Left Policies Are Failing Black Business & Black Kids | Burgess Owens | POLITICS | Rubin Report

Left Policies Are Failing Black Business & Black Kids | Burgess Owens | POLITICS | Rubin Report

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We now need to let these young people know that they, have been do you know we we have we have kind of let our guard down and and, this is kind of segue for that where we let our guard down so it's probably the most important, place we can think about and saw the educational, system as we've, been kind of moving on and having our big dreams and you're being your eternal optimist, that we are as a country building. Our future our kids and and and. Vacation, we, have not understood that, evils been at our doorstep, every single step of the way they have gotten into our educational, system for decades and they, have eaten away like little termites, on the most important thing that we can we can have to keep our future and knowledge, of our past what we've done together and most, importantly, what makes our country work the free market we, have kids coming out of college hating. Our country, because of the about, Marxist, laboratories, if we've been together for the last few decades. I'm. Dave Rubin and this is the Rubin report, reminder, everybody, to subscribe. To our YouTube channel and click that pesky notification. Bell so that you're alerted when our new videos drop and joining. Me today is a former, NFL star and. Super Bowl champion, now running for Congress, in Utah's. Fourth, district, Burgess, Owens welcome to the Rubin report Dave. Thanks so much looking forward to our chat for sure I'm. Glad to have you man because you are blowing up every, time I turn, on television. Now I, just did the Greg Gutfeld show with you a couple days ago but every time I see somebody talking on Twitter a video, of somebody doing something you're you seem to be right in the middle of things you're you're enjoying this little I really. Am I really, am because you know we're having a conversation that's, been long overdue day but you, know we've been talking to hypothetically, what could happen with socialism, Marxism I mean this it's a conversation in half four years and really not get through we, have an opportunity right now to let people know this is the way it looks when, you give left power, they, have no clue to deal with it other than to abuse it so I think, this is obviously, it's, tough times but, what I've come to understand about America, and I know our history and, we go through the toughest of times and snows we as long as we know what the endgame is what it takes to win we've, come together we put aside our differences for a little bit of time and, we go out there and make things happen so I see this is a great opportunity to talk with our Democratic, minutes to love our country to.

Our Black business owners for sure they definitely get it and then, those who have in the past not been really engaged, we are literally fighting for the hardest of our nation and those guys on other side are totally, there there they're going nuts because they realize how close they are to losing at all so they are all hands, on board and just know that this, will be a probably. Most important. Few months we have coming up in front of us now we just make sure we take advantage of it and just, and as Oh Al Davis just to stay in old days just, win baby we need to get that done just win baby. So. That's actually partly, why I wanted to have yann because. Because. Of your history as an, athlete as an NFL player and even the way you answered that question there's, there's always a certain rhythm which I've always loved the way so many athletes, speak about things and and, obviously you have some of that and and I think we sort of need a little bit more of that right now people who. Know how to win not not win at all costs. But, win within a certain framework, of rules, and, respect, for each other and respect. For the country and I really sense that out of you and. I'll tell you what I'm excited about I've, been hearing, from a lot of my peers, though college peers and NFL, peers but, when we came to a time when it's quite different we came to a time where our parents, did. Such a great job and this is the thing that I think is being lost we, have had this last generation the great generation was truly remarkable they, succeeded in so many different ways and to say. That they were half this and hopeless and oppressed as they is a is, a put-down to them in a big big way but, what I've been getting is calls from our guys that I came through the college and pro and they're, all on board we'd love the fact we're now talking about standing, for a flag standing for our country respect. Which, we were taught by our parents to do and, we now need to let these young people know that they have been do you know we we have we have kind of let our guard down and and. This is kind of segue for that where we let our guard down so it's probably the most important, place we can think about and, saw the educational, system as we've, been kind of moving on and have no big dreams and you'll be near eternal optimist, that we are as a country building.

Our Future our kids and-and-and. Vacation, we, have not understood that, evils been on our doorstep, every single step of the way they have gotten into our educate system for decades and they, have eaten away like little termites, on the most important thing the weekend we can have to keep our future and knowledge, of our past what we've done together and most, importantly, what makes our country work the free market we, have kids coming out of college hating. Our country, because of the about, Marxist, laboratories, that we even put together for the last few decades so, so this is a good time for us even to, start addressing that issue one. Of the things I cannot, wait to do and we're gonna get the Congress by the way let me just give you guys a little quick. Advertisement. Burgess, for Utah comm. Burgess. For Utah, go there all right I always be I promise, yeah I was gonna do it at the end, let's. Back up a little bit cuz you hit a couple turns there so you mentioned the greatest generation and and you're talking about how, so much of what's happening now seems to be an erasure of past so, you thought you've had a pretty amazing pass you were one of the first three black football players at University, of Miami everybody, knows about the incredible, football, history there can you just back up first and just tell us a little bit about where, you're from what you what your folks were like just growing up all I love to I would love to because this, is probably the biggest pride, I have is my upbringing and. And, because so many people don't know about it it's a shocker it's, important, to realize but. The message of my background my background is very simply this this, country will give anyone the opportunity to, get to the middle class if we will understand the tenants that we need to get there and it doesn't matter how poor, we come what, color we are. How. Little we understand language if we understand it's all about education. Faith. Industry. And family, we got it so that, being said my. Are the, black community, because. They understood those tenets the, 40s, 50s and 60s led. Our country in the growth in middle class men, matriculated, with college men, committed to marriage it was 70 percent and in. Percentage of entrepreneurs. We, had now communities business, owners everywhere kids, my doing know white people might in my community so everything, was driven by by black entrepreneurs, that, where'd you go where'd, you grow up and tallahassee tallahassee florida, deep south tallahassee, days with KKK, Jim Crow segregation. I, didn't, have my first interaction with white, Americans until I was 16 years old but. I grew up in a community it was so, who they were how dads, came back war they, were proud of who they were I was taught never let that flag touch the ground it'll be desecrated, it was really proud of that but. The most important, thing is, that the 40% of business ownership equated. To over 50 to 60 percent of black Americans across our country. DC. That, South, Texas. California, we, had relatives, all across the board all part, of the middle class and that, was the way our country, was our race, was that. Has been flipped upside down where, we now have 3.8%, business. Ownership and that's of course our. Middle. Class is going down and unfortunately most important thing about the middle class most. Of it now has become elitist, of, a great big group, of elitist, a bigger group of poor and a very small group of that very empathetic, loving, serving, outside. The box thinking middle-class so, we, have to get that back and Dave I'll tell you if, I can just warn. Our fellow, Americans, what we're what, the real attack is the, real value we're, fighting right now obviously is our culture, but. What the left wants to do is destroy our middle class why. Because, the middle class is a stakeholder, of our culture, that's we find the best of Americans, those, who's going out there they work they, pay, that they pay their bills they pay their payroll they, dream they're fill that stump back up again and their goal is verson to build something and give to their kids a legacy, and, here's, other piece of it, business. Owners realize one thing when when customers, come through that door they, know what they have a discipline, to be a nice person why cuz they wanted to come back again even, if they're knuckleheads, they want to come back and keep buying this product that, is the nest inspire other. People to our country, the, big of that middle class is the, more vibrant our freedom, really is and the more educated, we are in the whole bit and that's, what they're after that's where we look at their Kolbert what they were trying to do these, Marxist these. These folks who are totally, heartless because they've never understood, where there's a build of business they, wanted to shut down our economy shut down business and make they make sure they fail why, because the end of the day they want a power in November, they.

Allow, These, mayors allow these, thugs that come through these these black, communities. And every four years destroy, them destroy, the infrastructure, why because that those black business owners will become there lifting themselves out of that popular to the middle class so, this is what we're after if we understand, that then. We understand, our enemy and enemy, it's not us it's not it's not a Republicans. And Democrats independence, is those, who truly adhere. To an evil ideology, of socialism, Marxism and because, they do they can care less they, have no heart for anybody else but themselves and they don't mind and in my case with the black community they, will use abuse and discard because, that's what it takes for them to continue to win their battle as somebody, that grew up in the, segregated south, Jim, Crow laws, and. You mentioned you didn't really have interactions, with with white America, let's say till you're 16 years old you know then you become a NFL. Star you playing in college NFL, star Super Bowl champion, have done all sorts of other stuff since then are, you shocked, that in 2020. Right. Now as we talk that we seemingly, at our are at, our what, the media would tell you is our worst race race relations, in decades I don't, think it's actually true, I think it's just the way that it's being framed and pushed, on us but but are you shocked it's sort of the moment that we're at right now, well. I guess, I can't, say I'm shocked because I know the. The enemy is tenacious, they. Are. They. They just don't give up there's, no shame, so. So, without what I think we're finding out though is how deep, into. Our entire, institutions. That they have. Given. The. Dive gotten into when I talk about termites they've, been doing this for a long time I've seen it with the with, our educational, system I just.

Had No idea or, how broad their. The tentacles, work so, we're seeing it coming from every single angle that you have including, within our. Office. To the government that we thought. We trusted you know I never thought that, the, FBI the DOJ. All those things were were, complicit in this, process, but, then if we understand again a, little, bit about Marxism, and they're socialists, they're. Cowards and bullies so really, shouldn't be surprised they're, the ones they're gonna try to find this office place to. Do. Their business to do their job they want to you want to keep covered they don't want to be fired so if they find a place that's very safe, you'll find them whether. It be a college, a college or tenure or these are, you. Know these these government, jobs where nobody knows who they are and they never didn't ever get fired or, of course the media where they get into media. Organizations. Will all have to do is be as far left as you can and they got expense your tits your job so, that that's what we're fighting against, and the. Downside, to being entrepreneurs. Been, doing those who are eternal, optimist we, sometimes forget to get into the weeds you know we're we're, not going to be drawn to the same things there are we're out there taking, risk, meal. Building our dreams falling. And getting back up and all we want to be done is just be left alone let us do our thing and just leave us alone well. While we're doing that then. Behind the curtains all this is going on okay and, uh that's. What the fundamental do you think that's what the fundamental disconnect in society, right now is I think it has something to do with that that there's a certain set of people, I actually, think most Americans, who just want to live and let live they, want some basic policies, that keep the government out of their lives but that's pretty much it but when you believe that you're not going to be riled up all the time and angry, and on the attack on time and now we have a new set of people I don't think it's as many as the other but I think that they're they're loud and vociferous and. And on the attack and so, they seem. Disproportionately.

Powerful. Because, the rest of us were, working. Were, watching. TV we're doing stuff with our families, whatever it might be so that there's a disconnect there in the in the parody a both sides it it, is but, that's the nature of of, who. We are and it takes keep in mind remember what we're doing. 9/11. And a, Pearl Harbor we. Were going about our business and, one day we all Saturday is going to church or going to work we. Had no idea how many how much, who were hated until thousands, of us had to die through our process, but, what happens, once the enemy hits we, wake up and realized, we were up against and that's when we become dangerous, that's the tour to the enemy as. The, the Japanese whatever. Admiral, said I feel, with waking a sleeping, giant I, believe. What's happened right now they're, Americans across this country do not like what they're saying they, don't want to see cities, burn they don't wanna see people getting beat up they we hate bullies. To our core and we, might mean that might not be saying anything, about it we might not be polling, because we, just we just aren't into that but we as a country always do the right things at the right time for the right reasons, I personally. Think Dave the reason why President, Trump can, electron was was elected in 2016. Because, we as a country just innately, understood, something wasn't right we never we definitely don't want the other person, to win even, though we didn't know a lot about president, Trump but. At the end of the day now that we do see it and we see him standing, for for rule of law we, see them pulling, together the, the free market and the government working things out when more important, we see him working, against these bullies that no other president has done this, Reagan I mean Reagan had a different style about it because they weren't is his, I. Guess mean I don't know word for it or war but. But, but. He's a guy that the only one right now and I understand, could ever do what he's doing every single day getting up because, these guys again, or relentless, and they have, no shame. And, and, they just love to live at the end of the day just for them lying, is part of getting to the endgame so we have to understand I think that's what, our country is getting to and actually, believe Dave that we're gonna come out of this just fine I think, for the first time that's why as I'm running for Congress which I never ever thought out of the deal, but. I'm working, with kids my mission, has always been working with at-risk kids that's what I was doing but I realized if we don't win I packed a house the, kids that work with and across the country don't I don't have a chance because it's always policies.

That Make them illiterate, hopeless, jobless, angry, it's always policies, as Democratic. Party's policies are doing that so, it's a way I see this very simply we, have about 18, 19 seats, we need I'm. Looking across the country I've, seen these these congressional, candidates and they're like me many of them have never done this before but, they're not going there to get a, permanent. Seat in Congress or to be a lobbyist, down the road they're, there to ripple replicate, the president, who's showing us what true American. Loving leadership looks like but a first time for many of us to see what it takes to really. Fight against the bullies we're, gonna get this new group in there and we're gonna make changes that we have never seen before because they're there for the right reasons we're. Going to start tackling things that we've always had to, we've had either deal, with elitist, Republicans. Or Lisa's Democrats, and nothing, ever gets done when, you talk with those kind of people we're. Gonna start looking at our budget balancing. Our budget I'll, do it something without health care system gives it a transparency. And an a, competitive. Nature that brings it down how about Social Security being, able to figure, out how we keep our promises where those who are older and had promises, made and give our young people an opportunity to do something so much better by the time they get to retirement, because they can own the process those, are conversations are gonna finally have so we'll come there and I'll call I'm gonna call I'm gonna put this out there I see us as a SEAL team the, seals and, we're there to really, there to disrupt some stuff and we'll make that happen and not only will our presence, strengthen. The backbone, of our Senate which we need more backbone but, allow our prisons for the first time in four years to. Run, forward without having his hands tied behind his back but I see this is this could be the greatest. Renaissance. For, our country, that, we've ever seen because all of the country all of American. Can take part no matter what the color creed, a background, we can all be part of this new growth of America and really, and just really just enjoy the process together you. Know it's funny you describe it as a SEAL team because, I had Dan Crenshaw, congressman, down in Texas who, I'm sure you know and I. Had him on and I described, him it's like you know he's like a solo, superhero. Fighting. Against the squad you know they've got their Legion, of Doom team but, he's kind of a solo guy and he needs some some new help in in Congress and I think that's, what you're talking about before we go too much on the policy, side because, I was on your website this morning, and you lay out all your political beliefs, actually, very clearly it's, all there but, before we do the policy, stuff I just want to do a little bit more on your history because as I said earlier you one of the three first. Black, people, football. Players at University, of Miami and then let's talk a little bit about NFL. And just sort of how the how, the sports, mindset. And and, going for a championship, and winning and all that stuff how that set you up as a human being okay good. Question let me let me this first of all kind of put. In context, the environment, of NFL when I when I when I when I joined as opposed to today because, I think the biggest part of us, being sad about future is knowing, about our past and if, something with Karl Marx said that said it all the first battleground, is rewriting in history if, they steal our past we, truly, do not have an appreciation where we are and we have no vision for we're going beeps okay so that being context, again I grew up in the deep south days of segregation, twelve, years old I remember marching. I was the youngest person at that time because with the thought, Indian when my dad was a college professor in front, of state Florida State Theater because we couldn't go into to. Look at a movie state of there my. Dad just a little, extra background my dad actually came back from war very proud proud. World. War two bad could, not go to get. His postgraduate down in Texas, because, of the Jim Crow laws and, I remember running across a box, of letters when he passed away of all, these rejection, letters that. Had gotten across the country that would not accept. Him to those colleges and I looked doing that and I realized, was a racist thing but, he never ever brought it out he never talked about it for, him it was his. Motivation and, that's what those folks doing there was motivation, he ended up going to a house they were his guys PhD, gonna end up being a 40-year a professor. There and was an entrepreneurial research that we traveled around the world I was five years old living, in Liberia, Africa.

That's, The again that's the environment this is the 50s had an, older and older uncle, the. Brotherhood he he and his older brother both got their PhDs, at Ohio State they I got an agronomy, uncle, irrigated, and economics. And of teaching and Universal Houston the. Oldest brother was probably the smartest one he was an engineer and he, loved. Planes but, he can do that when he was a service so, he on a part-time basis, into buying a little this in 1962. Nobody. Bought planes in 1962. Particular. Black folks but, the, body'll own plane and. Because his entrepreneurial, he was an engineer but he lived in Wichita Falls Texas, he took, letters from Wichita Falls based the military based in Chicago, that was just a town business the, first FedEx. And then. I remember him coming flying. To to Tallahassee and. I must be maybe 12 years old when I had my first flight in an airplane and my. Really, experienced bird will cause he took us up they took me up and I don't. Know if you know what the era with, the stall and sure you know what stall means what all about but, if you don't know what a stall means is it's good to know before you start before you get experience it, feels like falling out of the air and I, remember stalling, getting panicked and kind of get, control smiled at me and taught me what airplane lift was I know, today, exactly, what airplane lift means, so. But, I'm not either. Way, no no I'm, making that point because I want people to know that, my. Community, was truly one of the most competitive. Communities, in our country when. They was so proud of we, educated. Ourselves cuz we knew that's what we need to do to prove to compete, my, degree, was in biology my minor was chemistry thing why did I was able comfortable, do that because my dad was a cosmic, master he had a laboratory I feel very comfortable and the, most important, thing is when, I was told by someone in high school that could not do that I made, it my duty, I lived, in the library University of Miami to prove that guy wrong because that's the attitude we had those days so, so, that was the environment again, I went to universe in Miami I was a I was drafted through the Jets when. I got to the Jets. This. Is this the way it was in those days there. Was no black quarterbacks, centers. Free, safeties, or, middle. Linebackers, in those, days the message of the Democratic, Party was the black people couldn't think we were not leaders we, could run with a job we can play, music, but thinking, was not out of it was out of our I will house by. The way to that point, when. You go back and see Martin Luther King you see the marching I'm watching now to keep this in context when you see them notice. He has white white shirts black ties sometimes, business caps and always business shoes because, they were going against the narrative, of the leftist, of the the racist, of. Illiterate. Lazy. Bumpkins. Can't, talk, all. The negatives, you can possibly think of and they, were showing and, the way they marched in a disciplined, and nonviolent, that they were totally off base and, they wanted to make sure their, kids understood, that. Not to take the narrative of these people you're not to be proud of who you are so I I just want to put that in there though so when I think back about when I came in at FL what. Your what your rookie year those 19 1973. 1973. I, now look at an NFL now that's based on meritocracy. Color.

Doesn't Matter that, means no matter what color you are how how how big your if you can bring, merit to that team you'll get yourself a good contract, that. Speaks volumes if people understand how far we've come then, all of a sudden damn. We erased this place doesn't work anymore I mean I know what racism looked like I know what systemic, racism looks like we, have an opportunity right now to do anything we want to actually. Not only go into a theatre I can own a series, of them if I wanted to but. It comes down to recognizing. That. The differential. And every single race every single person transics obsessed is based on those sport tennis very. Simple to understand I think it's time that we find. A way to explain, conservatism. Explained. The. American, Way the, artery, to the middle class template. We spent too much time trying to debate it it comes into for tennis head, heart. Hands, at home education. Faith. Industry. And family, is that simple if. We educate ourselves, we're. No longer could be be manipulated. By the leftist, who wants to keep us dumb and motivated, by the notion if. We understand. The faith is the answer to everything this is the country was built on judeo-christian. Values period. And, no matter how we worship, Him the, reason why we look at each other inside out versus outside in better than any other country because we believe there's a God in heaven that makes us want, to bless we want the blessings by blessing others. Industry. We now understand, as a country that we're not that country that wants a ten ten months vacation that's, just not us we, want to work we, want to sweat we want to we want a man, fall flat and get back up because we feel good about the process, that's, who we are that's what we've always laid out the entire world in terms, of producing things that's, that's in a DNA of our American people the, last but not least is our family, the. Family, unit it, takes how where our country goes and how we, have, for how we fly and that's why that's why the left has been after us for a long time destroyed the family unit we. Should always think about verse snowflake the way else brought up is, the. Best thing I could do is is, I want to I want to make sure that my family's name is one that's respected, it's the legacy of my dad my, mom if I do if, I do the kind of things were their product, that I that, carry their name and I do the same through my kid that, we have not we have done a great deep for our country and putting my for my family, and for my racing, but my as a citizen, that all works out so the family is really the key point and it. We just have to get back to understand, what that reason what the what the roles might be and all that kind of stuff as a long answer short question, but I hope everybody. I think. You got there I think you got there so you, mentioned, the meritocracy, of the NFL now and I think that goes obviously, for all professional. Sports at this point nobody cares what, color you are it's can you play I mean and for me I'm, a basketball, guy but when I when I play ball my entire life any court that I showed up to nobody. Cared if you were white or black or Asian or anything else what do you care about can, the guy put the ball in the hole that's that's the only thing that you care about gender, baby. Yeah, just, win baby that's it but there's a certain beauty, and a simplicity, to that but, when you see things you, know how politicized. Sports has become so you may remember about a year ago there, was a big thing in the NBA that they didn't want the, players didn't, want the owners to call them owners, because, that somehow had. Some connotations. To slavery, or something but the simple fact is they they own the team I mean they own the team that that's how it works that when. You hear these things and, and you hear it from people that are Multi, multi, millionaires, that make money that, you could never do it do you remember how much you made your work a year oh. I'm. Almost ashamed or keep in mind first-round, draft to us get, ready personal, draft shows the third 13th, pick the first defensive back my. Bonus, was 50 thousands, a year from 50,000, and I made 20, 23. 25, 27, the. First three is it and those last three those who those years were not guaranteed by the way have to go ahead and make that happen but, no now guys now guys great like an eight year guaranteed, hundred million but, really when you when you hear these guys say, these sorts, of things and, and fight about these sorts of things, well. And then suddenly they won't say anything about China. At the same exact time we had a big problem with that in the NBA because. They want lucrative deals over there in contract and all that what. Do you make it as far as what's happened in the sports world, there's. Two things there's two parts of it I'm, going to I'm gonna highlight the the.

The. Middle class once and then I'll get back to the culture piece the. First thing is this this is with the biggest problem with my community, my race is that, we went to this great middle class built, on small business ownership to, a great elitist, class built a little entertainment and government, when, people do not do not work their way through the middle class and understand what it takes to make, it just to to strive, to finally get to where you feel comfortable can, reach back then. You becoming leaders and what, happened to go from dirt, poor to super, rich you. Really do believe you're all that I mean it's very easy to get into that mindset that, you truly are you know what answers well don't, think about LeBron LeBron. Knows he's a great basketball player but he also knows the answers, to everything else the, guy is so smart if you ask him he's so bold and he's never wrong but, that's what happens with elitist there's, no there's, not pretty quiet on China though don't forget Charlie, suddenly, didn't he didn't know much yeah, oh yeah oh yeah so, that's that's the one piece is, unfortunately. We have we, have we have too many latest, who don't get it and they will never understand. We're trying to go through the other part of this is very simply our coach, has been under attack for a long time, when. You take away the family you take away God faith. Of God you, take away things they're simple things like respect one. Thing that we had known about community, a day very simply respect, a God country family and most of all women, never. Ever don't. Even let that thought go through your mind even started going through a year of disrespect, the mob because that would be there to take to make, it right big, time so. So when, you don't understand, those basic respects you, don't understand that when you when you're dealing with a coach he's truly the coach I mean we came to an era what Coach was there you know he told you something this is there an argument fight with him we, have a thing where things have turned upside down we're. Literally the the players, are, driving. The team the, players are dictated, to the the the the, Commissioner what, they're gonna do what they're not gonna do and, of course we, have towers like the commissioner whose, and. I'm gonna talk. About this but, goredale. Is nothing but he's going to be known in history, as the they build de, Blasio of commissioners. This guy is, as, hapless. And a half. The problem is that it's on purpose because he's truly a true, leftist, that wants to use the sport to push, the agenda and make, and make it work out so at the end of the day they, get Democrats. In. Place it's all about power when you build these leftist and Blasio, I'm now started gödel, there's no difference. He's, all about power he wants to use these kids who, have no clue. Dive. Into the social justice was nothing but Marxism, so, that we're creating. All this anger and angst and riots within the community so they go out and vote in November, these people, are truly heartless, they're, there, and, they, and they don't think they'll ever be found out cuz they're always hiding behind the, curtain but, we know we're gonna understand what this person is this person driving it to the NFL, and, I'll tell you what if they if they if, they know the route or what they did before either, kneeling, or the, latest thing I've heard is gonna put the black matter black. Lives matter flag pollutant, beneath our flag, if, you do it does either one of those two we're, done, with NFL we won't be coming back and that's, gonna be a good good thing to see happen, you. Know it's such a it's such a crazy thing for I mean for a Super Bowl champion, football. Player to say that that would be a good thing it's it's crazy but I understand, where you're coming from but are you ever shocked, I mean I get what your feelings are about about the Marxists, and the idea of destruction, and all that but are you ever shocked at a guy like Goodell, who I assume. Enjoys. Football, I assume, he enjoys business. Right he may have the wrong ideas but I think you know if we separate, that for a second but, the lengths, that they'll go to destroy. Their own enterprise. I mean I think we see this we, see this across the the.

Sports. But it does seem to be worse in the NFL I think David Silver's done a much better job in the NBA of sort of keeping the wheels on the thing although we, talked about the China thing a moment ago baseball. For some reason they don't seem to have major issues with this there's something going on in the NFL that does seem particularly. Different I'm, gonna give you a little insight of what's happening I think you'll get it I think, you'll understand that as we, play check checkers, they please guys play chess. Goodell, is a globalist globalist. And, a globalist is someone who, looks themselves a they is a a world. Citizen. Versus American citizen and in their in their game as long as they can get as many as much, money coming in from wherever they might get it they're okay and what's. Happened is. Over the last few years the, NFL has been looking at they're going to other other other parts of the country China being one they, have they have little China teams that working on they're now going to England I had looking to have a Super Bowl there in another couple years so they see a global a global market, it's, gonna be right now they've capped out around 14 billion he's. Projected, by 2020. 27, through up to the 25 billion now, where are they gonna get that extra it's, not here in America because they're pretty much capped out is that is that TV is that the, global. Process, and here's the biggest, part about it because. It's not just the global fat faster, that that is you, know we can kind understand as a business owner for. These. Guys is more than that they have to devalue. The NFL, brand first, before, China will accept it the be NFL brand is All American, it's, a flag as our country, I mean that's why we stand together because we understand this this is a matter of fact that the founders are there to fail well most, of them were. World. War two vets so, when they came out and it developed this this concept bills, all about country, well. If we're gonna do this in China, they, have to demean that brand a little bit and so that's why right now Nike, which is the marketing arm for NFL that's, what did the face of the, NFL, is now and around the world its company, the, Marxist carpeted. He was paid that's at this pace is there so, so, when it comes down to branding, now they can now make the money they, have to make outside, of our country and and, of course keep the American people moving on and keep the kind of a solid base here, one. Of the things are they just you know the, last contract is sound for 40 million dollars per year ninety, percent of that is, based on growth. Incentives, ninety, percent so. That's there's a lot about he feels very comfortable he felt very confident, that he could make enough money, some. Kind of way to growth to bring that kind of income in and, in the day with with the the, the kind of the the. Problem right now it's. China get their deal and, also China's not too attractive anymore and it's gonna kind of upset to our aplicar, but I think it might have to reconsider housing, to get that done but if that's the if you understand that process that these people truly are nothing the way we do as Americans that love our country they think in a different way then, maybe you understand why they're why, they don't mind turning. Off the American fan to, make more income and look at the global mark a little bit a little different way it's so interesting because obviously you, know I know I know about, globalists. And the idea of one world and all that but I've never heard the framing, relative, to the NFL, that we've got to grow we have these projections, we, got to do it we we've maxed, out America, so now we have to sort of crush, our own brand, in a weird way to. Export, it over there it's it's pretty fascinating and then the 40 million if it's if it's mostly on incentives, you, can you can sort of see how whacked out so all, right let's let's move a little bit here okay - let's. Talk about Utah, because, I've had a couple people from the, great state of Utah on, and I've only been to Utah once, actually when I was on tour with Jordan Peterson a year, or two ago and we, did a show there and I did some stand-up there and I walked, into the to the stand-up Club and I was like I don't know what I'm walking into exactly, it's gonna be five five hundred Mormons you know are they gonna have a good sense of humor you know really and. Truly. It was one of I write about it in my book it was one of the best nights of my life so. Many it was in Salt Lake City but, just so many absolutely. Wonderful, people fun, laughing, laughing at themselves it. Was it was just an absolute blast tell, me a little bit about people don't know much about you Toph you if you mentioned Utah to people I think most people they, think of skiing, they think of Carl Malone and and they think of Mormon tell, me a little bit more about the.

Most Important, thing we talked earlier about the middle class and what drives it that small business ownership and, in Utah. There's. 277, thousand, businesses, 99. 99, % of those are small business owners so, that says a lot about one of the cultures the way it is we're, a culture basically I said three things a. Solutions. Services surplus, we, are very entrepreneurs, we're also always thinking outside the box trying to figure out how to make good things happen so we get some wealth or ourselves they give away a. Service. We love the server we're the community that literally, gets excited about our kids going, off to some crazy, the. International, place and nobody wants to visit to. Store for two years and we're excited about it so so. We'll do that because we understand, that one thing that brings us together and that's why this country's gonna come together in a big way we'll get through this we, fall in love with each other when we serve each other that's in the end of game that's what it comes down to so we're very service, culture, the, last one is this we love to give back we love to take our extra time and money to get back what I love about being here, to. Me is home I've. Been talking about the community I grew up in in deep south Tallahassee. When, all I knew we're black young entrepreneurs black coaches black, professors, back, business owners and everybody saying you can do it you can make it our goal is to become the best race ever and show those guys wrong, well, go up in that community I'm now I have the same values, so I feel really at home, it's. Really about those things are taught but God can't free family, respect. Thinking. Outside the box service, and and, and and I'll just say this this is why this this district that I'm running it is so important, for those who are watching why. Is district, 4 important to the rest of the country because. This between 1 and 3 of must haves are both both parties the Democrats, must have this right now they only by Bill McAdams there's a cluster, team, Republican. Party or district, and noshiko, Democrat. But it did so. The Democrats must have it to keep their power and you. See what they're doing they get power we, must have it to get our country back get, back to the, culture we've been talking about I feel, very very proud and blessed to represent. A district, that could truly be the linchpin of our country, now, we're talking I talked about earlier about what could happen was to get that big house back this, seat can get it done and we, get our sill team together because of this district, that has the values we have and that could be no more pleased to, be in person in a position that we can actually help do that for. Our country to finally, start winning again in a big way, what. Kind of tracks are you getting cuz you know it's funny the way Twitter operates, you know I see certain personalities. That are will, bubble up for a while and then I'll click a profile, I'll go oh this guy's running for, Congress. In Utah this girl's running for something in Florida something else and you're kind of like oh well they're, sort of popular, on Twitter or they make sense here but, it's a little hard to tell from as an outsider, well is this gaining traction at home how can you grade, sort of your campaign, is that are. There weak spots, that you want to shore up you know that kind of thing very, good, I think. The blessings, that I've had is, that I'd never thought about being a politician all these years I mean literally did not happen to by, this time last year so, up until this point I came, out of the book the.

Person Was liberalism. How to turn a good minute to whiners whinnies and wimps and that, guy we only just run the same time that October. That's a good title it really is but it is just by the same time that, company was doing is kneeling but, I had a chance to get on and share with America, my thoughts my, pride in country and that what I saw is really being detrimental so, I had, a chance to develop some friendships, throughout the time and so now that I that I'm running I really, have an opportunity to have exposure that's been very advantageous for, me we. Have a community, again because we're we're, very conservative, that looks at Fox so, many people knew me somewhat, even, though I was in a very small niche I was working with at-risk kids so it wasn't out in community a whole lot but, it's been an opportunity for me first of all to really know this. This, this district, a lot more than I would have ever know. I've stayed a lot better because I'm now out talking, with people and what I'm finding is that my message resonates, we. All just want to have somebody who wouldn't a stand and not not, wilt and not, not feel ashamed or not apologize. And I, try to be the end of the day when. God country. Family and race is the most important, thing before anything else it's easy to stand it, me is no big deal because, if that's being attacked then, you want to run to make sure you protect all the above and and, that's what I'm finding out cross our country have conservatives, that really get it they don't mind taking the head they don't mind being called names cuz it doesn't mean a thing matter of fact I tell people call me names make, sure you're using your time right cuz it doesn't impact me you might be wasting a lot of time because it doesn't bother me at all so. And so together. We get that group together and. We give this message to those again who has been truly. Used. Over the last few months abused, the last few months I think we have a point now we can start to resonate and, say yes you know guys this, worked together to get our county back to where it was a few months ago and this time know. Who the enemy is and never go back and I think that's where we we've come out of this through this process with yeah. So I as I said I was on your website this morning I was looking at the issues that you knock out one one at a time let's, just do two or, three that you're that you're particularly. Passionate. About, you. You ollie I'll even toss them up to you gimme two or two or three that you really care about that, you think are the core issues that can, help you in very, good burger day again. Everything. That I'm working with is based on those. Promises, life liberty and pursuit of happiness that's. The bottom line for. Us to understand that we have to be educated, ignorant. Of free can never be Thomas Jefferson, that is so, powerful. And and, the left has understood that a long time that's why they've worked very hard to, make sure we stay ignorant it's. The left you have a true evil when you work diligently. To keep people hopeless, and uneducated, that's, what I call evil you, know to the state of California with. 75%, of blackboard state of California 2017. Cannot, pass standard, reading and writing test when, young people cannot, read and write we're not going to talk about space course we're not gonna have conversations, like this you're, gonna turn on the network's and be driven by emotion, because they have no hope no, way of thinking, no man reasoning, their memory descriptors, the connection, with a God.

In Heaven will never ever happen and. You go to every single threshold. Every single city. That's owned by the leftist, by the Democrats, you've seen the exact, same thing hopelessness. Anger and, literacy, so, education, is gonna be a big day it's gonna be a big piece now the other part of Education is. That what they've done in higher education it's. Not just the poor kids that are being attacked, is it's. The rest of our kids there's our middle class we, raise our kids in a great environment we, send them off to get a degree they, come back as little marxist hating our country and that they would think at all about reasoning. They've. Been doing this for so long and now you see it in the streets across, the country and Tifa they're, now black kids they're here they're middle class, yuppie, my. Days yuppies what was cool I'm not the still cooler, or what, but. There can their, kids who have the wealth but they hate our country what, I think we should do is version of it as I told us earlier this put together a program and, an understanding of what is expected about colleges, they want they want they want our money they, first of all we have to see, transparency. How much is basically how much of this seating and when, what areas we need as a country if they don't hit those areas those those bills those metrics we get our money we take it back put it someplace else so education, is the first thing one. Of the things that just warmed my heart really warmed my heart when, I saw the rice, in Minneapolis, they had this video of these. Black owners black businesses, just next to each other yeah. And in the window black owned a big black deck back on and this. Was an opportunity. For all of us to see what a Passover, looks like because. The the, locust in the the. Pillage of Lula's passed, over these businesses, why because, it was this ar-15. Sitting, there on his stove as a state these kids knowing. That it is show up here you can have some it some issues they passed by the go to those companies those businesses that still believe in the bureaucracy is gonna take gonna save them so, those, are the two top things is education, education will. Allow us to have that mindset, to go out build our own businesses, build, our property, which is important that's what the. Pursuit of happiness was, in place for pursuit, of property, when, that property will be tangible, property intellectual. Property, spiritual. Property passed down through our kids our name those, things we work our lives to build at, the end of the day we on our last breath which, is Babel to say I'm so, glad I live because this is my legacy that's what a property was truly means in order, to protect that we. Need to be educated, to think about what it looks like and has a vision to get there we also have to have the tools protect, every single step of the way so nobody can come in and steal it from us and we now understand, we, talked about needing to have that, that, ability go. To these cities were they, were just let loose evils just let loose in these cities we start to see what it really looks like and where we can never let that happen and I like that, do. You think that that mindset, of how. To conquer all of this is. Really, the same mindset whether you're an entrepreneur or a professional. Athlete or a politician, that really wants to change things properly that, it is purely a mindset, of I am going to dedicate myself to this relentlessly, and see it fit and maybe that's why you, can see it as a, former, NFL player where, some people can't quite see it because you know there's this idea that. Somehow victimhood. Gives. You virtue these days or can't someone else stupid org or the SIS the rules are so against, me that I can't do it but it's like if we think of all of our heroes our sports heroes or. Fictional, heroes they, did it they, said it doesn't matter how messed up the game is I'm gonna, win I'm gonna fix it and. You know that's that's what comes out of a healthy environment that's. What came out of my community growing up your. Parents when. We had the idea first of all life is not always quote fair life, is difficult and if people are going to try to slow you down but if you have the tenacity if you can dream because, you've educated yourself to know this possible.

And You have the faith know that that you're just especially anybody else then we can overcome those obstacles the. Problem with having in my community and we're now having across the country and I, say this as off as I can what. Destroyed my community, was turned it upside down so, we see kids now that are acting like victims and it's destroying their own properties, it. Was not white supremacist, has never has been white supremacist, we beat out white supremacists, it's been black elitist, it's, been those with stealth those who look like me those who talk like me those who put their arms around said you know we're gonna make things right and make things so just all fear and it's still out there going, they go to Congress the black caucus the n-double-a-cp. Your. Name them the elitist, instead. Of giving us hope and tell us what we can do they purposely, put in place impediments. They put in laws that, make sure the poor cannot become become, wealthy a little class to make sure that our poor. Black kids that never be educated, why cuz they're stuck because, of this anti choice, that, these black, it leaders will vote for and stand for and see their people, destroyed. Because. They don't care so, it is truly elite ISM across the board that's our enemy and, I'll say this if, we go ahead and educate, ourselves not, to what with the propaganda, of the leftist educate. Ourselves to our history educate. Ourselves to what we two people done I tell you Dave if we did that I'm just real quick story I would, never ever ever. I'm, not a rate of racism never will be but what my point is but, particularly for. Our. German and Mexican Americans will, ever look. Down or feel bad about that race those people why because. Martin when my great-great-grandfather, came here had been abolished relationship. They, escaped. North south carolina's plantation. And Burgess plantation, they went this southern, and western, route of the Underground Railroad guess, who was who was making that happen, Christian. German, Americans, and Mexican Americans opening their doors open the feels phantom, gave them hope along the way and what, happened when that that trip out west not, only did my great-great, grandfather I understand. He could make great things happen but he was able to forgive and we're, not to be a successful, entrepreneur. Owned. 102 acres of land that he bought in to a or two years it, can pay a pillar of his community because. Along the way this travel he realized that all white people aren't bad they're good, people out there and he had to be a Christian he started the first black. Elementary. School and first first like Church well. My point is this once. We learned the stories, of what we've done together we find that happening all over the place it's not it's not a special case we, have always done that but, we have to educate ourselves to that point and once we do that we, can break loose, of this the racist.

Process. That's been put upon us by the Democratic Party that. My. Friend is what America, is all about I think I think, my pretty close. You. Got it that's. Who we are and and, the most powerful words in a history of mankind that, we sometimes just throw out there and we don't quite get it's, never been done this way it's, three empowering, words that has spawned. An experiment, that is truly, given freedom to the entire world, We the People We. The People vs, other says that we control our future we can divide our our. Everything. About our family, our business our jobs how we deal with people and we together collectively can, elect a president 2016. That nobody saw coming we. Could figure out some things that we have no idea how we did ever how do we do that seriously with, so many guys out there how do we pull that one off because, all right. Well. Listen I know that I didn't, want to be I know you didn't want to be a politician but now I'm gonna see if you're doing it properly cuz, I'm gonna give you the last word to, pimp out your website and your comfort and pain and the whole thing let's see it lets see it thank you for this opportunity to, a Brutus. For Utah. Please join us please support us let's get out Congress Mac let's give this team still team in place and this when our country and just win baby we can do that again for sure. I look. Forward to seeing you again my friend will. Do Gutfeld again I'm sure and you know next time I wear, shorts sometimes don't I'm on good oh we, gotta get we gotta get you in some shorts or a bathing I'll send you something oh my. Goodness oh dear Dave I don't know if I'll do it but I'm welcome. To try it and think about it for sure okay, all. Right good luck very Jess thank you thank you buddy if you're looking for more honest and thoughtful conversations. About politics, instead of non-stop, yelling, check out our politics, playlist, and if you want to watch full interviews, on a variety of topics watch, our full episode, playlists, all right, over here and to, get notified of all future videos be sure to subscribe and, click the notification. Bell.

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