-hmm, Toyota Corolla yes and Toyota, Avalon. Toyota. Man my. Jam, I love Toyotas, they're the best and they last forever people. I don't. Get Commission's on Toyota's sales but I love it I really do okay, so now here are some examples, of ads that we found on Craigslist and Facebook, marketplace, here. Is a 2003. Toyota, Camry, here's, a 2005, Honda, Accord, and you know what I bet you can talk them down to 4000 if you had cash that's right, okay guys that just took us like an hour to find these cards you can actually take time and research, and these sites are constantly, updating, so you, can find a great car now, keeping, our family, safe is very. Important, when you shop for cars and it's just as important, to keep your family safe at home, it's another, misconception, that home security, has to break the bank simply. Safe starts at just 15. Dollars, a month and there's no contracts, there's no long term commitments you, can customize, it for your home and get exactly what, you need for your family I'm telling, you it is so easy to set up and you'll. Have it up and running in no time when soon and I love the fact that it's easy to monitor on our phones while we're out on the go it's, one of the best investments. That you can make in keeping your family safe and, we, all like to save money right having. An alarm system can actually save you as much as 20%, on, your homeowners insurance in a, year, so, to start, protecting your home, and your, family head to simply, safecom. Slash, rachel all. Right coming up next I'm going to debunk the lie that you can't have fun while getting out of debts I'm gonna introduce you a couple, who is having so. Much fun while paying off their debts so check, out their story. I was, just living a life that was just you could just feel the weight of the world on my shoulders I just started getting fed up with the way things were.

We Just didn't feel like we had any, freedom. And I also didn't really know like where, was we, had this money where is it going we're trying to get to a place in life but we can breathe. Our. Church. They, just put up on on the screens hey we're doing Financial, Peace University we. Just looked at each other say hey we just got to do it wasn't it was almost as a matter of fact it was something about the word financial, and peace was this it was perfectly named it really was because, I wasn't having peace our. Finances, work there was nothing peaceful about it and even though it was hot coming to terms with, okay. We need to make some really big changes he felt, hard but we were up for it we were like yeah because what we were doing was just not working once we got through financial peace we immediately the BMW had to go the motorcycle, had to go if we haven't used it in the last month, we're selling, it out and we did we started just paying, everything off snowballing, as that was happening could just you could feel the freedom. That amazing. It still feels I mean don't feel pretty good watching, Dave's, youtube channel and you constantly seeing people screaming, their necks off like I'm out I'm out I'm free debt-free and I'm like yeah I'm gonna be nice you want to be those people so desperate, as a sacrifice, in the beginning that you have to make but the, thing was is that our goal we, didn't want to go back to where we were so, making that sacrifice for that short amount of time was. Completely, worth it this is our new excitement, in life you, know the cars and the stuff and, all that that was fun but this is more. Surreal because square, achieving. Something. Phenomenal, you know when baby says - so this is still a journey to go but man we're not where we used. Well. Thank you guys so much for coming in you got their story, I love so much so to, kind of jump right in you guys are currently on baby. Yeah. Okay so take me a little bit before the, journey and I was just literally, remember, being every time we swipe the card the, the pressure was it was like it was like a knife wow that should we be swiping his card you know I did. We get here, yeah like yeah how did we get in this position with, all this debt and. We. Don't know what to do yes so how much debt did you guys have so we had about ninety, ninety, two thousand, in debt yeah after all is and. What was it was that credit card student loan oh it, was credit, card student loans we had a cars. Motorcycle. I mean we would just you know so. Everything, you just listed, to me you're like cars you, know credit card damaged by a lot of stuff you know motorcycle. Everything, from, the outside looking in just looking at you guys you guys probably like looked like you had it all together though like yeah I've had some great stuff did you look good to people that didn't know the money situation yeah we looked we look normal yeah normal, we like, all of our neighbors but we didn't realize how, bad we were in debt until. We sat down and, we listened about everything, and I cried, I was like and then you think you're doing good cuz you you you. Every, couple of weeks you pull out a pencil, and paper, and you're writing down numbers to make sure you can pay your bills but that's. Just not enough to pay the pay the bills yes your, status quo you're not getting, anywhere yeah so you guys got to a point with your money that you're like okay we're just like piecing. Things together we're trying to pay the bills we're, starting to feel the pressure art we're feeling, the stress yeah what, was the moment that you said we have to change and do something different well. I think was. It sure it was a church yeah, yeah it definitely was a church cuz we you know you walk in there just feel. Like it's another week heavy hearted you praying, that God comes and reveals, themselves that.

It. Came up on the screen hey, we're doing our next course of Financial, Peace University and. At. The end of it like they'll like nudging each other Jeremy, was like babe. Financial. Peace it was just like the perfect. Financial. Let's. Sign up we, did and we did we got in there and III. Was, a little bit apprehensive because I always thought I was a good budget oh yeah yes but, so what did budgeting look like for you when you thought oh I'm a good budget or what does that mean it was you know write. Down my bills what, had to go out and what's left and how do I allocate that money and, that's easy to do when you're single and you're young you know pay ran so, then Deering Financial Peace University what, was their like what were your big aha moments, of like oh wow we can do this and like oh we're doing it wrong like what like what were you done, for. Me was. We. Are, sending. Other people, all that money, why. Don't we as pretty as everybody, else. You. Take some money you take. It. Was tremendous, it was, first the feeling of my god why today I didn't know this information sooner yeah the weight, of the the gravity. Of that just hit me like my god had I done this, even. A couple years prior. And. It was we wouldn't have done it so, but we fortunately had a great. A great coach and. That and he said hey that was then you know now it's right yeah so we. Drew the line in the sand and say okay here's the game plan and where, are you guys at right now how much have you paid off just, about seventy thousand you guys yes, you're, like way, down the road yeah we got rid of those big ticket items that yeah. The. BMW. Just. It was it hard selling the cars cuz we tell it to do like eight people were like if you can get it we did the math and we I think the cause was, what we struggled, on the motorbike and the carbs will be struggle because we had a. Highway. And you know that's tough but then we, did the math and the math became, more attractive, to us than the exact, and, and that lifestyle, that we wanted, and we wanted a more enduring. Lifestyle, yeah yes, permanent, situation you, guys are killing it I'm serious I'm like you're doing you, made such progress and you have made this physis right like I mean we talk about when you go into debt you can wonder your way and you cannot wonder your way out you know to be intentional you have to have sacrifice yeah, so what, his life looked like and maybe sup - have you had fun yeah maybe said absolutely. Yeah honestly part of the fun is seeing that you're getting out of this reality. Yeah, my I don't I'm not straddled. By that he that, huge amount of death yes it's, so. Close, yeah. We find that we're doing more now than. We were before. Wow and it. It. Takes more planning, absolutely. But there are so many things that you can do for free there. Are so many ways you can get discounts we're always online hey, let's sign up for that email we can get 20% off yes that's, right that's right you can always be a spontaneous but, you get to do all this other and. It makes you get creative - so what are like the favorite things that you guys have done with the kids wall and baby so dude I think sometimes you know Rosanna's really good about just. What. Will pack some lunches so. We'll go explore different. Just, different parks, yeah well Google recreation, yeah. The, family just stuff that's you know building, up, and. Has it cost us anything but just gas yeah. Yeah. They're, they're always like everyone's, like oh well don't you just want to go out and have coffee together and, um you. Know how could keep cups, will pack a hot coffee or a hot cup of tea with us and we drinking in the car instead, of going through the Starbucks, Drive yeah oh yeah and spending $10, and then they want to snack so you buy a snack and it just goes up yeah yeah we, packed we packed great snacks yeah and we pranked great coffee that probably tastes, a little bit better than.

And. We have that we still have that experience, of going, out and eating, out we're just not giving other people out it is actually a better experience because, one. You're being something, about being intentional and. Rich is your experience for, your family, yeah cuz you're thinking about your family you're thinking about the experience you're gonna have and so when you're intentional, it just elevates your. Overall, experience. Yeah and we're. Another, day closer to being 100%, out. That's such a good point because I'm like you because, you know mentally, that. You're taking care of your family on a deeper, level that, is right, you're setting them up for this incredible, future so it's like when that foundation, is laid the, immediate, and the present, is so much richer it's, fun it's, exciting and, even ice, might sound weird but at, the end of the weekend, I love, having money left over, we. Budgeted, the money yep but we didn't spend it yeah that's so exciting because then we save that yes. Rate. Using, the app so that's been. Saves. Our lives absolutely and, I love Oh okay I've got this okay that's. Very clear here it is yeah she, made a change I pull out my phone okay cool just checking making sure you good okay cool we're good so what would you say to someone because there's people watching right now and they're, thinking. Oh wow, they had 90 plus, thousand dollars is that they're. Getting out but they're doing it as a family like, what would be your, encourage what would you say to someone, that is, sitting. Here watching you yes do. They stop stop thinking, just do it just do. The plan just do it put it put everything about your worries oh I'm not gonna have this anymore gonna have that don't worry you can get it back just. Stop overthinking. Go. To a financial piece we want to be the ones victorious. Yes great we want to scream okay, that was good that was getting it on me so much I was watching Dave's, youtube channel I try to scream I say I want to scream. After. You come do your debt-free scream come back on the show. Yeah it's gonna be less seriously you guys are such an encouragement I mean like um for families watching for, people that don't think they can or people that are in the middle of the journey like you guys are living it out but yet you, are enjoying life yeah and in a deeper, richer, way man, with BMWs, and motorcycles, yeah I'm payments, so exactly, they made fun, yes, this is way fun yeah this, is much much. Better. I. Can. Breathe. If. You want this seriously, click the link below go.

To Financial. Peace University sign. Up check. It out because it is the proven plan amazing, and you guys are living proof of it. Seriously. Fantastic. All right coming up next is my friend, and dietitian. Jenna waters she's gonna show us how you can actually eat healthy, without, spending, a crazy amount of money because it is possible. Guys. Let's, be real being a parent is hard work. Now. That I have two daughters of my own it feels like the to-do list never ends and as, every parent knows your priorities, change and, you have to make important, decisions for your child's future that's, my term life insurance is, a must from. Every parent it's. So easy to get and it's affordable what. You're looking for is 10 to 12 times your annual income to, make sure everyone, in your family is taken care of Winston, and I use Xander insurance, they do all the work for you to find the best prices, and options so go to Xander comm to get started, on a quote today because, that's who we trust to take care of our family. Thanks. For coming back. Well. Back deliver, demands, you guys she's here to give us all the secrets because, there's, a huge lie out there that you. Cannot eat healthy on a budget and so people getting out of debt you know everyone's, budgets are really tight like well I still, can't you to help you if my family sure but that's a lie it is it, is and it's so easy to believe cuz yes I mean it seems like drive-through meals, would be a whole lot cheaper yeah it's not expensive total. But then when we actually calculate. It and look at the food you know so you're telling about this like this is so fascinating, it is crazy we did a little experiment so we went through the drive-thru and got a kid's meal this. Kid's meal was about, three dollars and twenty-nine cents per cheeseburger. Kids, meal french fries yeah and, then I made it at home so completely. Different ingredients, the ingredients are, almost not comparable in terms of health so yeah these are just oven-baked french fries with avocado, oil yeah this is a grass-fed, burger. And. A homemade sprouted, grain roll so this was a dollar seventy-five, to make at home, seriously so half the price and literally, so. Much better yeah nutritious so much better yes so, great okay you have such a great system in place to tell us about that how families, out there can, eat healthy on a budget sure, so, ultimately. To eat at home we have to set up rhythms otherwise, it just looks so overwhelming, I know you've all been there um and, so I say you have to plan. Purchase. And prepare and that's a weekly rhythm so choose the day to plan choose, a day to purchase and choose a day to prepare now I do this Jenna yeah I'm a planner. Two. Steps but I am I am I'm a planner so huge so what do you recommend all the difference I often. Try to make something at the beginning of the week that I can use all the parts of again, to maximize the budget yes and then use in different ways throughout the week ok so this is an example this is just a whole chicken right, here yes, and this is something that's super easy to put in something like the instant pot or the crock pot and. Then we'll eat that for dinner one night and then, as soon as we take the meat off of it and eat that for dinner then, I'll throw up the bones back in the instant pot with some carrots and celery, onion just, super quick, yeah, and then I make homemade bone broth which, is super, nutrient, dense yeah and it has a lot of good collagen, and good protein and gelatin in it and then you're using all the different parts of the food yes and so you're maximizing, that food to its fullest potential I love that and so being that the whole chicken is Cheaper by the pound and also.

Means, That the chicken thighs certain, cuts of chicken are gonna be cheaper and that makes a huge difference so one of our favorite things to do during the week is like a cold barbeque chicken and. I used to do it with chicken, breast but then when I realized hey we could save some money by doing chicken thighs I tried chicken thighs and it's actually better cuz it pulls so much easier and it, makes a really kind. Of like juicier, um, chicken. Meal and so that on top of a sweet potato was with barbecue sauce and, then cilantro, yes it's just a yummy it's so easy just like little, tweaks make a huge difference so, that was some budget a super, simple transition, kind same thing for beef I find, that meat is one of the most expensive, categories. I so, we, looked up a local farmer, and he sells 100%, grass-fed beef for, four dollars and eighty cents a pound and, in the state of Tennessee if you're not or if you're buying directly from a farmer you don't pay sales tax so you're automatically, saving a percentage, and, that goes for a lot of different states yes. And so that's almost half price for. From. A better quality product, you're supporting local farmers and that's huge, I mean that is and tastes very good too so another, category of where we can save money in the grocery store is dry products so things like beans. Flowers. Sometimes. Even spices, yeah and so that. Dry section of the grocery store that has all those big bins on the wall I would always just walk by them and wonder who goes and. Right. That's a beet lots of been the beans and, but. Interestingly enough if you look at black beans these are organic black beans so a, pound. Of those is a dollar ninety-nine, a pound from the bins, did. Not receive yourself right, and you usually weigh them but, for the bagged beans the same amount one pound is $2.99. A pound so. You're paying literally. A dollar extra for the bag yeah, for the yeah right a fancy back so just turn up your own me let me do walk by I'm like who goes to that base, yeah. Cashews. Well there's, saving money they are they, know something that we don't know now you know. So. Then over here we're. Going to go to the produce section present miserable fruits and veggies right and so one thing this. Is super interesting this is a container. Of pre, sliced apples, it's five bags of pre sliced apples, the, whole containers eleven ounces and it's $6.99 but. A few dollars for you exactly, it's and they've sliced it for you but. Then a whole bag a three pound bag of organic apple, it's $5.99 and. So you're getting almost triple, the product, well quadruple, really yeah and for, less of a price so, then, we think about what, produce a lot of times when we think about health we think about hey do I want to buy organic should, I buy non-organic, yeah, oftentimes. We. Want to buy all organic cuz we think it's healthier and to a certain extent that's true but let's be wise about which ones we're buying organic so, there's a list. Released. By the Environmental, Working Group it's called the clean fifteen, or the Dirty Dozen, so things on the Dirty Dozen list are things like spinach. And berries. Celery. Spellcheckers, so get these organics, get a good place to put your money where exactly. Go, there okay exactly, and I find that even cheaper because organic is obviously more expensive a great way to do that is to buy frozen so, frozen blueberries.

This Is $2.99. A bag for 12 ounces, whereas, just this, little container of organic blueberries is yeah $5.99. And. So in a mom yeah almost triple, the, price for, you, know I guess are relative and if you're putting it in a smoothie it doesn't, matter right, and they're on the clean 15 list things, like to, have a thick skin like an avocado you, don't necessarily need to buy organic, okay so money saver there yeah that's yes as, far as the per or the preparation, category. Goes I love. To think about how we can use leftovers. In a way at, the end of the week where we're not wasting food, even Evatt ibly when Saturday. Rolls around or, the weekend rolls around there's, all this food in our fridge that if we don't do something with it we're throwing it out yeah. So every time we throw something out my gosh that's like $10 in the garbage yes, so. I try to think about, reinventing. Left, over so for example on one week we had leftover meat sauce that we did with like a spaghetti squash yes. Leftover random, piece of a bell pepper you know some leftover salsa that really, had to be eaten yes and some taco seasoning and, some leftover roasted, sweet potatoes, and so I threw it into a soup with actually, the chicken broth that I made earlier in the week into. A taco soup so, the last thing is treat I say that the most expensive things for the week are meats and treats those, are the things that drown us in the grocery store the kids are like hey, we need these random, things and then we spent you know way too much money on random. Treats yeah a true story and so these I just made peanut, butter cups or my weakness, and so, this is a base of almond. Flour maple. Syrup peanut. Butter just natural peanut butter cocoa. Powder raw cocoa powder and coconut, oil those are the only ingredients and, so you're getting much. Better ingredients. And it's, like pennies, compared, to what, you would buy if you're buying you, know a good quality, tree.

Sure Sure right all right in the organic section yes absolutely toast like exactly. And it really doesn't take much time I mean in all of this there's the balance of what's, the balance between cost and convenience right, yes yeah and so we all kind of have to find our happy place but when it comes down to it once we get in rhythms it doesn't take so. Much time it's just getting into habit yeah I got so good at Jenna you're brilliant, seriously, why all this is so certified, am, i capable, thanks for coming and busting, the mix, you. Can eat healthy and, still, save money and be, on a budget and do all the things but still will be wise with your nutrition so they can be delicious so, we. Just eat the soup. Thank. You Rachel. Jenna. Is so. Fantastic, is she just not great so, make sure to check out her website Jenna, waters calm, for, more tips and all that she is doing alright. Coming, up next favorite. Part of the show you guys all I bring you all with she. Works hard saving, money and this, is a how, you're having fun while getting out of debt addition. Jen, said camping. In the summer for, birthdays and Christmas, we request, experiences. We, are also having, a blast downsizing. And selling slush donating, our stuff so, awesome Jen the sacrifice, you're having fun amber. Said library, books and movies. And when. We want to go see a new movie we wait till it comes out on red box and game. Nights, so. See you guys you can, have, a life and have fun while you're getting out of debt it's not going, to kill you alright, I have some very, exciting, news, I've, been waiting to tell you this like seems, like forever but, this. Episode, and, future. Episodes are now available, as a, podcast. That's. Right come. In to the airwaves people I can't wait subscribe. To the Rachael Cruz show podcast. And make sure to down load this, episode, because. The fun thing is you're going to hear a lot of things that. We don't cover here on the show so a lot of new content it's gonna be so great alright, well thanks so much to Rosanna. And Jeremy, for coming on and for Jenna for, showing us some really great tips with our food and thank you guys so, much for, watching and, remember to, take, control of your money and create. A life you love.

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I am not even in Rachel's demographic but I love her show!

Love that you have baby step 2 people on here who are so enthusiastic!

happily driving a 10 year camry, no payments for years. this will be my vehicle till the wheels fall off. can't wait till we pay off hubby's. love that for food tips, she used an registered dietitian, I too am an RD! happy to see us represented on this level. I've found that the meals I make at home are even yummier than some of the middle to high end restaurants that we've eaten at in South Florida.

I’m so broke I can’t even breath... can’t even get the $1,000... being single and living the “no life” life is almost impossible.

Sounds like my old car that bit the dust this past August. 1990 Oldsmobile! Now I drive a 2009 used car.

+TwinMama Bingo....that is the root of the problem. Things will get me happiness which is bs...yeah maybe for a short time but it's not lasting. Try to find happiness not in things but experiences.

My hubby and I bought our family van (2008 Toyota Sienna) low on miles, super safe and we paid under $7000 all cash and that included the guy registering it for us. Totally worth it!!!!

Yesterday I started listening to your podcast and you are hilarious. I made a YouTube playlist of your vids and I’m going to listen to them today at work. Thanks for being rad.

Dave Ramsey is like the brutally honest uncle, while Rachel is like the cool experienced cousin.

Great episode!

I'm a single mom and I'm doing it.

You missed the thing that actually means success. Intentional planning. You could get lucky sure, but why take the chance. When you grasp and achieve successful long term planning then everything from your job to your family life will improve.

Driving for more than 10 years is my plan for my current 2013 Honda Civic. It's weird that couple keeps talking over each other.

Don't buy German luxury cars they can be huge money pits to maintain and repair at the 5-year mark. Also be careful of accords and camrys on Craigslist. A lot of the ones I've checked out are ex Uber cars.

So so good and encouraging!

Great info for All ages Great do alot of product marketing note on term insurance..every one needs some permanent or convertable life insurance for end of life costs or bequests. health issues may cause a person to be uninsured and by then it's too late.

Ray Sometimes you have to seek God and find a job that blesses you enough to pay your bills AND pay off debt. God wants us debt free more than we want to be lol God bless you

Mortgage is a debt....its not included in Baby Step 2 though.

Thank you Rachel for being such an inspiration!!

Buy beans and lentils instead of any meat, cheaper and healthier.

Pay off the car you have as soon as you can, and save up cash for a new one so you won't be upside down again. Just remember: you can't borrow your way out of debt.

Dave says if that's the case do $500 as an emergency fund then work on selling things, side hustles, do what ever you can to get to $1,000 but u can start paying down debt w/ the $500 in emergency but keep up the side hustle to get out of debt.

Sell it, sell it fast even if you take a loss on it if your in debt. Because eventually you'll feel at peace about it.

You could spend more on the healthier beef if you eat beef, then just eat less of it by making casseroles rather than burgers. Stretch the meat & add veggies to mix with the meat to not go hungry. Things like mushrooms, eggplant, zucchini, and broccoli are great food stretchers...Try not to eat chicken by the piece. If you make a whole chicken or chicken pieces then pull the meat off into a dish. I find that people expect at least 2-3 pieces of chicken if they eat it by the piece. But may eat only 1 piece if I pull the meat off & make a casserole or salad. Like chicken or beef enchiladas casserole. Taco salad. My husband & I once ate on $20 for one week by making sandwiches with 1 piece of deli meat, 1 slice of tomatoe, a cheese slice & lots of ice berg lettuce to fill us up for lunches, breakfast oatmeal w/ bananas, & dinner a home made casserole or soup. That showed us we could eat with out spending alot or using alot of meat.

Inspiring I can't wait to be debt free

Nothing like financial peace! I'm currently on Baby Step 2 working on my student loans.

I pay cash for my cars 2015 CTS-V and my wife's car 2016 Cadillac and we still have both old cars a 2007 accord EX and 2005 CTS-V and my 2003 4runner. I only buy old vehicles, new vehicles lose value once you leave the lot.

I couldn't help but notice that while you are telling people not to stress about having a safe car, you are doing an advertisement to purchase a security system to keep your home safe---Our parents didn't have the safety in the cars when we were young and definitely not with security systems in the house, which now you can then monitor your home 24/7? Protect your home but don't get too fussy about having a safe car. Kind of a mixed message.

I have an 2001 SUV that I paid $800 for 2 years ago. I love not having a car payment. It runs perfectly fine and gets me where I need to go. I am saving for a newer car that I plan to pay cash for!

Used Toyotas or Hondas are fine. Stay away from luxury germans, they are unreliable and extremely expensive to maintain.

Thank you Rachel for this advice!

The ‘Car’ is a gamble, cars will aways cost you money and unless you have money saved, you will end up using a credit card to help pay for it! I have a 2014 Nissan Xterra, bought when brand new, few miles on it, thinking not putting a lot of “wear and tear” on it, would help it’s life. Ironically, not using it, made me have to pay $1,500 for new brakes, because it was pass the warranty, I had to pay out of pocket aka credit card! Hint: if u have a car, use it! Btw, this woman is FOS! She jus said if u have $4,000 cash u could talk someone down for a car.... she is so out of touch with people who really need help! All her tips are adds she making money on. What a POS!

Too much gas

Great show!! So inspiring ... thank you, Rachel!! :D

New cars are such a scam

I bough a 10 yr old SUV because for my family we need 5 seats and 4 wheel drive. I don't have it paid off yet, but I have a good interest rate and monthly payments, so it will happen soon! Glad to know that Rachel is in the 10 yr old vehicle club :-P

Great episode. This WILL be my wife & myself before our 40th birthdays. DEBT FREE!!!!!!!!!

Youve inspired me so much to manage my money better with your wonderful insight, i have also been inspired by you to start my own channel to express my beliefs like you do!

Became debt free in august 2018. Including my house....its amazing

God Bless this beautiful family in their journey to be debt free! Blessings!!!

Cannot believe this girl is only two years older than me!

Good for you!

+Warren Katz buying a new car is a guaranteed money pit. The Honda Civic is one of the top selling car in the U.S. A 2019 civic is MSRP $19,450 and in five years that same car with average miles driven will be worth 10,000 and the car loan after intrest will total to about $22,000. That is a loss of $12,000! You may not have all the money in one go sure but wouldn't it be better to get an older certified pre owned vehicle 5-6k? Your car payment will be cut in half as apossed to a new car and since it's older, it wont lose much value. Tires brakes and shocks are some of the easiest things to replace on a vehicle. Maybe you have a family member has tools or knows how to work on cars and if you don't have that, make friends with a local mechanic who will give you a good price. You can even take a whack at it yourself. I recommend Chrisfix. He has a great channel to empower everyday people to know their car and how easy a lot of repairs are yourself to do. It may seem that a new car is the way to go but you got this! I bought a 2003 Toyota Camry back in 2016. I have just did the basic stuff like rotating tires, changing the oil, etc. The gentleman had bought the car for his wife and drove it on the highway mostly so the car had alot of miles but Toyota is known for the motors refusing to die. I paid 2k....count it 2! Its given me no problem and you know what, you can so it too! I'm rooting for you

This women ,who is she ?all these so called financial experts give simplicit answers to difficult life problems. Buying a cheap used car can be a problematic situation. It's not so easy as she makes out to matter what kind of car you buy.How many miles does it have ? Brakes, tires shocks . Paying 4 grand could just be the start of money ,what if dont have cash and need a car for work? these so called experts are nothing but scam artists looking to make there big bucks on the backs of people who have who have many different problems

Hard work means work that is difficult or tough. Success by definition is achieving something that you set out to do. You can work hard making 8/hr or you can work hard making 15,20,30/hr. You need a marketable, money making skill. Mr Waller i dont know you but, i am an optimist who believes that you have the groundwork for success of course "success" is subjective but i'm sure basic things includes: having the car you want, the house you want, having money in the bank and work is an option. You can have that but you need to create a path. Look at people who already do what you hope to be doing to make money and find out how they did it. Money management is the most important step. making sure all your bills are in proper ratios is vital for the long term plan. I hope you find this encouraging and I hope you can turn your financial life around.

+Jennie Post That's great!!! Mine is from 1993. . . .

My Corolla is from 1998. Just put $600 bucks into it to keep it going! It's the best! 288,000 miles and counting!

They never ask the debt free people what their salary was while paying off the debt...

+Anna Mermaid That sucks!! Last year I hit a deer and crunched the whole front (Totaled) but I was able to fix it by bending the metal back and bought some salvage headlamps.. Yeah, old Toyotas are great cars. I also had a 79 Corolla 1200, slow but reliable.

+heavymechanic2 Don't you just love Toyotas . . . they seem to go on forever . . . .however, my got hit in the parking lot this morning (the person didn't stick around or leave a note) and will need to be fixed. My deductible is $300 (Cnd.) so I guess that's what my emergency fund is for. . . .

I drive a 91 Tercel, it requires very little repair and I bought it used 15 years ago and now has 373K. The guys at the inspection station can't believe it still runs like a champ because I fix stuff as needed and not let it fall apart. (clutch, brakes, struts, radiator, all been replaced) This car is not hard to repair, I do everything myself including the wheel alignment.

Aww she so cute I love her ❤️ I JUST turned 23. I got into a 90,000$ debt as an 18 year old to go to a prestigious music school. I’ve already payed off 20,000$ I have two jobs and I’m excited to be out of debt still in my 20’s. I project 3 more years to pay this debt off. I’m so excited. ❤️

I've only ever bought 1 new car, and it was a mistake. Besides being expensive, dropping in value, and increasing my auto insurance, the darn thing was a lemon. Yes it was under warranty, but it was the time and hassle... A good used car, purchased from a dealership, will have been evaluated and inspected, often cone with a limited warranty, will be super clean, etc. In Michigan the market is flooded because so many people turn in leased vehicles, only 3 years old with 50,000 miles on them.

You can never be debt free. I understand that having no car, mortgage, or credit card debt is great. There is still always going to be electric, phone, the many faces of insurance, and medical to name a few.

We love lentils; grew up eating lots of Lentils!

Hahahaha. You are absolutely right. During our debt free journey, uncle Dave's brutality is exactly what we needed. We are now debt free except our house. We used to feel uncle Dave everywhere

It's na real journey but very worth it!!!

So encouraging! Thank you..not so nervous to begin plan now

it's called fraud. running pump n dumps on rain man while working while paying bills does not help. it also does not help when grandmother signs grandson name to her stuff when kid then grandson score so high at 18 yrs old can just walk in anywhere n get a card from stores or major credit card. So I blame the pump n dump. n even if did not want to , what she did was fraud so therefore none of it should exist. I had no knowledge of it n I didn't sign n bankruptcy can b done for free also. n within "The United States of America " there is no debt. we are owed n you"re owed a lot of money. no need to pay for college debt. so long.

Can i smell your feet

A nice used car is a Toyota, Honda or Subaru. Not a Mercedes or BMW.

Congrats dude!!

you cant buy a toyota under 5,000 who are you snowballing!!

is this a commercial for simply safe?

It's definitely possible to get out of debt. These are so true! And there are many other ways that we can be smarter with our finances. I also have videos on these, so maybe check those out.

Electric, phone, water, food, etc is not debt. Those are monthly expenses.

I enjoyed buying my last vehicle on a 5 year 0% financing loan so I could continue to make money with my money while my vehicle was being paid off.

My car is 12 years old, it’s my first car. Sadly, I wrecked into someone, bending my hood, loosing my grill and getting a hole in my radiator, but I’m not wasting money to get anything else. My father and I are fixing it up good as new

Stop trying to sell stuff and just stick to the topic

It’s less about income and more about behavior. Make a budget, write down all your expenditures to see where your money is going. Sometimes income does play a part, but it’s usually more about how the money is handled.

try getting out of debt on soc sec. not having fun but I'm doing it

If people didn't buy new cars there wouldn't be any used cars I'm 54 and have never purchased a new car but if you're going to buy used, look for low miles

#1 thing to do is to be true to yourself, why do I say this? Because unless you don't change your mindset about yourself, where you no longer want to live a total lie lifestyle, where you don't care about keeping up with the Joneses. Remember this: You will never keep up with the Joneses because the Joneses are trying to keep up to! So in reality it's a never ending cycle, for example You see a fresh new BMW parked in The Joneses driveway, guess what your going to be thinking, "Gee I want a nice looking car like that too" . So you go out and with in 6 months buy a shiny new luxury car, too. Then comes the Joneses to your home over for the Super Bowl and sees your 70" razor thin flat panel hanging over your chimney, The Joneses are going to say " GEE I want a shiny new razor thin flat panel t.v. too. And the cycle never ends, sometimes you have to change friends too but first change yourself. Hope this helps.

Exactly. I saw a lady the other day on Ramsey that said she paid of 46k in debt in just over a year. What she paid off is more than my husband makes in a year as a mechanic at a distribution center and he's 51. We do fine financially and have a decent size savings but not every community out there has opportunity for large income especially rural areas like where we are.

This couple's babies are so beautiful

Completely agree Rachel! I owe a Honda Accord 2002 and my husband owns a Toyota Camry 2007. Great cars! All at least 150k miles on them. My brother who is really good with money has a Honda Accord that has just hit 400k and he brags about it! My parents and other brother also have Accords bought used. We are a no car payment family with reliable cars and am not planning to go back!


Another great episode! Featured couple was super inspiring & fun. I always love your meal planning segments.

same here. 9k$ till the condo is payed off. we got rid of 2x student loans a few years ago! It feels so relieving! it´s been an 8 year journey! it´s absolutely doable. you can do it!

when I was a kid my first line of defense in a car was my moms arm... the second? the seat belt

Love her hair, wish I knew her hair care routine.

With love and respect, please feature a vegan and frugal shopper. Animal agriculture contributes to more emissions than all transport combined. Leaning into a plant based diet is the best thing you can do to combat the climate crisis, have optimal health and save to money. All the best, Maeve in Ireland

Typical image obsessed folks. That female is very very high maintenance

KEEP GOING RAY. One day at a time. Sometimes just one hour or one minute at a time. And sometimes just $1 at a time. Make lists. Seek out likeminded budget thinking people. Call in at a church or community centre and volunteer. Change the focus from what you dont have to what you do have. YOU. Give of you. Serve others.

I know a supervisor at work, he has a Lexus, a Toyota Tundra, and a GMC Yukon, Jesus! why does he need to have 3 vehicles for? I don't get it.

We are almost there - one credit card left $4,880 at 0% interest. House and car and everything else is paid off.

+ir10031981Thanks for calling me a rock star!!!

wow! a 1993 Toyota Corolla, you're a rock star! and yet people are wondering if I'm going to replace the 2006 Nissan Altima I've had for over a decade.

My corolla is from 2012 and it was our first car. I love it. I think we paid about $100 in maintenance this year.

What I like is that it isn't forever doing without. When you are out of debt you can plan things back in. Thank you

10 minutes of ads...

I would hope you arent making payments on a 8 year old car...

Wow Rachel, you are cool. I didn't know you could get a reliable used car. We paid about $22,000 for our Toyota Corolla 7 years ago. It's paid off but the next car will be used and paid for with cash. Dreaming and saving for a Camry here.

Dear Rachel I just wanted to say thank you! By using your cash envelopes I’m officially debt free today at the age of 25. I have paid off over $100,000 . In 3years by myself. Next is to start saving for a house!

Never give up. You can do it.

I love my 03 civic

Jenna was so helpful with tips to make the food budget stretch. Love it!

+Jennie Post same here! 1998 Toyota Corolla BASE model also with 272,000 miles!

great job. Keep it up. I have 34 grand in debt left and project having it paid off by End of year.

Brittany Wallace congratulations!

Only if you have to buy one yourself. Not if you’re given a brand new car....

TwinMama ... nut allergy friendly? With peanut butter? How is that nut allergy FRIENDLY?

+pennylane36 use your savings to pay your debt

Yeh well you could buy a whole other car for 1500 so you haven't saved any money buying new

Ravenous youth we are debt free. We started working on being debt free since the financial crash in 08 because we did have debt and it worried me a lot. We both worked for the same craft company and worried about being laid off and how unemployment may not be enough to cover everything, so we hit things hard and paid all our cards, cars and even our mortgage and have managed to save a decent amount as well.

@Rachel Cruze Are there any money management books for TEENS? Anything you can recommend?

He is her dad.

We have a 2003 Toyota Sequoia that we bought for $7k 6 years ago. Over 300k miles on it and still runs great!

@pennylane36 use your savings to pay your debt

@Warren Katz buying a new car is a guaranteed money pit. The Honda Civic is one of the top selling car in the U.S. A 2019 civic is MSRP $19,450 and in five years that same car with average miles driven will be worth 10,000 and the car loan after intrest will total to about $22,000. That is a loss of $12,000! You may not have all the money in one go sure but wouldn't it be better to get an older certified pre owned vehicle 5-6k? Your car payment will be cut in half as apossed to a new car and since it's older, it wont lose much value. Tires brakes and shocks are some of the easiest things to replace on a vehicle. Maybe you have a family member has tools or knows how to work on cars and if you don't have that, make friends with a local mechanic who will give you a good price. You can even take a whack at it yourself. I recommend Chrisfix. He has a great channel to empower everyday people to know their car and how easy a lot of repairs are yourself to do. It may seem that a new car is the way to go but you got this! I bought a 2003 Toyota Camry back in 2016. I have just did the basic stuff like rotating tires, changing the oil, etc. The gentleman had bought the car for his wife and drove it on the highway mostly so the car had alot of miles but Toyota is known for the motors refusing to die. I paid 2k....count it 2! Its given me no problem and you know what, you can so it too! I'm rooting for you

@Jennie Post same here! 1998 Toyota Corolla BASE model also with 272,000 miles!

@ir10031981Thanks for calling me a rock star!!!

@Anna Mermaid That sucks!! Last year I hit a deer and crunched the whole front (Totaled) but I was able to fix it by bending the metal back and bought some salvage headlamps.. Yeah, old Toyotas are great cars. I also had a 79 Corolla 1200, slow but reliable.

@heavymechanic2 Don't you just love Toyotas . . . they seem to go on forever . . . .however, my got hit in the parking lot this morning (the person didn't stick around or leave a note) and will need to be fixed. My deductible is $300 (Cnd.) so I guess that's what my emergency fund is for. . . .

@Jennie Post That's great!!! Mine is from 1993. . . .

@bcrwc Grass fed is just not an option on our budget. I get ground turkey for $2/lb.

@TwinMama Bingo....that is the root of the problem. Things will get me happiness which is bs...yeah maybe for a short time but it's not lasting. Try to find happiness not in things but experiences.

The newest (& most expensive) car me and my husband have bought in 15 years has turned out to be the most dangerous. And it's because it was so "high tech". There was a glitch and this car locked my toddler in the car (right after I buckled her into her seat and went around to get in the driver's side) in the middle of a hot day in the summer. Had to call 911 and have them pry my car door enough to unlock it manually. The key was connected to my purse on the passenger's seat and the car wasn't supposed to lock when the keys are inside the car, so I couldn't use the manual key. Thankfully, my child was completely unharmed, but it was so scary. If I'd been somewhere that I couldn't just stop someone within seconds of this happening, things could have turned out very badly cause my phone was in my purse too. Lesson learned. We're totally ok with an older car now. I'd rather have to deal with more maintenance and repairs than ever deal with a crazy glitch like that again.

Absolutely- the least expensive foods are vegan! Rice and Beans!

Oh I wish!! It’s 8.99$ a pound grass fed or while foods here for even ground hamburger

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