Let's Talk About Your Value Ladder (aka Your Business Ecosystem)

Let's Talk About Your Value Ladder (aka Your Business Ecosystem)

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Hello. Everybody. Not. To. Freak you out okay. I got, a spray tan, not. Two, hours ago. Okay so I still have bronzer, on I'm, really not trying to freak you out I'm a little extra, dark tomorrow. I will. Be rinsing, the bronzer off and I will be looking more, normal. Okay, so, let. Me get. The video up here so, I'm able to see it. So. As you're coming in say, who you are away from on front and we. Are going to get down to business here, in just a minute. Vol. Alright. Guys so. I'm gonna give us a couple minutes because I did start a couple. Of minutes early so I. Tamara. So for those of you that are just coming, in right now I already said this just a couple of minutes ago but I got. A spray tan a couple, of hours ago and I, still have the bronzer, on which is what makes you very. Dark okay, so, don't. I'm not trying to freak you out by any means, I. You. Know tomorrow, I will look a little more, normal. But. But, yeah I was like well, why. Not do this I have, a live in two hours I may as well go ahead and get super dark right before the lie, like. The last time you guys saw me I was totally white and now. I am super dark so. There's that. Shout. Out to soul. Sisters, sunless tanning they. Work out of the Dostal house and that's where I was and everybody, was getting a tan and I'm like well I'm, I'm. Gonna get a tan too so that's why I did that um. Hi Tamra hey Tish. Hello. Jenelle, Mike. Sent the the hardy eyes we, do love that that's my husband you guys, hey. Des looks good awesome thank you thank, you I. Also, picked, up some new makeup, yesterday. So. My, voice just got very high so, I may be sharing, that with you also because. Whenever. You come on live so much I don't know it's, nice to be able to kind, of do. Up your face and stuff right and. I'm I'm just I'm pretty, particular about what, I put on my skin, so, um I just think other people might be interested in that too but anyway, Tamra, always, beautiful ah thank. You, you're so sweet I'm gonna give you a heart. Des, I'm giving you a heart giving y'all hearts here I'm just gonna scroll down and give you all hearts. So. What we're going to talk about today website, I have too many hearts to do oh. Hey. Where'd. They all go. Let. Me get that there's the rest um. What. We're gonna talk about today is how, to create an ecosystem I'm, still giving hearts that's what I'm doing. Right now okay so, we're. Going to talk about how to create an. Ecosystem. Of services. That you have okay or services, that you share, hi Carlene I see you there um. Services. That you offer really. Right. That. Is the name of the game so a lot. Of entrepreneurs, whenever, I first, talk to them because obviously I have the digital, marketing agency so, the first conversation. I'm ever going to have with a client is what, do you sell right that's really in the whole the interview, process of, do. I want to work with you, so. The first thing is what. Do you sell, okay, and it's, usually just, one.

Thing, People, will usually say, one thing maybe. Two things okay, and then through conversation. I kind, of find, out and navigate. To and think about other things, that. They could be weaving, in, to, what they currently sell, that, is going to make them more, money but, then also makes them look like more of an authority in what, they do right because if you can touch that same, thing. That you do that same, offering. That you give if you can touch that in a few different types of ways then, you're going to be able to reach different, actual. Customers. Does, that make sense because, some people aren't going to want just that main product. Right but they may want this other side product, that's just a little left of center but. You would still be able to deliver that so I'm. Gonna stop being big now um you. Seen anybody, tsch. Like, Oprah, you get a heart you, get a heart and you get a heart yes. So. Let's. Go ahead and get into, it so what. I'm how, I'm describing, this now is like an ecosystem, of, services, I used to call it a value letter and and that, really, a value, ladder feels. Very. Two-dimensional. It, feels, very like, you can only do these things, right, but, in each system. Are, services. That can play off of each other and that can lead to different, parts of your business, so rather than just the. Latter with steps that go up okay. Now, we're looking at. Circle. Like maybe big circle, as a hub, maybe another big circle, and then things that can jet out from there okay. And what, this is going to help us with you guys is how, you're going to develop your freebies, if, you're not familiar with what a freebie, is that, should be your first offer, to. Anybody so whenever you're whenever. You're making an offer it should, always be a, freebie. Okay, it should in my opinion it, should always be a freebie, and the. Reason why is because you're. Not your, qualifying, a lead at that point you're not making, them take out their credit card immediately because that already, cuts. Off a bunch of people anyway right what, you're doing is you're qualifying, if they are a person that would be a good lead for you based on them wanting, to take this freebie.

Okay, So, whenever, they do that their qualifying, themselves. As one of your leads okay they get added to your email list that's, how you do that and then. After, they're on your email list now, you can offer them something that's called I hate, the name for it it's an industry name but it's, called a tripwire. You. See why I hate it, it sounds. Deceptive. And, it's, totally not but what it is it's a it's a low cost, low. Price, item. That. Really all that you're trying to do at that point is you're trying to judge if this, person, is going to. Take. Out their credit card to help, solve, their problem, are they committed. Enough, to, their solution, or are they committed, enough to needing, to solve, this, problem, to. Take out their credit card because you're not telling, them that they need to spend two grand or anything like that you're, just making it seven dollars or something like that where, you're, you're, really at that point you, are cutting. Your leads, so, all of the leads that you got you're, now determining. Ones of those leads are going, to be people that can actually, move, out into, bigger. Offerings. That you have that, would then of course cost money because, unfortunately. Money. Is still a thing right so we still need it to pay our bills and that, is necessary. I need, to I need to say this because I was having a conversation with, a friend of mine earlier, over chat and. We. Were talking about how people have, this this, strange. Aversion. To. Either making, money or talking, about money or, it's just it's this dirty, thing that they don't want to talk about and both. Her and I agreed. We both have the same idea. About, this where. We believe, that, if the good people, in, the world are, making, the money then. We. Can actually start making some changes we. As the good people in the world need to be the ones that are making the money okay so this is why I have been brought to the marketplace to, show you guys how to build your business because. You deserve to make the money a that's, the thing if you don't know that that's a thing I've, got people that that will talk to you and, will. Help you work through that because you absolutely deserve, it but B we need to be doing the things that good people will do with money okay so so, there is that oh man there are comments, Carlin, I offer energy, healing tuning, forks energetic, space clearing, and clutter coaching. They're, all related to enter to. Energy. Is this, what you mean that, is what I mean and then we can even that's that's, great Carlin, that's, what I mean and then also we. Can even break them down into, their own respective. Tripwires. And I'm just going to use the word tripwire okay, to. Their own respective, trip wires and, freebies, okay, so every. One of your offerings, that you have that is that is one of the big sort, of meaty offerings. That you have, those. Should have their own respective. Trip. Wires which is the low cost item. Right so seven dollars I always throw out seven. So a $7, item, and then their own freebie. Okay, because they should have their own entrance. Their, own way for. People to be able to come into that, service. Okay because the person that wants. To come into. Clutter. Coaching, may, not necessarily be, the, same person that wants to come into tuning forks they're gonna come in via different routes does that make sense you guys that's, why I want to that's. Exactly, why I'm using the term ecosystem now, because it's, more of like a city, of services. If. That, makes sense it's more like a city of services, than, just, a staircase.

Right, Which is how I had been teaching it up until just, now actually. Is. It, just. The staircase, really, is too. Linear. Even it's, too two-dimensional. It needs more, than that we need more, than that we are more than that right, let. Me see if there is somebody else that I missed. Here, Tish. Oh super. Cool like animal, card reading to find your animal totems for a meditation, disk then get crystals, for, a Magnifico. Fide photos, for your meditation area Tish. You nailed, it Tish, gets a prize. Don't. Have any prizes near me I have a pair of scissors. Tish. If you want me to mail you this pair of scissors I will do it you, get the prize for this that's exactly what. The heck I'm talking about I'm gonna repeat it everybody, look at Tisha's comment, Tish. Oh soup website drop the scissors okay. Oh super. Cool like animal, card reading, okay so her, low-cost item or freebie would be animal, card reading and. Then. Find your animal, totem so you would do the reading in order to find your animal totems, and then. Those. Animal, totems, would, be what you could upsell, okay. To, a meditation, disc, which is what she sells it's the little. Wood man I have one right over there I would show it to you but I want to get up and sit back down. The, I don't want you see the bottom of what I'm wearing. I'm not even kidding it's yoga pants but they don't match. So, it's she's Celsius meditation, dis and they have the different animal. Totems on them right so. So. Then she could sell that and. Then. You could get crystals, for it so add on crystals. Then, for magnified, photos, for your meditation area. So, yes, yes, yes, yes yes and Tish I think another, freebie, even, to lead into that, may. Be some sort of meditation, because. What, you're looking for your client, that you're looking for is somebody that's interested in, meditating. Somebody, that's interested, in that thing because that is the road that you're gonna take them down and they will appreciate that road that you take them down so, much more than, somebody who just doesn't even know a thing about meditation. Does that make sense what, you're gonna have is you're gonna have a warm, a very warm, almost even hot lead at, that point because, they're already they're. Already into. It right they already dig, it and anything that you're telling them at that point is going to resonate, they're going to understand. That's, what we have to do is we have to find people that. Get us that get our own passion, and get why, we do what we do and. People that dig meditation, would dig that right. Okay. Carlene yes that's what I was thinking awesome awesome, awesome. Danelle, so is each one is. Each. One of those things, I, need. To come up with better turns is each, one of those things its own funnel, if so how many funnels, can you have going at once fantastic. Question to, know so. Yes. Each one of those things would be their own funnel, and you, can have, hundreds. Of funnels. Going, on at one time okay. I would yell up to Mike right now and ask him how many funnels, we have in our thing but I know it's, gosh. We're, close to like sixty or something I think we have a ton of funnels. Right now and, that's that's, the beautiful. Beautiful, part about funnels, is once, you set them they're, not gonna go anywhere I mean unless you don't pay your bill but they're not going to go anywhere right then. You can just edit them if you want to edit them or even, better, you're, always going, to have those quick links, to put, out into social media that says hey remember I've got this thing going on or hey. You know this is this, is a Wednesday, and I'm thinking of giving this thing away and I, think that you guys might like it and then just send out the link you've, done no, more, work. Okay. This is where automation, brings us into four hour work weeks so, it's a little bit heavy on the front end so far as, actually. Creating, the content, building, the funnels, and all, of that stuff right so it's a little heavy on the front end but, whenever you get it set, up you.

Are Done, guys, you. Are freakin, done all you're, doing at that point is, you are sharing, your link, now, you're creating, now it's your responsibility to. Create content. Okay, so like, blog about things do your videos do all of your social media like fun, stuff, that you're doing that is keeping, people interested. The the people that should be interested, in you and then, you just share those links every once in a while and you just keep them going, if you get really jazzy, then you can do the Facebook, ads right and then throw a little bit of money at it and see what kind of money comes back that's, that's, the beauty, of this stuff it's not like you have to do it and then maintain. It right you, do it and it's done I believe, the term is set, it and forget it and it, could not be any more correct, and an accurate, statement, so. Anyway, that's my excitement, I love, funnels you guys I heart, I think, this is how we do it I heart, funnels, does, my tan. Look weird over there. For. Those of you that just came, in I am. Very dark and you, have probably already seen that okay I do need to just give you a heads up I got a spray tan two. Hours ago and now, I'm on alive and I still have the bronzer so I'm very very dark okay so I'm. Okay, everything's, all right I'm just a little bit Brown and tomorrow. I will be. Probably. Still Brown but just not as brown. Okay all, right so hey Sasha, I see you there love. Let's, see Oh Tish needs scissors, girl, I will send you the scissors, you send me your address and I will send you this lovely pair of red, scissors, that. Is now on the floor because, I dropped them, but. I'm happy to send them to to you that would be totally funny. Let's. See, we. Have Sasha from Down Under. Tish. Oh yes a meditation, yay, thank you oh of course so, that was for the the freebie, for the meditation, in order to jumpstart, that entire, funnel. Absolutely. Sasha. Is so good so good, Karlin. Hearts. I love, hearts if, you, guys are friends, with me on my personal, Facebook page, you, will know that I love hearts I I think I put hearts after I either do hearts or smiley faces after almost every single thing that I put on there, -, no hearts. Love it oh good, good. Good good. Sasha, how how you look amazing, oh well I will take that I will take that all day long. Where, are we what what time is it seven sixteen cool guys, go ahead and keep asking the questions, because I have pretty, much already, presented. The, things that I wanted to present today okay I am going to super quick I'm gonna share my own freebie. So you guys are gonna see what the freebie is I, shared, it in this group yesterday, it. Is a, free. Mindset. Course, okay, so it's, a success mindset, course. The. People that have really found value, with this are people, that are just. Now. Stepping. Into their own power, okay, or just, now maybe even realizing. That, they have power. That they didn't, realize that they had before right by definition so. They, are stepping into their own power they, are wanting, to start. A business they, are wanting, to do this, thing, but. They. Still have the little liars, the, little stalkers, the little monsters, in the back of their head that are doing this impostor, syndrome. To them right where, it's like you, know who, do you think you are I. Why. Why, do you think that you can do this people, are gonna laugh at you people, are not gonna believe you yada, yada you guys I had. That, same, exact. Thing. Okay. Go, through my head as I started. My digital, marketing agency I quit. I was working at GoDaddy, right I quit my job at, a digital marketing, the biggest, in the world, digital. Marketing, company, okay. To, go start, my own all, right so I, had. So, many thoughts of the. Hundreds, and thousands, of people like co-workers. Employees. That I worked with, like, I just every. Day I would think it I've never shared this with anybody I every. Day I would think of all. Of the people that probably, and, they. Never even said this to me this is all in my head you guys so, I was, thinking of all of the different, people that, were probably saying who, does she think she, is I could, totally do that I can't, believe she's going and doing that there's no way she's gonna be successful, I, can't, believe she quit her job making X amount of dollars, yada yada like I I.

Thought. In, my own mind I thought. That. That is probably what, they were saying about me now was that the truth I don't know right nobody actually said, it to me but, my, mind, did, that to me and thank goodness I was able to work. Through it and I. Never let it really affect, me you know like it's it didn't bring me down it didn't keep me in bed for days or anything like that but. That doesn't mean that it doesn't do that to some people some. People can be completely. Disabled. By, that negative, self-talk, by, that stuff that goes on in your head the, fear, the anxiety the. Worry those. Things can completely. Disable. Some people okay and the, people that can be disabled, by that are the same people that, could move forward and be the next Steve Jobs. Those are the same people that have it in them we all have it in us guys so those are the same people that have it in them to make, massive. Change. In this. World. Okay, let me rephrase that to, make massive positive. Change. In this world but, they're so sensitive right, so whenever you're sensitive, those, things, have, a little. Bit they, can get a foothold a little bit easier, because you are you you are you know you, you're. You're sensitive you're, you. Know you're an empath, you can understand, you can feel other people's, their, their emotions. And their moods and, stuff like that and then even sometimes, what, they're thinking right like the ideas, the vibration, of the ideas, that they're having right so that. That is something that we, cannot let, get. In our way we can't, let it stop us okay because. We. Are here, for a reason okay. We. Are here, for a reason and. We. Have to do what. We came here to do okay. So, in any sort of self-talk. Negative, self-talk. Self-sabotage. That. That, just that yucky stuff that happens, in the back of your mind it's okay that it happens it happens to, all of us it happens to all of us and we all work in cycles, right we we all come, back around to it every once in a while right where, we where where you fight it you fight it you hear it and, you let it go you hear it and you, let it go like that's it's, just it's never ever going to stop and it does absolutely happen. To everybody don't think, that. Because you're hearing that in your mind that. That that nobody else is, understand. That every, single person. On the planet here's. That stuff okay, everybody, does the question, is are you gonna let it control you, are you gonna let it stop you from, living the life of your, dreams because. The life of your dreams is absolutely. Possible okay. So anyway, what I am saying right now I was. Just gonna share my freebie but I went on a rant go figure. I'm gonna share my freebie, now but it is a it's. A success, mindset course, okay it's an hour long so if you can set aside an hour it's. Going to ask for your email address, so there's, that because it is my freebie okay, then, you will continue to receive emails, from me if you do not wish to, receive emails from me that is totally, okay just, click on unsubscribe. And that is and then you would no longer be on the email list but, just know that the emails that I send out are always. Helpful and they're, always going, to give you a different perspective on either, business or, mindset. Or maybe, just work-life, balance okay. So that's what I'm trying to do is bring a good conversation. To the, people that are growing their businesses, that comes from a different, perspective, a, different perspective. Than just, let's, make a bunch of money right I mean, we are gonna make a bunch of money right but we're going to make a bunch of money and, we're.

Going To be doing it in a heart centered and authentic, way that, we feel good about, okay. Cuz I don't want to be a millionaire if I don't feel good about how I got there I don't that I def does not sound good to me in any way okay so, anyway so let. Me go ahead and put the link in I keep talking about it let me put the Lincoln, HTTP. Slash. Good. Go. Ahead and keep popping in your questions if you have them I see there are some comments I'm gonna pop back to in just a second. Hey. Heather. Heather. You see my tan I am brown, girl. Free. -. Mindset. -. Course, I believe, that's it. That. Should be it. So, that is the link let, me go back in the. Comments. Carlene. Okay so, if I'm halfway through banishing. The little monsters, I love that I love that this is the conversation if I'm, halfway through Bannen the little monsters, is it, a good is it. A good course, for me if I'm, halfway through. Banishing. Oh if you're halfway through banishing, them I believe that it will be yeah, I believe that I don't believe you'll be wasting your time let's just say that I don't believe that you'll be wasting your time with it if anything, it, I just watched it again today uh, and I made, it a while, ago but I just watched it again today and. It. Even did something else for me again, and I was the one that did it um. It's, like any good book. You know whenever you you read a good book and it just it it really, meant a lot to you and I. Think, I made a post about it not too long ago like what books are you just reading over and over and over again right it's, like that, it's, almost like a come-to-jesus or, a. Center. Like a coming back to center and really, just remembering. Remembering, what. Is important, what is important, and it's, it goes, through that and then there's an exercise in there and things like that so. So. Yeah I would do it if you you know if in, the first five minutes you're like now this isn't for me then it's not for you and that's totally okay it's, totally you will not hurt my feelings you will not hurt my feelings I want what's best for you and your journey I do not want to waste your time. Hey. Alyssa. Tish. Yes I love our unique spiritual, gifts we're gonna rock this world heck, yeah heck yeah that, is what we are here for it's. Absolutely, why we are here. Danelle, I have it in my email box right now I can't wait to get into it thank you perfect, good. Good. Danelle. Has has, shared with me before I hope this is okay that I'm saying this she's, shared with me before that she has a folder for just my emails. So she goes back she whenever she heard that I can see like how many times somebody opens an email cuz I was talking about email marketing she, was like oh you can see how many times it's open and, I'm like yeah you, like it.

Sascha Been. There got the t-shirt lol preach sister, haha, heck. Yeah hey, Beth. Hether. Love this yes yes. Let's. See oh my. Tish. I do too - no oh we have it in your Inbox - perfect. You. Are brown yeah Heather said you are yeah, I uh I, already went over the story three times no but yeah. I'm dark, Carlin, with the hearts. Tamra. Thank You Martha have a beautiful night oh you too Beth. Hello Beth. And. Then. Just now said haha I do about, the. About. The folders in the inbox that's so funny I love it. Cool, well uh, we are about, a half-hour in if you guys have any questions, about that um please. Go, ahead and ask me I'm, gonna sit here for a couple of minutes and then I've got some things that I need to do Beth I see that you're on here I am going to look. Over your stuff like I promised, that I would I'm gonna look over that right after this live so then I'll be able to give you some feedback I'll. Probably give you the feedback in the inner circle okay and, then, Christine. I don't, know if you're on right now but, I talked to you earlier and, I told you I was gonna respond, to the email that you sent to me earlier and I, will I, will. Be. Responding to that I'll be responding to that this evening also okay, so if. I have missed anybody that reached out to me today today. Was bonkers today. Was very, busy, it was very very busy and and. I'm. Just trying to I'm just I'm just trying to make it through the day. Missed. The first half-hour right on that's okay, sorry, about the frantic message I was having a meltdown oh no, worries, listen. For the meltdowns, we, all. Beth. Was saying she had a meltdown earlier first. Of all don't ever apologize about. Messaging, me with a meltdown or about. Sharing. A meltdown in the inner circle at all ever because. What we are doing over there is we're supporting each other and each other's growth, okay so, yeah. I teach the classes and I do the group coaching but you guys it's a community, over there, where we're, helping, each other out so meltdowns.

Are, Okay. Meltdowns. Keep us real we all have, those, moments okay. And that's like what I was talking about earlier we all have like the, the. Self-sabotage. Stuff, that happens, or the a, lot. Of times it's expectation. Related, right either somebody else's expectations, of us or our. Expectations. Of where we should be. Right which, is really not at all. Not. At all anything. That matters, okay where, we should be and where we are, don't. Matter at all like where we are matters, where we are as long as we can be in the moment and making, sure that everything. That we're doing is, for the, cause of what, we, are here to do right and, with our businesses, we. Started, our businesses. You're not in this group if you aren't passionate about what, your business is you're, not in here, because you wouldn't be comfortable in here if that were the case if you, were just about making, a buck you, would not be in here there are groups for people like that but, that's not this group okay, that's definitely not the inner circle, what we're doing is we are being transparent, we are being human, we are being heart centered, and we are building our businesses, building, our income, building, everything. Around. That right, and. That's it every, time we do have those. Fears that come in and it's totally okay it's, totally okay if you didn't have those fears I, I, don't, think anybody does does. Not have those fears I would, say if you said, that, you did not have those fears I would think that you're lying anybody. That says that I would think that they were lying because they're, just they're trying to put on a front they're lying about something, right we, need to be in we nee invisible. We don't need to be invisible we need to be transparent, though. Let's. See Tish oh good I'm having a pay the mortgage meltdown lol. Those. Happen, they happen to. Know. I so love the support of being part of this tribe oh yeah. No thank you it's it's, a great group it's a fantastic, group, well. Now I'm just sort, of jibber, jabbering so I'm gonna go ahead and stop I'm gonna pop off of here so I can do the things that I said I would do later. So. Um, enjoy. Your evening, I will see you next Thursday for, our thinking. Thursdays, which is what I'm kind. Of calling them to. Myself anyway. So. I will, see you next Thursday, the topic, I know it, I have it written down somewhere but I cannot remember what it is right now and. Then, yeah. I have, the freebie in there. In. The comments it says. Free. Life changing, mindset, course just click on that again, it's gonna ask for your email address, and. Yeah. You, know get some more emails from me and we can be friends so. Anywho, you guys have, a great night if you have any questions don't hesitate to throw them in here I will still see the comments. You.

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The value ladder is new to me.

Yes Amy, the value ladder is a concept that is new to many people, but it's SUPER simple to understand and apply to your business to BOOST SALES AND GROWTH (Granted you have the right teacher.)

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