Lean Management - Operational Excellence as a Business Strategy

Lean Management - Operational Excellence as a Business Strategy

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Mindful. Morning everyone thanks for coming and joining us here today before. I hand over to today I would like to briefly to juice you pull, out your solutions, well. First of all we are not managing, consulting. Firm we provide leadership, operational. Excellence and. Innovation, the. Strategic, advantage. And, the growth of your digital fees in summary, we, help you bring better. Products. Faster to. The market, well here, are some of the our clients, some of the people who have already. Trusted, us some. Of them right here today, for this I heard of it - giraffe thank. You all for being here today and. Thank. You for coming here today I see some familiar faces which, is always good, they, don't familiar faces thank you also for returning. Here today four, years ago it was 2014, I was working as an example for an American, company with in. The office in Barcelona I was, supporting, a team developing a solution, for precision, medicine which allows specific, treatments based on the genome of the patient, this. Was a really poor idea initially targeted, at the US market he must know no we had technology and content games and management, between us one of those days and we had the visit of what would be at the time the probably, the chief, truant officer, of the initiative, and we. Have we were having these breakfasts. When. Someone, visits the office in Barcelona - did. I when. When the plans to deliver the specially chosen to, the market and. The answer left me I thought because, the the answer was well between, 12 and 18 months she said well we need to delete the factory to hire people to develop the solution, it. Isn't that in, the end, two. Years later I already had left the company the project was canceled after. Several, millions of investment, some. People that were hired or very, to. Create the content were laid off maybe, was full tons, but like many other ideas, it died out of. It was a very powerful combination we, had this. Mindset. Traditional. Mindset of product. Management big, designer, throwing water for wishful thinking home together combined. With a bureaucratic. Oslo technology, organization, output together was, the cause of this product we didn't get to the market so, think. About yourself in your companies do, you have the feeling that people, is always busy doing, many things but at the end of the day the, outcomes are not as. Good as you expect, maybe, quality, of your deliverables, is a source of personal concern, or. You want developing, products that get. Tons of or features, that go to the market with very, poor acceptance. Or you. Are doing maybe agile in eighty and, still, time. Or. Maybe you. Have this situation this, common profit that happen, over and over again let them seem to get solved any time which that your, situation in many of those cases you, are in the right place you need to embrace lanús strategy talk a lot about agile, but, today we will see that there, is a lot of learnings and experiences, from this that, are very useful if, you are doing a charge so, when. We think about strategy, any people think, about, developing. New products to the market, reaching. Out that other market that we weren't initially, or. Maybe acquiring, another company, well. That is true the, first most important strategy any company should try, to achieve is, operational, excellence, because.

If, Your processes, are full of drama if you have quality problems if you are not able to deliver in time you, won't be able to compete you get, on top of that and that, was the example we have cool ideas, something. That is worth a living to the market but, in the end we. Are unable to deliver, data on time of the quality expect agile, initially. Was. Meant to resolve, these problems at, least in the software in the software industry but. After, 15, years of the famous agile manifesto. Very. Very few companies, have been able to really benefit, from. Many. Executives, and managers don't, want to hear the word agile, anymore. In, all this time and. Even Brett and, pyramidal. Industry has grown around, agile, or many. Times many times of sophistication and frameworks and approaches, with, some some of them are. Useful obviously but. The thing is that they, in. The. End they didn't solve the real progress at companies it's. Like, a yourself. Self-reinforcing. Industry. That is living from itself but not providing we are value to them to the company. And. Any. Wind is we didn't land, and we didn't look at the SA, work. And. Most of them are really coming from the from the labor board I see. Hrs these have. Some great. Try to reinvent the wheel many times but not providing via we are value to the company and in. Doing, so we, have have, not aligned enough. Not, taking. A look at the basics the basics are, there glean. Is a method. To remind set that, has been able to transform all industries, in the past and still - nowadays and if. You get just the basics right then. You can pull many, of these things on top of it ok, that's, still there are certain. Things that you need to do and. If you don't do that then it's doesn't. Matter how, many scrum masters origin which is reading to the government that very. Few basic things than just building, box than, giving in, order to succeed, in your in your agile and action and in order to benefit. When. We will see today are. The. The. Common pitfalls. And, traps in the documents and then also from the past experience of, successful. In transformation what, are the basic building blocks that you can implement. In order to succeed so. Seven. Deadly. Sins or the capital system attack, okay there, are few. Some. Of them well known but I hear, many executives, and managers complain, that within, agile but is the working, or. Physical. Complain right when, you need to look at this list because probably one of them is your if your see if not many of them okay it's. Some. Of them come. From these. Our result, of this industry that I was talking about that, has been, created. Around the time and some some others that just because companies, in, organizations, it's something that it's very. Difficult to change that. The basics are clear some. Basic things that you need to do and if you do shows and you give them top of my first, probably in one of the most important, is that agile. Is. Regarded. As an operational, improvement, as an operational, change, most, of the times agile is led by the CEO or. The city or never, the CEO and one, that's one of the key Debrecen. Problems, because, the CEO is not considering, agile is something a statistic, whilst. It is it. Is is something that we provide you understudy seek advantage while I realize that is the C on it needs to move forward if you are delivering digital, products and you are not the fastest, the best the most cost efficient in your market, then I shall should, be and, a cornerstone, of your statuses, anything. Else is to be suboptimal, you're. Gonna do something profitable so, migration terms but no. More than that the real benefit, is, when you understand. That the jam is, the core the foundation of everything you have to do is your status a consequence. Of not regarding, I dollars as an aesthetic cornerstone. Of your, company is this properly.

Some. Of you have been in this adventure on or still. Are in this situation you. Have some, deliberate, in technology, themes of iterations, and. Incremental. Development such before. And after lots. Of seen happen in the end time to market Islam and. Say yeah we are each other okay, this. Is represent, this is what we call what does performance, a typical, pattern in many many companies and, user and something. That we know for. Lots. Of studies and examples of this usually. The time it takes to deliver the Navy at the market 50. Or 60 or 70 percent of the time is needed and. Then we, put all the pressure to deliver things it's too late when. You have been when you are thinking about because what we have to do, so. This is what we call what is reform underneath it. Is a consequence, of not regarding, design of something station. So. Another. Trap or feats on inner image act is. Giving, the wrong thing right. Pineapples, wanna studies to explain this situation first. Year 2004. I was technical leader of. A small dysfunctional, team and, we were about that we were delivering the first we did release of a, product, underling, product for pharma industry a. Product. That still today is, leader, in its money and I think in the last time I was, getting. The result I think it was a revenue, of twenty million in a portion of the two hundred thousand so, it's a quite a profitable, product. What's. Happening here at that time in 2004. Did, you know anything about the general, inside Apple is UX not, but. There was one thing that we did, we. Had a constant communication, with the market and with the customers, we. Actually, the process who were following us fear waterfall but. We was doing something with, this. Without, any, understanding of this and properly. When. Things really bad but it was one thing that we were stuck, into customers, in adapting. To the one to the customer request actually, the, first release of the product was running, on to launch service sitting there by my desk, and. We stopped. Production at night so we fix the problems and next day I think everything was fine when the customers were happy, we. Were responsive, to customers, we didn't do anything we didn't like this at least we. Were talking to the customer and this still, today we. See many companies, doing a time that. Have a support, email interaction, with the customers, okay, and, actually I was meant to solve this actually, initially. As. I was born to, fix, one key problem separation. Between business entity and, I said that I hope, it happens and. What. We need to do is. Combine. These two things least, operational. Excellence with. The delivering. From the customer they. Usually, if you do this although this is not so it's okay you will succeed but if you are very very. Fast, in. The Liberty Ship the market. You're. Delivering, to matter, this. Was the last time that what one of the, same percentage of sniffing L of the CEO of, Nokia after. The crash of rhodium of them thanks. To iPhone, and. The smartphone industry, he. Was complaining, that they didn't do anything wrong but something somehow they lost okay, well they did everything. Otherwise. They wouldn't see it happen. But this, is not the point the point is that many people are many companies many consultancies, are selling agile as a solution for your problems, agent is not the solution for their problem. HR. Is listed design is, an operational strategy. We. Help you be fast be adaptable. Improve, your quality and your productivity that is not the solution for your problem get on top of a jar on top of your operational, excellence you need to be good at delivering, product and, talking to your customers and you need to also be good in thinking. About the future in innovation, okay, if, you are the fastest, and most reliable. Player. In your market but not only but things that nobody is buying you. Do if. You are the most adaptable company, in the market that you are not diversifying, your portfolio thinking.

About The future your company that's. What happened to and. The channel is not the solution on, top. Of a child which will be much, for studies if you want achieve business agility you, need to be on top of your operational, excellence we, deliver. Great problems, also you, need to think about your future it's, not only about, operational, excellence. Well. The, D for managers, in. The Asian world many people are slightly much in, these meetings and, in this conference when we're people just say that management is useless and they. Don't we, need to get rid of management, and things like that this is one. Of the problems I see is in many Asian adoption, management. Is regarded, as a problem or a roadblock, to overcome in, order to succeed. Whereas in lean we. Believe that management or from, the CEO all the way down to the deep is, key to the successful adoption and. The. Problem here is that we we. Give all the power and all. The we. Delegate the responsibility of, spontaneous improvement, as, is. Implementing. The leader is a consumers, but, several agents. Or consultants, no masters or coaches then. Other times than sometimes even, if they are in trouble instead. Of building. This capability internally. In the teams in management, because, they have to leave, scrum. Masters a conscience based work that the leadership belongs. To management and this is one of the key fellows that they see in many other options and then. You put your managers, against you when they should be leaving and understanding, that this is good for the company, the. Other side of the same coin I will put you in this situation, imagine. You have you, go young with your spouse you're on top of all your partners and you have problems many, many, couples and you go to a couple therapists. Explain. The situation and, after. Listen, to you he. Or she says well but I'm gonna do isn't gonna I'm, gonna be living on the deal for three months. Supermarket. Videos gives, smooth video I'm. Gonna go on holidays with you oh I'm going to spend all the day but sleep, there with you and sometimes I'm gonna do something perspectiva. Now. Go. Back to your company this, is what we're doing the reserve officers from masters, have. People sitting with the teams to holiday instead. Of building this capability internally, we give all the in responsibility. To these external agents, instead, of building this temple internally, de miel this is like a drug addiction the. More you requires. A master's unconscious, so, the more you need them and the less you do not have to do it yourself we. Need to do is, use, the scrum masters as unconscious as supporting. People. But, this needs to be led by management in, actually, in that situation, if you go to this stop of therapies and he, or she says that you say that this is crazy. Helping. You improve or they sitting with you and coming with you. So. We prefer this approach approach. Of Hell's Kitchen consultant. Of the job or the scrum master needs to help if so instead, of them and, have the company understand, the correct where they want to go where. Are the goals and objectives where, they are right now to understand, the correct condition, which is one quite, difficult understand, and. Then have the team organization move forward. You, can go somewhere else come. Back from time to time at, Interstate and forever this is the approach that we, do in professional. Importing, you don't have a team sport sitting with you all day this, is where the birds that we follow in demand, in live somehow. In the job we. Have created this is figure, of the scrum master nation molted is supposed to be there, forever sitting with a duty and I, don't think this is a this is anything, good for the company this. Approach is cheaper for the company and, it's better because the capability, stage. Company. Lands on. How. To understand, and, apply the principles on, their own. Well. Lack, of leadership related.

To The concept of strategic, importance, of my job is this one not only the key. One. Of the most important, as I said is nothing that something, important for the company just some something, these guys from ideally, the CEOs not important of them agile and land requires huge, changes in mindset, and the way the organization is, structured clean, will bring a lot of frustration, a lot, of chopping, security. Misunderstandings. People. Trying to protect themselves a lot of things and, if the CEOs wrote on top of that first, of all understanding. He. Or herself the, principles, and practices, of leading attacked and also living, and applying them this. This. Is taken, from that and have an example I was, part of this team, of HR conscious and we, were reporting, to the CEO on the city organ 14 verse here at. Some point see, you all together with, the HR, director decided. To introduce a new performance, management system and. Most. Of us were completely, against it, because. First, of all we know that individual. Performance management, doesn't work, you. Can read. About it it's a lot, of science on top of it doesn't work especially, if it's tied to the bonus. With. We, mean that we were against it but. First. Of all the CEO didn't have a global international. Actually. The point the company was trying to make. The numbers look good because of arthritis and the companies or. Doesn't. Care about this out at all and on the other hand the. HR director, was a. Level. Above our, manager, so it was nothing. Okay we couldn't play politics, with anything, so and so but it created a lot of disruption, in our team actually it was interesting because we were asked as, a self-conscious, to deliver the training to teams I said. No I won't deliver training or something. It. Was quite an interesting problem, so. This is what happens if the CEO is not on top of it understanding, the lineage, of the sequence of values is, going to go fight fourth and. Last. As. Peter Drucker used, to say the, bottleneck is always at the top to the bottom, oftentimes, when, we, go. To a company and they ask for help and. It just usually asked us to work with the team. When. They what, they sell don't realize is that usually the problem is at the top the, way status is defined and implemented and the way the portfolios is menaced is to roll EMS and, that cascades. Down to the teams then you see. We. Don't know what's going on a lot of things but nothing seems to be what we want to be. Police rowing in two different directions freighters. Are not clear and then. We. Are asked to work with the team for the problem is that. Sea. Level. This. Is something. Quite useless to, work at the team level it affirms you have this kind. Of Miss, steady. Signal. So. We have seen the. Deadly seems the, pitfalls, and traps, them, problems with each other now we will see the. Ten Commandments efficient these are the basic, building blocks that they were saying before this. Basic, stuff. It's. Basic easy. Especially. Well. One, of them is easy actually that's why we require two that. The. CEO is, leading from the this. Is fundamental, otherwise nothing nothing's, gonna happen using, lean to turn your company around this has. A very simple form simple. You. Want to improve all your processes so the the way. You add value to, them to the market of us the misty people. If. You are. Does. This person before is, if you are not the fast and the best in your market you should be looking. At leave as a strategy, no that's just some operational, stuff you, need to clearly define your strategy, said some strange laws make, sure that that's, visible to everyone as everybody saw it was the directions. Better. Is also come from delivering, better value to customers and that's to fundamentally. Then. Delivering, value, to customers but, as always saying this is difficult because, it's, something regarded, the something, some those guys from my dear doing there, was the same problem in lean manufacturing many, years ago because people, thought that limb or something for manufacturing, when laneways, is a holistic, approach it's. Not a same problem if. You want to achieve these magnitudes, is benefit, this is what you want you can achieve with lead and with the child exactly, but, you won't get to that unless you, go what we are we are going to say.

As. I was saying you. Need to lead from the top it is gonna be a lot of resistance. A, lot, of problems. Concerns, misunderstandings. Misalignments. Everything everything that can happen is gonna happen. From. The top and also. From management okay. You, cannot delegate the responsibility of. Living, and each other's formation, for an external agent like a moisturizer it, needs to be led by the company. It's. All about people actually one of the key pillars of Lean Thinking is, that is what, they call respect, for people okay, first. Of all in a continuous improvement environment, all hot, ideas, will, come from, people in the world ideas. Are not coming from some guys making in a room for somewhere else you have people talking with customers every day that. The work will provide provide. You the best ideas for improvement, of and, for changing your products because they understand the customer never give you time every day. Also. Lean management, if. You desire, gotta be very clear if you are as managers. Not helping, teams. Do. A better work in an easier way what, just waste. This. Is a key, change in management in. Thinking, expects. The managers, our teachers, are conscious and advantage. We. Don't expect managers, to be meeting rooms a bit. Second, is Pena meeting from his waist should. Spend 90%. Of your diet with your team's understanding. What's going on listening, to the problems helping improve, the system that's, what the liberation, is, good everything, else is waste in, the in terminology, one. Of the key to beauty both of the ureter were saying after retirement that. He was spending. 90%, of the time with it, only. 10% in meetings. Look. At your origin see how that's, probably. Nothing. When. You focus on fotios improvement, you generate, are a learning environment people is, seeing is, is. Witnessing, is experiencing, that the, ideas that you bring to the company the leaders that they have are. Implemented. And changes and things improve okay, and that creates a very good positive atmosphere. And. Also these, focus on the customer creates a customer center which, provides a sense of purpose to the world as.

I Was saying before in this product we were different developing in 2004. We didn't know anything about leaders our anything but we were seeing that what we were doing was. Providing balanced momentum customers, were happy even, if our interest in food was crap we, were 16 Maxim, production editing but. The customers were happy we. Didn't know anything about computers information, and about the box thing let. The customers will happen. In. Parallel, to define in your strategy because, you need to define disturb this is you need to find, your key straight sports it's. Something important that you have to do is define your values, I think, companies here sometimes get that very complicated in defining values and sometimes, values that nobody understands. Values. Can be seen. As the signposts. That we guide people, towards this purpose, of achieving a link or, just. The guy. Formed. All over complicate things. Even. At the beginning you don't know where to start from just get, the three pacing. Knowledgeably. Respectful. Before focus. Of customers, and materials improvement that's. A. Bit. Difficult you know you have this company's honesty. In quality. Audacity. Anything adding vdt and, condense nothing, happens okay just. Use. The basic stuff basic. Building block basic basic things this is has been working for several years no more complicated, a. Palace. Teams probably this is one of the biggest structural. Or, organizational. Changes that we need to make and this is key firmly in the work you need to do four things you, need to understand, value or. The razor and polish teams to fulfill this value enable. Flow and implement, code, for. Each test or any successful in adoption. But. First is to understand your polish teams in. Telling. Companies when when, they start now, five guys you start the company everything, is fine you work with the customer, and have that attaches to the compare to the customer, everything everybody, the stability as, companies. Start growing. We. Typically tend to think, that. Resource. Efficiency, and the specialization and the contrapositive scale is going to be the best solution so you create. Departments. And silos and then, value, needs to find its way and interestingly customer, through an intricate combination. Of departmental, and. Different. Varieties and stuff and, this is when when things start work so, this. Is an example for a loan application system. For a banker, typically. You would have different departments, dealing with different parts of this of, this value state what. We want to go in in. All. These people together. Fast. As possible easy. I will. Give. You another example maybe. Closer to to. Be to do games. This. Is a, important. Planning with, 13, teams, in. A big retail. Online. Retail company. This. Only. Thirteen games but with all, idea. I. Think part is 500, engineers, as. You can see this is a discerning, comment ok imagine some of you are we have been working with working ecommerce is typically. What many companies to us but they start they, organize my by, technology, company. Back. And front end transaction of. Something. Like as. They. Evolve some, of them start organizing, in his apartment, payments. Or the management. Pricing. See. Here, you can see these guys have a kind of a mixture you have confidence. Or like, CMS, or next movement apps. Marketplace. Pricey. At. Some point you have all these, agile. Wave, life, at your company and many. Organized themselves, didn't, in.

Customer, Job so you have teams in, the different parts of the customer German these crates like huge tension with your people totally. Disorganized. In, a completely different way it is really kind of a spaghetti interior and, then in order to provide this, team with some sort of autonomy you need to start recovering things which, is a quite. A disruption for many compounds you. Have a warm layer for XP ratio that you have exploration position transaction, cost purchase. What. Is thing that. Is. An one step further than very very cheap conference. Which. Is this one. Imagine. Fashion. Retail. If, you add value from the point of view always from the customer value. Is always in depth of the eyes of the beholder, never from, the company it is fine it is probably got along much. Better than any other any, other configuration okay. But. This is not from the point of view in the customer, customers. Getting value from awareness, from, exploration. Customers. Getting volumes from these but still we have different types of customers actually, when fashion retail companies deliver. Is often, they, delivered by lines, of problem, they. Don't deliver by. With. The you. Know we. Have a compression rate of 15% over the castle the. Game is about the result by. Different lines warmer monkey in actually I noticed. An especially in human behavior but I can tell that woman and land owned by the, same. So. The needs from from this type of. Customer. Because. They keep somebody ready but. When you when, you buy for a tea from us you don't think in the same way that, when you buy for yourself and then your home or big, size is movable, so this is the real Palestine organization, you. Have one team or ten gives teams, if. You know what. You are doing is exactly for that in one. Important, thing is going for the change. Each. One of these lines is a small business on its own and, for. That you meet a business own which. Is the. Next in huge, big change that. That. We suggest so, here I put the words product management and molesting manager in. Lean, every. Polish team has a ballasting manager is responsible he, or she responsible, end to end of the Librium are responsible. For the results, he, has he or she has all the resources and all the people required, to deliver body and, she's supporting directly to the CEO. This. Is a huge set to. Actually, what. Do we do companies don't think about it what do we do musical. Delivered products but. Who, is reporting, to the CEO, CEO. HR. Know, what we want is, that responsible. For the public lights ordinary. And. I'm responsible for the horrible extreme and when, everything, required. To. Deliver. To. Implement. The goretorium achievable. For, the market is managed by this person in the forest, okay you, can see more details you. Will see in next few, years thanks to probably to the push from them stepped up Silicon. Valley there also lean UX you. Will see more and more the power of the paramedicine being more as functional, also. Combining. Technologies. And, business names you, need to have a pretty powerful. Profile. You know in order to live. Otherwise. You would have. Different. Manager for these different parts and body, was not gonna flow but. It's important to know who's who's, responsible, to today is actually in. In. Reality, this person is not a manager of anyone is in the management of the policy, these. People properly if you want typical, reporting, organization. They are already reporting to their managers, but. The Barnstable receive announce the specimen is necessary supporting the Syrian. Well. Probably, one of the Achilles, heels of any agile, transformation. Little formation, in my experience because, the. Problem I see in, many companies not because people don't like to go, because. Teams. Are constrained. In a system that is data, give or indirectly. Indirectly. Jeopardizing. Or punishing, improve. Usually. We have goals, that are, going the games improvement. I see. Many one is research not. Get. Into the example that that was safe before that. Try. To generate. This team board but DBS, they have individual.

Enterprise, Which. Is kind of. If. You want to have the involve you need to provide those to the team. Otherwise. You can't do that no other fight, with. Tyson is similar so this is a fundamental. Part in if you look at these are manifesto, if you look at the campaign there's important values there's always a line that says continue improve and, it's. And. If there are improvements what. I see also is. Additive, company so. Team just randomly, probe in things that are not important and. We need to connect to the strategy. Management. Is fundamental, to the successful. Management. Is, something this. Is. A problem in, your way the. First thing we need to go after defining the strategy, and, defending the values is setting management the first group of people you should be training is, the sea level or executive, now in, the. Union if you have younger people there. May be some impacts, with the Union and also, target. Those natural. Leaders that you have in organization. We. Look at the lake house the same of lake house we have respect for people continuous, improvement is coolers deliver. Value their foundation, of everything. All. This house is relying. On money. Managers. Need to be clean expert. They don't have to be items for masters including. And, they need to understand. Well. How, many. Washing. Henry. So. Nowadays everybody, talks about Nokia's, washing. Country is the strategy. Deployment, process, for only is, that the process, that allows you to work on the long-term planning as well as the daily, management activities, it, allows you to connect the strategy, with education, everybody, is going to be connected, with the company strategy knowing. That Medea Dwayne is connected, to some wall or something important. For the customer organization. It's. A tool that allows is this. Propos, the. Is by D in this alignment but also is a continuous, improvement or because you. Review, the, strategic plan, and the, goals, and key, key, I saw him potatoes, on. A monthly or weekly basis, it's not that you define a strategic, plan in December, that is already within, the next December. It's. An a terrific in it any therapy of approach to managing your status and, all, the teams all the Palestinians needs to be introduced to thank.

You. What. Is your promotion office this, is. A very important unit but, very. Important it is a supporting it is not a living unit okay you. Need to hire a competent, I generally they're here for, me, you. Can look in the market and put some of that some of them and used to live is supporting. Unit and, this person needs to be reporting to the CEO at the same level of our esteemed leaders, to. Show the importance, of Lane and. So. Think. About how the structure of organization is going to change at, some point in time you will have, half. Of this, unit reporting, to the CEO policy. Leaders or throttle one is reporting to the CEO and then, supporting, unix-like technology. HR, finance. It's, quite, the change that. Can only happen is the CEO is really. Here. You can have enjoyed since my masters and the main function of this of this unit is, supporting, the adoption, with training and coaching and, also. You will need some extent when something's pretend to time especially at the beginning to. Move, things forward as them moving. Once. These. Guys get rolling you need some help or sometimes a modern is not so much. Well. Last bundle is let's, talk about unity change important so. Many consultants. And many consultants, will sell. Something. Like culture, change I don't, think that's possible I think that some, sort of snake oil because. Culture, is something that is so tangible it's not actionable. Okay. There's. Only one way that you can. Really. Change the culture of organization. Only one. Take. In working, with a syllable this. Is the approach of a linked account probably, the best system in coach of all times he. Only want, in. Order to chase a company. That will have the most impact and anything. Else, however. However. In lean we have a more practical approach. Many. Of you would have heard the sentence that altered, a strategy for programs. As well. What we believe also, from systems, the Orion system thinking, is a structure, it's counterfeit, even if, you change the underlying structures. Of the organization, if you change the processes. Culture. And people moving forward the. Other way run is quite. So. What do we do we, start with accountability, level, what. People is hiding for what people define it for what are those things that are punished. In your culture and what are those things that are rewarded. And. You define. What. I was saying before you cannot try, to generate. Teamwork, in frosting work if, on the other hand you, put individual, goals, that's. The type of accountability. Needs. To be and many. Companies were wrong in this in decide is not the goals of. The. Goals of the company are quite misaligned. With the goals of the if you want to provide, improved. Import. Set. Accountability, panting Bell. From. Rostov. Thousand, ability, if. You want to create, an, altar of computers experimentation. Dependent, on E Street okay. Once, you punish trailer teams. Have not gonna organize around. Experimenting. With it if, on the other hand you. Reward failure I think. What experimental teams, will support a nice turnaround experimenting. And. What. Happened miss. Time this, becomes the culture of the company those, things at work start. Becoming the bulk of the company and then what, happens is that certain. Quarters are trying to certain people certain, preset. Certain people. Which. Are. Much. Bigger cotton before we leave. This. Sound, easy but. The. Point here is that we can't do we. Tend to believe the design where your accountability, and your position I'm saying and, this is how we change about it. Well. This, is the last. One. If. You want achieve this statistic advantage, that lead and I charge when you provide really. Because, it. Works but you need to do this you need you, already know but you don't have to do probably. Some of you already in. Some of your at and, you also, know but at the basic rules and on top of this you can be in many, other things but those are the basic the Ten Commandments, over time once. You are doing these you will the fastest the best and the, more reliable layer, in your market that's, a strategic advantage, and, then you can plan that. Is other type of strategy like straightening products, they go into the market or very important if your bottom line isn't working properly. Thank. You very much.

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