Learn What To Do When Your Setback Seems Irreversible with Rick Warren

Learn What To Do When Your Setback Seems Irreversible with Rick Warren

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Hi everybody and welcome back to part two of our series how, God turns setbacks. Into. Comebacks, but, before we look at God's Word I want to tell you about two very significant. Historic. Milestones. Are gonna happen the next two weeks in our church family next. Week in August 11, and 12 we're, gonna do an all church. Baptism. That means every, campus, it will be baptizing, after, every, service in every. Location I'm gonna be baptizing, at the Lake Forest campus, and one. Of you is going. To be that weekend, the. 50,000th. Baptism. In the history of Saddleback. Church that's. Never been done by any Church in America we're, going to break a milestone and, you could be a part of if you have been baptized, you need, to write baptism. On the card this week and turn, it in we'll reserve a place for you to get baptized, next weekend, now, the other thing I want to tell you about it's going to happen in a couple weeks as a result of last week last, week in part one of this series over 2,000, of you wrote. To me on a card. Indicating. That you either number, one wanted. To explore. God's. Calling, on your life into. Full-time Christian. Service, and over 500. Of you said I'm, interested. In full-time Christian service or number. Two you said I want to learn how to use my business a career as a platform for, Jesus over 2,000. Of you and if. You want, to be a part of that today and you didn't, do. That earlier you could write number one or number two on your card and I'm going to invite you to meet with me for special, gathering on Thursday. August 16th. Thursday. August 16th, at the Lake Forest campus from about 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. on a, gathering. I'm calling marketplace, and ministry, your calling, and your, vocation, and God's will for your life and your work we're. Gonna do a Q&A I'm, gonna do some teaching we'll, have a panel you'll hear some testimonies. Some, opportunities. For you to explore either going, into full-time Christian, service or how. To use your business as a, platform for, Jesus Christ now take, out your message notes, and on. Your outline, we're. Going to look this weekend. How, to handle, the kind of setbacks, that seem. Irreversible. And on. Your outline I begin by defining setback. A setback, is a loss of progress, a defeat. Of a plan or a reversal. Of good fortune, in other words it's anything, that sets you back that's setback and today. We're going to look at what do you do, when your setback, seems irreversible. You just think the door is totally closed and it's never opening, again, what. Do you do when, your setback, appears to be permanent it looks irreversible. You, think I'm never going to climb out of this hole well. The answer that question is found, in the life of a man in the Bible named, Jobe. There's, a book by his name almost. In the middle of your Bible if you open your Bible right in the middle you'll come to Psalms, and the, book right before that is Jobe, it's probably, the first book written in the, Bible and it's about a man named job now in his day job was, the wealthiest man in the world, he. Was very powerful very famous, very important, very influential but, on a single, day he. Literally, lost. Everything. Every. One of his sons and daughters he had a big family were. Murdered, by terrorists. On a single. Day that's. Enough right there but, then. Natural. Disasters, wiped out all of his crops and all. Of his livestock they all died on a single day it was a disaster. He, lost all of his wealth and he. Became deathly, ill with. An incurable, and extremely, painful. Disease. Now. Talk about having a bad day if you want to read that story and the story behind it it's in the book of Job but everything. Went wrong in his life that's. A, real setback and it seemed like it, was irreversible, job. Chapter 30 verse 26, and 27 job says I looked, for good to come but. Evil came instead and I. Waited for some light but. Darkness, fell instead. And the, churning, inside of me you, know that upset, stomach, never stops, and waves. Of misery, crash. Over, me I have. No doubt in a crowd this size at Saddleback, this weekend some. Of you are feeling like, job and yet. At the end of, the story of the book of Job he, has one of the greatest comebacks, in history, he, loses, it all health wealth, family, everything. Prosperity. And prestige. But. At the end, he. Gains it all back in even a greater way now, this story is going to encourage you no matter what kind of setback you're experiencing, today what.

We're Going to do is we're gonna look at the five things that job, did, when. Everything, fell apart in his life you're gonna need this someday, if you don't need it right now so I encourage you to write this down and, to, help you remember I. I've. Created a, little, acrostic, around. The word trust, T are you, s T, these are the five things that job did to. Trust God for a comeback, when. It's set back seemed. Irreversible. So. What do you do what. Do you do when you've been devastated. By something so, big, that. You think I'm never getting out of this I'm never coming, back from this you, trust, and you do. The five things that job, did so let's get right into it the T in our trust acrostic, stands for tell. God exactly. How you feel that's. Where you start when, you've had a major setback you, start by unloading, your emotions, on God the first thing you do when you're in pain you tell God how you feel you don't tell him how you think you ought to feel you, don't tell him how you should feel, you don't tell what would be right to feel you, tell him how you actually, feel. Did. You know that when God. Listens. To you he, wants you to be honest. And. That when you are honest to God about your emotions that's actually, an act. Of worship. Even. When you're disappointed, even when you're expressing frustration even. When you express doubt, and fear, or anything, to God you say God I'm afraid God I'm guilty God I'm resentful God, I'm sad God life sucks this, is terrible, I can't stand what I'm going through when you're talking, to God you're. Still focusing on him and that's worship, and so, you start, no matter what's gone wrong in your life like. And God exactly how you feel, now. Notice. Job's, reaction, to the disaster, in his, life, job, says this it. Says there's about job job stood up he. Tore his robes in grief what. That my ways is a Middle Eastern a custom. And he, shaved his head, that's, a Middle Eastern custom, and. Then, he fell to the ground and, he, worshiped God, he's. Acting, in total. Humility. And in, despair, and in doubt and in frustration.

And Anger anytime. You have a loss in your life any, kind of loss you're gonna have for emotions, you're. Gonna have anger why did this happen to me you're, gonna have grief what have I lost you're. Gonna have shock what's going on here and. You're gonna and, you're gonna have questions. Why. Did this happen I can't believe this is going on you're gonna have fear, what's. Gonna happen next you. Know what you need to express every one of those emotions, to God you know don't need to hold it in you don't need to say, you. Know God I'm happy about this you can say god I'm angry God I'm fearful, God I'm frustrated, I'm scared you tell him exactly how you feel, let, me let you in on a little secret, some. Of you I've told this to before but some of this is new for you God, can handle any emotion, you've got and you know why, because, he gave them to you the only reason, you have any feelings, you have any emotions is because you were made in the image of God so, what makes you different from animals and God. Is an emotional, God the, reason you have emotions is because God has emotions. All. Those emotions came from him and he can handle them he, can handle your anger he can handle your doubt he can handle your fear he, can handle your complaints, all all of that. Fact. Job. Was brutally. Honest, with God in job, chapter 7 verse 11 he says this I can't. Be quiet I'm, angry, I have, to speak he's, saying God I'm ticked off and if, you read the book of Job you will actually see a progression in, his. Reaction. To, his. Giant, setback where he literally lost everything devastated, first, he, expresses, confusion. What's. Going on in my life never felt like that yeah, then, number, two he starts complaining. Then. He, starts blaming God for all his pain and at, one point he says God you. Didn't do this right you, handled, it wrong you, let all this bad stuff happen, to me and, God. I don't like it or like you right now well God can handle that. Emotion. The. Right response, to loss or, to, tragedy, or to disaster, is not to grin and bear it the. Right response. When. Someone uh. You. Know. Causes. A setback. In your life you, God never wants you to fake an emotion. Remember. That God never wants you to fake emotion, he, doesn't want you to put on a happy, face that's, faking it never, never never he doesn't want you to fake emotion, doesn't want you to say pious platitudes, what you think you ought to say to God in prayer he wants, you to honestly tell him how you're struggling God I'm grieving. Right now God, I'm hurting right now God I'm I'm in a lot of pain I'm depressed I'm discouraged, I'm, having some doubts you, tell it all to God and, God. Can handle it I'm. Just wondering how many of you are listening to me or parents. Because. If your parent you know what I'm talking about. Now. This may have never happened to you but it certainly has happened to me sometimes. My, children, I know this will shock you actually. Question, my. Judgment. Sometimes. My, kids Christ, in my judgment now my kids never question that I love them they know I love them they've never doubted that and they, don't question and I've been around a lot longer than they have been I've experienced, a lot more in. Life than they have but sometimes they. Do question. My, wisdom daddys, wisdom, and, you know what I'd, rather have an honest conversation with, my kids than, have them stuff it I'd.

Rather Have my kids say you know dad I think. You're way off on this. Why. Did you do that I think that was a dumb thing to do I'd rather have my kids talk to me honestly than the stuff it down and, so. Would. God. Lamentations. 2:19. Says cry, out in the night, pour. Out your heart like water what's that mean spill your guts, pour. Out your heart like water in prayer, to the Lord with. God honesty, is always the, best policy and at. The end of the story God, actually, commends. And praises. And encourages. Job, because. He did this first step in the trus D he told God exactly outfield he was honest, job. Never stopped trusting God, even. When he was angry even though he's upset even, when he didn't understand it when he was confused when he had doubts even, when he thought God had messed it all up, he. Still kept trusting God but. He was just honest, now the Bible gives us a lot of examples of many godly people express, their frustration, to God one. Time there was a guy named Jeremiah. And he, gets upset at what God did he says God you have deceived me he's, a prophet Jeremiah, the Prophet ie says I think you've lied to me God and things haven't turned out the way you told me they were gonna turn out and I'm mad, at you God. Allows, that in the Bible another. Time there's a woman named Naomi and things, don't go well for her she says call me bitter because God has made my life bitter. It's. In the Bible another. Time there's a guy named David, who says Lord I've taken the worst from you and I've taken all that you can give and I'm fed up I've had it and, God. Says you're a man after my own heart these people, were trusting, God to, handle, their emotions and, job. Did that - now. Although the expresses, fear and his questions, and his, frustrations. And his doubts. He. Says I'm still gonna trust you Lord, even though I don't understand, it, and and I'm, gonna do. Exactly what you tell me to do. Even. Though I feel like blowing it all off but. And I'm gonna tell you how I feel because I know you can handle it you, know there's another guy in the Bible, named. Habakkuk, I'd like to have that name Habakkuk. He had the same problem and Habakkuk. Wrote a little short book near the end of the Old Testament in the Bible it's called the book of you. Guessed it Habakkuk it's, only three chapters. Long, and you can summarize the whole book in one, word why. Why God why. Is this happening to me if you've ever felt. That question, why is this happened to me why God why me why now then, you need to go read in the book of habakkuk that, what happened, in his lifetime is, that abacus, all his nation, being overrun, by terrorists. That. Sound familiar and they. Were disseminating. The country and they were brutal, and they were destroying, his nation right in front of his eyes and, Habakkuk. Was really upset about it and he complains to God he says God I don't know what. I'm gonna do and he's. Asking why there's. Another guy who did that named David, David. Went through a really tough time and he didn't know how to handle it and here's what he says in Psalm 116 verse, 10. The. Middle of his setback. Is deep, despair David, says I believed. So. I said I'm completely. Ruined, now. That, sounds, like a contradiction look, at that verse on your outline David, says I believed, so, I said I'm ruined. What. In the world he talkin about what. Is he saying well what he's saying is because, I believe in God I know. I can complain to God, every. Thought about this who, does an atheist complain to. Himself. I mean, if you complain to God about, your life it means that you at least believe there's a god and. David. Says I believed. So I complained. And I. Kept on believing even when I said, I'm completely, crushed there's. No contradiction in that question. What. Frustrations. Have. You never talked about. Let. Me ask you that question again, what, frustrations. Have. You never talked, about you've never talked to God about a much less talk to a counselor about it or whatever. That. Frustration, at work that frustration, in your marriage that frustration. With your body. That. Frustration, in a relationship, or friendship with, your parents, what. That frustration, with that wacko relative, of yours and. And. Your feeling I don't like this God, but. You've never talked to God about it God. Can handle it the. First. Step to trusting, God.

On The, road to come back is to tell him exactly how, you feel that's the tea tell him exactly how I feel now the second, way to trust God for. A comeback, when. Everything, looks, fatal. Final, and no way out of it is the are and trust that it stands for refused. To. Become bitter. Refused. To become bitter. Now. It's okay to tell God you're mad or you're, sad or you're, angry, or you're depressed but. You don't let that grief, or. Frustration. Or worry. Turn, into resentment and bitterness. Because. Really what bitterness, is is the. Bitters to saying I don't trust you God business. Is saying I don't see the big picture when. Those flames, are coming around my life and I'm getting burned on every side how, could God allow this to happen to me bitterness is really saying God I don't, understand, what you're doing and I'm not, just mad I'm I'm bitter, I'm, resentful and that is like poison now, job did. Not get, bitter, he saw the big picture and for some of you today the first time you're gonna see the big picture with job you're. Gonna read job, there. Was nothing about marketplace. In his life but you're gonna see the picture, the big picture of, that. God is still in control now. In Jo blood he. Says this but. Everything bad happened, to him I came. Naked from, my mother's womb and I. Shall have nothing when, I die now. Look let me just pause there you, know I I have three kids I was there when, they were all you. Know born. And. They. Did come in with nothing they. None of them brought toys. None, of them brought a portfolio. None. Of them had a briefcase and. And, I so, I know nobody. Comes into this world with, something, you coming, naked and. Also I would say that I have done, hundreds. Maybe, thousands. Of of. Funerals, and I've. Never seen a u-haul parked, on a gravesite so. In this passage you come enough and you leave with us and that's true he. Says the Lord gave me everything I have and. He. It's his right to take anything away, blessed be the name of the Lord and it. Says in all of this I want you to underline this job. Did, not sin. By. Blaming God. You. Know if you were to study the book of Job you'd find that the main question. Of. The book is will. You love God and will you trust God no matter what happens why do you worship God why do you love God only, when things go good or will, you love God and serve God no, matter what happens, friends. This is the ultimate test of your faith will. You worship God, even. Though everything's going wrong in your life. You. See you, are not promised, a perfect life this is not heaven this is earth and, and.

So Your your faith will be tested and untested faith is really no faith at all a lot. Of times things, happen in your life in fact most of the times we. Don't have an explanation and, you're never gonna get an explanation when, bad things happen. There. May be times you just have to say I don't know I don't. Get the big picture but, I trust that God is good life, is not always good, but. God is, always. Good and when. I'm in the presence of God in, eternity, one, day in heaven then, I'm gonna fully understand, it right now my brain isn't big enough to comprehend, it, how. Do you trust God. When. Your heart is breaking, how. Do you put your eyes on God when, they're filled with tears. Well. The antidote. To bitterness is not. To. Just, say I don't want to be bitter the antidote to bitterness is actually. Praise it's. Worship. What is worship it means focusing on God, now. If. You are sitting here today listening, to me talk to you and, maybe you've never even been in church before maybe, that's the first time you hear there, are some things you need to know that. We. As Christians, no matter what happens, in life are, thankful. For job. Talks about these things in in his book here, are some facts of life that, I know are true, no matter what happens to me number. One God will never stop loving me that's. A big deal number. Two God has a plan for, my life and your life, number, three God cares about every. Detail of my life and your, life number. Four God is in control of things even, when I don't understand, it and number. Five God, will. Protect me those. Are things that I can build my life on when I don't understand, why things are happening in my life God, is here God is near God, cares God, is powerful God, can change it, God is has a plan purpose, and he's, gonna use it all for good, you. Know earlier I mentioned that guy named Habakkuk. And. I said that in the first those three chapters of that book they're all about the question why, why, God well, look at this first on your outline Habakkuk, 3 17 and 18, here's, what vaca, did when he had a setback that looked like was irreversible. He. Says this. Even. Though the. Fig leaves. Have. No fruit and, even. Though no grapes grow on the vine and. Even. Though the olive crop fails, and the. Fields produce no grain and. Even. Though the sheep all die and the. Cattle stalls are empty, what he's he's hanging there even though everything we're in my life is a disaster, he says this I'll still. Be joyful, and glad, because. The Lord God is, my Savior. What. Do you bitter about today. What. Is some bitterness that you've allowed to take root in your life, said. It earlier bitterness as a poison, bitterness, destroys, it will eat you alive it's, like a cancer, that will take over your life when, you are bitter to always search you more and it does the person you're bitter it problem.

With Bitterness is it doesn't, hurt anybody else it only hurts you. You. Can be better than the person you're bitter Act they. Don't even know it they can be out having, a party, eat the steak celebrating. And it's, destroying, you. Now. If you're gonna break, through the setback, to, a comeback you got to tell God exactly how you feel but then you've got to resist bitterness. And you, need to realize two things first. In. An, imperfect, world. Everything. Has been broken by sin and there's always going to be plenty of disappointments. To become, bitter about so, don't be surprised at that Jesus. Said in the world you will have tribulation, and, trials but. Second, you need to remember that both bitterness. Listen, both, bitterness, and happiness, are, choices. And, every. Moment of your life you're, always choosing. One or the other and if, you choose to be bitter at the. Same moment you're, choosing, to not be, happy, because. You can't have both the same time in your heart in your mind so my question, is your pastor, someone who loves you is this which. One do you want, happiness. Or. Bitterness. Job. Said the Lord gave me everything I've ever had and if he allows it to be taken away I'm still, going to trust him because, I wouldn't even exist if, it, wasn't for God, I refuse. To be, bitter because. Of the setback now, here's, the third step in trusting. God it's, T are you, this is the you, entrust, when, you want to have a comeback, from. A setback that seems irreversible the the T and Trust tell. God how I feel the r refused. To be bitter and the you entrust. Christ ik stands for unite. With. Other people, who. Will help me focus on God, unite. With people, who, will help me focus. On God, now. I want you to get this is very important, for. Any comeback. You're. Gonna need other people with faith to. Back you up, you're. Gonna need other people, in your life who can actually believe God for you. When. Your faith is shaky, this. Is why you must, be in a small group of believers for, regular fellowship that's why I talked about the, importance of a small group practically. Every other week it's. Why this church is built on small groups we have over 7,000. Of these small groups they. Will be your safety net when, your setback, happens, in your life and, you, cannot, isolate yourself. Now. God never intends, for you to go through life on your own. He. Never intends for you to go through grief or. Us. Sorrow or. Tragedy. Or loss. Or, difficulty. Or setback, by, yourself. He made us for each other he, wired, human, beings to need each other we're better together we're, better in community, and the first thing God said to man when he created man is it's not good for a man to be alone, here's. The problem when. You have a setback or I have a setback when. We're going through pain or suffering or sorrow or sadness or lost the, problem, is our, natural, reaction, to pain. Is, to. Withdraw from others, to. Pull back and. We want to build the wall around ourselves we want to build a shell we, want to put up barriers we want to keep people at distance, we don't want anybody. Close. To us when we're in deep, deep pain and God says no no no no no that's the exact opposite, of what you need to do. One. Of job's friends gave this wise advice, in. Job notice. This that on your outline his, name was Elihu and in, job 36, he says to, job job. Don't. Let your anger and the. Pain that you've endured make. You sneer at God. Reputation. And rich just can't protect you from distress. Nor. Can you find safety in the dark world below he's talking about the occult, don't. Turn to evil, as a way of escape but God's. Power is unlimited, others. Have praised God for what he has done so. Join, with. Them. If, you're taking notes I want you to circle the phrase join. With them he says other people have praise God join. With, them, he said that's. How you're gonna make it to the next step you, got to unite with others, who, are gonna support you encourage, you pray for you be with you they'll. Help you out now where do you find those, kind of friends who will lift you up when you're down well. Couple places first at weekend. Worship that's. Where you are right now that's. Why I by, the way for those of you are watching online I want. To actually encourage, you to come to a church service. Because. They're about a dozen more benefits, that, you receive by actually going to, a church service and, participating. With other people instead, of just watching remotely, you. Don't get all those benefits just by watching remotely you. He says join, with others, in. Worship and, then, the second, place that you find he's kind of encouraging, people is, in a small group Bible study that.

Meets On a weekly basis at a home or an office or dorm room and, you need a small group for your setbacks, I could, give you dozens of examples from. My own personal, life, about. How my small group has, helped me through setbacks. Now. Job's, friend, noticed, in that passage, he points, out a couple of very important, truths in what. He says first. He points out that pain, is, a, great equalizer, in other words. Disaster. Is impartial. And. And suffering, is random, it hits everybody, when. You're in pain your, possessions, in your position, and your power are worthless, it. Doesn't matter how much money you've got if you're going through a, marriage. Crisis, that's. Tearing, your heart up it, still hurts. Reputation. Or interest he says can't protect you from stressful, setbacks it'll, help but. Then job's friend, gives, two pieces, of very wise, advice, and this, is what you need to do when, you have a setback that seems, you. Know, your. Ear, aplay scible or you. Know you've retrieved, well you can't come back from it. First. He says this here's his first advice never, use evil to escape pain. So. You know you know don't try to avoid it with you know doing drugs or getting drunk or doing, something foolish like having, an affair you know a lot of people become self-destructive, when, they're in pain. They. Know it's wrong but still. Do it anyway trying. To relieve or escape their pain the Bible says you know what you're, only gonna make it worse, make. The problem worse so. He said don't run from it doing something stupid. Second. Job's, friend says a better, alternative is, to. Increase the amount of time you spend. Hanging. Out with, God's people, he, says join with them get. With God's people who praise God who are focusing, on god that's what worship is and he just joined with them when, you are needing, a comeback, don't, try to do it on your own get, with people who, are God's people who. Can build you up encourage you help you focus on God when, your hearts breaking when you're confused when you're down when you feel like you're about to lose it all you have lost at all don't, turn from, God. Turn. To. God if. You turn away from God what's the alternative, bitterness. Despair. Hopelessness. First. Chronicles 1611. Says go, to the Lord for, help and worship. Him that means focus, worship, means focus, on God's goodness, life. Is not always good I said that but. God is always good now. What should you ask for, when. You're when you're talking to God about a comeback, when. You've had a big setback seems, irreversible like, job well. You ask God to, do a couple things and they're right here in this passage you, asked him for wisdom. So. You're gonna have a clearer perspective, and. You ask God for strength. Because. You're gonna need both God's, wisdom and, God's strength for. Your comeback you can't do it on your own job. 12 verse 13, says this true. Wisdom and, real. Power, belong. To God, from.

Him We, learn how, to live and also. What, to live for you. Want to know how to live you. Want to know what to live for you're gonna need God's wisdom where do you get that from God, the second, thing he asks God for us and I just wisdom, but you ask him for strength first. Chronicles 1611. There on your outlines is this go. To the Lord for help and worship. Him, do. You know that where should be God actually relaxes. You studies. Have shown it actually slows your. Heartbeat, down lowers, your blood pressure people. Who go to church studies, have shown this every, week live. Longer. Psalm. 69, verse, 32, says this those, who worship God will be encouraged. Worship. Makes you wiser worship. Gives you strength worship. Relaxes. You from, stress worship, encourages. You because. You remember that God is big. Than the problem, and the setback you're facing and no, TV program, can offer that, so. To. Come back from. A setback. Especially. One that. Needs. To do you need to do what David did, he. Went to church he. Went to worship and Psalm. 63. David, says this. Here. I am in, the. Place of worship, eyes. Open. Drinking. In your strength, and glory. That's. What you do in worship you, put your eyes on God your, problem gets smaller God gets bigger and you gain strength, you, know same thing happened over in Philippians, chapter 1 in the Bible verse 19, Paul. Talks about the benefit of having people pray for you in a, small group and he. Says this, to. The Philippian Christians. Because. You're praying for me and the. Spirit of Christ is helping me I know. That. This trouble, will bring my, freedom. Circle, that word freedom. What. Is Paul saying here he's saying, that prayer is the, path, back to, your comeback. Prayer. Is the, path back to your comeback, so, you want to join a small group where you've got people praying, for you when you're going through tough times, now. You know here at Saddleback Church and our family we pray specifically, for people in. Pain in. All of our 7,000. Plus small groups. Sometimes. We like to do it right here on the weekends, and all. Of our campuses together as a large group and I'd, like to do that right now so what. I'd like everybody, to do is just bow your head at, all of our campuses if you buried for a minute and if. You're going through a time of grief or you. Going through a big conflict, or you've had a big loss you. Feeling, lonely or you, deal with chronic pain whatever. Stressed, you might be facing right now a health, setback, a financial, setback kind, of setback I want. To lead our entire, Saddleback. Church family, in. All. Of our four different continents to, pray together for, you right, now. And. What I want to do as a statement of your faith with our heads bowed no, matter what campus you're at if. You. Are going through a major problem right now and you need prayer from your church family I'm gonna ask you to right now do this quietly stand, with. Your head bowed you don't have to say anything just quietly, stand with your head bowed as our, entire, church family prays together for. You. Now. People, are standing up at all of our campuses, right now and if, you're sitting next to someone who stood. Up just now, you, might want to just reach over and you, know Pat them on the back or, grab. Their hand and, squeeze their hand just to say we're, with you we're a family, we're in this together, and we're supporting you let's. Pray together, as a church family for all of our brothers, and sisters who are standing right now. Heavenly. Father. We. Don't know all the needs that are being represented by those standing. But. You do and, just. As you care about them we care about them our brothers and sisters.

So. Thank, you for creating these, who are standing right now thank you for bringing them to be a part of our church family, we. Ask for the things that, the. Job asked for we're. Asking you to give these people wisdom. In their, situations. Give. Them strength in their. Setbacks. For. Those who are in pain right now give them relief. For. Those who are having a hard time sleeping because they're worried help them to sleep better. Together. As a church family we, pray that you would encourage the, hearts of our. Friends, and our family, members who are standing right now and we, asked, your blessing, on them. Turn. Their, setbacks. Into. Comebacks, in, Jesus. Name Amen. You. May be seated. If. You're facing a setback I will. Just say it this way if you're facing a setback, the. Path back is to, get back to, Saddleback, every. Week okay, so, you, got to join with other people, who are going to support you now, here's the fourth letter of our, trust acrostic. Which, is the s and, that. Stands for surrender. Here's, the fourth step I surrender. My future, to, God this is exactly. What, job did in his, comeback. Anytime. You, have a loss. Anytime. You have a failure or setback, what paralyzes. You after that is actually. Not grief, griefs a good thing what. Paralyzes. You is fear. It's, fear of the future and sometimes, when you've had a setback, people. Will give you the wrong advice and, that, makes you even more fearful and, sometimes, that wrong, advice will come from friends, that you've trusted or even, family, members who love you can. Sometimes give you the wrong advice in, job's. Case he, got some bad advice from his wife and, in. Job chapter 2, verse 9 and 10 it says this, job's. Wife said to job are. You still trying to maintain your integrity, why. Don't you just curse God and die, just. End it, you. Know that may be the first recorded, incident of occurring a suicide, but she was dead wrong on that one, job. Replies to his wife you talk like a godless, woman should. We accept only good things from the hand of God and never. Accept anything bad so. When all of this job. Said, nothing. Wrong, now, notice job's. Response, to the problem, the, setback, in his life that. Seems irreversible his, total surrender he says, I don't like it I don't, understand, it but, God I surrender my future to you after. This major, loss. In fact, he says in job, 1315. One of the most famous verses in the Bible where he says, even. If God takes my life I, will. Still trust him though. He slay me I will trust him that is surrender. That's. Surrender, no matter what happens in my life I may, not understand, it but I belong, to God and I. Know those things that are true that God made me he loves me he has his best interest, my. Best interest in his heart I know. That God is in control I know that, this life is not all there is I know there's, more to life than just here and now I know that one day I'm gonna eternally, be with God in heaven these are things that give me hope and comfort when, I've lost everything I know, God, is a good God and I don't understand, it and it doesn't look good and it's not good and I meant a lot of pain, but. Even if God allows my life to be taken I'm. Still gonna trust him because. I know the kind of God he is and I know what he's got planned for me in heaven. Friends. That. Is the ultimate expression, of a. Mature, faith. How. Mature is your faith it's. Like a fair-weather, faith, that you only trust God when things are going good or, is it a Wimpy faith like a washed out baby, diaper faith or do, you have the mature faith of a man of God or a woman of God that. Can handle setbacks, or. Do you just flip. Out and flake out when. Things go wrong. Do. You by the way how do you know when. You've got a weak faith do you know what the sign of a weak faith is, one. Word. Worry. Worry. Is the warning light that. Your faith is weak, matthew 632, in the CEV, translation, says this people. Who don't know God are, always. Worrying. When. You have a setbacks, in your life listen. You're either gonna worry or you're. Gonna worship. Worry.

Or Worship, and the, more you focus your life on God the less worry, you're. Gonna worry during, the. During, the setback now. I want you to see the fifth and final step. And. You've. Got to do this if you've, had a setback that seems irreversible, okay. Here's, the last way that you show your trust in God that you're relying on him the. Last key in trust, is this. Well. Let's first, review tell. God exactly how you feel that's t our refuse to be better you unite. With people who help me focus on God s surrender. Every. Detail of my future to God and T is try Jesus, for, every, detail, of my comeback. Trust. Jesus. For. Every, detail, of my. Comeback. You. Have to trust Jesus with every, detail of your life for. Him to turn that setback and to. Come back now. You know. Some. Of you around when this happened but many, of you were not many. Many years ago here in the Saddleback, Valley we, had a devastating, wildfire. That's. Fred all across Saddleback, Valley and, many, of our members had homes that burned down. And. What was puzzling, is that most, of those homes that burned down actually. Had fire, resistant. Roofs, so. They thought that they were safe from. The fiery embers, you know when that went as a fire going on embers. Float through the sky and the winds take them and when those embers land on the, roofs they set the roof on fire and then the house burns down in, this, area many of the roofs were, fire resistant, and fire retardant, roofs, but. Still burned down why well. What happened, is that, many of those hot, embers, landed. In the roof gutters, and the. Roof gutters, were, filled with dry leaves, that. Had not been cleaned. Out and had, piled up and piled up and piled up for months, and months and months and those, leaves. Ignited. Instantly, and the, fire got so hot in those roof. Gutters that it melted, those gutters on those. Houses and that. Fell, down and burned, the, entire house down, now. Really that's a parable, of life and as. Your pastor who loves you and doesn't. Want to see your life go up in smoke let, me ask you a straightforward question. What's. In the gutter of your life. That's. Waiting for just one little spark to burn. You down. What's. In the gutter of your life that's waiting for just one little spark that will burn you, down, on the, outside you maybe look looking. Like you got it all together, like. Your. Front yard it's perfectly. Anna cured you, got great curb appeal in, your life outwardly. You look great you look successful. But. In the gutter of your life there's. Some stuff that's been piling up and, it. May be bitterness, and it may be worry and it. May be a loneliness, or confusion, or tension or guilt or fear, but. It's just waiting for one of those little embers, to ignite, and. It, could burn you down. Friends. You. Need to give what's, in that gutter in the, gutter of your life to, Jesus Christ right now and you. Need to ask him to clean it out so. When the fires and the storms come along you're. Not vulnerable. I want. You to look at what jesus promises in John 16:33. He. Says by, trusting, me you will, be, unshakeable, and assured. Deeply. At peace, in, this. World you. Will continue, to experience difficulties but. Take heart because. I have. Conquered, the, world that's the promise of Jesus Christ and that is the path back to, your comeback. This. Is what job did when he lost everything he. Lost his family he. Lost his health he, lost all his wealth he, lost his prestige, he lost his power his influence, but, he trusted, God and God. Engineered. The greatest, comeback, imaginable. Look at, the last verse on your outline it's job chapter 42. Verse 10, the, story ends like this. After. Job prayed for his friends why was doing that because he, knew God was going to take care of him so he's praying for his friends after, Joe prayed for his friends the.

Lord Gave him success. Again. That's the comeback in fact. The, Lord restored, to job twice. As much. Double. Of, everything. That, he had been blessed with before. That's a comeback. God. Doubles. What. He'd lost in the, setback, in the comeback. Because, God is. A faithful God and Joba, trusted, God's goodness. Would. You like to have double for your trouble, that's. What happened to Joe he, got double, for. His trouble, well. There's only one person who'd do that. Jesus. Christ so, I want to lead you in a comeback prayer would, you bow your heads as we close, together, and, all of our campuses, and those of you watching online just, bow your head and and. First tell. God exactly. How, you feel, about what's going on in your life, tell. Of God I'm I'm sad. I'm. Lonely. Or I'm, mad or I'm frustrated, or I'm doubting, tell. God I'm angry, I'm. I'm, I'm starting, to get resentful, tell. Tell God whatever. You're feeling right now just. Do that be honest, to God, about. The setback, the problems, that you're facing. With. Your heads still bowed I want, you to now tell God that you're gonna refuse, to be bitter that. You're gonna be better not, bitter and that, you're gonna trust God for the things that you don't understand, that have happened in your life, say. God I know that, was not good but you're good and I'm gonna trust your goodness even in the bad that's happened. Just. Do that now now tell God that you're. Gonna get serious, and I mean really serious, about, the, you entrust uniting, with people, will. Help you focus on God you. Need. More worship in your life you need more fellowship, in your life you need a small group in your life you. Need to be more faithful in, your attendance, at. Worship. Because. That's where you're gonna get the, wisdom and the strength and, the encouragement. That, you need say god I haven't been faithful to you in worship, I'm an faithful and fellowship. But. I want to be I want to unite with others if you're not a member of Saddleback, Church we, invite you to join us sign, up for the class next, class 101, which is discovering. My place, in the body of Christ and the family of God discovering, my role we, welcome, you to join the membership of this church, now. The estin trust is surrender. In your. Prayer dear. God I surrender, my future, to you I, surrender. My. Future to you I don't know what it is but I surrender, I'm not gonna worry about it. And. Finally, the last T is trust say, Jesus I'm, gonna, trust you with, every. Detail of. My. Comeback, I trust. Jesus, for my comeback I trust, Jesus for my future, I trust, Jesus to get me out of this mess. I'm. Giving. Every area of my life to, You Father you, hear these prayers and I, ask you to bless them and give, them a sense that you have heard the prayers as they, began the next step to, their comeback, in Jesus.

Name Amen. Now. Look up here a minute and let's congratulate. Everybody who just prayed that prayer some, of them for the very first time, congratulations. To you god, bless you you need. To tell me about it so I can pray with you and for you take out a card and and, on this I prayed that prayer or check the box I gave my life to Christ recommit. II my Christ whatever decision, there is you're. Making if you, want to get baptized, next. Weekend, just, write the word baptism, if you haven't baptized that's your next step okay. Maybe you put it off for years and years and years right baptism, on there that's. One of the steps here come back all, right and then, if you're, interested, and saying I want to use my job for, the kingdom of God I want for it for Jesus benefit. I want. To use that my platform, I'm even interested in considering, would God call me into full-time Christian service, then, I want you to write either number, one or number two on your card like last week number one I'm, interested in considering, full-time. Christian, service you write in number one I'm. Interested in learning how to use my career my business, for, Jesus. Christ, you've right in number two and I'll send you an invitation to that special, meeting with me that's gonna come up on August. 16th, Thursday, night god. Bless you everybody we're gonna give our offerings, now finish, filling out your cards, and drop, them in the basket so we can stay in touch with you I'd, on you, writing, to me every week to. Keep in touch with you it's my way to communicate with you god bless you we'll see you next week in part, 3 of turning. Setbacks, into, comebacks. Thanks. For checking out this message on youtube my name is J and I'm Saddleback's online campus pastor and I would love to invite you to join our online community, here are three ways you can take a next step first. Learn more about belonging, to our church family by completing class 101 online second. Don't do life alone anymore by getting into an online-only small group that meets on platforms, like Skype or learn more about hosting, a group with your friends in your home third. Join our global Facebook, community to connect with others with the online community and be more engaged in the day-to-day to. Take any of those next steps visit Saddleback comm slash online or email, online at Alabang comm hope, to hear from you soon.

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Congratulations everyone who just prayed with Rick.

Fear of the future, that's what we pray you to help us resolve Father God, we pray for your Holy peace to find us when we feel fear about our future in Jesus Loving name Amen

I love Rick Warren and I love listening to his inspirational messages every morning.. I do not understand why he was standing in an alligator infested pond for this message but I appreciate it and appreciate being blessed by God and his words.

I have given my life to Christ and asked for forgiveness of my sins. I've experienced constant failure (almost always having success taken from me at the very last minute due to circumstances completely outside of my control) for most of my life. I am very goal-orientated and work hard yet never succeed. After much research I'm convinced I have been living under a curse probably due to past involvement in the occult and new age. (Leviticus 20:1-9; Leviticus 26:14-39; 1 Samuel 15:1-9; 1 Kings 13:11-34) Even after I have confessed my sins and trusted in Jesus my bad luck has continued. I continue to trust in Christ.

God can handle our emotions because he gave them to us and made us in his image; that's what makes us different from animals, is what I heard you say Rick, and right away I was wondering in what image did God make the animals? sorry if it's a bit off topic but this is still a question that kind of buzzes around if you know what I mean, many of my friends have animals and love them and wonder about there spiritual status, I wonder about there spiritual status?

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Bottom fell out ... and I used to complain bitterly to God, then I apologized. You know, I always feel that God can deal with my anger ... I would rather take my anger out on God rather than at some mere mortal who won’t be able to handle it. At least God can do something. Thank God I can be honest with Him. It’s very liberating.

thank you. i hv been in a setback, due to my own great sins. your sermon helps me to learn to accept God discipline & my sins' consequences with the right attitude

There's nothing you can do. Nothing at all.

Love this! My husband said he felt just like Job and that he felt like we were all pawns in a game between God and Satan and he didn't want to be part of it any more. He lost faith in God. I reminded him of Philippians 4:6-9 where we are told to cast all our cares on God and to focus on all good things and the God of peace will be with us. He was in a very dark place and I couldn't pull him out of it as he believed a wife should not preach to a husband. Now I see that I was right, as it is OK to tell God all our anger and emotions. He took his life after a very difficult battle with depression. I now suffer with anxiety and worry about my children becoming depressed, especially when they go off the radar, and it is quite intense and overpowering to the point that I felt faint with fear recently. I did tell God and asked him if fathers feel the amount of anxiety over their children as mothers do because I can't deal with it. I heard him say straight back "Do you not think I have experienced all of what you feel for your children? I know what you feel because I feel it over all of my children," and I was reminded of the parable of the Prodigal Son in Luke 15 and how the father was waiting and running out to his son the moment he saw him coming down the path towards home. He must've felt rejected by his son at first, then worried, then overjoyed to see him coming up the path. But every emotion we have, God has too.

Job didn’t lose everything. He still had his mind and sanity. When you have your mind sure it’s still saddening and depressing but you can rebuild your life. In a way I’m worse off than job. I lost my mind because of ECT and medications (forced onto me as I was so psychotic I was trying to commit suicide) and don’t know if I’ll ever be the same again. Sure I have support but I still feel so alone and in doubt. Please pray for me.

shadypenguinX I started taking EmpowerPlus from True Hope and it changed me completely. https://wellnessretailers.com/?rfsn=1643128.b09d6 God always sends his people. Stay Blessed

Thank you pastor Rick for this series! It's perfect timing with all the changes going on in my life. I know we all go through tough times, what depresses me the most is when I reach out for support....I don't find it. I've gone to different churches and found judgement, and other people that I thought were supportive friends were going down path of self destruction (drugs, alcohol). Needing prayer to find the right supportive people in my life.

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I live in Scotland and I regularly attend church. However I've been suffering with grief from the death of my fiance, who wasn't a believer, depression and an eating disorder. This message came at just the right time for me as I've been taking myself away from church, from friends and drawing into myself. Pastor Rick, God used you to send me that message. It has made my heart feel joy, relief and enthusiasm for my comeback! God is good! All the time

praying for you too! always know we are brothers and sisters in Christ, crossing all borders and time zones. i am praying for both of you tonight. God bless you and hugs you when we all cannot. stay in His light sis.

Carol Blackley My heart is with you. I was quite young and newly wed (2 years) when my husband died. Before I met him I had eating disorder which he helped me recover from after being very underweight. God cares for you Philippians 4:6-9 and he is with you always. Surround yourself in good things and positive friendships of both young and older people. I got great comfort from older people who'd lost lifetime spouses and knew what I was feeling. I pray for you.

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Thank you for this message Rick. I'm going thru a tough time with some medical issues. I'm starting to see my body returning to normal slowly but I really could use some prayer for, strength, healing, wisdom, guidance and relief from pain and feeling horrible. I'm sure in time I'll be back to normal. Thanks for the prayer, my friends of my Heavenly Father

Rick: I would like to use my business as a platform for Jesus message and work in the world, I own a design/product development company in florida, let me know how to go about this.

Job was better than me because I questioned and blamed God for the things that happened to me. I grew up in a very toxic environment with an absentee and irresponsible father, a very very very self-absorbed sibling and a very very very narcissistic mother that became the catalyst why I have been mentally ill and why I struggle to control my mind everyday just to get by and am tormented for more than a decade now. In a span of 20 years all I've had are neglectful family members and undependable / fair weathered and sometimes toxic friend ( and sometimes relatives too). I encountered several misfortunes already ( in my academics, community, career, money, health , love life, friendship and social life - yep you name it I've been there) and am currently unemployed and without any confidante at the moment. Why does God not change my situation for the better ? Why does his " good plan " take years ( and still not manifesting ) to happen ? It is easy to say that it will be ok eventually but when some other person experience problems like mine , when someone experiences days when they can take no more and they beg for their situation to change and still plans fail then it seems almost impossible to believe that someone cares. The worst of it really is that those people that I genuinely cared for repayed my kindness with backstabbing. When I see a homeless person I can't help but wonder why does God allow them to be like that

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T: tell God exactly how u feel R: refuse to become bitter U: Unite with people who will encourage u to trust God S:Surrender to God & worship T: trust God for your future (comeback)

I want to thank you Rick Warren for your ministry. I also have your devoutional app and has been a great blessing to me. This year has been a major set back for me. I am not yet ready to share but one day will make my mess my message and my test my testimony. I sometimes feel sorry for myself and for good reason but praising the Lord in the storm helps. He does bring peace, love , and joy un the darkest lowest places. With God all things are possible. I love the Lord and in the midst of my immense pain I give him the praise and glory. He is our hope, our refuge , and strength! All things work together for good for those that love the Lord. God Bless you all and God be the glory.

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