Legend of Blue Shell Man Guy - Starter Squad (Ep.10)

Legend of Blue Shell Man Guy - Starter Squad (Ep.10)

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Damn you, beavers! You won't get away with this! I'll stop you if it's the last thing I do! What are you talking about? We live here! Yeah! You're the one who's destroying our home and kicking us! What did Beaver Society ever do to you!? There is no such thing as Beaver Society! You all just made it up! [collective beaver gasps] Denying the existence of Beaver Society... is a Class 4 violation of Beaver Society! Defend ourselves even more! [beaver attacking sounds] Anarchy will prevail! My actions will be immortalized in your history books and my descendants will destroy those books! You're gonna regret this, man! As soon as Big Bibby gets here you're gonna be in real trouble! What do ya mean? Big Bibby's right over there. [laughing] Uh...nah man... I think I'm gonna sit this one out. If it's cool with you, like... I'm kinda doin' my own thing over here.

Yeah, that's reasonable. I'm good with that. You can't really blame him. Bibby's a cool guy! I wouldn't judge him if he doesn't want to participate. I am not enjoying being kicked anymore! I am. But I recognize that's an unhealthy lifestyle! We need to tap the water reserves! What!? No we can't tap the water reserves! We're reserving them! That's why they're called "water reserves."

I know why they're called that! I'm the one who decided to name our things based on what they do! We AGREED that we would only tap the reserves in an emergency situation! WWaaaaAAAAAHHHH! Ah! Emergency! Tap them! Tap them all! AAaaaaaahhhh!!! AAAaaahhh! AAAHH!! It's working! We should have done this right away. I am ashamed of our decision making skills. AAauuuaagghhh! [distant yelling sounds] Wait a minute.... I hear yelling. Everyone hears yelling! It's a great way to get attention! No, I mean right now. I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the ye- Uauuhh! My area! Uughh! Ah! Uahh wait no! This attack seems a little excessiiiiiiiiiivvvve [ding] [coughing] No! NO! Come on! You okay, Char? STOP SAVING ME! Oh I'm sorry! But we're not gonna just stand there and watch you die.

I could've handled them myself! Oh no, I agree. You totally had that situation under control. How are you still following this lunatic? We are a team, Char. That means we stick together. All of us. NO! WE don't do anything! YOU need to stay as far away from me as possible! Come on, Char! Don't do this! We need you! This just doesn't work without all three of us.

I could take him or leave him honestly. LEAVE ME ALONE! I know you think you're better off on your own. But if you keep trying to brute force it out there, you could up hurting yourself.

We were actually making some good progress when we were a- Progress!? I am NOT gonna be lectured on PROGRESS by a PRE-'VO wearing an ANTI-EVOLUTION ROCK! The everstone is part of my strategy! You'd know that if you actually listened to me. High damage moves like Hydro Pump are only accessible at lower levels- Aaah!! Look, I get it. He can be a bit much. Meeting him was the worst event of my life. I wish death upon him nightly. But he's a level 98! You have to admit, as a team, we're pretty much invincible.

No. What you are is dependent. Without him, you're weak and defenseless and everyone hates you because you're pathetic and boring. I keep forgetting I don't like you. Great! Stop following me! I can't level up if that psycho keeps "protecting" me.

You might as well give in! Squirtle is hellbent on keeping the team together. Then I gotta go somewhere he can't! Oh no... Please don't do that! I can't outrun him.

But I can definitely out-climb him! I'll go straight to the top! Chimchar... That is literally the highest mountain in the entire world. You know what they say, greenboots... "The mountains only look high from far away."

No one says that! That's not a saying! You're leading us to our deaths! Perfect! Don't follow me. Always remember, Turtwig: I hate you both more than you will ever know. No one will ever respect yoooooou.... This whole experience is doing a lot for my self esteem. You have got a lot of ner- Ugh. Where did he go this time? He's going-! Uh...

He said something about tunneling underground. Yeah! He made it really clear that he was gonna find somewhere... ....low.....to go. Nah man.... He didn't say that. He said he was gonna climb the tallest mountain in the world. Damn it! Of course! It was only a matter of time.

No we don't have to-! Ugh. Seriously, guy? You shouldn't lie to your uncle, man. I never did stuff like that and look at me now! Everybody loves me! But more importantly, man... I love me.

[laughing] Uuugh.... Hey! Chimchar obviously doesn't want to be followed! We don't have a choice, bud. We're a team! Whether he likes it or not.

I just think we work pretty well as a duo, you know? We're both turtles and we're both NOT being forced to do this... I know his type. He'll come around eventually.

And we'll all be the stronger when he does. More importantly, we PROMISED to defend each other. When you commit to something like that you have to stick to it! No matter what happens... Bluey! Water gun! I'M A BIRD! TWEET TWEET! Come on, Bluey! Again! BIRD SOUNDS! BIRD SOUNDS COME OUT OF ME! THEY DO! Aaagh! You're holding back, Bluey! You're better than this! Hhheugh! I AM TOO MUCH OF A BIRD! BIRD! Come on, Bluey! BIRD! [Squirtle struggles] BIRD! I believe in you! You... believe in me? YOU BELIEVE IN ME!? Bird? After ENSLAVING me...

LYING to me! FORCING my every move! It turns out you BELIEVE IN ME!? hOaah, bird! [choking] Oh that's so great! I'm so happy I'm strong enough for YOU! Thanks for believing in me! [evolution music] Everything I've ever done! EVERYTHING! It was always for It was... ....no. No. [evolution music stops] Bluey, you attacked out of turn.

That's not like you. I'm sorry. It won't happen again. No.

Keep doing it. Do whatever is necessary to win. Okay.

That rage you feel... I need you to embrace it. Let it consume you. Take all your anger towards me and channel it into the fight. Whatever you say...

Everything I've put you through was meant to bring out this potential. That feeling, Bluey... It's you. It's what you really are. Okay. Are you listening to me, Bluey? Embrace my anger.

Got it. I hope you realize what's at stake here. I'm starting a war.

Once we break the rules... so will our enemies. You're my trainer. I'll do whatever you say. I know you will, Bluey.

Despite everything, you've demonstrated your loyalty. You know what happens to those who oppose me. [Turtwig] Wait...hold on. So Charmander ACTUALLY DIED? Yes.

Like...died died? You didn't jump in an save him? [sigh] I know. I really wish I could've done things differently.

Aw man... What about Bulbasaur? Oh, he didn't wanna leave. I think he got the happiest ending out of all of us. Wow, that''s....awful.

I don't know why I was laughing so much at the beginning. That story was just a bunch of death and then a really sad ending. Hopefully it's something you can learn from, bud. I think I finally learned why you won't evolve.

But on a personal level? Not super relevant to anything going on with me. Postponing my evolution is a power-honing strategy. It has nothing to do with that story! Uh-huh. Everyone's in such a rush to evolve.

But once you do, there's no going back. It changes you. Permanently. Any unfinished business you had...

unfinished forever. Yeah, sounds terrifying. God forbid you change something about yourself. Aw hey guys! You sure are climbin' up real high! It's pretty steep up here if you ask me. But no one ever asks questions to trees anymore.

Times truly have changed. Did you see an orange guy pass through here? He's about this tall and, uh, constantly on fire. Oh yeah! I remember that guy! I tried to tell him how steep it is up here. And he was just like, "Shut up!" "I don't believe in talking trees!" "You don't even have a mouth!" And it really hurt my little tree feelings.

AAAUUGHH my little treelings... Yeah, that sounds like him. Yeah it does! And also, those are his tracks right over there. Great! We can still catch up! Uh yeah, cool. Cool. But wait! You can't go that way! That path runs through Snow Way! And you'll never make it through Snow Way.

Why not? There's Snow in the way. I think we can handle it. Aauuhw for realz!? I have never met anybody so verbally willing to handle things. I must come with you so that I may learn your ways. Oh boy, strap in.

The guy we're following only wants one thing: That we don't follow him. Aauhw neat! He'd do the same for us if we were in danger. I'm sorry, what!? No he wouldn't! He hates us! That's just how he expresses himself. Char might be rough around the edges, but deep down, he actually cares about us. He's never even remotely indicated that.

You have a lot to learn about friendship, stubby man. A true friend doesn't care if he's actually your friend. Some of my closest friends in the world have been my greatest enemies. And I never even talk to them. What? Char might not appreciate it now, but we're all he has! You gotta stick by your friends while they're still around.

You never know how long that's gonna be. Well I'm pretty sure FRIENDS don't actively try to escape from each other. FRIENDS probably don't lead each other up dangerously tall mountains where they're definitely gonna freeze to death over a lost cause! Ah shut up, Bulbasaur.

Excuse me!? Uh bu- bud. Shut up, bud. Squirtle... What's my name? What's my actual name? Huh? Which Pokemon am I? Unbelievable! This isn't about Chimchar at all! You're just using us to re-live your stupid childhood! Where are you going? Somewhere else.

This place sucks. Bud! Wait! I'm sorry! Please! I- I can't do this by myself. Cool. Ask the trees for help.

Hey! We are a team! We promised to stick together! STICK together? [sigh] I wish I could believe that was a pun on my name. hhugh Aaah! [Squirtle struggling] Bulbas- bu- .... STICKLE! Damn it. Aw it's okay, friend. We don't need him.

I've already found an even better replacement! This team is more important to me than my own life! Ya see! Together we will find Chumdar and make everything right again because of friendship reasons. I believe in us! Uuaahh! Agh... You may have won this time, worm! But you will pay for what you've done! I will have my revenge! Great job, team.

We live to fight another day. How did they know we were coming? Birds, Whiskers. They've eyes and ears everywhere.

But it doesn't matter... The offensive worked. We won.

This!? This is WINNING!? All I see is DEATH! And more of them than us. Rest assured... Our sacrifice will not be in vain. We WILL vanquish our enemy and future generations will not inherit our fears.

Look around you! The birds are taking us down with them! They'll incinerate the entire forest before they let you succeed. All you've done is ensure our mutual destruction. Leonard... Everything will work out. We just have to keep pushing. I believe in us.

No... There is no "us", Whiskers. Leonard...

You know desertion is punishable by death. I would rather die than fight for you again. Very well. Whiskers. Kill him. ... ah.... Whiskers, that's an order.

I can't kill Leonard... He's my.... I can't! I knew you weren't ready for the stone.

What a shame. Bluey. Kill him.

Leonard! This is loyalty, Whiskers. No hesitation. No question.

Remember this. I will. [Snover] Is he havin' a flashback? Hold on, I'll ask him. Hey are you havin' a flashback? Aahw I can't remember the last time I had a flashback. It must have been about three years ago...

How much longer 'til we get to Snow Way? Exactly five minutes! Uh...no wait make that an hour. Uh.... No wait. I don't- Okay, I don't actually know. I clearly haven't been paying much attention. I come here a lot, but I don't remember seeing so many burning owls.

Huh. Maybe I was wrong about Char. He seems to be handling himself just fine up here. Yeah! That guy knows exactly how to do whatever he did! I mean, he's a fire type. Most of the strongest Pokemon up here are ice types. Cold people are no match for hot people! If we band together up here, the two of us would be unstoppable! We could always find another Bulbasaur! Truly, our friends are the most replaceable people we know.

Yeah! This whole journey is like a test of our friendship. Maybe coming here wasn't a bad decision after all. Yeah, you make the right decisions 100% of the time! But also, we're at Snow Way now so you should like, turn back and not be doin' what you've been doin' this whole time. This? This is Snow Way? I don't get it. What's so bad about this? Uh there's Snow in the way! Yeah, you cannot pass on account of Snow that is in the way of you continuing. What are you talking about!? There's been snow everywhere this whole time! It doesn't even seem like it's all that much RRRAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! What is that? That is Snow.

HAAAALT! Puny travelers, Ye have stumbled upon sacred ground. Turn back immediately and return to whence you came. Oh okay then, goodbye. Yeah, see ya later man. I'm...

I need to get to FOOL! Do not attempt to talk to the giant tree! Depart from this place and your life shall be spared. I- I'm not afraid of you. Listen well, prawn.

I am no mere tree. I am an emissary of the Mountaintop Deities. < アルセウス > God of Gods. Creator of time and space.

Has chosen me as their holy protector. And so I shall protect with my EVERY HOLE! Yeah? Well my friend is up there! And I'm not leaving without him! So stay out of my way! Oof! You have been bested in combat. Retreat now and tell legends of your narrow escape. If you won't move I'm gonna have to move you. The mercy of the Gods is wasted on the disobedient. This world hath no place for those who defy its NATURAL ORDER! Stay down, prawn! I am merely fulfilling the ordinances of our ultimate authority.

Char needs me! I would go to the ends of the earth for him! And if he can get past you so can I! HA HAHAHA HAHA! You TRULY BELIEVE that a SINGLE SOUL could elude the will of our GODS? You are no different from the last puny being to insist on such silliness. No... Char... you're...

Defeated. To death. You can tell because there are X's where its eyes should be. This creature attempted to skitter into this holy land and was justly slain. Such is the only conclusion to abject defiance. No...

NO! I told you... I told you you weren't ready... Why didn't you just listen to me!? Why did you have to- ! No... This... this is my fault. You're only here because of me.

I just wanted to help you but all I did was... I'm sorry. Our wants are mere, fleeting desires. The wants of our Gods are the rules of this world.

Do you understand? I... I do. Then you shall make no further attempts to defy.

I won't. You have seen the truth. You shall be spared. Leave and never return. Okay.

HALT! Spread word of what was witnessed here, prawn so that others may be spared as well. Okay. I'll make sure no one defies you every again. NO! It is not I they must fear.

But THEM! This death is not my will but that of my LORDS. I have frozen countless defiant souls and weep for every single one. If it were my decision, they would all be spared. But alas... You... didn't have a choice.

You understand. It is my burden to bear and your word to spread. Go.

Bluey, I've lost everything. The war. Whiskers.

My... ...everyone. When we first met, you warned me this would happen. You knew I was doing the wrong thing. You have to tell me.

How do we fix this? What can I do? We'll do whatever you want. No! That's all we've ever done! All of this is because of me. I was so sure of everything and look what's happened! Just... Tell me there's a way to make this right.

There's a way to make this right. Bluey, I don't need a soldier. I need help. I'm sorry for everything I've done to you. You're the only one I have left. Please just help me! Okay.

Tell me what to do and I'll do it. I don't know what to do! Every time I think I'm doing the right thing I make everything worse! I can't keep making mistakes. PLEASE! Just tell me what I have to ...oh. This whole time...

I knew you were afraid, but... It's not me you've been afraid of. You gave me complete loyalty. Everything I asked of you. Everything. Whoever gets control of you next...

I pity them. Goodbye, Squirtle. No... You always had a choice. The Gods didn't kill anyone! You did! I am merely a vessel for the commands of my masters.

Don't try to shift the blame! We made our choices! You chose to follow! You chose to obey! You're responsible for everything that happens! You speak out of turn, prawn. Everything I've ever done was for someone else. But you can't escape the wrong decision by putting it on others. If I'm gonna make bad choices, they're gonna be my own! Then you have chosen death.

Move. Being slightly bigger changes NOTHING! I represent the ultimate authority! I am an emissary of the GODS! Uhhn...what? Well they're not here! They have nothing to do with THIS! THIS is between you... EEUURRAAAAAAAGAAAAAAAAHHHGGGGHHH!!!!! ...and ME. RRRHHhhhgghhhh..... ....huh? WHAT THE Ff- [boom] Hooray! Now we can go through Snow Way whenever we want! Uh I don't really feel like it right now.

Yeah, me neither. I'll go some other time now that I can do it whenever. Thank you Blue Shell Man...

Guy.... I'll be sure to tell legends of your actions to my friends and family. Hey everybody! Listen to these legends! It all started when I met this little blue turtle... [trailing off] It's a shame. If you had evolved, you'd be giving them hell.

The Pokemon Gods and whatever "God Society" they have up there... They'd be no match for you. But here you are.

Who are they to decide that? Woah and now he's holdin' on to him for some reason! The end! So what're you gonna do now, Blue Shell Man Guy? Seems like whatever lives at the top makes all the rules. Rules designed to keep us in our place. I've suffered enough for those rules! If there really are Pokemon Gods up there, they're gonna have to answer to me! Oh cool, what are you gonna ask? Something.

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