Learn how to multiply & master your money

Learn how to multiply & master your money

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First and foremost for coming out here today oh. Hi. Individual. You could have been at the house Netflix, and chill you could have been somewhere in the mall shopping but. You chose to come here today so that shows me that you are definitely ready for a change in your life and those are people that I like to work with because that lets me know that my time is being valued just, like your time is being valued so. Unless they're before you guys I am super. Excited to be out here in Nashville, that's what it be so right they do be started right and um. I'm. Gonna be touring around I'm like, I'm super, fired up about sharing, this opportunity. With each and every person that I come in contact with, so, as I spoke about earlier I'll be in Miami I'll, be in Atlanta gonna, be down in Texas, down North Carolina, so. It's just it's a bun today but, I must say I need to share my story with you guys cuz I know some of you probably can relate my, life has has. Never been like this before you, know I grew, up mom. Ex-military. Follows. In the military. They, did dis traveling, around but, then my mom and father got a divorce, after. That things, went crazy, you. Know it was just my mom single mother living by herself taking care of two kids you. Know doing the best she could do I love my mother you know but she was doing what she's been, taught from her mother and then so on and so forth which is the, little, doing, the bare minimum you, know living paycheck, to paycheck you know saying that money come in and go back out so fans you, don't even have nothing for you to do anything with it right so, you, know we grew up and there was a little bit of that you know paycheck, to paycheck you, know happening he keep the house up with the oven because you know you, couldn't be a cook pay for electricity he was cold was one, you know so, you. Know just going through these different series, of things I started to notice in my life that, you. Know I didn't want to live this type of life you, know I wanted to, make. A difference, for myself. My family and my generation to come because, every as everybody, knows you, go to school what we taught we stop we topic go to school you, better get good grades so that you can get in college and guess what it's you're gonna good old student, loans without. There. Right and, then what happens you get stuck with the day and, that's not gonna just keep chugging, chugging, chugging same stuff over though you're teaching your kids the same thing they teach Nikki in same thing what is it gonna stop it's. Noise not today it. Is going to stop today that's. Why we are here if you are here today your, ancestors. Are speaking, to you your, ancestors. Are coming through your D and a2. For you to be the chosen one to make a difference, in your generation it's, up to you each, and every one of us can stop, that pattern, right. Now so, for the rest of my baby steps coming in they're gonna already be set up you, know how. I see myself I want to see myself as grandma Isis loved six. And seven generations, back I want my picture hung, up and I want them to be like you know like them Isis loved she paved the way for us she. Set up things in place so that we don't have to work for nobody right. How, many of you guys right now and, honestly are working for somebody right now.

Okay. See. We. Go and. We build in other people's legacies, other, people's, dreams so, that when they die leave this world they don't leave that company today, people but, what we go do for our people what, we're gonna do for our kids these, are questions that we really. Have to ask ourselves and this these. Are questions that I had, upon, that's, why I made the, decision to. Partner. With the company that I'm gonna be telling you guys about today so let me actually is who loves money. All. Right now who love money come on now it. Ain't nothing wrong with it cuz money. Is not the spin this thing is the person that has the money money. Is just a piece of paper how is that going to be sitting it's you what you going with the money you're done saying so don't be mad, at money you're, gonna be so, cool so, what we think about. So. When we think about so. You say I love money right so I, love. Money, that's the abbreviation where's. The good thing that you love money because the company that I'm about to show you today, is I. Markets. Why. Money. Right, same, letters. Right, so. In. Order, to. Get. Let me show y'all so, are. You guys familiar with Robert, Kiyosaki. Anybody. Know Robert Kiyosaki Rich, Dad Poor Dad Robert. Kiyosaki is, a financial, adviser he's. An, expert, when it comes to real estate and, an expert when it comes to the financial industry, so. I've read Robert Kiyosaki his, first book Rich Dad Poor Dad and that's what really sparked, me to, take control. Of my life because somebody that controls your time controlled. Your mind. Somebody. That controls, your time is. Controlling. Your mind if you. Cannot want to let you what you want to go to lunch or take a vacation when, you want to take a vacation that's. Somebody control your mind so that's why we're here today so Robert Kiyosaki came, up with something called the cash flow, water. It's, four different ways that, us as a society make, one.

Right And, so you've got the but. Tell you what this is. So. So, you guys I hope you read my hand, right right, like a doctor. So. Most, of us are employees. Right. Pump. Boys, by nine percent of people about employees what is that point employee. Is tonight is trading your time for money, employee. Is somebody who if you don't go to work you might get fired you, might. Get you fired and be replaced with. A snap of your fingers and the way these robots, are going down days they. Perplexing, us for robot try, to call your uh your, car insurance or something like that who you get in there hello, I. Am. Here to assist you push, the one with it's like can I get to a person, do, you know what I'm making like get to somebody so that's something serious, to really take it to you, know consideration. Right so, then we have the self-employed, so our self-employed, people are you know you might own your own beauty shop you're my own your own barber shop you're mine Kiran had their own doctor's. Office, or whatever that's, cool you, know what we're working on somebody, please, feel you're making the money how do you got time spinning you're, doing everything you're doing the orders you're doing the footwork you're, now saying you're making the appointments. You're still, your. Time is still tied up the. Money is coming in but. You don't have time to spin it I give you example, my uncle best, lawyer there isn't time right, make, a purchase. Money sweating. Good but. Guess what he's overworked. He's. Tired, he. Can't take a vacation because, he has all these responsibilities. That he hasn't gave me anybody that's, no waiter that's no way to live life is, too sure you, know so, while, we're here today is because we, want to switch lanes right, we want to we, want to be able to switch lanes, so when 2019. Come, we're. On the right side of money no, longer on the left side or the right side see, there's only 5% of the world their own. Five percent of the money. Five. Percent, of the world owes, ninety, five percent of the money, twenty, five percent of people are on this time right, so, we're here today because we want speak about business zones right business. Owners, leverage. Their, time business. Owners which, most of us know when we're working for somebody there at the top they, got us working when they had the beach somewhere sipping on a martini or they.

Have A key it's not the game you missing, your soccer game their their kids soccer. Game leverage. Their money so, this, is what what, Steve Jobs you know the god marks, simple, murder that came with Facebook business owners, someone. Living the VR loca letting, their systems, work for them right so, we definitely want to see. How we can be here but today, I'm, here to talk about the one-percenters, and, those aren't investors. Those. Are people who have their money worked for them when, they sleep when, they in a bathroom, when, a at the shower that, money's just going, money is energy I don't. Know if y'all know that or not but money is an energy listen, to the world currency. You, think about a car seat it flows right. Cash, flow, money, got to move you. Can't be penny ordering, it and just keeping it it got the move because when it moved it come back back to you really really quick so. Um. So. We. Want to be investors, see most people are a little bit afraid of this. This. Is little risk it's a life arrest, people. Going through the movie theaters getting shot up. What. You gonna stop going to the movies god, forbid you, go. Off the street something happen life is a, risk we have to get over that right. We, have to get over that so, what we're going to be talking today about guys, is 4x. Dream. Forex. Trading what is forex right 4x. Is the foreign. Exchange. Market. You're, still like okay. Look at you big them I went, to police about two years ago and. I had to take my American, money in exchange it for Belizian dollars, right so 10. U.s., dollars was. Waiting, for levy enough so, I was bawling because, the, American, dollars, value. Was doubled, their value, don't. Get what I'm saying so. It's the same thing if we're going to go to Europe right now we would have to take our American money and exchange. It for the. Did. You're right. Depending, on how the rate is we're gonna be bawling again or, we might not depending on how strong their dollar is right so. Instead, of you happen. To go. To all these if our countries, and exchange. All this money just to get you that value you can do it from the comfort of your home you. Can do it for the conference up your cell phone now. Let me tell you everybody got a smartphone in here right let. Me tell you if your phone they think you ready baby you got a dumb phone. Your. Phone is dumb you gotta. Go it's just there look at cute after, these phones is her thousand dollars I paid about 700, for mine so a best believe is making me some money for that much, you're, not understand so these phones is. Dismissive. So you got to be doing something they're, spending in mind somehow so. Went on most. Of us in this room have been some of us are new and some of us are already trading, up for X what we have did is we have teamed up with a career a of investments, that goes by the name of trade nation and who will not tell you trade nation state the name that it really is you guys we are in a hundred and twenty plus countries, Germany. Mexico. Jamaica. Trinidad. Barbados. We. Are all over, the, country guys so what trade nation has done is we have partnered, up with a company called, I markets, life right that's.

That I am ill thing I told you about and so what they're doing is, they're giving us first-class. Education. To. Teach you this skill okay, just like if you wanted to become a singer you might want to go to be on stage you want to be a basketball player don't kill me I'm just gonna throw a name out there I don't watch basketball but, maybe, you want to go to Livan days I don't know right you want to go to the best you want a little average person, right because you want to be the best right so, this is why I bought this life is given us the best education. There is I tend to run this food now, let me tell you this. Organization. Was founded on. July. 4. 2013. That's. In the penis' thing so. The CEO of this company already. Knew that, he wanted his people to be free this is when he founded this company then, i'll on. Now. The CEO just touched a little bit on his EEO. The. CEO is a 25, plus veteran, in the, game trading, for it he's been doing this for 25. Years doesn't be called sexually right and so. Normally. To sit down with mr. Christopher, Terry you're, going to be paying , prices, to learn this just like if you stick one down with me on set you think bad things like girl just send me $200, to my cash out I'm going to teach you this no. Time. Is, money time. Is the most valuable asset. You can't get time back you get money back income above which you can never get time back never. Right. So, his time is is very valuable, but, in the essence, he knew that a lot of people couldn't you know you could just call up. This is when he came up while our markets live to, be able to show us this and a low price so. What I'm gonna talk about right now is the membership, right. Because this is a private exclusive type, of thing just like if you go to Planet Fitness you think anybody can just go into Planet Fitness you, gotta have a membership right, okay. So. What. Does membership, what you're getting is the education. I'm so put in. Education. Right so, this education. Mind, you I've been doing this for about a year I didn't, know anything about Florence I know what the word was I did a lot of traveling, but it never dawned on to me what for excellence, so, with this education. They're literally. Taking. Us that, by, step, to teach you this so it's literally like Wendy hold your hand while, I take you and show you how to make this money right, and so, one, of our educators. Used. To be a kindergarten, teacher, now. She quit, her job she's a full-time trader, and now she's an educator, so, she's been making so much money for this she, just left her whole kindergarten. Teaching and now she's teaching us so she's the one that's gonna be teaching the basics so you got to think about it kindergarten. Teacher she's gonna be making this pretty practical right. You know just judging on her background she's gonna make it pretty practical so, let me actually who watched YouTube videos demo videos the type of videos in here right. Okay. So we all watch you all watch videos will great right, because that's how we're learning nowadays, visually, the, good thing about it is the education, is all alignments, and videos. So. You. Know, is enough it's in different languages English. Might not be your first language you might speak Spanish you might speak French Portuguese, we. Got you you don't matter we're in a hundred twenty plus countries got to have multiple languages for everybody, there's. 75, plus, videos, that's being added, every week so, every week there's new educational. Videos so you can study it's, your time in the age a lot of people like I ain't got time I got, no time you, make the time, you. Know you make the time in average, the education. Is probably about seven, hours long all together when you go through your basics, to, your technical analysis, it's about it's about seven, hours so you think about it within a month how how, can you split up seven hours or within a week how can you split up seven hours to, really love it and so it's just like going to school y'all remember y'all was in school y'all first got in turn they have class and that algebra, kicked there it. Always just like what's. This right what's what am i right without super kind of legs till, you guys are first right, but, the more you kept boring and claps and, the more the teachers start handing out that homework, that repetition repetition. Repetition, just. Like doing spelling words that's why we have to do the definitions, like do ABC, order the right sentences. Repetition. This is what this is one petition, to teach you how to blow money right, so. So. After, you get that knowledge right. What. Is knowledge that's not apply there's. A lot of people they're like yeah I know I know you know but are you applying. We, know a lot but are we actually applying.

This, So, what makes you, know this dude is once, you take this education you're. Able to take this to IML TV right. So how many other buzz in your watch TV honest it's, okay right. Put on us a little bit of some crap but, here's the thing right now we ever watch something that's gonna expand, them mind and. We're gonna watch something that's gonna put some money in our pocket because this one I've watched power. All. These, Diplo shows they, got their money. They. Generational, wealth is fed up but. What we do or, they send us a check in the mail for watching their shows. Not. At all so. Something's got to change, I'm not saying don't watch TV I watched my little stuff too but I miss try watching TV that's gonna make me some money though I tell you that so, you, now have to, apply. What you are without raml TV so anybody familiar what webinars you. Know how the webinar okay so this is how the IML TV is set up it's set up in webinar, tour so, you get to watch this live so, let's just say you. Know you're watching it and, you'll. Understand. Why she did this you get the type you know type if you were doing a weapon on hey Stacy I did. Not understand, how, you just did that can you explain, it again to me and they'll, explain it to you so it's basically like you're, sitting down one-on-one, with a brine getting, props dues okay, and, so the best thing about this is multiple, languages, many. Different time on time, sessions, because you can trade, different, or they can tell you you got the forex, market is open seven. Days a week 24. Hours you. Can wake up in the middle of the ward and the pub the night at two o'clock on one a glass of warning like you know a little bit go ahead make me some money real quick so when I wake up I got, the money in my account you. Can make money anywhere, you could be stuck somewhere with a flat tire and then you got no money in your pocket but guess what you know how to trade, put. In good old phone not more quick do, you a train and it's going to be hooked up to your records account you can pull the money out right just, like that okay, so, let me go bring it back to this with this IML TV I said.

There's Different training, sessions, and then also you. Know DVR. It's like DVR, on steroids, I know sometimes, you. Know you can record your programs, just in case you you know you don't get to watch them what's the same thing with this if you can't get in life you're. Still able to catch, it reporting, so, therefore, you can go back and relearn re, watch and review everything. That you just learned ok, so. Now. That you got that education, you, have applied it, I'm. Going to talk about the goal right now so. We have a couple of. Products. That will. Basically help. You. Learn. And. Earn. At. The same time now, jealous the word learn, it's, got an, init the. Word speaks, for itself, anything. That you learn anything. That you learn you can always earn from you, pick up the guitar right now you start being you know how to play the guitar you, can go to one of these cafes and set up and do, a little music concert, because. You have learnt this skill right, so, what we're going to speak about is this first product and I can definitely do a testimony, because I teach people this every, Thursday at 5:30. It's the harmonic. Scanner. You guys. Let. Me tell you let me ask our song young. How, many y'all cheated, we're y'all so school intense. That. Sounds. Just like that she's like I took my whole like who oh. Come. On, don't. Tell a dog didn't cheat. Thank. You. Okay. So I know somebody always be too we're just cool ain't gonna tell me but. Love you guys this, harmonic, scanner is busy like a cheap cheap they hope you make, money so, if, you can sit behind a little tiny town and. Copy. That math test because, you already know tiny, tail good in math you you can know without a doubt me at eight plus student right this, harmonic, scanner. Is. 87. To. 90, percent, accurate. Okay. 87. The 90%. Accurate. They are giving, you the, trade you. Only gonna take 5% of their brain and they said we use 10 so, this half that in this use 5% for, that you, know and so what you're doing is with that 5% of your brain it's, your basic fact-checking, you, know you're doing you're with what we call technical, analysis. You're kind of you know making you double, checking and making sure cuz we did 87. To 90 percent now mind you the, average, master. Trainer is, only. 40, percent accurate. So, you've got this whole. Ii8. Intelligence. Basically. That's smarter than the average human is, keeping, you two trees right. Chipping. In your tray, and. So. One. Thing that I really love about this, is they. Got think about the weather man you. Know the weather man come up he's like hey you know it's 50% rain today tomorrow's, gonna be 60%, cloudy, how do you think he's doing it he has something that's not calling him on the scanner but, he has something also that, scans. The, forecast. To let you know and we know sometimes the weather man be spot on and, sometimes it's not but most the time she spot on right so, it's the same thing with this with this her - Gannon guys. Okay. So that's kind of the Hamas get it and I teach I teach classes, every Thursday, about 32, members a. Strategy. That I'll probably show a little bit later on after this but I'll teach them strategy how to do this so imagine you have the opportunity, to, bring in between two to four hundred dollars daily. Dave. Right. Dave. The, average person works 9:00 to 5:00 that's eight hours let's, just say you're bringing in about ten dollars an hour I don't know how many minerals wages, that's about 80 dollars for. One day of work wait, a minute taxes. Wait. A minute. So. They $80, it's probably down to 50, so, you put your hard time eight hours that you're not getting back, for. About $50, when you could trade with your cell phone and, to make that within a matter of a matter of minutes I'm. Gonna share experience, y'all pass um. Properties, don't you cover future profits, but I'm gonna tell y'all I woke up at 5:30 I like, to put my trades in in the morning and at night I put. It in at 6 o'clock I won't, put in two trades. Both, for $2 one was for $1 one was for another dollar I left the gym at 9:30, I was up three hundred and forty six dollars fifty, two dollars. For. Two dollars because, the minimum that, you can train is tense, in. The. Only got this. Tens. Bit right, so. This. Is very. Important, for you to learn this right so. I'm gonna bring it back up into that in, a second I wanna get you hitting myself so the next thing that we have is, some false white trades right. And. So I actually does before who copied and pasted I mean who you should cheat on papers now how many y'all copy and paste yawns, like writing that whole thing, up thank, you, copy, that book and paste I might buy the right all of that all over again, you.

Should Check this with a bird okay okay. So, that's definitely know if I see something wrong I'm not gonna write that thing I'm gonna hold, my finger down and copy it and paste it but what about copy, paste yourself, for an opportunity, to make money though because. With this sweat trade you're, getting, notifications. On, your app so, we have our own privately, owned apps there's no third party and, our apps were debt free these, apps are for us and, so what happens is you'll get a alert, on your cell phone say. Hey check, this. Trade, we, set enough for you we tell you how to get in where, to get out we're, gonna get you money from, same. Thing like that I'm on the scanner except your setup a little bit different so there's another way to help you learn and earn at the same time so, it doesn't matter if you don't know anything about trading, yet it doesn't matter if, you don't know anything about investments. It doesn't matter if you don't have that much time and money because you can supplement your. Everyday, life by doing a smart race because when they come in you can just put it in your phone to keep it moving right. So. We talked about - scanner we talked about the sweat track and, one more thing we're gonna talk about is the wave analyze, the, width in a lot so, the web analyzer, is like, the harmonic, scanner but, on steroids why. Do I say that it's because it really, gets deep, into the, market, and it really looks. At all the, different time frames there's, different time frames you'll get to see that whenever you start the trade we trade a 1 minute 5 minute 15. Minutes 30 minutes so on and so forth so this thing gets in here and it looks at all of. The time frames to make sure that it gives you the most high properly, trained another, thing that uses is algorithms, algorithms, and, so, we, know how those things work they pick up on patterns, ready, to pick up on on patterns, so this is what the wind analyzer, does it picks up on patterns, right and so it does definitely, help you I gives you the confidence to to. Be a consistent, trainer. So. So, with that being said I'm accomplice again so.

With The membership. You're. Getting the, education, right. You're. Going to be getting that I am LTV, was going to help you apply, what, you just learned and then, you're getting the my, baby the, harmonics, can write. That comes with the membership now the swipe, tray and, the. Web analyzer, will, be an additional, to, your membership so, let's talk about this membership right right. Let's. Talk about this membership right now so. Oh and. I. Spoke about before you guys to. Learn 4x. From. Somebody who's been doing it you're gonna be paying common. Practice. Everybody. Pull up they still going right now and see, how much it will be to learn for it it's gonna cost you comma prices, you guys so, with, as little as, 217. People, that whoa oh. What. A little too sexy you think about 217, that's like an internet bill or. You get you're getting in your phone bill combined it right so, sometimes when. We want a change in our life we kind of make certain type of sacrifices. My. Mentor always says, look okay. You cut your cable off for a little bit to, be able to learn this because cable not the bar where those people TV they go to make any money when you try to kick back on they're gonna be the same spot make more money right, now. We can spend this on our cell phones but, when it comes just sometimes making a difference is not life it's just like whoo no, no. No I still under 17 but. I do say one thing and not to insult anybody, if, 217. Is too much for you we definitely gotta have your training. Because. Look day and age right now where. You. Think about minimum wage you think about how everything, is escalating. Where prices to, a 17, is chump change even if even to, be honest $1000. Necklace. No. So. This right here is one, time, one. Time right. You only got to do this one time it doesn't expire you, don't have to renew, it it's, just 2:17, one time and that's, going to get you the education that's. Gonna get you - I am LTV, and I'm on again now. What. Makes trade nation so different, right, because like I said tre nation we're, getting an education from Lionel but we have our only one additional education. So depending, on what area you are with who, you teamed up with we have like a personal, like. In-house. Training where, something like this will be together and I would you know one of the leaders of the city was sit and train y'all 101, so you get good, more, better intimate, view. With people our, mentor, mr. Chad Thompson, he travels, and he does something called trade houses, when he rents a mansion, and, um, you, know people fly in they literally, fly in from around the world to get, this trade this uh training. Training so, you get them to cry in and, get, other stuff like I said I teach so. We have additional, people on our team where. You can get more, education, versus, just what they give now. This. Is an online school, right, this is the wall - because you have to pay tuition just like you would with any school you know you have to pay tuition so. Our. Tuition is 161, a month, right. Hold up don't free no don't freeze up on me wait a minute hold, up right. I'm, on right. So. 161. Them up for your tuition so that would be 30, days from whenever you sign them right, so. What. Base our school so different is we have a scholarship program you might be like well I just 160, why my wives to rush me right down but, I definitely want to learn the trade I know my cousin my uncle my brother they might be interested I'm gonna get them in this with me, you're. Bringing to study buddies in with you your. Tuition is waived. That. Means you won't have to pay the money, the thing is you end up only playing to, seventeen one, time to, run, on a high-paying, skill what. Spoon any minute. You. Let me know where, you want to become a lawyer and they say well you know what Bob you. Get two other people in here to become lawyers your. Lawyer give you uh your school is going to be free. Then. They'll dares will be free in a well and, you don't have to get to people by up the ballot state it sign up today and. You got one person that's ready but, then two months down the line you. Get another person that's. Now. The other way I tell people to look at this and you got to think about it you got 30 days, you. Got the harmonic, scanner. You. Can make that money back and more you're. Doing a thing use. Monic. Scanner, it's. Giving, you the trains so. This. You got 30 days that makes 161. Hours, somebody. Do me a favor pull out your calculator and uh. Let. Me know what's, a 100. System 1/30. What's that y'all. So. Much somebody somebody attended real quick, must've. Just RESPA. To come to add so somebody just add it up for me. 540. So come on y'all but. Come. On down all. You gotta do is, have five thousand forty cent a day to. Get to one hundred sixty one dollars. You. Could take you could take the money out whatever you want, it. Depends, on your, broker so, we'll give you a list.

Of Broker so your broker's accounts like a bank account right well, you got your money you sitting right now the, only thing difference, is you're gonna be making money off your money even. If you don't train if you decide not to trade or not your, money sitting in the bank your. Bank I'll be making money off your money because, the bank's the government had, bunch of hedge funders, they're all in this forex market already so, either nobody, should be making more money off your money with you so. If you decide not to trainee cool leave. Your money in the bank they won't raise your money, they're. Gonna trade it without what have a problem, so, so. Yeah so you have your broker's account you, can set it up to your hub these are debit card or your your bank account and then you'll be able to uh transfer. It'll just transfer, over either to the car or, your arm or. Your broker's, account and, so it all depends on what you know what broker just like different banks have a different problem, yeah. Yeah, so it's like that so so, yeah so that's another way like if you like I don't want to tell nobody my. They, not, there there, are different things that people say all that says can you make a fire, on 40 cent if I can show you how to make five dollars on 40 cent a day so. Help you cover this and more would you be interested in, you. Know say this is a high-paying skill that you learn to write so. With. That being said I. Have. One more piece that I want to share with you guys but. Before I share this probably you guys our, first and foremost want to say it again thank you very much for coming out this was. A training portion of it what. I'm about to speak about right now is the business part of it you don't have to do it this part right here is totally optional okay everybody, repeat after me, Isis, this part right here is totally, optional. Thank. You thank, you thank you. Okay. Okay and I want you to repeat that because this, next part I might talk about people. They, forget everything when I told them and and. Be like wait a minute it's just one of these things why I have to sign people up to make money no you. Don't have to take we don't have to be a business owner you, could just be a trigger but if you like me who.

Don't Like to leave money on the table, I'm. Gonna go into business option, before, I get in here look at others so we are walking around we've, got these different name, brands on Chuck Taylors, different things but let me tell you Chuck this they know uh each, team you know checking the mail for being a walking billboard friend. All. Day long we advertise. All, day. Long, we advertise, I don't want to tell nobody about people body videos. Yeah. Bobby shot people probably coming like yeah get, my hair cut, down right, they get on the break but ain't no check on their people record you. Say I'm seeing so we, get these new phones I had to stand still now I'm like y'all this temp some nine it's, the ones are they begin but, Samsung then send me no check, Appalachia. New y'all know check we. Walk around all, day. Billboards. And all talking, about what we like I don't care if it's a book that chicken, place down the street girl. A chicken place down there wasn't in, Ellen's. Baby that chicken on port girl go to every day at lunch before, you know it your homegirl down the hill and get her chicken plate the hell is this the you know coupon you even get no coupon, for. No lawful your chicken no pump, on that's, jack oh so. That's one thing this next part I don't speak about that's. Why I want to leave money on the table cuz I know I want mama I. Run. My mouth right so, what, we have is when you become a business owner, optional. If you want what. Happened is you are. Basically, word of mouth is the most, Rick. The most best way to get, get, the word out even, uber says tell, your friends about it hey you know they can get a half off when they ride you. Know Stan so everybody, is doing this little you. Know this little what does it call reciprocity kind, of thing right so. Let's. Just say this is you know, put me right and. You. Told some why the about the organization. Right. Okay, so let's just say decision. This is me I told, three people about. This and they, all love you right. So, what's gonna happen is the company. Nobody's. Coming out of my pocket, look company, is gonna pay you, 150. Dollars, a month. Right. And they have that up so it's about thirty, seven dollars and fifty cents every Friday. Every. Friday you get this every. Friday right. So you probably well that's - I mean 150. Dollars I mean I get it but hey don't sleep 150 dollars when they gasp when I Gaston eat go. 150, dollars right so, cool so it might not be still, wanna deal for ten oh it's, okay, so. This. Is you again let's just say you told 12, you. Tell 12 people about your about. What you're doing right. You'll give 600. And hours a month now. Keep, in mind I'd. Like to say this, is not network, marketing for me this is community economics. Why because. You, don't have to get all 12 of these people by yourself right, so folks you don't like to talk you're quiet you, like I don't really like at all but my cousin, he running his mouth he's an entrepreneur he's. In college you, know a lot of people you, could have just told your cousin and your cousin wouldn't go tell the world guess. What, that still counts as 12, people be the organization. This. Is a group effort or.

Helping Each other so here you are, leveraging. Leveraging. That leverage we spoke about you, getting six hundred dollars a month everyone, look at you. You. Just look at you living your best life. You. Know pretty clearly of them like baby and, you get 6-under and so you know we have that every Friday. That's. Why I'm glad the forex market is patterns, not, much numbers. So. You know every, uh every Friday, you. Know you're getting a. $150. I mean let me tell y'all when, that Friday come and I get that notification on, my email I'll give thanks to Braves that I just generated, money just like that you know me because I came together on my committee let, me give you another example wise, community, economics, let's, just say you're one person short of, getting six hundred dollars and you like look Isis like, you. Know I really I want, to be able to put somebody since I've to my baby it's, her birthday senator. God I don't know what it might be right and so I might have somebody that comes up to me and like Isis I'm ready to sign up so instead of me personally taking, that sign up I'm. Gonna direct them to you and make, sure that you get your six hundred dollars everyone we have the ability to do that you can't do that at your job right. You. You can't. Do that at your job right but, this is why I say community economics, because you all can come back together and, this is this, is not nothing really person, that you're selling it's more about education, right. So, I go up a step higher and I'm not gonna go up any more hire whoever invited you here can, go deeper, into the business. Plan like I said we came here for training my idea I want to tell you one more so. P1000. This, one I like so. P 1000 you accumulated, 30 people into, your organization, two years into your business you are now getting. $1,000, a month. Which. Is what 250. A week. Every. Friday y'all it never fails it never, fails, that email comes to me right, so. This, is not even including, what you're getting with training, daily. It's. Even, including, that y'all so, you're, living your best life look at you and. You get $1,000, a month because. You help you, help see that, blessing. In helping, 30 families. They. Just think it'd be traitors they can be traitors and business, owners they could just be business owners to start again. Just. 30 30 active people that are active in their organization, like I said you don't have to do it by yourself, whoever's, on your team you have to come together and y'all can do this with, each other, so. It, gets deeper, down the rabbit hole you guys. You. Know I have to edify, my, leader, mr. Chad Thompson, you know he's, been in the game now. Almost. About a year he's a traitor I'm, gonna talk about how much I, got. A video on my Instagram, you have to check it out so. He's a traitor and he's also a businessman, he's an entrepreneur, so mr. Chad Thompson if you're watching. He. Has worked his way up the trade nation is is. His, his his team he, has about 5,000, people now he's, making fifty thousand a month, so. September. First spot to come around who, would like to have a thousand. Oh yo, cuz, you live your best life. Basically. Put that number up there poor y'all it. A. Month. If somebody added up for me on Fridays at 12, 2012. It that's. 1250. What's today Monday maybe Friday is when he back again. We. Not even talking about how much the brother make on trading. Money. Money. Baby flooding, there so let me give y'all one more example before I close this up again, how hot is forex market works so, let's just say you can't get with a dollar so. You like alright so keep, in mind the. Forex market makes money when the market goes up and, down it's. Not like the stock market stop market if your stock go up that's the only time you make money Forex, we, catching money up when we catch money down we call it catching money right because it's catching pips, pizzas.

Will Become Paula I'm gonna say points y'all know, the lingo to talk about so let's just say you like no I come in I come in with a power right. And, each point that, the market goes up I want, a dollar for each foot it. Goes up, it, goes up. 50 points where you now just, took in flip your one dollar it's. A big. Dollars. You. Took one dollar and. Wake. Up the fifty dollars. Yeah. Y'all, following me I see some look like, you. Got okay. Cool so. 50. Out so, when we speak about Roma, money let's, just say he started to account off with only $50, you paid $80, into your broker account from, this one trading alone you, didn't make fifty this is now a hundred. That's. Just one day tomorrow. You come back maybe. You do it again, that's 150, so, you get why I'm going with it we're teaching you how to compound. Compounding. Compounding. Is the 8th world, wonder, you. Know how they say these different places around the world the 8th compound. In it anything, you compound. In life anything. That's what you got to watch out what you doing because of you doing, something quote-unquote. Negative. Arm to the detriment, of your health you're compounding. And you won't get more and more and more of that you, know so we really have to watch before compounding, but you know that's all we're here today to teach you how, to grow, your money so. Without. Further ado you guys I thank you so much so so very much for taking the time and the energy out, of your day today to, get this information I, definitely. Say get. Back with the person who, invited you here today and, go, ahead and sign up especially. If, you here today go and hint and make that commitment and, sign up today and, get and check me out Thursday. At 5:30 when. I'll be teaching you about her bottom skin all. Right thank. You. So. I can take any questions or anything everybody, has any questions. Party. Juice oh. Yeah. Good, bye okay, great great great thank you for showing up, did. You have any questions. How, it makes his money feel like. Okay, so you're, making money, let. Me in my phone.

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