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hello there leo welcome this is a may 2022 bonus  reading let's see what's going on for you guys things are moving fast here eight of wands  might be a lot of communication but something   you might have a lot of projects that you're  doing too but there's a lot going on for you   and we have the higher event so this could be   an institution a corporation this also could  be a commitment you might be committed to   doing something here that has a lot going  on these things keep on wanting to slide   okay and we have this well you have the strength  to do it stop moving okay so we have leo energy   here you have the strength to do whatever you  need to do here you're very strong very capable   in the recent past we have a king  of cups scorpio cancer pisces energy crowning you we have the emperor oh  this could be your energy it could be   aries someone being in charge someone  that um has a lot of influence that's very controlling i feel okay of course i forgot  to say this is your card oh my god why didn't i   not say that this is leo this is your cards  that's great that you're showing up here   and then we have the queen of swords aquarius  libra gemini and we also have so this is coming   in you might be your energy or it might  be someone that is coming in towards you   now we have you are moving away from something  you could also be going on trip traveling you   might have to travel for work but this is moving  away from rough waters to something much better   and um you might be people might be seeing  like you're out in the cold you're not   you're feeling abandoned for something here  okay we do have the queen of wands here too   so we have um aries leo sagittarius  so this very well could be your energy cells we have the fool a new begin aries and  aquarius energy the magicians also i take as aries   and aquarius and which is a very strong aries and  aquarius coming especially with the emperor here   very strong aries and then you have to make  a decision here so you are manifesting a new   beginning and it's going to bring in choices and  you have the lovers which is also the choice card   so there is a connection coming into a soul mate  connection this looks good okay let's see leo   why do we have eight of wands here  why do we have the eight of wands here king of swords wow so now we have king of cups   king of swords queen of swords we have  a match here king and queen of swords i like that so you do have a connection here so  um so i would say this king of swords is your   energy and you have a queen of swords coming  in that you're going to meet in the future   and you're holding your ground here you're you're  strong here very intellect very intelligent here why do we have the higher pin here  what's going on with the hierarchy okay even given thank you this might be a  commitment that you you're either getting a   job that's going to pay you well or compensate  you for your worth not underpay you or you're   going to be in a connection um possibly marriage  where it's going to be an even connection of   both partners actually contributing not one  doing all the work i want just sitting back   doing nothing here what about the strength card  here why do we have the strength right here oh look at this you are manifesting this so you're  in your power you have the magician here twice so   whatever you're thinking about remember what you  think about you bring about so make sure you keep   things positive because you are are very good at  manifesting you have all the tools you need to   do anything you want so if you feel like you  you don't have enough strength you do you   this is saying yes you do you can manifest  anything here what about this king of cups   why do we have this king of cups here for leo why  is the king of cups here oh okay so this person in   the past might be coming in with an offer here or  they made an offer in the past towards you um and   maybe you weren't sure about taking it towards  virgo capricorn because this is past energy my bad job offer might have been a   love offer okay what about um the emperor why is  the emperor here why is the emperor here for leo oh this emperor hurt you so there's some kind  of pain it could be a third party situation that   broke you guys up or something happened  here the third party doesn't have to be   someone cheating on the other could be work which  feels strong like you might have been with someone   that was more dedicated to the work  that they didn't give you enough time   and you might have broken off with them  that could be some because this person is   really into their work with the emperor  here or it could have been family broke   up friends broke you up uh addiction broke up  you know something could have happened here   that came in between you and this emperor  okay why do we have this queen of swords here okay so this queen of swords is coming  towards you but they feel stuck   maybe they don't know what they want to do  here i almost feel that there's energy coming   that wants to speak to you the truth but for  some reason they feel stuck that they're can't   get out of their own way if that makes any  sense okay why do we have the six of swords okay you're going away from the rough water  to your happiness ten of cups this is awesome   yes you're coming into a lot of happiness  here what about this five of coins this   is how people see you on the outside looking  in not included or something for some reason   what is this oh the end to this the end of feeling  left out in the cold things are ending things   are shifting things are changing for you this is  great okay why do we have the queen of wands here hidden hmm okay now definitely this could be your energy that  people see you as they're very attracted to you   and they're but there's also someone  might behind their emotions from you   yeah i think someone's i might be a pisces that  they're hiding their emotions we have this king   of cups here that someone that came to you when  an offer but i don't think i think this is you   the queen of wands but they did not express  their emotions they have a lot of feelings   for you they love you and they're not saying it  what about the fool card why is the pool car here ooh victory okay so you're starting something  new a new beginning and it's going to go very   well for you so if it's new business or a new job  it's going to go very well now what about this   magician whoa there's going to be a marriage  coming up or long-term commitment here   new beginnings looking good okay  what about this two of swords yeah judgment something someone's commented  something or someone's coming back around   that you're going to have to make a decision  on and you can't make it at this time queen   of wands is showing back up i think you're  this is your energy just people are noticing   you you're getting a lot of attention uh  people are seeing it as very attractive   yes the tension is coming in for  you you got the lovers card here   you got the okay i think someone's  getting married you've got the ten of cups   okay but is this someone newer or is it this  person trying to return here i don't know okay   so we do have this queen of swords here so this  person feels stuck in their head but maybe once   they get out of their way it could work because  we also have someone here hidden in the motion   i don't know you got a few people here kind of  confusing but it's different for everyone since   this general reading let's see we have oh there we  go someone's getting married you could be buying   a house or moving in with someone you don't have  to get married you could be moving in with someone   but this is a long-term commitment a serious  commitment and here we have the three of swords   again okay someone wants to heal this this is  the hermit heels here the hermit is a healer   so you're working on healing this hurt that you  had from the past could be dealing with a virgo see what else we have here privacy or just other people trying to  get in your business starting trouble   don't like that but you're putting  an end to that the death card   so there's an ending to these i think  you are cutting people all your life   you're ending for new beginnings so you're  doing going through a transformation oop someone to pop out queen of cups all right  so this is very loving nurturing caring energy   we didn't have queen cups already right no the queen of swords the queen  of wands now the queen of cups   uh this could be a scorpio cancer pisces engine  now we have a match for the king so i think you   are you are a good match for the person from  the past and you're also a good match for the   for um this person coming here i think this  is your energy and this is this person coming   in it doesn't matter with the gender you  know it could be ending any gender here so   it's just the energy of the cards that i'm  reading queen of cups loving caring nurturing oh knight of cups someone's coming in  with love offer scorpio cancer pisces someone's thinking about you a lot day  and night they want this connection and there's the emperor again i don't  think the emperor's giving up on you either that could be an aries it could be anybody   someone wants to take control take charge oh a  new beginning yep we have the pool again the new   beginning of course that is your sign too aries  and aquarius on the whole i said wow five of   pentacles someone's afraid of being left out in  the cold here i think this is the person that's   thinking about you getting two of swords trying  to make a decision you're having a hard time   making a decision and you have you got a lot of  duplicates here you have the strength card again   this is your energy being strong and brave and  able to handle whatever you need to handle here   you do have to make a decision but you have  other people trying to butt into your business   okay let's see what the word is on these let's see  what the word is okay let's see our first person   is this king of swords which i think is your  energy let's see here for the king of swords thinking drama money okay so there's something to do  about drama about money and we do have the   heart but we have this trying to balance things  out so maybe whoever's coming back in here   you wouldn't mind having a commitment things have  to be balanced and this is saying it will be okay   now our next one would be this king of cups from  the past let's just scoop on this key and help committed very soon important future so put very soon first okay important committed in the future okay  this person going to come in with this message   saying that he and this is going to  happen very soon they want a commitment   in the future what about this night of pentacles   we have mystery obsessed feelings since  you've been apart okay so this is a mystery   but this person's going to that you don't  know about that they've been obsessed with you   since you've been apart might be one in the same  or it might be two different people here take it   how it works for you guys now what about  this queen of swords there's a story here oh a tower aries and a um scorpio energy   friends realize okay so this person stuck  in their head there's something that's   going to happen here that's going to either they  can come in and surprise you because they realize that you guys are friends or they realize  something about friends something shocking   they find out something about their friends they  realize and they come in to tell you about it   i don't know i mean of course this  might not resonate with you it might   or you know might be one person that that message  is for so let's see what about this queen of wands   this is between one we have love lying you start see now this person was high in their feelings  so that would make sense so this person really   loves you whoever this person is i think this is  your energy though queen wants someone is going to   come to you and and express themselves because  they want a new start because they are lying   they were high in their feelings it wasn't  like they're really lying as much as they were   expressing themselves but in a way that is a lie  okay let's see let's see about this queen of wands we have family karma always  there's always some karma with this   this one okay there's always some  kind of family karma coming in i guess or they're dealing with the family karma   okay let's see who's next we have this  queen of cups let's just step on this we have here married meaning money okay   so you're going to be having a meeting about  money and maybe possible marriage about money i don't know guys like i said take  if it resonates leave it doesn't okay well this one we have   a present or they're bringing a present  they do have flowers in the hand want sincere okay this person's being sincere they're  going to bring a present and they want something   here for me they want to present oh i'm just  being silly okay so this person is being sincere   and they are they're probably going to  either percent present you with something   about them being pursued but they  do want they probably want you and i don't know i would like to pull another word  but then i'm afraid they'll mess it up so i'm   not going to okay but we do have the lovers here  so there it definitely feels like this commitment   coming in got a lot of people here and you're  trying to heal this broken heart i don't know   i think too when i'm seeing this always family  karma i am saying karma but i'm i'm thinking drama   you know but there's some  kind of karma that's trying to it's always a family and something to do karma  maybe something has to come back around it has   to work itself out because of the karma and it's  always a family somehow involved here because   that's it's a little confusing with that one  okay guys let's see what signs we're dealing with   i hope that makes sense to you because i'm  just a reader and it doesn't have to make   sense to me i just try to tell you what my  guys tell me and what the angels tell me and   then whoever the message is for i hope you can  figure it out let's see here we have scorpio oh these are flipping i'm going  to take them aquarius and aries sagittarius cancer and scorpio make sure you see that  okay let me move these up a little bit because   i'm not in the picture here okay so the signs we have this could  be placements in your chart placement   and other people's charts so we have score oh look  libra wants to show too okay so scorpio aquarius   aries sagittarius cancer scorpio and libra was  peeking out too so we'll put libra in there too   did we have libra come out no i think we  had justice for this night all right guys so now i'm going to do the letter it's 11 letters for  you guys and this will be for initials first name   last name and to get first and last and you  get the middle if you know someone's middle   all the better past present or future  people or your own initials let's see o q a h j i u f h everything feels like it's sticking what you  know what is there someone that has someone that   is like feels like they're stuck to them like  they can't like everywhere they go they're there   i'm feeling also because of the way things  are sticking together i'm feeling that w   and j okay guys so letters i have for you today  are o q a h j i u f h w j now for the names someone definitely wants a commitment here  someone's healing a broken heart okay the lovers   come in soulmate connection i feel very strong  soulmate connection here with the lovers let's see what's this gemini there and of course  you have the strength rather came up twice   very strong leo too let's see i don't know if  i have enough here let's see we have kendall collin with 1l walter jennifer stephanie congelle k-u-n-j-a-l we have lou lou manga l u n g a we have janine j e  n e e n and then we have stacy with e and we have tino we have our 11. awesome okay guys so  remember these are general readings they're   not personal readings please take what resonates  leave what doesn't maybe someone will resonate   maybe it won't maybe all that will resonate maybe  none at all so um let me know if it resonates   and please leave me comments i love you guys  so much and i appreciate all you like share   subscribes and comments and i hope to see  you all again real soon thank you so much

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