Let's Play Far Cry 5 Part 50 - Funny Moments Finishing Unfinished Business :D

Let's Play Far Cry 5 Part 50 - Funny Moments Finishing Unfinished Business :D

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We will be waiting for you. Where, it all began. What's. Up. My. Tails are honest decent people they're, fighting the good fight and they deserve any success, that comes their way. I'm. Thinking we've reached the end of the line time. To cowboy up and deal with Joseph's seed once and for all, he's. Waiting for ya at, his church. Yeah. So, about this hurt skate thing man I just want you to know that there ain't gonna be no kind of weird stuff like that even skate nonsense, okay man just fucking, guns girls, a beer man and you, know we'll probably get buck naked every once a while I don't know man I haven't decided yet oh. Thank. You Lord for you heard thank the Lord for you. You're. Not weak that's. Good good. Yeah. What. Do you want to do now know. What I'm thinking I'm think we knock back some beers maybe. A head down to that lady presidency, if we can't pick us up some nice girlfriends. About. You and they are right I send, in deputy prep my thoughts and prayers. That's. Good guys good please. Yeah. Whatever let's. Just check, the gun shall we here, it is Jacobs. Rifle. Jacob. Seeds bolt-action, 50 caliber sniper rifle. You'll need it, you'll. Need to use it a lot to change the name or this one. Yeah. So this is actually better than this. Let's, just you, know. Take. It for a spin shall, we mr., Eddie look. At that thing with. The shovel, thing there, shovel. Launcher huh. It's. Cool. Don't. Hang that thing asshole. Well. Hello there sir hmm, sir Jacobs, got a bunker, somewhere building. Up inventory while waiting for the collapse, pretty. Sure he's too dead to care right now. This. Guy, is kind of cool, I used to sleep soundly at night I have to say okay, well. Um. Yeah. That's just regroup. Shall we. So. Here. We are. The. Last mission. Where. It all began, the, father. Has, called, you out for a final, confrontation. Meet. Him at his compound. And. Reward, 3000, money. So. Here it is here, it is. Where. It all began. Yeah. This. Little, place here, hmm.

But. Before. We go there I, want. I want. To do some, all these. Missions. For, the. White-tail. Mountains, I'm, gonna try and get some road kills, for the mumbling. Chef I feel, that so you know since my voice is gone me and him, we have something, in common here these. Days I would like to just a whisper, you know like this so. Yeah. I. Want. To do this, destroy. Jacobs, helicopters. Um. This. Thing I just can't do it to, these poor on Molesey. OC, but I don't think I can do it. Oh. Yeah. So. Maybe. I'll, do this I. Don't. Know maybe, I'll do these two. Need. To catch a fish. But. At least and the helicopters. I want to take down and the, food thing just to get them food, so. Then. I will feel that I've, done, what. I'm you. Know what I need, to do sort of you know. So. Maybe the whiskey barrel you'll see healthy. So. If there's anything very, special, about taking these missions we will. Talk. When, I am. I'm. Taking. Them down. I'll. See I don't know maybe I will Adam, maybe I won't wealthy, wealthy and. It's. That. Is, the plan yes, it is so. Oh nothing. Else to do but to get, to work yep, let's, get to work. I. Got. Um. I'm. On the road care. Mission. Is he. Supposed. Was. That that loot. Okay. Whereas, I cam. Don't. Get it. Did. I get it. What. No. No it's still alive oh my god, you, gotta be kidding me. Seriously. You. Know don't swim. No. No. What. The Frick. Am i stuck again. Is. It, car. Gone is, it. Oh. You. Win this round. Oh. My. God. That's. Hilarious. You. Know this next mission is I don't think that. Rare. Yeah yeah. Oh. Yeah. Oh. Yeah. Yeah. No or, shall, we. Okay. Girls. Shriek oh. My. God. This, guy I think is my favorite character. Go. 104. Yeah. God. Almighty, I really hope you're here to help. I'm. Dave by the way Dave Fowler me. And Wade ran the Fang, sent it just up the road, tell. You the truth Wade, just looks after the animals I'm, the one that actually cares, about the merchandise, specifically, the cheeseburger, bobbleheads that was all me, and, then Jacob came and took pretty much everything, I was. Lucky to get out with what little I did but. The real issue here is they stole all my cheeseburger, bobbleheads, do, you have any idea how valuable those things are they're friggin collector, items now I mean, these things are, huge overseas. And they're so rare now I could make a killing selling them online. Once. We can actually get, back online I guess if. You're not sure what they look like there's. One over there on the table. The only one they left me bastards. Oh my. God you found something you're, amazing. Whatever. You do please find, the others, thanks. Buddy. Oh. My. God seriously.

Yeah. I have no words that is just, oh my, god it's funny. Doing. Small stir be true. Always. Be fast, my. Goddamn, boyfriend has my fishing rod and won't give it back tell me get it back would you you're, packing right shoot, a couple holes in his stuff scare the shit out of him. Uh-huh. Sure. Aim, to the cake. I don't, want to shoot the guitar do I have to shoot the guitar. Seriously. Oh. Don't. Don't you shoot anything oh yeah guys. I'm. So sorry. Believe. It's the best way to stay alive is to join, those fuckin Psychopaths. It, just doesn't get it I'm, trying to get us out of here, see, there's this monster of a fish called the Admiral. Big. Cash reward, for catching it if. I can add that fish it's our ticket out of this hellhole. Dylan, can be such an idiot. Huh you. Need to clear my head for a bit only, way I know how is fishing, why. Don't you come with me but. Use the company and I'll teach you some angling tricks if you want, those. Interested. In the truth ah fellow. Seeker, of justice yeah. I know who you are you're, that deputy, that's been stirring the peggy's globalist, pot everything. About this cult stinks, and you know I'm right, say. Say. It at the same time as me though we are slaves, to the government. Goodi'm. Mind-control, that's right partner, it's been their plan all along you know it I know you. Want to know how they're doing it it's, the food well. Not anymore. You and me are gonna burn, the. Government, side. Weights, names. Zip cupca I'll explain on the way come. That's. A monarchy. Tripping government, ploy of a scare tactic, to ploy attention, away from what's Rita who. This place, is ground, zero for, government. Fuck. Tim. Drake's weather. Manipulation. Pesticides. Genetically. Modified, this that and the other. Ground, the stock Metro Police about barrels. Full of that brain now mister, you. Know what I'm talking about, this. Okay. Lisa. The. Animals, and we're eating chemicals. Of Conformity, and what we need to do is destroy. The tools that are indoctrinating. Us I am. Empowered by the spirit, of human Liberty no, kotas, demon, can stand in your way. These. Global elite goblins have messed with the wrong human. And. By we I mean you, are. You gonna bond with those animals I can't bring myself to put them down that's. Right deputy, I'm talking. Euthanization. It's. The only way make. Sure you get them all. Get. Who the, animals. Oh. We've. Become pretty numb to that stuff so I sure. Okay. Kill. The animals. Okay. Mom's boy here. We go. I. Hope. There's no civilians. New, York. I. Don't. Know no enough 2:15. Isaac I'm so sorry. Don't. Burn up now. I. Know. We think are all tough and stuff but oh my. Gosh this, one. Covers. It while he. Plants, and explosives. Okay. Yeah. That's. Good. We should do it yep. Don't. Step on them I think. What. Who. Comes. Okay. Okay okay okay. No. No. Sakura. Stuck, oh no. No. No. No. He wasn't, this, was not supposed to happen this. This. Was not supposed to happen, Bella dolls don't open. Yet. Be. Careful, now. There. You go he's, down don't, you do, the walk please. Wait. Can we do this someone behind me I saw her so just, know that horrible, we. Were sweating. Wait. Wait we're. All there there there. Oh. We're, sick Cooper mr. Cooper did he die no. Oh. That. Was bad. Where's. It. I'm. Getting, there is there is thirsty, I'm. Getting I'm getting. Yeah. My. Heart is so broken mine. Too mine. Too. You. Can't take down the government without some collateral. What. Just happened that shit what's real fucked up. I, wanna eat steak. This. Looks, like the place that was on one on the loading screens. For.

The Cutscenes, for. Jacob, seed it. Looks like it I think it is I think it is that building I want. To go down there and just check it out see. See what happens Oh. Kind. Of exciting, I have to say. I'm. Not gonna. What. You call it. Stop. They know it I'm just gonna run over there, see. What happens. And. You know my, true style that's. How I do that isn't it. This. Is freaky. Ah. Oh. Yeah. Okay. Then ah. Hey. I died I did. Definitely, when we're not supposed, to be there yet um, that. Is that's. Pretty clear isn't it yeah. Rick. We, would just kick right, over, there weren't we. Okay. So I'm gonna try this oh yeah, we know how this will go yes. July. 18. 1975. Nixon. The, greatest stunt man in every aspect, of known creation. Donned a new wing suit made from the skin of his most beloved, dead pets at, the peak of his mental and physical health after. A lifetime of clean living and having achieved financial, success. Beyond his wildest, dreams, clutch, Nixon, lapped off the mountain and was, never seen again, after, months, of searching no. Body, was ever found, and, clutched Nixon, was declared legally. Dead, but, every year hundreds. Of his most loyal fans, throw, themselves off, this very cliff as, tribute, to, their long-lost, hero. Godspeed. Clutch, Nixon, you, magnificent. Son of a bitch god, speed. Yes. Godspeed. Oh this. That's one Oh, God. The older dog this is not going to it it's, not going very well people yeah. Okay. No, we're gonna get, back in for a while let's, see yeah. A. Fourth. 1963, punch, Nixon, the, greatest stuntman, in Montana, honored. America, in the only way God could have imagined, flying, recklessly. Through a pristine, river valley. Dor. Civilian, aircraft, although. He never crashed, his. Car, injury. To his brow Ridge. The. Color that, same year touch, accidentally. Sparked a race riot at the launch party of his first. Poetry. We've, accepted own glory oh well. I see you. Tourists. Alike, a cougar, and now I'm to be no glory, let's, just get the bear in there why the Freak where are you, where. Are you, this. Launching, yeah. Okay. Pop, up I go and. Yeah through, the rings and. This, is gold very well, oh my, god. Look. At that I can just hold it use oh this, is perfect, I don't have to do the thing I can just for you. Look. At this I don't have to do it. Gloria. Oh why. Is my voice form. No. No. No I'm crashing. We. Got the hang of it yeah. I'm. Just following in that I'm. All. The frequent new racing. Waiting. There is. Can. You point man. Come, on. If. This is achieving, I don't know what, it. Is but, it is it, is the core right, it, is kept. Yeah. We are, they are did you hear that past is it there. Yep. We're. In plain yogurt. Right, this looks like you might be then. Ready. Oh my god. Okay. People. Well. I. Have. Now been, running around. Doing. All the side missions at, least all the side missions that, I had, yes. The. Side missions. So. Let's have a look see see. All. Those side missions that I got although, the cow, outposts. Are done although the preparations. Are done so, you know, and although the story missions that I found. The. Only thing left is this where it all began. And this. Yes. This. Is left. What, can I say. I'm. A completionist. And, as the completionist. That I am. I would, like to do this. But, I don't want to do this. No. Sooo. Yeah. That's. My problem, you see, but. Then the world's a person who said how. About if you bring nature. Bring. Niche right. And then, Mitch, can, bump them, huh. Cuz. You know my followers. Followers. Day or you know specialist, under get hired gun they don't want to kill things.

But. Uh how, do you start if I after. Make. Your bump right. So, yeah. Yeah. We're. Going good it's, one. That's. True. Yeah. So I, brace. Yourselves, people when brace yourselves we're doing this. Yeah. Okay. Shoot. This. Episode. There, we go the cows always and, then Oh. God. Oh my. God. Look, at that okay. If. You, oh. My. God. Okay feet oh. My. God oh. You. Killed it to kill the cow. Look. Oh. My. God. You. Take, them off as I can't do it it's just limiting, with wrong look, at this the. Same ethics just wall. I know. All. This is just why is that it's, wrong. Sorry. Bullying. Episode sorry oh I've. Been awful, and the cow oh. Ah. The. One where, one, it. Was just one Oliver. Don't they don't hate me don't know that hey I'm just a messenger I'm just a messenger don't don't kill the messenger, don't kill the message is very bad to kill mister huh, it's. Very angry at the messenger Italians, oh. That's. Me. Okay. Oh no, oh. Look. He's doing his business and now. Oh. Look. Look there they're on it up. And on him Oh. Kill. A bull with a tractor, mouse. I'm. Gonna kill it to it I need, to kill it with a tractor. Why. My. Job. With, this. See. Ya. Ah. Yeah, huh, okay. See. Oh my. God. If, if. Eman. Naoi. Hi, there yeah nice. Nope, it'd. Kill. Abudance fire, now. What is this, what. Is. Killa, Puma far, okay. Okay wait again we gotta wait for him to do this thing, the, easiest, thing. Just. So wrong I'm kidding I'm not kidding this, is wrong Thanks. Oh, freaking. Killing them oh. Oh. Yeah. Tom. That did it I did it okay, you, can hate me. Okay. It's okay I understand. I understand. IIIi am not angry at you kill the messenger that is that I would have done the same. But. Seriously don't the same you can keep the cows, you. Know you do sorry, about the one. Yeah. I am sorry I think you gotta go I need, a moment I need a moment I just need a moment I just feel very bad I'm not kidding, yeah yeah yeah yeah, thank you oh that's, right no.

That, Was just wrong. Loved getting ballast I'll tell. You it was wrong, I, feel. Dirty. Yes, I do. Feel. Like a monster I. Feel like the monster, I am yes I do. Okay. I, need to drive off this I'm not kidding either clear, man. Oh it. Sounds like a good idea yep. Okay. Yeah blow off some steam. Ha. Ha ha now, who's laughing. Thirty-eight. More were injured, this, makes the third attack this month month, State. Department is issued an advisory against, all unnecessary. International. Travel families. Are being encouraged, to travel within the United States instead, of abroad no. Word on how this is affecting businesses, yet or whether international business, travel is considered, necessary the strain in Asia is increasing, between threats, of nuclear activity. And potential, trade sanctions it seems likely that conflict, will break out sometime, in the near future if. It does the, United States will have to get involved. That. Was interesting, also. Uh-huh. Okay. Then are we, going here. We're going here yes talk, to someone, talk. To Casey talk. To Casey. Oh God. Look at this okay, this is. Okay. Look at this oh my, god look at this I think. This year's testy feisty will go down as the greatest ever, can't. Wait to pop one of those juicy, balls into my mouth oh my god after I finished seasoning, and tenderizing, these little Mexican's the. Taste will be out of this world it's. Times like this that remind us of what really matters her. Friends and family our. Community our old, couldn't. Have done it without your here oh yeah. You're. Gonna stick around and gorge on these cattle, cutlets right come, on go grab a drink and we'll trout out. Oh yeah. Time, to get festive. Huh. Oh my. God. Oh, my. God. Shoot. The targets. Wasn't. What's the target though I wonder oh okay. So balloons I thought. Was the. Scarecrow's. Oh my, god this is all so, now, I gotta hit that is AI am drunk. Debauchery, I need a lower connect, it happened over I knew. I need another another. I. Need another one, you. Know no. I can't, I can't eat anything okay, I know okay. This is just not going well no. Did they go very well I did, those drink I think yes. I, wasn't. Really good at that slingshot what, I do. Oh, my. God. Well. I. I. Don't know, about you but this. This. Was worth it. Okay. Here's. The thing here's, the thing people I'm, glad we got John's, place but God is it ugly. Okay. Don't mind them never mind them I'm, telling myself not to mind them yes. Someone. Told me that there is a quest, that, I can get there's. Something, that we can do that I was not aware Oh so. Thank. You pass yep. Enter. It, is a surprise, I don't miss. People, it's a surprise. Now, I am going to fly there I saw, this plane in the shop it was so beautiful I just had to have it, so hold. Onto your horses. Did. You guys know this did. You huh, we. Can destroy. A freaking. Farm. And. So. That's, what we're doing, yep. Dad. It's what the Frick we're doing and I'm gonna try and do it in a plane. Yes. Let's. Join the. Mile-high. Club. In. A very special way. Hello. Yeah, liking. This. This. People, is what I think, about a lot of things. Yes. It is no. Means. Frank. You know. Oh. Are. You that I have the freakin bomb buttes I'm gonna try that now. Let's. See and. I. And. Don't think that hits anything, to be honest with you but hey let's. Try to do this. Is make exercise. No. We're going up again. Goddamn. That's a big sign haha, oh. Yes. I'm, gonna keep on it oops it, is it. Oh I'm. Liking this I am, liking, this. Is. It love it especially, something. Something I think, it is. Oh that. Turns around and. And. Easy. Does it. Yep. Gotta, get it all. Oh. God. I love God, do. You like that arc this. One's for you you know. This. One's for you. Okay, let's do another flyby. Like. It when the pieces. Of fly away not. Kidding, you now. For. A special one. Oh maybe not ah. Oh. That's, freaky. You. Should be cocky. You knew, that right let me copy. Let's. Do the rule. That. Was cool once, again. I. Think. I can get it target. No. No no wait. We refilling we refueling I not a guru even a refill. Okay I. Didn't. Say whose shoe Oh. Well, oh my god do not trash the place. That. Is for you you, do know how funny that is. 0:01. Midium. Is one know that you see that there okay. Oh. Do. This I can't. Feel that it oh look at this look this noon in it turn, around oh. God. All, the freaking get. Lost. It we. Lost it. We're. Gonna refill, em oh it's, just a couple of fishes just a couple is nobody. Oh, Frick, Frick okay okay yeah and it, flies very fast above Kitty's very. Top, oh my, god, okay, no way back to my old side see, I just need to. Be calm if. You calm about it everything, goes so, much well did you know that people, yes. It does so now. For, the lost forest, part, here. There. Is there is there it is in coming into my hands. Yes. That actually is a shame. Okay. Yeah, exit. Exit okay. Bert. Here. You should think about it there we go that's, that's a good Turk good Turk.

And. Oh. Hello. Yeah hello. Eric. How are ya, I, wonder. If my voice will ever return. Who. Knows huh, maybe. Maybe, not look. Huh. So. Cool I want. To go up and look at it I want, to look at it yes I heard, it sounds. Very strange. Cinci. I can wingsuit to now a little, maybe nurse Oh God come on lamb. I don't want to die now oh. Yeah here we go jump. Jump do the skyrim jump, no. No. Oh god, no no, this is not good this this is not for how it was posted, and they were supposed to end gloriously, and, nothing, yeah it's. Nothing, oh no, oh god okay. Okay. I'm. Alive. I'm. Live Oh. Media. Tell. Me. Did. You sleep last, night.

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Is upper secondary school in Norway university?


Some classic, very funny scenes (although whoever wrote the bulls quest was a bit... twisted). :D And your flying is improving! :D :D :D

Hihihi, yepp. The Testy Festy was... Well, thats what it was, wasnt it. Lol :D

Lol I love how he gets out the car while talking to u and its still driving that's was too funny

Hihihi, I agree :D :D :D


First love your channel keep up the good work!

Thank You :D :D :D

Not sure what that is but my guess is that that is what we call videregående. We call university universitet :)

The name "Big Farmer" for the shovel launcher is a joke, taking off "Big Pharma," where the huge multi-national companies conspire to make money, often at the health and safety of their staff and the US public in general. They do screw people over to make bank, but are not always conspiring to cover up some secret side effects in their medicines

"Okay, looks like we're walking.........." classic!

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