Leon Trotsky - Communism's True Believer

Leon Trotsky - Communism's True Believer

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This video is made possible by brilliant. You're gonna learn more about brilliant, later in today's video but if you'd like to learn more about them right now got a brilliant a talk /pi graphics, you'll also find a link in the description below. Leon. Trotsky was a man of thought and action his dream of a utopian, society built. On Marxism, it crumbled, around him yet he never gave up on his ideals when he was sidelined by, the power-hungry Josef Stalin he wielded, his pen to expose, the despot to the world knowing, full well that in doing so he, was signing his own death warrant in today's by graphics we discover the man who, was Leon. Trotsky. The. Man who is known to history as Leon Trotsky, was born Lev Davidovich Bronstein. On November, the 7th 1879. His parents, David and Anna were farmers in the Ukrainian village of Yankovic, David had built himself up from nothing to become one of the most successful farmers. In the entire region Lev was the fifth child born to the Bronstein's, during his first eight years he was kept on the farm and instructed, by his parents the language they spoke was a mixture of Russian, and Ukrainian then at the age of eight he was sent to a private Ukrainian, Jewish school in Odessa, in Ukraine Lev struggled during his first year at school as he was not familiar with the vernacular, of Jewish, Yiddish that was spoken in time, though he improved and he proved himself to be a very capable students, he quickly learned to speak Russian and he fell in love with Russian literature after two years at the private school Lev was transferred, to a state-run. Russian. School as in Paul's high school he excelled to be one of the top students however he proved to be an independent, thinker which sometimes. Led, to run-ins with his teachers his reading of such intellectual giants like Leo Tolstoy gave, him the knowledge to challenge, things that the other students accepted, about the order of society which caused, frustration for, his long-suffering, instructors. Graduating. From school at the age of 17 Lev moved to the Ukrainian, port town of Nikolaev close to the Black Sea he lived with two relatives, swarley decided, what he wanted to do with his life nikolai, of at that time was a center, of revolutionary.

Descent And the teenage life soon began to mingle with the radical, crowd. Within. A few months of arriving in nikolayeva lev met a young woman by the name of alexandra. Sokolovskaya, she was six years older than Levin's well versed in revolutionary, leftist, politics Lev later recalled that he was attracted to Alexandra, because she was the only person who was able to defeat, him in a debate the subject at issue was Marxism, and whether it would be the best thing for Russian society Lev argued against it was every, arguments, that he made was deftly, destroyed, by the wit and the wisdom of Alexandra, love he found himself falling in love with her but hardly before the relationship could get established he was thrown in jail the cause of his imprisonment in January, of 1898, was his involvement in a demonstration, of striking, union, members over the next two years he was irregularly, thrown in jail for short. Spells as a result, of his involvement in public demonstrations. In 1911. Alexandra. They were married shortly after the wedding Alexandra, was banished, to Siberia, for four years as a result of her own radical, activities. A new husband though he, went right along with that they ended up in the Siberian village of oast caught over the next two years they eat out a living in this cold and harsh terrain the couple also had two children girls, named, Sanada, and Nina after, two years of this exile, Lev had already had enough he, was ready to make his escape by now his wife had fully converted, him to Marxism, communism. And he was determined to get out of this purgatory and become active in the revolutionary, cause it was a resolve that Alexandra, would remain, in Siberia, with the two young children. Let. Travel to the Irkutsk, region of, Siberia there, it got ahold of a stolen Passport, it was then that he assumed his new name scribbling, it's on the pages of the fake passport, Leon, Trotsky, he made his way to London eager to learn at the feet of the founder of Russian Marxism, Vladimir, Lenin the two men developed an immediate bonds Lenin took Trotsky, on as his apprentice setting, him to work as a writer for his communist, newspaper Iskra, within a couple of months of his arrival, Lenin sent him out on a fundraising, and publicity tour of Europe to promote the newspaper as well as the Communist cause on, the Paris leg of the tour he met a young woman by the name of Natalya Sedova despite, still being married to Alexandra. He and Natalya soon became man and wife she, returned, with him to London and they set up house there no long after his return from Europe Trotsky, attended, the second Congress of the Democratic, Workers Party in London the main topic of discussion, was the recent, split in the Russian Communist Party between the Mensheviks and the Bolsheviks, the Mensheviks were the more moderate, of the two factions, who envisions, a gradual, transition to communism, the Bolsheviks, however they were far more radical they, intended to dismantle, the current system immediately and replace, it with full-on.

Communism. They were fully prepared to stage violent, uprising, in order to achieve, their means the, names of these factions, they tell us about their levels of support the, Menshevik, means men, of the minority, while Bolsheviks, translates, to men of the majority nothing, was in favor of the Bolsheviks, at the Congress meeting he explained, the Bolsheviks needed to create a centralized, power structure, from which they could control and direct the common people this idea it was very troubling, to Trotsky, who saw it as a replacement of the type of capitalist, control, of the masses that they were trying to get rid of for many years after that he continued. To try and bridge the divide between the Bolsheviks, and the, Mensheviks. In. 1905. Russia suffered a humiliating defeat, against, the Japanese in the Battle of Tsushima they'd, left the Russian economy in ruins, and led to mass demonstrations. On January the 22nd, 1905, the peaceful demonstration, gathered outside of Tsar Nicholas Winter. Palace Nicholas reacted, by sending, in the cavalry the demonstrators, were routed with hundreds. Being killed in the street the people they were outraged, in the Bolshevik ranks however celebrations, began to occur they saw this as the spark that would bring, on the great Communist revolution, over, the following months protests, grew larger, morphing into the general, strike of October, 1905. Over, that period of time the Bolsheviks, they were busy, organizing the resistance, both Lenin and Trotsky had, relocated. To San Petersburg Trotsky began organizing, special workers assemblies these groups were designed to take control of regions that were to be governed, by a workers council the Russian word for council will, out be Soviet Trotsky, set up the first Soviet, in San Petersburg, with him serving as its chairman in short order the region was surrounded, by the Tsarist, army and Trotsky, was taken into captivity he, was held in prison, for nearly a year before being put on trial defending, the charge of leading the armed rebellion, Trotsky, gave an impressive speech in which he laid out all the benefits of Marxism, all of this was in vain however as he was convicted and he, was exiled once again to, Siberia. Trotsky. Determined, that there was no way that he was going back to that Siberian, wilderness. In. January, of 1907, he escaped, while being transported, to his place of banishment for, a second time he headed off to London within weeks though he had relocated to Vienna in Austria it was there that he started working for the communist propaganda newspaper. Pravda. Financing. The ongoing, publication, of Pravda was a constant, challenge in 1909, Trotsky, requested, that the Bolshevik, Central Committee inject, funds to keep the paper going Lenin, now at the head of the Bolsheviks, agreed but only on the condition that a Bolshevik be put in place as assistant, editor this means that the moderate views which Trotsky, had managed to infuse into the paper were no, longer going to be acceptable, from 1910, onwards Pravda, became the mouthpiece of Bolshevik. Communism, tensions, between the Bolsheviks, and the Mensheviks they continued, to cause division in 1912. Lenin instigated, a purge to remove, the moderate voices Trotsky, remains in opposition to the more radical actions, of the Bolsheviks, such as armed robberies of banks to finance, the party he organized a unification conference. To bring the factions together but. It was a failure. Throughout. 1912, Trotsky wrote for a number of radical Russian and Ukrainian, newspapers, in September, of that year he was sent on assignment to cover the balkan war when, World War one broke outs he moved from Austria to Switzerland, and then to Paris from, his base there he wrote anti-war, diatribes, in which he describes, the injustice, of, the workers of the world who were being forced to kill each other at the beckoning, of their rulers the French governments they were not impressed with this anti-war stance and their Trotsky deported, on March 31st.

1916. Trotsky. He went to Spain birds his writings, led to deportation, from that country as well, he, ultimately ended up in the United States he arrived in New York on January the 13th 1917. He settled into a small, room in the Bronx and began writing for several, Russian newspapers, a month after his arrival in the US Trotsky received the news that Tsar Nicholas had been overthrown he decided to return, in order to play his part in the history that, was unfolding on, March the 27th, 1917. Trotsky sailed from New York Harbor on board the SS Christiana. Fort however, the ship was intercepted by the British Navy at Halifax Nova Scotia and, Trotsky was held in an internment camp for a month through, the intervention of the Russian Foreign Minister he was released, and he was able to continue on to Russia now, just before we get into the very important, October Revolution I do want to tell you a bit about brilliant, brilliant art a science learning platform that allow you to learn through active, learning, basically summed, up this is the opposite of that feeling where you read a really complex, paragraph, about some principle, and then you've just got no, clue what, on earth is going on even if you've read it through ten times you're still like huh. Anyway. And brilliant don't just teach you the basics, although they do cover that as well they go all the way to complex, things like differential. 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You can learn something wherever you want brilliant makes even complex concepts, easy to understand they give you something super, short to read it's really easy and then you immediately, apply it to a problem for, intz and repeats and suddenly you're understanding, all sorts of stuff that you didn't think you'd ever get all of course is a totally, interactive so you can learn probability. By playing blackjack, or, you can learn the physics of motion using interactive, models of pendulum. Clocks, so, if you want to support via graphics, which would be awesome and get, unlimited access to all of brilliance in-depth math and science, courses you can head over to brilliant org forward slash bhaiyya graphics, and get 20% off their annual premium, subscription, and let's get back to Trotsky, and his revolution. Following. The ousting of Tsar Nicholas the supposedly neutral provisional. Government was put into place until a more permanent government, could be established, Trotsky arrived, in San Petersburg, on May the 17th 1917. He soon became the popular speaker at town halls and factories, as the various political elements, vying for power his catchphrase embodied, the three tenets of his revolutionary. Vision distrust. The bourgeoisie control. Our own leaders and have confidence, in our, revolutionary. Forces the, Bolsheviks, they struggled, for more radical, changes, than the state government, or Duma envisions, Trotsky, aligned himself with the Bolsheviks, he was arrested on August the 7th for his involvement in a Bolshevik demonstration. They spent 40 days in prison it's probably used to that at this point on, October, the 8th with the Bolshevik support gaining ascendancy, Trotsky, was voted governor of the San Petersburg Soviet, for a second time by the end of the year the provisional, government's it had failed it was superseded, by the Bolsheviks, with Lenin, at the head the second most powerful man was. Leon Trotsky. An. Immediate. Focus for the Bolshevik, government was to get Russia, out of the war this, task was handed to Trotsky, along with the title of people's commissar, for Foreign Affairs on December, the 2nd 1917. The Bolsheviks signed ceasefire with the allied Central, Powers of Germany, austria-hungary. And turkey talks then began between Trotsky, and the central power delegates, to work out an armistice, agreement, the Germans in particular they drove a hard bargain they demanded that the Russians give up their claim to Ukraine Poland Lithuania as well as parts of Latvia, and Bella Russia Trotsky. Was taken, aback by the demands, but he also knew that he had little choice, the Bolsheviks had campaigns on a platform of getting Russia out of the war and all of Russia was essentially demanding, that Trotsky, he related the demands to Lenin adding that he felt they had no choice but to agree then, and he was of the same opinion but, when the rest of the Bolshevik government heard the demands they, were infuriated, they managed to convince both Trotsky, and Lenin not.

To Sign the armistice, in the end Trotsky simply decided, to pull out of the hostilities, without, the benefit of an armistice agreements he explains we declare we end the war but will not sign a peace they will be unable to make an offensive against us if they attack us our position will be no worse than now, it, was a gamble that Trotsky, would immediately, regret, On February the 18th 1918. Austrian, and German forces they invaded Russia they found the borders completely, undefended on, hearing the news Trotsky he was dumbfounded he sent a message to the German ambassador stating, we request clarification of, this misunderstanding. But there was no misunderstanding the very next day Trotsky, was commanded, by Lenin, to accept, the original German, conditions, for the armistice. With. Russia now out of the war Trotsky was made commander-in-chief, of, the Russian armed forces a, crisis, occurred when the Czechoslovak, legions, returning, from the war revolted, against the Bolshevik governments the resistance, grew and what became known as the white army when he heard that the outpost of Kazan had fallen to this opposition Trotsky, hopped on a train and headed for the area to assess the situation for himself his train only made it part of the way before he was forced and turned back but before they could get out of town the White Army forces that surrounded. Trotsky's contingent, for 25 days they were forced, to fend off the assault until they were finally able to break out and returned, to San Petersburg, with, the white army challenging, them from the East the Baltics also faced pressure from, the north as a finish group known as the white guard sought to rescued, Tsar Nicholas and his family, from captivity the group were on the verge of taking control of the town of yet Ehrenberg which is where the royal family were being held captive then, the order came through to kill the entire royal, family, with, this terrible deed done the Bolsheviks were ousted from, the town however the white guards, they were simply, too late to save Nicholas or his family at.

The Beginning of 1919. Russia it was in a state of crisis civil, wars had wracked the country, hands now disease famine, and poverty, decimated. The population meanwhile. European powers, hovered around like, vultures ready, to devour, the Russian corpse by, October the White Army had almost total, control and were pressing, at the gates of some Petersburg the Soviet government ordered, a full-scale, retreat from the capital but Trotsky, he strongly disagreed, he rallied his supporters, to resist, to the very last man trotsky's, bravery, persistence, and strong personality, turns the tide the Soviet forces dug, in and managed, to push back the white army some Petersburg was safe and the tide of the Civil War it began to change in favor of the Bolsheviks, by the end of 1920, the White Army had been concentrated. In Siberia, the Soviets had survived to see off their enemies and cement their leadership however in May of 1922, their, leader and visionary, Vladimir, Lenin in a massive stroke, Trotsky would have seemed to have been the natural successor however there was another member of the Bolshevik power structure, who had other ideas and, his, name of course was. Joseph Stalin. Joseph. Stalin was a street fighter and a thug who would cajole his way into becoming the general secretary of the Soviet Union by the time that Lenin died the, position it didn't hold any real power with all of his actions being controlled by the executive, committee or the police of Euro by the end of 1922, Lenin, had recovered sufficiently to send a note to the politico, giving his thoughts on his successor. He stated that Trotsky, was a stronger personality than Stalin but that he was too prone to acting unilaterally without. Consulting the rest of the council as for, Stalin he considered him to be too rude too ruthless, and too intolerant, Lenin, held on until January, the 21st, 1924. During, that time it became clear to Stalin, that the dying leader favoured Trotsky over him this, led him to embark on a ruthless, campaign to, discredit Trotsky, he claimed that Trotsky, was trying to cause divisions, within the party by trying, to push out the old guards in favor of younger members who were more inclined to his will, Stalin managed have a book that Trotsky, had written in 1923, banned, from sale as being anti Leninist even though it, was nothing, of the sort the open and constant, criticisms, of Trotsky resulted, in the loss of his two offices as chairman, of the war council and people's, commissar, of war, and Navy after spending almost all of 1925, without a job Trotsky was recalled in 1926.

And Given three roles however, Stalin, interfered so much that he resigned from two of them only retaining the position of chairman, of the concessions, committee. But. Stalin was, not through with Trotsky, yet on November the 12th 1927. He had him expelled from the Communist Party and then, axon to Kazakhstan, three, months later he was completely banned from living in the Soviet Union Soviet guards they forced, him onto a train and would not tell him where he was going after going on a hunger strike he, was finally informed, that he was headed for Turkey this enraged, Trotsky, who was convinced, that the anti-communist, regime there would haven't, executed, immediately he sends a message to the Central Committee requesting, a change of heart but, there was no response surprisingly. Though the Turks they treated Trotsky with the greatest respect he was given a home to live in with his wife and his Harley Ahrens their son Lev from, his new base he began writing about the situation, within the Soviet Union and specifically, the failings of Stalin he didn't talk back writing the following in an article titled what is Stalin, his political horizon is extremely, narrow he has the mentality of a dogged empiricist, devoid, of creative. Imagination these. Writings were published in newspapers, around the world knowing. What we do now about Stalin's, personality, it is a wonder that he didn't have Trotsky, killed immediately but to have done so would have been to bring the condemnation of the world down on Stalin, as a result he sought to shut him up by sending him deeper into exile, the Turks received orders to remove, Trotsky, to the island, of print Copiah after, a year there he managed to get political asylum in France the, French would not allow Trotsky to live in Paris so he settled in the coastal community of Rio he spent almost two years there but then French Soviet, relations improved, and the government, was pressured to deport him for a year he stayed in Norway with journalist, Konrad Knudsen while there he wrote the revolution, betrayed which further highlighted, the failings of Joseph Stalin a furious, Stalin pressured the Norwegian government and, Trotsky, was once.

Again Deported, he and his wife and son they now headed for Trotsky's final destination, of New Mexico for just over two years from January 1937, to April of 1939. They lived with artists, Diego, Rivera and Frida Kahlo during, that time Trotsky, had an affair with Frida even though his wife and son were also, living under the same roof in April of 1939. The Trotsky's moved into their own home a few streets away from Diego, and Frida it was here that he, wrote his strongest attack on Stalin yet, article was titled, Hitler and Stalin, in it he wrote about Stalin's hypocrisy, and signing a non-aggression, pact with Hitler it stated over the last three years Stalin. Has labeled every one of Lenin's comrades-in-arms. Agents, of Hitler having destroyed, the army party and decapitated. The army Stalin, is now openly advancing, his candidature, as Hitler's, chief agents. By. Now Trotsky, was convinced, that Stalin would soon silence him on February 27th, 1940, he wrote Trotsky's Testaments, in which he defended himself as a loyal party member in the mid 1940s Trotsky's house was swarmed, by members, of the Russian secret police the NKVD. Trotsky's guards managed to fight them off by following, the failed assassination attempt. Trotsky wrote an article titled, Stalin, seeks my death on June, the 8th 1940. In which she stated that another assassination, attempt was absolutely. Certain a month later on August the 20th 1940, a man walked into Trotsky, study and buried. An icepick into, his head Trotsky, did not die immediately though rather he fought the attacker until his bodyguards, were able, to come in and subdue him Trotsky, was rushed to the local hospital according, to James P Kanin the secretary, of the Socialist Workers Party in the USA trotsky's last words were I will not survive, this attack Stalin. Has finally, accomplished, the task he attempted, unsuccessfully before. He. Died the next day. So. I really hope you found that video interesting, if you did please do give us a thumbs up below and don't forget to subscribe we've got brand new videos just like this several days a week so hit that subscribe button to find out about those if you're looking for something else from me I've got another channel called top tens you will find that linked, to below and, as, always thank. You for watching.

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He lived in New York City for a few months and published a newspaper. God willing I will live in the apartment building he published his newspaper in.

Simon please do a biography on czra Nicholas of Russia please please please please I beg of you

Hay!! Could u do Ayatollah Khomeini? Or the last Shah of Iran?

Im most glad you found yrself a sugar daddy...So, the content can continue!!!

Biographics Can You Make A Video about The Polish Marshal Józef Piłsudski


16:14 But that's Stalin and Kalinin not Trotsky. So many people always confuse the two. Must be similar beards and glasses. 16:37 is a good picture comparison of both Kalinin and Trotsky. Kalinin at the front and Trotsky just behind him.

3:45 from Russia with love.

Saw the russian Movie Trotsky

If only he had taken power instead of Stalin..

Radicals, they always bring in the good stuff. I'm just gonna sit here and wait for the next millions of people to die for some dumb idea.

that negotiation was hilarious

ad starts at 9:35 and ends at 11:10

these historical figures always go for the straight up ugliest women

Trotzky was a traitor of marxism and questioned the role of the peasants as the allies of the proletariat. He also collaborated with nazi germany

Condemnation of Stalin excessive.  Hitler-Stalin pact necessary to destroy Poland since Poland and Hitler had dismembered Czechoslovakia together - and Stalin was right to suspect an ultimate joint attack upon the Soviet Union from both Poland and Nazi Germany.  Poland had seized Soviet territory - east of the Curzon Line - in 1920 and Stalin wanted it back.  Poland is to blame for the mess it copped in 1939 - Stalin's killing of the Polish officers at Katyn a just reprisal for Poland's treacherous attack in 1920!  We see Poland's treachery again today, hosting US missiles for supposed Iranian threat!

Great video. It seems that Trotsky was nothing more than an antagonistic mouthpiece. He seems to have never actually worked for a living and yet had guards and homes, etc.. He may have preached communism but he lived as the elite. He preached one thing but lived another. He is a shining example of the modern left in America. He had an affair with the wife of the man who's home his family was living in and he abandoned his legal wife and children in Siberia. He was a POS and a hypocrite.

True believing communists always take money from big capitalists, just like (((Levi Bronstein)))!

do ned kelly or jandamara

You are the hardest working man on YouTube

Thomas Sowell would be a good subject for a video

Trotsky wasn’t the “true believer of communism” he was a revisionist who didn’t believe in socialism unless the entire world revolted together - clearly impossible.

Now everyone knows why some abortions are a necessity...

"Trotsky has never yet held a firm opinion on any important question of Marxism. He always contrives to worm his way into the cracks of any given difference of opinion, and desert one side for the other. At the present moment he is in the company of the Bundists and the liquidators. And these gentlemen do not stand on ceremony where the Party is concerned. " - Lenin, Collected Works, Vol. 20 p. 448, 1914

PS: Trotsky stayed with Stalin while he lived in Vienna. Stalin very kindly gave Trotsky a couch to sleep on...;) Both Tito, and Hitler were living there at the same time, and frequented the same cafe!!!

oh, it is all about austrians they have started two world wars and germany payed for it

Will you do Karl Marx too? U could start a whole playlist called "communists"

Bronstein//Trotsky has always been a massive inspiration to me, but i definitely dont consider myself a "Trot", im mostly in line with Lenin//Marx. Ala: Marxist-Leninist Ive become more so a reformist>revolutionary in my old age. Gulp, guess thatd make me a filthy Menshevik...:p

Not Yiddish!!?

Stupid Comments are amusing. Lenin had 4 strokes, starting about age 51. Luke Perry died of a stroke at 52. I'd wager Lenin had AFib, a not uncommon heart condition that produces deadly blood clots. Lenin was ruthless with dissidents and enemies, but far less vindictive and heartless than Stalin. If Lenin had had an EKG and blood thinners - I don't know if there was Coumadin, probably only aspirin & alcohol - he might have lived to 80.

'Communism's true believer'? I got a better one, Leon Trotsky; WAR CRIMINAL.

Lenin wasn't the *founder* of Russian Marxism, Plekhanov was

How might have Soviet Russia turned out under Trotsky rather than Stalin? Alas, we'll never know!

United States used to have committees. Now we have eyeballees

I love how fearless he was to continue the attacks on one of the worst men in history. He knew his words were powerful enough to get him killed and it's clear he wanted himself to be martyred as the Soviet writer rebel.

Could you do a profile on Christopher Lee? He could well just be the most interesting man to ever live

Sometimes I have to wonder if our fans actually look at our archive to see who we have done in the past. We have already done Christopher Lee. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIF8N0I4U1g

Ideas: Rafael Trujillo Hugo Chavez Augosto Pinochet Archduke Franz Ferdinand Gavrilo Princip

+Biographics ¡gracias por a responderme!

Pinochet is in our queue.

Ice pick to the head! Hell yeah! Bad things happen to bad people. Fitting end for a commie!

You guys should cover Aleister Crowley

Script is written.

The one undeniably good thing Stalin ever did was ordering the murder of Trotsky. Change my mind. Pro-tip, you can't.

I like your videos, for the most part. One on Eugene Debs and also Clarence Darrow would be great.

What an idiot

One cannot help but wonder how the USSR would have turned out if Trotstky rather then Stalin had become the leader of the party ? No holodomor no purges no Gulags.history would look quite different

in reality he was even more bloody man and wanted to make revolution and kill other classes everywhere in the world on contrary with Stalin who was for one-country-socialism

You didnt mention that the reason why turks respected him was the fact that he was the only journalist who is writing the truths about the Balkan Wars; massacres against turks, the hypocracy of the serbian, bulgarian leaders and censor of the bulgarians about their war crimes against turks. He wrote a book about his experiences and memoirs in these wars "The Balkan Wars" therefore he had sympathy for turks and he contributed to the agreement between soviet russia and turkey which turkey gained some eastern provinces which they lost during 1878-78 turko-russian war

What a real son of a bitch. Fucking sick people hunting other people.

The Bolsheviks were actually the minority party and the Mensheviks the majority, although their names mean literally the opposite.

whould you consider doing william of orange?

Is it *_"Belarussia"_* or *_"Belarus"?_*

Post office, many years back , had it as Byelorussia. Means White Russia but has nothing to do with the white russian army.

Do Suleiman I

While Trotsky was busy being deported, his first wife is just sitting around in Siberia.

0:27 lol yeah he was so "powerhungry" that he tried to resign 4 times yet they never took him up on his offer for some reason despite having lenins "testament" which said to get rid of him. If he was so powerhungry then why tf would they not just get rid of him when they literally had 4 times to do it?

Can you do a video on Buster Keaton?

Amongst Bolsheviks, Trotsky was the *pick* of the litter .

Was riveting ... until you got to the ice-pick dismount of the bio. Was delivered more interestingly even in your Stalin bio. In saying that, made me arrive at a new 'appreciation' of Stalin as the John Gotti of the Bolshevik mafia.

It is said that when the assassin assaulted Trotsky, he broke the arm of the imposter, bravely fighting against the man, before crumbling on the floor covered in his own blood.

A joo communist? Well now ive seen everything. Just kidding every freakin one of them is a gay communist

Do a Josip Broz Tito one

Only about a week ago I had expressed a wish for a bio of Trotsky. It seemed hardly sooner asked then answered. Thank you very much.

Something somethin ICE PICK! Something something STALIN DID NOTHING WRONG!

There is a strange mystique that surrounds Trotsky that somehow things might have been better had he succeeded Lenin as the leader of the USSR . There is stark evidence to support this. Trotsky was just as partial to using violence to further his political goals as Stalin was and indeed Lenin was. All three of them were ruthless fanatics whose ideologies and actions resulted in deaths and suffering of millions. That should not be forgotten.

As I recall, while the Bolshevik name signified party of the majority, they were actually the minority party. Sort of like the Moral Majority.

do george carlin next

at least he died knowing that in the end, he was the greatest pain in the ass for stalin.


honestly I like your videos. I could see Napolen Bonaparte as a user commenting and then it disappeared... I think I need a nap. On my channel I have a movie uploaded about Shostakovich's life fighting against Stalin. Maybe you can watch it and then make a biographic? if you want? it's one of my favourite composers and I uploaded the movie FULL extent on my youtube. Yeah! And I wrote a thesis about Vlad Tepes from the original archives!!! I love this channel.

Bonnie and Clyde would make an intriguing episode, don’t you think?

At 19:43 damn I did not know that lmao

Let's not forget that Left Wing, atheist regimes like the USSR are the biggest killers of all time! Socialist regimes have killed 100 million in their run: half because they kill right wingers who disagree with them, half because socialism just starves people to death because it doesn't work. Look at Venezuela! Denmark and Sweden aren't actually socialist, they are currently more capitalist than America. Look it up.

No Trotsky did not "align" himself with the Bolsheviks when he returned to Russia but led his own Independent Internationalists or Mezrionsti group. He unified with the Bolsheviks whilst in jail following the defeat of the July days uprising.

Should do a show on Mikhail Bakunin...

There was no Communist Party in Russia until 1919! The party of the Russian working class in 1903 was the Russian Social Democratic Party which split into Bolshevik and Menshevik factions in that year. FFS how can this be taken seriously when you can't even get basic facts right. Even a Wiki search would give you the facts.

Whatever happened to Leon Trotsky? He got an ice pick That made his ears burn

I enjoy your short bios but I'm afraid that Lenin wasn't the "father" of Russian Marxism. This shows a lack of understanding of Russian history. The real father of Russian Marxism was Plekhanov of whom Lenin was originally a pupil follower.

When you *accidentally* fall on your ice pick you use to climb the snowy peaks of central Mexico.

Nice video!!Can you do a video about Stalin please??

Trotsky got an ice pick that made his ears burn. No more heroes anymore.

Do Michael Collins please

can someone name the music pieces used in this video?

Hugely interesting bio. Awesome stuff! :)

Whatever happened to Leon Trotsky ? He got an ice pick that made his ears burn .

You forgot to mention Trotsky wrote a book defending terrorism.

One like one pickaxe to Trotsky

This is just as great as I expected, can't wait for FDR

What’s the name of the song he was using at 3:46?

Many Jewish murderers in this. Americans should take notice.

Could you cover the life of Ratko Mladić?

The Whites were all anti-Bolshevik Russians. What are you guys even going?? They weren’t Czech and Finnish. Insane disinformation.

Extremely disappointed in your summation of Bloody Sunday. The Tsar was not even present in the capital at all, and the guards fired on the demonstrators by mistake. There were no cavalry, and most accounts put the dead at under 200.

Uh did he just say the mensheviks were moderate?

moderate radicals, yeee

Now Leo Tolstoy looking down to Simon hoping for a biography lets give him one.

Simon can you make a Christopher Hitchens biographics episode?

BVargas78 He started out as a Trotskyist but became a Neocon so this should be interesting.

Trotsky was the scape goat for Stalin and the propaganda apperatice

You do realize that in actual numbers the Bolsheviks were the smaller group, right? They lied about their numbers to add credibility to their party.

The leftist hero.

Marxist Leninist Hate Trotsky

Would love to see a source for your claim that the Finnish White Guard were the reason of the execution. The White Guard of Finland were a wee bit busy consolidating in their own country. While some members of the Finnish whites did lead expeditions into Russian territory, it was mainly in Eastern Karelia. The generally accepted theory for the order of the execution was the approaching Czechoslovak Legions, which had been asked by the Entente powers to attempt a rescue of the Imperial Family.

Do a video on Rosa Luxemburg.

I'd like to see George III of Great Britain

Do Atatürk next.

Lizzie Borden (Stalin)took an axe (ice pick)and gave her mother (Trotsky)40 whacks! When she (he) saw what she (he) had done! She (he) gave her father (the rest of the Lenin old guard) 41!!

Do one on Pythagoras please.

whats that music?

Trotsky was s true believer in Communism, just as the Jonestown victims were true believers of Jim Jones.

The way Stalin is portrayed versus the way Trotsky is portrayed is pretty astounding, but I guess that's what happens when you don't have any victories for the imperial powers to be challenged by. You should check the sources of what you read, as a lot of it is just propaganda with footnotes, but it is challenging especially if you can't speak the language the primary sources are written in.

brilliant sucks

I wonder if the people of Russia and the other Soviet Republics could have been spared seventy years of poverty and tyranny if the Czar's court system had simply executed chronic troublemakers like Trotsky for treason? It seems to me that the rather limp-wristed approach of sentencing repeat offenders to prison or exile pretty much guaranteed a Communist takeover.

Trotsky is a great revolutionary. He hasn't died and he will live in our hearts forever. He's the person who came up with the idea of selling pieces of chicken in a bucket. Long Live Trotsky!! Your Revolution will Live forever!!

17:17 who's the wizard?

Leon icepicksky

I was very disappointed in the biography of Lenin as it seemed one sided. This was not... Trotsky is highly misunderstood, even by many on the Left. Stalinists ( who are NOT Leftists) detest Trotsky because he lays their lies threadbare. People should read The Revolution Betrayed, as it correctly calls out the failures of the Stalinist bureaucracy and correctly predicts the fate of the Soviet Union 55 years before it died. A great quote from Trotsky applies right now, as our politics devolve into a Rightist cesspool...." The historic function of fascism is to smash the working class, destroy its organizations, and, and stifle political liberties when the capitalists find themselves unable to govern and DOMINATE ( emphasis added by myself) with the help of democratic machinery..."..Leon Trotsky

I wish donkeys had donkey communism. it would be pretty interesting

Dirty Jew who in 2017 said Israel Found oil in golan heights when it is occupied Syrian land..Simon the host is a dirty Jew

Liberalism cannot withstand capitalism. He was right in practice but Stalin was right in application.

Dear Trots, in the seat of the empire, the bourgeois LOVE Trotsky and HATE Stalin and Mao. Everywhere the people rise up... its just the opposite. Reflect and stop sucking down propaganda!

Trotsky was the chief architect of the Red Terror during the Civil War, about which he wrote: "The bourgeoisie today is a falling class... We are forced to tear it off, to chop it away. The Red Terror is a weapon utilized against a class, doomed to destruction, which does not wish to perish.. the Red Terror hastens the destruction of the bourgeoisie." He was a ruthless murderer and his death only proved that those who believe that innocent human life can be sacrificed in the pursuit of naked power often ultimately become its victims.

In Soviet Russia.....party finds you

Two Soviet officials were walking down the street. The first official said to the other "we have not come to a perfect communist system and we must do more to achieve this" the second official replied "my god, I hope not".

Can you do George Lucas and speilburg

Dennis prager explains his support for soviet communism

But did he died?

A Jew singing the praises of the murdering Marxist, Leo Trostky, aka Lev Davidovich Bronshtein. Who would have thought it?

You've got to read alot more than just a few books on Stalin before you can even speak on him. Thumbs down Trotskyist.

Trotsky would have been a formidable leader of the Soviet Union. Possessing none of the psychopathic tendencies and narrow thinking of Stalin, but being much more of an "action man" than Lenin (as well as being much younger), he could have really put a human face on Communism. Under Trotsky the Communist Party would probably been a broad church, incorporating moderate Menshavik representatives all the way to real hard-liners. How many other countries, inspired by a Trotsky lead Soviet Union (which actually probably would have been a real union), would have swung Communist in Europe?

A man of exceptional deportment . . . wait . . .

He was just a useful idiot, after all.

After one hundred years of failure, ignorant people with no hope of ever accomplishing anything in life still cry out, Communism would have succeeded if ran by the right people. As Einstein would say, "insanity is doing the same thing over, and expecting different results."

Anyone else unable to get anything but political ads? One i got last year was the most ridiculous one iv ever seen 1hr long ad on Youtube??? Australians - and this where our taxpayers money goes.

Looks like ISP

is it rue he killed more people than hitler when he ran the red army

Literally ISP

**Even the Tsarist government was less evil and more fair minded than the Marxist/socialists were, and that's saying something! How many times did Trotsky, Lenin and Stalin get away with direct treason, by undermining the Tsarist govt, only to be temporarily banished to live as a free man in Siberia, or Europe, or given a short jail sentence. Then when captured by the Brits, the Tsarist govt worked to get Trotsky released and sent back home to Russia!** Compare that with how they treated the Tsar and his ENTIRE FAMILY shortly after capturing them. They marched them into a basement and murdered them! Throughout the history of this evil ideology, people like Stalin, Lenin and Trotsky, along with most every other Marxist/socialist leader(dictator), operated with a vindictive, zero tolerance policy against essentially ANYONE who 'may'(or may not) have merely dissented against socialism. Most are quickly tortured and murdered, or thrown into gulags! Shortly after taking power in Cuba, Fidel Castro was visiting the US, referring to himself and his new government as "democratic humanists". In the mean time, Che Guevara, the 'hero' of many misguided professors and teachers, was busy carrying out countless summary executions against dissenters and "enemies of the revolution"! How can educated people STILL be supporting this evil, regressive and destructive ideology?**

17:50 Kazakhstan didn't exist yet, at the time it was the Kirghiz A.S.S.R. (Autonomous Socialist Soviet Republic).

15:40 *Bolsheviks, the Soviet Union wasn't created until 1923.

do Nikolai Bukharin the most overlooked Bolshevik!

He can get ice picked again.

The virgin Stalin vs the chad Trotsky

Drinking game: take a shot every time Trotsky gets deported.

Ah more anti Stalin pro Trotskyist CIA propaganda from MI5 asset the Jew Simon whistler

I've said it before and I'll say it again Insert Stranglers No More Heroes joke here

Why is the thumbnail blue and not red

Interesting how Trotsky was one of the few in the Glasnost era that was not "rehabilitated" posthumously

Trotsky and Stalin... I am not sure which Medieval witch-hunting Inquisitor was more vile and dangerous - a religious fanatic who really believed in Devil and witches or an immoral cynic wearing priest attire who just pretended he believed, in fact enjoying only the sadistic "fun" and the revenues from the victims' confiscated property. If I could, I'd shoot down both. Communist state was the predecessor of the Islamic State which - there is lot of evidence - was joined by quite a number of non-Arab sadistic perverts from Europe. Great - just rename your self "Abu" or "Ahmed" and you may kill, loot and have "fun" with helpless prisoners. Just call yourself a Communist and.... see above.

I learned about Trotsky more in this video than from the series.

Interesting. I wonder what would have happened if Trotsky prevailed over Stalin after Lenin died. Would he have purged the Soviet officer Corp right before WW2? What difference would it have made?

Biographics, I am a huge fan. Always rewatching episodes when bored. If I can be suggestive, I think an episode on "Jesse James" would be amazing.

Give me the ice picks

Communism is about Equal Outcome which ALWAYS ends in SLAVERY. You must force people to do jobs they don't want to do. You want Equal Outcome virtually all sanitation workers are male, so you must force women to take an equal number of trash collector jobs to be EQUAL. The best example of perfect communism is Pol Pot in Cambodia. He reasoned that people with higher IQs and education had privilege and an unequal advantage, so he killed anyone with an IQ over 110. Then forced every Cambodian to be a farmer so that they would all be equal. Outcome: 35% of Cambodians were killed by the government. This is where equality of outcome LOGICALLY will always arrive.

If Czarism was so brutal why did they keep practicing catch and release with violent revolutionaries? I can see once or twice but after the second time it's rope time.

He was still a commie.

Can you do leni riefenstahl

You overlooked Trotskys film career. One movie, one bad performance.

Once upon a time, way back when, I took a semester of LoA from my uni studies which I spent.... taking some uni-courses while figuring out where to go with my ... uni-studies (yeah, I know, but hey, as said: you don't spend endless hours watching educational videos on youtube if you don't have a thing for education). Anyway. During that time, one of the courses I took was the history of Russia and the Baltic nations (the other one was the Holocaust in European History - such a fun time, no tears during late night study session there, oh no, no, not at all!). Besides that, For as long as I can remember, I've had a thing for communism - or rather: against communism, particularly Soviet communism and the Gulag being a big part of that. Had I not gone in to my two biggest passions and focused on archaeology and egyptology, my third alternative was to become a travelling lecturer on Soviet communism and the Gulag prison system. So, What I'm trying to convey is that though I'm not an expert and though memories and knowledge fade when not being used, I'd still have to say that my knowledge in this area is slightly higher than at least my fellow citizens (since the biggest reason for me wanting to educate others was the fact that this subject, during my 12 years of schooling prior to university, was never , not even once, adressed). Point of this long and somewhat pointless story: Despite all this, I had no idea Trotskij was such a Gulag barfly. I mean, I knew he was deported at one point, but not time and time again (yes, it's embarrassing to admit, but the truth is: I'm not Homo Sapiens Sapiens - I'm Homo Sapiens non Sapiens). This little nugget of knowledge really intruigues me: the fact that a man - a man of learning and intellect no less! - who time and time again is subjugated by and faced with the inhumanity of communism, still takes the ideological jurney from anti-communist to communist front runner. That's a mind I'd really like to dig deep into and disect. Sure, his wife influenced him, but it feel unlikely that she alone was responsible - even if it had been that she was his sole influence, they where not symbiotic beings - he had a mind of his own, conducting his own reasoning and somehow, some where, the neuro connections in his brain, came to the pro-communist conclusion in spite of previous convictions and in spite of his own experiences. .... I simply can't express the level of facination and intruige I'm experiencing at this moment. All I can say is: Thank you! Thank you for giving me this: the rush of endorfines that comes from an almost manic need for knowledge! Thank you! (P.S. Sorry for rambling and for all the personal nonsens! And in the spirit of Homo Sapiens non Sapiens: forgive if any spelling or linguistic errors - I'm not native to the english language!)

Theres already a video on Karl Marx

I suggest that you look up Marx's behaviour in life- his ripping off of the very people he exhorted as members of what he called 'the proletariat', his endless borrowing of money that he refused to repay, his keeping of a servant in conditions that can only be called slavery. Then decide for yourself whether his beliefs are worth following. Especially as he didn't follow those beliefs himself.

Ideas: Rafael Trujillo Hugo Chavez Augosto Pinochet Archduke Franz Ferdinand Gavrilo Princip Haile Salase

Not to mention that the Red Army, whilst under his leadership, kicked Hitler's butt!

Couldn't agree more

hahaha Truth about the Balkan wars are that Balkan people fought for freedom Dirty filthy rats.

mind boggling, how stupid russian people have been. the retarded gene must be in their blood

I would love one on lorraine Warren

Trotsky's Fried Chicken when you're Russian for foor there's no time for Stalin.

What is this crap? We all know that Trotsky never existed

Communism and socialism. Two ideologies you vote in but have to kill to get out of.

Trotsky - like all other communists - erroneously believed that a Utopian society was possible thru Marxism. They never figured out that such a scheme was never out of sight and hope for every con man that ever walked the planet. If a sucker is born every minute; then there is a communist standing right behind him to take advantage of him. Laws of human nature never entered into Marx's' limited world view when he devised his manifesto. It is destined to always fail, because human nature is ultimately fallible. Marx - what a douche!

US, Japan, UK, France intervened militarily in the civil war, taking the side of the white army. Idk why this wasn't mentioned...

Marxism is not Leninism and neither are Stalinism, Maoism, Juche, etc. Lotta confusion on this point. Marx is such an important figure in history, even to non Marxists like me. Ya just won't know how much so unless ya actually read it cause the things of his you'll learn about in US schools will almost never be attributed to him in class. Crazy how people talk about Russia, Venezuela or North Korea in the same breath that they speak about Marxism lol Marx wouldn't have been a fan. But they obviously wouldn't know that cause they're doing is spitting out rhetoric and propaganda. Same with communism (which isn't Marxism). There's no such thing as a "Communist Government/State. Communism by definition is Stateless, classes and moneyless. There have only been communist parties in power and almost all were Marxist-Leninists and/or Stalinists aside from China and North Korea, both of which took most of their ideas from Stalin. Not Marx. And for all the whaling and crying right-wingers do about communist parties and how they handled their nations (like Hitler, Pinochet, Franco etc never existed), there have never been stronger critiques than the ones found on the left, including Marxists.

to socialist/atheists Justice=vengence

I rage quit when he said that Trotsky created the first soviet. Soviets were a form of worker self-organization, they came “from below” from workers themselves and not from the plan of an intellectual. Bourgeois history gets so much wrong sometimes!

I got an ad for Adventure Communist

So educational, eye opening. Saul Alisky ( book: Rules for radicals) would be an interesting one. Thank you for excellent content. : ) : )

What happened to the first wife?

I love this channel so insightful.

Hunger strike against Stalin

When is the biography of Tito coming out?

patrice lumumba

Please do Tito

Now that you've mentioned them. You have to do one on Diego and Frida

Gulag time


You mix Finnish White guard with Russian White army. Russian White army tried to free Tsar, not the finns..

What is the song playkng at 2:14

Leiba Bronstein you mean...

from the bolsje-wikipedia: "The two factions were originally known as "hard" (Lenin's supporters) and "soft" (Martov's supporters), but the terminology soon changed to "Bolsheviks" and "Mensheviks", from the Russian bolshinstvo ("majority") and menshinstvo ("minority"). On the other hand, Martov's supporters won the vote concerning the question of party membership. Neither Lenin nor Martov had a firm majority throughout the Congress as delegates left or switched sides. At the end, the Congress was evenly split between the two factions. " Lenin adopted the term 'majority', because 'hard' sounded bad. It refers to Lenin's proposed policy that would ensure a majority of orthodox communists in power ('a hard core') by strict ideological testing for party membership, while the Mensheviks, by advocating opening up membership, were allegedly jeopardizing this orthodoxy. It does not refer to any factual majority and Lenin ended democracy before any such facts could be established. The Bolsjewiks were never the majority.

Communism can never work because the transition between a totalitarian state (required to strip everyone of their land) to a collection of Communes will never work. However, creating a commune in a capitalist world is 100% feasible and often done. Communes live surrounded by Capital

Ice Pick to the head? No feeding him to the dogs? No starving him to death? No torture? Seems like Stalin was in a generous mood that day...

you can head over to brilliant dot org forward slash biographics and get 20% off their annual premium subscription, now let's get back to trotsky and his revolution

Bolshevik scum who believed the end justified the means. Until it was his "end" and wasn't quite so fun after all.

So Soviet Union means council union

Of the three (Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky), Trotsky could be considered the most reasonable.

good god. the real Frida is certainly no Salma Hayek

burn in hell, bronstein

2:17 what is that song?

Bio on C.P. Steinmetz. Most important person of the modern time that no one has heard of.

You should mention a little about his legacy after death...

Communism, Capitalism, Socialism & Fascism are ALL currupt & will remain that way until we evolve to equality. Once given power & money humans have proven (Stanford Experiment, Milgrim Experiment) that we can not succeed within these frameworks & ideologies. The world isn't black & white. Take the good bits of all of em & mix them together or Anarcho-syndicalism is the way to go. Either way we must create alternative and peaceful systems.

Trotsky was the Soviet Union's Danton, while Stalin was its Robespierre. The Khruschev era was the Soviet Union's Thermidorian Reaction.

Stalin did more damage to the communist cause than the kapitalists could ever do

Bio on Woodrow Wilson would be cool.

Perfect example of the (((left))) eating itself...the devil only uses you for as long as he needs you

at least he doesn't die in hoi4 sometimes

As soon as a person believes absolutely in the idea of a Utopia, you've got some trouble on your hands. And alot of willing and desperate hands to assist in bringing it about. And then also denying any responsibility for the atrocities committed after the fact.

The czars problem was he deported and exiled when he should have shot his enemies stalin knew this and while he exiled some people most of his enemies never walked away from his punishments!a bullet is the cure for all disloyalty!

Lots of steins and bergs related to communism

The menshevik bolshevik thing was the prime example of political spin, you do know that, yes? The bolsheviks started out a tiny minority.

Every revolutionary I know of left their country a few times I have no money to leave mine so America will stay as is until I find my army of paychopaths


The Ice Axe: a good way to rid the world of Socialists and Communists.

Trotsky is a synonym for "Useful Idiot"

A cynical phrase about revolutionaries comes to mind: _The Revolution eats its children._

Why all the superfluous pronouns? "Troksky, he" "Lenin, he" "the Russians, they" — pretty d*mned tiresome.

Trotsky was not killed with an ice pick, he was killed with an ice ax, the kind mountain climbers use.

Can you guys do more philosophers?

Was Trotsky a Masochist?

just no

He really seem to have been a badass :)

Quite the name you've got there

But Trotsky is a Masochist

Hans Westmar What do you mean (((left)))

The series is just full of anti trotskyist propaganda

independent free thinker is something I have always sought that, not a commie lol

I used to think Simon was just a list guy, but he is very knowledgeable and does a good job explaining history in a unbiased manner

So what happened to the other wife?


Imagine thinking Trotsky had any political positions beyond whatever he thought would help him personally

Proof , if you need it, there is no God. Stalin rose while Trotsky was pushed aside.

Stanlin, the 1st SJW XDXD.

Nobody has suggested moving from a transition phase to anarcho-syndicalism.

+Fake Justin Y. dude, figure it out...I'm not ganna hold your hand

Icepick the traitor.

Trotsky has a granddaughter, she works for the NIH in Bethesda, MD. Stalin has a granddaughter as well, she owns a shop in Portland, OR.

this videos makes you wonder how the world would have looked like if trotsky had been the sucsessor of lenin instead of stalin managing to grab the job first

Firstly you are not correct , it was the Russian social democratic labour party, not the democratic workers party , they split into the Bolsheviks who believed you could only achieve Socialism through revolution and the Mensheviks who believed you could get Socialism by voting for it in a parliamentary system , you credit Trotsky for things he did not do , he did not form the Petrograd Soviet , it already existed when he was elected to it and later was elected as its chairman , second Trotsky was not the second most powerful person in the party , he had no base , the General secretary at the time was an man called yakov Sverdlov he had more power than Trotsky , as did Zinoviev and Kamenev , Trotsky was not a member of the Revolutionary military committee that organized the October Revolution , its members were Joseph Stalin, Felix Dzerzhinsky, Yakov Sverdlov, Andrei Bubnov , Moisei Uritsky , Pavel Lazimir who was its chairman , Trotsky was only the chairman of the Petrograd Soviet and as such had no real power. You give him credit that he did not deserve , just as after Lenins death , during Bolshevik congresses Trotskys program that he put forward was openly and democratically debated by the delegates and it was defeated by a large margin , Trotsky could not accept he had been defeated and went against party rules , he was a individualist who would not accept party discipline , he thought he was better than the other members and above party discipline , he was an anti-Bolshevik before 1917 and he returned to his anti- Bolshevism, he was a traitor to Soviet power .

Communism fails because it denies human nature.

Capitalism fails because it accepts it

A huge WIDE BOUNCE in his head - LEON TROTSKY is a tool

He reminds me of Parsons...

@Biographics >>> I may well have missed this detail, but what became of Trotsky's first wife and two children in Siberia?

Troysky's last words: *_"I have a SPLITTING headache."_* (I expect to be deported immediately...

Trotsky was a filthy illuminati satanic Zionist khazar jew and the world is far better without him in it :)

All this travelling, has put another individual in mind, might I request a video on Mr. Alistair Crowley.


When Lenin says that you're intolerant that's saying something.

Biographics is a very worthwhile channel and a very earnest project. I understand it is just a thin sort of explanation concerning certain historical characters, but never the less I like it very much. I'd highly recommend the H.P. Lovecraft video, that is a particularly excellent video, if not thoroughly grim.

Damn all, Trotskyite Nazbols, RISE UP!

theres no such thing as communism its only a dream theres no equality in any society

Hey did you know you look like V Sauce?

Marxism and communism is based on the destruction of a nation. Capitalism is based on greed and profit. Which ideology is the good one? Perhaps nationalism or even facism?

You have made the shift from Nazis to Soviets. I love this channel

In Soviet Russia that's how comrades end discussions

Trotsky was right about Lenin and capitalism. Lenin literally called the economy he made immediately after the revolution "state capitalism" which according to him was totally definitely going to be "temporary" and a tool to institute socialism even faster. And also apparently it was supposed to be more progressive than non state capitalism. Somehow. But considering Lenin did virtually nothing to use the power of state monopoly capitalism to create socialism after the Bolsheviks won, while strengthening it state capitalism continuously, and actually forced thriving worker and resident managed towns and communes with communist moneyless gift economies and no private property, to use soviet money and a market economy based around wage slavery and private state property. Lenin is either one of the most dramatic examples of "power corrupts" I've ever seen. The most conservative Marxist ever. Or he was simply what he himself probably would of called a "useful idiot"

I noticed your tone was much kinder in this video than Stalin's and Lenin...

It would be interesting to see one on Geovanni Gentile

wit and wisdom eh. the girls obviously wasnt very wise, as i recall Marxism didn't turn out so well in Russia.

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Trotsky: a man who ignored the murderous actions of Lenin and then was murdered by the inevitability of dictatorship.


+Hal MK-9OOI Its Their, not there, and im not implying anything, just giving interesting facts, so you are inferring on nothing.

Children are not there parents, parents are not there children.

No matter who's side, Men who hold strong to their ideals will be respected.

Why is this an even story about this guy he's a nobody.. is he known in history not

Very good Simon!

I did not know that Trotsky wrote so many articles on Stalin

He looked like an older version of Harry Potter.

Marx, Lennin, Stalin, Trotsky, Mao, Castro all now good communist.

+ppaz pppaz >>> I am 58 years old and 5' 5" tall. Growing "up" is no longer an option....

RocKiteman _ 2001 Wow. Let me guess you think that was funny. I advise it is time to grow up.

James Cadden You have no idea what you are talking about.

Um...Trotsky used the term "soviet thermidor" to describe the Stalinist bureaucracy and Robespierre was quite well regarded by all the Bolsheviks so your framing is a bit off.

Alexandar Grganovic. Very wise and correct statement.

Leon Trotsky aka Bronstein , a jew of course, was an agent of foreign US and some European governments which sponsored him and other Bolshevik jews on the mission of overtaking Russian government. They completed the mission with great success, ( with another jew Lenin) establishing Soviet government and ruling Russia for 74 years, all the time pretending to be ethnic Russians. Classic coup by lying, sneaky, dirty jews!

Whatever happened to his first wife and children?

Marxism should be know by its real name, Levyism,.... his name was Moses Levy, not Karl Marx, the Jewish communists were funded by Jewish bankers from the FED, Wall St and bank of England, so in essence, capitalism funded communism all Jewish controlled, what a scam haha.

None of these ‘Communist’ regimes ever gave workers ownership and control of the means of production. They were hierarchical totalitarian power structures of state capitalism and welfare statism especially with people like Stalin in charge. I think it was Bakunin who predicted someone like Stalin would come in. Stalin also alongside fascists and liberals helped crush actually communism which is libertarian in The Ukraine Free Territiries and in Catalonia during the civil war. He’s a class traitor. Actual socialism is far left libertarian and would be something like worker owned cooperatives being the norm.

+littlefoot ok?

Communists murder more people than Nazis.

RocKiteman _ 2001 . In a different context thus comment might get a chuckle.

Wow! This was so well done!

+UCSPanther20 You're looking at a very reductionist view of the French Revolution then. Danton was a political opportunist while Robespierre was a political philosopher that promoted a progressive anti-slavery, democratic and rational program that was abandoned by those who carried out the Thermidorian reaction (which btw was not the end of violence as the Muscadins committed vigilante attacks on any remaining French radicals after Robespierre's execution). Similarly it can be said that Trotsky and the left opposition were true believers in the revolution who were betrayed by a group of well off professionals during an incomplete reaction (Stalin and his bureaucracy served much the same role as the Muscadins in this regard). Thermidorian reaction in political science has since come to mean any reaction where not every element of a revolutionary regime has been restored to a pre-revolutionary state i.e. France retained many democratic institutions even after the Thermidor, The Soviet Union didn't immediately succumb to capitalist restoration etc.

+Communist Crapshoot I'm going by my own research into history, not by what Trotsky himself said. Why I compare the Khrushchev era to the Thermidorian Reaction, was that Nikita Khrushchev eased off on the regular purges that so marked Stalin's era, similar to how the Thermidorian Regime really put the brakes on the political executions, and restored some degree of due process to the trials, which had previously become little more than show trials going into the Robespierre era. In fact, Trotsky had his death ordered by Stalin for daring to speak out against him and his methods. The exact same "crime" that prompted Robespierre and his comrades to denounce and execute Danton.

Leon Trotsky : You are not starving,only when your Woman eat their own children,you are starving. Trotskys answer to the induced starvation of Germany.

There is a recent Russian movie about Trocky.Its on netflix.Vary well made

@Biographics Hey Simon, long-time avid supporter and subscriber here. I’ve watched hours of your content and applaud your evolution of media presence and your narration style. I believe you’re among the most respectable educational YouTube channels and appreciate your level of quality. If I’m being honest, I find the sound effects/corny bits inserted in your videos rather tacky. Don’t stop producing your awesome and insightful content, and as always, thank you for uploading.

Marxists aren't utopians, nor do they "dream of" utopia. This is all laid out quite clearly in Engels' work on the subject of scientific vs utopian socialism.

"Marx's limited worldview" - someone who's obviously never read Marx

Lev Bronstein struggled to speak Yiddish. Doesn't stop him from being Jew. The more suppression​ and mincing around the facts of the less savoury parts Jewish people have played in history, the more conspiracy nuts it creates, the more conspiracies fester the more chance of unhinged attackers. One day we may even come to having an open and honest dialogue about history. But until certain illusions are slowly dissolved, that's not going to happen.

ISKRA (spark)

You crazy Jews and your regimes of mass murder.

He's just another Jew pusing anti god dogma. killed the czar and ban religions. typical jew

Trotsky < Stalin

World History, The Universe and Prehistoric Topics are the best things to watch on YT

Let me help you. 1917, The 1st Politburo of Bolshevik Russia. Responsible for the creation of Cheka/NKVD and the Gulag system. Responsible for the enslavement, torture, and murder of millions of Russian citizens. No one was above the say so of this small group of people. Lenin (mixed Russian, German, Mongol, Jew) Leon Trotsky aka Lev Bronstein (Jew) Gregory Zinoviev aka Hirsch Apfelbaum (Jew) Lev Kamenev aka Leon Rosenfeld (Jew) Stalin (Georgian) Grigori Sokolnikov aka Girsh Yankelevich (Jew) Andrei Sergeyevich Bubnov (Russian) 1919 five member Politburo. Lenin (mixed Russian, German, Mongol, Jew) Leon Trotsky aka Lev Bronstein (Jew) Joseph Stalin (Georgian) Lev Kamenev aka Leon Rosenfeld (Jew) Nikolai Krestinsky (Jew) Genrikh Yagodas (Jew) gas vans were a particularly nasty invention.

Leave your wife in Siberia with two young kids, find a new lover and settle with her in London. Dickness level: Троцкий.

Thank You, for a very interesting film. Good job.

Every revolution in history always backfired.

leon trotsky is the true leader of the soviet union

What is the song at 2:15? I've been searching for it for a while ever since I heard it in one of OverSimplified's videos, and its bothering me that I can't find it. If you could respond that'd be awesome. Btw, great stuff on the channel.

Lev Bronstein (aka Trotsky) was a mass murderer. He was very much like Hitler except for considerably more Jewish. So he deserves your admiration. Besides he tortured, raped, killed, starved or worked to death only Russians and Ukrainians - millions of them: but who cares right! That was a sarcasm BTW!

Much to our regret... One of the architects of the Soviet Revolution was a Jew... Oh ! Please dear world.... The only thing I can say is: "I am sorry !"

At least you acknowledge it. Most Jewish people dance around the topic and try to deny it. A large amount of Jews were in the 1st 1917/1919 Politburo and the central committee. The Cheka/NKVD and the Gulag system, all under the orders and supervision largely Jews/Russians.

This is my profile pic for discord, lol

Trotsky was utter filth who read from the Talmud.

Trotsky: He murdered, War mongered, Tortured, Invented propaganda, Founded the red army, Founded the communist Russian state. He should be spat out by historians like they do with Stalin, Lenin, Hitler. Trotsky should by no means be admired! He was merely a proponent or a tool for a bloody dictatorship. The history of Marxism is covered with blood of the innocents. Communism and Marxism have only done evil to this world. But behold: Jeremy Corbyn is a Trotsky fanboy. A very dubious persona indeed!

Based on the pattern of the other videos, this thumbnail should be *yellow.*

Jacob Staten The true you emerges.

+ppaz pppaz ice pick instead of nails. Nobody is a shill like in your delusion. I'm just tired of socialism screwing things up, especially in already working societies. I'm not paid to have a correct opinion. Never vote or reproduce until you grow up. You're blocked. God bless.

Jacob Staten So maybe next time you should be honest with your views instead hiding behind a ignorant comments about ice picks. Thanks for the reply it has clarified that you are just a lackey for the rich, that lovely layer who do everything they can to not pay tax, steal off their staff, rip off their customers , etc , you would call this legitimate business practices .

+ppaz pppaz because communism is unsustainable in it's niavity, punishes innovation, unfairly seizes resources from those that have, does not respect the individual or democracy, and always ends up with oligarchs over plebs I practice. Maybe he thought he was doing good with an untested philosophy, but he was spreading the infection.

Jacob Staten. So tell me why you think so? Even a cursory reading of Trotsky shows your incorrect. His actions also show you are incorrect. But give us your reasons and lets see where it takes us.

+ppaz pppaz nah, he nailed it, or rather ice picked it.

1 like= 1 respect 4 Trotsky

Ahhh, Lev.

Please do Nestor Makhno.

He wrote a several hundred page book on him called “Stalin: an appraisal of the man and his influence”. Its more of a general history of the Bolshevik party and its degeneration. Stalin is used more as the perfect example of the “rot” that set in the Party with the influx of worthless bureaucrats that were haphazardly put in place to deal with the crisis during the Revolution and war which weren’t fully integrated with the system of Soviets and devolved into unaccountable commissions. Eventually replacing the actual revolutionaries who had been their since the beginning. Funnily enough Trotsky was never bitter of being forced out by Stalin or the Party, his only gripe was that it was done by someone so “mediocre”. (I’m not a Trotskyist)

What song is playing on the transition slides?

Invented propaganda? I thought that was Sargon of Akkad. Besides your post is less than coldly analytical itself -- are you trying to sway the reader? The history of (fill-in-the blank)ism is covered with the blood of innocents. Or humans doing their thing -- finding excuses for being vile.

no mention of the armies from the liberal democracies that invaded Russia on behalf of the Whites....

A common mistake made by those unfamiliar with Marxian theory - it dreams of a Utopian future.

Please do a video on Charles Martel.

You missed out the crucial bit about who funded Lenin and Trotsky, so they had funds to go back and start the revolution.

We’re really lucky things turned out this way though, imagine the Soviet Union having a competent and aggressive leader during the war..

None of these ‘Communist’ regimes ever gave workers ownership and control of the means of production. They were hierarchical totalitarian power structures of state capitalism and welfare statism especially with people like Stalin in charge. I think it was Bakunin who predicted someone like Stalin would come in. Stalin also alongside fascists and liberals helped crush actual communism which is libertarian in The Ukraine Free Territories and in Catalonia during the civil war. He’s a class traitor. Actual socialism is far left libertarian and would be something like worker owned cooperatives being the norm.

Irkutsk Aircraft Factory Su-30MKI

Russia has Saint Paul's High School!!!!

All the Biographics Videos are made possible by Simon Whistler.

Simon becomes increasingly annoying. His numerous double subjects drive me crazy....

I want to reunite people to start a Pro-Trotsky Revolutionary trans-borderes Party

Trotsky is the Judas of Communism

Snowball come back!

The name checks out

too many commercials

for every time these anti communist fools say that "someone somewhere wanted to build a Utopian society based on marxism", i feel like hammering nails into my eyes. marx and engels were against the ideas of utopian socialism which is entirely different from marxism. their assumptions are purely based on here say knowledge about socialism regurgitated continuously in pop culture, because that seems to be what's selling the best.

It is funny that the Stalinist and the Trotskyites have become united today. The Stalinist gave the Trotskyites leadership of the military wing of the Communist Party in the form of Antifa.

Imagine the soy communists in the west going through what Trotsky went through. The revolution would be over in five minutes

That Finnish military unit was not "white guard" , it was called Suojeluskunta (Protective force in english).

You are really good, quality

People are stronger than you think, necessity makes an animal of everyone.

You should do avtomat kalashnikov

Trotsky was one tough idealistic son of a gun !

6:59 where can you find that sound!

Actually, he is one of the worst person in the hole history...

Don’t let kinds of people like Trotsky, Lenin, Stalin be born on earth again. They should have born in Hell. Their place is there !

He was worse than Stalin. But since he was a Jew, nobody talks about it.


At 8:28 do you say he moved from Australia to Switzerland?

He had the same face as that TYT founder. The nose knows.

Leo Trotsky or Leo Bronstein was a jewish tool created and funded by British and America's elite to destroy the Russian empire.

Trotsky is the man who inspired me to become a communist at an early age.

I stopped watching at the point were the speaker described the difference between menshevik and bolsheviks fractionalism. while it is true the bolsheviks wanted communism and saw revolution as inherently violent it's not true mensheviks were against this. the distinction between the fractions in the party had more to do with internal organizational issues than broad political scope. during 1917 many mensheviks joined the bolsheviks, precisely because they were carrying out revolutionary ends. it's often mistakenly presented that the mensheviks are some sort of liberal party or social Democrats, but they were very much communist like the bolsheviks, in fact the term democratic centralism, often attributed to Lenin appeared first in menshevik articles. it's not true either that Lenin had some kind of conspiracy to install a small group dictatorship in power at the time, this myth comes from misinformed presentations of What Is To Be Done, where professional revolutionaries and worker conscience /socialist consciousness get misconstrued into a position that Lenin viewed workers as stupid etc. while much later Lenin did set up the cheka et al in his pre-office holding years this out look is not present. this speaker has made other erroneous videos about Lenin, claiming Lenin had a caged slave girl. which I believe come from a mistranslation which Robert Service exploited for political purposes. while there are certainly real reasons to be critical of Lenin they should at least be accurate ones.

I have Newfound respect for this communist. Stalin and his men hijacked the party just as hitler did in the National socialist party. So crazy to hear just how they managed to take power and sent the world into chaos.

Thank you again for such a great bio.

5:02 This is actually completely wrong. While you are right about the definition of the words, the Menchiviks had way more support. The reason Lenin claimed to be in the majority was because in 1907 he held a party vote and won. The issue was that he held this vote after many party members left in order to skew the results. Lenin's Bolsheviks were almost always in the minority in the meetings, but Lenin simply made it look like he had more support than he did.

Came for the comments, was not disappointed.

video on yelstin please

One of the best things Stalin ever did was have someone bury an axe into this Khazar's head.

I would LOVE a Frida Kahlo video! Great content as always!

You're lying like TROTSKY XD

The first four minutes of this summary of Trotsky’s life contain more political engagement than most people today display in their entire lives.

Steve I love your videos. I hope you get some professional narration jobs

Please do Whitaker Chambers. Not super pivotal, but a voice worth hearing.

Bronstien was his real name a Jew . Changed his name so others wouldn't know he was Jewish ..

@littlefoot ok?

I believe him to be a conservative Marxist.. but today that would just be called a Republican so whatever.

@Hal MK-9OOI Its Their, not there, and im not implying anything, just giving interesting facts, so you are inferring on nothing.

@ppaz pppaz >>> I am 58 years old and 5' 5" tall. Growing "up" is no longer an option....

Great video.

How was killing the royal family a terrible deed? 14:58. They deserved death.

Trotsky slaughtered plenty of innocent people during the Russian Civil War and under Lenin's reign. He wasn't innocent. But the West is biased towards Trotsky and demonizes Stalin. The media and academia in The West is crammed with Trotsky's co-ethnics who were purged from the USSR thanks to Stalin's clashes with the Muscovites and Stalin's distrust of Israel. So basically: Jews mad bro.

Do a bio of John Reed. A bio of Frida would be nice as well.

Today's world would have been entirely different if he took over Lenin, instead of Stalin. Trotsky was basically the Russian Che Guevara.


Other interesting female subjects would be NOORUNSIA INAYAT KHAN (S.O.E. Agent in WW2) and NANCY WAKE

LOLA MONTEZ would be a fascinating subject...please! Really loving these biographies

Do one video on Marshall Tito

Dam Trotsky was at Halifax I love a few hours away from it, can’t believe the founder of KFC was in Halifax(it’s a joke)

Is Brilliant (sokolnikov) as jewish as Trotsky (bronstein)?

I have a Question. Did trotzky accept Religion as a communist? ( Or did the Communist Accept Religion?k

Wilhelm Reich is incredibly fascinating and would love to see a biographic on him. Austrian doctor of medicine and psychoanalyst, a member of the second generation of analysts after Sigmund Freud. The author of several influential books which left Dr.Wilhelm Reich known as one of the most radical figures in the history of psychiatry. “The great psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich once wrote, "No President, Academy, Court of Law, Congress or Senate on this earth has the knowledge or power to decide what will be the knowledge of tomorrow." In 1957, the government of the United States of America jailed Dr. Reich and burned all of his published works. Wilhelm Reich in Hell provides a remarkable new look at the vilification and destruction of a great man who refused to bow to Gestapo tactics.”- Wilhelm Reich In Hell by Robert Anton Wilson

Load of bollox. Capitalism lies.

Regarding Red Army & Civil War: No mention of Tukhachevsky and his role in victory against White Army and invading forces?

Such a biased account it’s almost hurts. “Communism’s True Believer” HA

He was too busy eating borscht tacos to notice the assassin.

Have you done a video on Michael Faraday? If not that would be awesome.

What did he think about the Stranglers?

Shut up Trotskyist This post was made by Stalin gang

I love happy endings.

Papa Trotsky

So, we really have never seen communism

Trotsky was a real comunist!

Trotsky was a brilliant revolutionary but a hopeless politician. He was so arrogant that he alienated all his most important comrades. Stalin wasn’t the only one who hated him.

A Frenchman a Brit and a Ukrainian see a painting of Adam and Eve. The Englishman says look at the stoicism they have to be English, The Frenchman then says no no has to be French look at the exquisite forms of them. the Ukrainian looks at it for several minutes then states "Comrades they have to be Communists They have no clothing, no shelter and no food but yet they believe they are in paradise"

Wonderful you added the pleasing piano music at the end to soften the fact you're talking about a man who promoted an ideology that slaughtered & oppressed 100,000,000. What's up next? Simon tearfully recalling the good parts of Che while ignoring his murdering of racial minorities and homosexuals?

The question is...if Trotsky had succeeded Lenin instead of Stalin, would the USSR have gone down a different, more democratic path, as an actual dictatorship of the proletariat instead of just a regular old one party dictatorship? Trotsky doesn't have to answer for the crimes committed by the USSR, but it's an interesting "What if?" I certainly don't see Trotsky making a pact with Hitler or for him to have any cause for his own version of Stalin's purges at least.

A Jewish communist? NO WAY!

Why is their no mention of the armed forces of southern Russia? The most successful of the white armies, they had pushed from the Caucasus and were very close to Moscow and linking with kolchaks Siberian white army. Also the Finnish white guard never had any intention of saving the Tsar, nor did they get anywhere close to Yekaterinburg. Oh and the white movement was not started by the Czech legion, it was started by Tsarist officers led by General Alekseev and Kornilov escaping to the Don and Kuban areas in the south and forming the volunteer army, other than that great video

There is nothing more admirable, or indeed more dangerous, than a man who fully commits himself to something

Communism always devolves into a personality cult and terrible tyrany every single time. Yet, no one has learned from history, they still think vainly that THEY will be the chosen ones to usher in Utopia. Each and everytime they are wrong and turn out to be nothing more than despots.

What the hell are those sounds playing at 3:46

While bolshevik and menshevik do mean majority and minority, the bolsheviks were actually the minority within the party at the time the factions were formed. Lenin, ever with an eye for PR chose the name bolshivik as it would make them seem like the group with the power.

A number of inaccuracies: He adopted the name Trotsky because it was the name of one of his guards during his first (or second) imprisonment. The Bolshevik- Menshevik split was over what type of organization would lead a revolution. The big issue behind that was what type of revolution did Russia need. There was no "communist newspaper" in the early 1900's. Because there was no communist party. No one called themselves communist. That title came around 1919. They called themselves Social Democrats. His last words were actually directed at his followers: "Go forward."

I see one of two things. In both cases, he is a no nonsense man, like Stalin but with patriotism and not for himself. In both there is no pact and he sides with Poland. Heres the split. Good ending: The Soviet and Polish forces blindside the world. Nobody expected this level of opposition. The other nations of the world, seeing that this war will be a long and tiring one, pick sides. A second split, good one: the allies are formed and with the attack on all sides before Germany reached critical mass, Berlin falls in a matter of a few years. Bad split: France sides with the Soviets but Britain sides with Germany fearing the red menace. America has a staunch neutral siding, and refuses to even lend supplies to Europe due to the massive ideological split. The Soviets take Berlin with Polish help, but the French and eastern nations are heavily injured in this fighting. The British force the French for some lands in colonial territory and their surrender. The east refuses to surrender, and America steps in to aid the British. War happens, and the Weimar Rep and the Russian Federation form from it. The overall bad split now, the Soviets, over ambitious, face the same fate as the Soviets. Without their non aggression pact, the Soviets had less time to prepare and were hit hard. As such, without cooperation with even the allied powers, Germany storms Moscow and Trotsky fights with his men on the front. He dies after vigorous fighting. Most of the Soviets are crushed. The allied powers by this point landed in Normandy and are nearing the German border. From here, they make their way to Berlin. The German forces in Russia form an open rebel cell after the German capitulation. The Soviets and allied forces in the west crush them like the real world Germany. The Russian SFSR is allowed to continue as well as the other states around it of the original Soviet Union. It lasts into the present day, under a sad flag, a sadder people, who believe they have failed. Eventually it ends with a depressing end, as a vote occurs and the union is dissolved.

While you talk of a very modern Idea like how Many decades ago? I am trying tô buy a decent sauce pan. Btw today is more like

Leon Trotsky was a Nazi

what's the name of 3:46 music transition?

It wasn't uncommon for Jews to join the ranks of the NSDP.

They would have all been speaking Hebrew.

Well that makes a change. If only more Jews would acknowledge the part their fellow tribesmen played in this part of history. There's no smoke without fire. Jews were pushing Bolshevism across a weakened Europe. Jews, Europeans, Russians all played a part in the horrors of the first half of the 20th century.

Notice how Lenin was a jew, Trotsky was a jew, even Stalin was a jew. In fact 80% of the Soviet leadership was jewish.

I believe if Stalin lost from Trotsky that Trotsky's, if I understood it right he was even too soft and had too much faith. Has lived in his own World in which germanic and latin nations will no longer deceive others to remain superior. If Trotsky won Industralization of the SSSR Stalin conducted would be with Trotsky in chrage impossible! Industralization that enabled more or less shortly after it was conducted VICTORY against Hitler! If Battle for Moscow was never on I am 100% that americans would never enter World War 2, at least not sooner then e.g. France if I am right Paris changed side 1944th not sooner. It simply Echoed, Stalin's Victory for Moscow and every body knew. Had hard evidence those super nazis can lose. USA entered WW2 in February 1942nd not sooner beside that some people were told also in schools that amercans started WW2 having Great benefits from WW1 and all europeans that fled to USA, some for sure with money in their pockets! I am sure if Stalin lost Battle for Moscow I am personally sure Trotsky if would won would win much much later then Stalin had but Battle for Leningrad, can be not. So USA interference in Europe would be nothing more then like british in e.g. Yugoslavia to hide their guilt? That was, the british interference in Yugoslavia, from some point of view even cowardly for sure that it were Soviets who liberated just like huge part of Europe Yugoslavia. Ok, soviet soldiers, some were like animals but without them liberation of e.g. Belgrad on the day it was done was without them impossible. British interference from some point of view was worser then cowardly that London was supporting e.g. serbian nazis chetniks all if I am right by the middle of 1943rd who were using their position to nail Partizans as much as they could for sure if it is true what some believe that Marshal Josip Broz Tito started Rise Against Hitler secretly influenced no one else but british who have provoked no one else but Adolf Hitler himself taking advantage of lots of Yugoslavia's residents and placing underage Prince on thorne. Normal people knowing tha would ask themselves "ok, why germans didn't attacked on the day they bombed Belgrade London that was at the the time of attack on Belgrade much more vulnerable then e.g. 1942nd, the London." But it is I guess some germanic latin bond that they united have destroyed e.g. SFR Yugoslavia, one fighter and a half against Hitler, have there been any other Communist leaders who danced with Queen Elizabeth II beside Marshal Broz? that some consider one of recognitions of his achivements instead reforming SFR Yugoslavia into some capitalist republic why not naming it Capitalist Republic Yugoslavia to show capitalist defeated Socialism etc. We all know that Stalin refrained to take any actions and it is all nazis fault that so many people died, if they respected deals would never happen. What will continue to bug me that all of it is true why are Communists, Communism much weaker then nationalism/fascism, why are Communists weaker, way more suppressed then nazis?

Meh , the only problem Trotsky had w/ Stalin is that Stalin won & Trotsky lost. The GULAG system, the KGB (then called CHEKA), & vicious Red Army were all created while Trotsky was part of the gov't. Trotsky helped create this terrorist state, he participated terrorizing the peasants who knew nothing of Marxism & wanted nothing to do w/ it. A rabbi who met him said of Trotsky, "The Trotskys make revolution & the Bronstiens pay for it." Trotsky's influence was a major factor contributing to the destruction of the enormous Jewish community in central Europe. The birth of the Soviet Union is the greatest disaster in human history.

This goes for all youtubers. Stop promoting your sponsorships in the middle of the video. It feels like you're taking advantage with the way you stop the video out of nowhere to talk about your product for a couple of minutes. It just feels like you're springing it on to us & shoving it down our throats to get us to buy it. Just leave that stuff to the end of the video, when you're finished talking about the topic that we all clicked on the video to hear you talk about in the first place. That fair enough?

Lev Trotskij, born Leiba Davidovitj Bronstein, Jewish, cohencidence?

divorce Bolshevik style

not a word about Trotsky being a jewish agent and not Russian at all!?

02:14 song name, please?

@Biser Angelov Hmm, so their views only matter when they align with yours? Interesting.

@0110101101 11101001 Nobody is perfect, Mr Binary

Che liked Stalin though.

1. Distrust the rich 2. Control the leaders 3. Have [blind] faith in our own revolutionary forces Sounds like the current day Progressives

Could have just called it Banished: The Leon Trotsky story

It's good that great comrade Stalin killed this traitorous bastard

After Lenin died, Stalin told Trotsky that the funeral was happening on the wrong date, causing him to miss it.


I find your videos shallow and merely propaganda...why don't you mention Leon Trotsky was an American double passport jew instigating Russians…?

Why do you like communism

Trosky: "Hey Comrades, what if we try not betraying the people we claim to represent?" Every other communist party member: "GULAG"

Love these videos, but the speakers syntax, it deeply annoys me. Like seriously we get it you're trying to have unique phrasing but you do it seventeen times a video. I don't know why it bothers me so much, but i'm surprised i'm the only one mentioning it, its my only complaint... aside from the minor mistakes made while researching.

Another dumb communist

Imagine what communism would be perceived like today if Stalin never existed.

Reminder that Jews did 9/11 and caused communism

Dwight Eisenhower Starved 1 million Germans after the war

Because they were on the east side and there was a wall. But totally his fault. He should have invaded the ussr

Stalin...the street fighter and thug, was also the editor of Pravda. Lenin wrote extensively about Trotskys Menshivik and incoherant positions. It is unlikely that Germany would have been defeated had Trotsky been the leader of the Soviets as he was spying for Italy and Japan.

Do Doc Holliday!

How many channels does this guy fkn have?

Of course...another Jew on top of communist party. I do respect how Jews find ways to brainwash the vacuum heads. Religion, communism, fascism, capitalism, you name it. They are behind all of it. Don't forget all the world's wars and misery...all caused by Jews. If you stop, research and think on your own, you'll see the truth.

Trotsky was the vanguard of the revolution. He was heir apparent to Lenin, he was denied that by that psychopathic mass murderer Stalin. USSR would have been a better place under Trotsky, he had vision and intellect. Stalin was just a thick thug.

A very interesting video, after Stalin, Khrushev was like a breath of fresh air. Gone is the psychopath mass murder Stalin. He was a bit of an idiot but he was a survivor. It was also the start of the cold war, people live in fear of Nuclear war.

Christopher Hitchens has a video on him . The good Communist

Still pretty much the same. Communism, and Socialism in general, are naturally unfair systems. Taking my labor for free? Nope.

Leon helped to murder millions. Fag

This is innacurate that he has been exiled to a island in Turkey, he demanded to live in that island since in the city he had faced several security issues, also during this so called "exile in an island" time he traveled to cophenagen for a conferance with a Turkish alien passport and returned on his own will and declared that in europe there is a sentiment that he is been held captive in Turkey which is not true. He left Turkey 3 and half years later when he suspected that Turkish stance on his ptotection would change after the new president went to a oficial visit to SSRR.

More MI5 propaganda from MI5 asset and jew Simon Whistler

Stalin... where is leon? Lenin........ toilet. Stalin.. Ha! Ha! Ha!. Lenin..whats so funny? leon... says Stalin...he always has the backdoor Trotskys!. Lenin....LOL.

Stalin, looked at Trotsky and said this S.O.B. is crazy. then had him promoted to full DEAD from being just a deadbeat!

Trostky is no less evil than Stalin, he was a big supporter of the red terror where the cheka tortured and killed "opponents" of the bolshevik regime, he had no problem sending people to concentration camps on an island in the white sea, just like Lenin. They all paved the way for the Stalinist state because stalinism is just an extension of Leninism itself. Trostky like all the others who built the system were devoured by the system in the end.

Trotsky was opportunist & ex menshevik. He wasnt some "communisms-angle" as some depict him.. Lenin slandered him many times & trot also made up bs in his lists.

Listen at speed 0.75

Bolshevik means majority, but like most of Lenin's propaganda, it was just another lie.

I have a feeling antifa tards worship this tool

How Trotsky could escape being deported to Siberia and then go all over the places? Lenin, too. How gets to travel all around in that times?

Wonder how different the world would be if Trotsky took power and Stalin died in exile.

wait so Hitler and Trotsky were in Vienna at the same time and came up with totally opposite views? that's fucking weird

What? Leftists using violence? No....THAT would never happen.

this video heavily mischaracterizes both stalin and trotsky within the first minute

Leon Trotsky. The Snowball of Animal Farm.

"Decimated...." You should really know better! :)

Trosko hueles mal

Trotsky was a fascist.

Where did you get information that Finnish White Guard was going to rescue Nicholas in Ekaterinburg? Finnish White Guard was very anti-Russian and infact disarmed all Russian garrisons left in Finland in January 1918. They had absolutely no interest in reinstating Czar's 20-year long Russification programme in Finland.

sugar coated and misleading. terrible resume

wonder if you will mention Jacob schiff...

For the РОДИНА, Comrade Trotsky o7

This is interesting. From what I've heard, Trotsky sounded like the extreme member of the trio of him, Lenin and Stalin. Lenin sounded like the somewhat reasonable one. But here, it seems as though Trotsky was the somewhat reasonable one. Stalin's still a brute, either way.

True idealist. This man has my respect. RIP

Trotsky was not a communist true believer, he was a betrayer and a denouncer of communism for fascism. That is why Stalin killed him.

When you state a subject noun, you can eliminate the redundant pronoun ("he," "she," "it") that you have been saying after it.

1:40 joe keery?

Ah, so you got information from the Trotskyists .... that's probably why you missed Trotsky's leadership of the Red Army and his unilateral invention of Red Terror... proof enough that a Trotsky led Soviet Union would not have been much different from Stalin's. (More of the old guard Bolsheviks would've survived, but everybody else who suffered and died wouldn't have done any better.) I knew a few Trotskyists, (Trotskyite is a Stalinist slur), including one man, Alex Buchman who had filled in for a bodyguard who was late to arrive. That bodyguard when he did arrive for duty at Casa Trotsky opened the gate for David Siqueros who led the first assassination attempt.

Ads. Before or after info plz

Song on 2:15?

More relevant visuals please, less of the host's face on-screen to relentlessly brand himself. All these videos feel like massive ego trips for him.

what are you talking about . He fought two wars.

that could never happen .

both were cold blooded murders.

exactly the same . Stalin followed Lenin's policies .

In 1989 when USSR collapsed they were still promising Communism . Some oldies still believe the promise would have been fulfilled .

18:45 - Simon I highly, highly recommend you watch some lectures about Stalin by Stephen Kotkin. The only person that knows more about Stalin is Stalin himself. Long story short, Stalin started to become sociopathic shortly before collectivization. Why, there’s no clear answer. But I still strongly recommend watching it when you have time

Interesting you call Stalin a brute. What is your opinion of Bernie ?

Anything Simon does I watch


very good informative video.tnx.

"Permanent Revolutionary"

forgot the Holodomor of course..

Trotsky was a scumbag. Not just because he was a Jew(like most communists) but because he slaughtered thousands just as Stalin

Didn't he get an ice pick to his head by some anarchists, didn't he machine gun down a heap of sailors in Kronstadt, didn't he get funding from big NY Bankers, yeah that's him Leon Bromstein, a banker puppet champagne socialist

Am I the only one who finds it ironic as hell to do a sponsored advertisement for a company while talking about communism?

officially it is Mykolaiv, Ukraine not Nikolaiv which is what it's called in Russian to be politically correct. Odessa in Ukrainian is officially now Odesa, Ukraine. He was born in the Kherson Region.

Trotsky was no hero. He just lost to a more treachorous man.

Trotsky was too nice to rule the USSR...I doubt he would had remained in power for long to create a significant change in benefit of the Russian people.

Do one...Adolf Hitler, Nazism true believer and try to make it look nice too :)

leave it to Commie shits to admire NTRs

Very recommendable!

I think it would have gone suddenly silent, you can hear crickets chirping. 48 hours later 70% of the people there were deported

Trotsky wasn't in power when that happened.

The house of Trotsky museum in Mexico City is legit

Ha, his descendants are living in Israel,spinning in his grave???

Too nice? He was a mass murderer just like Stalin and Lenin, perhaps just a bit less of one than the former two.

He was nut

Surprisingly, the political and philosophical differences between Trotsky and Stalin were not even mentioned. What did each feel about the spread of Bolshevism (Communism) to the rest of the world? for example.

This guy was a real jerk.

Leon Trotsky was required by the USSR

Dirty commies

I enjoy watching communists killing other communists. It saves everyone else the bother of having to do it themselves.

Stalin v. Trotsky. A theme which occurs over and over in history and legend. Able and Cain, Jacob and Esau, Romulus and Remus. Brothers in arms together and frequently against each other. Very archetypal.

Odd fact, The "October Revolution" actually happened in November. The Russians were still using the old Julian calendar which was about 13 days behind the updated Gregorian calendar which had taken account of the calendar drift because there are not exactly 365.25 days in a year but 3 leap years every 400 years needed to be normal years. Pope Greg was Catholic and that was the main objection by the Russian Orthodox Church against adopting the Pope's new better improved calendar. Naturally, as atheists and being no friends of the Orthodox Church, one of the first things the revolutionary government did was adopting the Gregorian calendar, one of the last countries to do so. That was a measure of how backward Russia was at the start of the 20th century.

Another fact. The White Army had elements of British, Japanese and American soldiers. So although no Russian soldiers have ever invaded America, American soldiers have been a part of an invasion of Russia.

Your video on Fidel Castro is full of lies and is so biased. Disappointed

The Russian provisional government failed? No.. It was overthrown by the Socialist! I've noticed your glossing over of facts in other videos and had to watch this one just to be sure. You really are warping history in many of your videos to make Socialism seem less evil. As an example... In another video you stated Mussolini was at war with the Socialist in Italy because he joined with the right. Right what? its not right wing in the US sense. (conservative capitalism ) Fascism is still Socialism except they allow corporations to still exist.. the main difference being they are totally controlled by the government instead of being owned by the government. In my opinion it appears you did this in order to put Fascism in a poor light over Socialism. Fascism and Socialist are 2 sides of the same Communist coin.

Stalin wasn't so bad after all. He killed more communists than anybody else.

Leiba Bronstein

Jewish bolshevik was the most successful terrorist organization in modern history.Jewish Bolshevism was the most horrid and disgusting ideology that could possibly occur in Russia.Emperor Nicholas II being painted a weak sovereign is also a lie. At the height of the conflict on the Eastern Front WWI (1915-1916), Nicholas II took over command of the military and the situation immediately reversed on the front. No Tsar had ever commanded a Russian army since the early 17th century under Peter the Great. The Germans couldn't unleash the full weight of their offensive against the allies on the Western Front because the Russians had penetrated deep into East Prussia. These troops a la' Russie fought with a lot less at times, sometimes not even having artillery support due to shell shortages. American bankers such as Jacob Schiff and German spy masters completely funded the Bolsheviks. It's well documented that Trotsky had a very expensive apartment (in NYC) with a private limousine courtesy of Mr. Schiff and Co. Lenin was primarily bankrolled by Germany and together with Trotsky and apprentice in training (Stalin), with the full monetary backing of U.S., British and German bankers they entered Russia through subterfuge and unleashed hell. More often than not, these men were of Jewish extraction. Needless to say, to sound less conspiratorial, many Russian Jews who emigrated to America, specifically New York were there due to repatriation back to the Pale of Settlement and pogroms encouraged all under Tsar Alexander III (Nicky's father). However, the revenge that was meted against the Rus' was more than revenge it was Satanic in nature, thousands of churches demolished, mass genocide and starvation and the destruction of Russian culture (real Russian culture, not the facade that we saw from 1917-1991). What happened to Russia was backstabbing on the part of their allies and internal treason from some of their own people. Needless to say, Russians who supported the Bolsheviks got what they asked for and I pity the poor farmers and loyal soldiers who later became whites (counterrevolutionaries) who didn't even know what was going on in Petrograd and Moscow. The so-called 'Russian' Revolution is the biggest farce of history currently told. It was an act of backstabbing by their allies, mass betrayal and treason. The Russian Revolution should be called the Treason Revolt. We are told the allies won WWI, but in a war that fratricidal, the biggest loser was Russia.God bless the Tsar.

*When the United States is the ONLY country that doesn’t try to deport you*

That photo of Lenin after his stroke always makes me laugh.

He was one goofy looking mother fucker.

19:44 wife and grandson. All four of his children were dead at this point.

My fav of the "big 3" of the Soviet Revolution. Another great video, keep up the great work!

I dont care how many years you studied or how many degrees, doctorates you have. if you are communist you are STUPID!

You always roll the Rs in Russian

Lev Davidovich Bronstein, who was a hardcore Marxist. Mimicking the theories of Karl Marx..... who he himself had absolutely copied all of his ideas from the French school of thinkers (that being European Christians) and also the famous George Wilhelm Friedrick Hegel (this is where the psychopath Zionists latch onto their most treasured political concept - THE HEGEL BAGEL) After the Zionist bankrolled "Bolsheviks" seize control of all of Russia, they start to initiate the "PURGES" which will lead to the deaths of more than 60,000,000... Having a Communist, Totalitarian, Stranglehold over every part of Russian life..... the paranoid Bolsheviks set up the "POLITIBURO" first known as the Narrow Composition where any lateral thinking was frowned upon. It was later changed to The Executive Committee or The Central Committee - they had only 7 delegates. 1.Vladimir Ilych Ulyanov - better known as - LENIN..... Part Ashkenazi Jew from the maternal grandfather and the Leader of The Russian Communist Party (Soviet Russia) 2. Lev Davidovich Bronstein - better known as LEON TROTSKY ... full blood Ashkenazi Jew from Ukraine.. and was 2IC to Lenin, poised to take over from Lenin after he had his stroke but became involved in a power struggle with Stalin. Lev gained his monicker after some vodka-fueled piss-ups dribbling in Yiddish - they named him TROTSKY. 3. Ioseb Besarionis Jughashvili - better known as STALIN (man of steel) who was born in the Caucasus Mountains in the Nation of Georgia, he seems to have had a Georgian father on his birth certificate but very persistent rumors hung in the air like ropes in a Siberian Gulag. Stalin's mother was apparently an attractive 'auburn haired & freckled' young lady and was a house maid / cleaner to rich jews in their village. His father an alcoholic shoemaker who often was paid in wine,beer,vodka. Also Stalin's real surname of Jughashvili means something akin to 'son of a jew' in Georgian. There are heavy ties to Stalin having been mentored by the one of the village jews (said to be his father) 4. Lev Borisovich Rosenfeld - better known as Lev Kamenev - an Ashkenazi Jew......... from Moscow and a central figure at the start of the Bolshevik Revolution..................... he married Trotskys' sister Olga Bronstein in a traditional Ashkenazi Chabad Wedding. Kamenev enjoyed a "big banana status" in the Bolshevik Party until Stalin skinned him. 5. Hirsch Apfelbaum - better known as Grigory Zinoviev - an Ashkenazi Jew dairy farmer who took his job very, very seriously of squeezing every single last drop out of his cattle. Great mates with Moisei Solomonovich Uritsky who together initiated the Red Terror in and around St. Peterburg (then known as Petrograd) they killed millions of Russians & Ukrainians. Zinoviev having declared after his buddy Uritsky had been assassinated: ' to overcome our enemies we must have a communist militarism. We must carry 90 million out of 100 milllion Russians. As for the rest, we have nothing to say to them... they must be annihilated " . Along with Kamenev & Stalin formed the triumvirate "troika". 6. Girsch Yankovolich Brilliant - better known as Grigori Sokolnikov - an Ashkenazi Jew who acted as a sort of TREASURER for the Bolsheviks and immediately seized control of all the banks in Russia. He later tried to oppose Stalin but was liquidated & vacuum packed like Fanny May and Freddy Mac. 7. Andre Sergeyevich Bubnov - real name and apparently Russian and not jew, but was a puppet to them and very close friends to LENIN and also good mates to the FIRST Bolshevik to be sent to CHINA to start the RED CHINA PROJECT.................................. please people remember this name... GRIGORY VOITINSKY - Ashkenazi Jew who was sent to China to get the CCP ball rolling. The Zionists plan several decades in advance. * over 85% of all the Bolshevik Leadership were Ashkenazi Jews, having seized control of all the INSTITUTIONS of Russia - They then killed 60,000,000 Russians. And now, they are trying to institute the NOAHIDE LAWS to 360,000,000 Americans.

i remember rooting for trotsky to win party leadership. i was sad when stalin the boorish thug won against the educated and intelligent trotsky. anyway, i remember trotsky was a capable commander as commissar of war and basically secured the survival of the revolution by commanding the red army to defeat the white army. why no mention of that?

Long live Trotsky! Trotskyism is the true theory of revolution. Kill the traitor Stalin and his servile follower!

death to trotskyites

He says that the order came down to kill the royal family. Actually, the order came from the Jewish banker Jacob Schiff in New York.

He never mentions that Trotsky was financed by Jewish banker Jacob Schiff.

I notice that he doesn't discuss issues like the Jews promoting the war with Japan and helping Japan win that war so that the Bolsheviks could overthrow the Russian government after they lost the war to Japan.

Great bio!

In 1914, St Petersburg was renamed "Petrograd". In 1924, it was renamed "Leningrad" and in 1991, its name reverted to "St Petersburg" or rather "Sankt Peterburg".

Imagine how the Soviet Union would have been if Trotsky had prevailed over Stalin

Jews are the founders of Communism and they have killed over 100 million people.

kinda gloss over his involvement in the red terror, don't ya?

Pretty sure the part about bolsheviks and mensheviks is false. In actuallity the "minority" mensheviks were the majority, not the Bolsheviks. The reason for the name is a vote that was initiated by the later bolsheviks, which they failed to inform the menshevik faction about and which was held in the middle of the night. Hence in that one strongly manipulated vote, that eventually split the communist party, the bolsheviks had the majority and thus got their name.

trostsy pushed comrade stalin too far

Trotsky was a joke

Bald man goog

Mister Simon Whistler, you channel host, would be a Bolshevik if "Democracy" were not so practical for your Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

And, Historians concede, "Menshevik" was a popular majority and "Bolshevik"an unpopular majority; despite the definitions and translations Real world NUSPEAK.. They were just names. International Jewry controlled the anarchy and violence that ensued.

Of course, our channel host, refrains from declaring Leon Trotsky's Jewishness and the International Jewish role in the Judeo-bolshevik Revolution in Russia 1917.

@tintinismybelgian Weinstein, Epstein...all jewish….all pedophiles

@tintinismybelgian yea or other Talmudic jews...Mohammed was only a pedophile because the jews of Medina taught him how...several books in the Talmud DEFEND pedophilia.

I wonder when/if you could do a video on the prophet Muhammad.


Leon Trotsky was apparently the name of one of his jailers.

And it wasn’t just pepper that Uncle Joe had put in Lenin’s final bowl of soup.

This is extremely scary how this man knows my whole entire life story...

Simon, it's not Math. It's Maths. Math is a contraction of Mathematic. Maths is the contraction of Mathematics. Come on man. You're not American! (Although I'm sure most of your audience is)

Given that you're pluralising the contraction....

This is bourgeoisie propaganda. Stalin was the true believer of communism and working class power. Trotsky was an eclectic revisionist.

His name isn't Leon Trotsky. It's Lev Bronstein

why did u skip trostky's atrocities in the civil war of the whites vs the reds

If only Lev had been accepted in the Yeshiva....... Leon was no mensch...being a bigamist.....

You omitted to mention the reason why he chose the name TROTSKY - it was the name of the Head Jailor who abused him while he was in prison.

Getting real sick of everything being narrated by the fucking worthless british

Trotsky deserved it gang

Trotsky True Psychopath, assassin, and if you think filtering with Communism and Capitalism at the same time is being a true believer, well, I don't really need to ad anything more...

Trotskyism has been criticised from various directions. In 1935, Marxist–LeninistMoissaye J. Olgin argued that Trotskyism was "the enemy of the working class" and "should be shunned by anybody who has sympathy for the revolutionary movement of the exploited and oppressed the world over." The African American Marxist–Leninist Harry Haywood, who spent much time in the Soviet Union during the 1920s and 1930s, stated that although he had been somewhat interested in Trotsky’s ideas when he was young, he came to see it as "a disruptive force on the fringes of the international revolutionary movement" which eventually developed into "a counter-revolutionary conspiracy against the Party and the Soviet state". He continued to put forward his following belief: Trotsky was not defeated by bureaucratic decisions or Stalin's control of the Party apparatus—as his partisans and Trotskyite historians claim. He had his day in court and finally lost because his whole position flew in the face of Soviet and world realities. He was doomed to defeat because his ideas were incorrect and failed to conform to objective conditions, as well as the needs and interests of the Soviet people.

Trotsky was a Jew. Sounds right

He decided to return to play his part...after that statement I easily discounted everything that followed..the sarcastic tone of the narrator..trivialized history with ignorance.

Globe Trottsky ☺

Jew-Commie !

Good job as always. But it is important to note that Lenin and Trotsky believed in murder and terror just as Stalin did. And Trotsky was so arrogant, his comrades wanted him gone.

Down with all Commies..

It's important to remember that the Communist revolution was a German Imperial regime change operation, not unlike what the CIA does around the globe today.

I just want to know one thing... Who paid for his room and board in all those deportations? I know he didn't pay for it himself, because that would make him a hypocrite.

The only correction I’d make is the Trotsky didn’t believe in utopian society he actually disagreed with that vision (something Marx and Engels critiqued heavily)

The dude that assassinated Trotsky seduced his secretary so she let him in Trotsky's house.

Rot in hell Trotsky


the murderer of the czars family.

I don't how you managed to miss all the stresses on the russian words.

@Biographics I said it only as a fun remark. Usually people do manage to hit at least 1 or 2 ;D Great video though!

I’m going to guess that it’s because I don’t speak Russian... But who knows.

"I got mind control on Stalin. When he comes around, he be like shut up and go into exile. But when he gone I be talking again."

Carful with that axe Boris ....

Too many ads! I shut the video off when the 4th one started. Biographics has more ads than the Super Bowl. Plus, there is always a paid promotion in every video. It’s too much.

@Biographics - so Frida and Leon, according to this vid, had an affair. In the Frida bio, no affair. Make up your mind. Cheers.

Pizdish kak Trockij :)))

Do Mikhail "yaponchik" Vinnitsky

Communism is the greatest killer and evil this world has or will ever see. Today's left wants exactly this

If one thing i want to change is go back in time kick stalin out his chair and let Trotsky become soviet leader. Of course millions still going to dead but he still make better soviet than Stalin.

this video made me hungry

The irony of your comment. You are clearly the radical here. Communism is worse than Nazi’s? Killed more than the plagues or Spanish Flu? More than cancer? More than the Atom bomb? Communism is almost dead. I bet you would call the police or fire service though.....Socialist.

"In 1905 the Russians suffered a humiliating defeat against the Japanese in the Battle of Tsushima." Uhh... I think you forgot to mention the... uh... the war with the Japanese.

I was indoctrinated into Communisum by a Stalinist father and Trotsky was right about Stalin. I extracated myself from communisum 41 years ago.

It is funny that the Trotskyites and the Stalinist have become united even though the Stalinist trying to exterminate the Trotskyites from the face of the Earth. The Stalinist gave the leadership of the Military wing of the Communist Party , the Antifa to the Trotskyites.

You know the relationship between Josef Stalin and Trotsky to me a lay man on this subject on the surface closely mirrors the one between Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. If you agree pleas elaborate.

Vile disgusting mass murdering Jew Bolsheviks. Den of vipers. Christ killers. Barabbas liberators.

Him and Frida never had an affair. I am pretty sure that this information was given in Frida's video.

Communists between themselves. That's normal for them. All socialists are the same as they are atheists. 5his time Stalin won. If Trotzky would have won he would have done the same, otherwise he would have not survived the political scene. This doctrine has killed hundreds of millions and it is not by accident. Get it out of your heads. There is no such thing as equality. Some will always want to be more equal than the others.

They all sound like a bunch of immoral macho hypocrites. Stalin was just one of them. Trotsky was no better.

Stalin: *exiles Trotsky for speaking against him* Trotsky: I'LL FUCKING DO IT AGAIN

Explain how Trotsky was immoral?

The biggest intelectual after Lenin himself and held the highest position in the Soviet's Red Army, yet he lost everything in mere 2 years. Trotsky was one tragic story.

To correct you on your explanation of Lenin's 'democratic centralism'; He didn't argue that the bolsheviks needed to control the masses, he argued that all members of the bolsheviks should be held to the decisions of the party. Thats the 'centralism' part. The 'democratic' part comes from the fact that the party's decisions were made democratically by its own membership. So the idea was that the party would make a decision collectively, and then the collective would have to carry out that decision. Trotsky at first disagreed with this, preferring that decisions be made on a local basis. But as the revolution developed, and the need for stronger organisational structures became apparent, he switched to Lenin's view.

He loved the KFC

Great video!

Lev bronstein

Exactly..all major European commies were total Jews .

this youtubers telling us a story of his old nemesis, harry potter (this is a joke sorry don't take it seriously)

Троцкий-Бронштейн это предатель Родины.Негодяй,убийца,интриган,который получил деньги от еврейской финансовой мафии из США и Германии для того чтобы устроить революцию в России и погубить законную власть Российской Империи.Это был террорист,которого создали евреи -иммигранты в США.Его родной дядя ,брат матери банкир с Уолл стрит Абрам Животовский!Троцкий честно заработал ледоруб для себя!Даже плюнуть на его могилу противно Русскому человеку.

I KNEW there was a reason why I never trusted that beady eyed mfer from Sim City!!

@Conor Stack just because he didn't have time my friend. Just because he didn't have time...

@Chris Irinoiu Lenin was indeed a dictator and a corrupt communist leader, but wasn't responsible for nearly as many deaths as Stalin and to my knowledge most of them were during times of conflict. Trotsky was Lenin's ally. He initially opposed his violent methods of achieving change, but ended supporting him for a communist society to be realized. According to him, "The ends justify the means as long as there is something to justify the end". There was very little that Trotsky could have done to stop Lenin, regardless. He spoke out against Stalin and paid the price for it. Trotsky certainly had his flaws, but he shouldn't be compared to the likes of Stalin. Socialism also shouldn't be defined by the corruption of Soviet Russia. In fact, many of the people, who suffered under Lenin were socialists.

@Conor Stack the killing started before Stalin, in the days of Lenin. And Trotki was there. Stop being fools. Socualism will never work. Ever. I have lived so no idiot can come and tell me what he believes socialism to be. I will lay my life down against it without any hesitation, as it is my mortal enemy, and I'd rather die that have it would imposed again over my life. That is how bad socialism is. Whoever supports it is a fool.

I'm pretty sure that Trotsky firmly opposed Stalin's totalitarianism and corruption of the communist vision. He was ruthless when it came to achieving the revolution, but he definitely wouldn't have approved of Stalin's paranoid purges in its aftermath. Communism and socialism's rejection of religious service, as well as nationalism is understandable, due to their potential to blind people and spread distrust.

The guy who killed him ,Ramon Mercader,was convicted of murder and sentenced to only 20 years in prison....Premeditated murder gets you only 20 years....

Don’t you mean isp

great video man , more time on images of the time and story would be sweet !

Bernie loves Trotsky

Finish sentence, zoom in. Finish sentence, zoom out. Finish sentence, zoom in..... Stahp.

I have always detested the character trait of forcing one's views on others which is what Socialism is! and the life stories of these people always shows you how shitty they are. I mean Diego Rivera allows you refuge from Stalin in his house and you bang his wife while cheating on ur own one! what an arsehole Trotsky is!

This video basically whitewashes a mass murderer. For example, historian Vladimir Cherniaev says: "He [Trotsky] was the initiator of concentration camps, compulsory 'labour camps,' and the militarization of labour, and the state takeover of trade unions. Trotsky was implicated in many practices which would become standard in the Stalin era, including summary executions." Trotsky even defended the use of terror in his books, e.g.' Communism and Terrorism.' The Communists should have as bad a reputation as Hitler.

Whatever happened to Leon Trotsky? He got an ice pick That made his ears burn

Like Natila Sedavo

watch "Europa The Last Battle" at archive-dot-org to get the loser's side of the story as victors write the history. Whole doc banned on YT.

@Matt H we're in one hell of a mess. Anything that's true and good they censor.... they only want the public to feed on lies and degenerate material. Very difficult to share this doc with all the shadowbanning of commentary... through google they've almost completely censored the Web

Finished watching the other day. From start to finish my jaw kept dropping more and more. Oh how we have been lied to. Hitlers camps had football teams, orchestras and kitchens to feed Jailed communist Jews yet we are told the commies were the good guys. You know the guys who massacred over 40 million people because they were white Christians. Any commie sympathisers reading this tell me why the communists didn't destroy synagogues and made anti semitism illegal? Trump and Putin are surrounded by Jews to this very day. Western governments have to bow to the Israeli governments demands. When does it all stop a coincidence? Far right backed by Jews Right backed by Jews Left wing backed by Jews Far left back by Jews. There is a reason mainstream left and right never talk about the banks National socialism (centrist) and government control of money not private banks is the way forward for nations but who owns the banks stopping this huh?

BEARRORISM Doubt (X) When asked about the means of oppressing the small people's voices by the stalinist regime Trotsky said they are "a disgusting apparatus put in place by the ones in the party who crave power to no ends", "against democracy and against all communist ideals", "they are just as dangerous, powerful and careless as the bourgeoisie but painted in deceiving shades of red". That doesn't sound like what you are describing. Those were weird times, give the man some space... some of his ideas were much better that anything other leaders at the time came up with, especially freaking Stalin or Mao. This doesn't makes him perfect though, but I don't think "mass murderer" is a fair description.

SiVlog Easy, the Trotsky version would have been like this: - No gulag crimes - Better administration, less hunger - Actually democratic - Unlike Stalin, Trotsky hated Hitler and the nazis just as much Hitler and his suckers hated the left... with a bit of luck, WW2 could have even been prevented. - USSR would look like modern day Russia - USSR would still exist and would be better than China - No cold war (or at least a shorter one) - A more stable middle east - Maybe Mao could have been overthrown - Russia would now be a friend of Europe, not an enemy - Happy eastern Europe ? - A better reputation for socialism and communism And that's why Stalin sucks so much...

Give me some Ice pick jokes

The congress of 1902 explanaition isn't accurate, the Mensheviks is called this name because they were against the reform in the central comitee of the social democrat party and then they leaved the congress, letting the Bolsheviks to be the central comitee, this is why Bolsheviks means majority, because the others leaved the end of the Congress. Although Lenin had another divengence with the Mensheviks, he was trying to define the members of the party only professional supporters which do a meeting per week, contribute paying every month, the Mensheviks were against these rules, accepting anyone who is called as supporter in the party, later Trotsky said in the best book about the Russian Revolution that Lenin was right in the both terms.

Trotsky, the hero of the only "democracy" of the middle-east.

Trotzky was a great man. It hurts that he is always overlooked in history books.

"trotsky" is also jewish.

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